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Darrell Stevens Jr.

ServeFest 2009 was the kick-o event for Raise Your Voice Month (RYVM) 2009. The overarching aim of ServeFest is for music to serve as medium for community involvement and activism. This year we plan to take ServeFest to new heights. In conjunction with the live entertainment and music, we will also be raising funds for The Child Advocacy Center of Gainesville, Florida, and the Invisible Children Foundation. The Silent Auction will be conducted to aid in raising funds.

2009 Student Addy Award Silver Award

2009 Student Addy Award Gold Award

2009 Student Addy Award Silver Award

Outdoor Executions

Social Media | Facebook Profile Pictures

Socail Media | Facebook Taggers

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Darrell Stevens Jr. | Art and Layout Director Gator Growl 2010 & UF Homecoming 2010

Gator Growl is produced by more than 500 student volunteers, making it the largeststudent run pep rally in the world. Each year, Gator Growl is held the night before the Homecoming football game. World-renowned musical and comedic talent such as Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Jay Leno and Lynyrd Skynyrd have performed for the University of Florida community to enjoy. Over 30,000 Gator fans, alumni and friends came out to Gator Growl 2010!

First Gator Growl Design/Style Sheet - The Idea: Emphasize connection between Homecoming to Gator Growl using design.

Finalized UF Homecoming 2010 Logo

Gator Growl Logo and Theme drafts

Finalized Gator Growl 2010 logo

Outdoor “Bulletin TakeOver” - 32 sheets - Black and white on bright colored paper.

Gator Growl facebook advertisment ideas

Facebook page profile pictures for all Homecoming 2010 events

Homecoming Website | Event page banner (Gator Gallop shown)

Gator Growl website | Aziz Ansari is announced as the headliner!

Gator Growl and Homecoming poster of events

Gator Growl fliers (UF Bookstore promotion) Finalized Gator Growl 2010 Logo

Original Doc Marsh Character

Doc Marsh Redrawn: Friendlier and more welcoming.

Advertising Campaigns Final Project Client: Marshfield Convention and Visitors Bureau Advertising Team: ADOM Advertising Art Director: Darrell Stevens Jr. New Positioning Statement By creating a brand image that is closely linked to all of Marshfield and not just its medical center, we can generate the idea that Marshfield has more to oer than its medical center. By emphasizing the various events and attractions oered year-round, we can demonstrate that Marshfield has something for everyone and thereby increase visitors to the area. At the heart of Wisconsin lies an unexpected gem that is Marshfield where visitors have the opportunity to experience extinct animals, come face to face with grizzly bears, all the while reveling in its small-town charm. Marshfield encourages people to take pause, take heart and take part in the unique adventures that it has to oer.

Marshfield CVB Website Redesign

Marshfield Facebook Page Redesign

Print Ad Campaign

Print Ad Campaign

Print Ad Campaign

Organization Logo Designs

CLS Brochure

CLS Annual Report | 2010-2011

Awards Presentation Powerpoint Slides

2011 Impact Awards Program

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Media Design

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Lego = imagination

Darrell Stevens Jr. email: Cell: 954.665.8072

Darrell Stevens Jr. | Sample Book  

I am an advertising student at the University of Florida.

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