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Staging Your Home    

Most buyers only know what they see, not how its going to be. You can’t sell it if you can’t see it. You can’t sell it if you don’t smell it. The w ay you live in your home and the way you market and sell are two different things.

In this guide my hope is to help you focus on the main areas of your home to get them buyer ready. Remember the longer you wait to clean or stage your home is money lost in the long run. The goal of staging your home is to turn potential buyers into the actual buyer of your home.

Conquer the clutter and dirt De-cluttering your home from top to bottom is absolutely the best thing you can do to help sell your home. Your home must be cleaner and more organized than it ever has been before. Steam the carpets, repaint walls and get rid of or store all that un-needed.

Crank up the curb appeal You can’t get around it: The front of your home is the first impression buyers see, so you better make it beautiful.

Focus on the foyer Most buyers will be entering through the front of your home, so this is a prime spot to freshen up. This could be with paint, replacing older dĂŠcor, hiding clutter, and even cleaning out the coat closet.

Pump up the versatility New buyers will not necessarily want a pink girls room or an entire room dedicated to crafting. Rooms need to be nice but generic. Be sure that any project you may be working on are put away. Important office documents are filed away, and that toys and laundry are not on the floor.

Expand spaces visually It’s a common rule of thumb that darker wall colors make a room look small. A great way to make small rooms look bigger is to paint them with a light color pallet. Remember that in decorating simplicity is key.

Decorating in odd numbers Like shown in the photo below, always decorate in odd numbers. Its more effective and also a tip from interior designers. A few well chosen items is better than everything all at once.

Let there be light Nothing is more of a turn off to a buyer than a dark room. Wash all of the windows and then replace any dark window treatments with light ones.

Dress up the space What are those last minute things you can do? Make sure your fridge is clean and cupboards are organized. Throw away any dirty kitchen sponges and put away your floor cleaning supplies. Empty out all trash bins and replace your bar soaps with liquids in your bathrooms. Make sure your doormats are clean and presentable. Also sweep your porches and sidewalks for a nice crisp look.

Quick Staging Check List                                  

Rooms are clean Trash bins are empty Porch and sidewalks swept All countertops are clean All cleaning supplies are out of site Closets are organized Kitchen cupboards are organized House smells clean Carpets are clean Hardwoods are clean All bulbs in the house work All switch plates and outlet covers are not broken Curtains are open for light Fireplace is dusted and clean All windows are clean in and out Toys and laundry are put away All rooms are de cluttered Furnishings are arranged to sell End tables, coffee tables and kitchen table are free of clutter Dining table has centerpiece Fridge magnets are gone Kitchen sponge is out of sight Animal dishes are out of sight All beds are made Laundry room is clean and picked up Bathrooms are organized and have fresh towels hanging Shower is clean Walls are clean and or freshly painted to attract any type of buyer Outside shrubs are trimmed Outdoor landscape is maintained Gutters are clean Fencing is repaired and clean Garage is clean Do a walk through of your home inside and out and ask yourself “Would I buy this?”

Staging your home  
Staging your home