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Letter From The Editor In the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and beyond, we were taught by the generations before us. We accepted what was laid out before us so that we could be accepted or conform to the world around us. Don’t colour outside of the lines, watch your mouth and follow the leader. It steered us straight and never failed us. Banks were good, people had good intentions and success could be replicated by duplicating what worked. Now, we see that times are changing more than ever. As the world changes, we adapt. If you turn your head to take a look, people are colouring outside of the lines, not following examples before us and it’s paying off big time. We applaud and learn from examples before us, but shake our heads when they are locked in with their blinders not accepting new ways in the world. Never be the first or last person in on a new thing. That is top notch advice most likely from an unnamed person who was more focused on what they were doing rather than getting credit for their idea.

and then we build on failures as well. With this manner of thinking, we are bullish on new ideas more then ever before. At this point, we just have to filter through what will take progress backwards or forwards. If you are new to Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies or both, welcome to the club. This is a very giving community to exist in. Those involved love to speak about what they have learned. That is why we created our magazine. We want to empower people with knowledge about our industry. What we will all be able to do as we continue to share what we know, is to synergize our efforts, create new technology and grow our economies. We welcome feedback, collaboration and participation from our readers. Please contact us and share your thoughts. Thanks for reading and joining us in this time of learning on a journey down new roads.

So then, what are we doing with our lives, our investments and with whats valued most, our time? We are adapting and learning! Blockchain technology has taken all kinds of people and presented them with an opportunity. Cash is King. Wrong. That’s a dinosaurs statement. Blockchain is the future. Fact. From a financial sense, the world is exploding with change that we can barely keep up with. Cryptocurrencies offer both a question and an answer to many things. Some look at cryptocurrencies and potential profits to create opportunities for themselves. Others look at the technology and how it can change lives. Micro economies in cryptocurrencies are changing the world through business and economies. With the changing landscape of culture and finance, some feathers are going to be ruffled. We know this and we are ok with this. It’s a requirement for change. What we are learning though is that we build on successes

Ross Macdonald CEO / Senior Editor / Writer

Industry News The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced on September 20th 2018 that they have received a proposal from VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust. Many applications have been submitted, but this is one most likely for approval. The company wants to trade its shares, which represent a “fractional undivided beneficial interest in the trusts net assets.” The proposal was filed by CBOE BZX Exchange. If the ETF is approved, then it’s a game changer for the industry being the first approved Exchange Traded Fund to include underlying assets in cryptocurrencies. The decision from the SEC has currently been pushed back to a December 29th deadline. Some say this is poor timing for Bitcoin as investments typically are low at the beginning of Q1. Regardless, it’s another step towards progress if approved that those in the industry will welcome with open arms.

With a long retracement since January, bitcoin has shown a stabilization in value and market cap. Volatility is at an all time low with consistent 24 hour volume for many weeks. Experts have shared opinions of why this has happened and the concensus is that it is because of Wall Street dipping their toes into crypto waters. The stabilizing effects of institutions investing, time, money and resources into the industry, is creating a heavier foundation every day to Bitcoin, Ripple and other investments. Although adoption and ownership of bitcoin is still very low around the world, acceptance is higher than ever. We don’t hear the word “bubble” other than from those stuck in the year 2016.

Having a most volatile time in Q3, Ethereum gave some investors a bit of a scare. Some questioned when the dip would end! That was answered with a stabilization of ETH in the end of September. This was due to the fact that Ethereum is one of the few cryptocurrencies to be traded, used as daily currency and used to build platforms or tokenization on. If Bitcoin is steak, than ETH is the potatoes of crypto. Don’t mess with agreat combination such as that. ERC20 tokens have acted as a foundation for startups, new technology and experiments in our industry. All which create a continual value we love with Ethereum.


The Culture of Crypto & Blockchain

Who are you in the world of crypto? Green as grass? A crypto tourist seeing the sights and sounds of the industry? Or maybe you are a seasoned professional with years of experience and you have seen it all? That last description is wrong. Nobody is an expert and nobody has seen it all. Regardless of where you are in the industry, with a little or a lot of experience, you will agree that crypto and blockchain is the modern equivalent of mankind learning to make fire for the very first time. The world’s eyes are wide open, jaws have dropped and we are all enticed by the things happening with this technology.

People feel empowered when they own Bitcoin. Of course, owning anything that is new, cool or a hot piece of technology feels awesome. Bitcoin and crypto has been said to be the new dot com boom. It’s a fair comparison, but the times are very different. The difference here is that when someone opens their first Bitcoin wallet, they are like a kid in a candy store. You know what I mean. The feeling you get when you own your very first part of a bitcoin, even five bucks or twenty bucks, it’s like a door has opened to a long hallway and you know it leads to something exciting.

As holders of cryptocurrency, we know that as the world adopts it over time, we are apart of change. This happens frequently with new tech, apps, machines, devices, and rules around the world about how we decide to live our lives. If this all seems a bit foreign to you, consider the following groups that are working together. Here is what the industry has been creating: Local Bitcoin meet-ups, blockchain enthusiast groups, businesses creating their own tokens, smart contracts, artificial intelligence operating on a blockchain, programmers adding blockchain to their skills, crypto mining, master-nodes, and at the end of this all, everyone is looking to the future to see what will succeed and what will fail. It’s enticing and our industry is very passionate about what we do.


M a y be you h a v e a l s o n o ticed, t h a t when we get involved in the crypto and blockchain industry, each person tends to gravitate to a role, or position that fits them personally. It has quite a contrast to other jobs we may have had in the past where we conform to a job simply because it offers a paycheque. Dave Chappelle has a comedy skit about getting a job at a frozen yogurt stand. He pretends to be very interested in frozen yogurt. Then he breaks down and says he needs the job “Because I’m broke!”. That’s why most people seek out and take positions, is for the most part for the paycheque. On the flip side of that coin, our industry is hinged on the passion that people are enjoying from learning something new,

being empowered by their knowledge, helping other people to learn and invest, having success in making profit, holding the decisions for new opportunities based on having just a bit more cash flow than they would have had normally and looking where to spend it with the intent to benefit themselves and those around them. Like any other industry, there are definitely some involved who simply want to make a dollar, flex their greed or take advantage of others, but this is constantly being filtered through knowledge that we share with one another. Beyond risks, concerns for potential loss, It’s extremely satisfying to know that together we can continue to develop the industry together and see where it takes us in the future. What do you think? Are you involved in this industry or are you interested in being part of it? If you want to engage with others and be involved in this revolution of technology, find a local meet up of enthusiasts and start building your knowledge. Become a “Certified Bitcoin Professional” (C.B.P.) or gain other certifications for your expertise. Build around yourself. Grow with others. Share your experiences. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy the the culture of crypto & blockchain.

Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is used on a peer to peer computer network and has no paper money system. The currency stores its transactions on a ledger, called the Blockchain. Bitcoin is an open-source network software, code enabled by cryptography which secures and verifies bitcoin transactions. The Blockchain is a ledger like any other accounting system, yet it connects one group of transactions to the next. These groups are called Blocks. They are blocks of transaction records. The blocks of transactions on the Blockchain are copied onto computers all over the world that people like you and I voluntarily operate. These copies of the blockchain are called nodes. Some cryptocurrencies pay their node operators for maintaining this system. The Bitcoin network does not pay its node operators. This system is also referred to as a distributed ledger. There are approximately 9500 Bitcoin nodes in the world. The data size for these is over 165 Gigabytes and increases every day. These are referred to as full nodes, as they contain the entire Bitcoin Blockchain. Some software contains just part of the blockchain for current transaction records. Because nobody owns the Bitcoin Blockchain, and it is copied around the world in a way that nobody has control over it, it is decentralized. Some cryptocurrencies are centralized due to being issued and managed by corporations.

The many redundant copies of the blockchain create security in it as the nodes, are in so many different locations around the world, making the blockchain immutable. The data cannot be changed. If one node fails or is lost, the rest still exist and can be copied again to other new nodes.

To use Bitcoin, you need to first have a digital wallet such as the apps above here. A digital wallet for bitcoin uses cryptography to create a 32 character wallet address. The 32 characters are created through a mathematical algorithm that currently cannot be reversed. Your digital wallet can be installed and used on a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. These devices use your wallet address and store a duplicate of the wallet address in a QR code. Pictured below is a QR code and matching wallet address.


You can purchase a small fraction of a bitcoin and spend it accordingly. Buying bitcoin is a simple process. It can be done in many ways. through a digital exchange, bitcoin ATM machine or a local broker in a person to person transaction. Visit the website to locate a Bitcoin ATM near your area. Do not forget to set your budget and do not exceed it.


Learn the Lingo of the industry Research and understand all of these words and you will be well on your way to grasping the main concepts of the blockchain industry. Take your time, and once you understand each of these words, try to share them with others. Enjoy!



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BITCOIN ACCEPTED HERE People are passionate about Bitcoin? Why? It’s the first time that a currency was created by someone other than a government and used worldwide. From large corporations to third world markets, BTC is accepted and can be sent anywhere on the planet. It’s a borderless cryptocurrency as depicted in these photos.




A small store in Shenzhen China advertises it’s open door to those who own Bitcoin.

The “Bitcoin Sign Guy” blew up national news while he photobombed Janet Yellen in 2017 on Capital Hill, Washington, DC, during live television.

A neon sign glows with a warm hue inviting BTC to be spent.




A Jeep in Jeddah Saudia Arabia displays the classic sticker boasting the owners adoption of Bitcoin.

A pizza restaurant in Rajkot India advertises their Bitcoin QR code welcoming the simplicity of payment for their menu and services.

A merchant smiles as he proudly displays a bitcoin sign in front of his cash register for Bitcoin.




Real estate. You either love it, hate it or know very little about it. It’s a complex industry that manages the very thing that keeps us warm at night and continually keeps many people under the finger of the banks. It’s a beautifully layered war of square footage against dollar signs, one’s and zero’s against costs and liabilities. It can be an overwhelming industry to work in and a fabulous source of elation when we can own our first home or property finding a sense of pride and security. Property is always changing. Bigger and better. Smaller and simpler. New features and technologies. For thousands of years, people have built their own homes or employed someone else to do it. In the 1930’s insurance companies created the first mortgages to pull the United States out of the great depression. As time has progressed, not a lot has changed with financing the ownership of property. Banks have taken lending to new levels with some creative methods, but mainly for their benefit. One element entering the real estate hot and heavy is cryptocurrencies. For the most part, banks do not like this new industry stepping on their toes and scuffing their downtown brown shoes. Enter Greater Property Group of Canada. A pair of gentlemen named Nathan Singh and David Morrell wanted to use their experience in the real estate market in Canada with a sense of purpose, but the barriers of red tape and fear of something “WE WANT TO new from the industry created some speed BE INDUSTRY bumps for them. Initialthey operated unDISRUPTORS” ly, der a massive national brokerage. This broker-DAVID MORRELL

age was limited to the new marketing ideas and incentives they wanted to bring to their clients and agents. They felt the need to take matters into their own hands, and they did that, by becoming an independent brokerage in Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton) this year, and have plans to expand that. “The real estate industry has been changing for many years.” says Nathan, “the traditional way of marketing a home simply does not cut it anymore in our opinion.” David continues that thought; “Sellers expect more, and buyers want access to properties they can’t find on a traditional search platform.“ Nathan says; “We’ve been able to make compelling offers to our clients such as our ‘Love Your Home, or We’ll Sell It For Free’ Guarantee for buyers and our ‘1 Day Listing Guarantee’ for sellers which we were not able to do previously.” “By becoming independent we can make ‘Brokerage’ offers that are of tremendous benefit to our buyers and sellers while still operating as a boutique brokerage of industry professionals who can adapt and change with the times,” says David. “For example, our new partnership that was just announced with Zillow will give incredible exposure to our listings, and our knowledge of digital currency and blockchain technology will help us get ahead of the market trends offering a way to bring international buyers to the table in ways we couldn’t before.” Yes, it’s clear that the Greater Property Group can answer the question ‘What’s in it for me?’ when you think about buying or selling residential real estate. Nathan & David realised in the boom of 2017 that crypto was a real alternative to traditional FIAT currency to fund real estate deals. The answer they were looking for was found in local brokers in Calgary such as Jan Cerato of Bitcoin Investments. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be convert-

ed in 24 hours to a bank draft and delivered to a lawyer for deposits or entire property purchases. The real estate market now has buyers and sellers who are smarter, more educated and who need creative solutions under new mortgage laws. Cryptocurrency is just one answer to these needs, especially for those in Canada or abroad who invested early and want to spend some of their profits on real estate. Other real estate brokers in Canada will have to pick up their jaws off of the floor when they hear about the way that Greater Property Group is disrupting the real estate industry. What we all have to learn is that if we want to go somewhere new, we have to get on the train towards progress. Continuing to explore new ideas is the next step. GPG is now studying alternative lenders to fund property purchases. Take the concept of a mortgage provided by a bank, squash that piece of paper, ball it up and throw it over your shoulder. Are you sitting down? Here is a brand new concept that you need to know about. Fractionalized property ownership managed on digital exchanges via custom tokenised cryptocurrencies. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! It’s a modern concept, and it’s progressing through to reality very quickly. GPG is working with HIP Property based out of the UK to help bring the digital exchange and new technology to Canada. HIP is ex- ploring their first real estate deals on their exchange in the UK and other countries such as India, that are in desperate need of funding new homes for the large populations of the country. Sam Collett, co-founder of HiP Properties mentioned to us in a conference call that with their exchange, “equity becomes a currency and debt levels become a choice”. What has been noticed by many is that real estate runs on a closed financial loop that forcibly locks single buyers into financing arrangements with individual lenders. Beyond that, mortgages do not allow the use of equity without assessments, applications and lengthy times for withdrawals. Thus, a significant proportion of the world’s real estate wealth sits untapped and inaccessible. The digital exchange by HIP would create a one-step solution for this problem with a liquid asset class for properties. The facts show that real estate is the largest asset class in the world. $228 Trillion global real estate market. This market is the most viable market for the use of cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned with news about Greater Property Group and you will be sure to see these new concepts turn into reality.


The Greater Property group is a national residential real estate brand, known for their unique selling propositions, exceptional service, and well-edited marketing and branding. Dissatisfied and discontented with the status quo, the Greater Property Group separates itself as natural industry disruptors through their focus on leading edge technology and innovative consumer programs for both buyers and sellers. The name Greater Property Group (GPG) reflects their vision for the future as a Canada-wide real estate company as well as its concept for their national presence in the future. The Greater Property Group is a growing independent brokerage in Alberta (Calgary & Edmonton) along with branded teams across Canada. Although growing and expanding, the Greater Property Group’s value proposition remains the same – a combination of exceptional customer service, unrivalled marketing, and deep industry expertise. The GPG has established itself as a leader in its respective real estate markets, garnering praise from industry peers and clients. The GPG’s partner agents and staff of real estate advisors, equipped with some of the industry’s most exclusive marketing offers, has been recognized with multiple industry awards and accolades. The Greater Property Group continues to differentiate itself from its peers through its “Your Home Sold Guaranteed or We’ll Buy It!” program, its database of “Buyers in Waiting” and by providing their buyers proprietary services including exclusive access to a growing inventory of “Off Market” properties. Additionally, the Greater Property Group is fast becoming the leading advisors and consultants for the use of digital currency in real estate. In fact, the GPG is the first brokerage in Canada to announce a Bitcoin giveaway to its clients through its ‘GPG Bitcoin Giveaway Program.’ For more information, go to:

For more information on the Greater Property Group or to book a consultation with a Greater Property Group agent for buying or selling residential real estate, email

Greater Property Group makes history as the “First Residential Real Estate Brokerage in Canada to Announce a Bitcoin Giveaway Program” The GPG is on a mission to grow their family of clients and be at the forefront of the future of real estate. For those who are already invested in Bitcoin or would like to get started, they are giving away $750 in Bitcoin for every client or referral registered through the website To claim your Bitcoin simply register yourself or your referral using the form on the page by Oct 31, 2018 and when you, your friend, co-worker or relative etc...buys or sells a property with the GPG Team by April 31, 2019 they will transfer your Bitcoin directly to your account. Hurry!  This is a limited time offer.  

H O M E S S O L D G UA R A N T E E D ! P U R C H AS E S WA R R A N T I E D !

Since 2015 the Greater Property Group has helped 100’s of buyers save over $5,000,000* off the purchase of their homes. They also have access to foreclosures, distress sales, bank-owned properties and even properties that aren’t searchable online and they use that access to find you the best house at the best price, with the least amount of hassle. *$5,000,000 saved refers to the $5,166,008 our agents have negotiated off the listed selling price of our buyers property purchases.

North Americas Largest Bitcoin Mining Facility -An Exclusive Tour

On September 21st 2018, Crypto Culture Magazine was able to attend an exclusive media tour of the Hut 8 Mining Facility in Medicine Hat Alberta. The tour was delivered with an incredible level of professionalism and class. Our team was welcomed with a breakfast and presentation from CEO Andrew Kiguel in a nearby hotel boardroom. Next, we were bussed over the the mining facility with local and national media organizations such as CBC, the Globe and Mail and others. As we approached the facility, it was evident to ourselves and most attending that we did not understand the vast size and incredibly designed facility that we were about to see. As we entered the facility, security allowed the busses to move through the area so that we could move to the top of a hill. It was explained to us how the facility worked with a wonderful vantage point to see the 56 containers of miners before us. Jeffrey explained how the facility was built directly beside the TransCanada Pipeline which fuels their 42 megawatt generator. The pipeline is just a few hundred feet from the Hut 8 power station. The facility runs under a meticulously structured management through a contract with Bitfury. The onsite manager is Jeffrey Mason. The design of the entire facility space has been planned to such precision that none of the miners require cooling in the summer at

peaks upwards of 30 degrees celsius and no heating is required in the winter with lows of -30 degrees celsius and beyond. The facility has already gone through record temperature highs this summer, and it will be tested through its first winter this coming season. The design that allows for this takes into account the cross winds that are typical for the area and spacing to allow warm and cool corridors between the mining containers. As we stood next to the containers on the warm corridor, the heat coming from them was moderate, and then as you walked just a few feet away outside of the corridor, the crosswinds come in like a physical line in the gravel parting the regions air from the venting air out of the containers. It is an amazing physical accomplishment all due to the planning and construction. The in-depth knowledge of the management team with the design, implementation and maintenance of the mining facility leaves room for much success and profitability. The building where all mining containers are monitored, has a great level of input from many sources of sensors. Security monitors are tied into live cameras in each of the mining containers. Redundant power is supplied to each part of the facility from their power generator and backup power from the city of Medicine Hat. There are two fibre optic data cables running from each container and the managing office to keep the internet up and


running at all times. A backup cellular hard link runs with duplicate cables from each container to the cell tower they have onsite. What this means is that all 10080 miners onsite are running at all times. Any downtime to a miner for repairs or upgrading is limited. Their workshop allows for PC boards to be removed and worked on with limited disruption to a container. Upgrading chips on a pc board leaves very little waste or cost compared to many other facilities in the world. What does this mean for investors? Hut 8 has designed the facility so that it is constantly generating new bitcoin. The business model regarding the bitcoin generated states that the cryptocurrency will be held for future use. The idea of selling any bitcoin is only done in small quantities to cover operating expenses. The balance of earnings are held in bitcoin. Hut8 has mined over 3000 bitcoin since the beginning of their operation. Is the bitcoin held onsite, in a digital wallet or on an exchange? No, that would not be advisable for security. The bitcoin Hut 8 owns is held in one of the most secure facilities in the world on cold wallets, which are never connected to the internet. The third party company Hut 8 uses for storage of their bitcoin is Xapo. They own facilities in Switzerland in a converted mountain bunker which was formerly used in world war two. For investors, this is comforting to hear when we know that other cryptocurrencies in the world have been stolen from other less secure places. As insurance companies are just starting to understand this industry, policies are just now being put in place for insuring cryptocurrencies. Until this part of insurance becomes more established, what we have with Hut 8 is a viable and secure investment option for those who want to benefit from this new technology but who do not want to personally manage their investment. Hut 8 stock on the TSX has mirrored the value of bitcoin since

it’s beginning. What this means is that with the speculation of bitcoin to rise along with world adoption, Hut 8 has created what is poised to be a sound investment for years to come. If you would like more information about Hut 8 or their facilities, visit their website at: At the website you can download an investors guide which details much information about their planning, efforts, market assesment and more. Alberta is very privledged to have such an incredible part of the cryptocurrency world operating in our province! Thank you Andrew Kiguel, Jeffrey Mason and the team from Hut 8 for the facility tour with Crypto Culture Magazine!


Andrew Kiguel - CEO

Q. How has Alberta been to work with? What attracted Hut8 to Alberta? Alberta has been great to work with. Very entrepreneurial. We like Alberta because the province is resource rich and landlocked – meaning it’s hard for them to export their energy. We are able to tap into the excess power generated in the province at attractive rates. Q. Hut8 defines the true mindset of Bitcoin Maximalists. Why is Hut8 anchored to this concept and why is that so powerful? There are a lot of alt coins out there. Many credible. Many that are not. Bitcoin is the largest and safest blockchain. We believe that the best developers work on bitcoin projects. We see its adoption growing the most. If I was to look forward 5 years, the only cryptocurrency available today that I could with great confidence predict will still be relevant and growing is bitcoin. Q. Was Hut8’s business model designed primarily around profitability from mining or was it intended to give the public an easy way to invest in Bitcoin? It is both. What makes Hut 8 attractive is the ability to provide investors with exposure to bitcoin and make a profit. We believe that our investors will benefit by our holding as much bitcoin as we can. Q. How would you compare the facilities between Drumheller and Medicine Hat? Are there differences in Temperature & Efficiency? Drumheller is a mix of 14 nm and 16 nm chips. MH is all 14 nm, very efficient blockboxes. In Drumheller, we buy electricity of the Alberta grid, so prices can fluctuate. On average, we pay slightly more in Drumheller than MH. MH is a new facility, all state-of-the-art. We have a great relationship with the city and a 10 year electricity contract. Q. Is there an expected or average lifespan of the ASIC miners in the Alberta facilities? We expect that the blockboxes would require an upgrade of chips every 2-3 years. Depends a lot on where the network hash rate goes. If it skyrockets, we will consider upgrading sooner and when better chip technology is available. With most of blockboxes being new, we aren’t considering any capex requirement for a while. The actual boxes themselves should last 10 years or more.

Q. Can you explain to our readers a simple version of Hut8s Regression Analysis that is used to calculate the approximate value of Bitcoin? Prior to this year, the relationship between network hashrate and bitcoin price was that they both moved up together at approximately a 0.5 correlation. The relationship diverged this year. However, if the price of bitcoin was to return to the historical 0.5 correlation, that would imply a price for bitcoin of US$25,000. We are clearly far from that today, but we are optimistic that the price of bitcoin will appreciate higher over time. Q. Has Hut8 explored the concept of assisting in education and adoption to increase the demand for Bitcoin and the value of Hut8’s holdings? We have donated to the local college in MH via scholarships for underprivileged students, which will study technology. I speak at many conferences/podcasts to help people understand bitcoin and blockchain. We also have a great information we provide via our twitter, facebook and Instagram accounts. As we get bigger, we’ll have more resources to expand our efforts. Q. Hut8’s investor presentation online has fantastic transparency for investors. One of the items mentioned is insurance. Has Hut8 been able to connect with insurance companies becoming pioneers with policies for our industry? We have standard insurance over our assets and for a publicly listed company. As for our crypto assets, insurance companies charge too much today as they are not comfortable with the asset class. Instead, we focus on using top tier custodial service at Xapo. Q. Bitcoin has cut out the middleman in transactions with banks and governments. Hut8 has cut out the requirement for heavy education for the public to invest in Bitcoin. Where is the most accessible place for the public to go for investing with Hut8 and purchase some of the 85,000,000 available shares? Hut 8 trades under the ticker symbol ‘HUT’ in Canada on the TSX-V. The public can buy through any online broker or your normal investment advisor just like any other stock. Q. What’s next for Hut8 moving towards 2019 and bitcoins 10 year anniversary? We’ll continue to seek to expand and hold as much bitcoin as we can. We will also see what else we can do to create value for our shareholders within the bitcoin mining world. Hopefully, in 2019, we will see greater mainstream adoption and a widely accepted custodial solution that could bring the use of bitcoin to more people.

Thank you Andrew for the facility tour & the interview with Crypto Culture Magazine!


Bitcoin will soon be celebrated for its 10 year anniversary on January 3rd 2019 since its creation. It will have survived a decade all by itself with no corporation behind it, no official marketing plan, and no person or group on the planet that can control it. Owning bitcoin will reward you with a feeling of empowerment and teach to much about the changing economy of the world. Bitcoin is the doorway to many other cryptocurrencies, and the implementation of blockchain technology. Go to your nearest bitcoin ATM, broker, or digital exchange to buy today!

Local Crypto Mining Rigs

The planet has spent the last decade building and operating residential mining setups separate in design from industrial facilities. The ability of the everyday person to have their personal computer or a small amount of hardware in their home, earn them cryptocurrency is astonishing. Operating crypto mining equipment can be simple or complex. It depends on





your equipment and your expertise. If you have a computer at home with a decent video card (typically not an on-board style), you can likely start mining cryptocurrencies today with some research and some assistance. offers a quick way to do this, but most who learn about the industry progress on to more sophisticated software. Operating a residential grade miner will be enticing on many levels when you step through that doorway. Beyond initial mining, you will need to learn about many aspects of maintenance such as cooling, overclocking, driv-


ers firmware and bios updates. It’s an exciting industry to master! Here are some examples of residential sized systems which are commonly used around us.

1. A user checks the price of bitcoin in front of a multiple GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) mining setup. GPU’s are used in computers and have strong computational hashing power compared to CPU chips. This motherboard is designed to support multiple risers for many GPU’s. 2. ASIC mining chips are assembled on a usb strip for an inexpensive way to get into mining for small scale consumers.


3. A JanSpeed brand dual purpose miner pictured is designed for day to day use and crypto mining when not being used. 2 powerful GPU’s are held in this gorgeous case. 4. A GPU mining rig is cooled by fans and accented by smooth green LED lights. These sort of details make the mining equipment become borderline art for the owner of this unit. 5. A similar GPU mining rig with red LED lights keeps the GPU’s cool and operating efficiently. 6. An ASIC miner by Antminer. These units are closer to industrial grade compared to GPU miners. They operate with different hardware and often mine cryptocurrencies different to GPU’s.


If you are currently trading cryptocurrencies or even traditional investments, you likely have a method that you follow, a setup and a process that defines how you aspire to reach success. If you don’t currently trade, then you likely are reading this as you

aspire to do so. What are some typical sources that you can employ to support a successful method of your own with cryptocurrencies? Numbero uno for making the right moves as a trader, is obtaining Information. Malcolm

Gladwell once said “What is learned out of necessity is inevitably more powerful than the learning that comes easily.” When we require information urgently and at the moment we realize it, its value is paramount. Creating a funnel of information about


What is learned out of necessity is inevitably more powerful than the learning that comes easily.


You should setup news feeds, follow sources on twitter, telegram channels, and rss feeds from the sources that you need among other sources. Charting investments and projecting their estimated future is absolutely needed to plan your financial future. Once you are able to progress past standard charting with trend lines, highs and lows, peaks and valleys, you will require further charting methods and gain a confidence that will calm your mind to help make solid investment decisions. Advanced trading tools such as will dwarf the abilities of typical tools that you may see on digital exchanges. It is a great idea to take a course, or make extensive research about trading patterns and tools. Some of the indicators you can learn about include fibonacci retracement, elliot waves, decending & ascending triangles, bear and bull patterns and more. There are dozens of indicators you can explore for your use.

our investments that comes to us, rather than seeking the information out continually is a massive shortcut with our time and efforts, which can be the difference between winning and loosing on our important decisions.

Many in the crypto community are able to keep tabs on their investments with a few swipes of their fingers. Blockfolio is a simple app that you can manually input your assets, and it will update everything for individual values along with your total portfolio value. There are many apps you can use on your mobile phone. Be sure that if you keep any wallets or passwords on your phone, take precautions to backup all passwords and

access to your accounts somewhere other than your mobile phone. One of the next steps you may want to dial in to your specific preferences would be your office setup. Create an atmosphere that you love at home where you can thrive in your space. A laptop on the couch will leave you longing for more. It’s typical to see many who enjoy charting in the industry work with two, three or more screens for various sources of information which can be quickly glanced at. Time is everything. Focus on how you can reduce the time it takes you to gain information and make your decisions. Make the decision to not day trade until you have years of experience. One essential theory that you may have heard is that; “You have to lose money, before you can make money”. To rookie investors this may seem like a statement difficult to understand. Seasoned investors “learn out of necessity”. You have to learn from losses. If you don’t, then you will keep losing. As you grow as an investor, you will start defining exactly what you like, what you prefer, what you feel about your decisions. Your tools, your workspace and your information will lead you to an individual trading style that you can shape in any way you wish.


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Speculation is the biggest lure to make investors want to support a concept, a product or a company. The efforts of those developing blockchain technology strive to make application of this new technology and have it change the world. Past the speculation, we all want to see the success of useful inventions that we can use in our lives. In a perfect application with blockchain, it would work so well in our lives that we don’t even know that it is around us, operating with a level of atonomy. What many companies fail to accomplish in their startup phazes is to produce a tangible product that can be measured, assessed and valued for users and investors. Imagining what the planet can accomplish creating new technology is a great start to using new products. The biggest hurdle for these new companies is educating prospective clients about blockchain before products can be sold to them. The sales cycle for startup companies is extremely long as we all learn about these applications, but the learning curve is becoming shorter every day that we keep pursuing new information about technology. What are the applications being used now? What are the applications that we may see in the near and distant future? Watch for these new applications of blockchain to grow with existing and new companies. What do you think will be successful? What do you think will fail? We want to hear from you. E-mail us: and share your opinion.

Digital Currency

Smart Contracts

Record Keeping




E-commerce Global Payments Remittance P2P Lending Microfinance

Healthcare Title Records Ownership & Voting Intellectual Property Data Management


Legal Contract Management Vendor Payments Music Royalties Decentralized Organizations Smart Contracting Devices (IoT) Distributed Applications (DApps)

- Equity (Company Shares) - Debt (Loans to companies) - Derivative (Stocks, bonds)

Some of these applications can be combined for use with industries such as insurance, asset management and artificial intelligence. The data transparency and accuracy of information that can be created will be sure to bring benefits to all industries connected to this technological revolution.


Bitcoin Making

Our beloved Bitcoin rollercoaster mascot was created as a regular and a gif image by @brainlesstales in 2013. It’s multi-function use for rising or falling prices of bitcoin was served well by the endless gif version. Multiple types of merchandise are available at brainless gained direct approval from Andreas Antonopoulos to create this typography artwork. It is a great compliment to his work as well because previous versions of this style of art made by Lynx Art Collection included notable contributors to the world such as Nikola Telsa, Albert Einstein & Marie Curie. Kevin Sudo is a cartoonist, videographer, and media magician. He is often so busy making videos, that he wasn’t too worried about his art being used. He freely allowed us to use this cartoon of “Bitcoin Pizza” with our online articles. Simple colourful creativity like this often gives our eyes a break from typical sensory input and can put a smile on our faces. Keep up the good work Kevin. Follow him at his youtube page. “The FilmMaker’s Formula”

its MaRk on Dorian Nakamoto has become a famous face with Bitcoin due to his mistaken identity as Satoshi Nakamoto. Artist “Crytograffiti” made this artwork on wood from the medium up cut up credit cards. A suitable substance to use and satisfying in its application! The art was signed by Dorian himself, framed and auctioned off. All proceeds went to Dorian Nakamoto. A very classy gesture from Cryptograffiti. has limited edition prints on wood panels such as “Bitcoin Kickflip Astronaut”. This artwork has been frequently sold out due to it’s popularity. Retail cost is $2250

Pascal PBOY created this wonderful piece of street art in Paris, France in 2018. The artist added a QR code so that passers by who appreciate the art could send Bitcoin to thank him for his efforts. Pascal received over $1000 in Bitcoin sent to his wallet address thanks to him adding the QR code to the wall. The art was entitled “Rembrandt Dos Au Mur, which translates to “Rembrandt (who is pictured) back against the wall”.

Bitcoin Teller Machines in:





1 123





151 361


If you would like to purchase bitcoin, you can do so with cash or credit card at many bitcoin ATM’s or BTM’s (Bitcoin Teller Machine). You will need to install a digital wallet on your smart phone and use it with the BTM. Visit to find a BTM near you. The worlds first Bitcoin ATM was installed November 2013 in Vancover, BC, Canada.

Bitcoin Teller Machines in:

USA 21 3

1 78



4 0

11 40




16 2

10 4 9

5 145


195 1

48 231 45 2 122 8 31 61 12 7 11 121 9 1 24

Alaska 0 Hawaii 8

58 39


Many of those who are interested in bitcoin have purchased their own BTM’s to operate themselves as a business. There are multiple brands of machines that can be used. The model on the right is made by General Bytes and is very popular. Explore buying and selling bitcoin with an ATM. Calculate fees and rates before transactions before processing. Data verified by


Brain building on BLockchain

A classic book by Andreas explaining “why� bitcoin makes sense, has value and will be around for a long time. This is a great place to start for those new to crypto. A review of essays brings a full picture of how bitcoin functions and why we will adopt it around the world.

Saifedean is a bitcoin maximalist who paints a picture of what the world will be like when bitcoin is used for everything. A historical look at the flaws of inflationary currencies shows bitcoins perfect design. Minds will not think of converting bitcoin to fiat after reading this book.

A targeted look at how investors can profit from the revolution in cryptocurrencies. Learn how to assess and value assets, manage portfolios and navigate the many avenues of trading through exchanges, wallets, investments and more.

We glance at plethoras of information day after day, hour after hour and minute to minute. Much of what we experience goes in to our mind and disappears. Our retention of information is as inefficient as ever. So lets change the game... Challenge yourself. Put your phone down once per day, put it into airplane mode, and read a book for 10-15 minutes. You will be surprised how much you will enjoy the strong powerful sense of calm you experience. You may also be surprised how your retention of information in a book will increase compared to the typical thumb scrolling through social media of

yelling goats, and the chaos of the internet.

One of the first books laying out the foundations of blockchain. Doors to the concepts of assets, ICO’s, smart contracts and more function in our existing and future economies. Value is explained in breaking down economic barriers that currently exist in our economy.

A true explaination of what, why and how blockchain will turn existing centralized business into history. The value of eliminating intermediaries in the current systems of our world becomes so evident that we will insist to include this technology into everything.

Andreas teams up with Gavin Wood to break down smart contracts, decentralized autonomous organizations and the perspective needed for developers to master this platform. A practical guide to designing avenues for purpose with Ethereum.


noteworthy World blockchain conventions Dubai International Blockchain Summit - October 24-25 2018 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Jumeirah Emirates Towers - com

Investment Management 10%

World Crypto Con -

October 31 - November 2 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA ARIA Hotel And Casino





Commercial Real Estate Residential Real Estate High Risk Investments Start Up Businesses Non-Profit Involvement

Malta Blockchain Summit

- NLP Certified - Life Worth Plans - Personal Consulting

ASIA 2018

- REIA Certified - Business In A Box - Commercial & Residential

Bitcoin. Blockchain. ICO’s.

- Brand Development - Business Operations

- November 1 & 2 2018 - Intercontinental, Malta, St. Julians -

- November 28-29 2018 - Signapore -

January 16-18 2019 Miami, USA




Builders C rta or be Al

Q: What is bitcoin? A: It’s a digital currency stored in a ledger called blockchain. Imagine a spreadsheet that tracks spending, links to other spreadsheets, is locked as each line is filled out and when a block of data completes. Q: What is blockchain? A: It’s a technology for storing data or in some case transactions. Data is stored in blocks, and is chained to the next block with cryptography. You cannot change data once it has been added to the blockchain. So far nobody has hacked blockchain or reverse engineered it’s process.

That Aren’t So Stupid


Answers to Stupid

Q: What gives Bitcoin it’s value compared to Cash and FIAT currency? A: What gives anything it’s value? Traditional money is no longer backed by gold and is fractionalized from lenders such as banks. Bitcoin has value due to it’s stability being backed by complex cryptographic security. In short, Bitcoin is backed by mathematics and has value due to continually being adopted by the public for it’s use. Q: Crypto isn’t insured or backed by banks. Why would I want to use it? A: The money you earn and hold in banks is inflationary. It continually devalues. The British pound has been in existence for 600 years and has devalued 97% in it’s lifetime. As the banking industry failed in 2008, many turned to government bailouts and not insurance policies to solve their crisis. As the financial system was abused, FIAT currency has become weaker than it has ever been on it’s largest financial system to date. Cryptocurrencies are an alternative design to all previous financial systems which in theory may have greater success and value. Q: Why are some governments against cryptocurrencies and even ban them? A: Some governments have had failed financial systems recently such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe. This can be caused by many variables. As their local currencies value has dropped to almost zero, bitcoin and other crypto has been a suitable replacement for the purpose of maintaining methods of trading stores of value. Governments who ban crypto may do so because they do not understand the value in crypto or fear the loss of control of their own local FIAT currency.

Q: Should I invest a large amount of money into cryptocurrencies? A: You probably shouldn’t invest a large amount of money into anything. If you want to invest or use cryptocurrencies, do not invest more than you are willing to lose. It is a new technology and invention. If you want to learn more, buy $20 of bitcoin at a bitcoin ATM. Focus on educating your self before making decisions and never feel that you should make a quick decision for fear of missing out on an opportunity. Base your decisions on sound reasoning with a great amount of research. Q: How can I avoid scams and loosing my money? A: Learn as much as you can about technology you are interested in. Then learn about evaluation processes for investments. Legitimate investments should have many features including a viable website, contact information and disclosure of their team members. You will need much deeper research before investing in a cryptocurrency or security. Ensure you have learned enough and gained all education required before investing in any industry you are speculating to make profits in. Q: Does my business need blockchain technology? A: Possibly. Blockchain technology may raise the efficiency and profitability of your company. What is more important than blockchain tech to your business is proper marketing, management, staff, referrals, repeat business and profit margins. You should only consider having these aspects and more in relative working order and a surplus budget before considering applying blockchain technology to your business. Beyond that assesment, you can contact local experts to asses where you think that you could use blockchain to benefit your efficiency and profitability of your business. Q: How can I help others to learn about blockchain tech and cryptocurrency? A: Educate your self and gain a certification in blockchain technology or as a CBP (Certified Bitcoin Professional) before you educate others about the industry. Visit a local university or for more information about education for yourself in the industry. Go to local meetups in your area to talk with others who you can learn from. Review the information that you learn to confirm that it is correct. Q: How can I work in the blockchain industry if I am interested? A: Visit local meet ups, events and conventions within the industry. Network with companies who may be hiring and update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your interest to work in the blockchain industry. Take on a mentor from the industry if possible. Educate yourself so that you can find a role or position that you are passionate about.

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TREZOR Take comfort in having your cryptocurrencies off line in the Trezor cold storage wallet. Make sure you check your security of backup phrases and keep them in a safe place. Go to

Twitter is one of the most popular sites for investment news. It’s quick, efficient and all serious investors are deeply rooted into a flow of information from Twitter. Instagram is also popular, but more for recreational traders. Trading View is the site to use once you progress past traditional charting. CoinMarketCap is the best place to research markets quickly with some basic charting.


Check your crypto security frequently.

You can HODL your crypto investments, trade them or be a “no-coiner” as many are in the world. If you are holding the idea of your investments in this industry with a kung-fu death grip waiting for the next all time high, then you need some hardware and some software to get things done. If you don’t already have some of these items, you need to step your game up. You need to check your security frequently on your investments. This especially applies if you have multiple email addresses, passwords, and accounts on multiple digital exchanges. You may even want to consider meeting with a security expert in the industry if you have any significant amount of value in your portfolio.

NANO LEDGER One of the top pieces of hardware for cold crypto storage. Never buy these used. Go to for an official product that has not been opened or tampered with. Store multiple cryptocurrencies on a cold wallet device such as a Nano or Trezor.

BLOCKFOLIO An essential part of any traders tools on their mobile phone. You can manually input what you are HODLing and check in easily to see what your portfolio is worth. Hidden view is available for prying eyes over your shoulder. This is one of the best ways to keep tabs on your cryptocurrencies and will give you smiles for profits and a course of action towards losses.

By keeping any long term HODLs in a cold wallet, you leave the only way to hack into your investments through physical theft or damage. Once you have a cold wallet device in a fire-proof, water-proof and shock-proof safe, you are headed in the right direction with security. The biggest holdings in the world in cryptocurrencies are typically held in secure vaults such as who holds an underground bunker in switzerland specifically for this purpose. Keeping a cold wallet under your bed, just isn’t secure, and it never has been.

Jan Cerato


The world has a select group of professionals who are passionate about community, people and changing our planet to improve in many ways. For western Canada, many know Jan Cerato as one of these people, who indeed change people, places and perspective for many who know him. Here is his story about how Jan has grown, evolved and changed through his life becoming an influencer to bitcoin. Jan Cerato grew up in Calgary, Alberta and graduated from Father Lacombe Senior High School. His passion for working with people and technology led him to study at the Alberta College of Art & Design for Visual Communications and also Bow Valley College for E-Business, Marketing & Web Design. With his studies learning about design and technology, it was only natural for him to start his own busi-

ness. From there, he opened business after business, becoming a serial entrepreneur. Some have said that multi-tasking is impossible. Some have said that men cannot multi-task. Anyone who has made these statements has not ever met Jan Cerato. Back in high school, he was given the nickname “Janspeed� because he was always buzzing with enthusiasm. He frequently was doing more than one thing at a time and most people had a hard time keeping up with him. This still applies today and he has been able to allow this infusion of energy that he has to grow within his influence of multiple industries and across the thousands of relationships he has made. From initial marketing companies such as Kronical Magazine which evolved into Stylewerx Communications, marketing many brands such as custom sports cars

magazines, restaurants, and luxury products; business growth and developing relationships is always the goal for Jan. Continued development of his business empire includes starting Brandwerx Agency, which narrowed focus to customers web-based creativity and marketing. Beyond the plethora of companies that he worked with over 18 years, spreading his reach into influencing streetwear, hiphop music and the entertainment scene in Calgary, the year 2017 brought about a new opportunity and new ventures. Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and released to the world. As the rest of us caught up to the speed of blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies, Jan Cerato could see a vision and a need where the people needed assistance to enter this new industry. In 2017 Jan started a new company named Bitcoin Investments. A weekly workshop was launched in September 2017 and has been the largest and longest running meetup for Bitcoin in Canada. The meet-up group he has been hosting celebrated their 1 year anniversary recently at the Calgary Tower!

to guide people as customers to truly absorb and implement blockchain technology. The efforts that Jan has put into working with people to learn about Bitcoin and beyond is based on his five-year plan. He has sixty months planned for the development of these multiple businesses, and the reach of those companies continues to grow every day. Calgary was ecstatic to see it’s first Blockchain convention entitled “Bitcoin Rodeo” which Jan was highly involved in promoting in July 2018. The annual event was a stepping stone to his own convention which will be held quarterly starting on October 15th & 16th 2018. The evolution of the idea behind his convention is to bring businesses to the people and bring people to the blockchain industry. With true “Janspeed” fashion, the event is planned to have entertainment, style and opportunity painted all over it. If you haven’t met Jan Cerato, attend one of his workshops on rebranded under his company Bitcoin Workshops. You will find a fantastic atmosphere for percolating knowledge, friendships and opportunity. Then you can become one of many other Canadians and Calgarians who is able to thank him for his efforts.

Thousands of people have come to the workshops and gained the essential knowledge they needed to get involved and for many to change careers to work in the industry. There are many people thankful for his efforts in this industry which has and is changing the world on many levels. As Bitcoin and blockchain knowledge was assimilated by Jan, his mind could again see new avenues to develop with people, business and opportunity for everyone. His reach and influence inspired him to start another company named Blockchain Wealth Capital, which focused on using blockchain technology to help fund and develop businesses new to the industry. Also, Jan founded Crypto Culture Magazine with a small group of associates to assist in the education of the public in the expanding industry. This magazine is a cultural blending space for businesses


Jan G. Cerato CEO & Founder Q: What’s happening in your business world now and in the next 6 months? Right now we are focussing heavily on educating people in the Cryptocurrency segment. We provide a free weekly seminar to the public for 4 four hours of learning the basics, as well as some intermediate skills using Cryptocurrency which is all done through our branch of companies. We are building mining machines under the Janspeed Performance Mining brand, and selling them to various clients that want Cryptocurrency mining in their home or office. We have recently been asked to put our Crypto mining machines on tour in America, and had a sales office from South America call us to distribute them. My team is doing a podcast currently on iTunes called JanCity Podcast, and we try to record all of the workshops we can for future edutainment. We are developing company software systems in Blockchain code for a few key brands in the Crypto space, and taking corporations into the tokenization economy through our Blockchain Wealth Capital Group. We can issue a ethereum smart token for any of the business models that want to join the cryptosphere, which is proving to be more popular to businesses looking to raise equity than ever before. Q: Where do you see Crypto in 1 year from now? I see Crypto becoming a much larger entity every year and filling the need of a financial backbone to the Web. With numerous Crypto projects entering the space and the weaker projects leaving the space just as quick, I do believe that the velocity will continue to be on growth and I believe bitcoin itself will continue to lead the segment and grow year after year until it’s fully mined. And then what?? (That’s the big question). The more people that are educated around crypto, the more people will start to have a clearer visualization on how this is the new way of the future. Which is why I encourage people to take the chance to educate themselves as much as possible about Cryptocurrencies. Q: Do you fear any sources of regulation affecting your business or use of Crypto? Regulations and rules are important in every business model, so I feel it is necessary to some degree. But I also feel that privacy is a big concern and right to all humanity. So we believe that people should be able to vote on the rules and regulations as a society and have the vote conducted in Blockchain.That way we know it’s real and transparent and the people will be able to apply the best strategy and principles of regulation rather then selfless organizations!

Q: What’s your favorite Crypto apart from Bitcoin? I like Ethereum because it was made by someone from Canada, and I also like the power of tokenization. It has given so many ideas a life in the business world. I appreciate all the mindsets of the founders of Ethereum and I think its the original future coin of Cryptocurrency in my eyes. Q: What’s your favorite Crypto coin that is newer and worth under $1.00? Cardano is my fave coin in that range. It’s just a matter of time for the alternative coins to take a stance, when that happens, Cardano - ADA will be a champion. Hodl on for the ride! Q: What is the Crypto community like around you and your business? We’ve been building the community for over a 55 weeks now. Our new company starts on October 15th &16th, where we begin to bring educators, CEOs of tech companies and citizens together to learn more about Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies and how they can bring value to their personal careers and companies with that knowledge. The whole market has put some citizens in a bad mood, but overall the industry is growing well. The people that we have helped, for the most part, have been respectful and supportive. Trusting each other is important, and as well as having a good communication amongst one another is also a key importance. I also see the younger people who are trying way too hard to put their expectations on Crypto for a career and the segment is still not mature yet. There’s tons happening in the cryptosphere, pick your faves and keep up! Q: How do you see the adoption of Crypto progressing & how can people get involved? Step 1: Talk to your Crypto coach at and get the software/wallet on your phone or laptop. Step 2: Buy some Bitcoin starter capital in any budget from and load your wallet. Step 3: Backup and Secure your wallet/Crypto funds for any future mishaps. Step 4: Signup on Binance on website to take advantage of the Alt Coin marketplace. Step 5: Learn to trade and grow your Crypto capital, then sell your coins back to cash at Q: If 2017 was “What is bitcoin?” then what is 2018 to the public, in your mind? The first 3/4 of 2018 has been very hard on a lot of people in the space due to the fact that the average person invested quite heavily when the numbers were higher at the End of 2017. A lot of the businesses that want to do ICOs have gone under scrutiny and regulation stalling many of the interesting projects from taking off which is unfortunate. The growth of the segment has been dismal overall. People are hoping the last 1/4 of 2018 will turn things around. Q: What is your current strategy with the Cryptosphere? Right now we are in a 5 year plan with 4 more years left to go, so far we’ve taught 1000s of citizens about Crypto and hit our goals on target. The business models we’ve created in the segment are maturing along with the Crypto currency market. I think it’s the absolute best time to get involved in Crypto now while you’re reading this because the future is changing fast, make a plan for yourself so you don’t be left behind. Q: What’s the best advice someone has ever given you in the last 12 months? Diversify your holdings within Crypto using the 80/20 rule of allocation. Hold 80% into Bitcoin and 20% into the top 20 Alt Coins. Q: What is your favorite thing to do in your downtime to unplug your mind? We like to go to the rocky mountains on a regular basis, I enjoy the outdoors and chilling with nature. Biking and hiking while on a road trip is always a great time to unwind and seems to be one of my best pastimes. Watch for more interviews each issue or contact us if you would like to see someone interviewed.

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Crypto Culture Magazine - Issue 1  

A magazine that focuses on the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Learn about the basics of bitcoin and then move onto lear...

Crypto Culture Magazine - Issue 1  

A magazine that focuses on the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Learn about the basics of bitcoin and then move onto lear...