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Warren and Britne Broadnax Live By the Saying Team Work Makes the Dream Work!





SBA Makes Changes to its Surety Bond Program


In the Business Community… 5th Annual Top 30 Influential Women of Houston VIP Reception

Allstate Launches "Good Hands for Hurricane Victims" Consumer Education Program: Allstate sharing its expertise to help consumers rebuild their homes

2  |  September 2017

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MR. D-MARS is proud to share the success stories of African American businesses and civic and community leaders. We know that success does not always come easy and it is not always measured in money. How have you helped your fellow entrepreneur? Have you supported your locally-owned African American business? Have you donated to a nonprofit that is working in our underserved communities? Questions to think about and actions to take. This month’s cover story highlights Warren Broadnax and his wife Britne,

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06 Entrepeneur 06   5 secrets of success: Traits to help you live without fear and reach your full potential

08 Finance 08  How to make sure your financial advisor is working in your best interest 08  Letter from Mayor Sylvester Turner 10 Insurance 10  Allstate Launches "Good Hands for Hurricane Victims" Consumer Education Program: Allstate sharing its expertise to help consumers rebuild their homes 10  Law on Certain Insurance Claims Changed September 1, 2017 12-13  Cover Story 12-13  Happy Me Tee, Making America, Happy 14  In the Business Community… 14  5th Annual Top 30 Influential Women of Houston VIP Reception 15  2nd Tuesday with the Chamber

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18  Real Estate 18  TAA Members Help Renters Displaced by Hurricane Harvey Find New Homes

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04 Business 04  5 ways businesses are turning old problems into new opportunities 04  SBA Makes Changes to its Surety Bond Program

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"Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning."

founders of Happy Me Tee, a screen printing and sublimation t-shirt company, as well as a several other successful businesses. The duo takes pride in the quality of the printing they provide and have diligently worked to provide superior customer service and exceed their clients’ expectations. As always, thank you for your continued support of When you support us, you are supporting more than just our company; you are supporting the communities in which we live and work. Working together, we can succeed in making positive things happen.

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4  |  September 2017 Business

5 ways businesses are turning old problems into new opportunities By News Provider


oday's business environment is characterized by excitement as much as it is by anxiety. As new technologies are constantly introduced into the workplace and transform how employees work, managers need to adjust in order to retain employees, streamline processes and stay competitive. "Companies of all sizes are looking for solutions that allow them to work and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere, transforming their businesses to be more efficient and mobile," says Nate Spilker, vice president of product management at Citrix. Many see such rapid change as particularly challenging for small to mid-sized businesses, where limits of capital, personnel and other resources may prevent them from being able to fully adapt to changes and implement fixes. In fact, the opposite may be true. Because small to mid-sized businesses have less red tape to get through, they may be in a better position to become early adopters and outpace the competition. With an entrepreneurial spirit, they can turn these challenges into opportunities for growth. Here are five was they are doing just that: 1. Growing IT budget. For all the promises that come with new software and hardware, there's also a price tag. Beyond implementing new technology, businesses need to grow their IT staff to ensure everything functions as it should. To combat these costs, many have adopted a bring your own device (BYOD) policy in which employees use their personal computer, laptop or tablet to work. According to Forbes, this policy can save companies as much as $3,150 per employee per year. The key to a successful BYOD policy is software that provides rigid security measures and allows individuals to access shared files and work with one another, whether on a Mac, Windows or other operating system. 2. Keeping ahead of administrative tasks. When Hope Blankenship's business To the Rescue Bookkeeping was expanding from a single location to multiple offices in different states, she quickly realized her success also brought new challenges, namely, how to coordinate and manage multiple locations. Blankenship discovered that Citrix ShareFile, which provided an automated workflow, file sharing, remote desktop access and document signing, was the solution she needed to coordinate with several people in a number of locations and not get bogged down by administrative work. 3. Customer security and confidentiality. Despite living in a digital age, many small and mediumsized businesses still rely on printed materials and faxes when working with clients. In fact, 72 percent

of businesses agree that improved document processing would improve customer relations and increase their brand value. "Business leaders recognize the need to embrace a modern, digital workplace to drive greater efficiency in business processes. This means taking a close look at their document and information management workflows and embracing technologies to take the friction out of these processes while keeping data secure," says Terri McClure, senior analyst, Cloud Infrastructure and File Sharing, ESG. "By using ShareFile's collaborative workflow and security features, customers and their clients benefit from more streamlined and structured processes, less time to complete projects, deliver results and increase customer satisfaction, all while complying with stringent security requirements." 4. Generational differences. It has often been said that there has never been a greater gap between generations than there is with millennials and older generations. Smart businesses use these differences to create a dynamic and diverse workplace. This is done through traditional mentoring programs in which older employees train younger ones on professional development, career advancement and numerous other soft and hard skills while the younger group can teach older workers how to efficiently use new technologies. 5. Lack of space. One of the biggest problems a growing business faces is in finding the space for an expanding staff, either in their home offices or in remote locations. By incorporating remote file sharing and workflow technology into their business plan, physical space has become less of an issue. This technology streamlines the workflow and allows people to collaborate from virtually anywhere in the world and in the process, saves on the cost of rent. The driving force behind many of these solutions involves a cutting-edge file synch-and-sharing system, like Citrix ShareFile. "Citrix is continuing to drive innovation in ShareFile beyond file sharing and storage to address the workflow needs of the modern worker. Now with a simpler user interface and use-case-specific solutions, ShareFile is helping its customers to increase productivity and collaboration," Spilker says. With more than 80,000 business customers and 20 million business users, Citrix has developed their systems to be easy to use and capable of handling all types of files, from sensitive legal briefs to 3D architectural designs. Combining user experience with security, ShareFile safeguards data through leading industrial security standards. To learn more about small business technology solutions, visit -BPT


SBA Makes Changes to its Surety Bond Program A final rule changes the Surety Bond Guarantee Program


he U.S. Small Business Administration has noted two important changes to its Surety Bond Guarantee (SBG) Program that will increase contract opportunities for small contractors, supporting them to grow their business operations. The changes will become effective on September 20, 2017.

The SBA will increase the guarantee percentage in the Preferred Surety Bond Program from no more than 70 percent to no more than 90 percent. The SBA’s guarantee will be 90 percent if the original contract amount is $100,000 or less, or if the bond is issued to a small business that is owned and controlled by socially or economically disadvantaged individuals, veterans, service disabled veterans, or certified HUBZone and 8(a) businesses. All other guarantees will be 80 percent. The eligible contract amount for the Quick Bond Application (Quick Bond) will increase to $400,000 from $250,000. The Quick Bond is a streamlined application process, with reduced paperwork requirements, that is used in the Prior Approval Program for smaller contract amounts. SBA’s review and approval requires minimal time, allowing small businesses to bid on and compete for contracting opportunities without delay. Through its SBG Program, consisting of the Prior Approval and the Preferred Surety Bond Programs, the SBA guarantees bid, payment and performance bonds for contracts that do not exceed $6.5 million, and up to $10 million with a federal contracting officer’s certification. The SBA’s guarantee encourages the surety company to issue a bond that it would not otherwise provide for a small business. For more information on the SBA’s Surety Bond Guarantee Program, please visit

About the U.S. Small Business Administration The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 and since January 13, 2012 has served as a Cabinet-level agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation. The SBA helps Americans start, build and grow businesses. Through an extensive network of field offices and partnerships with public and private organizations, the SBA delivers its services to people throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam.

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September 2017  |  5

Experience Our World of Advertising, Marketing, Media and Communication

6  |  September 2017 Entrepreneur

5 secrets of success: Traits to help you live without fear and reach your full potential By News Provider


o you ever wonder what's holding you back? A lot of people have all the skills and opportunities they need to reach their personal and professional goals, yet they fail to truly succeed. In reality, the path to success isn't so clear, and when you add fear and doubt into the mix, it's easy to lose drive. Smart entrepreneurs know that success is more than just raw ability; it comes from having certain traits and staying dedicated through all the highs and lows of the journey. Connie Tang is the perfect example of someone who's harnessed fear, set difficult goals and reached success throughout her life. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Tang became the first woman president and CEO of Princess House, a premier direct selling company of unique and exclusive cookware, food storage and home and entertainment products. Throughout her career she's learned to be strategic, intentional and resilient. Her book, "Fearless Living: 8 Life-Changing Values for Breakthrough Success," offers insight into specific traits that, when put into practice, will enable anyone to navigate through virtually any business or personal situation with grace and without fear. Tang shares some of the most important aspects of those traits to help people reach their full potential:

Determination: Do what needs to be done even when you don't feel like doing it. One of the most crucial elements of determination is daily discipline. Set small, achievable goals for each day and set out to crush them. Do not procrastinate! Putting things off can snowball and cause you to become overwhelmed and lose focus. Accountability: Own and take full responsibility for your decisions, your actions and your results - good, bad or ugly. Don't play the blame game or the victim card. Understand that you can rise above your circumstances and demonstrate ownership in order to achieve the results you want.

Drive for results: Equip yourself to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Put together a plan of action and allow it to become a living document, referencing it often. Execute daily action to make your goals a reality. When things change or don't go as planned, be agile and resilient. Seek solutions and be a problem-solver. Passion: Passion is often sparked by something you've experienced or maybe something you've heard or read. It rises up from deep within to becoming a driving force in your life. Let your passion rage like a fire. It's one of the most important elements of success, and when it's truly present, work rarely feels like work. Collaboration: You can't do it alone. You must collaborate and come together with others to bring projects and strategic initiatives to fruition. Successful outcomes are easier when it's a team effort. Collaboration allows you to maximize the knowledge and expertise of the people around you, which can be incredibly satisfying. Want to learn more about these traits and others? "Fearless Living: 8 Life-Changing Values for Breakthrough Success" is now available online at The website also includes an opportunity to join the Fearless Living movement and receive a free fearless bracelet. The book is also available for purchase on, barnesandnoble. com and -BPT

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September 2017  |  7 Education

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8  |  September 2017


Monthly letter

Letter from Mayor Sylvester Turner By Sylvester Turner Mayor of Houston


s I write this, some Houston homes are still flooded following Hurricane Harvey, and sheltered evacuees are seeking longer-term housing. And yet it is also a time to be proud of Houston. In terms of rainfall, we took the biggest punch that nature has delivered to any U.S. city, and we are still standing. In fact, Houston is already “open for business.” After seeing the product of all the hard rescue and recovery work by first responders and other city employees, after seeing neighbors helping neighbors in every neighborhood, after leaning on the support we have received from across the country and around the word, I am confident that Houston will bounce back with startling speed.

How to make sure your financial advisor is working in your best interest By News Provider


et's face it: finances can be complicated. Whether opening a new investment account, saving for your child's college fund or rolling over a 401(k), sometimes you need professional financial help. But who to turn to? A financial advisor can be a great resource for professional guidance so that you're not making critical investment decisions on your own, but did you know that not all financial advisors are equal? Some financial advisors may be little more than salespeople trying to sell you investment products that may or may not be in your best interest, but earn them a hefty commission. If you're looking for an advisor who truly has your back, you need to work with what is called a "fiduciary." As a fiduciary, your advisor is legally required to place your interests ahead of their own. It can be difficult to know who to trust - especially when advisors misrepresent their services with carefully crafted wording that gives the appearance of being a fiduciary, even when they are not. According to a recent survey from Financial Engines, America's largest independent investment advisor, 53 percent of Americans mistakenly believe that financial advisors are already legally required to put their clients' best interest first. Only 50 percent of investors who work with a financial advisor are certain that their advisor is a fiduciary, while 38 percent don't know if their advisor is a fiduciary or not. Most investors aren't aware of how their advisors get paid and that advisors may not always be acting in their client's sole best interest. For example, some advisors may recommend clients invest in funds or

services that provide the advisor with a commission. Sometimes doing so is mutually beneficial for both the investor and the advisor. But other times, the investor may end up with higher or unnecessary fees and it's the advisor who comes out on top. So how can you tell if a potential or current advisor is a fiduciary? Here are a few key questions to ask before making a decision to work with them: •  Are you a fiduciary? A direct question deserves a direct answer. Pay attention to how the advisor responds. If your advisor has told you that he or she is acting as a fiduciary, ask them to show that to you in writing. •  Do you receive any type of compensation in addition to what I'm paying you? Some advisors receive commissions or other product-based compensation when they steer clients into particular investment products (including mutual funds, annuities and variable annuities). This is a clear conflict of interest and can indicate that the advisor is not, in fact, a fiduciary. Make sure your advisor is providing unbiased advice and not simply selling you investment products. •  Are you "dual-registered"? Some advisors are registered as both investment advisors and brokerdealers. Often, a broker-dealer is acting in the role of a salesperson. If your advisor is also a brokerdealer, make sure you understand which hat they are wearing when providing advice to you. •  Have you ever been cited by a professional or regulatory body for disciplinary reasons? To be extra sure, you can look up the advisor's records on FINRA's BrokerCheck to find out if they have any complaints - especially complaints related to providing financial and advisory services. As your finances become more complex, you may consider getting help from a financial professional. Make sure your advisor is required to act in your best interest as a fiduciary before you trust them with your hard-earned money. By asking the right questions, you can confidently navigate the process and choose an advisor who is right for you. -BPT

Mayor Sylvester Turner Houston has been innovative before. Houston has built unique public projects before, such as the Ship Channel and the Astrodome. Houston has been a leader before in science and technology in places such as the Texas Medical Center. So my confidence in the next Houston comeback isn’t just based on our great charitable spirit of cooperation. It’s also based on our civic history, our mutual experience. Not that a full recovery will always be easy. We need homeowners and commuters to be patient. We need state and federal government agencies to drop the red tape and find new, flexible ways to provide us with the funding we need to get individuals back on the feet, to repair infrastructure, to develop housing for the displaced. We also need the Federal Emergency Management Agency to put in its best performance as it carries out its mission to aid areas of the country that are wounded by natural disasters. I suggested to President Trump when he was here a few days ago that the federal government carve out funding to help the hundreds of Houston first responders whose homes were flooded and who lacked flood insurance. He literally gave me the thumbs up on that idea. Overall, every Houstonian can hold their heads high as we move forward to a future that is stronger than ever.

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September 2017  |  9

Experience Our World of Advertising, Marketing, Media and Communication

10  |  September 2017


Allstate Launches "Good Hands for Hurricane Victims" Consumer Education Program: Allstate sharing its expertise to help consumers rebuild their homes By News Provider


n keeping with the Good Hands promise, Allstate will provide information sessions for the general public to help hurricane victims file insurance claims and access government support programs. "Allstate will help the general public understand how to fully utilize their insurance policies and government support programs to rebuild after the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma," said Tom Wilson, Allstate chairman and chief executive officer. "We do this for our customers through Allstate Agencies and claim professionals and are now going to share this expertise with others. Extending the Good Hands to everybody shows we are a different type of company and, quite simply, it's just the right thing to do."

Allstate's consumer education program includes: •  Information Sessions – Whether you're a customer or not, Allstate is here to help. The Good Hands Education Center will be in the Houston area the week of September 18, and in Texasthrough the end of the month. Sessions will also be conducted in affected areas of Floridastarting the first week of October. Dates and times will be shared on

ings. Contents coverage may be purchased separately and has a limit up to $100,000 for homes and up to $500,000 for non-residential buildings. If you purchased a NFIP policy through an Allstate agency, you can call 1-800-54-STORM (1-800-547-8676). Allstate is a servicing agent for the NFIP that will work to settle the claim. Under certain conditions described by FEMA, advance payments can be issued to NFIP policyholders up to $20,000 to help customers start the rebuilding process.

Step Two: File your claim.



September 18-19

Victoria County

September 20

Brazoria County

September 21

Fort Bend County

September 22

Harris County

September 23

Harris County

Prior to contacting your insurance company, check your records. You may have different insurance companies that provide coverage for different losses such as a separate wind or flood policy. For example, in Texas some wind coverage is provided by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. Once you have your information, contact your agent or insurance company to file a claim. For Allstate, you can contact any local Allstate agency, call 1-800-54-STORM (1-800-547-8676), or log in to and start your claim online. If you call Allstate and do not have your information we'll help access it for you. Contact information for several other insurance companies can be found in the Allstate Good Hands Recovery Guide.

September 24-25

Jefferson County

September 26

Jefferson County

Step Three: Document your damage.

September 27

Orange County

Mobile Response Education Center Schedule

•  Good Hands Recovery Guide – The Allstate Good Hands Recovery Guide provides information for Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims. The guide includes key contacts and information for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)/Disaster management, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association and other resources. After storms like Harvey and Irma, people often have questions about their coverage and where to seek help. Here are four steps to begin:

Step One: Call your agent or insurance company and review your auto and home insurance policies. Most comprehensive auto polices provide coverage for vehicles damaged by floods or rising water. Allstate covers flood damage on automobiles if you purchased comprehensive coverage. If you purchased a policy that only covers collision losses, you likely will not have coverage for damage from a flood. Flood damage to homes is not part of most private company homeowners insurance policies, but instead is provided by the federal government through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The NFIP offers maximum limits of up to $250,000 on homes and up to $500,000 on non-residential build-

If it's safe to do so, start separating damaged from undamaged property. If possible, use your phone to take photos of the damaged property. This includes any discarded items, structural damage and standing flood levels. Documenting the damage to your home and having evidence of your possessions helps the adjuster prepare a repair estimate. Step Four: Look into federal aid programs. If you did not purchase a flood policy from the NFIP, there may be government assistance programs available. Please visit for further information. The "Good Hands for Hurricane Victims" consumer education program is part of the $3 million plan that Allstate and The Allstate Foundation have committed to support relief and recovery efforts.

About The Allstate Corporation: The Allstate Corporation (NYSE: ALL) is the nation's largest publicly held personal lines insurer, protecting approximately 16 million households from life's uncertainties through auto, home, life and other insurance offered through its Allstate, Esurance, Encompass and Answer Financial brand names. Allstate is widely known through the slogan "You're In Good Hands With Allstate®." Allstate agencies are in virtually every local community in America. SOURCE

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September 2017  |  11


Law on Certain Insurance Claims Changed September 1, 2017 By Victor D. Walker Contributing Writer


ouse Bill 1774, passed during the latest Texas legislative session, changed the law as it applies to lawsuits relating to certain property insurance claims, including property damage and loss caused by natural disasters. However, the law does not change how homeowners file a claim, deadlines to file claims, or how insurers process claims, according to the Texas Department of Insurance. It also does not ap-

ply to claims with the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association or the National Flood Insurance Program. The new law applies to insurance claims and lawsuits filed on or after September 1, 2017. It requires certain pre-lawsuit notices by property owners, changes the amount of interest payable on claims that are determined to be underpaid or paid late, and may affect the amount of attorneys’ fees recoverable in a lawsuit. The Texas Department of Insurance issued a statement on August 30 reassuring Texas policyholders that storm claims would be paid and that the agency would

DISASTER RELIEF CONTACTS & RESOURCES Please review the contacts and resources listed below. They can help you prepare for, survive, and recover from a disaster.

Non-profits American Red Cross

(800) HELP-NOW

Salvation Army

(800) SAL-ARMY

Missing Persons Registries

(866) GET-INFO

Texas Resources

aggressively enforce state laws and policy provisions to protect victims of Hurricane Harvey and the widespread flooding that followed. This topic was covered in this story in the Dallas Morning News and the Houston Chronicle. If you are a property owner with questions about whether or how this change in the law may affect you, you should consult an attorney. If you need an attorney, call the State Bar’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service toll-free at (800) 252-9690 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. If your property was damaged by Hurricane Harvey, you may qualify

Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas, Inc.

(866) 303-8303

Dallas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

(214) 220-7444

Houston Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

(713) 237-9429

San Antonio Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

(210) 227-1853

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas

(855) 548-8457

Lone Star Legal Aid

(800) 733-8394

Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid

(866) 757-1570

Texas Legal Services Center

(800) 622-2520

State of Texas

(877) 452-9060

Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection

(800) 621-0508

Texas Department of Insurance

(800) 578-4677

(800) 232-4636

Texas Department of Health and Human Services

(800) 436-6184

FEMA’s Federal Disaster Assistance Process for Individuals

(800) 621-FEMA (3362)

Texas Rural Mediation Services

(866) 329-3522

Department of Homeland Security

(202) 282-8000

2-1-1 Texas Information and Referral Network

(877) 541-7905

Government Benefits Search

(800) 333-4636

Administration for Community Living

(202) 619-0724

(800) 504-7030

Dept. of Health and Human Services

(877) 696-6775

(800) 204-2222

Centers for Disease Control

(800) CDC-INFO

(800) 252-9690

Small Business Administration

(800) 659-2955

Legal Resources State Bar of Texas Legal Disaster Hotline The State Bar of Texas State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral & Information Services

Federal Resources

for free, limited legal help by calling the State Bar of Texas legal hotline at (800) 504-7030. Insurance Help The Texas Department of Insurance has created a special web page of helpful tips and resources for individuals affected by Hurricane Harvey. Visit http://www. for more info. Please feel free to call me at 713724-5300 or at my direct cell phone 281-665-9215 if I can assist you in contacting appropriate resources.

Weather Safety Tips For safety tips related to tornadoes, thunderstorms, and flooding, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety Severe Weather Awareness Web page. Psychological & Counseling Resources •  Recovering Emotionally from a Disaster (American Psychological Association) •  Tips for Survivors of a Disaster or Other Traumatic Event (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) •  Phases of Traumatic Stress Reactions in a Disaster •  American Red Cross •  Salvation Army •  Texas Department of State Health Services Houston Bar Association’s LegalLine: The Houston Bar Association’s LegalLine will have volunteer attorneys answering calls from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Extended LegalLine hours will be available from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on September 20. The public can call 713-759-1133 or the toll-free number provided by the State Bar of Texas at 1-866-959-1133. Callers will be able to speak to volunteer attorneys who will answer their questions, provide brief legal advice, and refer them to appropriate resources for help. If you have incurred damaged due to Hurricane Harvey, it is paramount that you filed a claim sooner rather than later. If you still have water in your property but can safely inspect, take pictures while removing debris. FEMA will require you to file a claim with your insurance company first if you have flood insurance coverage. Even if you do not file a claim with your insurance company you must give them notice that your property incurred storm damage (new law).

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12  |  September 2017

Happy Me Tee

Making America


One Tee Shirt at a Time By Sharon C. Jenkins Editorial Consultant


hen Warren Broadnax decided that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, he dropped everything else to pursue his dream. His wife Britne took a while to warm up to the idea, but after Warren suggested that she quit her job and go into business with him, she took a leap of faith and today they are the proud owners of several enterprising businesses. Happy Me Tee is one of those companies. It is a screen printing and sublimation t-shirt company that specializes in creating 3D t-shirts and custom logos. They are experts in bringing your “ideas to life.” The whole idea of starting a t-shirt company came about when Warren and his business partner Marcus Bowers wanted to build customer loyalty for their business, She’s Happy Hair. They both understood the concept that people develop close bonds with brand identities, so the duo not only sold their hair products, they also sold and provided She’s Happy Hair t-shirts to their customers. This branding concept was so powerful that Warren found himself ordering hundreds of t-shirts every Friday. One Friday afternoon the owner of the printing company told Warren that he depended on his weekly purchases so he can pay his employees each week. When Warren heard that, he went home and told his wife Britne that they needed to start their own t-shirt company, and She’s Happy Hair would be their first customer. The couple decided to name the company Happy Me Tee, “Because we wanted to express happiness in the way individuals dress without compromising fashion,” says Britne.

HappyMe MeTee’s Tee’sExpansion Expansion Happy The company started like most traditional t-shirt companies with silk screening, but one day Warren ran into a fellow businessman that had a unique way of putting photos on t-shirts. You simply take a photo with your cell phone and provide the picture to a vendor and you can have your own specialized personal branded t-shirt. He said that the guy created him one with a picture of his son on it and he wore it to one of his games and every parent there wanted one. Meanwhile, he tried to contact the vendor about a potential partnership, but he didn’t respond, so Warren did his research and discovered that the process was called dye sublimation. Dye sublimation, is the method of applying an image to specially coated ceramics, metals, and polyester cloth, using three main ingredients: sublimation ink, heat and pressure. Happy Me Tee added this new technique to their product line and business has been booming ever since.

Industrystatistics Statisticsstate Statethat: That: Industry •  58% of people hang onto promotional products. •  1 in 4 people will walk around wearing or using a promotional product. •  82.6% of people can recall the company and brand on their promotional products. •  Promotional products generate a 15% - 50% greater recall rate than other major media. Happy Me Tee takes pride in the quality of printing they provide. Warren stated, “When people see what you can do with full t-shirt printing they are really surprised about how nice it looks.” Experience Our World of Advertising, Marketing, Media and Communication

September 2017  |  13

Team TeamWork WorkMakes Makesthe theEntrepreneurial EntrepreneurialDream DreamWork Work Warren and Britne Broadnax are a good example of a dynamic duo that knows how to successfully combine both work and home responsibilities as entrepreneurs. This couple is very passionate about giving the customer the ability to make their mark on the world through customization, and there is absolutely no limit to self-expression at Happy Me Tee. Customer satisfaction is high on the list of priorities for this local t-shirt company. Working together as a team allows the couple to make constant quality control checks and they have the utmost confidence in their product because they guarantee what they print. Their estimated turn around on a job is 5-7 days, but the company also gives their customers the option of a 24-hour delivery and rush (right there onthe-spot) delivery. Most of their competitors have minimum order

requirements, but for Happy Me Tee, “No job is too small, and no job is too big!” Happy Me Tee offers high-quality products, fantastic prices, and specializes in customized t-shirts but, will also do 3D printing on wood, metal, rugs, awards, etc. The company can print whatever logo, picture, and inscription that the customer wants on these items. Happy Me Tee will create designs for organizations, teams, events, and family gatherings. Their motto is, “If you can dream it then we can print it.” Like Happy Me Tee on Facebook!

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14  |  September 2017

In the Business Community…

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5th Annual Top 30 Influential Women of Houston VIP Reception

The Top 30 Influential Women of Houston attended a private reception at the Houstonian Hotel honoring their hard work and dedication to the community. The attendees included the 2017 honorees along with past year recipients and sponsors. The 2017 Awards Gala was rescheduled due to Hurricane Harvey to Friday, September 29, 2017.

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September 2017  |  15

Experience Our World of Advertising, Marketing, Media and Communication

16  |  September 2017

In the Business Community…

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2nd Tuesday with the Chamber

The Greater Houston Black Chamber hosted their bi-monthly “2nd Tuesdays with the Chamber” meeting held at Houston Community College Central Campus. With the effects of Hurricane Harvey very fresh for some businesses, the Chamber focused the event on Disaster Relief for Small Businesses. Government agencies, including the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) spoke to attendees about the available resources and opportunities for a faster return to normal.

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TAA Members Help Renters Displaced by Hurricane Harvey Find New Homes

Apartment Association is committed to being a resource for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, including homeowners who may become renters while their homes are repaired or rebuilt." In addition to the above TAA members, the Harris County Housing and Community Resource Center is also a resource for finding housing availability. Rental assistance is available through FEMA for qualified residents. You can find more information here. Displaced renters can find emergency assistance services and information, and a list of frequently asked questions on the Texas Apartment Association website.

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exas Apartment Association (TAA) members are coming to the aide of thousands of renters displaced by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. According to early estimates, tens of thousands of the 640,000 units belonging to members of the Houston Apartment Association have some flood damage, and of course many properties in other areas along the coast were also affected. Several TAA members are providing online listings of known apartment vacancies in the areas that were affected by the hurricane. "This storm is having a huge impact in Texas," said Chris Newton, executive vice president of the Texas Apartment Association. "Numerous apartments and communities flooded, causing renters to evacuate their homes. Those displaced renters and many homeowners now need a new place to live. We're trying to consolidate resources to make available housing easier to find." Hundreds of properties are listed online and will continue to be updated. Renters can search the following sites for vacancies:

About the Texas Apartment Association

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"So many were devastated by the storm

and we just want to help make things a little easier," said Newton. "We're proud of our members for creating these resources in such a short time. The Texas

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The Texas Apartment Association (TAA) is a trade association representing rental housing owners, managers, and companies that supply services to the rental housing industry. The Austinbased association has more than 11,000 members who own or manage more than 2.1 million rental housing units in Texas. TAA has 25 local affiliated associations in markets around the state. SOURCE:

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Get Up, Dust Yourself Off And Win! By Tammi Durden Contributing Writer


n light of the recent natural disaster (Hurricane Harvey) in Houston, TX and surrounding areas, this time of reflection is necessary. Some are absolutely devastated, while others were spared to be a blessing to those impacted. I must say that it was amazing to see everyone come together from across the country, united for a common cause, serving in love. However, there is still much work to be done. With all the massive destruction, families have been uprooted and displaced by the thousands. As more time passes, fear overwhelms and hopelessness will begin to plague a number of people. Many will be forced to formulate a “new normal.” There is a resounding cry for restoration and healing to take place. Personally, I can relate to where many Harvey survivors are today. Several years ago, I was in a destitute place. I had my own personal hurricane going on. I remember it so clearly – just like it was yesterday. At this time, I was going through my second divorce. Yes, that’s right…. my SECOND divorce. The mortgage business that I owned for seven years had recently closed due to

the mortgage industry crash. To add to my trouble, both of the houses I

owned were going into foreclosure, and my car had been repossessed. I vividly

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recall my daughter consoling me as we watched the car being towed away. She hugged me and said, “Mom it’s going to be alright.” I was devastated. I had hit rock bottom. I was bankrupt in every way: financially, spiritually, mentally and materially. I was broke and I was broken. I recall just sitting and thinking the only thing of value that I had left was my daughter. It seemed as though I was in a never-ending world wind of events - a hurricane, tornado, earthquake and tsunami - all at the same time! There was a silent scream on the inside. This continued for months. For a long time, I was lost and did not know how to find my way. I could not figure out how to GET UP from my mess. On October 7, 2017, I will share my story and empower other ladies to let go of their history and embrace their destiny. The Get Up, Dust Yourself Off And Win!, Women’s Empowerment Brunch will take place at the HESS Club, located at 5430 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77056 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Come get your fire back, be empowered to push past setbacks and win on your level! Your setback was simply a set-up for your success. I personally know that you can Get Up and Win! If this resonates with you and you feel compelled to join us at the brunch or secure a vendor booth to market your business, go to to register.

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