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Hey all, The Oily Times is back for 2013! Anyway, thank you for all your support in year 2012 :) If I am not wrong, these people subscribed to this newsletter in 2012.. 1. Anne Lee Hui Yi 2. Anna Ng Xuan Ning 3. Nicole Zhao Jiuge 4. James Wen Ke Han 5. Foo Qi Xin 6. Joy Yeo Zhi Ying 7. Josephine Seng Yee Ning ( Our new admin <3) 8. Ally Chia Yi Yun 9. Teo Yue Qi 10. Chloe Ng Yun Leng I look forward in ‘partnering’ with you to improve this newsletter :) Anyway since this is the first newsletter of 2013.... We should get some “zesty” things going! Lets celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year with some exciting news! CONTENTS OF ISSUE 2013 (1) → Hot news : P6 Camp → Hot news : What’s new in The Oily times.. → Jokes for ya’ all :) → For all Smiggle Fans ONLY → Notices for February 2013 Book review and music corner appears NEXT MONTH :) Be sure to catch it! >< Okay.. Let’s start the news rolling... Enough of this krappy talk :) Enjoy dudes! :) Wait a moment.. WE NEED ADMINS TO HELP OUT! YOU WILL GET “PAID” IN THE FORM OF SWEETS.. Good luck n first come first serve :) P.S. Sometimes you get real money instead of sweets

This write up starts from out opinion of the top rated to the least rated... Enjoy! ( And we skipped out the workshop and indian cultural activity) Top rated : Science Centre (4 ½ stars) Why is this the BEST activity? In Olivia’s view : Actually, It wasn’t that bad, cos I love insects and amphibians! Some ppl are just so... You get what I mean. Just that we did not get enough time to dig more stuff, and all the fishes and dragonflies were already caught by all the students from the previous batch... And, many people were screaming when the insects fell out of the containers, and that was really annoying... And we didn’t get a break to eat our snacks! Argh... But anyway it was good as I got to play my iPad in the bus as it was a rather long journey and it kept me occupied... In Josephine’s view : We got to see frogs and pond skaters and dragonflies and damselflies and stuff. And we got to see all the creepy crawlies scuttling all about and it was so cool. But that woman was like so what one. She was like get in your groups! And we were already in our groups and she just confused us more. And why does Olivia get to bring her iPad? That’s not fair. :( Next up : Multi Level Captains Ball ( 4 stars) Why 4 stars in our opinion? In Olivia’s view : I loved this game! I wish it is in the Olympics as a sport... P.S. I got drenched by the water many times! And, this game is a big change from the different captains ball we play in school.. “Condolences” for Josephine who didn’t play because she had a broken arm... The 6I instructor came to help our class as we were scoring too fast... In the end, we had 4000+ points! The winner! Too bad there wasn’t a prize... Awww...The other classes were cheating so... Actually like every class! I’ll confess, that our class sort of cheated as well.. So did all the classes... We actually got 7 ppl in our team... Instead of 5... But we didn’t cheat in other ways >< In Josephine’s view : Well I didn’t get to play (so did most people), but then again I have a broken arm so yeah. It was fun because everyone was rooting for their class, and it felt good when our classmates scored. And the water bombs, that was a nice touch. HOWEVER SOME PEOPLE CHEATED SO X-(. Not naming anyone. THE KRAPPY MALAY CULTURAL THINGY... WELL... WE ARE SPEECHLESS... COS THEY TREAT US LIKE WE REALLY REALLY WANT TO DO SILAT UNDER THE SUN!!! WHAT’S NEW IN THE OILY TIMES... The Oily Times has got many new things in store for you this year!

Firstly, we have an all new “VOICE OUT!” Section, which will appear in the next issue, where you can actually voice out your thoughts. Next, we will be creating a “ Colour Crew”, where you all have to join a crew of your favourite colour, and of the members, appoint a leader, and the leader can create documents to get the members going. Leaders will be rewarded with sweets and chocolates too >.< And the crew that is the most active at the end of each term ( Your leader must send in a short report of what you did) will get a special prize, a grabbag, consisting of sweets, and some nice stuff from Takashimaya... And next, we will have a poll station, where you can vote for your favourite items >< Thats about all >< Please feel free to give us suggestions @ and

FOOTBALL QUOTES "Julian Dicks is everywhere. It's like they've got eleven Dicks on the field." -- Metro Radio, Football 'I've had 14 bookings this season - 8 of which were my fault, but 7 of which were disputable.' - Paul Gascoigne 'Germany are a very difficult team to play...they had 11 internationals out there today.' - Steve Lomas 'I'd like to play for an Italian club, like Barcelona.' - Mark Draper 'It was like the ref had a brand new yellow card and wanted to see if it worked.' - Richard Rufus

FOR THOSE WHO LOVE SMIGGLE!! <3 If you spend $28 or more in all SMIGGLE stores, you get a free smiggle customized ang bao! And discounts on Sand art ( Usual @ 9.95 now at $6.50) and 2013 diary ( they are clearing stock)... See you there soon! >< And Smiggle has a new range of products! Its awesome! Go check the website out! NOTICES FOR FEBRUARY 2013 We have a few important notices, such as ●

We are looking for admins, and you, who is staring at this now, has the potential to be one! JUst comment at the side.....

We have a contest for all to join! You are supposed to list your favourite movie which was screened in cinemas last year or this year. We will write down the names of the movies, and put it in a container and pick a movie randomly. The winner can choose anything price ranged from $1-$5 from anywhere in Singapore, but you must tell us the place to get it. Winners will be notified by email, and in case you did not get it, your name will also be featured in the next issue’s Hall of fame. ●

We will have a new member in our contents page, “HALL OF FAME!” This page features the winners of our contests and also people from all over the world who had done well....

Sad to say, every issue has to come an end, so... See you next month in another issue of “The OILY times!” Best regards, Olivia & Josephine >.<

The Oily Times Issue 3  

Another issue of the oily times. Enjoy!

The Oily Times Issue 3  

Another issue of the oily times. Enjoy!