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The Maxim Creative Group - Re: Football

hello, we are the maxim creative group We are a proven leading design, manufacture & project management company who provide creative & unique retail experiences.

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The Maxim Creative Group - Re: Football

“A great company to work with, and obviously take pride in their work”


> We are Maxim For us at The Maxim Creative Group only a few things in life inspire as much passion as good design but we can certainly say that Football is one of them. Football is a religion and at Maxim we are fanatical. We love match day. Football is the long walk up towards the ground when the pubs are emptying; the lucky scarf rituals and ubiquitous pregame pint. It’s the smell of Bovril wafting through the stadium as

the anticipation breeds before kick off, giving us the renewed sense of hope that keeps us coming back week in, week out. And it is the ceaseless noise that pours down from the stands creating a carnivalesque atmosphere, where for the next 90 minutes, nothing else matters. Football is fuelled by passion and when we work with a football club, this is what we channel. From Brazil to Burnley, Maxim have undertaken a vast range of store fit outs in the footballing

retail sector. We have done work for the likes of Manchester City & Chelsea F.C to Nottingham Forest. Creating this work has only enhanced our love and understanding of the beautiful game and throughout the rest of this short magazine we are going to walk and talk you through some of our favourite football related work. Forza Maxim!!!

The Maxim Creative Group - Re: Football

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Kitbag - Sketched Drawing

> Kitbag (before/after)


At Maxim we believe in good practice just as much as we believe in free flowing football. For us this is about engaging with the client from the start until the final whistle is blown on a job. Keeping you firmly in the loop is an integral part of the job and once we have been provided with a brief, our design team will continually liaise with you throughout the project.

We have been privileged enough to work with a number of world renowned football clubs as well as several sporting retail sector giants such as Kitbag. Throughout our time working with Kitbag we maintained a healthy creative working relationship. Working together and building a strong relationship allowed us to achieve a one of a kind World Cup store that flaunted the best of what Kitbag had to offer.

Kitbag - 3D Photo Realistic Concept

At Maxim we firmly believe in having a game plan. Although we believe that creativity is not a linear, cut & dry process, we do believe that there are certain steps and measures that should be taken in order to come up with a winning design. We usually kick off by generating the initial ideas then streamlining them and producing detailed sketches. These sketches then turn into 3D photo realistic

concepts that give a close visual indication of what the final product will be like. The drawings and visual concepts we create are all geared towards giving the client a greater understanding of what it is that Maxim do!


The Maxim Creative Group - Re: Football


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The Maxim Creative Group - Re: Football

Nottingham Forrest F.C


> Fit out for N.F.F.C

Peter Osgood

(20 February 1947 – 1 March 2006)


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The Maxim Creative Group - Re: Football

Chelsea F.C

0 > The Brief

> The Result

We were commissioned by Chelsea Football club to design and manufacture an original museum feature to showcase the UEFA Champions league trophy and the players shirts from that historic night.

A bespoke museum display feature that highlights the incredible achievement of Chelsea Football Club in winnning the UEFA champions league. With its original styling this feature created a brand new space for visitors to come and revel in the success of the club and their hero’s.

1 1 > The Brief To provide a flagship concept and fit out for a hat-trick of Manchester City F.C super stores including the city centre, Abu Dhabi & Eastlands branches. > The Realisation We designed, manufactured and installed all the retail display systems and point of purchase materials for each store.

When working with an established and highly respected institution like Manchester we always seek to go the extra mile. The idea was to create a high end sports boutique that would both enthral the customer and encourage return visits. Clean lines and flowing floor plans were created to give the feeling of openness and space. This inturn would give the customer the opportunity to relax and wander

round the store taking in all the products consciously. For the finishes we used high quality timber with both matte & gloss finishes. These materials were applied to each of the stores we fit out for City which ensured continuity in the conceptual aesthetic of what we did.

Stadium. With that in mind we set about creating a truly immersive environment by using techniques such as multiple screen systems with bespoke visuals and match day audio as well as installing executive seats throughout the store for the customers to experience.

We wanted to create a feeling of theatre for the customers that alluded to the experience of being at a game at the Etihad

One of the outstanding features of the new stores is ‘The Lab’. ‘The Lab’ is a glass enclosed space where the consumer can >

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“Very efficient with great communication�


watch their brand new Manchester City shirt be printed onto by a store technician. This provides a unique experience for the customer, which will no doubt come up in conversation with family, friends and colleagues and will ultimately encourage longevity for the client. With city we set out to make the experience as immersive and as personalised as possible. Another technique used was

integrate quotes from fans and the names of the season ticket holders around the store. This personalisation really adds another dimension to the retail experience and at Maxim we believe that this attention to detail makes all the difference in encouraging growth for your business.

The Maxim Creative Group

Retail Specialists

Issue No. 1

Football case study  
Football case study  

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