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like a mobile, design is a precise balance of form meeting function

about me Thanks for hanging up my portfolio! My name is Dani and the following pages hold a selection of my recent projects. While my passion is for publishing—especially magazine design—I enjoy working on a variety of print projects, as well as creating unique, well-written, and on-deadline copy for a variety of audiences. I strongly believe in letting content speak for itself, and my overall style is simple and easy to navigate, with a fun and colourful twist here and there. I’m inspired by design that enhances your life without intruding on the experience—Apple, I’m looking at you—as well as Scandanavian design. The mobile you’ll see on the following pages is one physical embodiment of balance, which is, in my opinion, critical to good design. Not enough elements and you are simply left with sticks and string; one too many and the whole thing falls apart. Finding the balance is one of the things I love about design. I hope you’ll enjoy hanging this mobile and experiencing its many facets as it turns and its various elements interact. If you’d like to interact with me, please feel free to get in touch, whether it’s to talk about a project or set up a mobilemaking playdate! self-portrait, 18x24, oil pastel on paper

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Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) 2007–current joint degree: anthropolgy and communications minor: publishing 3.0+ GPA Meiji Gakuin Daigaku (Tokyo, Japan) 2008–2009 formal exchange program: Japanese language and culture York University (Toronto, Canada) 2005–2006


writing • design • editing

Danielle Tate-Stratton Danielle Tate-Stratton writing • design • editing writing • design • editing

5675 Wellsview Rd • Victoria, BC • V8Y 1V4 • Canada • 250.516.2424

York-Sheridan Honors Bachelor of Design program

t. 250.516.2424

Press (Winlaw, Canada) Freelance Assistant experience Sono Nis2009–current Creating content and layout for a series of teacher guides designed to aid educators in the utilization of Sono Nis titles for children and young adults within the classroom. Focus is on engaging, educational, and age-appropriate activities. The Canadian (CCCJ) (Tokyo, Japan) Designer 2008–current Provide design and some proof-reading/editorial assistance for the official Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan publication, produced every other month. Being A Broad Magazine (Tokyo, Japan) Editor and Designer January 2007–current Responsible for content planning, commissioning, editing, proof-reading, design, layout, and some distribution of a monthly English-language magazine based in Tokyo and targeted towards foreign women in Japan. Weekender Magazine (Tokyo, Japan) Assistant Editor January 2007–April 2009 Wrote regular articles, compiles “Things to Do” column, organized and conducted interviews, proof-reading, some design, distribution. Also interviewed, hired, and trained two interns. Worked very closely with the editor to publish the longest running English magazine in Japan (with a readership of 30,000).

Danielle Tate-Stratton Danielle Tate-Stratton writing • design • editing writing • design • editing

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5675 Wellsview Rd. Victoria BC 5675 Wellsview Rd. Victoria BC 250-516-2424 250-516-2424

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personal skills


arigatou goziamasu


relevant skills

Typewriter self-branding identity kit

• proficient on Mac and PC • comfortable using InDesign, Photoshop, and Ilustrator for print layout production • effective proofreader (utilizing American, Canadian, and British distinctions) • able to write articles on a variety of topics to a tight deadline and in a selection of styles

• efficient and time-conscious • able to meet tight deadlines with high-quality work • good at research • equally comfortable in team and individual situations • fluent written and spoken English, conversational Japanese and ASL. • design • photography • writing • travel • sports • interior design

References and portfolio availible upon request.

magazine design

Weekender Magazine products spread, January 2009

Weekender Magazine travel feature, February 2009

on tratt te-S

Why is it that I feel the most Canadian when I’m living


the canadian

this past February, the 17 days we experienced were far more than an athletic

what’s inside

event. For the first time in a long time we were allowed to ignore that quietly


cover story Spring 2010 Volume 10, Issue 1

image: Chris Dutton

[more] magazine design embedded idea that Canadians are more subdued and less patriotic than our

A bimonthly magazine of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan

neighbours to the south. We gave ourselves permission to let our national pride flow. And how much pride! Suddenly it was cool to be proudly, loudly Canadian,


to wear our national colours on the streets. The Bay had to stay open 24 hours a day to cater to our sudden desire to wear the flag on our sleeves. Clearly a chord had been struck. It was a chord that inspired 500 people in a packed food court on the second day of the Games to stop what they were doing, stand up, and belt out O’ Canada necks and a large cow bell for a backing track. That was the first time I was really encing the truly heartfelt support for the Slovakian women’s hockey team following their 17–0 loss to Canada in the first game of the tournament. Hearing about how the crowds cheered the US in support after their loss in the gold medal game to our women’s team. Listening to five Cana-

at the Bell Ice Cube and then being led by track athlete Charmaine Crooks in another impromptu singing of the anthem, Maëlle Ricker as she crossed the finish line of the snowboard cross event on her home mountain. Being trackside as we went one-two—for

の料理 my country’s cuisine). What do we do for special occasions? Does

it snow all year round? Even the weather question is tricky—on the mild west

coast, we see far more rain than snow.

Still, working through those questions and coming up with my own answers was an exercise that made me feel Canadian and proud to be from an incredible country, even if it was one

the first time ever—in women’s bobsled.

Experiencing Granville and Robson Streets at midnight on any night of the

but without any violence. Watching police officers from all across the country not

only keep us safe, but high five the crowds in the process, even enjoying the sponta-

neous games of street hockey and duck-duck-goose that erupted at all times of the day and night.

Leading up to the Games, there was a lot of discussion about the legacies left by such a sporting megaevent. We heard about the Canada Line linking the airport to downtown via rapid transit, the Richmond Oval, Vancouver Olympic Centre, and increased tourism. Opponents of the Games reminded us of unresolved land claims issues, drug, alcohol, and homelessness issues facing the city, and of the legacy of debt that may well still come to pass. What we didn’t hear nearly so much about, at least not until we’d owned the gold medal podium and experienced an enormous party in the streets of Vancouver, Toronto, and other cities across the country, was the legacy of spirit these Games have left us with. Quietly at first, and then with a passion that made international news, the Olympics inspired us all to

Perhaps now when I’m in Tokyo, cold winters and maple syrup won’t be the only things that come to mind when I think of what unifies my country. I’m happy to say that now we all have glowing hearts as well.


image: Sascha Williams

love and support our nation, something that I hope continues in the years to come.

image: Sascha Williams


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But then I experienced the Vancouver Olympics. Two weeks of incredible spirit, pride, partying, and red and white. Some brilliant sporting accomplishments, too, but for those of us lucky to be living in or visiting Vancouver

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The Canadian


national pride as one legacy of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

The Canadian magazine redesign for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan. 16 pages, A4

president’s perspective

cover story

business advice

Eric De Groot, CCCJ President, looks at how the 2010 Olympics can inspire ‘Team Canada’ in Japan to thrive.

Looking back at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and their ability to create a new sense of national pride.

David Sweet, Ph.D., of Specialized Group, shares his tips and advice for making the most out of any situation involving negotiation.




week—as busy as Shibuya crossing and with the atmosphere of New Year’s,

that didn’t quite know which way was up when it came to nationalism. Marshall McLuhan once said, “Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity.” For a long time I felt there was a lot of truth in that sentiment.


this one in honour of gold medalist

What foods define us? (I was once reduced to writing an essay about Tim Horton’s for a Japanese class where the assigned topic was 私の国

by: Danielle Tate-Stratton

We gave ourselves permission to let our national pride flow..And how much pride!

dian Olympians talk about their experiences

image: Sascha Williams

: Dan images

One Legacy of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

following the enthusiastic lead of two 20-something men with flags around their proud to be Canadian at these Games. Plenty of other moments followed. Experi-






Why is it that I feel the most Canadian when I’m living in Tokyo? Every time I’m asked where I’m from and then have to field questions about what it means to be Canadian I find myself searching for definitions.

executive director’s message

member book review

Bill Varvais encourages all CCCJ members to join LinkedIn to help make their memberships work harder for them.

[Japanese] A brief review of three books about doing business in Japan written by CCCJ member Hiro Furukawa.


CCCJ event

events calendar

A look back at a joint luncheon featuring the co-authors of Extract Value from Consultants: How to Hire, Control, and Fire Them.

The CCCJ’s listing of upcoming and recently completed Chamber events in and around Tokyo.



special feature

business feature

member information

A look at why Canada’s independant boarding schools are so well-positioned to educate future leaders and thinkers.

From karaoke to specialised research; why the Kansai region of Japan is full of un-tapped business potential.

A brief introduction to our new members and a complete listing of all CCCJ members, by company and sector.



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Peace personal project, (Kyoto, Japan)

Weekender Magazine cover image February 2007 (Tokyo Japan)

Granville Island Dock personal project


onna no hito charcol on paper, 20x24

Prom Night silkscreen on paper

Breakfast in Bed silkscreen on paper

3-D design

mobile portfolio school project

girls’ night out original logo and packaging for existing purse

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poster design CVI Chilliwack 2010 *&** po







performance. strength. .








v mo

Top international vaulters compete to qualify for the World Equestrian Games. Canada's up and coming vaulters vie for national honours. You'll be there for all of it. CV

2010 ack liw hil IC

• June 10–13, 8am–6pm • Chilliwack Heritage Park • Free admission • •


CVI Chilliwack 2010 *&**


CVI Chilliwack 2010 *&**

Featured athletes: Alisa Porter



2010 ack liw hil

CVI Chilliwack event poster and ad campaign, original logo

• June 10–13, 8am–6pm •

• Chilliwack Heritage Park • Free admission •


15 22

16 23





e fin


19 26

20 27















(2009 Canadian AA Women’s Champion)

Colin Schmidt (2009 Canadian AA Men’s Champion)

Jeanine Van Der Sluijs (2009 Canadian A Women’s Champion)


World Equestrian Games Hopefuls: Hannah Marland, Jessica Bentzen, Jessica Townsend, Raven Schmidt, Tauren Deluca, Chelsea Wierks, Angelique Van Der Sluijs, and many more of Canada’s top vaulters! Chilliwack Heritage Park, Saturday June 12, 4pm.

Equestrian vaulting (vaulting) is the oldest mounted discipline, and has its roots in the Roman games. Today, horse and rider complete seven compulsory moves as well as a one-minute freestyle routine set to music and carefully choreographed. Often described as gymnastics on horseback, vaulting combines strength, flexibility, bravery, agility, showmanship, and balance in a thrilling show. As well as competing individually, vaulters also work in pairs (pas-de-deux), and team, where six vaulters-up to three on the horse at any one time-perform daring movements together, showing the ultimate in trust and skill. As Canada’s top vaulters demonstrate their freestyle routines, anyone with the slightest interst in horses, performance, or extreme sports will be mesmorised. Please join us for this spectacular event.

Canada's up and coming vaulters vie for national honours. You'll be there for all of it.














Please join us for the freestyle rounds of both our * and ** level vaulters.

For those new to vaulting:

Top international vaulters compete to qualify for the World Equestrian Games.




You’re invited to the most exciting night of Canada’s first ever equestrian vaulting CVI!




le0:10] a 2 Wh ng

pr t h oeur [S d i a S nadian t




Mark your calendar: To:

March 25 | Montreal, PQ | Green Room * • March 26 | Ottawa, ON | Zaphod’s * • March 27 | Toronto, ON | El Mocambo * • March 28 | Hamilton, ON | Casbah * • March 29 | St. Catherine’s, ON | Mansion House * March 30 | London, ON | Music Hall Lounge * • March 31 | Windsor, ON | Blind Dog * • April 1 | Peterborough, ON | Red Dog * • April 9 | Corner Brook, NL | Grenfell College April 10 | St. John’s, NL | The Rock House April 13 | Moncton, NB | The Paramount April 14 | Charlottetown, PEI | Hunter’s Ale House

April 15 | Sackville, NB | George’s Fabulous Roadhouse April 16 | Halifax, NS | The Pavillion {ALL AGES, 4:30pm} § April 16 | Halifax, NS | Seahorse Tavern § April 17 | Fredericton, NB | Capital Bar April 28 | Winnipeg, MB | WECC ∞ April 29 | Saskatoon, SK | Amigos ∞ April 30 | Edmonton, AB | Starlite Room ∞ May 1 | Calgary, AB | Royal Canadian Legion (Br 1) ∞ May 2 | Kelowna, BC | Habitat ∞ May 4 | Victoria, BC | Sugar ∞ May 5 | Vancouver, BC | Commodore Ballroom ∞

| * with In-Flight Safety | • with Graham Wright | § with Hollerado | ∞ with Plants & Animals |

poster design: Danielle Tate-Stratton

2010 ack liw hil

Said the Whale tour poster, 11x17

behind the scenes

sketchbook pages spring, 2010

CMNS 478 final project  

A booklet to accompany a mobile (personal portfolio project) for CMNS 478, spring 10.