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CZECH FILMS AT IFF CANNES 2013 Ham Story by Eliška Chytková May 23 at 11:00 a.m. Salle Buñuel

Pandas by Matúš Vizár May 24 at 11:00 a.m. Salle Buñuel






CZ 2013 | 72 min | DCP, Blu Ray D: Matěj Chlupáček Cast: Tereza Vítů, Adrian Jastraban, Marian Roden, Petra Lustigová, Ondřej Malý, Kryštof Hádek, Kateřina Winterová Domestic release: March 28, 2013


The documentary film was shot for over 23 years. Film observes life of an theatrical director Jakub Špalek. First days of the shooting were during autumn 1989 when Jakub became one of the initiator of the Velvet Revolution. Jakub’s dream was to open his own theatre that became true and Jakub now is a chief of theatre Jester in Prague. Film catches not only difficult times of a man who tries to success with independent theatre stage but also his turbulent private life filled with love and drama.

Documentary film that follows the ups and downs of the Romany musician, activist and reporter Vojta Lavička. Vojta is pioneer in Romany TV and radio broadcasting, advocates the rights of gypsies, and he primarily made his name as a great violin player thanks to his performing in the group A the same time he has been fighting his whole life against the darker aspects of his character, resolving relationships with women and looking for his place in the sun in and out of the Romany community.

Touchless tells the story of a teenage girl, Jolana, who is the subject of her stepfather's sexual desire. She is not able to resolve her problems within her family and also loses the ability to communicate with her friends and she sinks further and further into the closed world of her imagination. At home she is not capable of pretending to be a happy family, the world outside drains her. She is afraid, but she also allows herself to play submissive erotic games. The intolerability of the situation and a number of dramatic circumstances drive the main protagonist to a brothel, where her situation continues to escalate. But the question is what does Jolana actually want? Isn't an escape into her dreams better than the harsh reality that surrounds her...


CZ 2013 | 89 min | DCP, DVD D: Helena Třeštíková Domestic release: April 4, 2013

CZ 2013 | 88 min | DCP, DVD D: Helena Třeštíková Domestic release: April 4, 2013





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SK, CZ 2013 | 90 min | 35 mm, DCP D: Mira Fornay Cast: Adam Mihal, Marian Kuruc, Libor Filo, Irena Bendová Domestic release: April 11, 2013 A one-day drama of eighteen-yearold Marek living near the SlovakMoravian border with his dad and his racist friends – hooligans. Marek's best friend is only his dog. Marek's life is shaken up when he discovers the secret of his lost mother Marika.




CZ 2013 | 74 min | DCP, DVD D: Silvie Dymáková Domestic release: April 18, 2013

CZ 2013 | 120 min | DCP D: Oliver Malina Morgenstern Domestic release: April 25, 2013

Silvie Dymáková’s raw documentary uncovers the manipulation, humiliation and pressure that exist behind the closed doors of “product demonstration excursions for seniors” in the Czech Republic. The sad heroes of her film show us the non-functional saucepans, unused vacuum cleaners, “wool” blankets and bio-lamps they bought during such excursions for tens or even hundreds of thousands of crowns and that is the best-case scenario. In exchange for their ID cards, which have been confiscated by sellers, many have signed loan contracts. Despite their shocking experiences, the elderly take part in these events again and again in a bid to escape their loneliness or because they can’t say no to the offers.

The film portraits the eventful life of Ivan Martin Jirous, called Magor, a Czech poet, journalist and art critic. Magor was known for working with the indie rock band Plastic People of the Universe. During normalization he was imprisoned five times for his political views. The documentary will include excerpts from Magor's poetry and views, featuring many of Jirous's family, friends and acquaintances. Ivan Martin Jirous, a genius living in difficult times, brings inspiration for everyday life even a year after his untimely death.




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CZ 2013 | 90 min | DCP, Blu Ray D: Tomáš Magnusek Cast: Tomáš Magnusek, Ivana Andrlová, Martin Stropnický, Veronika Žilková Domestic release: May 2, 2013


Some heavy eaters find themselves in an institution to treat their obesity for various personal reasons. This new comedy tells of everything they experienced there and why and whether they managed to lose weight.



CZ 2013 | 90 min | DCP D: Lukáš Melník, Marcel Škrkoň Cast: Lukáš Melník, Norbert Lichý, Petra Lorencová, František Strnad Domestic release: May 9, 2013 The thriller takes place in present city of Ostrava during one day and one night. It is a story about starting journalist Isabel, who in pursuit of smashing reportage follows a mystery man. Being naive and brave at the same time the girl finds herself trapped in a scary society in which she must fight for her life.


KOVÁŘ Z PODLESÍ THE BLACKSMITH FROM WOODHAM CZ, SK 2013 | 100 min | DCP D: Pavel Göbl Cast: Boleslav Polívka, Josef Somr, Ivana Chýlková, Barbora Seidlová, Ivana Uhlířová, Rostislav Novák Domestic release: May 16, 2013 Woodham is a small village where a war with a Turk raged some years ago. The good-hearted wood nymphs were asked for assistance, in good faith, but unfortunately this consisted in evil being done on someone else, which backfired and brought misfortune on the village... And now its time to redress this situation. The theme of the fairytale is the battle between good and evil – although this time in a different guise. This is evil caused in good faith by the actions of good heroes. The central idea to be conveyed is that this type of evil cannot be defeated by brute force but, on the contrary, with intellect, heart and courage, and also by admitting your negative traits to yourself and to the people around you. The best way to combat evil is to turn it to good.



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CZ 2013 | 80 min | DCP D: Vendula Bradáčová Domestic release: May 23, 2013 An unusual story taking place in lowlands of Himalaya in Kathmandu in Nepal about desire for freedom and great life expectations. The main subject of this new Czech feature documentary is Slovak musician and actress Dorota Nvotová and her Nepali alter ego Fulmaya. The film shows the sequence of authentical situations, feelings of diffferent and distant world, true humanity and music composed for this film by Dorota Nvotová herself.

VĚZENÍ UMĚNÍ ART BEHIND BARS CZ 2013 | 90 min | DCP D: Radovan Síbrt Domestic release: May 30, 2013 This feature documentary film follows a unique experimental social project that connects Czech prisoners and artists, traces the border between freedom and the absence there of, and looks at the role art plays in our society. A film about freedom and about how your environment informs your view of the world, a film about art and its possibilities. A film about trends, fads and about the limits of grantbased projects.


DONŠAJNI DONŠAJNI CZ 2013 | TBA | DCP D: Jiří Menzel Cast: Jan Hartl, Libuše Šafránková, Martin Huba, Jiřina Jirásková, Ivana Chýlková, Emma Smetana, Václav Kopta, Eva Josefíková Domestic release: May 30, 2013 11

An opera troupe in a small town decides to perform Mozart’s Don Giovanni. The view behind the scenes uncovers the world of opera without the glitter. A tale of love and disappointment, about music and passionate love-making and about people that live their lives in spite of the opera.


CZECH FILMS AT IFF CANNES 2013 OFFICIAL PROGRAM CINÉFONDATION | also in Short Film Corner O ŠUNCE | HAM STORY D: Eliška Chytková CZ 2012 | 6 min | animation | no dialogue

PANDY | PANDAS D: Matúš Vizár SK, CZ 2013 | 12 min | animation | no dialogue

Screening: May 23 | 11:00 a.m. | Salle Buñuel

Screening: May 24 | 11:00 a.m. | Salle Buñuel

The most ordinary thing about those ordinary days of our time is the everydayness, impersonal greyness and the fact that the greatest stereotype of all is that there is always something new. That greyness is what does not let the imagination perish. None of us is without imagination. None of us stamps on it and holds it chained, no matter how hard we try. None of us!

The world is moving ever so fast and humans are claiming more and more space without necessarily considering the consequences. “Pandas” is caught in the middle of a game where concepts of commercialism and pure voyeuristic entertainment are put side by side with notions of animal preservation. Yet, the very same “saviors” are tampering with natural selection processes and altering the mind of the panda, thus creating a hierarchy in terms of the value of life. “Panda” is at this point existing at the mercy ofman but all of a sudden his compromising existence is altered by events beyond his control. From that point on, a new chapter starts in the incessant struggle between man and the rest of nature.

Sales, festivals: Libor Nemeškal, Tomas Bata University in Zlín mobile: +420 733 500 674 e-mail:

Sales, festivals: Peter Badač, BFilm mobile: +420 776 451 425 e-mail:



the director of short animation film Ham Story selected for Cinéfondation at Cannes 2013 and Libor Nemeškal, Head of the Department of Animation and Audiovisual Arts, Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Ham Story is playful and full of fresh ideas. Did it originate spontaneously or are there hours and hours of gruelling thought behind it? EC: Ham Story was born from the pure joy and spontaneity of two cheerful people. How did you come up with the idea for the film, where the routine of daily life is transformed into a surreal comedy through the intervention of a little boy? EC: For as long as I can remember I have loved to wander around outside, strutting down ordinary streets, with my thoughts somewhere deep inside me. And at the moment when you can check yourself out from reality like that, you start to see the surrounding world differently. Smokestacks start to twist and turn, bare tree branches are covered all over in colourful clouds and not even people stay the same. Most of all I like to make fun of them. These ideas are only visible inside our heads, and that is the reason Ham Story was created. In order to awake such a fantasy world in the viewer as well, since we bring balance to the world through fantasy.


The film also features pleasant music. Is it original music composed directly for the film? EC: No, no. Of course during the course of the animation process I was making up music in my head. I had an idea of the instruments and rhythm that should accompany the images, but those ideas

PRODUCER ON THE MOVE 2013 During the course of the Cannes IFF Viktor Tauš (Fog’n’Desire) will be introduced as the Czech representative in the Producers on the Move programme, organised by European Film Promotion of which the Czech Film Center is a member. The 29 chosen producers will be meeting with film professionals, offering them their prepared projects and making new professional contacts from May 18th to 21st. Viktor Tauš was born in 1973 in Prague. At the age of nineteen he was accepted at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where he studied documentary film. In 2006 he formed the Fog’n’Desire production company together with Michal Kollár with the goal of producing feature films about strong themes with an orientation on both the local and the international markets. In 2011 he produced the film The House from director Zuzana Liová, which had its international premiere at the IFF in Berlin and was subsequently shown at another forty film festivals, including Palm Springs, where it even won the main prize in the New Voices category. Viktor Tauš is now completing two films: Jana Hřebejk’s Honeymoon and Clownwise, which he himself is directing. He is also currently preparing a new film: Red Captain based on a book by Dominik Dán, which his colleague Michal Kollár will be directing. Viktor Tauš’s main goal is to create artistically worthwhile, though commercially successful films.

Ham Story is your graduate film. What does it mean to you to be chosen from more than 1550 films that applied to the Cinéfondation section? EC: It is primarily a huge motivation for me, and a confirmation that this path is the right one. How do you perceive the success of the film Ham Story and what further plans do you have for it? LN: It is a huge success, not only for Eliška, but for our entire faculty. I am very pleased that we have managed to rank among the elite film schools from the world over that have ever had their films in the Cinéfondation competition. Ham Story will continue to travel around with the university’s selection of films and the Czech Short Films collection to festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad. Plus last year we also managed to place some of our films in DVD distribution, so I hope that this year we will be no less successful in this area as well. Last, but not least, we have also signed a contract with the Berlin distribution company EYZ Media, and so the films should also appear on VOD and VTR platforms in the second half of 2013.

order by Czech companies. The oldest films come from the middle of the 1920’s and the newest ones were completed before the end of World War II. The DVD is supplemented with a bilingual catalogue, which provides a list of all the known existing and non-existing animated and special effects films that were made on the territory of today’s Czech Republic during the periods of the first and second republics and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. The Catalogue of Upcoming Czech Films 2013 – feature & animation It contains almost ninety Czech projects currently under preparation with complete information about the projects that are currently in the development, production or postproduction phases. Among the projects there is, for example, an interesting mixture of genres and international co-productions: the drama about the Mašín brothers, So Far So Good, directed by Tomáš Mašín, is being produced by the new company Film United from successful producer Rick McCallum, who also contributed to Episodes I to III of the Star Wars series. Václav Kadrnka’s second feature film Little Crusader will be an adaptation of a poem from the famed Czech poet and dramatist Jaroslav Vrchlický. The new film from director Andrea Sedláčková, Fair Play, is about a top athlete whose own mother, unbeknownst to her, is doping her up. The film is originating as a CzechGerman-Slovak coproduction (Negativ/ Departure ilms/Arinafilm). Marta Nováková’s second feature film, 8 Heads of Madness, has already started shooting. Nowhere, the directorial debut of actor Miroslav Krobot, is being produced by Ondřej Zima from Evolution Films.



The new Czech State Cinematography Fund announced the list of 55 both Czech and international projects, which registered for the Film Industry Support programme this year. From the 500 m CZK allocated for the 2013 incentives more almost 337 million CZK will be granted to projects continuing from the last year. They include big international projects, such as The City of Lies from, the third series of Borgia, the international TV project Crossing Lines with participation of Czech Stillking Films, The Last Knights and The Musketeers with participation of Czech Anglo Productions, and 1864 and Pandemonium co-produced by SIRENA FILM. The projects are expected to have a large spend in the Czech Republic: The Musketeers will spend 226 m CZK (8.8 m EUR), The City of Lies 143 m CZK (5.5 m EUR) and Borgia 240 m CZK (9.3 m EUR). Filming of the TV series and feature film historical epic drama 1864, directed by Danish director/writer Ole Bornedal is just starting in Prague. The project, including an eight episodes TV series and a 150 minute feature film, is produced by Denmark’s Miso Film. Sirena Film is the Czech coproducer. With a budget of




The National Film Archive has released a DVD entitled Czech Animated Film I 1920–1945 with a selection of the thirty best films from the beginning of animated cinematography, containing short advertising and promotional spots, original films and abstract animated works. The collection also includes films created by foreign filmmakers on

are usually way too grandiose... We ultimately used songs from the school’s music archives and the sound technician Martin Bek mixed it all together so nicely.


CESTA | THE TRIP Ondřej Dolejší | CZ 2012 | 6 min | animation | no dialogue An audiovisual meditation on the theme of the Trip. DŮM 66B | THE HOUSE 66B Jiří Fabík | CZ 2012 | 23 min | feature | Czech with English subtitles Kruciel is a minor devil sent by the forces of hell to acquire the soul of Viktor Bok. But Viktor is not entirely what he seems to be at first glance. He has long suspected that he is not alone in the house and he senses that the only way to save his soul is to remain firm and play the game out to the bitter end. IN VINO VERITAS | IN VINO VERITAS Aneta Žabková-Kýrová | CZ 2012 | 10 min | animation | no dialogue After 25 years, three middle-aged women meet and compare their life stories. Who is the happiest and most satisfied? KDE ROSTOU MOTÝLI? | WHERE DO THE WILD BUTTERFLIES GROW? Vladimíra Macurová | CZ 2012 | 6 min | animation | no dialogue A little creature is born into a fantastical world and meets other beings while looking for friendship. A poetic story about the search for kindred spirits. M.O. | M.O. Jakub Kouřil | CZ 2012 | 6 min | animation | no dialogue The story of an elderly woman who orders a mechanical grandpa by mail in order to put an end to her loneliness. OFFICE WORKERS | OFFICE WORKERS Sangeun Won | CZ 2012 | 10 min | animation | no dialogue Three office workers work in the same office and live in the same apartment building. They never talk, and never take any interest in each other. One day, their hidden problems start to destroy their lives.

ČESKÁ VESNICE | BOHEMIAN IS ALL GREEK TO ME Peter Zach | CZ, DE 2013 | 78 min The film follows German traces in the Czech Republic and explores the frequent misunderstandings and glitches in Czech-German relations. LÁSKA V HROBĚ | LOVE IN THE GRAVE David Vondráček | CZ 2012 | 78 min At the beginning of the second millennium, a group of homeless people found refuge at a German protestant graveyard in Prague. MÝTUS ŠEDÉ | MYTHMAKING Jan Gogola Jr. | CZ 2013 | 70 min Social art events created by Czech artist Kateřina Šedá burst into the life of her home town and a nearby village as they are gradually reshaped and transformed from within. NAZARETH – NEKONEČNÝ ROCKOVÝ MEJDAN | NAZARETH UNTIL WE DROP Miloslav Šmídmajer | CZ 2013 | 84 min Miloslav Šmídmajer's documentary film is a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most famous bands in rock history. NOVÝ ŽIVOT | NEW LIFE Adam Oľha | CZ, SK 2012 | 75 min | A documentary film about a big Slovak family abandoned by the father. The son decided to deal with the huge change in his life in very strong way, shooting this film as “the last man standing” in the family. OTÁZKY PANA LÁSKY | THE STORY OF MR. LOVE Dagmar Smržová | CZ 2013 | 75 min “There is a major difference between Láska (Love) and láska. Some people always get it wrong but I have nothing to do with love,“ says Jiří Láska, a schizophrenic born to schizophrenic parents, on his way to a better life. PEVNOST | FORTRESS Lukáš Kokeš, Klára Tasovská | CZ 2012 | 70 min This Czech documentary presents a visit to the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (a.k.a. Trans-Dniestr) as a trip to a museum of communist totalitarianism.

173 m DDK (23 m EUR), 1864 is the most expensive TV and film project in Danish history. The project is coproduced by Danish public broadcaster DR with support from major broadcasters in Scandinavia and Europe, including TV 2 Norway, TV 4 Sweden, ZDF Arte and Czech Television. The project also received grants from Nordisk Film & TV Fond, SF Film, the Danish regional film fund FilmFyn, Bitten & Mads Clausens Fond and the Czech Ministry of Culture. Shooting in the Czech Republic starts in the beginning of April and will end in mid-July. The TV series will premiere on Danish television in the autumn of 2014. A workshop named Cooperation of Regional Film Offices with filmmakers and its benefits for both parties will take place during the upcoming Finale Plzen Film festival. More than 6 regional film offices has been established since the last year’s Finale Plzen, where the initiative of The Czech Film Commission and CzechTourism started. A producer and Location Manager will explain to the participants of the workshop what the needs of production during filming are and how a film office can help the members of a film staff to secure a problemfree shooting.

PARADIGMA | PARDIGM Martina Nagyová | CZ 2012 | feature | 20 min | Slovak with English subtitles Once upon a time, in a place yet unknown, a place undefined, there was a little house with an even stranger story. Once you enter the door you realize that, unlike the world we know, this place is not under the rule of people. Forget the rules in the real world and let the flow of the visual mosaic of feelings and absurd relationships carry you away. POSLEDNÉ LÉTO | THE LAST SUMMER Juraj Klaudíny | CZ 2012 | 9 min | documentary | Slovak with English subtitles A short documentary that draws you into the magical world of family traditions, the connection between a man and nature, and savouring the different flavours of life. TEREZA DRATVOVÁ, NAR. 1989 | TEREZA DRATVOVÁ, BORN 1989 Adam Sedlák | CZ 2012 | 16 min | feature | Czech with English subtitles What led a young girl Tereza Dratvová to such an act? Why are cars, hidden under the roof in our yard, safer than people, and what are the chances of escaping from here? An existential thriller shot in one take. VALAŠSKÉ RUGBY | WALLACHIAN RUGBY Tomáš Pavelek | CZ 2012 | 15 min | documentary | Czech with English subtitles Wallachia, plum, hill, tree, sawmill, ball, shovel, slivovitz, friends... let the match begin! VELKEJ HONZA | BIG HONZA Marek Ciccotti | CZ 2012 | 22 min | feature | Czech with English subtitles Dumpling. Schnitzel. Onion. Dumpling. Honza’s life is stuck in a dead zone of fastfood. An amusing but testing journey awaits him through life in the modern world of dating. And he might even manage to heal some of those old scars he was trying to run away from.

ROK BEZ MAGORA | YEAR WITHOUT MAGOR Oliver Malina Morgenstern | CZ 2013 | 120 min The film portraits the eventful life of Ivan Martin Jirous, called Magor, a Czech poet, journalist and art critic. SAMETOVÍ TERORISTÉ | VELVET TERRORISTS Peter Kerekes, Pavel Pekarčík, Ivan Ostrochovský | SK, CZ, HR 2013 | 87 min Film about minor and foiled terrorist plots in former Czechoslovakia. ŠMEJDI | CROOKS Silvie Dymáková | CZ 2013 | 74 min Silvie Dymáková’s raw documentary uncovers the manipulation, humiliation and pressure that exist behind the closed doors of “product demonstration excursions for seniors” in the Czech Republic. VÁŇA | VANA – THE BIGGEST RACE IS THE LIFE ITSELF Jakub Wagner | CZ 2012 | 86 min A cinematic portrait of the legendary jockey Josef Váňa gradually reveals the inner world of his thoughts. VĚRA 68 | VERA CASLAVSKA 68 Olga Sommerová | CZ 2012 | 90 min A portrait of the former Czech gymnast Věra Čáslavská. With seven gold and four silver Olympic medals, she is the most successful Czechoslovak female athlete as well as the fourth most successful Olympic female athlete in the world. VOJTA LAVIČKA: NAHORU A DOLŮ | VOJTA LAVIČKA: UPS AND DOWNS Helena Třeštíková | CZ 2013 | 88 min Documentary film that follows the ups and downs of the Romany musician, activist and reporter Vojta Lavička. ŽIVOT S KAŠPAREM | LIFE WITH JESTER Helena Třeštíková | CZ 2013 | 89 min The documentary film was shot for over 23 years. Film observes life of an theatrical director Jakub Špalek.

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