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Want to Stay a Leader? Cultivate Partnership In their book Leadership 2030 Georg Vielmetter and Yvonne Sell, two top consultants of the global management advisory Hay Group, point at six megatrends that will change our businesses and lives forever during the next 15 years. One of these mega-trends is called technological convergence. It means that, if we want to succeed in the future and stay the best at what we do, we need to move forward hand in hand with a surprising partner: our competitors. Georg Vielmetter and Yvonne Sell basically state that, if we want to see major innovations in the future, we can expect them to emerge more likely from surprising combinations of existing technologies rather than new, revolutionary discoveries. A good example of this trend is the Slovak AeroMobil, a company focused on building vehicles that combine the driving capabilities of traditional cars and the flight advantages of light planes. How amazing will it be when we are all able to afford our own AeroMobil? Sci-fi for the moment, real possibility in a few years. Another example of creative collaboration is the project Let’s Cast Together Firm Roots of the company TÜV SÜD Czech, which, in the framework of the 2015 International Engineering Fair in Brno, brought together 33 major companies around the shared idea that quality needs to be the bottom line of all economic thinking of Czech companies that want to prosper long-term. The project, already at its third edition, has seen an increasing number of companies joining each year, sharing Cristina Muntean is a professional communications advisor, media trainer and coach. She has more than 12 years’ experience in the Czech, Romanian and international media. In August 2010 Cristina founded Media Education CEE, a Praguebased premium PR advisory and training agency. Her clients are top managers with Top100 companies in the Czech Republic and CEE, diplomats and public officials who aim to make their voice heard in their communities. In June 2011 Cristina was elected to lead the Czech PR Klub for a one-year term. In December 2014 she was elected chairwoman of the Marketing Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Prague for a twoyear term. Cristina speaks Romanian, French, English and Czech and can be reached at cm@mediaed.cz.


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their stories and ways to make quality the core value of their business behavior. Of course, this mega-trend has its flipside, too: for example, to what extent is it healthy to share strategic company data with your partners? Where are the borders in such partnerships? These are questions that, most probably, only time can answer. For the moment, it is important to notice that like-minded partners come more and more together in order to combine resources and ideas into something innovative and beneficial for everyone involved. Collaboration can uplift your business It is pretty clear already that collaboration with various stakeholders, including your suppliers or competitors, can take you higher than you could climb on your own. Through a conscious choice of strategic partnerships you can innovate, learn and grow. But you can also share what you’ve learned so far with the world. By respecting your business partners and making partnership a top value of your enterprise, you can contribute to cultivating the entire market upon which you operate. So what can you, in your leadership position, do to cultivate partnership? A. Pay your suppliers on time. In order to benefit from a rich and diverse economic ecosystem, you need to respect and support those who depend on you. If you want your suppliers to come up with new, creative ideas, you need to give them a partner on which they feel they can rely in safety and trust. Paying your dues in time is one of the easiest, most basic things to do when you decide to go for a real partnership with your suppliers. B. Share your values. Communicate your values as much as you can, through as many various channels as you possibly can. This will send a strong message to the market and will provide you with a beneficial natural selection of your employees, customers and business partners. At the end of the day you will remain only with those stakeholders who understand and respect your values, which will eliminate a lot of conflict and make your life so much easier. C. Give before you receive: educate. Don’t hesitate to put together high value-added seminars for your customers and partners, sharing your know-how and your business experience. Your experience can and will uplift the others, and your generous approach will inspire them to do the same. If you want to change something in the

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way your business is rolling, give before you receive. It will return to you in a million various ways that will take you to peaks you didn’t even know existed. D. Keep an open mind: constantly look for synergies with your partners. A partner is someone who joins you on your path and looks for new ways of enjoying it together. Look for new synergies, ask for new possibilities. Don’t hesitate to be demanding: this will take your partners out of their comfort zone and challenge them to ask for more from themselves and for you. All in all, you are a part of a living economic ecosystem. The paradigm of the future seems to be cooperation, powerfully driven by technological convergence, as mentioned at the beginning in Leadership 2030. It’s time to shake down the uncertainties and fears that scarred our businesses during the economic crisis and look for new ways to do business and live our talk. Cultivating partnerships is the way to move forward. Disclaimer: Cristina Muntean is the media advisor of companies Hay Group and TÜV SÜD Czech, both mentioned in this article. By Cristina Muntean české znění naleznete v elektronické verzi magazínu na www.czechleaders.com

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