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Waxing Scratchy Hardwood Floor How to Wax a Scratchy Hardwood Floor?

DIY Approach to clean your Hardwood floor Have you moved into a new house and you have found that the hardwood floor isn’t in a great shape? A hardwood floor with dings, marks or scratches is definitely not a good sight. So, are you looking for the new hardwood floor installation in Stafford, VA just because the old floor is scratched or having marks on it? Hold on! There is an alternate that can help you get the lost sheen of the old floor in a cost effective manner. I am talking about “Floor Waxing”. Yes, floor waxing can help you renew the look of your old scratchy wood floor and can also protect it from the further damage.

Waxing Floor yourself: You can visit the local market to find a Residential Flooring Stafford, VA Company for floor waxing. However, you can also perform the process of waxing on your own, if you have the spare time and the basic knowledge. There are actually a number of waxing methods and products that are used to wax the hardwood floors. Whatever method you select, you need to be sure that the surface of your floor is absolutely dry and clean before you apply wax on it.

Clean the Floor: Before waxing, you can vacuum your floor, use a floor cleaner, or use the water mixture and mild detergent to wipe away the debris and dirt from the floor. You can use the mineral spirits to make sure that the floor is perfectly clean. This is an excellent way to make sure that the wax can cure appropriately to the floor. In some cases, you might have to get rid of the old layer of the wax before you can apply the new coat. Use a stripping agent or a chemical to remove that layer.

Step by step process: If you are going to use the wax stripper earliest, then make sure that there is proper ventilation and you should also use the masks and gloves. This may take a lot of time, but this process is important to ensure that the floor feels brand new and amazing, when you are applying the coat of the wax. You should wax the floor not in a hurry. It’s a several-step process to wax a floor. You need to carefully clean the floor, do the stripping if needed, remove the existing wax layer, and then apply the new wax layer appropriately.

Best waxing products: If you want to quickly wax the floor, then you can also make use of the waxing products such as “paste wax”. It is also a very inexpensive way to wax a floor, so if you are on a budget, then you can buy such products for floor waxing in Stafford, VA. If you need to ensure the extreme shine finish, then you can buy products that are known as high shine finishes or sealants. You can easily get such products from the local home improvement stores. It is important that you buy the best quality wax or waxing products, if you want to ensure the best and long lasting results. If you are not sure of how the things should go, then it is advised that you should look for a company known for refinishing hardwood flooring in Stafford, VA for long.

Waxing a sctarchy floor  

Are you worried about your scratchy floor? here are few tips how you can make your floor look new again .

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