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This is my Adobe InDesign Portfolio for my Digital Image Making Class At Rock Mountain College of Art + Design. For my portfolio I selected a bamboo cover, and I added a one of my original artwork called Amazon Princess. In addition, I wanted to give my cover a more realistic feel by using a bevel effect to give the il usion that the image and text is pressed into the wood. I also created some cutout swirls, so that he color page underneath would show.

Creating A Character 1

Aspiration: Shyrah is a preteen girl who lives on an island with her vil age. One day she is given a magic necklace by an old women who lives on the other side of the island. This necklace gives Shyrah the ability to turn into a mermaid, and so her adventures begin.

Challenge: Create a character by sketching the character first. This character must be original, unique, and interesting. Create a description of the character as well. Sketch must be scanned in to Adobe Photoshop, and cleaned up. After sketched is cleaned up using a minimum of three layers must be used to paint character and add background.

Solution: I sketched several photos of how I wanted my character Shyrah to look as a girl and as a mermaid. I also was thinking of different ways to do her hair as well. At first I wanted to just have her as a mermaid on a rock, but later decided to show here in both human and mermaid from. I used different textures for her tail and the front of her dress.

Challenge: Vectored Logo and Professional Package. Sketch, scan and clean logo ideal. After sketch is cleaned, import to Adobe il ustrator and create a vector logo..

Solution: I stuck with my original color scheme and created a Professional Package which included, business cards, letterhead, envelope, website, company apparel, promotional materials, return address labels, and a diary. In addition, I created a black cutout logo, which can be used on any color paper. You can see this on my introduction page.

Vectored Logo & Professional Package

Aspiration: Charismatic Graphix is a design business I created in November of 2012. I specialized in branding, web design, print design,, and I even design tutu dress for girls and custom tees. I wanted to re-brand my logo, but also keep the cat concept for my theme as well as my color scheme.


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Portfolio Draft for my Digital Image Making Class at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD)