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Meet our volunteers!

Ihor Demenko: “Open Bible had a big influence on my spiritual development and on my becoming a Christian; they gave me the chance to try out children’s work and for this I am very grateful.” Halya Pavlenko: “Open Bible is much more for me than just a camp or an organisation. It’s a big part of my life, it’s the starting point of my relationship with God. I wanted to become a Christian myself through one of Open Bible’s children’s camps.”

Glory to our Lord for the 2018 camps!

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“Open Bible” Charitable Foundation Prayer calendar: September 2018 Dear friends, glory and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for the past summer! We experienced His mercy in that He gave us an understanding of His will and the strength to complete what He entrusted us with. Again and again we saw His love and grace in what happened. This was seen in the people He sent to our teams (as coordinators, leaders, helpers and kitchen staff), in the children who were at the various camps, and in the funds which He sent from His generous hands. We will also thank Him for the children, teenagers and young people who were at the camps, and pray that they will grow in the knowledge of our Lord. May the Lord reward out of His riches all who prayed for our ministry, who gave their time, talents and health working zealously in the service of children and the Lord and who gave money for the extension of God’s Kingdom. We are looking forward to a special blessing from God on 8 September 2018 when we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Open Bible’s ministry in Ukraine. We want to thank the Lord for these years of ministry together with our friends who have supported us for all those years. Together we will look into the future and ask for an understanding of God’s will and His guidance for our continuing ministry. We also invite you to join us in celebrating and praying. On the 15 September we invite all the participants in our summer camps to a picnic at which we will be announcing our plans for weekly clubs. We have plans for improvements to the campsite at Vorzel. We ask you also to pray for the opportunity to take part. In September we are beginning a new programme for the spiritual development of young people that will continue throughout the year – a gap year programme. There are three participants, Andriy Nechayev, Andriy Stupak and Nikita Potapov. We need your prayer and financial support for this ministry! We wish you abundant blessings!

Sincerely yours, Grigori Stupak

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Pray for Nastya Thank God for the Yudystka – summer and for all the it’s her Christian camps in birthday Ukraine and today! throughout the world!

За проведення « Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens and 1.06 - День Захисту Дякуйте 02.07-13.07 Дітей! Моліться за Господа за всіх денних таборів в зміна табору в those who to righteousness like the stars for ever Переяславand ever.” всіх діток та заlead2many волонтерів і проведення свята в Ворзелі! Моліться Хмельницькому Слава Ісусу помічників ПереяславDaniel 12:3 за діток та лідерів районі 29.05 Христу за Хмельницькому! Фонду 15.06 3

4 Pray for Nadya Dimova – it’s her birthday today!

Thank God for all the Open Bible camps this summer!

10 Please pray for the planning and development of youth and teenage clubs





Pray for Ihor Give thanks for the Demenko volunteers who – it’s his helped run Open birthday today! Bible camps!



Yevdokymova !




Pray for the Pray for the Gap completion of the Thank God for the Year team: A. improvements to finances with which God blessed Open Bible this Stupak, A. Nechayev the football pitch summer! and N. Potapov and the building of a sports hall




Thank the Lord for the 25 years of Open Bible ministry and pray for the future of the ministry!



Pray for Mykhailo Kozubovsky – it’s his birthday today!

this summer!

Pray for the camps reunion picnic tomorrow in the “Partisans’ glory” park





Pray for the team in the Open Bible office

Pray for new volunteers and the extension of Open Bible’s ministry

All-Ukrainian Thanksgiving Day on Independence Square





Pray for all schoolchildren in their first year at school!

Pray for the solution to documentation issues connected with the purchase of a building for children’s and youth ministry in Myropil

Pray for Halya Pavlenko – it’s her birthday today!

Pray for Sasha Panadiy – it’s his birthday today!


Pray for Jackie Ringan of SU Scotland – it’s her birthday today!


Thank God that Pray for Nadya Thank the Lord for some of our the baptism of our Kalynovska and Sergiy Anokhin – it’s their volunteers got volunteer Lidiya birthdays today! experience abroad

Pray for Andriy Pray for Tetyana Likhodeyev and his Kuzmenko and family and for the Yana Smirnova – it’s start of schools work their birthdays in Pereyaslavtoday! Khmelnytsky



Pray for the start of the Bible study clubs, for the volunteers and participants!

Pray for the ministry of our volunteers in Pray for new Zhytomyr, children in Sunday Khmelnytsky and schools! Chernivtsy regions

Prayer calendar September 2018  
Prayer calendar September 2018