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San Lorenzo Kiwis patiently waiting for participants to pass by to hand out drinks to prevent dehydration.


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December 2016 // Volume 5 // Issue 7 Division 2 | Region 9 | Cali-Nev-Ha District | Key Club International

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Upcoming Events

December DCM:Th Location:Studio e Gingerbread-Building Conte st [365 45th St, O One Art Center akland] 1PM-3PM December DWS:Du Dunsmuir Hellma nsmuir Holiday Tradition [2960 Peralta O n Historic Estate aks Ct, Oakland 11AM-4PM ]



Service Spotlight

Providing Basic Needs Focus: The CNH Service Projects Committee created the Spotlight on Service in order to help educate members about Key Club International and California-Nevada-Hawaii’s service initiatives to encourage active participation. This month’s highlight values the importance of providing basic needs as not everyone has the necessities to get through the cold winters. December is the month of giving so don’t forget to support those in need! Any questions or concerns, you are welcomed to email:

Care Packages Pack basic necessities like to ot h b r u s h e s , mouthwash, bandaids, etc. for those in n e e d fo r t h e upcoming cold winter.

Supply Drive There are many drives you can host like sock, school, food, etc. Simply organize a drive around your community or at your school!

Food Bank Food Bank are always accepting food for those in need. Find a local food bank near you and donate, so you can support your local community!

Ice Skating! Put the FUN in fundraisers as you can host an ice skating social in order to raise funds for those in need.

As of November 27th:

Alameda………………………………….581 Albany.............................................827 American Indian………………………..458 Arroyo…………………………………….719 Berkeley………………………………….285 Castro Valley……………………….1026 El Cerrito…………………………………324

Encinal……………………………..……..700 Leadership Public……………………….103 Oakland…………………………..……..299 Oakland Technical…………………..…375 Piedmont……………………………….…438 San Leandro…………………………767 San Lorenzo……………………………..434 Skyline…………………………….………521






American Indian Arroyo Berkeley

719 285 1026

Castro Valley


El Cerrito


Encinal Leadership Public 103 Oakland Oakland Technical Piedmont

299 375 438 767

San Leandro San Lorenzo Skyline

434 521

Member of the Month @n^y Ph[n’s

dedication towards Key Club has spiked up since the beginning of this term. He came to a lot of Division events recently and will towards the future. He is also one of the most active members in his club.


Advisor of the Month @my Ortiz is one of the newest installed Kiwanis for Castro Valley. Along the process she is learning more and more about the Kiwanis Club and Key Club. She chaperones CV a lot and give rides to events including RTC.

Officer of the Month @lyss[ H[ comes to every DCM there is. She assists her members, helps her officers, and plan major events. She works hard with and for her club, making their club very friendly and wellbalanced.

San Leandro with the most service events 9 $303 Castro Valley raised the most funds. Leadership Public is our the club of the month.

D2 Member of the Month Alexei Puchkov


-My favorite aspect of key club is getting to do different service events with my friends. -My favorite key club memory is the OMCA Day of the Dead festival because I got a free shirt and got to interact with kids. -My halloween was great! I went trick or treating with my friends and my costume got mistaken for Justin Bieber.

Anica Falcone-Juengert -My favorite aspect of key club are the other volunteers. I like working with a fun group of people. -My favorite key club memory is the s'mores event last year at memorial park picnic tables. We were sophomores. S'mores đ&#x;˜Š I hung out with people and saw people with their families. -I volunteered at Sam's haunted house for Halloween. I ran back and forth between drive ways and saw people's reactions after their scare. It was funny.


Yvonne Hsu


-My favorite aspect of key club is when we volunteer we volunteer in a group and we get to meet new people while giving back to the community. As we do the, we get to experience new things and open our eyes to new opportunities and events. -My favorite memory of key club was when I went to San Francisco to volunteer for the Taiwan culture festival. I met new people and was able to learn more about my culture. It was super fun because my friends were there as well. I was able to spend time with them while doing something good. This makes me feel great because I'm not wasting my time. Also my mother was there alongside doing service as well!


D2 Member of the Month Nina Smith


-My favorite aspect of Key Club is definitely that it's benefits me and other people. This applies to all community service. I'd rather have a busy schedule than an empty one, so I joined Key Club because it gives me activities to fill up my time. I benefit from the volunteering, while simultaneously helping others. - My favorite Key Club memory is probably when I was at prisoners literature project with my friend and we read a letter that made no sense. Some of it seemed to be song lyrics or poetry and some of it was just incoherent writing. We never found out what it meant, but it was really funny.

William Lin -My favorite aspect of Key Club is being able to give back to the community and feel productive. It is especially satisfying helping out in events at the elementary schools, because I remember excitedly going to them when I was their age. It feels good witnessing these children experience the same excitement of my younger self. I also like that the club gives people the opportunity to spend time with friends or even meet new ones. -I finished my college application and caught up on sleep on Halloween. I didn't really do much for the holiday itself. If I have more time and energy next year, I would probably scare children.

Castro Valley

Cosmo Carranza

El Cerrito


Hey Kiwis! This is Cosmo, our member of the month! He has been very active in volunteering at events, like helping out at the Richmond Art Center while eating the yummy food that was provided :D, and helping out at the Dragon Boat Festival. Cosmo always comes to meetings with a big smile on his face! He was also one of the first freshmen to go FRN, and he had a blast meeting new Key Clubbers and going on the rides. Recently, he got injured and wasn't around to attend meetings, so we wish him a speedy recovery! Thanks for all the effort you put into Key Club and get better soon! -El Cerrito Key Club Board

D2 Member of the Month Kaitlyn Cao

-My favorite aspect about Key Club is how it gives high schoolers a chance to explore how they can improve their community while building leadership skills. It's awesome to see how many people are in this club and shows how the youth can really make a difference. -On Halloween, I went around my neighborhood to raise money for PTP. I would've liked to walk around for an hour longer, but it got dark and the weather got bad.


Yoan Islas Olmos -I enjoy helping the community out and meeting new people is always fun as well. -My favorite Key Club memory was the Dia De Los Muertos event that my school held. -I went trick-or-treating with my friends. Leadership Public

Rodolfo Sanchez

-My favorite aspect of Key Club is how open this club and community is to newcomers as myself when I first entered in my sophomore year. I'm usually a shy person but thanks to Key Club I feel a lot more comfortable meeting new people and doing new things that I didn't think I would do in my life. -My favorite memory in Key Club is when we won the spirit stick in 2015 FRN and that was my first FRN so that was exciting. I like the last FRN too because I cheered harder than I did back in 2015.



D2 Member of the Month Kathy Liang

Oakland Technical

-My favorite aspect of Key Club would be how I get to be informed about different volunteering opportunities like the Prison Literature Project and the FRN, which was an amazing experience. -My Halloween wasn't that exciting, but I did go to a party and I participated in a donut-eating competition. I got last place, but it was all good.

Rafael Chellew -My favorite aspect of Key Club would be how we volunteer in many places and help people every week. -My favorite Key Club memory is the first time we went to the cafe and everyone worked to make it look nice and usable. -My Halloween was pretty good. I spent time with my friends and dressed up as a giraffe.

Celia Xie

San Leandro



-My favorite aspect of Key Club is the people. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. -My best Key Club memory is when I worked at the Truth is Beauty event when I got to meet a lot of nice people and a very nice environment to work in. -My Halloween was boring. I would have liked to sit down with some hot milk and watch a scary movie with friends.

D2 Member of the Month Julian Arrayga

-My favorite aspect of Key Club is being able to do community work with my friends and fellow classmates. I already like doing community work but doing it with others and getting others to do it is pretty cool. Also, I get to meet new people in every event we do, so this shows me that it is not just the same people who like doing community work. -My favorite Key Club memory was going to Fall Rally North and being able to be around my friends and other Key Club members. -For Halloween, I took my younger brother trick or treating.

San Lorenzo

Eric Ly


-My favorite aspect of key club is that it's fun and I get to hang out with my friends. -My favorite Key Club memory was FRN. -My Halloween was ok. I went trick or treating with my friends.

Happy Holidays! 15

Officer of Alameda -

Sharon He Albany -

the Month Leadership Public -

Monserrath Alvarez Oakland -

Jack Morton

Calvin Cheung

American Indian -

Oakland Technical-


Tyler To

Arroyo -

Stephanie Li Berkeley -

Julia Pew Castro Valley -

Piedmont -

Trevor Huffaker San Leandro -

Aaron Nguyen San Lorenzo

Amy Zheng

Lena Mei

El Cerrito -

Skyline -

Mari Costantini

Bonnie Guan

Encinal -

Derek Au

This month Alameda continued our goals of helping others. We helped at the Park surveys, Axis Dance company, Crab cove, OMCA, the running festival, our local college auto show and Lum one of our local school's festival. After all these places that we had helped, we wanted to donate to one of our Key Club charities UNICEF. So as a club we raised money using UNICEF boxes!

Club Reports

We're finally settling into the school year, and our serving spirit is going strong! This past month we've raised money for PTP to donate at Fall Rally North, leveled up in kiwi points despite being a one square mile town, and recruited members both old and new eager to volunteer to the community!


Submit your articles and submissions to Kathy Yan of to make sure your club gets recognized for all the hard work you have accomplished


In the month of October, Arroyo had a total of 5 events; many of these events were held near our hometown. To start off the month, we volunteered at the Sausage and Suds Music Festival where the volunteers worked in the ticket sales booth and game booths. Partnering with San Leandro's Key Club, we traveled to San Fransisco to volunteer at the Market Street Prototyping Festival. At the Stop Hunger Now Cleanup, Arroyo Key Clubbers tidied up the warehouse and counted meal bags. The Friday before Halloween, we went to the Corvallis Halloween Carnival to help run the games. And at the Dia de los Muertos Festival, we greeted the attendees and managed the volunteer headquarters and info booths.

This past month we had 5 service events. The usual one is the Prisoner's Literature Project, in which we had two dates. Members also joined and volunteered at UC Berkeley's Ray of Hope Walk. Moreover, we helped out at the Alameda County Food Bank and had a bake sale on our school campus.

Barf! That's how we started our October! At the Bark and Brewers festival with many adorable dogs. The following week we held our annual InterKey Skating Event that turned out to be a huge success! We followed up with two school carnivals, Proctor and Chabot. To end off the month, we had a reverse trick of treat event at a nearby hospital and participated in the UNICEF Trick of Treat!


This month we started off with Key to College and our first fundraiser at Sharetea. We raised $40 for UNICEF. We had 5 members, including 3 club officers, attend Fall Rally North. We had 3 servic events Richmond Art Center: 80th Anniversary Gala, Richmond Art Center: Skeleton Fest, and El Cerrito Community Center's Halloween Carnival. We handed out the spirit gear that was ordered. As well as the UNICEF Trick-or-Treat donation boxes.


In addition to the big event of FRN where lots of our new members got to see what Key Club is all about, we continued to reach out to our community with our East Bay 510K Preparation event, and locally, at the Alameda Running Festival and at Food Bank. We also continued recruit new members while also raising awareness for PTP, by putting up posters over school, and by taking care of school plot. Finally we had a FRN prep breakfast to get hyped up for FRN and many of our members also attended the Spirit Social.

Submit your articles and submissions to Kathy Yan of to make sure your club gets recognized for all the hard work you have accomplished

In October, we took part in one service which was the Dia de los Muertos Festival. We made sure folks not unsolicited vendors, managed an arts and crafts table, and judged a costume competition.


This October, Oakland Tech Kiwis continued to engage with multiple community service events. On October 9th, volunteers assisted with race prep for the annual East Bay 510K. On October 10th, the group helped out with Encinal High School's Sharetea Fundraiser. On the 15th, members attended the Spirit Social at Alameda High in preparation for FRN. After practicing their cheers and decking themselves out in full D2 costume, the group spent their day at Six Flags showing Kiwi Spirit. Oakland Tech Key Club also helped package books and send letters with the Prisoners Literature Project on the 23rd, prepare breakfast wraps with the Uhuru Farmers' Market Booth on the 29th, and organize carnival games with the Lincoln Recreational Center Halloweenfest.

During October, Piedmont Key Club did four events and one of them is a joint event with Arroyo. Piedmont Key Club volunteers helped out the American Medical Women's association, Friends of Sausal Creek, and Splash Pad Park. We have also did the DĂ­a de los Muertos Festival with Arroyo.


This month has been a wild ride! We attended FRN and had a blast! Our club was happy to see that our freshmen had a great time. Additionally, the couple Halloween themed service events that took place all had amazing attendance! Currently, our fundraising chair is once again planning for upcoming fundraising events.

This past month of October our club attended it's first event of this school year to Medshare. We also attended an Ice Skating social, FamFest Event, and a Stop Hunger Event. We also had an event at the Hayward Historical society one the same day as FRN, and had a Kids Breakfast Club event on the 29th.


For the month of October, we had a total of four services. We started out the month with volunteering at the Oaktoberfest. Then we joined our sister clubs Encinal and Oakland Tech in preparing for the East Bay 10k Walk. Many new members volunteered their time at Ashland Cherryland Fam Fest by handing out water and snacks. During the Alameda Running Festival, our members cheered and encouraged the runners.

Meet your Service Projects Coordinator,

William Huang Lin

What is your favorite Key Club Memory? My favorite Key Club memory is last years FRN where we won the spirit stick.

How did you join Key Club? I joined Key Club with my friend sophomore year because it seemed lit.

What is one unique fact about yourself that people wouldn't know unless they're told. One unique fact about is that I was born in Lima, Peru, and every time I tell someone, they think I'm lying.



Truth is Beauty

Vanessa Wu, San Leandro



Halloween Bash

Sarah Hartono, Albany

Medicare Fun

Sarai Montes, San Lorenzo


Trick or Treat


Sara Chung, El Cerrito

East Bay 510k Prep

Charlotte Chan, Encinal



Dia de Los Muertos Festival

Jason Le, Oakland

Ray of Hope Walk

Athena Chin, Berkeley


Corvallis Halloween Carnival


Tatiana Lui, Arroyo

DNE’s Closing Message Hello Kiwis! Happy December! Time certainly flies as there is only thirty more days till the new year. Aren’t you excited?! To Seniors, I hope everyone was able to smoothly get through UC Applications. It was certainly an obstacle, but I know you overcame it because you’re here now- reading this. For those of you applying for Common Application, now is the time to start. I wish you all good luck! Another new month to make good friends and memories as winter break is going to be here before you know it. But you can’t do those fun stuff without paying for your dues!!! But I’m sure you already send them in by now. November’s DCM was certainly fun as I was able to manage the Baby Food Station. Although I made some suffer slightly, I hope everyone had fun. I certainly did as I personally tried all the flavors afterward, but the Pea flavor was the most unappealing for me. All I got to say that it was not the best flavor I had… But there’s more to come as our December DCM will be another fun one as it’s a Gingerbread Making Contest. It was super fun making one and eating bits of it afterwards. Regardless of anything, please remember to stay warm and try not to catch a cold! Thank you so much for reading the Kiwi Chronicles and see you next time. Tweet Tweet. At Your Service, Kathy Yan Division News Editor 2016-2017


Hello, it’s Division 2! Meiling Zhang Division 2 Lieutenant Governor (510) 909-4393 Kathy Yan Division News Editor (510) 875-8365 Nikki Benitez Executive Assistant (510) 935-2423

Division 2 [Key Club]


Angela Wong Executive Assistant (510) 417-8099


Ruby Chin Executive Assistant (510) 918-8209


Thank you for reading! Please contact Kathy Yan or Meiling Zhang if there are any questions, comments, or concerns. See you in the next issue. //

Division 2 December 2016  

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