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CLAI RE dunaw

Icreat e my pai nt i ngs by usi ng l ayers ofoi l ,acryl i c, crackl e pai nt ,gl oss varni sh, and encaust i c (beeswax mi xed wi t h oi l pai nt ).The vari et y of medi a wi t hi n my work al l ows me t he f reedom t o port ray t he dept h ofmy subj ect ,physi cal l y and emot i onal l y. Ibel i eve i n artcreat ed wi t h expressi on and passi on.Iam i nspi red by t he worl d around me.Al t hough Iof t en work wi t h a vari et y ofsubj ect s,a commonal i t yi n al lofmy arti st he si gni f i cance t o me.Peopl e,expressi ons,and t he l anguage oft he body i nt ri gue me.Iam i nspi red by f ood i t sel fand as a way ofbri ngi ng peopl et oget her .I nt hi s way (and t hrough my f ami l y),Iam drawn t ot he rest auranti ndust ry and t he hard work and hearti trequi res by al li nvol ved.I am moved by t he t he comf ort ,expressi ons,and i ndi vi dual personal i t i es oft he ani mal st hatcannotspeak,yetare so deart o us.Irespectt he escape f rom hect i cl i f e provi ded by nat ure and l andscapes.Fi nal l y,Iam i nspi red by God f orgi vi ng me eyes t o see and t he heartt o creat e. cl ai re i nl amarval l ey,l ocat ed i n yel l owst one nat i onalpark.

Cl ai re recei ved herB. A.i n Fi ne Artf rom Presbyt eri an Col l ege i n 2002,spendi ng a semest eri n 2000 i n London st udyi ng art .She i s current l y worki ng on herMAED i n Secondary Educat i on. Experi enci ng t he bestofbot h worl ds,Cl ai re enj oys worki ng, pai nt i ng,and at t endi ng schoolas she di vi des hert i me bet ween Mari et t a,Georgi a and Park Ci t y,Ut ah.

Vi si twww. cl ai redunaway. com t o see al lofmy work,j oi n my mai l i ng l i st ,and keep up t o dat e wi t h upcomi ng shows and new rel eases! Ispeci al i ze i n dog commi ssi ons so pl ease cont actme i fyou have a pooch you’ dl i ke me t o pai nt !

www. cl ai redunaway. com

cl ai re@ cl ai redunaway. com

770. 713. 3914

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