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Prospectus 2016/17

Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts Kingfisher Place, Clarendon Road, London N22 6XF 020 8881 2201 .

WELCOME As President of Mountview it gives me real pleasure to introduce you to this fine academy which enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence. This is the first step on your stimulating journey to entering a complex and exciting industry. Of course there is no easy route to success and there can be no guarantees, but professional training will prepare you for the start of what I hope will be a long, fulfilling and fruitful career. This prospectus beautifully details the courses available to you whether you want to train for performance or the production arts. If you come to Mountview you will attend an academy where the staff is dedicated to helping you get the very best out of your training. With very best wishes.

Dame Judi Dench CH, DBE President Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

Mountview is an amazing place. I think it’s one of the best places you could possibly train if you want to work in theatre – whether it’s on stage, in the pit, as a producer or making it happen in the rehearsal room. Mountview’s staff is a group of passionate specialists with years of professional experience who are committed to making sure each student has the best possible practical training for their future career. We work in what is perhaps the most competitive of all occupations and are dedicated to ensuring students leave Mountview ‘industry-ready’ as creative, independent, dynamic artists. Classes are small, focussed and hands-on. Coaching, experiment and rehearsal in our studios and workshops is backed up with practical work on productions in professional theatres across London. We are passionate about ensuring that theatre training is open to all and making sure that the glorious diversity of the UK is reflected in our theatres, TV and film studios and production companies in years to come. I look forward to welcoming you to Mountview.

Stephen Jameson Principal & Artistic Director

To succeed in this industry you need talent, dedication and a broad range of skills. You need to learn to be adaptable and prepared for anything. A diverse and detailed training is vital and at Mountview you will benefit from experienced and inspiring teachers as well as from regular visits by professionals who are working in the industry. Everything required is here to help you prepare for what I think is the best career in the world. Good luck.

Vikki Heywood CBE Chairman The University of East Anglia is proud to validate Mountview’s undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Mountview’s vocational training is a perfect complement to UEA’s global reputation for study in the creative arts. We place a strong emphasis on the importance of the student experience, and the significant contact through teaching time and personal support that all students receive at Mountview is very much in harmony with this ethos. I wish you every success in your future studies.

Professor David Richardson Vice-Chancellor, University of East Anglia

Why Study at Mountview? Founded in 1945, Mountview is one of the UK’s leading drama schools. We have a well-established and international reputation for providing the highest quality training for actors, directors and theatre production artists along with a strong commitment to the specialised requirements of TV, film and radio. We offer intensive, practical training with all full-time performance students receiving over thirty hours of contact teaching each week in our studios and in theatres across London. Students work in small groups and also receive regular one-to-one sessions with personal tutors and specialist practitioners. Courses are structured to give students a thorough grounding in all aspects of their chosen field. They are validated by the University of East Anglia and Trinity College London and accredited by Drama UK. The coaching develops a high level of skill, nurturing thought, energy and commitment and giving the tools to succeed in a competitive industry. As a result, Mountview enjoys an enviable track record for employment. Students work not only with our experienced full-time teaching staff but also with current theatre practitioners: directors, designers, choreographers, musical directors, actors and stage and production managers. As well as introducing current professional practice, this provides valuable contacts on completion of the course. These links are further strengthened by our Industry Liaison team which advises students and helps them build relationships with agents, casting directors and other professionals.

We encourage applications from people regardless of background and will work with you to access grants and financial assistance to support your training. Students’ welfare and happiness are of prime importance and great emphasis is placed on pastoral care and physical health. With just 400 students Mountview is a supportive and nurturing environment. London is the best possible city for training actors and technical theatre artists and the world outside the rehearsal room undoubtedly plays as important a part in shaping students as the work within. Over their course students work in a range of professional theatres and found spaces across the city including the Unicorn, Bridewell, Cockpit Theatres, Bernie Grant Arts Centre and Shoreditch Town Hall. Currently situated in north London, Mountview is at the heart of a vibrant, diverse community. The Almeida Theatre, Hampstead Theatre, Park Theatre and Roundhouse are nearby and the rich variety of London’s West End is within easy reach. Students often receive tickets to West End shows and benefit from master classes from leading actors and theatre creatives. There are also opportunities to work with professional writers and directors to develop new work as part of the Made At Mountview programme. Mountview students have recently performed on The Elaine Paige Show on Sky Arts, at Almeida Theatre gala performances, at the Sam Wanamaker Festival, in the company of The Last Days of Troy at Shakespeare's Globe and have toured to the International Shakespeare Festival in Germany.

Mountview is dynamic, vibrant, supportive, engaging and inspiring. Study here requires dedication and talent BUT the rewards are great.


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Writing CREATIVE musicals PRODUCING 36






















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7 by John Kander & Fred Ebb Photo Š Jane Hobson


Performance Mountview offers the highest quality training to actors, directors and producers. Courses are designed to develop technical skills through classes and performance opportunities, with sessions in workshop environments to inspire imaginative engagement and develop practical experience. These workshops are collegiate, not competitive. They are places where students can take risks, expand their range and develop strength, subtlety and nuance. The ultimate goal is professional employment. Courses are focussed on preparing students for a rich and diverse performance career by


BA (HONS) IN PERFORMANCE – ACTING DIPLOMA IN PROFESSIONAL ACTING THREE YEARS BA validated by the University of East Anglia | Diploma validated by Trinity College London | BA and Diploma accredited by Drama UK Mountview's actor training thoroughly prepares students for work in contemporary theatre and its associated industries. Study is carried out through direct engagement in practical work including screen acting, stage combat, radio, voice, text, movement and improvisation. No one learned to be a good actor just by reading a book: experiment, practice and performance are key. With only 32 places available each year, students work in small groups exploring the full potential of their natural abilities and expanding their range of physical and imaginative performance skills. Over the first two years projects include contemporary writing, Shakespeare, European and American drama and original devised work. Students also work closely with Mountview’s Industry Liaison team to understand and prepare for life as an actor. The focus of the third year is public performance and students work with professional directors to present a range of productions and a West End showcase to agents, casting directors and other industry figures. There are no written exams. Qualification is based on on-going assessment, an

How to apply p. 42

Students who receive a Dance and Drama Award will follow and be awarded the Trinity College London Diploma in Professional Acting in addition to completing the BA (Hons) in Performance.


BA (Hons) in PerformancE – Actor Musician Diploma in Professional Acting Three years BA validated by the University of East Anglia | Diploma validated by Trinity College London | BA and Diploma accredited by Drama UK There is an ever-increasing demand for performers who combine firstrate acting ability with a high level of musicianship. Mountview’s Actor Musician course develops these dual skills to the highest level, creating graduates who work professionally as actors, musicians or as performers who can combine the two. There are only 16 places available each year. Students must have a good level of musical skill (Grade 5 or equivalent). Those with Grade 8-level playing who wish to take a Diploma in Music qualification will be able to do so through extra-curricular study. Coaching mirrors Mountview’s actor training but with specialised music elements including one-to-one tuition in students’ lead instruments. Over the course students produce a range of actor musician performance projects, working on Shakespeare, contemporary plays and musicals as well as devising original work for the theatre. Public performance is the focus of the third year with students presenting a range of productions along with a West End showcase to agents, casting directors and other industry figures. This is a practical, vocational course with assessment throughout the

How to apply p. 42

Students who receive a Dance and Drama Award, will follow and be awarded the Trinity College London Diploma in Professional Acting in addition to completing the BA (Hons) in Performance.


Bonnie and Clyde by Ivan Menchell, Don Black & Frank Wildhorn  Photo © Jane Hobson

BA (Hons) in Performance – Musical Theatre Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre Three years BA validated by the University of East Anglia | Diploma validated by Trinity College London | BA and Diploma accredited by Drama UK Over 20 years ago Mountview created the UK's first specialist three-year musical theatre course and our graduates continue to dominate the industry. With only 36 places available each year students receive the best possible attention with thorough training in the three skills needed to succeed: singing, dancing and acting. Acting is at the heart of this training and informs all other areas of study which include specialist dance disciplines, singing, text, voice, improvisation and movement. Through the course students present studio performances of musicals including modern British and American standards, contemporary musicals and devised works. They also work closely with Mountview’s Industry Liaison team to understand and prepare for life as an actor. In their third year students present a range of musicals and a professional showcase to agents and casting directors. Students prepare voice and show reels and have the opportunity to present a play as part of the final year’s repertoire to prepare for a diverse performance career. There are no written exams. Students keep an actor's working notebook and assessment runs throughout the course.

How to apply P. 42

Students who receive a Dance and Drama Award will follow and be awarded the Trinity College London Diploma in Professional Acting in addition to completing the BA (Hons) in Performance.


MA/PG Diploma in PerformancE – Acting One Year Validated by the University of East Anglia | Accredited by Drama UK An intensive three-term programme of vocationally-driven study and practice. With over 30 hours' contact teaching time each week and taking place in classes of up to 16 this postgraduate acting course ensures that each student is nurtured, encouraged and advanced through rigorous personal and professional development. Delivered by actors, directors and other industry professionals, the course provides practical techniques and skills which enable innate acting ability to flourish. Study is carried out through direct engagement in practical work. As a one-year course there is much ground to cover and students must be prepared for hard work. Alongside key skills classes including text, voice, improvisation, screen acting, movement and stage combat students work on audition technique and present a fully-staged public production and professional showcase attended by agents, casting directors and

How to apply P. 42

Students wishing to gain an MA qualification will undertake weekly dissertation seminars and lectures alongside their other studies. They also submit a creative project which demonstrates an analytical, critical and practical exploration of


MA/PG DIPLOMA in PerformancE – Musical Theatre One Year Validated by the University of East Anglia | Accredited by Drama UK Mountview’s MA in Musical Theatre provides a thorough performance training with the essential elements – acting, singing and dance – taught by leading practitioners. Students receive an intensive year of learning, grounding their skills, developing their performance level and preparing for a career in musical theatre. With a maximum of 16 students per class and 30 hours' contact teaching time per week everyone receives thorough attention. Key skills classes including acting through song, ballet, jazz and tap, singing, speech, improvisation and voice are complemented with work on audition skills and industry preparation. Students present a professional showcase and fully-staged performance attended by agents, casting directors and other

How to apply p. 42

Students wishing to gain an MA qualification will undertake weekly dissertation seminars and lectures alongside their other studies. They also submit a creative project which demonstrates an analytical, critical and practical exploration of


MA/PG DIPLOMA in Theatre Directing One Year Validated by the University of East Anglia | Accredited by Drama UK An intensive, vocational course for a strictly limited number of prospective theatre directors. Mountview’s Theatre Directing graduates (including Michael Longhurst, Maria Aberg and Michael Fentiman) have a reputation for clarity, imaginative engagement and leadership and have gone on to work for the UK’s leading theatre companies, in the West End and on Broadway. Teaching is led by Peter James CBE, co-founder of Liverpool Everyman, former Artistic Director of Sheffield Theatres and Principal Emeritus of LAMDA. Peter is supported by resident and freelance staff and leading professional theatre practitioners from various disciplines. Lectures, seminars and workshops cover analysis and interpretation, dramatic structures, adaptation and editing, rehearsal technique and technical crafts. Practical work includes directing and developing work with foundation, second year and MA students and assisting professional directors in plays and workshops. A final showcase production is cast from Mountview’s graduating third year students and alumni. How to apply p. 42

Edgar & Annabel by Sam Holcroft Photo © Max Lacome


MA/PG DIPLOMA in Musical Direction One Year Validated by the University of East Anglia | Accredited by Drama UK This is an intensive professional vocational training for highly skilled musicians embarking on a career as musical directors. Taught by one of the UK’s leading musical theatre academies, the course is suited to advanced pianists, accompanists and conductors who have proven experience working with singers and actors. Throughout the training students participate in classes, workshops and tutorials with leading practitioners and industry specialists gaining practical experience in keyboard technique, accompaniment, voice studies, arranging and orchestrating, keyboard programming and conducting. To understand creative performance techniques MD students also attend ensemble singing and playing, acting through song and repertoire classes. Students assist a professional musical director on an in-house and public musical theatre production and depending on individual merit may musically lead on their own public work. Students with a recognised undergraduate degree or sufficient experience who wish to take the MA option will follow the same course structure but with additional lectures and seminars working towards a final public presentation of a creative project.

Christmas Concert at St James's Paddington Photo Š Max Lacome


MA/PG DIPLOMA in writing musicals One Year Validated by the University of East Anglia Mountview’s ground-breaking MA in Writing Musicals provides a practical exploration in the art of writing for musical theatre. The full-time course focuses on the development of collaborative creative artists, not only in the craft and skills of writing and composing musical theatre, but also in the business of getting work developed and produced by linking students to the musical theatre world in the UK and beyond. The course examines both short and long-form storytelling, essentials of dramatic action, story architecture, genre and style, book writing, lyric writing, composition and the relationship between words and music. The programme encourages exploration of a variety of theatrical forms and styles to explore the broadest possible range of musical theatre. The course has been devised by musical theatre writer and lyricist Jenifer Toksvig and writer and composer Rob Hartmann and involves a professional creative team from the UK and USA. Designed for both composers and lyricists, students make work on a weekly basis, culminating in a short-form musical project which will be presented to an invited industry audience.

City of Angels by Cy Coleman, David Zippel & Larry Gelbart Photo © Max Lacome

MA /PG DIPLOMA in Creative Producing One Year Validated by the University of East Anglia Mountview’s MA in Creative Producing explores and provides experience in the skills needed to be a successful theatre producer. Theory and case study work are combined with practical experience and a series of guest lectures supports each term’s structured programme of learning. Modules cover all aspects of arts management including finance and fundraising, marketing and audience development, licencing and royalties, touring, digital futures, young people’s theatre, festival producing, dramatic critical practice and commissioning. The course is taught by a range of experienced practitioners including Chris Grady (who led the MA course at Anglia Ruskin University, and was previously CEO of Buxton Opera and Head of Licencing for Cameron Mackintosh Ltd) and arts lawyer and manager Henry Lydiate. Guest lecturers include Vikki Heywood CBE (former Executive Director of RSC and Royal Court) and Sarah Preece (Clore Fellow and former Executive Director of Battersea Arts Centre) with seminars led by some of the UK's leading young independent producers. What marks the course out is its combination of theory and practice. Each producer creates their own public work and produces a production as part of Mountview’s Directors’ Season. How to apply p. 42


Foundation Courses Mountview’s one-year foundation courses in acting and musical theatre equip students with a solid structure of skills, discipline and artistic practice. With competition for places on full-time courses becoming ever tougher, this foundation training acts as a useful stepping-stone. Taught by the same core creative staff as the BA and MA degrees the foundation courses provide a rigorous training in skills and techniques and encourage students to become self-led, forward-thinking creative artists. Performance training is backed up with thorough preparation for future auditions. Classes are taught in groups of 14 to 16. Entry is by audition and students must be at least 18 years old at the start of the course.

Foundation in Musical Theatre

Foundation in Acting

An intensive 30 weeks of full-time training which equips students with the skills and artistry to progress on to further musical theatre practical training and the performance industry beyond. With a timetable of over 30 contact hours per week students follow an intensive combination of skills classes and performance projects.

This part-time evening foundation is one of Mountview’s longest running courses. Understanding that many students can’t afford to commit to full-time foundation training, classes take place three evenings per week over three 10-week terms, allowing students to work while they study.

Classes cover acting, singing and dance to develop 'Triple Threat' skills and are backed up with voice, movement and creative practice sessions. Students also prepare for future auditions, working on selecting material, acting through song skills, monologue work, dance auditions and interview technique.

The course is nonetheless highly intensive with the same demands and ethos as its full-time counterparts. Classes focus on the core disciplines of acting, voice and movement, introducing new skills and techniques and encouraging students to develop their own artistic identity.

There are master classes and cultural visits throughout the course. Performance projects include classic and contemporary book musicals, developing a new musical and an end of course revue.

An audition preparation module covers the selection, preparation and performance of monologues, improvisation and taking direction. During the final term students work towards an end of year performance.

How to apply p. 42


Production A thorough training in theatre production arts is vital to provide the industry with imaginative, creative professional theatre practitioners. Mountview offers three distinct Theatre Production Arts courses: a two-year Foundation (FdA), a three-year BA (Hons) and a one-year postgraduate Mountview Diploma, all taught by a full-time staff who have a wide set of skills and experience in theatre and live performance, as well as freelance staff who split their time between tuition and professional practice. Study is through practical workshops with students also gaining experience of running the production and technical elements for undergraduate and postgraduate performances. Mountview has a very strong reputation for the employability of its production students. The detail of training and professional attitude that our graduates possess have led them to work on stages and sets for

This Child by JoÍl Pommerat Photo Š


Sleepless an original creation by Analogue in collaboration with the company Photo Š

FdA in Theatre Production Arts Two Years Validated by the University of East Anglia | Accredited by Drama UK Mountview’s Foundation Degree (FdA) in Theatre Production Arts provides training to be industry-ready in two years. The course focuses on employability, providing the opportunity to work on a number of plays and musicals and equipping students with a broad base of transferable skills. First years engage in a full range of subjects. In the second year they embark on their preferred individual pathways: Design and Applied Arts

Set and costume design, construction, scenic art and prop making. Lighting, Sound and Digital Production

Design, operation and technical production processes relating to lighting, sound and video/projection Production and Stage Management

Stage management, deputy and assistant stage management and production management skills Strong emphasis is placed on learning through practice rather than focusing on essays and exams. Students become part of the production team early on in the course and this practical experience means they leave with a significant number of transferable skills that are very much in demand in the theatre and related industries. Over the two years students work in theatres across London and as the course progresses can elect to study for an additional year in order to top up to a BA (Hons) degree.


BA (Hons) in Theatre Production Arts Three Years Validated by the University of East Anglia | Accredited by Drama UK BA (Hons) Theatre Production Arts programme combines practical study with advanced management skills, creative investigation and critical thinking. Students gain a broad foundation of production experience before undertaking an individual route through a series of optional modules, projects and pathways. Training in theatre production arts offers phenomenal employment opportunities in theatre, events, TV, film and digital production. First year students explore the same three core pathways as the FdA course: Design and Applied Arts Lighting, Sound and Digital Production Production and Stage Management

They then progress to production roles that carry substantial creative and management responsibilities such as stage manager, designer or chief electrician. This programme is distinct in offering a scenography pathway in which students interested in any area of production design explore creative processes collaboratively through joint workshops and projects. Production arts students work with industry professionals over the course receiving both valuable experience and networking opportunities within their chosen field. The focus of assessment is on practical work and assignments.


MOUNTVIEW Diploma in Theatre Production Arts One Year This postgraduate diploma provides experienced students with the opportunity to develop practical, creative and critical thinking skills. In addition they experience the challenge of a fast-paced production environment working on a broad range of projects in venues across London. The diploma is a one-year full-time course. Students opt to specialise in their preferred area of production arts: set construction scenic art and prop making lighting design and operation sound design and operation set and costume design stage management

Throughout the course students develop their individual processes as a practitioner through a mix of collaborative and independent work with regular appraisals to set objectives. Students undertake significant self-directed study and experience a range of performance environments working on Mountview productions and professional placements. This provides excellent opportunities to gain important industry contacts and develop personal networks, both of which are key to career progression.

Karagula by Philip Ridley Photo Š


Photo © Bridget Jones

Short Courses Mountview offers a range of engaging short courses for adults and young people. With classes taking place on weekends, evenings and during the summer the programme is focused on providing the opportunity for everyone, regardless of age or background, to experience professional drama training in one of the country’s leading drama schools.

FOR ADULTS Taking part in one of our summer courses is the perfect opportunity to work with professional directors and actors and experience the highest quality theatre training. For those considering entering full-time drama training Mountview's three-week BOOT CAMPS courses are a great way to develop acting and musical theatre skills. Courses give an insight into future drama training and provide valuable audition preparation and advice. Of course not everyone wants to pursue a career as an actor. Mountview’s SUMMER EXPERIENCE courses are specifically designed for amateur performers keen on developing their acting and musical theatre skills and getting a taste of drama school life. A DIRECTORS’ WEEKEND and STAGE MANAGERS’ WEEKEND provide guidance, tips and inspiration to take back to your next production.

INTERNATIONAL Mountview has strong links with theatres in Holland, Germany and Denmark and we run training courses across Europe for professional performers who wish to succeed on the London stage as well as for young people keen to train full-time in the UK. We are also working in partnership with the University of East Anglia to develop a range of exchange programmes, opening our doors and welcoming students from across the globe.

FOR YOUNG PEOPLE Mountview is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of performers. Our young people’s ENGAGE programme offers regular weekend, evening and holiday courses, giving the opportunity to meet new people, develop skills and work with professional directors, actors and choreographers. Saturday classes offer a regular creative outlet for six to 18-year-olds through acting, musical theatre and street dance classes. For 15 to 24-year-olds our YOUNG PERFORMERS’ COMPANY is the flagship of the ENGAGE programme. Working with a range of professional writers, directors and performers this is the place for the next generation of talent to express itself. The YPC meets one evening a week and provides a platform for exploring ideas and creating and developing innovative theatre. For full details on all our short courses, dates, fees and how to apply visit MOUNTVIEW.ORG.UK/SHORTCOURSES or call 020 8826 9217.




Mountview is committed to offering training to people from a wide variety of backgrounds.


To reflect this our admissions policy is focused on performance at audition or interview rather than on academic qualifications. The process is designed to investigate a candidate’s current and potential abilities, and their suitability for a career in the profession.

Mountview’s audition fees are among the lowest nationally and we offer a number of free places for students unable to afford the cost.

Auditions and interviews are open to students who will be 18 or over (foundation and undergraduate courses) or 21 and over (postgraduate courses) at the time of course entry. Students applying from overseas may be able to carry out their first round audition via skype but please note that all performance students will be expected to attend final round auditions at Mountview. Early application is advised. To apply and for details of deadlines and audition/ interview dates and requirements visit MOUNTVIEW.ORG.UK/APPLYING

Audition fee: £45

Undergraduate First round auditions for acting and actor musician undergraduate courses comprise a full day’s experience with performance workshops, an introduction to life and study at Mountview and a panel audition. Undergraduate musical theatre first round auditions comprise a dance workshop as well as singing and acting panel auditions. A limited number of candidates are invited to a second round of workshop auditions.

Postgraduate Postgraduate acting auditions involve performance workshops and monologues. Musical theatre auditions begin with singing and dance workshops with select candidates asked to stay for an acting audition.

UK Auditions Mountview holds first round performance auditions in cities across the UK including Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle as well as at our studios in north London.

creative producing/Theatre Directing/ musical direction/WRITING MUSICALS Entry is through interview in which applicants are asked about their recent experience. There is no application fee.

THEATRE PRODUCTION ARTS Candidates visit Mountview for a day of workshop experiences and a chance to see the Academy. As part of this there is a short interview at which they can talk about their production arts experience. There is no application fee.

43 Spend Spend Spend by Steve Brown & Justin Greene Photo Š Bridget Jones

Fees and Funding FEES & FUNDING For details of Mountview’s current course fees visit

FUNDING We understand that securing funding can be difficult. Our Head of Registry Services can offer advice on the various paths available, please email

DANCE AND DRAMA AWARDS Dance and Drama Awards (also known as DaDAs) are scholarships offering income-assessed support for course fees and living expenses and are given to students thought most likely to succeed in the profession. Only students taking an approved Trinity College London Diploma are eligible to apply for a DaDA and students wishing to apply will need to complete a form outlining their and their parents’/guardians’ financial details. Students completing a diploma are, subject to assessment and a fee payment, eligible to complete a BA (Hons) in Performance. For further information about the awards and eligibility, visit the DaDA website GOV.UK/DANCE-DRAMA-AWARDS

STUDENT LOANS Undergraduate students studying at Mountview and who are not in receipt of a Dance and Drama Award are eligible to apply to the Student Loan Company for support. Full-time students can apply for tuition fee and maintenance loans. However please note the student loan does not cover the whole tuition fee.

SCHOLARSHIPS The Watermill/Mountview Bursary is available to actor musician students and covers 50% of the course fees for three years. It is awarded based on talent and financial need but does not include a maintenance grant. Mountview students are able to apply for a number of scholarships during their time of study including the Lilian Baylis Award, Ian Fleming Award and Laurence Olivier Bursary as well as for support from the Sir John Gielgud Charitable Trust. For more information about funding, loans and scholarships visit MOUNTVIEW.ORG.UK/APPLYING


Senior Mountview Staff Principal & Artistic Director Stephen Jameson

Senior Acting Tutors Steve Grihault · Rohan Tickell

Executive Director Sarah Preece

Senior Dance Tutors Anna Walker · Grace Harrington

Academic Director William Harris

Senior Movement Tutor Martin Coles

Production Director Andy Franks

Senior Music Tutor Lindsey Miller

Commercial Director Matthew Turnbull

Senior Singing Tutor Marco Morbidelli Senior Voice Tutors James Gitsham · Sarah Holden-Boyd

Head of Acting & MT (Undergraduate) Sally Ann Gritton Head of Acting & MT (Postgraduate) Jacqui Somerville

Lead Tutor for Creative Producing Chris Grady

Head of Dance Aaron Francis

Lead Tutors for Writing Musicals Jenifer Toksvig · Rob Hartmann

Head of Music Lyndall Dawson

Industry Liaison Rebecca Jewell

Joint Heads of Movement Meredith Dufton · Ruth Naylor Smith Head of Screen Acting & Recorded Media Stuart Parkins

Head of Design & Applied Arts Alison Taylor

Assoc Head Screen Acting & Recorded Media Jonathan Wolff

Head of Lighting & Sound Geraint Pughe

Head of Short Courses Eddie Gower

Head of Production & Stage Management Nikki French

Head of Singing Martin Leberman

Senior Stage Management Tutor Mike Powell-Jones

Head of Theatre Directing Peter James CBE

Senior Lighting Tutor Tracey Brown

Head of Voice Cath Baxter

Board of TRUSTEES Vikki Heywood CBE (Chair) Chair of 14-18 NOW and the RSA. Vikki was Executive Director

Paul Roberts OBE

of the Royal Shakespeare Company from 2003 – 2012 and

Chair of Trustees for Creativity, Culture and Education, Paul

formerly Joint Chief Executive of the Royal Court Theatre. She

was previously Managing Director of the Improvement and

recently led the Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural

Development Agency (IDeA) for local government.


Indhu Rubasingham

Tony Ageh OBE

Artistic Director of the Tricycle Theatre. Indhu’s recent work

As Controller, Internet Tony was responsible for the creation and

includes The Motherfucker With The Hat (National Theatre),

delivery of the BBC iPlayer. He is currently Controller, Archive

Handbagged (Tricycle and Vaudeville Theatre) and Red Velvet

Development, delivering the BBC’s strategy for making its

(Tricycle and St Ann’s Warehouse, New York).

programme archive more available.

Patrick Spottiswoode

Sir Brendan Barber

Patrick joined Shakespeare’s Globe in 1984 and became

Chairman of Acas and General Secretary of the TUC from

Founding Director, Globe Education in 1989. He is an Honorary

2003 – 2012. A Visiting Fellow at the Said Business School,

Fellow of King’s College, London.

Oxford University, Sir Brendan was knighted in the 2013 Birthday Honours for services to employment relations.

Hamble Wallace Acting Head of Major Gifts and Campaigns at the National

Ibinabo Jack

Theatre Hamble has held senior fundraising positions at Sadler’s

Ibinabo graduated with a First Class degree from Mountview

Wells, LAMDA and the RSC.

in 2009. Recent work includes Porgy and Bess (Royal Danish Theatre) and Little Shop of Horrors (Manchester Royal Exchange).

Vincent Wang An architect/developer, Vincent was a founder member of

Andrew Parker

Stanhope Properties plc. He was previously Chair of Hampstead

Andrew is Bursar of Somerville College, Oxford and was formerly

Theatre and managed a major capital development project for

Director of Finance and Administration at the RSC.

the Donmar Warehouse.


Recent Guest Artists Mike Alfreds

Maxine Doyle

Nick Hutchison

Mark Ravenhill


Stella Duffy

Trevor Jackson

Nadine Rennie

Julie Atherton

Jan Dunn

Andrew Jarvis

Philip Ridley

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Nicky Bligh

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Michael Strassen

Dan Bowling

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Anders Lustgarten

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Mountview's Alumni Maria Aberg

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Rikki Chamberlain

Don Gilet

Eddie Marsan

Giles Terera

Lois Chimimba

Edward Hall

Rhona Mitra

Emily Tierney

Joanna Christie

Douglas Henshall

Nick Moran

Oliver Thornton

Lyndsey Coulson

Amanda Holden

Kane Oliver Parry

James Tucker

Brendan Coyle

Jim Howick

Laura Pitt-Pulford

Annette Yeo

Artistic Associates Mountview’s Artistic Associates support our creative training in a range of ways, many originally trained with us.

Maria Aberg Director

Amanda Holden Actor and presenter

Annabel Arden Actor and director

Stephen Jeffreys Playwright

Paul Arditti Sound designer

Terry Johnson Director and playwright

Neil Austin Lighting designer

Kwame Kwei-Armah OBE Actor, playwright and director

Alecky Blythe Playwright

Twiggy Lawson Model and actor

Paul Clay Producer

Eddie Marsan Actor

Lindsey Coulson Actor

Elaine Paige OBE Actor

Brian Cox CBE Actor

Michael Pennington Actor

David Edelstein Theatre Mechanics Producer

Sarah Travis Orchestrator and musical supervisor

Howard Goodall CBE Composer

Roy Williams OBE Playwright

Douglas Henshall Actor

Anton Woodword OBE Animatronics designer


National Theatre of Scotland

Arcola Theatre

National Theatre of Wales

Bush Theatre

Octagon Theatre Bolton

Chichester Festival Theatre

Old Vic

Clwyd Theatr Cymru

Open Air Theatre Regent's Park

Curve, Leicester

Royal Court Theatre

Donmar Warehouse



Shakespeare’s Globe

Gate Theatre

Sheffield Crucible

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics

Southwark Playhouse

Manchester International Festival

Theatre Royal Stratford East

Manchester Royal Exchange

Union Theatre

Menier Chocolate Factory

Welsh National Opera

Michael Grandage Company

West Yorkshire Playhouse

National Theatre

Young Vic

MADE AT MOUNTVIEW Made at Mountview is our new writing programme

Previous projects have included The Martyr by Rachel

through which students work with leading writers,

Wagstaff and Matt Brind which was directed by Steve

composers and directors to create new work.

Marmion at Soho Theatre, Yusupov by Kit Hesketh-Harvey and James McConnel directed by Michael Fentiman at

Understanding the collaborative creative process is a

Bernie grant Arts Centre and Karagula by Philip Ridley

vital part of training and provides students with both

directed by Max Barton at Shoreditch Town Hall. Projects

professional development opportunities and a real insight

are currently in development with Roy Williams OBE and

into how they might create work of their own.

Paul Hewitt.


Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts provides creative vocational training for actors, directors and theatre production artists. Training may involve working with a play, musical or other text that has a challenging subject matter, that questions orthodoxy or requires physical engagement or actions. Students must be prepared to engage with the material and present it in workshop and/or public performances. By accepting a place at Mountview students are confirming their acceptance of this policy. This is a guide to Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and its courses. It does not constitute a contract between Mountview and its students. For fuller details of courses visit MOUNTVIEW.ORG.UK or consult course handbooks. Mountview reserves the right to make reasonable changes to its courses, their structure and content, teaching staff and facilities. In the unlikely event that a force majeure results in Mountview having to close no compensation or return of fees is payable. Courses are subject to external accreditation and are provided on the assumption that this accreditation will continue. Mountview has taken every effort to ensure that photography in this prospectus is correctly credited.

Š 2015 Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

Registered Charity No: 274166 ¡ Incorporated in England No: 01019858

Photo © Max Lacome

Mountview Prospectus 2016/17  

Founded in 1945, Mountview is one of the UK’s leading drama schools.

Mountview Prospectus 2016/17  

Founded in 1945, Mountview is one of the UK’s leading drama schools.