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D2 Member of the Month Alexei Puchkov


-My favorite aspect of key club is getting to do different service events with my friends. -My favorite key club memory is the OMCA Day of the Dead festival because I got a free shirt and got to interact with kids. -My halloween was great! I went trick or treating with my friends and my costume got mistaken for Justin Bieber.

Anica Falcone-Juengert -My favorite aspect of key club are the other volunteers. I like working with a fun group of people. -My favorite key club memory is the s'mores event last year at memorial park picnic tables. We were sophomores. S'mores đ&#x;˜Š I hung out with people and saw people with their families. -I volunteered at Sam's haunted house for Halloween. I ran back and forth between drive ways and saw people's reactions after their scare. It was funny.


Yvonne Hsu


-My favorite aspect of key club is when we volunteer we volunteer in a group and we get to meet new people while giving back to the community. As we do the, we get to experience new things and open our eyes to new opportunities and events. -My favorite memory of key club was when I went to San Francisco to volunteer for the Taiwan culture festival. I met new people and was able to learn more about my culture. It was super fun because my friends were there as well. I was able to spend time with them while doing something good. This makes me feel great because I'm not wasting my time. Also my mother was there alongside doing service as well!


Division 2 December 2016  
Division 2 December 2016  

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