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fall 2019




BACHELOR PAD REFRESH a transformation that will blow your mind



notebooks, snacks, and apps that keep the DHNY team on track

Vol 2.

a note from darci...

“don’t you love new york in the fall? it makes me want to buy school supplies. i would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if i knew your name and address. on the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.” joe fox to kathleen kelly in you’ve got mail

fall has always been my favorite time of the year. the time of year when the leaves change to stunning shades of yellow, orange and red. when pumpkins can be found lining the stoops of magnificent brownstones, and the crisp temperatures elicit the warmth of a sumptuous scarf. now that the long, carefree days of summer are starting to come to a close, i can ease back into better scheduled days (thanks to school finally starting up again!). my team and i delight in anticipation of completing renovation projects that we started at the beginning of the year. the excitement circulating throughout the office is palpable in preparation of pulling together the final touches for our clients just in time for the holiday season. in this issue we are revealing a renovation refresh, the tools and tricks we employ daily to help us get our work done and, before we ultimately bid summer good-bye, an end-ofsummer cocktail you’ll want to try for yourself! cheers~


park avenue refresh come on in! we are thrilled to share this light renovation and refresh of our park avenue project.

interiors: darci hether new york photography: emily gilbert photography

sometimes we all need a makeover, but if you have a great foundation, a few well-played tweaks can elevate an already stylish starting point...

after seven years of enjoying his renovated apartment, we were ecstatic when our former client contacted us to give his home a refresh. since we thoughtfully invested our time and resources in his initial renovation, our goal this time around was to maintain the integrity of the original design and while incorporating meaningful updates. we planned to bring new life to his space with the use of some fresh decorative elements.

with this in mind, we transformed the gallery floor using a graphic black and white geometric large-scaled pattern and changed up the color palette by incorporating new accessories and pillows. additionally, we relocated several of our client’s original works of art to give them a fresh home and focal point. the gallery’s modern dramatic floor now reflects his love of boutique hotel decor from all of his world travels and highlights the splendor of his extensive art collection.

see for yourself...





last...but not least the kitchen, aka the heart of any home, needed a little love too! the initial gut renovation involved ripping everything out, down to the studs and installing all-new custom cabinetry along with state-of-the-art appliances. we didn’t need to make significant changes but rather decorative ones. we decided to do a simple yet dramatic update. enter some bold and statement-making hardware; hardware is usually an afterthought but one of the simplest ways to make a significant impact. it doesn’t get more classic than black and white...

a timeless duo...

, o x xo e v i l o


back to business with team dhny olive (our loving office dog/mascot/mood lifter/kiss giver) is always at the ready to take a nap. but there is no sleeping on the job for the rest of us gals here at darci hether new york!

the temperatures are cooling down, and the dog days of summer are drawing to a close. after enjoying some serious summertime fun and relaxing sunny day soirees, we are feeling refreshed and ready to finish out 2019 with a bang!

so, what helps team dhny get geared up to finish the year on an effervescent high note??

here’s a peek at what’s on our desks and all the items currently fueling our creativity...

y n h d team from left to right: erica, darci, sarah and danielle.

what's on our desks?


senior designer

this gal is darci’s right hand, left leg, and all-around thought-completer. sarah favors a clutter-free workspace (which, let’s be honest, is a challenge given everything darci hands her). but don’t let her orderly desk fool you! she keeps her workflow going strong with a motivational mug full of coffee while jammin’ to her favorite tunes. •a whimsical cup (the caption of her cup says it all!) to hold her morning caffeine fix. •red felt-tipped pens are a must for marking up critical design elements. •a scale for working out all of the drafting details. •earbuds to rock out to her favorite 90’s music while drowning out the jovial office chatter. •latest plans for our current renovation project.


principal designer/owner

as the grand poobah, darci’s desk is a constant flow of moving parts. piles of material samples, project drawings, and two computers live on darci’s workspace at all times. she keeps an upbeat outlook thanks in part to the ever-changing vase of seasonal flowers and a lovely scented candle burning on her desk. these personalized additions help her to set the tone for the rest of the office with her focus on mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. •air pods to plug in and tune out when a creative break is needed. her go-to favorites for listening: any podcast related to business or health and wellness. •never without her glasses (out of necessity, not style!). •coffee with almond milk is a must! we always know which cup is hers by her signature ruby woo lipstick traces. •oodles and oodles of material samples of the latest project currently in the works.


social media maven

they say one’s desk is a reflection of your personality...this could not be more true for our social media maven. most of the time we aren’t sure what color her desk is (in the best possible way) showing her true nonconformist nature. but don’t worry, by the end of the day her workspace is so clean it would make mary poppins proud. • a polaroid instant camera to capture all of the great photo opportunities in the city. • putting her best face forward! fenty lipgloss by rihanna is always within reach - an ode to her spiritual goddess. • a vanilla cupcake. this lady has a serious sweet tooth and often keeps the fridge stocked with various treats for a quick sugar rush to keep the creative ideas flowing. (notice someone has taken the first bite already) • branding + interior design by kim kuhteubl, a must for any branding maven. her favorite read for the subway commute or lunch break power hour.


administrative assistant

a lover of to-do lists, she finds great satisfaction in checking tasks off her agenda. she gracefully glides through her workday giving love not only to our best four-legged friend (who snores…loudly!) but to the entire dhny team and our amazing clients. • a few doggie treats for our well behaved and beloved office mascot, olive. • a beautiful and functional “to-do” notepad helps her in making her list and checking it twice. this lady gets things done! • a water glass (with her beverage of choice) accompanied with a festive straw that is just as cheerful and lovely as she is. • a stack of dhny contracts, proposals and invoices are abundant yet (thankfully) organized.

last call... as my daughter said to me the other day -“it’s back to work, back to school and back to the best of the best!” i couldn’t agree with her more. as we bid farewell to warm summer days, we invite you to do the same in true dhny fashion...with a yummy cocktail! here is my take on a refreshing gin and tonic beverage - with a citrusy twist, a fun drink that captures the carefree spirit of summer. cheers ~

darci ingredients:


2 oz. hendricks gin

combine hendricks gin, st. germain

1 oz. st. germain elderflower liquor

elderflower and ice in a cocktail shaker.

1 oz. izze grapefruit sofa

shake well and pour into a beautiful, ice-filled

One slice of grapefruit for garnish

glass. add a splash of izze grapefruit soda,

One sprig of rosemary for garnish

stir, and add garnishes. enjoy!

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