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The Importance Of Taking Care Of Yourself


Corporate Wellness During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

06 21 Day Detox: Jump Start Your Energy

2  | October 2017

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Healthy Lifestyle

Corporate Wellness During Breast Cancer Awareness Month By J Thomas Smith Contributing Writer


ctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). It was organized by breast cancer charities as an international event for the purpose of spotlighting the issues surrounding the disease and raising money to find a cure. According to the American Cancer Society, this year, more than a quarter million people will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer. That person could be any woman in your life. But, it could also be any man in your life. Breast cancer in men is rare, which is why it is often overlooked. To bring more attention to this fact, the third week in October has been designated “Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week.”

InformationalEvents Events Informational During October, around the world, there will be many events to provide information and support for the women, the men, and the friends and families whose lives have been touch by breast cancer. Awareness is also important because it helps to raise money which provides support services, education and prevention and early detection and research.

There are a number of sub-types of breast cancer, too. One sub-type that affects Black and Hispanic women is triple negative breast cancer. While many dollars are contributed in support of breast cancer research, only a small portion of those research dollars are apportioned to fund research for triple negative breast cancer. As a result, there has been little progress in finding a cure. More information about how to protect oneself from cancer of any type is a very important key to saving lives and eventually finding a cure.

CorporateWellness WellnessPrograms Programs Corporate The need for information is one reason companies should educate their employees just as physicians educate their patients. Breast cancer information can be made a part of a company’s wellness program. An in-house wellness program that recognizes “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” would be helpful to employees and patients, and the greater community alike. Simply providing informational and promotional products in October communicates one important message: information + detection = saved lives. A Rand Corporation study conducted for the U.S. government found that employee wellness programs re-

duces health risk factors and increases healthy behaviors. Many companies encourage their employees to participate in many different activities to help them to learn about the disease. Every year in cities across the United States, the “Breast Cancer Three-Day” takes place. This is a walk in which breast cancer survivors, along with their family and friends walk together to raise breast cancer awareness and to raise money to help find the cure for breast cancer. Some companies give their employees pedometers so they can keep track of the steps or miles they walk in preparation for the event.

DarkChocolate Chocolate Dark Other companies have given dark chocolate to their employees to bring breast cancer awareness. While dark chocolate is a nice treat, moderate amounts may play a role in cancer prevention, according to the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center’s Cancer Prevention Center. The recent research shows that the chemicals in dark chocolate act as antioxidants. Those antioxidants have been shown to play a role in reducing the risk of cancer by reducing cell damage that might enhance the potential for tumor growth.

Green GreenTea Tea Another option is green tea. Green tea and its extracts have long been studied for health benefits, including cancer prevention. The American Association for Cancer Research recently presented new findings on how it may help prevent or slow the growth of prostate and breast cancers. It doesn’t matter whether your company has giveaways, workshops or an email campaign during the month of October to contribute to the discussion on breast cancer awareness month. The important thing is that you are helping to stop the silence. If more people talk and share information, more lives will be saved. You are making a significant contribution to the community as you contribute to the conversation and spread an important lifesaving message about breast cancer. J Thomas Smith is host of “Sunday Morning Live” on “The People’s Station” KMJQ/Majic 102.1 (9-11 cst). He is an attorney, author, keynote speaker and mental health consultant. Your comments are welcome at or Follow on Twitter @drjtsmith102 on facebook. com/jthomas.smith.12 and drjtsmith102.

The Importance Of Taking Care Of Yourself By Rhonda Dallas Contributing Writer


ur dietary habits play the lead role in the amounts of vitamins and minerals our body is getting. There are innumerable health benefits of adequate consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables most especially the bright colored ones like, oranges, carrots and others. These food components are rich in phytochemicals which are substances that form the antioxidants bulk of the diet and helps in preventing cancer and other health problems arising from oxidative damages of free radicals in the body. Multivitamins and mineral supplements are usually recommended in emergency cases of deficiency. Now clinical evidence is much available to infer that these supplements may be an important add-on for healthy living and can be helpful in achieving a level of health beyond what is possible through dietary intake alone. In addition to a healthy lifestyle multivitamins can help support and also promote good health all our lifetime.

An appropriate multivitamin supplement for men and women can assist in supporting overall health and well-being in the following ways:

Importanceofoftaking taking Importance multivitamins for women: multivitamins for women: •  Women’s reproductive health: Supplementation of vitamin B6 and vitamin E and also magnesium helps in regulation of hormones. It also may help to boost the lining of the endometrium during egg fertilization thereby reducing the chances of spontaneous abortion or miscarriage. Findings have revealed that vitamin B12 deficiency may bring about an increase in the chances of irregularities in ovulation, and in worse cases bring ovulation to cessation altogether.

Importanceofoftaking taking Importance multivitaminsfor formen: men: multivitamins •  Men’s reproductive health: Zinc is an essential mineral for good health and general wellbeing. It is also important for the health and functioning of the male reproductive system as it facilitates the synthesis of viable sperm cells and for the optimal functioning of the glands like prostate. Supplementation of vitamin E is necessary for sperm viability and motility. •  For Energy: Magnesium and iron are essential for improved energy levels.

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4  | October 2017

Every woman deserves quality breast health care.

Every woman deserves The R By News Provider


he Rose was founded in 1986 by Dorothy Weston Gibbons and Dr. Dixie Melillo. The Rose reduces deaths from breast cancer by providing access to screening, diagnostics, and treatment services to any woman regardless of her ability to pay. The Rose addresses any barrier that might keep a woman from caring for her own needs. Studies show women often put personal needs on hold while tending to the needs of others. Many women cite cost and lack of access as reasons they delay preventive services. Yet, early detection mammography screenings are the most powerful weapons in the fight against breast cancer-which is 98% curable when detected early. For the woman who puts everyone else ahead of her own care, The Rose encourages her to take care of Me2.

Black BlackWomen Women&&Breast BreastCancer Cancer Breast cancer tends to appear in Black women at a younger age and in more advanced forms. In fact, Black women are two times more likely to develop triple negative breast cancer, an aggressive form of the disease which has fewer effective treatment options. Triple-negative breast cancers tend to grow and spread more quickly than most other types of breast cancer. Many women with early breast cancer have no symptoms. That is why it is so crucial to get screened before symptoms have a chance to appear. However, the most common sign of breast cancer is a new lump or mass. A painless, hard mass that has irregular edges is more likely to be cancerous, but breast cancers can be tender, soft, or rounded. For this reason, it is important that you have any new breast mass or lump checked by a health care professional experienced in diagnosing breast diseases.

Whatcan canI Ido doto toreduce reducemy myrisk riskof breast What of breast cancer? cancer? Lifestyle changes have been shown in studies to decrease breast cancer risk even in high-risk women. The following are steps you can take to lower your risk: Limit alcohol. The more alcohol you drink, the greater your risk of developing breast cancer. The general recommendation — based on research on the effect of alcohol on breast cancer risk — is to limit yourself to less than 1 drink per day as even small amounts increase risk. Don’t smoke. Accumulating evidence suggests a link between smoking and breast cancer risk, particularly in premenopausal women. In addition, not smoking is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Control your weight. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of breast cancer. This is especially true if obesity occurs later in life, particularly after menopause. Be physically active. Physical activity can help you maintain a healthy weight, which, in turn, helps prevent breast cancer. For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity weekly, plus strength training at least twice a week. Experience Our World of Advertising, Marketing, Media and Communication

October 2017  |  5

Reception started at 1:30 p.m., followed by an exclusive showing of Sassy Mamas, a romantic comedy about three women who confidently pursue their heart’s desires. This year, The Rose @ The Ensemble raised over $30,000 to fund 200 mammograms for patients of The Rose. National studies show African American women are 45 percent more likely to die from breast cancer than Caucasian women. However, in Houston that rate is even higher, spiking to 60 percent. Awareness and access to mammography are keys to reducing these alarming statistics and the reasons behind The Rose @ The Ensemble event. Three years ago, Chris Noble of The Rose and Kim


Roxie, owner of Lamik Beauty, wanted to create an event that would increase mammograms among African American women and would also drive home the appalling message of the higher death rate. They created The Rose @ The Ensemble to bring screening mammograms to women through The Rose’s mobile program. The event makes sure African American women have diagnostic follow-up and access to treatment when needed.

toms with non-hormonal therapies and medications. If you decide that the benefits of short-term hormone therapy outweigh the risks, use the lowest dose that works for you and continue to have your doctor monitor the length of time you are taking hormones. Avoid exposure to radiation and environmental pollution. Medical-imaging methods, such as computerized tomography, use high doses of radiation. While more studies are needed, some research suggests a link between breast cancer and radiation exposure. Reduce your exposure by having such tests only when absolutely necessary.

Breast-feed. Breast-feeding might play a role in breast cancer prevention. The longer you breast-feed, the greater the protective effect. Limit dose and duration of hormone therapy. Combination hormone therapy for more than three to five years increases the risk of breast cancer. If you’re taking hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms, ask your doctor about other options. You might be able to manage your symp-

The Rose Hosts 4th Annual Ensemble Theatre Fundraiser to Decrease High Breast Cancer Death Rate of African American Women The Rose bought “out the house” at the Ensemble Theater in Midtown Houston for an afternoon of entertainment, refreshments and great door prizes, plus a chance to impact the lives of African American women. The

“Awareness is necessary because African American women need to know they are at a higher risk for more aggressive diseases like breast cancer that are also being detected at an earlier age in their community,” said Chris Noble, Director of Corporate and Business Relations at The Rose. “Without access to mammography, we will never change the outcomes for these women.” Last year, The Rose cared for 5,552 African American women of which 733 were uninsured. While many received screening and had good results, 200 uninsured also needed diagnostic work-ups including ultrasounds, biopsies and physician consultations. In total, 991 essential procedures were provided. More care was needed for 23 women who were diagnosed and moved into treatment, of which the youngest was 38 years old. Among The Rose @ The Ensemble guests who supported mammograms and breast cancer treatment awareness for African American women were local business leaders Sheila Jackson-Lee, Marcus Manson, Misha McClure and Carl Davis. Food was provided by Julia Cooks, the organic catering company and Sweets by Gabby, the local, organic cupcake company created by child entrepreneur Gabriella. The presenting sponsor at the event was Merrill Lynch. Top sponsors included Community Sponsor, Fort Bend Church, Lamik Beauty, Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care, Bee Busy Wellness Center and more. To learn more about The Rose’s annual programming, visit Source:

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6  | October 2017

Healthy Lifestyle

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21 Day Detox: Jump Start Your Energy By Dr. LaTronica Fisher

Contributing Writer

21 Day Detox Instructions 1.  Every day you will have 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar with 1 teaspoon coral legend and 6-8 ounces of alkaline water upon rising. The only exception will be the first night you will have it before bed and then in a.m.— which will be considered the first day. 2. You will drink this first thing every morning on empty stomach. The other detox you can use if you can’t tolerate the first one is similar in its effectiveness. •  12 ounces of alkaline water •  2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey •  1 lemon •  ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper •  Mix together and drink upon rising. For gallbladder detox: This is done on day 2 at night: •  1/2 cup or 8 ounces olive oil •  1/2 grapefruit or 1 lemon juice. •  Mix together and drink before bed.

Lay on left side, your back and then your right side. Change positions every 15 minutes. If there are stones in gallbladder (let Dr Fisher know because we would need to suggest 1 additional supplement ) they will be in your stool the next morning. They usually look like green peas. The grapefruit and or lemon juice helps cut down the taste of the olive oil and make it tolerable.

Week 1 Three days of tea and water only. (healthy fasting, green tea, slim line or dandelion detox, fresh ginger tea or mint tea) any of these: Days 4-7 green juices (recipe below) •  2 medium apples •  4 stalks celery •  1 cucumber •  1/2 inch ginger •  6 kale leaves •  1/2 lemon You can drink as much as you want. Alternate with water with lemon juice. No honey , sugar or artificial sweetener.

Week 2 Mono fruit ( watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, cucumbers One fruit at a time. no bananas or any foods from the dry sweet fruits list. No cooked foods. Week 3 You can have fruit in morning. Dark green leafy vegetables in afternoon. Please don't eat any white rice, flour or sugar, no processed foods, or fast foods. Also, you might want to consider leaving grains out of your diet. Be encouraged! Thank you for wanting to take your health in your own hands (remember your health is your wealth) If you have any questions, call 713-520-8188 The First 50 Callers Will Also Be Granted A Free Advance Health Analysis ($250 Value Free)


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Women within the reproductive age with heavy menstrual flow are likely to be deficient in iron hence the tendency to become anemic and so will need supplementation of iron. Potassium is an important body electrolyte that also plays a role in the production of energy. The water soluble B complex vitamins are also important for the improvement of energy levels. •  Antioxidants: Antioxidants are substances obtained largely from phytochemicals that help protect the body cells from damages due to oxidative stress caused by free radicals. The phytonutrients come in form of vitamin C or ascorbic acid, and beta‐carotene and are helpful in protecting the body against cell ageing also caused by free radicals. Vitamin E is another important antioxidant and is helpful in maintaining a healthy and viable blood circulation system. •  Healthy Body weight: Chromium plays an important function in the digestion and metabolism of macromolecular nutrients like fat, protein and carbohydrate in the body and is helpful in regulating blood glucose levels in people that are otherwise healthy. Also, iodine a trace nutrient in the synthesis of the thyroid hormones and the body relies greatly on dietary intake for the supply of iodine, supplementation is highly recommended when this intake is inadequate to prevent thyroid dysfunction. The thyroid gland produces two hormones that affect the metabolic rate of the body. Please Contact Rhonda Dallas To Order Your Supplements at www.rhondadallas. com or

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