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France France is among world’s top tourist destinations and the French way of life as a unique blend of styles contributes to make holidays successful in our country. France is all things to all visitors. British families will relish a destination right on the doorstep and one easily managed on modest budgets. Sight seekers will discover a rich seam of culture, from the historical legacy of Romanesque churches, soaring gothic cathedrals, stately châteaux and medieval monasteries to vast repositories of art; there are even ruins of a few English castles for those feeling homesick. Hedonists will find beaches to brown their bodies, hotels to pamper them, spas to mend them and nightclubs to keep them bopping. Sporties can keep their cardiovasculars pumping on the bikes, horses and canoes, while intrepids can lose the families, sightseers, hedonists and sporties, not to mention the natives, in a country that has, more or less, the same population as Britain but twice the hectarage. Compliments are not only directed at cuisine, wine, culture and countryside. The ‘joie de vivre’, welcoming spirit, sense of humour and quality of services in all French regions always make France a vintage year for value in and off seasons.

An insider’s guide to the most beautiful corner of France Lavender fields, hilltop villages and spectacular rocky fjords, rosé wine and bouillabaisse, Cézanne and Van Gogh, cutting edge rap and hiphop music, Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources, pétanque & pastis and scuba diving, Zinedine Zidane and Olympique de Marseille: just some of the excellent reasons to visit Marseille and Provence.

Marseille is France’s oldest city, with a rich and flavoured historical heritage. Yet it has also undergone a huge programme of modernisation over the last decade. In 2013 it will be the European City of Culture. And it has never been easier to get there, thanks to a high-speed TGV rail link from Paris and Lille (with frequent connections from London), and Europe’s first air terminal purpose-built for low-cost flights and fast-expanding cruise-ship traffic. Whether you’re planning a City break, an extended academic stay to brush up your French or especially follow up studies at Lycée Charles Péguy, the purchase of your dream house or just another armchair tour of the most beautiful corner of France, do come and check what’s hot and fresh and whatever else under the Mediterranean sun.

Welcome to Lycée Charles Péguy Marseille Firstly, thank you for your interest in Lycée Charles Péguy / Marseille. We are a very successful College and take great care to provide courses which are both interesting and enjoyable and will lead you to a higher level of study or to a worthwhile career.

Figure 1the headmaster

We are praised for our high academic standards of support for students, for the quality of our teaching and for our commitment to equality of opportunity, amongst many other aspects of our work. We are very proud of the success of our students, many of whom progress to university and employment, not just locally, but all over France and abroad. For example, our A Levels record a pass rate of almost 100% year after year and our BTEC Nationals have reached 100% achievement for the last two years. Similar success stories are also to be found across the whole College. It is not just for the quality of our courses that we are so successful – we also value wider extra-scholar




programmes and events involvements which give opportunities to students to develop practical skills. With such a vast variety of courses available, it is very important for the College that our students receive the highest quality of advice, guidance and support in their studies. We are very confident that we can provide all the help our students will need to make the right decision about their courses of study and to support them in achieving success and progression to a higher level and careers. Welcome to the Lycée Charles Péguy.

Bruno AUBRIET Headmaster

The headmaster, staff, and students of Lycée Charles Péguy collectively value: 

    

Active promotion of equality, diversity and inclusiveness, within a culture that respects all individuals for their unique talents and contributions, together with a strong ethos of guidance and support for learners throughout their learning journey. The recognition and celebration of success for both students and staff, embedded in every Section of the College. Positive behaviour, self-discipline, and responsibility from all students, through positive citizenship activities, and through positive staff role modelling. Excellent standards in teaching and learning, so that all our students are fully equipped to compete positively for employment or higher education. Continuous development of all staff to maximise potential, both for the individual and the organisation. Proactive engagement with customers, stakeholders and local employers, to meet the changing needs of the communities and constituencies served by the College. A strong and consistent sense of community identity across all Sections, levels and courses in the College.

Diplomas offer young people an exciting new opportunity to demonstrate and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding in a practical context. It's a new qualification that you can do at school or College.

 

You’ll get practical experience. You learn in the classroom. You’ll find out about an area of work you're interested in. You keep all your options open with the Diploma. So when you finish, you can stay at school or do an Apprenticeship or go into a job with training or follow up studies at university levels.

The Diploma provides young people with:

A combination of the essential knowledge and skills that employers and universities look for, including teamwork, self-management and critical thinking skills.

   

  

Opportunities to experience different styles of learning in different environments such as school, College and the workplace, with an emphasis on practical activities and an integrated curriculum. Opportunities to experience work in one of the main employment sectors. Flexibility and choice with options to pursue your interests, whether this is further study or a job. An insight into what work is really like without committing you to a career in a particular area. A high-quality qualification valued by industry and higher education. The Advanced Diploma is equivalent to three and a half A Levels, and offers an exciting mix of classroom learning, creative thinking and hands-on experience, put carefully together by teachers, employers and universities. It takes two years to achieve and consists of five components: Principal Learning – You will study key areas within your vocational area. Half of what you do will be about applying your knowledge to real situations: linking theory to job roles, carrying out real life investigations and interacting with professionals. Generic Learning - Central to each Diploma, you will focus on developing a broad range of personal and thinking skills such as critical analysis as well as taking your academic skills to a higher and more applied level. Additional and Specialist Learning – You will specialise in a particular topic such as an area relating to your employment or HE goals. Extended project - You will carry out a practical project or placement, providing you with the flexibility to tailor your interests and objectives. Work Experience – You will receive at least 13-week structured work experience gaining firsthand insight, skills and knowledge for your vocational area.

If you are ready for a real challenge, want to develop knowledge of a specific vocational area, take responsibility for your own learning and develop a broad range of high level personal skills suitable for both the workplace or university, then the Advanced Diploma is for you!

FRANCE Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

Lycée CHARLES PEGUY Lycée Technologique et Professionnel Privé sous contrat d’association

Labélisé ‘Lycée des Métiers de la Finance, du Tourisme et du Commerce

102 / 106 rue Sylvabelle 13006 MARSEILLE TEL : 0491 15 76 40 FAX : 0491 81 43 87 90 teachers 663 pupils in technical education Pre/post A-levels 176 pupils in vocational education 839 pupils / students CECRL: B2 – C2 English/German/Italian/Spanish DCG Finance & Accountancy Post A-level / 3 years L2 / ISCED6 DSCG Finance & Accountancy M1 / M2 Higher levels L1/ ISCED6

Photo of institution


Tourism Reception / Hosting Accommodation / Transportation Post A-level+ / 1 year L4 / ISCED 3


Baccalauréat / 3 years L4 / ISCED 3 Commerce / finance / Accountancy Equivalent Pre a-levels up to GCSE3

BTS Computer Science Information Technology Post A-level / 2 years L3 / ISCED5b Equivalent BTEC / HND

ST2S Baccalauréat / 3 years L4 / ISCED 3 Social & Medical Sciences Equivalent Pre A-levels to GCSE3

BTS Manager Assistant Post A-level / 2 years L3 / ISCED5b Equivalent BTEC / HND

Baccalauréats Professionnels L4 / ISCED 3 - Commerce - Finance / Accountancy - Secretariat / PA A 3-year vocational course up to VCSE3

BTS Banking Post-A level / 2 years L3 / ISCED5b Equivalent BTEC / HND BTS Tourism VPT – AGTL Design / Commercialisation Reception / Hosting / guiding/ Post-A level / 2 years L3 / ISCED5b Equivalent BTEC / HND

Bachelor in global management partnership with Coventry University Tourism Management Licence - Bachelor Partnership with University of Provence

For levels of training according to French and ISCED equivalent classifications, see page 2. For a simplified diagram of the French education system, see page 3. ISCED EQUIVALENT FRENCH



CLASSIFICATION Baccalauréat or Vocational Certificate (BP) LEVEL 4

or Mention complémentaire (MC – additional diploma) Baccalauréat + 2 years type of diploma such as



BTS (Higher Vocational certificate) or


DUT (University Technological Diploma) Bachelor’s degree type Diploma such as LEVEL 2

Licence Professionnelle – Vocational Degree) Master’s type Degree



such as an Engeenering Diploma


ISCED = International Standard Classification of EDucation created by UNESCO. A Vocational Diploma is a type of certificate for which the general framework is defined by decree.

Headmaster: Bruno AUBRIET TEL: 04 91 15 76 40 FAX: 04 91 81 43 87

Contact Person: Denis SARRI TEL/ 0686728456

1. 2.

Lifelong European Learning Programmes : Along with a successful study visit and a “Welcoming an assistant” programme, Mobility projects are being in progress this year through Erasmus, Comenius, Leonardo, Grundtvig programmes. We are interested in mobility projects (contacts have been made) with: Countries: Most European countries, and more especially with United Kingdom / Republic of Ireland Sweden / Germany Italy / Spain Czech Republic USA Canada China Sectors:

Tourism Computer sciences Social and Medical sciences / Nursing Finance / Accountancy / secretariat Business and Marketing / Commerce

Our students are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. They may have to prove themselves for it, however. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, we say. ‘Off the rack solutions, like bargain basement dresses, never fit anyone’. We’re never sorry, for the lifestyle that they ordered can’t be out of stock for us. We always keep providing true hope, and no dope. ‘Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness and so it is with those words’. That is the line of educational conduct in Charles Péguy’s senior high school and higher education framework.


Charles Péguy's Institution in Marseille

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