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temp de flors_girona_2011

uA Team: James Brazil, César Daoud, Aleix Piè Josa, Mònica Bilbao Gassó, Iñaki Garcia Rigo Collaborators: Pablo Baquero, Paul Brogna, Andreu Cortada, Montse Josa, Marta Josa, Yolanda Ortega, Jordi Piè, Ramon Peiró, Albert Perez Cols

“Temps de Flors is a flower exhibition which takes place each year in the streets, alleys, courtyards, gardens and monuments of the old town of Girona. The aim is to create a dialogue with the splendid stones that make up the rich architectural heritage of the town. Imaginative works to transform large and small spots filling them with colours, scents and beauty.”

Urban installation, 56th exhibition “Temps de flors” Girona – Catalunya [ESP] 2011

la Riviera de Madera

-a gift to Girona-

A wooden crate drops from the sky. A gift spills out onto the cobblestones. The city converses with this dynamic motion of the flow; lowering its resolution as it takes the form of the staircase, suspending it in time. This ephemeral narrative was processed through various flow simulation programs to investigate the confrontation between human flows and the dynamic motion of the ‘gift of flowers.’ Thus refining the installation’s interaction with visitors whilst also interfacing fabrication processes with this analysis, optimising material and reducing waste. “Seeds & Flowers” The uncontrollable behaviour of the flow expresses itself through widely scattered localities of LED seeds, developing into flowers sporadically, having no pattern or order in time. The cohabitation of time and behaviour increase the perception of suspended motion, confronting the return of nature’s rights.

Š All rights reserved by uA collective.

Riviera Madera  

Installation urbaine dans le cadre du festival Temps de Flors - Girona [SP]

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