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Born in Houston, Texas into the temporary care of a bevy of nuns before being delivered to his adopted parents, Scott discovered creative writing at a very young age when asked to write a newspaper from another planet. This exercise awakened a seemingly endless drive, and now, many short stories, poems, plays, and novels (both finished and unfinished) later, his first book, “Dance of the Butterfly�, has been published. The seeds for this tale began with dreams, as many often do, before being fine-tuned with a whimsical notion and the very serious input of a dear friend. Before long, the story took on a life of its own and has now become the first book in a planned series. Having lived his whole life in the same state, Scott attended the University of Texas at Austin, achieving a degree in philosophy before returning to the Houston area to be closer to family and friends. During this time, he wrote more and even branched out into directing and performance art, though creative writing remains his love.

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Stay Connected Scott Carruba’s dark fantasy series is a creatively written dark thriller that will keep you turning the pages. We welcome him to Uncaged. Uncaged: What inspired you to start writing? What inspired Dance of the Butterfly? I began writing creatively in elementary school. I was given an extra credit assignment by a teacher to write a fictitious newspaper from another planet. I loved the exercise, finding that delving into my imagination was fun and fulfilling. As with many other writing projects, Dance of the Butterfly began with a few dreams I had. I took some time pulling them together and working them into a cohesive concept. The idea went through a time of my trying to write it as a script for a graphic novel, but I abandoned that and went to novel form. It remained inactive for some time, until I met someone who helped to reinvigorate and

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