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DNE’s Closing Message Hello Kiwis! Happy December! Time certainly flies as there is only thirty more days till the new year. Aren’t you excited?! To Seniors, I hope everyone was able to smoothly get through UC Applications. It was certainly an obstacle, but I know you overcame it because you’re here now- reading this. For those of you applying for Common Application, now is the time to start. I wish you all good luck! Another new month to make good friends and memories as winter break is going to be here before you know it. But you can’t do those fun stuff without paying for your dues!!! But I’m sure you already send them in by now. November’s DCM was certainly fun as I was able to manage the Baby Food Station. Although I made some suffer slightly, I hope everyone had fun. I certainly did as I personally tried all the flavors afterward, but the Pea flavor was the most unappealing for me. All I got to say that it was not the best flavor I had… But there’s more to come as our December DCM will be another fun one as it’s a Gingerbread Making Contest. It was super fun making one and eating bits of it afterwards. Regardless of anything, please remember to stay warm and try not to catch a cold! Thank you so much for reading the Kiwi Chronicles and see you next time. Tweet Tweet. At Your Service, Kathy Yan Division News Editor 2016-2017


Division 2 December 2016  
Division 2 December 2016  

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