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First hockey game I went to I’m dedicating this to my dad

The devils are winning the game against the Rangers. Every game Devils fans scream “boo” at the other team. The Devils are so much better then every other team in the league. Except the Los Angeles Kings, they are the best. We the new jersey devils are an awesome team. The devils mostly win every game. When they score it makes a rowdy noise. The place looks decent and clean. Chicken is irresistible and don’t forget about the fries oh don’t forget about the ketchup! Thats why I love Popeys Louisiana fast! The food was so delicious! It is the best food ever. I love it! I love the chicken it is crispy on the outside and munchy

on the inside. The fries were also crispy and crunchy. The best drink in the is root beer, and sweet whip cream. The whip cream tasted like candy. It was as snow and fluffy like a pillow. Can you believe it, I won a devils bobble head? I got it from the Prudential Center for winning a game. The best present ever was a tshirt of the NJ devils. I can’t believe it,I thought I was never going to get one I chose the shirt that had number one on the back he is our best goalie Johan Hedberg. Can you believe how amazing all the devils fans are. That’s the best part about going to the devil’s game’s.

I was in shock, we won the stanley cup! We waited 15 years to win it. Our team is unstoppable and unbeatable . The jersey colors are so bright and the player’s are so good looking. I will never forgot the first Devil’s hockey game I went to.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen I am Adrian Skiba! I wrote the story “First Ho ckey game I went to.� I was born in Brooklyn New York NY.I like to make artwork.

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