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By Lepord Mike - If you're into scuba diving, swimming or any other underwater adventures then an underwater video camera if the perfect gadget for you. They can be used in very mild applications like a soccer game out in the rain, or in deep water excursions where you will be filming wildlife or shipwrecks, and everything in between. Your choice is going to depend on how you plan to use it, and of course the price point you're aiming at. Learn More About Waterproof Video Camera

Many waterproof video cameras have a rating of only 10 ft. These are often the least expensive models, and are best used for light and casual use. If you need a camcorder to record your kids at the beach or at rainy soccer game, then this level of camera is probably for you. Most pools are less than 10ft. deep, so these cameras are also great for filming those belly flops and back flips into the family pool. They can even be used on shallow snorkeling dives, but going any deeper than the 10 ft.

Rating can damage or completely ruin your camera, so keep that in mind.If you are an avid water sport enthusiast then the next level of waterproof video camera is probably more your cup of tea. These middle-range cameras are often fairly inexpensive and offer protection up to 30 or 40 ft. Depending on the specific model. Even the popular Flip camcorder has a waterproof case available that can go as deep as 30 ft., and at a cost of around $30 for the case, it won't put a huge dent in your wallet. Of course, they make professional level cameras as well, but these can cost anywhere from several hundred to over a thousand dollars, and are for serious underwater videographers only. These are rated well below 40 ft., and can often be taken on dives of more than 150 ft. This isn't the level of camera that most consumers are going to be looking for, but it's a real investment if you want to capture the often unseen beauty of the deep sea.

For those who enjoy camcorders from Kodak, one thing they have produced, the PlaySport Zx5 HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera, is worthy of attention. This video camera has many capabilities, and allows you to take HD videos in just about any situation. It's a sports camera, so it's rugged enough to be taken anywhere and is able to withstand quite a bit of punishment. For most consumers, the best underwater video camera is going to be in the middle range. With a depth rating that allows for a little more versatility and flexibility in a price range that most people can afford, this camera will not disappoint.

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Waterproof video camera  
Waterproof video camera  

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