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Mikea Howard is the pen name for Mindy Howard and Kelly Smith, sistersin-law who share a love for romance, usually paranormal. Mindy is an IT professional at a telecom company. She is married to a musician and teacher, who also happens to be Kelly’s brother. She has one adult son and is living out west. Kelly is a Registered Nurse working in maternalfetal medicine. She has a great husband, who happens to be Mindy’s husband’s best friend. She has one son getting ready to enter high school, one daughter about to start middle school, and is living on the east coast. Both are geeks who love sci-fi, fantasy, and cosplay. They seize every opportunity to design and wear a costume, letting their inner child run amok.

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Mikea Howard is our second writing team in Uncaged this month. Their dieselpunk series is original, engaging and a whole lot of fun. Uncaged: This diesel punk world you’ve created along with shifters, is pretty original for me. Who came up with this concept? Kelly: The series started with a dream I had, which was actually the opening scene from The Mechanic’s Mate. I rarely have lucid dreams, or really recall very much from them, but the imagery, the sounds and the scents were so vivid, I immediately wrote it down and sent it to Mindy. Mindy: something like…read it, already knew paranormal/weres but when we discussed the pollution and costuming we knew this was a dieselpunk world? Uncaged: Do you read your reviews on your books? Do they influence your story at all? Mindy: I don’t read a lot of them. Usually Kelly will give me the highlights and I’ll read the ones that she sends to me. Kelly: I read them all. If there is constructive criticism, we always discuss it and try to figure out where we could improve our craft and world. Generally though our characters drive the story, so we have to stay true to them. Uncaged: Since you are a writing team, how do you switch off the writing, or is it completely together? Who is the mastermind behind the diesel-

Uncaged Book Reviews  
Uncaged Book Reviews  

Issue 9, March 2017 Featuring authors: Jane Ederlyn, R.M. Gauthier, Karen Greco, Haven Cage, Scott Carruba, Lily Luchesi, Mikea Howard and...