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Clay-Stained Memories Summer Theron Psychological Thriller Eva Parsons, a thirty-year-old single mother, is overtaken by her past on a lonely night. Captivated by memories, she begins by recalling her first sexual encounter. Despite Eva’s youth during the violation, a cruel lesson is imparted—some people just want to use you. Her mother turns out to be one of those people. She expects her daughter to keep a dark secret inside the family. To inspire silence, she provides Eva with an endless supply of liquor.

Amy’s Review: This book was definitely raw and filled with darkness. It was a real as it gets. The writing was tremendous and showed the emotions of the author. Eva is a strong character, but more than that, she’s a person. Living with the darkness of a painful past. This books deals with violence, sexual assault, and addiction. It’s not a book that everyone can read, especially those with similar experiences, but if you can open to the first page, you can finish it and you’ll want to. Hell, you may want to read it again and again. I know I will. A very intense read.

The Renegade Writer W.G. Griffiths Writing Skills What makes the difference between a good book and a sensational one? Award-winning author W. G. Griffiths has uncovered the key to writing books that people want to read again and again. Throughout his career, he has collected anecdotes that exemplify his methods, and now he has compiled these defining moments into The Renegade Writer, a guide for those who want to take their books to the next level or who don’t know where to begin. Amy’s Review: Griffiths shares first hand experience and his knowledge of writing, and of course, his novels show that his experience is worth a lot. It’s a great journey of him sharing his experiences, and how he has mastered the fine art of being a storyteller. It’s a gift that all of us writers strive to do. I like how he breaks down the components of writing and shares information that can lend to someone who already has a gift. Let’s face it, anyone can write, but to be a writer and storyteller, there needs to be gift and natural talent, or it’s just words.

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