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TIME FOR MEN TALK! When we started our firm our vision was and is to become the leading expert in gender integration issues at work. This simple statement meant that we wanted to support organizations to create a sense of balance and complementarity within its workforce. That both men and women would be able to

feel fully engaged and deliver great results. It has been quite a powerful and exciting process. I always have said that we needed to offer female employees training and learning experiences that help

debunk wrong perceptions and incorrect paradigms at work.

It is also time to reach out to the other 50% of the population- men. During our work we have seen two significant tendencies surface- first- women become aware of the behavior that is not applicable at work anymore, and second - men become aware of the subtle nuances related to women expectations as well as how unconscious biases can have a pivotal impact in decision

making process such as determining whether a female candidate is promotable, ambitious for more, and committed to work. A couple of days ago the Wall Street Journal published a great article that specifically address this issue. The article- Women at Work: A Guide for Men summarizes what we have seen in our day-to-day interactions with our clients. As the article puts it -“even the most well-intentioned male managers can be clueless when dealing with women in the workplace”, and it’s the reason for writing my book and the title I chose.

The article, just like I mention in my book, helps identify specific behaviors and perceptions that have created a sticky floor for both men and women as it relates to understanding how to best leverage talent. One example which comes up over and over again is the issue related to ambition. During my research what came up over and over again is the “clash” and mixed message between how girls are socialized and the expectations society puts on girls and young women versus the way boys are socialized and the expectations they bring to work. Women are told to wait and boys are told to seek and compete. No wonder men are always confused about how to determine whether a female employee is ready for the next promotion. The fact that women do not say what they want, they wait for the offer, they still miss on seeking stretch assignments, they lack networks that validate their contributions, the list goes on, but all these keep most men within their own male context. And so the vicious circle continues. Men asking what else they can do and women waiting for an invitation that many times comes too late. It’s time to break this circle. Europe has taken huge steps towards more integration and diversity at work. 2015 is a pivotal year to move the dialogue from just diversity to full inclusion- leveraging gender complementarity. As we look into the future lets continue forward with unwavering commitment. From our end we want to close with a big Thank You and by announcing our agenda for 2015 It’s time for MEN Talk! Photo: Archive


By Elisabet Rodriguez Dennehy, President Rodriguez and Associates LLC  Leaders Magazine I/2015 45

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