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Some Significant Facts Everyone Should Know About Instagram! In a very short span of time, Instagram has got a lot of popularity. It has become a popular photo-sharing app that alllows its users to upload, edit and caption their own photos. Around 150 million users are using this great app to share their life with friends through a series of pictures.

So, let’s have an overview over what all Instagram is offering: • It permits you to feel moments in your friends’ lives through pictures as they occur.

• For the purpose of sharing pictures, you can either acquire pictures within the app or make use of photos that are already there in your camera roll. • You can instantly share your photos not only on Instagram, but also on other popular social networking sites such as Facebook, twiter, Flickr, Tumblr and Pisterous. • Although, pictures are public on Instagram, you can set to private also if you want people to ask your permission before they follow you. • Like any other social network, Instagram is also based around having friends or followers. •

In order to have a good follower's count, you can purchase Instagram likes from a reputed site.

• What else you can do is ‘like’ photos and ‘comment’ on them.

Thus, Instagram is truly a great source that connects a large number of people throughout the world. However, there are certain things that you shouldn’t be doing on Instagram, these things are:

Avoid overuse of hashtags:

Try to keep your hashtags as simple and relevant as possible. Simple hashtags will allow users to easily find your pictures. Don’t make overuse of hashtags in one comment, instead only use hashtags that are relevant to the picture.

Don’t be annoying: Don’t post every thing that you are capturing. Posting more than a couple of photos in a row or once every few hours can be annoying. You can create a collage of photos with a collective meaning to form a great impact.

Don’t ask for follows: Asking for follows may help you to gain more followers, but they may not be of quality kind. Let the followers come organically through your network. Thus, the ease of usability and growing awareness has made Instagram to practically take over the social media market.

Some Significant Facts Everyone Should Know About Instagram!  
Some Significant Facts Everyone Should Know About Instagram!  

Things You Need To Know while using Instagram photo and video sharing app. It is a comprehensive list of all the Instagram statistics that y...