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A towering lead but not enough Frontrunner Anastasiades faces Malas in decisive run-off next Sunday By George Psyllides


ISY leader Nicos Anastasiades won yesterday’s presidential vote but failed to garner the required majority and will now face off against AKELbacked Stavros Malas in a runoff vote next Sunday. Anastasiades won 45.46 per cent – some five percentage points short of an outright majority -- with second-place Malas gaining 26.91 per cent. EDEK-backed Giorgos Lillikas ended a close third with 24.93 per cent. The two opponents will be busy this week trying to forge alliances that will hand them victory. They will also try to woo some of the 92,000 – or 16.86 per cent -- eligible voters who chose to abstain yesterday. “What is deduced by the strong election result is that the overwhelming majority of the people expressed the demand to rid the country of the AKEL administration,” Anastasiades said last night. “The result will transform into a clear mandate next Sunday by widening the politi-



cal and social alliance and formation of a national salvation government. It is a victory for the forces who want us to turn a page.” DISY had been hoping to win an outright majority, thus avoiding a run-off vote. Exit polls suggested Anastasiades might be able to secure just over 50 per cent of the vote, but it quickly transpired that they got it wrong. The DISY leader appeared optimistic that he will win the run-off, announcing that he would seek the support of other forces. “I will turn to political leaderships in a bid to broaden further the social mandate for change and getting rid of a leadership that led us to soup kitchens, community markets, unemployment, and misery,” Anastasiades said. “I speak to the people who made a different choice today (yesterday) but also our fellow citizens who opted to abstain. Change concerns all of us.” Across town, Malas made a few overtures of his own. “We have a lot in common

Above: DISY leader Nicos Anastasiades is congratulated by supporters last night in Nicosia after gaining a huge lead Below: AKEL-backed Stavros Malas is also delighted at having reached the second round of polls next Sunday










Monday, February 18, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL



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TODAY: Clouds, scattered showers and light snow over the mountains. Temperatures will reach 16C inland, 18C along the coasts and 7C over higher ground OUTLOOK: Unsettled until Thursday with a small rise in temperatures YESTERDAY:

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Newly-married couples applaud at the end of a mass wedding organised by the Unification Church and held in its HQ in Gapyeong, east of Seoul, yesterday, in which 3,500 couples matched by the church tied the knot (AFP)



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26 years ago Wednesday February 18, 1987

Martin Luther, father of the reformation, dies in his birth place at Eisleben, Germany at the age of 63.

Sweden yesterday threatened to withdraw its part of the UN peace-keeping force in Cyprus by the end of the year unless other countries stepped in to help finance the force. A foreign ministry spokesman said Sweden was dissatisfied with the lack of progress in the Cyprus conflict.

1929 The first Academy Awards are announced.

36 years ago years ago Friday February 18, 1977 1930 American astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh discovers Pluto, the most distant planet from the sun.

UN Special Representative Perez de Cuellar has started a new round of contacts to prepare the ground for the resumption of the intercommunal talks, in Vienna at the end of the new month. He said yesterday that he was now shouldering new responsibilities for the success of the talks.

1954 Robert Stevens, Secretary of the US army, orders two generals subpoenaed by anti-Communist senator Joseph McCarthy, to ignore the summons.

1981 Margaret Thatcher finally gives in to the miners and withdraws her plans to close twenty-three pits.

46 years ago Saturday February 18, 1967 Twenty one members of the crew of the Greek cargo ship Three Stars, which caught fire off the coast of Cyprus yesterday morning, were brought to safety by a royal air force rescue helicopter from Akrotiri. The ship’s company which included one woman, the wife of a member of the crew were lifted by winch from the deck of the burning ship and taken to the RAF hospital at Akrotiri.

CYPRUS MAIL Monday, February 18, 2013



A towering lead but not enough

Malas: together we can tackle the crisis through growth

Anastasiades: getting rid of a leadership that led us to soup kitchens

‘This result means that Cypriots have not quite decided if Anastasiades is the man to get them out of the crisis’ (continued from front page) with the forces that supported Mr. Lillikas,” Malas said, mainly referring to EDEK. Hundreds of AKEL supporters assembled outside Malas’ campaign headquarters, jubilant that Anastasiades failed to win and their candidate went through to a run-off vote. AKEL, ostensibly at least, considered yesterday’s result a success, despite its percentage being lower than the 32.7 per cent it won in the May 2011 parliamentary election. “Together we can tackle the crisis through growth, without harsh policies against the society,” Malas said, reiterating his pledge to form a coalition government if elected. “United we can win and will win for Cyprus and its people.”

Lillikas, who could now play the role of kingmaker, kept his cards close to his chest when asked if he would support any of his two opponents. “Whatever we have to say we’ll say tomorrow,” he said. Lillikas said he would support policies that would defend the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus and its national interests. “We shall strongly oppose policies that undermine the future of our country, policies that cede our national wealth, and operate with the logic of unilateral concessions,” Lillikas said. Analysts said the pro-bailout Anastasiades looked likely to win the runoff, but that the strong combined showing of his two main rivals who campaigned against austerity

showed the depths of antibailout anger in the nation. “This result means that Cypriots have not quite decided if Anastasiades is the man to get them out of the crisis. It will be a tough second round,” Fiona Mullen, economist at the Sapienta consulting firm, told Reuters.”It makes it a bit tougher for Anastasiades to persuade EU leaders that Cyprus is on the right path, that they will do what it takes to get a bailout.” Anastasiades has pledged a quick agreement with the European Union and International Monetary Fund on a financial rescue, which investors want agreed before the island’s woes derail progress in shoring up the rest of the euro zone’s periphery. If successful in the run-off,

THE FINAL RESULTS % Anastasiades



























Almost one-fifth of voters abstain ALMOST one-fifth of registered voters did not bother to visit a polling station yesterday, more or less confirming previous analyses. Preliminary data on the final turnout put the total at 82.84 per cent, compared to 89.62 per cent in the last presidential elections in 2008. The turnout during the 2011 parliamentary elections was 78.70 per cent.

In Nicosia, the turnout was 81.82 per cent, compared to 88.80 per cent in the 2008 elections. Limassol had an 83.24 per cent turnout, the Famagusta district 83.86 per cent, Larnaca 84.01 per cent and Paphos 84.00 per cent. According to Chief Returning Officer Andreas Assiotis, the last ballot was sealed at 6.10pm.

Anastasiades faces a long list of challenges in convincing European Union and International Monetary Fund lenders to sign off on a rescue before the tiny state faces a €1.4 billion debt repayment in June. Malas has campaigned on a pro-bailout but anti-austerity platform while Lillikas has rejected onerous terms tied to any bailout, saying Cyprus could swiftly extricate itself by using the natural gas reserves that lie under its shores. “We have reached the bottom and we need someone trusted by Europe so that Cyprus can start developing again,” said Lucy Iasonos, 52, one of hundreds of Anastasiades supporters who gathered outside his party offices to celebrate.

EDEK-backed Giorgos Lillikas becomes kingmaker

Monday, February 18, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


Home Malas rallies support, woos Lillikas voters

AKEL supporters gather last night to celebrate their man Malas getting throught to next Sunday’s poll

AKEL-backed Stavros Malas, who has secured a place in next Sunday’s runoff ballot, sought to rally supporters last night by promising that ultimate triumph was still in their grasp. “This battle shall be victorious,” 45-year-old Malas assured fans who flocked to his election HQ shortly after the final results were in. “We know that we have the obligation to give our country a future and prospects in these critical times,” he added, reiterating a pledge to form a national coalition government if elected to the top office. Malas seemed also to extend a hand to independent candidate Giorgos Lillikas, who may be out of the race but has assumed the role of kingmaker. “Historically, we have many things in common with the forces which supported Mr. Lillikas,” he said. For his part, Lillikas was gracious in defeat, congratulating his two main rivals. Despite not making the cut, Lillikas – whom rivals accused of being an ideological flip-flopper – promised to “carry on the fight.” “Ours was a tough and lopsided struggle. We were aware of the difficulty of challenging the establishment, the salaried party mechanisms. “Today we have forged a new path, we have subverted certain rationales and conservative traditions which do not care for citizens and which place party patriotism above real patriotism. “We have shown that citizens have both power and a voice. This is just the beginning,” Lillikas concluded. The former Foreign Minister kept his cards close to his chest, refusing to be drawn when asked which of the two remaining camps he would endorse in the runoff.

Jubilation to disappointment to hope at DISY Anastasiades supporters thought it was ‘done deal’ at exit poll but still believe he’ll win By Poly Pantelides At DISY headquarters people burst into celebration yesterday when state broadcaster’s CyBC exit poll gave DISY leader Nicos Anastasiades a majority win, only to become disappointed when it later became obvious that despite his lead, Anastasiades would not avoid a runoff. A little after 6pm when Anastasiades was given a 51.1 per cent share of the votes according to CyBC’s exit poll, DISY’s supporters started applauding and cheering. “That’s it, it’s done,” one person said stepping out of a conference room where she was watching the exit poll results, along with other supporters.

Outside the headquarters, people started chanting slogans and waving (mostly) Greek flags in front of a monitor broadcasting the same exit poll. People hugged and kissed each other on both cheeks, while many got on their mobile phones to pass on the news. “Finally, we’ll see a brighter day,” a supporter said. All exit polls from the major TV channels concurred that Anastasiades would win, possibly from the first round and people were cautious but excited. “We are optimistic in a restrained way,” DISY number two Averof Neophytou told reporters in the afternoon. DISY deputies and wellknown supporters walked in and out of the head-

THE ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATE REGULATIONS 1995 In the District Court of Limassol Probate Jurisdiction Application No.: 75/2013 In the matter of: RAYMOND JOHN OFFORD, (British Passport No. 706063014), former form Limassol Deceased Publication Notice is hereby given, that, after the expiration of 8 days from the date of the present publication, an application will be lodged in the Principal Probate Registry in the District Court of Limassol as to grant to SOTERIS ARGYROU, from Nicosia, the documents of administration of the estate with appended will of the deceased RAYMOND JOHN OFFORD, former from Limassol. SOTERIS ARGYROU L.L.C (Lawyers of the Applicant)

quarters, smiling and accepting people’s congratulations. People settled into their chosen style of celebration as they waited for the DISY chief to show up. A few drivers started hooting their cars’ horns, going round the block to celebrate the perceived victory. But as the evening wore on and authorities started counting actual votes, it started becoming obvious that Anastasiades would not get majority share. However, it took a while for people to be convinced. Those who stayed inside in the headquarters’ lobby to wait for Anastasiades’ arrival were the slowest to realise. “I just talked to my missus and we reckon it’s an 80 per cent chance that Anastasiades will be the clear winner. “There can’t be that much margin of error can there? It seems like we won,” an elderly man said who was waiting patiently for the DISY chief. Anastasiades showed up a little after 7pm, and people applauded and swarmed around him. He smiled, but did not make any statements in front of the cameras, disappearing upstairs without making it clear when

Supporters outside the DISY headquarters cheer Anastasiades on to win to next round he would address his supporters. Outside the building, people had stopped waving their flags and kept quiet. Inside the conference room, people were tense. When about half of all votes were counted islandwide and Anastasiades had already settled in the roughly 45 per cent he would end up with, some held on to hope. “They haven’t even counted most of Nicosia votes,” one woman said. “It’s still unclear,” another one said. But when roughly 65 per cent of all votes were counted, people started leaving. “It’s clear what’s going on and they’re still discussing it,” a man said referring to the continuing discussion at CyBC’s studio. “Anyway, it’s done already,” another man said as he made his way out, this time referring to Anastasiades’ run-off in the second round. When the majority of votes were counted, disappointed people started comforting each other. A young woman told her friend, “It’s okay, we will win next round”. Many echoed her sentiment. “Next week we’ll win,” a 59-year-old man said.

CYPRUS MAIL Monday, February 18, 2013



From ‘Nasty’ to ‘Nice Nick’, DISY chief’s comeback A lot can happen in a decade of Cypriot politics By Michele Kambas CONSERVATIVE chief Nicos Anastasiades’s first round victory in Cyprus’s presidential elections yesterday marks a stunning comeback for a veteran politician whose career was almost destroyed by a political gamble in 2004. A sharp and rousing public speaker who pulls no punches, Anastasiades, 66, faces a runoff vote next week against leftist rival Stavros Malas. But he is almost 20 points ahead, having clawed his way back into public acceptance after a debilitating defeat nine years ago, when he supported a United Nations blueprint to reunify the ethnically split island. One of his monikers back then was “Nasty Nick”, coined by popular Cyprus Mail newspaper columnist ‘Patroclos’ for what is still sometimes perceived to be an autocratic, no-nonsense streak. A decade on, the same columnist now calls him “Nice Nick”, reflecting his growing popularity despite his reputation as a hot-tempered lawyer with a penchant for throwing ashtrays. Along the way, Anastasiades has also cultivated impressive access to top policymakers including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose support will be crucial as he tries to piece together a financial rescue for the cashstrapped island. “What is of importance when forming political alliances is that we build on what unites us, and not on what has divided us in the past,” Anastasiades told Reuters last month. He found himself on the wrong side of public opinion during one of the most divi-

sive periods of Cypriot politics, when Greek and Turkish Cypriots were called to vote on a United Nations blueprint to reunite Cyprus as a loose federation. Anastasiades and his Democratic Rally Party said “yes” to the plan, while 76 per cent of Greek Cypriots said “no”. “It’s not an issue of regrets,” Anastasiades told Reuters when asked about his decision to back the blueprint. “It is an issue of accepting and respecting the will of the people.” A lot can happen in a decade of Cypriot politics. His bid for the presidency was supported by the Democratic Party, which, nine years ago, campaigned strongly against that same plan branding its proponents little short of traitors. A few days after the referendum, unknown assailants threw a hand grenade at his home. With the trauma of 2004 still fresh in 2008, Anastasiades purposely did not stand as a candidate for the presidency. Another party official ran instead, ultimately losing against incumbent President Demetris Christofias, the man Anastasiades now charges with running the economy to the ground. Meawhile, his party cultivated close relations with affiliated centre-right parties in Europe -- arguably giving him better access to policymakers than incumbent Christofias, the EU’s only Communist head of state. One of the catchphrases of Anastasiades’ campaign has been “Cyprus is Not Alone,” a pointed barb to Cyprus’s outgoing communist government, blamed for the worst economic recession in four

decades, record high unemployment and empty coffers. “It failed to react timely and effectively to the economic crisis...its policies were too much dictated by outdated left-wing dogmas instead of economic needs and realities,” Anastasiades said in the interview. While official Cyprus appeared to have trouble convincing its EU partners to swiftly conclude on a bailout deal, Anastasiades was holding court with Angela Merkel and several other centre-right European leaders last month at a hotel resort on the sundrenched island. Anastasiades, who has headed the Democratic Rally party since 1997, gained the image of the bruiser of Cypriot politics. A member of parliament since 1981, he once led a parliamentary inquiry on why the Greek identity of Cyprus was overlooked in an opening ceremony for the University of Cyprus, giving the organiser of the ceremony a public dressing-down. A heavy smoker who says he likes alcohol in moderate doses, loves an afternoon siesta and does not bat an eyelid when interviewers ask if he dyes his poker-straight brown hair (he does not, he says), some of the reported antics in his party headquarters - where smoking is freely permitted despite a government ban have become urban legend. One is that some of the many ashtrays in his book-panelled office would fly when he lost his temper. “It never happened, but it doesn’t bother me (that they say this),” Anastasiades chuckled during an interview with the Politis daily last month.

A frail former President, and DISY founder, Glafcos Clerides, was accompanied by Nicos Anastasiades to the Lycavitos School polling station in Nicosia (above). “I came and voted,” he said. “I voted for Nicos Anastasiades.” Asked if he felt touched by Clerides’ presence Anastasiades replied: “When your political father turns up to support you, it is only human to feel touched” (Christos Theodorides)

ECB: we want somone we can talk to EUROPEAN Central Bank board member Joerg Asmussen said yesterday he hoped a financial rescue agreement that would include privatisations with a new Cyprus government could be reached by the end of March. He said the ECB was neutral about the outcome of the presidential election, where DISY leader Nicos Anastasiades took a commanding lead but failed to avoid a run-off next week. “But we need someone we can talk to locally that we can negotiate an adjustment pro-

gramme with,” Asmussen said. “To secure the debt sustainability, we’ll need to see, for example, extensive privatisations. The previous president rejected that. “Now we’ll have to take a look and see if we can negotiate a programme by the end of March,” Asmussen said. Anastasiades has pledged a quick agreement with the European Union and International Monetary Fund on a financial rescue, which investors want agreed before the island’s woes derail progress in shoring up the rest of the eurozone’s periphery.

Exit polls: how did they get it so badly wrong? By Elias Hazou CYPRIOTS have proved themselves unreliable respondents, bamboozling all the exit polls which yesterday projected an outright victory for Nicos Anastasiades. All the pollsters were way off the mark, predicting that the DISY leader was on track to grab over 50 per cent of the popular vote, thus invalidating the need for a second round of voting. They moreover underestimated the numbers for independent Giorgos Lillikas. They did get it right when it came to forecasting that Lillikas would come in third, and also by awarding second spot to AKEL-backed Stavros Malas. The exit polls were consistent in their error, yielding very

similar projections for the three main contenders. Cypronetwork’s poll, the largest with a sample of some 6,000 respondents, commissioned by the state broadcaster, gave Anastasiades anywhere between 49.6 to 52.6 per cent (with an average of 51.10 per cent). The margin of error was 1.5 per cent. Malas secured on average 27.3 per cent, and Lillikas took 18 per cent. Sigma’s poll gave Anastasiades 49-52 per cent, Malas 24 to 27 per cent, and Lillikas 19 to 22 per cent. In Antenna’s exit poll, Anastasiades got 48 to 52 per cent, Malas 23.5 to 26.5 per cent, and Lillikas 19.5 to 22.5 per cent. Similarly, the Mega channel reported 49 to 52 per cent for the DISY boss, 23.6 to 26 for Malas, and 20 to 22.5 per cent

for Lillikas. The results of the exit polls were announced within minutes of the ballots closing. DISY officials appearing on television talk shows shortly after seemed excited that their man might carry the day from the first Sunday. Still, hedging their bets, they erred on the side of caution. But by 7pm, halfway through the vote count, the extent of respondents’ untruthfulness became apparent. Pundits and journalists were left scratching their heads as to how the surveys could have got it so wrong. Yiannis Mavris, an elections analyst for CyBC, speculated that voters did not deliberately seek to deceive pollsters. Rather, he said, “for psychological reasons” many people just coming out of the ballot booth tend to cite the candi-

date they think is most likely to win. The final election results were: Anastasiades 45.46 per cent; Malas 26.91 per cent; and Lillikas 24.93 per cent. According to political analyst Christoforos Christoforou, the discrepancy between the actual results and the exit polls was probably due to a combination of false disclosure on the part of respondents and the methodology used by pollsters. For example, exit polls conducted by phone may not be able to reach some of the sampled respondents, however the no-response is still factored in. A series of gallups conducted during the election campaign had given Anastasiades anywhere from 42 to 48 per cent. They had also predicted a low probability for a single round of voting.

Monday, February 18, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL



AKEL leader Andros Kyprianou with a grandchild

Big Demetris and little Demetris

Nicos Anastasiades: hey look I have one too

Rolling out the grandkids By George Christou ALL THOSE expecting the usual barrage of electionday clichés were not disappointed yesterday as all candidates and party leaders made the obligatory postvoting statement in front of the cameras. In a way, the clichés are inevitable as campaigning is prohibited by law during voting hours so politicians have to restrict themselves, if they can, to praising the good work done by the election service staff and the mature behaviour of the voters. However, yesterday all the candidates engaged in some subtle election campaigning in front of the TV cameras after casting their vote. But there were still plenty of clichés. “Today, the people will speak,” declared House president Yiannakis Omirou, after voting in Paphos, getting the ball rolling with the mother of all election-day clichés. DIKO CHIEF Marios Garoyian, not surprisingly, said: “Today the people will speak,” While Stavros Malas repeated this sentiment

Children seem to be just as popular as clichés at polling stations on election day with a few more words: “For many months the politicians were speaking. Today is the day for the Cypriot people to speak.” Nicos Anastasiades did not hear anyone speaking, saying that “today people decide.” Giorgos Lillikas was more original than his rivals, his comment linked to his claim that he was the candidate of the citizens. “Power belongs in the hands of the citizens,” he said and added: “The citizens, with their decision are the ones who give meaning and substance to democracy.” It was a much more elegant way of stating the obvious. THEY ALL had to thank the election staff for doing a great job. Lillikas thanked the election service, the registrars, the civil servants and the unemployed who were hired to help out because “they allow us to have a regular elector-

al procedure.” Malas, being the government’s candidate, thanked the state services for “organising the electoral procedure impeccably,” and expressed the wish that everything would go smoothly. Anastasiades was more specific again. He wished “absolute democracy would prevail in our country,” and was certain “that this conquest would not be affected by any third party, apart from the feeling of absolute respect for the result.” Presidential and parliamentary elections have been going smoothly, without the slightest hint of trouble for the last 30 years, and everyone shows “absolute respect for the result.” Why do politicians always feel the need to express the wish the election procedure will go smoothly? Should they not take trouble-free elections for granted by now? PRESIDENT Christofias

congratulated his interior minister and the Elections Registrar for working very hard to organise the elections, but also felt obliged to express the wish for smooth elections. He hoped “these elections would go down as a model of democratic civilisation and political civilisation.” At least the president had a reason for this sentiment. “During the election campaign, this political civilisation had taken a blow,” he opined. Lillikas was in complete disagreement, as he felt “a good election campaign was held without fanaticism or anger, which honours our civilisation.” He did not specify whether he was talking about political or democratic civilisation. CHILDREN are as popular as clichés at the polling stations on election-day, for rea-

sons, presumably to do with cuteness as well as to show that poiliticians are human after all. Anastasiades’ two daughters are married and although they accompanied their father, they also brought along his three grandchildren, all sporting campaign scarves. Two were rather young and had to be held while the eldest, called Andis, proudly stood in front of grandad for the benefit of the cameras. A little girl was being held behind him, but insisted on resting her little hand on grandad’s shoulder while he was making his statement. Anastasiades not only arrived at the Lanition Gymnasium election station in Limassol with a big entourage, but there were a lot of people waiting for him as well. The grandchildren were not in the least upset by the crowd with only the

cameramen and photographers complaining about it as they could not get a shot of the candidate. NO CONGESTION was reported at the Acropolis Lyceum in Nicosia when the Lillikases arrived to vote. They brought their teenage son Orpheas who also seemed to be taking the attention in his stride, coolly standing next to his dad while he was addressing reporters; Mrs Lillikas stood further back. Orpheas even went into the voting booth with his father. The exception that proved the rule was Malas, who arrived at the Archangelos Gymnasium polling station without any of his four children. He was accompanied by his wife and AKEL deputy Nicos Katsourides who may have had the role of minder or father figure. It was a big surprise the AKEL candidate did not have a single child in tow. AKEL chief Andros Kyprianou took his grandchild to the polling station as did the Christofias. Perhaps Malas will take all four with him next Sunday.

‘Crisis not the worst Cyprus has seen’ PRESIDENT Christofias yesterday played down the economic crisis facing the country, saying it was not the worst we had experienced. “We are not living through the worst crisis the country has ever experienced,” he told gathered hacks after casting his vote yesterday morning. “Some people want to forget this,” he added. “I, every day when I say goodmorning to Pentadaktylos (mountain), remember which the biggest crisis – political, social, economic – was. A crisis that was caused by the betrayal of our country,” he said, referring to the 1974 coup and invasion. “This is why, when I go to the ballot box, from then until today, I welcome Pentadaktylos, where I come from, put my hand on my heart and vote resistance, democracy and progress,” he said and

added: “I voted resistance, democracy, progress today.” As an ordinary citizen, he would carry on fighting for the vindication of this country. “I will carry on fighting to end the presence of the symbols on Pentadaktylos which are a source of shame for the Cypriot people, including Turkish Cypriots,” he said. He also promised to tackle the international economic crisis. “I will continue to fight for the world economic crisis, which is a crisis of the system and not a Cyprus crisis caused by Christofias, to end as soon as possible and our economy to be led again to development and Cypriot citizens to affluence.” On leaving office, Christofias said he felt “disappointment because we did not succeed in solving our national problem and re-uniting our country.”

Outgoing President Demetris Christofias looks a little lonesome after he casts his vote

CYPRUS MAIL Monday, February 18, 2013



Clichés of the day “This day is about the sovereignty of the people, who decide their future (and) the future of our country” EDEK leader Yiannakis Omirou “This day is about the sovereignty of the people. It is the moment for taking on responsibility. It is the moment for taking decisions. It is the moment to overcome divisiveness” DIKO head Marios Garoyian (below)

“We the politicians have been talking for a long time, now it is the public’s turn to say what they think” AKEL-backed Stavros Malas. “I hope that we are shown a new path today, that there will be a subversion, that we will claim a new assertive national strategy to put the Cyprus problem back on its anti-occupation foundations” EDEK honorary leader Vassos Lyssarides “Let us hope that the presidential elections’ result leads Cyprus to better days ahead” Former President George Vassiliou (bottom)

“From tomorrow there will be no left-wingers, rightwingers, socialists, those in the middle or of any ideology or colour” DISY leader Nicos Anastasiades

“We have heard very many ‘I will,’ very many ‘I commit,’ and we expect on the day after the elections to be truly told about transparency, participation, unity and to launch a new era with a new economy, a true social state and green development” Green party leader Ioanna Panayiotou (below)

“When I go to vote… I greet the Pentadaktylos mountain where I come from – because Dikomo (village) lies in the foothills of Pentadaktylos – and hand in heart I vote for resistance, democracy and progress” Outgoing President Demetris Christofias “Together we can put the public in the forefront, we can bring back home to our country, we can bring economic development; together we can carve a new path to solve the Cyprus problem with national dignity. Together we can put smiles back on our children’s faces. Together we can accomplish the subversion” EDEK-backed Giorgos Lillikas

The interior ministry websites began churning out results normally shortly after 6pm as counts got underway

Hacker threat fails to derail count Group claiming to be ‘Anonymous’ tried but failed to disrupt site By Elias Hazou

“The police chief will accept the result, even if the result does not satisfy him” Police chief Michalis Papageorgiou

AUTHORITIES were on alert throughout yesterday after a self-styled hacker group threatened to disrupt the elections by targeting the government websites delivering minute-by-minute results. The threat seems to have materialised, but without the desired effect. Around 4pm one of the Interior Ministry’s websites received a barrage of emails, in an apparent attempt at overwhelming the site’s cache. However at no time did the attack succeed in taking the site offline. The Interior Ministry websites began churning out results normally shortly after 6pm.

Chief Returning Officer Andreas Assiotis: all steps were taken

A video posted on Saturday on the Internet by a group claiming to be the Cyprus branch of Anonymous called on sympathisers to launch the attack at exactly 6pm yesterday – the designated deadline for voting and the start of the ballot count.

RECORDING The recording stated: “On Sunday February 17 we invite all anonymous to join and fight, united as one with us, in the coming attack on the Cyprus elections.” The video provided a link to the targeted websites. It also had a political message: “These elections will determine the ups and downs and the new world order epidemic.

All began here with the trilateral commission and stops here with this election. “We must give a united fight and let the best win.” Earlier in the day, Chief Returning Officer Andreas Assiotis said all necessary steps had been taken to shield systems from internet attacks. “The election results will be posted under any circumstances, irrespective of any difficulties that may be caused by attempts against the electronic systems of the Interior Ministry, the results will come out on time and within the deadlines promised,” he added. There was little likelihood of the servers being compromised, Assiotis

said. However, even if an attack did take place, it would only affect the displaying of the vote count on the government sites. If that happened, he said, the results would still be posted in the “traditional way,” he said. Police chief Michalis Papageorgiou told newsmen that the police’s Electronic Crime Combat Bureau had been informed and was monitoring the situation constantly. He could not say whether the video was genuine or a practical joke. But perhaps indicative that authorities were not altogether dismissing the threat, Papageorgiou said police here would contact Europol and Interpol for help, should the need arise.

Monday, February 18, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL



Faithful asked to pray for Pope, his successor

EUROPE TODAY Thousands of Bulgarians in electricity demo TENS of thousands of Bulgarians protested in more than 20 cities against high electricity bills yesterday, piling pressure on the government after a week of persistent demonstrations. Protesters chanting “It will be the same every day until we win,” paralysed city centres and demanded the resignation of the cabinet and the re-nationalisation of power distributors. Electricity prices are politically sensitive in the European Union’s poorest member since power bills bite off a big chunk of monthly incomes, especially during the winter. Demonstrators threw eggs, bottles and fruit, burned their electricity bills and attacked the offices of power firms in five cities. More than 2,000 people blocked the highway to Greece near the southern town of Dupnitsa. In the capital Sofia, protesters blocked traffic on the famous Eagles’ Bridge and along several main roads. “We cannot stand it anymore,” said Penka Slavova, a pensioner. “My pension is 155 levs ($110) and my December bill was 175 levs. What should I do?”

Greece, Italy earthquakes TWO earthquakes have struck south-western Greece, both with preliminary magnitudes of 5 but with different epicentres, seismologists said. No injuries or damage were immediately reported. The first quake struck at 5.12am (0312 GMT) yesterday, with an epicentre beneath the seabed 69 kilometres (43 miles) south-west of the Ionian island of Zakinthos, the Athens Geodynamic Institute said. The second struck more than two hours later off the south-western shore of the Peloponnese. The US Geological Survey gave the first quake a preliminary magnitude of 4.9, and the second 5. Meanwhile, a strong earthquake rocked a rural area about 50 miles south-east of Rome, but authorities said reports indicated no damage or injuries. Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology said the quake struck at about 10.20pm (9.20pm GMT) on Saturday and had a 4.8 magnitude.

Pope goes into week-long Lenten retreat By Philip Pullella

Pope Benedict XVI leads the Angelus prayer from the window of his apartments yesterday at the Vatican

POPE Benedict asked the faithful to pray for him and for the next pope, addressing a crowded St. Peter’s Square in his penultimate Sunday address before becoming the first pontiff in centuries to resign. The crowd chanted “Long live the Pope!,” waved banners and broke into sustained applause as he spoke from his window. The 85-year-old Benedict, who will resign on February 28, thanked them in several languages. Speaking in Spanish, he told the crowd which the Vatican said numbered more than 50,000: “I beg you to continue praying for me and for the next pope”. It was not clear why the pope chose Spanish to make the only specific reference to his upcoming resignation in his Sunday address. A number of cardinals have said they would be open to the possibility of a pope from the developing world, be it Latin America, Africa or Asia, as opposed to another from Europe, where the Church is crisis and polarised. After his address, the pope retired into the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace for a sched-

uled, week-long spiritual retreat and will not make any more public appearances until next Sunday. Speaking in Italian in part of his address about Lent, the period when Christians reflect on their failings and seek guidance in prayer, the pope spoke of the difficulty of making important decisions. “In decisive moments of life, or, on closer inspection, at every moment in life, we are at a crossroads: do we want to follow the ‘I’ or God? The individual interest or the real good, that which is really good?” he said.

DIFFICULT DECISION Since his shock announcement last Monday, the pope has said several times that he made the difficult decision to become the first pope in more than six centuries to resign for the good of the Church. “In a funny way he is even more peaceful now with this decision, unlike the rest of us, he is not somebody who gets choked up really easily,” said Greg Burke, a senior media advisor to the Vatican. “I think that has a lot to do with his spiritual life and who he is and the fact he is such a prayerful man,” Burke told

Reuters Television. The pope has said his physical and spiritual forces are no longer strong enough to sustain him in the job of leading the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics at a time of difficulties for the Church in a fastchanging world. Benedict’s papacy was rocked by crises over the sex abuse of children by priests in Europe and the United States, most of which preceded his time in office but came to light during it. His reign also saw Muslim anger after he compared Islam to violence. Jews were upset over his rehabilitation of a Holocaust denier. During a scandal over the Church’s business dealings, his butler was convicted of leaking his private papers. People in the crowd said the pope was a shadow of the man he was when elected on April 19, 2005. “Like always, recently, he seemed tired, moved, perplexed, uncertain and insecure,” said Stefan Malabar, an Italian in St. Peter’s Square. The Vatican has said the conclave to choose his successor could start earlier than originally expected, giving the Roman Catholic Church a new leader by mid-March.

Judges slammed over deportation THE UK’s Home Secretary Theresa May has accused judges of “subverting” British democracy and making the streets of Britain more dangerous by ignoring new rules aimed at deporting more foreign criminals. In a scathing attack, she vowed to introduce primary legislation to restrict the human rights of offenders after a minority of the judiciary decided to “ignore parliament’s wishes”. But she warned the delay in getting that on to the statute book would inevitably mean “more victims of violent crimes committed by foreigners in this country”. MPs approved new guidance for judges in July last year making clear the right to a family life - set out in Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights - was only qualified. The change was designed to end a string of cases where it was used to justify granting foreign criminals the right to remain in the UK rather than being deported. Labour questioned at the time whether the guidance would be sufficient to override the precedent set by earlier cases and said it

would support primary legislation. But writing in the Mail on Sunday, the Home Secretary pinned the blame squarely on the judges who have “got it into their heads that Article an absolute, unqualified right”. She said: “Unfortunately, some judges evidently do not regard a debate in parliament on new immigration rules, followed by the unanimous adoption of those rules, as evidence that parliament actually wants to see those new rules implemented,” she wrote. One judge, she noted, had justified his decision on the basis that the new guidance had been subject only to “a weak form of parliamentary scrutiny”. “It is essential to democracy that the elected representatives of the people make the laws that govern this country - and not the judges,” she wrote. “Yet some judges seem to believe that they can ignore parliament’s wishes if they think that the procedures for parliamentary scrutiny have been ‘weak’. That appears actually to mean that they can ignore parliament when they think it came to the wrong conclusion.”

British Home Secretary Theresa May vowed to introduce legislation to restrict the human rights of offenders

Dame Vivienne Westwood offers Duchess of Cambridge advice FASHION icon Dame Vivienne Westwood has called on the Duchess of Cambridge to stop buying so many different outfits and instead make more of an effort to be environmentally friendly. Before her London Fashion Week showcase at the Saatchi Gallery today, Dame Vivienne said that when Kate goes to so much effort to get an outfit that looks good, she should wear it more often.

The designer, who believes in quality over quantity, disapproves of Kate’s expansive wardrobe. She said: “I don’t have any advice to give her, except I think it would be great if she wore the same clothes over and again, because that’s very good for the environment and it would send out a very nice message. “If you’re going to all that trouble to get an outfit that suits you, then you should keep on wearing it.

“I mean you don’t have to have a red outfit one day and then something almost the same in blue the next.” Westwood, dressed in her usual wacky style with an image of Julian Assange on her T-shirt, said yesterday’s Red Label collection also carried the theme of quality over quantity - but that does not mean less glamour. “It’s for anybody that wants to dress up quite wonderfully glam-

orous. “All I can say is it’s quite a short collection this time because what I’m trying to aim for in my second line and all my offshoot products is to just keep aiming for quality all the time and have less quantity. “I’m just trying to do a quality choice for people to wear something that really helps them to look good. “That’s what fashion is here for. It’s here to help,” she said.

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35 killed in car bomb attacks in Baghdad

Israeli PM defiant in mystery prisoner row

A SERIES of car bombs exploded within minutes of each other as Iraqis were out shopping in and around Baghdad yesterday, killing at least 35 people in mainly Shiite areas. The attacks, as yet unclaimed by any group, come amid rising sectarian discord in Iraq and appear aimed at shaking Iraqis’ confidence in the Shiite-led government. The explosions struck at the start of the local work week and primarily targeted outdoor markets. Violence in Iraq has fallen since the height of sectarian fighting in 2006 and 2007, but insurgents still frequently launch lethal attacks against security forces and civilians. It was at least the third time this month that attacks have claimed more than 20 lives in a single day. The detonation of a parked car loaded with explosives in the sprawling Shiite district of Sadr City heralded the start of the attacks yesterday morning. Two more parked cars later exploded elsewhere in the neighbourhood. Nima Khadum, a government employee who lives in Sadr City, said the explosions shattered the windows of his house. He said the air afterward was heavy with smoke while burning cars littered the street and the bodies of the dead and wounded lay nearby. Khadum added: “The scene was a bloody one that brought to my mind the painful memories of the violent past. “I don’t see the benefit of security checkpoints that only cause traffic jams and don’t do anything to secure Baghdad. The government, with its failing security forces, bears full responsibility for the bloodshed today.” Other blasts hit the Baghdad neighbourhood of alAmin, an open-air market in Husseiniya, just north-east of the capital, and in the Kamaliya area in Baghdad’s eastern suburbs. Another car bomb exploded near street vendors and a police car in the central commercial district of Karradah. Police and hospital officials provided the death toll and said more than 130 people were wounded.

ISRAEL’S prime minister yesterday defended the actions of his country’s security forces following a public uproar over the mysterious death of a man who apparently hanged himself while being held secretly in a maximum-security prison. Israel has said little about the case, but Australian media have said the man, identified as Ben Zygier, was an Australian immigrant to Israel who served in the Mossad spy agency at the time of his death in December 2010. Zygier was reportedly imprisoned for unspecified security offences. In his first comments on the affair, Benjamin Netanyahu said he “completely trusts” Israel’s security forces and legal system. He said that freedom of expression is important, but Israel faces extraordinary threats and therefore must keep silent on some details of national security affairs like this one. “We are not like all other countries,” Netanyahu told his Cabinet. “We are more threatened, more challenged, and therefore we have to ensure the proper activity of our security forces. “Allow the security forces to work quietly so we can continue to live securely and safely,” he added. The affair, suppressed by Israeli authorities until Australia’s national broadcaster broke the story last week, has shone a rare spotlight on the murky dealings of Mossad and brought scrutiny on Israel’s system of military censorship and gag orders.

The remains of a suicide bomber’s vehicle after an attack at St.Johns Catholic church in Bauchi last September. No group has yet taken responsibility for the abduction of seven foreigners in Bauchi state yesterday

Gunmen in Nigeria kidnap 7 foreigners By Bello Buhari GUNMEN kidnapped seven foreigners and killed a security guard when they stormed the compound of Lebanese construction company Setraco in northern Nigeria’s Bauchi state early yesterday, police said. Those abducted were a Briton, an Italian, a Greek and four Lebanese workers, including two women, police and local government officials said. This was the worst case of foreigners being kidnapped in the mostly-Muslim north of Africa’s most populous country since an insurgency by Islamist militants intensified nearly two years ago. No one took responsibility for the raid but northern Nigeria is plagued by attacks and kidnappings by Islamist groups. Al Qaeda-aligned group Ansaru, which rose to prominence only in recent months, claimed the kidnap in December of a French na-


Abductees include Greek, Briton, Italian, Lebanese tional who is still missing. Bauchi Police Chief Mohammed Ladan said the gunmen attacked a police station and a prison overnight before storming the construction firm’s compound in the town of Jama’are. “We repelled the attack on the police station and the security men at the prison yard also repelled the attack, but they burnt two vehicles in Jama’are police station,” Ladan said. “They then attacked Setraco construction, killed a local security guard and they succeeded in kidnapping people.” Police said they were intensifying efforts to track down the kidnappers in the areas around Jama’are, a remote town around 300 miles (480 km) north-east of the capital Abuja. Setraco did not

respond to requests for comment. The Italian and Greek foreign ministries confirmed that one of their nationals was taken in the raid. Britain said it was investigating. Islamist group Ansaru’s full name is Jama’atu Ansarul Musilimina Fi Biladis Sudan, which roughly translates as “Vanguards for the Protection of Muslims in Black Africa”. It claimed responsibility for a dawn raid on a major police station in the Nigerian capital last year, where it said hundreds of prisoners were released. Last month, it attacked a convoy of Nigerian troops en route to deployment in Mali. The group said the abduction of the Frenchman last year was motivated by France’s ban of the full-face



veil and its support for military action against Islamist insurgents in Mali. Kidnapping of foreigners for ransom has been common in Nigeria’s southern oil region for years but abductions by radical Islamists in the north began only last year. Britain in November put Ansaru on its official “terrorist group” list, saying it was aligned with al Qaeda and was behind the kidnap of a British and a Italian killed last year during a failed rescue attempt. Ansaru is thought to have loose ties to Boko Haram, which has killed hundreds during a three-year-long insurgency focused mostly on Nigerian security forces, religious targets and politicians, rather than foreigners. Boko Haram wants to carve out an Islamic state in a country of 160 million split roughly equally between Christians and Muslims. It poses the biggest threat to stability in Africa’s top oilproducing state.

Defiant: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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Ecuador votes, Correa heading for a new term

WORLD TODAY Law amended BANGLADESH’S parliament, meeting demands of protesters thronging the capital, amended a law yesterday allowing the state to appeal any verdict in war crimes trials it deems inadequate and out of step with public opinion. Tens of thousands of demonstrators jamming central Shahbag Square for the 13th day burst into cheers amid driving rain as the assembly approved the changes. The protesters have been demanding the death penalty for war crimes after a tribunal this month sentenced a prominent Islamist to life in prison in connection with Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence from Pakistan. The life sentence pronounced on Abdul Quader Mollah, assistant Secretary General of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, for murder, rape and torture had stunned many Bangladeshis.

Heavy spending make him poor’s favourite By Brian Ellsworth ECUADOREANS voted for president yesterday and were almost certain to give incumbent Rafael Correa a new term to advance an agenda of socialist economics and an expansion of state power that critics call authoritarian. Victory for Correa would cheer the leftist ALBA bloc of Latin American and Caribbean nations at a time when the group’s indisputable leader, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, is struggling to recover from cancer. Foreign investors will watch a new Correa term closely for signs he will woo cash from abroad more vigorously to raise stagnant oil production and kick-start the nascent mining industry after years of confrontation with oil compa-

nies and bondholders. Heavy state spending to expand access to healthcare, pave decrepit roads and build schools have given the combative economist a strong base of support among the South American nation’s poor. Opinion polls show Correa leading his closest rival by more than 35 percentage points. “The beauty of an electoral democracy is that citizens have their future in their hands. So it’s time to vote,” he said after voting in Quito yesterday. Critics say Correa is a despot who tolerates no dissent and is intent on amassing power. But the opposition’s inability to unite behind a single candidate - seven opposition aspirants are running - has helped give Correa a comfortable lead. Former banker Guillermo Lasso is Correa’s nearest rival in the polls but surveys

show him with only between 9 per cent and 15 per cent of the vote. Correa has built an image of nationalist man-of-the-people through theatrical confrontation with oil companies and Wall Street investors. The only Ecuadorean president in the past 20 years to complete a full term in office, Correa is admired for bringing political stability to a nation where leaders had been frequently toppled by violent street protests or military coups. “Correa has done lots of good things, like improving the roads, education and the health system. If he wins, he has to tackle crime,” said Victor Jimenez, 55, an auto mechanic, outside a voting station in the coastal city of Guayaquil. Polls were scheduled to close at 5pm EST (2200 GMT).

The Ecuadorean opposition’s inability to unite behind a single candidate - seven oppostion aspirants are running - has helped give Correa (C) a comfortable lead

Chavez rival facing corruption charges PROSECUTORS plan to bring corruption charges against a prominent opponent of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, claiming he misspent public funds by using them to launch an organisation that has become one of the country’s most popular political parties. Opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez allegedly accepted donations from the country’s state-run oil company Petroleos de Venezuela in 1998, prosecutors said in a statement on Saturday. Lopez was summoned to appear before prosecutors next month. The donations were purportedly authorised by the politician’s mother, Antonietta Mendoza de Lopez, when she was working for the state-run company known as PDVSA, its Spanish acronym. Lopez allegedly guided the donations to a close associate to form First Justice, an organisation that later become one of the South American country’s most popular political parties.

Lopez has been summoned to appear before prosecutors next month Former Caracas district mayor Lopez has denied any wrongdoing. In a message posted on the Twitter social networking site, Lopez said the accusations are politically motivated. “Instead of persecuting criminals, they persecute dissidence!” he wrote. Fellow opposition leaders, including Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma, defended Lopez. “Our solidarity is with Leopoldo Lopez,” Ledezma said in a tweet. “He will not be alone!”

Landslide toll LANDSLIDES and floods triggered by torrential rain in northern Indonesia have killed at least 10 people and sent hundreds fleeing for safe ground. Disaster official Sutopo Purwo Nugroho says mud and rocks cascaded down hills yesterday in seven sub-districts of Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi province, while more than 1,000 houses were flooded after downpours caused a river to burst its banks. He says nine bodies were pulled from the mud and wreckage of crumpled homes and another from the water. About 1,200 people fled to temporary shelters. Rescuers are searching for those who may still be buried.

NATO backs ban NATO will work with the country’s defence leadership to implement a ban by President Hamid Karzai on Afghan forces using NATO air strikes in residential areas, the new NATO commander in Afghanistan, US General Joseph Dunford, said yesterday. Karzai announced on Saturday that he would issue a decree banning Afghan security forces from requesting NATO air strikes on “Afghan homes or villages”.

Mounting anger over Pakistan attacks PAKISTANI Shi’ites called on the military yesterday to take control of the city of Quetta after a bombing by Sunni militants killed 85 people, and threatened to stage a long march to the capital if their demands were not met. Pakistani leaders have done little to contain hardline Sunni Muslim groups which have stepped up a campaign of bombings and assassinations of minority Shi’ites in a bid to destabilise the nuclear-armed country and install a Sunni theocracy.

The unpopular government, which is gearing up for elections expected within months, faces growing anger for failing to deliver stability. On Saturday, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), seen as the most ruthless Sunni sectarian group, claimed responsibility for the Quetta attack, which deepened suspicions among Shi’ites that Pakistan’s intelligence agencies were turning a blind eye to the bloodshed or even supporting extremists.

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Germany wants EU-US free trade deal to be all-inclusive GERMAN Economy Minister Philipp Roesler wants the European Union and the United States to reach a comprehensive transatlantic free trade agreement rather than settle for the limited deal some southern EU nations favour. Roesler told Der Spiegel magazine yesterday he and the German government want a sweeping free trade deal, while France and southern EU nations, by contrast, want to protect their agriculture industry with regulations and also keep out genetically modified US foodstuffs, the magazine said. Roesler has

The United States and the European Union aim to start negotiating a vast free trade pact by June backing from a study by the Ifo economic institute think tank that said the advantages of the free trade zone would be larger with a comprehensive deal. "We're striving to achieve a major breakthrough and we're not just looking for a minimal consensus," Roesler told Der Spiegel. "It would be damaging to put limits on the agenda for the talks be-

forehand and exclude certain sectors." The Ifo study, carried out for the Economy Ministry, found that per capita gross domestic product (GDP) would rise by 0.1 per cent in the EU and 0.2 per cent in the United States with the free trade deal if only customs barriers were abolished. But more could be expected if the governments intro-

duced common technical standards, safety standards and competition rules, Ifo said. The United States and the EU aim to start negotiating a vast free trade pact by June, but the plan faces many hurdles before it could help revive the world's top two economies. The deal would be the most ambitious since the founding

of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995, embracing half of world output and a third of trade. But after a year of preparatory discussions between Brussels and Washington, major differences remain, such as EU resistance to importing US foodstuffs that are genetically modified. Once the US Congress is notified and all 27 EU states as-

Volkswagen CEO to take 20pct pay cut for 2012

Abu Dhabi's Etihad needs to revise Jet Airways deal

VOLKSWAGEN AG) Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn will be paid 14 million euros for 2012, 20 per cent less than the previous year, German magazine Der Spiegel reported yesterday. Der Spiegel, which did not cite sources, also said VW's supervisory board would decide on a new compensation package for all management board members at its next meeting on February 22. In future, bonuses will only be paid to board members if the company's profit reaches at least 5 billion euros, the magazine reported. VW declined to comment. Winterkorn himself proposed that he should take a pay cut. Current rules on executive pay, would boost Winterkorn's total compensation for 2012 to about 20 million euros from a record 17.5 million euros in 2011, a company official previously said.

Rates These Bank of Cyprus rates for telegraphic transfer transactions (spot deals) apply to yesterday, but provide a good guide to today’s value against the euro. Buying Selling Pound St

0.8193 0.8111

US Dollar

1.3123 1.2993

Australian $


Canadian Dol.

1.3123 1.2799

Swiss Fr

1.2183 1.2037

Denmark Kr

7.5520 7.3656

Japan Yen


104.9610 103.7090

Norwegian Kr

7.5035 7.3183

Polish Zloty



Romanian Leu 4.6680 4.4850 Russian Ruble 41.1237 40.1083 Swedish Kr

8.7268 8.5114

sent to the talks going ahead, the sides hope for a deal by the end of 2014 - a tight deadline in international trade talks. The deal has support at the highest level - it was mentioned by US President Barack Obama in his speech to Congress and cast as a central pillar of Britain's G8 presidency this year. With import tariffs between the two already limited, at an average of 4 per cent, talks will focus on harmonizing standards - from car seat belts to household cleaning products - and regulations governing services.

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian (R) speaks with French troops during the opening of the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre in the Emirati capital yesterday

ETIHAD Airways needs to revise its deal to buy a stake in India's Jet Airways and it is too soon to say when a final agreement will be struck, the Abu Dhabi airline's chairman told Reuters yesterday. Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed al-Nahayan, speaking on the sidelines of a defence exhibition in the UAE capital, said officials would meet Indian Trade Minister Anand Sharma to discuss the deal. Asked if a Jet deal would be signed by March or April, Sheikh Hamed said: "I don't know ... we need to revise it." The terms of the possible deal have not been disclosed, but a government source said earlier this month Etihad was in talks to pick up a 24 per cent stake in Jet for up to $330 million. Asked if a Jet deal would be finalided soon, Sheikh Hamed said: "It's too early to decide." Sheikh Hamed, who is also managing director of sovereign wealth fund Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, did not specify why the deal needs to be revised. "We need to talk with the Indians about other issues ... including this," he said. The deal would be the first foreign investment in India's aviation industry since the government relaxed ownership rules last September.

Novartis golden handshake angers shareholders, politicians PHARMA group Novartis' decision to pay up to 72 million Swiss francs ($77.94 million) to outgoing chairman Daniel Vasella has unleashed a wave of indignation among activist shareholders and politicians. Vasella will receive the "golden handshake" in tranches of 12 million francs over six years if he respects the non-competition clauses of his contract, triggering criticism across political camps. "This self-serve mentality undermines confidence in the economy as a whole. It causes enormous damage to the social cohesion in our country," socialist justice minister Simonetta Sommaruga told Swiss Sunday newspaper Sonntagsblick. Vasella, who has been chairman of Novartis since 1999, serving as both chairman and CEO for 11 years from 1999 to 2010, gave details on the amount he is

entitled to on Friday, following reports on website He said in a statement Novartis would pay him a maximum of 72 million francs "according to fair market value" if he refrained from making his knowledge and know-how available to competitors, adding he intended to donate the whole amount, net of taxes, to charity. Novartis spokesman Eric Althoff said Vasella did not wish to comment further before Friday's annual general meeting in Basel, at which he is not going to stand for re-election as chairman. Vasella faces stiff criticism from activist shareholder groups. "This is scandalous," Roby Tschopp, head of shareholder group Actares, told Reuters. "All we can do is try to motivate as many shareholders as possible to refuse to discharge the board of direc-

tors on Friday." He said, however, it was unlikely a majority of shareholders would refuse to grant discharge of liability to the board because information on Vasella's golden handshake had come too late to be taken into account by some bigger shareholder groups. "It only came out because it was leaked. That is not a transparent way of communicating," Tschopp said. Swiss newspaper NZZ am Sonntag reported another small shareholder group, Ethos, would also refuse to grant discharge. The news on Vasella's million-franc package is likely to boost support for a March 3 referendum to give shareholders a veto over excessive manager pay. Polls published on Sunday showed almost two thirds of Swiss voters favour the initiative, the brainchild of businessman Thomas Minder.

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Malas did well but winning is out of the question IN THE END, there will be a run-off election on Sunday between DISY leader Nicos Anastasiades and AKEL candidate Stavros Malas who edged out Giorgos Lillikas by two percentage points. Anastasiades who took 45.4 per cent of the vote yesterday will be the clear favourite as he has a substantial lead over Malas and would need only a quarter of the Lillikas votes, which are now up for grabs, to reach the winning target of 50.1 per cent. There are many ways to interpret yesterday’s voting as the representatives of the candidates appearing on television panels showed. DISY representatives were quick to point out that almost 75 per cent of the electorate had given the thumbs down to the AKEL government of President Christofias; AKEL representatives argued that if abstentions were taken into account, six out of 10 voters did not support Anastasiades. Both camps claimed their candidate was the winner, but AKEL would have a little more trouble proving this considering Malas received only 26.9 per cent of the vote. Then again this was a very good showing indeed, considering he is a man with no political experience, standing for the party whose government is largely responsible for leading the country to the brink of bankruptcy. It is quite astonishing that more than a quarter of Cypriot voters could still back the candidate of a ruling party that proved its emphatic inability to govern over the last five years. AKEL discipline is obviously very strong and the number of hard-core followers is very big. Over the next few days, both candidates will try to lure the voters of Lillikas, who secured an impressive 24.9 per cent of the vote, with the official backing of only EDEK, the electoral strength of which is no more than 8 per cent. The rest of the Lillikas voters were disaffected DIKO supporters (led by Nicholas Papadopoulos) and people, from other parties that back a hard-line on the Cyprus problem. Malas is already talking about forming a national unity government, in the hope of luring EDEK but no matter what he promises the party, this would be extremely difficult to achieve. EDEK had backed Demetris Christofias in 2008 and abandoned his government, in which it participated for a couple of years, in acrimonious circumstances. It is highly unlikely it would enter an alliance with AKEL again. As for the Papadopoulos faction in DIKO, there is no way it would do a deal with AKEL. In short, Malas should consider it a big success that he is in the run-off, but winning it is out of the question, as opinion polls on a possible Malas-Anastasiades contest have consistently shown.

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Messy transitions eclipse Arab Spring’s earlier hope Analysis Alistair Lyon


wo years on, the euphoria has long gone. The flame of revolt that first flared in Tunisia, previously one of the Arab world’s quietest corners, consumed autocrats there, in neighbouring Egypt and, more violently, in Libya. Contained in Bahrain, it flickered on in Yemen where in time a veteran leader was pushed aside. In Syria, it is still being fiercely fought over. All Arab countries have felt the heat. Gritty political transitions are under way in nations where “revolution” has triumphed, ushering in contests over power, identity and religion, continued economic and social malaise, new opportunities for Islamist radicals, lawlessness and a surge in sexual violence against women that has gained publicity. Among a host of unintended consequences is an outflow of weapons and fighters from Libya after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi that has helped to destabilise neighbouring Mali. Another is rising tension between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims across a region already buffeted by rivalry between Shi’ite Iran and US-aligned Sunni powers led by Saudi Arabia. In Bahrain, the Saudis helped to crush protests led by the Shi’ite majority, and in Syria, mainly Sunni rebels are battling Iran’s principal Arab ally, President Bashar al-Assad, whose rule is built around his Shi’iterooted Alawite minority. Many Arabs are proud of their new freedom to speak out and to take to the streets against real and perceived wrongs, but it has proved trickier than many expected to create prosperity, fill power vacuums left by entrenched rulers and convert police states into stable democracies governed by the rule of law. Unemployment, poverty and rising prices, which helped to fuel the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt, remain grievances in economies hit by unrest that has deterred tourists and foreign investors. “Our basic demand was work and dignity, but now under the Islamists we don’t have either,” said Aymen Ben Slimane, an unemployed young man in the Tunisian capital. “We have no confidence in them to achieve the goals of our revolution.” The recent assassination of opposition politician Chokri Belaid plunged Tunisia into its worst crisis since the uprising and raised fears of violence in a country where an Islamist-led government faces strong liberal and secular opposition. Zouhour Layouni, a 22-year-old student in a headscarf, said Tunisia had won freedom of expression and could accommodate differences between Islamists like her and their opponents. “The assassination of Belaid is an exception,” she said. “Now we ask secular people to give us time and they will see the results. Our hope is that Tunisia will be united.” Tunisia’s troubles and those of other Arab nations in early stages of transition should come as no surprise.

It has proved trickier than expected to create prosperity, fill power vacuums left by entrenched rulers and convert police states into stable democracies governed by the rule of law “These revolutions require a long-term perspective. It would have been unrealistic to think that in two years these countries would have transformed themselves into perfectly functioning democracies,” said Eric Goldstein of Human Rights Watch. “It’s important not to underestimate how much 25 years of dictatorship and the politics of fear and intimidation have distorted the political landscape,” he said, adding that Tunisian political parties lacked experience in negotiating their differences peacefully. “They are learning as they go.” Well-organised Islamist groups such as Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Tunisia’s Ennahda party have won elections after revolts they did not start, but after years of preaching that “Islam is the solution” both have collided with the complexity of managing modern economies and governing unruly societies. “People are angry because they feel the revolution did not

change their lives,” Ennahda’s leader Rached Ghannouchi told Reuters, acknowledging how hard it is to meet popular expectations raised by the overthrow of Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. Relatively moderate Islamist parties face pressure from ultraorthodox Salafis, whose drive to write stricter codes into new constitutions and laws dismays their liberal opponents. Some Salafis, but by no means all, are ready to pursue their goals through violence. The attacks on US diplomatic missions in Tunis, Cairo and Benghazi in September, following an anti-Islam video that surfaced in America, illustrated the danger. A smattering of Arab voices reflecting on the ferment of the last two years provides individual insights, even if they cannot encompass the complexity of changes in the Middle East that will take years, if not decades, to shake down. In Egypt, liberal activist Abdelrahman Mansour, who helped

‘...there was no systematic thought about what should positively replace these (totalitarian) systems, and building good ones has been far harder than anticipated’

organise protests on January 25, 2011 that snowballed into an uprising against Hosni Mubarak, said Islamists had failed to bring Mubarak-era officials to account or to establish a real democratic transition after an interim period of military rule. “Instead, Islamists staged a series of power grabs that marginalised other political forces,” he said, arguing that the military and their Islamist successors had sidelined youth groups and others who had prepared plans for reform of the interior ministry, judiciary and other state institutions. “Their aim was to contain the revolution and its youth by convincing the average Egyptian citizen that the youth were the ones destroying the revolution, not the ones who ignited it.” Samir Wisamee, an Islamist activist, said Mubarak’s removal and the holding of free and fair elections were major gains, but also lamented “the lack of accountability within the Interior Ministry and the cycle of violence that plagues the country”. While hundreds of people have died in unrest in post-Mubarak Egypt, the violence is dwarfed by that in Syria, where the United Nations says nearly 70,000 have now been killed since a revolt against Assad began with peaceful protests in March 2011. Syrian opposition campaigner Fawaz Tello, now in exile, said he was saddened by the human cost of freedom extracted by Assad’s “savage” ruling system and by international inaction. But his biggest disappointment was a Syrian opposition that he said lacked leadership, political acumen and administrative skill. “It has not managed to connect effectively with the spirit of the revolution and it is responsible for corrupting the revolt by trying to buy loyalties of the rebels,” he said. “But I’m proud that a defenceless people who have challenged a totalitarian system that has been strengthening itself for the last half a century are on their way to victory,” Tello said. After so much carnage, the outcome of Syria’s conflict is far from clear. Nor can anyone be sure what will emerge in other countries where Arabs rose up for freedom and dignity. Nathan Brown, at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said the uprisings expressed “disgust in the prevailing political order and a hope that if societies could just get their politics right they would solve their pressing problems”. Structures that kept self-serving Arab leaders in power had been toppled, “but there was no systematic thought about what should positively replace these systems, and building good ones has been far harder than anticipated”, he said. “The biggest obstacle to such a process in Egypt and Tunisia the two most hopeful countries two years ago - has not been the actions or attitudes of any particular actor but the deep polarisation among various camps and the inability to bridge differences or even find a common language.”  Alistair Lyon is Reuters’ Special Correspondent for the Middle East

CYPRUS MAIL Monday, February 18, 2013



Willis buys $8m home in NY

Second time a Papa: Grant already has a daughter

BRUCE Willis has purchased a new $8-million home in New York. The 57-year-old actor - who has daughters Mabel, 10 months, with wife Emma Heming-Willis and Rumer, 24, Scout, 21, and Tallulah, 19, with ex-wife Demi Moore - has splashed out on a luxurious new apartment on Central Park West. A source told gossip website RadarOnline. com that the ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ star bought the property from U2 bassist Adam Clayton, who put on the market in October for $8.695 million. The 1930s apartment, located in the prestigious El Dorado building in which Bono and Alec Baldwin also previously owned homes, is described as an “art deco gem” that offers views of Central Park from the large master suite and two other rooms. It also boasts three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and was converted into two separate units by Adam with a custom-made kitchen, slate countertops and terrazzo floors. Bruce previously lived in Central Park

New son is born to Hugh Grant

Romanian cinema triumphs again with top Berlin award

HUGH Grant announced on Saturday that he had become a father for the second time after Tinglan Hong gave birth to a baby boy. “In answer to some journos (journalists),” the British actor posted on the social media website Twitter, “am thrilled my daughter now has a brother. Adore them both to an uncool degree. They have a fab mum.” “And to be crystal clear. I am the Daddy,” he added in a second tweet. Grant, 52, who is best known for such films as Notting Hill and About a Boy, did not reveal the child’s name on Twitter. The actor and Hong had their first child in 2011, when his spokeswoman said in a statement that the baby girl was the result of a “fleeting affair” but Grant “could not be happier or more supportive”. Days later, Hong won a court injunction in Britain “prohibiting harassment” of her and the child after she complained that paparazzi had made her life unbearable. Grant is a strident critic of Britain’s tabloid newspaper culture. On his Twitter message on Saturday, Grant mentioned that the press had obtained his baby boy’s birth certificate and were making inquiries. “Now I’ve confirmed ... hoping my family will be left in peace,” he wrote.

West with Demi. He also has homes in Ketchum, Idaho, and two mansions in Beverly Hills. Bruce recently revealed that he sometimes takes on film roles simply to entertain his children. He said: “Hopefully my parenting techniques in real life are not about the entertainment of the masses. They are just the entertainment of my children, my four daughters. “I get a huge kick out of trying to make my kids laugh. It’s a great job to try to do the best job you can.” In the latest installment of the Die Hard series, Willis reprises the lead role of John McClane, who travels to Russia to help his estranged son, Jack (Jai Courtney), out of prison, but is soon caught in the crossfire of a terrorist plot. Unfortunately, unlike the previous films in the series, which received mostly mixed to positive reviews, A Good Day to Die Hard had been widely panned by critics.

Netzer’s Child’s Pose takes Golden Bear

The Die Hard actor has splashed out on a luxurious new apartment in New York City’s Central Park West

The film, directed by Calin Peter Netzer (pictured) is the latest in a long list of Romanian critical hits in cinema

By Mike Collett-White ROMANIA claimed another major scalp on the European film festival circuit this weekend when Child’s Pose won the Golden Bear in Berlin, underlining the country’s emergence as a powerhouse of hard-hitting cinema in the post-Communist era. The film, directed by Calin Peter Netzer, tells the story of Cornelia, an obsessive mother who uses every trick in the book to prevent her son from going to jail after he kills a boy in a car accident. It is the latest in a long list of critical hits that have enjoyed success at festivals like Berlin and Cannes in recent years, helping to bring Romania’s cinema to a wider audience. Some of Romania’s top directors, who have enjoyed the artistic freedom that flourished after the death of Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989, dismiss talk of a cinematic “new wave”, saying it lumps together very different styles and stories. But ever since Cristi Puiu’s The Death of Mr. Lazarescu hit Cannes in 2005, and two

years later his compatriot Cristian Mungiu won the coveted Palme d’Or there for the harrowing abortion drama 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, Romanian cinema has been firmly on the map. “It is an acknowledgement, I think, that Romanian cinema is still producing good quality cinema and has been for a few years and it is a good endowment that it is still like this,” Netzer said after receiving the Golden Bear for best film.

While each film differs, there is a common thread of unflinching storytelling and compelling human drama often laid out against the backdrop of a cold and uncaring society. Netzer said Child’s Pose was not a critique of Romania today, despite its unflattering portrayal of flashy materialism and casual corruption among the nouveau riche. “I think basically this is about a relationship, a kind of pathological relationship between

mother and son,” he told reporters in Berlin after the closing ceremony late on Saturday. “The rest - the corruption, the framework, the context, all of that is on a separate level and is really only a backdrop.” Paulina Garcia was the popular winner of the best actress Silver Bear for her turn in Chilean film Gloria, in which she plays a 58-year-old divorcee who sets out to live life to the full despite her setbacks. The biggest surprise at the

Berlin awards ceremony was the best actor prize going to Nazif Mujic, a Bosnian Roma who had never acted before and had to be talked into playing himself in a drama based on his real-life ordeal. Best director went to US filmmaker David Gordon Green for his quirky road movie Prince Avalanche and Iranian entry Closed Curtain picked up the best script prize for directors Kamboziya Partovi and Jafar Panahi.

Former EastEnders actor Gaffney back on TV after crash

Gaffney was seen with a visible scar on his forehead

Ex-EastEnder Dean Gaffney has strutted his stuff on television just weeks after being involved in a serious car crash. The 35-year-old actor took part in the first heat of Let’s Dance for Comic Relief alongside fellow former soap stars Claire Sweeney, Natalie Cassidy and Ricky Groves - the latter in drag to perform to a song from the musical Hairspray. Gaffney, who shot to fame playing Robbie Jackson in the BBC soap, was knocked unconscious in the accident when his car went into the central

reservation of a road in Derbyshire. The soap quartet went through to the final after winning the judges’ vote at the expense of boxer Ricky Hatton, who donned facepaint and a figurehugging catsuit to perform to Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You”. Speaking after their performance, Gaffney - who had a visible scar running down his forehead - said he felt it was important for him to take part. He said: “It is all for charity. Comic Relief is a great cause.” An often chaotic programme saw stand-up comic Tim Vine go through

to the final after an energetic routine set to Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body”. Other acts included Destiny’s Dad the comics Hal Cruttenden and Mark Dolan with radio presenter Shaun Keaveny - taking off Destiny’s Child while showing off a little too much flesh. Comedian Olivia Lee was the first person voted out despite a Lady Gaga-themed dance featuring a real dog. Hatton also took on Vine in a friendly karaoke session as they battled to do their best Elvis impression.





Giorgos Lillikas with his son

day, February 18, 2013

15 Television






Nicos Anastasiades after casting his vote

Stavros Malas at the polls


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This is 40 (18) Rio 3 at 7.40pm. Tel: 25871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 2) at 7.40pm Les Miserables (K) Rio 6 at 10pm, weekends at 5pm Life of Pi (K) Rio 5, weekends only at 2.30 and 5pm. Tel: 25-871410; KCineplex (Screen 5) at 5.25pm, weekends also at 3pm Hotel Transylvania (K) Rio 3 (in Greek, in 3D), weekends only at 2.30, 4.15 and 6pm. Tel: 25-871410; KCineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.25pm, weekends only at 3.20pm

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Gambit (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 5.30, 8 and 10.10pm, weekends also at 3.20pm Sammy’s Great Escape (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) (in Greek) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 3.20pm

Exhibition Etching, Printing and Poster Exhibition Group exhibition featuring content of a cultural and political nature. Opens February 18, 7.30pm until March 2. Opus 39 Gallery, 21 Kimonos Street, Nicosia. Monday: 5pm-8pm. Tuesday-Friday: 10.30am-12.30pm and 5pm-8pm. Tel: 22-424983

Theatre Katsarida Pocket musical combining physical theatre with stand-up comedy. February 18-19. ARTos Foundation, 64, Ay. Omoloyites Ave, Nicosia. 9pm. In Greek. €15. Tel: 99-201959

Tomorrow Exhibition Olga Spanou Solo art exhibition. Opens February 19, 7.30pm until March 5. Gallery Gloria, 3 Zinonos Sozou Street, Nicosia. Monday-Friday: 10.30pm-12.45pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10.30pm12.45pm. Tel: 22-760286

Dance Flamenco Fever Flamenco show from the Spanish Dance Group Adolfo de Castro, from the city of Cadiz. February 19. Rialto Theatre, Limassol. 8.30pm. €20/15. Tel: 77-777745. E-ticket: www.rialto.

Other Events Drama’s Festival Travels Screenings of awarded short films from the Drama International Short Film Festival in Greece. February 19: Rio Cinema Paphos, 130 Alexandrou Papagou Street. 8.30pm. free. Tel: 99-521620 February 19-20: Cine Studio, (University of Nicosia), 46 Makedonitissas Avenue. 9pm. Free. Tel: 96-420491

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Stories in Screen A series of video work presentations. Until March 15. Chiaki Kamikawa Contemporary Art Gallery Solonos 10, Paphos Monday- Friday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-6pm. Saturday: 10am-1 .30pm. Tel: 99-311225

Theatre The Grönholm Method The New Stage of THOC presents play by the Catalan playwright Jordi Galcerán Ferrer. Until February 23. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia. Wednesday through Saturday at 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 77-772717 Antigone THOC presents Sophoclean tragedy directed by Despina Gatziou. Until February 23. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou, Nicosia. Wednesday through Saturday at 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 22-864300 Nursing Home the Cherubim Theatre Anemona celebrates its tenth anniversary with comedy by Nearchos Ioannou. Until March 17. Anemona Theatre, 7 Archagelou Street, Latsia, Nicosia. Every Friday and Saturday at 8.30pm and Sunday at 8pm. In Greek. Tel: 22-573031 God of Carnage Dionysos Theatre presents multiaward winning comedy by Yasmina

Sammy’s Great Escape (K) Rio 4 (in Greek) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 3.30pm This is 40 (18) Rio 2 at 10.30pm

This is 40 (18) K-Cineplex (Screen 2) at 7.40pm

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Exhibition Mindscapes Solo painting exhibition by Thekla Papadopoulou. Until February 28. Gallery Kypriaki Gonia, 45 Stadiou Street, Larnaca. Monday-Saturday: 10am-1pm & 4.30pm-8pm. Sunday: 11am-2pm & 4pm-7pm. Tel: 24-621109 Impressions Solo photo exhibition by Sergey Yastrzhembskiy. Until February 28. The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, 86-88-90 Phaneromenis Street, Nicosia. Visiting hours: Monday-Sunday: 10am-7pm. (except on bank holidays). Tel: 22-128157 Social Contract Solo painting exhibition by Avraam Christou. Until February 28. Alpha Gallery, Makarios Avenue & 3 Papanikoli Street, Nicosia. Monday-Saturday 10.30 am-1pm and 4.30pm-7.30pm. Tel: 22-751325 / 99-303366. www. Da Vinci Machines – An exhibition of Genius Exhibition displaying more than 60 interactive machines from Da Vinci original drawings, 15 high quality reproduction artworks, giant art panels and rare copies of Leonardo codices. Until February 28. Evagoras Lanitis Centre, Vasilissis Street, (Medieval Castle Area), Limassol. Tel: 25-342123. www.

Lush Art in Austere Times Fifth edition of group exhibition featuring works at affordable prices. Until March 1. Is Not Gallery, 11 Odysseus, Chrysaliniotissa, Nicosia. MondaySaturday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-8pm. Tel: 22-343670 Antreas Moyseos Solo photography exhibition. Until March 1. Dinos Art Café, 62-66 Irinis Street, Limassol. Monday-Saturday: 10.30am to midnight and Sunday: 4pm to midnight. Tel: 25-762030 Tourists who Shoot Solo photography exhibition and the book launch by Theopisti StylianouLambert. Until March 2. Argo Gallery, 64E D. Akrita Avenue, Nicosia. Monday-Friday: 10am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10am-1pm. Tel: 22-754009. Descendance Group art exhibition. Until March 2. Apocalypse Gallery, 30 Chytron Street, Nicosia. Monday- Friday: 10.30am1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10.30am-1pm. Tel: 22-766655 The Work of Art as a Functional Object Second part of group exhibition. Until March 8. Centre of Contemporary Art Diotopos, 11 DZ, Crete Street, Nicosia. Tuesday-Friday: 11am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 11am-1pm. Tel: 22-766117

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Kati Psinetai (rpt)

Saint Peter, a reluctant but passionate leader, from the crucifixion of Jesus to his own. The film’s first half dramatises the New Testament’s Acts: the renewal of Pentecost, Saul’s conversion, the decision to baptize pagans, and the Apostles’ dispersal. Biblical drama, starring Omar Sharif. 2005. Part 1 of 2.

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Nea Mera Morning variety show.

10.00 12.45 14.00

Proino Mou Enimerosi Tora Irthe Ki Edese (rpt) Greek drama series.


Eheis Meson


Yia Sena

Current affairs show. Local talk-show.

18.00 18.20

News Master Chef (rpt) Greek reality competition show where amatuer chefs compete against each other in weekly challenges.


Oi Vasiliades

20.15 21.45 23.20

News Anonymous FILM: Unnatural Causes

Greek drama series.

SIGMA 07.00 08.20 10.30 11.20 12.00 14.30 15.20 17.15 18.00 18.05 18.45 19.40

News Gymnoi Angeloi (rpt) Local drama series, based on true events.

01.30 03.30 04.40

Yia Sena (rpt) Enimerosi Tora (rpt) Proino Mou (rpt)

Yia Tin Anna (rpt) Erotas Kleftis (rpt) News Deal (rpt)

07.20 08.35 09.05 10.15 10.45 12.30 13.00 15.30 17.00

20.20 21.15

New Latin American telenovela.

Efta Ourani Kai Sinnefa Alites (rpt)


News Aspra Balonia



00.20 00.25 01.20 02.00 03.00 03.45 04.10

News Istories Tou Astinomou Beka (rpt) Alithinoi Erotes (rpt) Mila Mou (rpt) Se Fonto Kokkino (rpt) Ta Hrisopsara (rpt) Eleni (rpt)

Exelixeis Sti Showbiz Cold Case (rpt) Fourth season. ‘Offender’. A desperate man driven to murder by the death of his son 20 years earlier threatens to kill a person every day, forcing Rush and the team to reopen the case.

Oikogeneiakes Istories Las Vegas First season. ‘Always Faithful’. Danny and Mike search for the source of counterfeit $100 notes being used at the casino, while Mary is surprised by a visit from her father. Last in series.

Fotis - Maria Live Mila Greek talk-show.

Greek drama series.


Fotis - Maria Live Best Of Exelixeis Sti Showbiz Mesimeriani Meleti Best Of Mila (rpt) Nistikoi Praktores Star News Mesimeriani Meleti Kid’s TV To Kleidi Greek comedy series.

17.50 19.40

Local drama series.

Suspecting that his wife is unfaithful, an unstable husband arranges to have her killed. Drama, starring Tara Reid. 2008.

00.00 00.50

Protoselido Eleni Mila Mou (rpt) Vasiliki (rpt) Mesimeri Kai Kati Epta Ouranoi Kai Sinnefa Alites (rpt) Magazino Siga Min To’ Xeres News Ti Tha Fame Simera Mama Anna Paola



Nistikoi Praktores (rpt) Greek cookery show.

00.15 01.10

08.25 08.55 09.30 10.00

17.40 18.15

Magikos Cosmos S’ Agapo (rpt) Akti Oneiron (rpt) Ston Asterismos Tis Imeras Kouzina Me Apopsi Remington Steele (rpt) Milagros Kids’ TV Top Models S’Agapo Sabrina, To Koritsi Tis Agapis Akti Oneiron Pacific Blue

19.15 19.50 20.05 21.00

News Sports Time Epi Topou FILM: Agent Red

11.00 11.30 12.30 13.20 15.25 16.10 16.50

With News at 18.30.

A skilled secret agent embarks on a mission to Russia - but he’s soon fighting for his life thanks to the intervention of terrorists. Action thriller, starring Dolph Lundgren. 2001.

Supernatural Sixth season. ‘You Can’t Handle the Truth’. The brothers investigate a series of suicides caused by harsh truths, but Dean is distracted by his desire to understand why Sam did not intervene when he was bitten by a vampire.



LTV Sports News Star News


The Fixer A former White House communications director starts her own crisis management firm but finds that she cannot leave her past behind.


FILM: Global Effect A gang of mercenaries heads into the jungle to rescue a scientist from terrorists who want her to make them a virus weapon. Action thriller, with Mädchen Amick. 2002.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (LTV, 09.30)

01:15 Live At The Apollo 02:00 Walter’s War 02:50 Friday Night Dinner 03:15 Come Fly With Me 03:40 The Weakest Link 04:25 The Old Guys 04:55 Friday Night Dinner 05:20 Big Cat Diary 05:45 Come Fly With Me 06:15 The Weakest Link 07:00 Little Robots 07:10 Nina and the Neurons 07:25 Gigglebiz 07:40 Forget Me Not Farm 07:55 Me Too! 08:15 Little Robots 08:25 Nina and the Neurons 08:40 Gigglebiz 08:55 Forget Me Not Farm 09:10 Me Too! 09:30 Spot’s Musical Adventures 09:35 The Old Guys 10:05 After You’ve Gone 10:35 The Weakest Link 11:20 EastEnders 11:50 Doctors 12:20 The Inspector Lynley Mysteries 13:05 Full Circle With Michael Palin 13:55 The Old Guys 14:25 2 Point 4 Children 14:55 The Weakest Link 15:40 EastEnders 16:10 Doctors 16:40 The Inspector Lynley Mysteries 17:25 After You’ve Gone 17:55 The Old Guys 18:25 The Weakest Link 19:10 EastEnders 19:40 Doctors 20:10 New Tricks 21:00 Dinnerladies 21:30 The Green Green Grass 22:00 Zen 23:30 Ideal 00:00 Walter’s War 00:50 Come Fly With Me

07:00 How It’s Made 07:25 Wheeler Dealers 08:15 American Chopper 09:10 Dirty Jobs 10:05 Deadliest Catch 10:55 Ultimate Survival 11:50

How Do They Do It? 12:15 How It’s Made 12:40 Extreme Engineering 13:35 Street Customs Berlin 14:30 Wheeler Dealers 15:25 American Chopper 16:20 Mythbusters 17:15 Dirty Jobs 18:10 Deadliest Catch 19:05 Ultimate Survival 20:00 How It’s Made 21:00 Dynamo: Magician Impossible 22:00 The Real Hustle 23:00 Ultimate Survival 00:00 River Monsters 01:00 Ross Kemp On Gangs 01:55 Dual Survival 02:50 The Real Hustle 03:50 Ultimate Survival 04:50 River Monsters 05:45 How Do They Do It? 06:10 Overhaulin’

09:30 Ski Jumping: World Cup Germany 10:30 Biathlon: World Championship Czech Republic 12:00

Cross Country Skiing: World Cup Switzerland 13:30 Snooker: Welsh Open Un. Kingdom 14:45 Ski Jumping: World Cup Germany 15:45 Biathlon: World Championship Czech Republic 17:15 Snooker: Welsh Open Un. Kingdom 18:30 Football: Eurogoals 19:15 Biathlon: World Championship Czech Republic 20:45 Ski Jumping: World Cup Germany 21:45 All Sports: Watts 22:00 Pro Wrestling: This Week On World Wrestling Entertainment 22:30 Pro Wrestling: Vintage Collection 23:30 Fight Sport: Total Ko 00:30 Ski Jumping: World Cup Germany 01:45 Football: Eurogoals

05:40 Desperate Housewives 06:25 Bones 07:10 Modern Family 07:35 Last Man Standing 08:00 The Listener 08:50 Tough Love Miami 09:40 Desperate Housewives 10:25 Bones 11:10 Modern Family 11:35 Last Man Standing 12:00 Once Upon A Time 12:50 Revenge 13:40 The Listener 14:30 Tough Love Miami 15:20 Desperate Housewives 16:05 Bones 16:50 Melissa & Joey 17:15 Last Man Standing 17:40 The Listener 18:30 Masterchef 19:20 Desperate Housewives 20:10 Bones 21:00 Once Upon A Time 21:50 Revenge 22:40 Melissa & Joey 23:05 Last Man Standing 23:30 Once Upon A Time 00:20 Revenge 01:10 Bones 02:00 Desperate Housewives 02:45 Melissa & Joey 03:10 Last Man Standing 03:35 Friends With Benefits 04:00 The Listener 04:50


07:30 Hot Tub Time Machine 09:30 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy 11:45 Roommate, The 13:30 Babel 16:00 Duma 17:45 Warrior’s Way, The 19:30 Action Zone 20:00 Ltv Sports News 21:00 Extract 23:00 Circle Of Eight 00:30 Hustler Tv 02:10 Rabbit, Run 03:45 Action Zone 04:15 Mirror Has Two Faces, The 06:30

Ltv Sports News

17:20 Hawai Five 19:00 Supernatural 19:45 Chuck 20:30 How To Make It In America 21:00 Borgias I, The 22:50 C.S.I. Miam 23:35 Bones 00:25 Cash 02:15 Mafia! 03:45 2 Broke Girls 04:10 According To Jim 05:00 Hawai Five 06:30 Supernatural

Of Nowhere 22:00 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 00:05 Sagan 02:05 The Skin I Live In 04:05 Cine News 04:50 Shoot’em Up

Post Game 21:30 Conference Usa Men’s Basketball Houston At Tulsa 23:00 Punk Payback With Bas Utten Multiple Socks 23:30 Dumbest Stuff On Wheels 24:00 Sports Unlimited

19:05 Route Irish 21:00 Apollo 18 22:30 Cine News 23:00 Ncis 23:50 Cine News 01:00 Adult Zone

07:00 Kids TV 15:45 Justice League Unlimited 16:10 Legion Of Super Heroes 16:35 Young Justice 17:00 2011 American Le Mans Series 18:00 2011 World’s Strongest Man 18:30 Planet Speed 19:00 Nba 2012-13 21:30 Best Premier League Games 22:00 World Football Rivalries 23:00 Uca/

Uda College Cheerleading Championships 00:00 World Football Rivalries 01:00 Liga Bbva 2012-13 03:00 World Football Rivalries 04:00 E-60 05:00 World Football Rivalries 06:00 Three For The Show

07:15 Friends 07:50 Fringe 09:30 Big Bang Theory The 10:00 According To Jim 10:45 Mentalist The 11:30 Underbelly Nz: Land Of The Long Green Cloud 12:30 Gossip Girl 13:15 Supernatural 14:00 Fringe 15:30 Big Bang Theory The 16:00 2 Broke Girls 16:30 According To Jim

08:00 Kiss The Girls 10:00 White Wall 11:45 Marseille Contract, The 13:30 Horse Whisperer, The 16:30 City Heat 18:20 Underbelly Files Infiltration 20:00 Burlesque 22:00 Sympathy For Delicious 00:05 Daring! Tv 04:05 Poor Boy’s Game 06:00 Leaves Of Grass

05:05 The Kane Files: Life Of Trial 06:40 Good Will Hunting 08:45 Nicostratos: Le Pelican 10:20 Hollywood Buzz 10:50 Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost 14:30 Films And Stars 15:00 From Prada To Nada 16:50 What Love Is 18:25 127 Hours 20:05 Soul Surfer 22:00 The Iron Lady 23:55 The Following 00:55 This Means War 02:40 Cine News 03:15


06:30 The Resident 08:05 Cine News 08:55 The River Wild 10:50 Larisa Empisteftiko 12:30 Jack And Jill 14:05 Oranges And Sunshine 15:55 The Debt 17:55 Fame 20:15 Middle

The Emma 21:00 Bridesmaids 23:10 Taxidi Sti Mitilini 01:05 Mrs. Brown 18:50

01:30 Conference Usa Men’s Basketball Houston At Tulsa 03:30 Courtside Jones 04:00 Sports Unlimited 05:00 Pac-12 Men’s Basketball Usc At Cal 07:00 The Haney

Project: Ay Romano - A New Challenge 07:30 The Haney Project: Ay Romano - Mental Breakdown 08:00 Playing Lessons 08:30 Golfnow – Philadelphia 09:00 Golf Central International 09:30 Academy 10:00 Tba 13:00 Punk Payback With Bas Utten Multiple Socks 13:30 Dumbest Stuff On Wheels 14:00 Sports Unlimited 15:00 Big Ten Women’s Gymnastics Ohio State At Michigan State 17:00 Big Ten Men’s Gymnastics Michigan At Ohio State 18:00 Pre Game(E) 18:45 Championship 2012-13: Aep Vs Doxa (E) 20:45

06:00 Only Hits 08:00 MTV Disaster Date 09:00 MTV Hollywood Heights 10:00 Only Hits 11:00 Pure Local 12:00 MTV VHI Pop up Video 13:00 MTV Made 14:00 MTV Big Time Rush 14:30 MTV Victorious 15:00 MTV Daria 16:00 MTV Hollywood Heights 17:00 McCafé Music Project 17:30 MTV Pimp My Ride 18:00 Only Hits 19:00 MTV VHI Pop up Video 20:00 MTV Mission Lydia 20:30 MTV Everyday Girls 21:00 MTV True Life 22:00 MTV Teen Mom 4 23:00 MTV Snooki & SWOWW 00:00 MTV Jersey Shore 01:00 Only Hits

07:00 2001: A Space Odyssey 09:15 Ninotchka 11:05 Roberta 12:50 Seven Days In May 14:45 Grand Prix 17:31 The Bad and the Beautiful 19:25 Little Caesar 20:45 The Golden Arrow 22:00 Pennies From Heaven 23:45 , The Public Enemy 01:10 Mutiny on the Bounty 04:05 Anna Karenina 05:40 Red Dust

By Preston Wilder

Extract (LTV, 21.00) Office Space started slowly, then became a phenomenon; this film by the same writer-director (Mike Judge, once of Beavis & Butthead) hasn’t quite made it to cult-movie status yet - but it’s equally amusing and it’s once again set in a workplace, in this case a flower-extract factory owned by a small businessman (Jason Bateman). He’s got problems, especially when a worker messes up the assembly line, leading to a domino effect that ends in mangled testicles (ouch) and a probable lawsuit. Then there’s his wife (Kristen Wiig), who’s nice enough but only if he manages to get home before she puts on her sweat-pants (after that, forget it); and his stoner friend (Ben Affleck)


who’s a fount of bad advice; and his hugely irritating passive-aggressive neighbour; and the new girl at work (Mila Kunis) who’s gorgeous but - alas - a conartist with plans to milk the company for all it’s worth. The result isn’t farce per se (it’s too laid-back for that), just a crowded human comedy that’s low-key and ingratiating. A cult waiting to happen; made in 2009.

The Iron Lady (Novacinema1, 22.00)

What Love Is

Meryl Streep won an Oscar as Margaret Thatcher and deserved it, not so much for acting as for managing to keep a straight face through this malarkey. The culprit is director Phyllida Lloyd, who made Mamma

Mia! and transposes that film’s Girl Power vibe to the world of politics without any attempt at nuance: this Maggie is a feminist heroine, a person of principle and intrepid warrior who chides her Cabinet (“Worried about our careers, are we?”) when they won’t go along with her free-market measures. The only twist is that Thatcher is viewed in the present - as a borderline-senile old woman - as well as the past, the film alternating between her glory days and her sad decline, but in fact even that is played for pathos, and even senile Maggie can be wise on occasion. She’s a strong woman, a working-class heroine, even a doting (or at least well-meaning) mum. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental. Made in 2011.

CYPRUS MAIL Monday, February 18, 2013










8 9 10

HOW TO PLAY: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved, you solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic. With the ‘X’ sudoku, the shaded X must also contain the numbers 1-9.

11 12 13 16



17 18






1 It is fired towards the end of December (4-3) 5 Possibility of power? (5) 8 Small number in allin struggle for fat from wool (7) 9 The French keep king in port (2,5) 10 It is so bad it cannot be fathomed (7) 11 Decided it had been described accurately (7) 14 Sort of basalt left amongst the crushed rock (7) 16 Vessel more likely to float (7) 18 Poem 99 is heavenly (7) 19 Lad rang round for a bouquet (7) 20 An old curiosity like a knot (5) 21 Insane anti-revolutionary getting in most of the luck (7)

1 ‘You old-fashioned learners’, ‘e’d screamed (6) 2 Heavy-handed? On the contrary like a thief (5-8) 3 Giving willingly (7) 4 Balmy place, an historic region E of R Jordan? (6) 5 Notes perhaps, one is in my possession (5) 6 An Olympic first (4,9) 7 Giving a thrilling sensation (6) 12 Small games enclosure (7) 13 Vessel indicating its nationality (6) 14 Sounds like a harness used for weddings (6) 15 A lightweight, during nervous reaction, produces skilful move (6) 17 Short attempt with tool on the fishingnet (5)

Rating EASY


Rating HARD


Rating HARD




Answers to crossword 2314


CRYPTIC: Across – 1 Thatcher; 6 Lock; 8 Atrium; 9 Tomato; 10 Home stretch; 11 Scared; 14 Paving; 16 Making notes; 20 Cartel; 21 Gamble; 22 Utah; 23 Detonate. Down – 2 Hatch; 3 Trimmer; 4 Humus; 5 Rat-trap; 6 Limit; 7 Catch on; 12 Compact; 13 Dangled; 15 Vitamin; 17 Ketch; 18 Night; 19 Split.

QUICK: Across – 1 Drawback; 6 Dice; 8 Ostend; 9 Answer; 10 Theatre-goer; 11 Glider; 14 Yogurt; 16 Substantial; 20 Hot-air; 21 Siding; 22 Seek; 23 Daybreak. Down – 2 Resit; 3 Weekend; 4 Audit; 5 Knavery; 6 Disco; 7 Clearer; 12 Lissome; 13 Retired; 15 Guilder; 17 Blank; 18 Nasty; 19 Lanka.

ARIES March 21 - April 20

LEO July 23 - August 22

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 21

Saturn begins a five and a half month retrograde today. This is going to ask you to be especially responsible about managing your finances, property and savings issues. If you are involved in business, here too extra discipline may be required. With the Sun set to move too this week, it may be time to reflect on what is really important to you.

You might find yourself developing a rather more determined mindset this week. Suddenly you can get the urge to make some dramatic changes. This could see you relying on your instincts more, and if you generally tend to be a risk adverse Lion, it could be quite a thrill. Yet don’t be too gung ho for the next day or so, Neptune can still confuse.

There is a tendency with many Archers, with the exception of when you are talking about ancient history or philosophies, to focus very much on the here and now or the future. Yet if you are very typical of this, you may find that other people increasingly focus on past events, or sensitive subjects, that you may prefer not to look at.

TAURUS April 21 - May 21

VIRGO August 23 - September 23

CAPRICORN December 22 - January 20

Mercury and Mars are not quite totally in sync this week, but enough to help you to really start to think about your future hopes. This is boosted by the arrival of the Sun in this area too. Strangely, for a day or two, your recent clarity may get mired in self doubts or uncertainty. The trick is not to listen to negative voices coming from outside. Trust your judgement.

The Sun moves into your opposite sign tomorrow, joining Mercury and Mars. In time, this collection of energy can see you more assertive. However, with the dreamy energies of Neptune laying in wait, it’s possible that you will encounter doubts or uncertainties about a relationship issue. Soon enough your mind will clear, as will the way forwards.

Be clear in what you think and say this week. A more direct, even impatient side of your personality can take hold, which may not be a bad thing. What will be less helpful however, is if your facts are not quite correct. Then you could be accused of trying to bluster. Yet if you are set to attend a course, seminar or training scheme, this can be an excellent time to do so.

GEMINI May 22 - June 21

LIBRA September 24 - October 23

AQUARIUS January 21 - February 19

Do you ever wonder how people see or perceive you? If you do, the next few weeks can be a time when you can do much to raise your profile and to interact with life’s movers and shakers. If you are an ambitious Twin, this may see you pushing for a new job or a promotion. At home, you may find yourself becoming more assertive, perhaps with the kids.

Your obligations to others are emphasized this week. However, in some ways this could put you in a bit of a quandary. You can be a people pleaser bar none, but if you feel that someone is pulling at your heart strings, and putting a guilt trip on you, you may find yourself withdrawing co-operation. Yet if you sense a deserving cause, you will be unstinting.

You can improve your lot in life Aquarius. We all like to think that some random piece of luck will help us to do this, and with Jupiter sparkling in a great sector for the next four or so months, be hopeful. But a greater guarantee of success will come from unstinting application. Be totally earthy in your approach, and see where it leads.

CANCER June 22 - July 22

SCORPIO October 24 - November 22

PISCES February 20 - March 20

You may have thought about getting away from it all recently, and now you can find the wherewithal to do exactly that. But any new interest or hobby can be just as cathartic as a change of scene. So if you are more constrained by work or family life, don’t feel that variety and options are the domains of only others. Be bold and be progressive.

With the Sun entering your sector of energy this week, usually at this time of year, your drive increases. Yet with Saturn in your sign starting a five and a half month reversal today, the trick is to ensure you use what you do have, in a really focused way. Trying to take on more and more tasks could prove counterproductive. Less is more.

Ready for blast off Pisces? Okay, that may sound dramatic, but with the Sun about to give you a major jolt of rejuvenating energy, the next month can be very interesting indeed. The only catch is that today through to the weekend, your extraordinary ruler Neptune can see you highly sensitive to the point of losing sight of your goals.


CYPRUS MAIL Monday, February 18, 2013


Advertiser Only

helps you find what you’re looking for

€14 (plus VAT)

a week for classifieds (up to 40 words)

Send your classified by fax or email and pay by credit card, cheque or cash. It couldn’t be simpler! Nicosia - email: Limassol - email: Paphos - email:

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ARE YOU A BRILLIANT HAIRSTYLIST? HAVE YOU A FANTASTIC PERSONALITY? DO YOU HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TO INCREASE CLIENT NUMBERS? THEN READ ON! Due to the high demand of clientele we are looking for an additional hairstylist to join our hair salon within Spa Tonic, Crown Resorts Horizon, Coral Bay, Paphos. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in cutting, styling and colouring. They will need to contribute to the overall success of the studio by being committed to providing a high level of client service. Senior level only, Paul Mitchell experience preferable. Applicant must be English speaking, all nationalities welcome. Please send your application to: spa. Alternatively, please call Dave Metcalf on 26623924.

**************************** SEVODNYA.COM Social Media is urgently looking for Assistants and Salespersons for part-time work. Basic computer and communication skills plus English are required. Email your CV to

MISCELLANEOUS Whoever has unwanted cd/ dvd, books, decorative items and homeware in good condition can donate it to the Hiv Cyprus Foundation (KYFA) so we can re-sell them at the Gynaikopazaro in Nicosia every first Saturday of the month in support of these families. For further info please contact 99 55 95 94 or 99 57 50 74.

**************************** ANDONIS ANTHONY (Athanasiou) was imprisoned in Nicosia in 1989 for forgery, at the age of 18. Did you know him? Do you have any information about him? Please contact Carl Chambers - **************************** WHITE DOVES, wanted 2 baby pure white doves, to restock my dovecote (Paphos area) contact Chris Brown: 99170519 FOR SALE white wedding dress with veil, modern line, designed by famous Cypriot fashion designer. For information call Joanna 99597797 **************************** ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS - CYPRUS

Is drink costing you more than just money? AA could be the answer. Meeting at the following locations/days. Call to speak to an AA member. Ayia Napa Monday 97798043 Larnaca Tuesday (Polish spk) 96616589 Thursday 24645523 / 99259264 Limassol Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday 25368265 / 99559322 Nicosia Wednesday/Sunday 99013596 Paphos Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday 99916331 / 99399240 Details of meetings are available on www.aa-europe. net ****************************


Nicosia - tel: 22 818583 fax: 22 676385

NAYIA, a female dog around one year. Very friendly with children and other dogs. At the Nicosia Dog Shelter, many more dogs and puppies like this one are looking for forever homes! To provide a temporary foster home or to adopt contact on 99520511 Mon-Frid 10-2pm. ****************************

ART AFTERNOONS Drawing Thursdays Painting Fridays Sketching Saturdays 14.30 – 17.30 IDC at Art Studio 55, Heroes Square, Limassol. Tel 99 409 829 ART ARCHITECTURE DESIGN CONSTRUCTION

PETS VICO KENNEL: Dog Training Centre and Boarding Kennel. Facebook VICO KENNEL. Tel. 97774377, Larnaca. ****************************

99819137. Also available for weddings. SWIFT SERVICE AND REPAIRS air-cons, commercial and domestic fridges and freezers, ice machines, cool rooms, supply and fit air-cons VRV S. Call Nik on 99579602 Limassol PROFESSIONAL UPHOLSTERY CLEANING, also carpets, rugs and mattresses. Special offers now available. For a quote call Rickys Cleaning Services on 99131044 (all areas) DO YOU WANT A SHINY LOOKING FLOOR? Full repair & restoration of chipped, scratched, dull and stained, Marble, Terrazzo, Stone & Ceramic tiled floors and surfaces. Professional cleaning, repair & sealing of internal/ external ceramic tiles & grout lines. For a free professional consultation & demonstration contact Mark at Premier on 70006766 All areas WE UNDERTAKE REFURBISHING of houses or holiday homes, construction of pergolas, undertaking of plumbing, house painting, garden work. For information call JIMMYS: 96587137, MELIS: 96547879


PENNY, a loving gentle female. will make a wonderful family pet. Around 3 years old. Excellent temperament, very loving and well behaved. She will make an amazing companion. Worth Meeting! She is a small size. At the Nicosia Dog Shelter, many more dogs and puppies like this one are looking for forever homes! To provide a temporary foster home or to adopt contact on 99520511 Mon-Frid 10-2pm. ****************************

SERVICES MOLLY is sweet, polite and very gentle. Aged around 2 years old, she is a Pinscher cross, small sized and will do best in a quiet home. She is good with other dogs. A bit scared/shy around children and prefers peace, quiet and cuddles. At the Nicosia Dog Shelter, many more dogs and puppies like this one are looking for forever homes! To provide a temporary foster home or to adopt contact on 99520511 Mon-Frid. ****************************

Limassol - tel: 25 761117 fax: 25 761141

K.D.FLYSCREENS LTD. We manufacture top quality sliding screens, opening doors and roller systems. We also do repairs. For a FREE QUOTE please contact Phone: 99119582 Website: CHIMNEY SWEEP, when did you last have your chimney swept or log burner cleaned? Build-up of soot can cause respiratory problems and fires. All areas, call Dave, a professional sweep, now on

MASSAGE full body relaxing Aromatherapy, my place or yours. Call Lora 99 026488 CLINICAL PILATES. Personalised Clinical Pilates by Physiotherapists in Nicosia. Individual assessment and supervision of exercises. “Clinical pilates” is a modified form of therapeutic exercise used by physiotherapists to assist in the rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injury especially lower back pain, sacro-iliac pain and neck pain. More info on 22446988.

FOR SALE BUSINESS/ PROPERTY/LAND PRIME LAND IS AVAILABLE FOR LONG LEASE IN LIMASSOL. 40, 000 sq.m., zoning Ka7 (80% - 45% - 3 stories). Regular amphitheatrical shape overlooking Ladies Mile. Close to New Limassol Hospital with direct access to Limassol – Paphos Highway. Water supply, electricity and telephones are readily available. Suitable for immediate development. Ideal for various health facilities and resorts, holiday centres,

Paphos - tel: 26 911383 fax: 26221049

commercial and shopping centres, entertainment enterprises etc. Information: Tel. 22 674338, 99621554 FOR SALE LAND in Anthoupoli (half plot) 288 sq.metres. for information 99621554.

FOR SALE MOTOR VEHICLES TOYOTA IQ 2009. Automatic 1ltre. White pearl, 33.000km. Medium tinted windows, Zenon lights. Perfect condition only €8500.00. Call 99511737 FOR SALE TOYOTA LAND CRUISER/PRADO white 1998, exceptional condition inside and out. Many extras. Any inspection welcome. €7950 ono. Tel: 99680747 BLACK HONDA CBR1100XX SUPERBLACKBIRD registered new in June 2011 as new condition with 12000 km. Any inspection welcome. €6950. Call Philip 99680747 2004 PORSCHE CAYENNE TURBO, tiptronic, seats & carpets etc like new due to one owner, no children, 108000km, metallic gold color. New tyres. Price: 27 000.00. Got to be seen to be appreciated.Call 99494450 NISSAN JUKE FOR SALE - owner emigrating, 1 year old, metallic grey, 7 yr guarantee from Nissan. Automatic,15.000km. 13.800 eur ono. Contact: Maria 99 371874 or 99 461625 – Paphos Area

Larnaca - tel: 24 652243 fax: 24 659982

classified contents Employment Opportunities pg 19 Employment Miscellaneous 19 Pets 19 Lessons 19 Health & Fitness 19 Personal 19 Services 19 For Sale Miscellaneous -For Sale Land/ Property Business 19 For Sale Motor vehicles 19 Wanted -To Let Nicosia 19 To Let Limassol 22 To Let Larnaca 22 To Let Paphos 23 To Let Protaras, Ayia Napa, Paralimni -For Sale Nicosia -For Sale Limassol -For Sale Larnaca -For Sale Paphos 24 For Sale Ayia Napa -For Sale Famagusta Protaras 24 For Sale Athens -Property& Home Services display ads --


PROPERTIES WANTED “WWW.CYPRUS101.COM” We have many clients asking for properties up to 200,000 euros. If you have a property to sell in the Paphos area with title deeds (or AX umber) please contact us via our website www. or telephone Diane on 99455068. For automatic updates on new listings and price changes use our Listings Notifier or join us on www.”


BEDROOM FURNISHED FLAT in Ayios Andreas, Nicosia, very quiet area, covered parking ,storage, heating ,a/c rent €390pm. 3 bedroom flat in Nicosia centre opposite Disy offices Pindarou Str, 1

bdrm c/h a/c s/pool f/f apt pm pw sw nw st rd p/s c/l swb r/cass e/w

bedroom central heating air conditioning swimming pool fully furnished apartment per month per week south west north west street road power steering central locking short wheel base radio cassette electric windows

Please note tel nos. that begin with: 22 = Nicosia 23 = Paralimni/Protaras 24 = Larnaca 25 = Limassol 26 = Paphos


Monday, February 18, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL




very big veranda, extra room, split units, fireplace, fitted kitchen with all electrical appliance, covered parking. Rent €530 pm. Call Harris 99067198 or e-mail ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT, in a small quiet building. Excellent condition, very spacious, furnished end air conditioned. Very good location between Strovolos and Engomi. Close to The European University, supermarkets and all amenities. Covered parking. Rent €450/m Please call 99695382 FOR RENT 2 bedroom flat fully furnished in Strovolos area close to Central Bank of Cyprus. Furniture includes 2 double beds, 3 piece suite, dining table, 4chairs. Electric appliances: fridge, microwave, gas cooker, washing machine. A/C in sitting room. Double glazed windows. Connection to internet with cable available. Rent €500pm plus €20 service charges pm. Call 97773358

TO LET fully furnished upper house in Ayios Dometios.3 bedrooms,2 wc 2 sitting rooms, 2 verandas, a/c in rooms. €480pm. Call 99628100 MAKEDONITISSA, 12 Ay Paraskevis, Engomi with panoramic view. 3 bedroom upper house & ground floor house with garden,2 bathroom , 2 toilets , fully a/c and a/h,new w/m ,d / w, h o b,o v e n ,f r i d g e freezer, fully fitted kitchen, fully furnished ,storage, parking. Rent €750 pm. Tel 99660115 or 99688655. Email ****************************

building materials and one can enjoy all comforts of modern life. The house has 3 storage rooms 3 kitchens, 2 covered garage, housekeeper’s room, study room, en-suite bathroom – master bedroom, walk in closet, Jacuzzi, c/h, a/c, and fireplace. Rent €5.000pm. Call 99609239 or 99424106. *****************************

LUXURY 6 BEDROOM HOUSE IN A QUIET AREA IN LATSIA. The house has been constructed with the most modern

P.Car Basics All the services you are looking for can be found here in a comprehensive car service. Receive and return your car to work or your home, thus saving valuable time from your daily life We undertake Service, Body & Paint, resiliently small change, counting steering MOT, battery change, cleaning & maintenance, Polish-compound wax Teflon. All our drivers are experienced with road safety. Call now on 7000 62 00

LUXURIOUS APARTMENT FOR RENT a luxurious one floor apartment situated in central Nicosia in a area of exceptional Beauty at 3 Museum Street, is available to let. It has been recently renovated and consists of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big dining and sitting rooms, kitchen and a huge veranda. Approximate covered area 250 sq m. Tel: 99622370. 2 BEDROOM flat, fully furnished. Fully A/C, small block, 3rd floor. Covered parking. Central heating. Near Hilton hotel off Makarios Avenue. €480pm. Tel 99444336 STROVOLOS 4 bdrm., house, c/h, a/c from €1000 now €800, Mak/ssa f/f house, pool, 4

TO LET NICOSIA bdrm., 4wc, 2 shower €1700, Kornos villa, pool, mature garden €4000 (2) penthouse luxury Acropolis 1 bdrm, f/f, centre €450. For info www. Markides 22378898, 99464764, Reg. No. 487, E16 STUDIO flat in Pallouriotissa (next to McDonald) furnished €280. For info call 99606984. 2 BDRM flat (almost new, 4 years old) at Lycavitos with good area near University of Cyprus with fully equipment kitchen, a/c in all rooms. For info call 96530532. 2 ROOMS €125 each, near McDonald’s Engomi only Philippine girls. Call 99663927. FOR RENT 3 B/R apartment fully furnished close to Central Bank. 3 W.C., fully air-conditioned extra storeroom, owned covered parking. Excellent condition. Information: Tel. 99621554 3 BEDROOMS flat on second floor in a block of six flats, in a nice position at Strovolos area, fully a/c, c/h, covered parking place for one car, recently painted. Rent €650pm. (furnished if

TO LET NICOSIA required). Tel: 97773358.

***************************** LUXURY HOUSES: 1. 4 bedr luxury detached house built in 3/4 of a plot, office space, central heating, full a/c, big sitting and dining area, separate big kitchen with family room and all the electrical appliances, blinds and curtains on all windows, aluminum shutters, big garden with grass, 3 wc, covered parking, in a quiet area – Strovolos €1000 (H4ST10051-R), (photos in the website) 2. 3 bedr luxury terraced house, 210sq.m,central heating, full a/c, marble floor in the sitting areas and solid parquet floor on stairs and bedrooms,4 wc,3 bathrooms, 2 en suite, big verandas, electrical appliances in the kitchen,3 covered parking spaces, roof garden access, in a quiet neighbourhood on Mon Parnas hill – Engomi €800 (photos in the website). 3. 2 bedr fully renovated semi detached house 120 sq. m, a/c for hot and cold, small yard, FULLY FURNSIHED or not, double

TO LET NICOSIA glazed windows with aluminum shutters, in a quiet area off Nikis behind Burger King - ACROPOLIS €600 (H2ACS0001-R), (photos in the website). 4. 3 bedr luxury semi-detached house with character, 200sq.m, central heating, full ac, sitting and dining room with fireplace, big kitchen with cooker and oven, dishwasher and refrigerator, nice mature garden with flowers, trees and small garden with grass, covered parking, 3wc, 2 bathrooms in a quiet neighbourhood. Available middle of January. Agios Andreas €1200 - H3AAD0001-R (photos on website). 5. 3 bedr luxury detached house, 200sq.m, central heating, full a/c, 3wc, blinds and curtains, open plan kitchen with cooker, oven and dishwasher, veranda with bbq, good size garden, covered parking, storage room, alarm system, in a quiet area – Archangellos €1100 (photos in the website). 6. 4 bedrs and sitting room upstairs luxury detached house,380sq.m, central heating, full a/c, marble and par-

INDUSTRIAL OVEN FOR SALE CONVOTHERM OVEN model-OBG 6.10 Combi Oven-Steamer with Gas Steam Generator Extra: Stand with stainless steel shelving, extractor fan, water supply system and gas installation connections. €6.800 O.N.O CALL : 99532841 – Paphos


CYPRUS MAIL Monday, February 18, 2013

Advertiser TO LET NICOSIA quet floor, big sitting and dining areas, office space, BIG bedrooms (2 en suite) big verandas around the house, 2 covered parking,3 bathrooms,4 wc in a quiet area off Eleonon street, near Pizza Hut – Strovolos €1500 (H4ST10041-R), (photos in the website) 7. 3 bedr detached ground floor house with separate maid’s room, with very big garden with grass(200sq.m) and covered patio with bbq and bar, central heating, full a/c, 180sq.m, FULLY FURNISHED or NOT, 2 covered parking, storage room, in a very quiet neighborhood opposite Acropolis park - Acropolis - €1500 - H3ACS0004-R (photos on website). 8. 4 bedr very big luxury semi detached house 350sq.m, with big separate basement 80sq.m with 2 rooms, sitting room, kitchen and bathroom. Consists of big sitting and dining areas upstairs, big kitchen with big family room and breakfast area, big bedrooms, 3 showers, 1 bathroom, central heating, full a/c, black out blinds on all windows, cooker and oven in the kitchen, covered parking and patio with bbq in a very quiet neighbourhood close to Makarios foorball stadium. Available END of February Makedonitissa €1500. 9. 4 bedr new luxury detached house build in a big plot of land, central heating, full a/c, 2 bedrs with en suite shower, 4 wc, bathroom with jacuzzi, big open space sitting and dining areas, 330sq.m, big swimming pool 5x10, big garden with grass, big covered patio with bbq area, roller blinds

TO LET NICOSIA and curtains on all the windows, electrical appliances in kitchen, covered parking, in a quiet neighbourhood off Tseriou avenue. AVAILABLE end of February –Strovolos €1800 (photos in the website). 10. 4 bedr semi detached house with central heating, 4 a/c, 3 wc, 2 bathrooms, 180sq.m, electrical appliances, small yard, bbq area, off Kostantinoupoleos street near French ambassador residence.- STROVOLOS €700 (H4ST10043-R), (photos in the website). 11. 4 bedr new luxury finished detached house with central heating independent, full a/c, 3wc, 2 bathrooms, big kitchen with cooker oven, dishwasher and big family room, aluminum shutters in all the house, separate big sitting and dining room with parquet floor, 2 covered parking, alarm system, big covered patio, SWIMMING POOL, in a newly built area near Falcon school – Strovolos €2000 (photos in the website). 12. 3 bedr luxury detached house,

English-Painter & Decorator Fully Qualified 30 years’ Experience SUMMER OFFER 30% OFF ALL AREAS • External & Internal painting • Damp Damage Repairs • Spritez Repairs • Free Estimates + very clean work • All areas. All types of woodwork stained and preserved • All work guaranteed

Tel. Tony on 99176557

TO LET NICOSIA 200sq.m, central heating, full a/c, 3wc, blinds and curtains, open plan kitchen with cooker, oven and dishwasher, veranda with bbq, good size garden, covered parking, storage room, alarm system, in a quiet area, Archangelos – €1100 (H3AR0003-R) (photos in the website) 13. 3 bedr ground floor house with big separate 80sq,m room with shower and wc for multi use, central heating independent, full a/c, 2wc, 2 shower,1 bathroom, fully furnished, small garden, bbq area, parking, on a small building in a very quiet area near Agios Vasilios church. Strovolos - €900 - H4ST10028-R (photos on website). 14. 3 bedr +office space +attic room +separate big maid’s/ playroom in the basement semi detached house, recently renovated with big sitting and dining areas with marble floor, big kitchen with cooker and oven and family room, central heating, 3 bathrooms, 4 wc, 6 a/c

TO LET NICOSIA units, covered parking, behind Hilton Park near the park – Engomi €1700 (H4ENG0003-R), (photos in the website) 15. 4 bedrs new luxury detached house, all the bedrooms very big and all with big bathroom/ shower, sitting room upstairs, attic room with shower and wc, office space/maid’s room with shower and wc, central heating, full AC,450sq.m, big sitting and dining areas, big kitchen with sitting area and fitted cooker and oven, 6wc, 2 covered parking, yard with tiles and SWIMMING POOL, bbq area in a very quiet neighbourhood near CYBC ( RIK) station and near a neighborhood park – Platy Aglantzias €2500 (H4AGZ0005R),(photos in the website) For many more properties with photos visit our website at which is updated daily. LANDTOURIST ESTATES LTD 22-422225/96422225/96422226,

SELECT Fencing & Decking Specialist For all your Garden and Security Fencing ♦ Quality approved workmanship ♦ 15 years experience + guaranteed work ♦ English workers ♦ also garden gates ♦ sheds ♦ chain link fencing ♦ free estimates ♦ all types of fencing & decking

Roofing flat & tired roofing repairs and construction Tel. SELECT fencing 99176557

TO LET NICOSIA ***************************** LUXURY FLATS: 1. 3 bedr luxury finished spacious floor apartment with very big sitting and dining areas with family room with fire place, solid parquet floor all throught, central heating independent, full a/c, all the bedrooms with en suite shower/bathroom, 4wc, big kitchen with all the electrical appliances, blinds on all windows, big covered veranda, covered parking, big storage room, on a small 3 storey building in a quiet neighborhood – Agios Andreas- €1300 – A3AAD0005-R (photos on website). 2. 1 bedr spacious fully luxury renovated apartment,60sq.m, big sitting and dining room, big bedroom, fully newly modern

TO LET NICOSIA furnished with LCD TV 32’, covered veranda, covered parking, storage heaters, full a/c, near Cyta, Laiki and Hellenic Bank headquarters – Dasoupolis €550 (photos in the website). 3.

2 bedr penthouse apartment,100sq.m + 80sq.m veranda with flowers and bbq, big sitting and dining room with big 60” TV, storage heaters, full a/v, 2 wc, en suite bathroom/ jacuzzi, roman blinds, cooker, oven, microwave, washing machine and refrigerator in the kitchen, covered parking, near Metro supermarket – Aglantzia €600 (photos in the website).

4. 2 bedr luxury ground floor apartment with central heatingindependent, full a/c, structure cabling internet and satellite network, FULLY MODERN EX-

CityCell WiFi


Installation At € 99 & Only € 25/Month WIRELESS INTERNET NO PHONE LINE , NO DEPOSIT, NO CONTRACT . UNLIMITED USE , 25-100 999



Monday, February 18, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL

Advertiser TO LET NICOSIA PENSIVE FURNISHED, with 46”LCD TV, covered parking, double glazed windows, aluminum shutters, on Pericleous street near Klimataria traffic lights – Strovolos €650 (A2ST10054-R) (photos in the website) 5. 4 bedr new spacious luxury finished floor apartment with floor heating independent, full a/c, 3wc, electrical appliances in the kitchen, blinds on all windows, very big 50sq.m covered veranda, fireplace, covered parking and big over floor heated covered swimming pool on the ground floor, on a small 3 storey building in a quiet neighbourhood near a playground and near Ippokration private hospital –Engomi €1500 (A4ENG0003-R) (photos in the website) 6. 2 bedr new luxury apartment, modern nicely furnished, storage heaters, 2 a/c, 100sq.m, big covered verandah with nice view, covered parking off Digenis Akritas street near Debenhams shop, walking distance to the centre. PRICE INCLUDES COMMON EXPENSES. – Lykavitos €450 (A1LYK0020-R) (photos in the website) 7.

1 bedr cozy luxury a p a r t m e n t ,6 0 s q.m,pa r que t floor, nicely furnished ,all fitted electrical appliances(cooker, oven, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge),roman blinds, provisions for home cinema, big covered verandah, storage heaters, 2 a/c ,covered parking in Dasoupolis near Alpha Mega supermarket and Areteion hospital. – Dasoupoli €500

TO LET NICOSIA (A1DAS0009-R) (photos in the website) 8. 2 bedr spacious renovated apartment 100sq.m with separate big kitchen, air condition for hot and cold in all the rooms, covered veranda, nicely newly fully furnished , off Kyriakou Matsi street very close to the centre on foot– Agioi Omologites €550 (A2AOM0003-R) (photos in the website) 9. New top quality 2 bedr apartment, 93sq.m+20sq.m veranda, on a small modern building with 6 flats only. Central heating independent, full a/c, 2 bathrooms, 2wc, fully fitted kitchen with all the electrical appliances, water pressure system roller blinds and shutters on windows, big sitting and dining room, big bedrooms, covered parking and storage room, in a quiet neibourhood near Akropolis park. AVAILABLE middle of February – Acropolis €800 A2ACS0002-R (photos in the website) . 10. 2 bedr luxury spacious apartment, 85sq.m, big sitting room, big fully equipped kitchen, nicely modern furnished, storage heaters, full a/c, big bedrooms, covered veranda with nice view,covered parking, off Prodromou streeet. – Engomi €600 (A2ENG0017-R)(photos in the website) 11. 2 bedr luxury spacious apartment on a small modern building with central heating independent(with petrol), full a/c, solid parquet floor, big bedrooms, big sitting room with open plan kitchen, big covered veranda, FULLY MODERN FURNISHED, covered parking



off Makarios Avenue in a quiet area near the centre - Nicosia €800 (A2NIC0030-R) (photos in the website)

Stephanis Electrinics and English school – Stovolos €800 (A3ST10013-R) (photos in the website)

12. New top quality 2 bedr apartment, 93sq.m+20sq.m veranda, on a small modern building with 6 flats only. Central heating independent, full a/c, 2 bathrooms, 2wc, fully fitted kitchen with all the electrical appliances, water pressure system roller blinds and shutters on windows, big sitting and dining room, big bedrooms, covered parking and storage room, in a quiet neighbourhood near Akropolis park. AVAILABLE middle of February.– Acropolis €800 (A2ACS0002-R)(photos in the website)

16. New luxury finished 4 bed PENTHOUSE apartment in a small modern building, 186sq. m+90sq.m big veranda with nice view, separate floor heating, fully air conditioned, 4wc, 2 en suite bedrooms with shower,1 bathroom, solid parquet floor all through, big sitting and dining areas with electric modern shutters opening to the veranda, fully equipped kitchen with expensive electrical appliances, 2 parking places (1 covered), in a very quiet neighborhood ,near the Russian Embassy. AVAILABLE END OF MARCH –Engomi €1900 (A4ENG0005-R) (photos in the website)

13. 3 bedr luxury apartment with central heating independent, full a/c, 2 bathrooms, parquet floor, big sitting and dining area, big covered veranda, covered parking, storage room, blinds, shutters in the bedrooms, big kitchen with all expensive electrical appliances, off Makarios avenue near the centre – Nicosia Centre- € 800 – A3NIC0025-R (photos on website). 14. 3 bedr spacious luxury finished apartment 150sq. m+30sq.m covered veranda, central heating independent with petrol,full wall a/c units, solid parquet floor, expensive electrical appliances in the kitchen, 3wc, curtains and blinds on windows, 3 COVERED PARKING,storage room, near Pizza Hut in Strovolos €1100 (photos in the website). 15. 3 bedrs luxury penthouse,165sq.m+80sq.m verandah with bbq, central heating ind, full AC, 3 wc, 2 bathrooms, solid parquet floor all the flat, big kitchen with dining area, fully MODERN FURNISHED, covered parking off Athalassa Avenue near

For many more properties with photos visit our website at which is updated daily. LANDTOURIST ESTATES LTD 22422225 / 96-422225 / 96422226

***************************** 2 BDRM flat in the centre of Nicosia. Rent €450. For information call 99453663, 99663927.

LIMASSOL INDEPENDENT 4 BEDROOM HOUSE, 3 upstairs, 1downstairs with w/c-shower suitable for maid. 220sqm in a plot of 400sq.m. with 3w/c a/c units, 2 covered parking, and a big yard, near Foley’s Grammar Limassol. Price €800. Tel 99400462or 99129084. 3 BEDROOM charming bungalow in Agios Tychonas, 900 sq m plot, 180 covered area, central heating, a/c units in all areas, open fireplace, en-


TO LET LIMASSOL suite master bedroom, alarm system, mosquito nets, very private and quiet area. Mature garden, lawn, swimming pool 4,50 x 9 m. Price: €1600 negotiable. Tel 99417253. GROUND FLOOR house 3 bedroom, furnished, area Agios Nectarios, Limassol. Private parking. Price €550. Tel 25752987 or 96535495 FOR RENT new big furnished studio, in Katraki building, 100 metres from the sea and Debenhams Olympia, in Neapoli area. Price €400 (including common expenses). Tel. 99406415 Andreas, Fax: 25-582963. FOR RENT big 3 bdrm furnished or unfurnished house, with big balcony, big garden, 3 wc, airconditioning, in Pareklisia area, 1000 metres from the sea and beach hotels. Price €800. Tel. 99406415 Andreas. TRADITIONAL VILLAGE STONE HOUSE IN APESHIA. Very quiet village, 20mins from Limassol. Road to heritage school/ Troodos. 2 bedrooms, office available top floor with veranda great view of mountains. Small courtyard with trees. Electric solar water. A/C-toilet in main bedroom. Semi/full furnished. Fitted kitchen with electrical appliances, fireplace. Toilet/ shower. €550pm negotiable. Tel 96891800. GROUND FLOOR HOUSE, furnished renovated this year. Laminated parke floor, and big wardrobes in the 3 bedrooms. Rent €590.00 Tel 99497576 99886775

LARNACA PYLA, quiet area village bor-

der. Three bedroom first floor apartment, bathroom, en suite. Downstairs toilet, large lounge/kitchen diner. Two balconies, rural and sea views. All mod cons, linen etc. Tastefully fitted out. €550 pcm email Tel 99141162/99923884 ***************************** 1 BEDROOM flat in Ermou Square area Larnaca - 2 bedroom flat in Phaneromenis area Larnaca. Call 96693375 ***************************** 1. Superior Real Estate Larnaca. Simply stunning one bedroom fully furnished property on gated development in Pyla. Available for immediate occupation. €250.00 Ref. TLL514. Tel 24815926 2. Superior Real Estate Larnaca. 3 bedroom fully furnished villa, available now Oroklini. Ref. TLL523 Please call to arrange a viewing Tel. 24815926 3. –LARGE RANGE OF RENTAL PROPERTIES. From studio apartments to 5 bedroom villa’s for rent, all properties have detailed descriptions, professional photographs. Interactive Virtual/Video Tours. Please visit our website.

4. License No. 419. LANDLORDS AVERTISE YOUR PROPERTY WITH US FOR FREE. Tel. 24815926 Email. ***************************** FLAT IN CENTRAL LARNACA, Stasinou St, f/f, a/c, one bedroom, Off street car parking. Foinikoudes, Zenonos Kiteos shops 200 metres. Rent €350

CityCell WiFi Install. At € 99 & Only € 25/M INTERNET UNLIMITED


HOSPITALS ........ 1400

Nicosia ........................22 802 020 Limassol ......................25 805 050 Larnaca .......................24 804 040 Paphos ........................26 806 060 Famagusta ..................23 803 030

Nicosia General .............22-801400 Nicosia Makarios ...........22-405000 Limassol Old ................25-305333 Limassol New ................25-801100 Larnaca Old...................24-630312 Larnaca New .................24-630300 Paphos ..........................26-821800 Famagusta ....................23-821211

Drug Law Enforcement Unit ......................................... 1498 (Confidential Information) Rescue Co-ordination Centre ............................. 1441 (Immediate Response Service for Aeronautical or Maritime Accident & Incidents) Game Fund Service: (Wildlife and hunting) Central offices (Nicosia): 22867786, 22-867897 Nicosia: 22-664606, 99-445697 Limassol: 25-343800, 99-445728, Larnaca/Famagusta: 24-805128, 99-634325 Paphos: 26-306211, 99-445679

Narcotics Helpline ......... 1410 (Outside hours.............. 22304160) AIDS Advisory Bureau ................................ 22-302826 Domestic Violence Centre .......................................... 1440 (Emergency Centre for Victims) Drug Info & Poison Control ............... 1401 Cyprus Samaritans ... 77777267 Police Duty Officer ......... 1499 (Confidential Information)

Forest Fires ..................... 1407 Airports Larnaca ..........................77778833 Paphos ...........................77778833

25-100 999


CYPRUS MAIL Monday, February 18, 2013





p/m. Tel: 24 815104/9939 5954

of April For more info call : 99 442485 ***************************** UNIVERSAL: 1bed ground floor apartment fully furnished, airconditioning, fridge, beds common swimming pool , leather sofas, €260 p/m. For more information phone 99400697 ***************************** PEYIA, luxury villa, 3 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully or part furnished, private pool, quiet location, paved garden area, sea and mountain views. Sky satellite, euro 650 ono, please call: 99771532 – no agents

TREMITHOUSA - Stunning Traditional Stone Built House 2 bedrooms, Swimming Pool, Open Fireplace, Fitted kitchen with white goods, P/T or F/F , an early viewing is highly recommended 350 Euros

3. CORAL BAY €675 detached modern 3 bedroom villa, situated close to the restaurants & beach of Coral Bay. Entry to villa on top floor offering two double bedrooms & bathroom, leading down to an open plan living area & one further bedroom & family bathroom. Enclosed mature garden with private pool. Available furnished with good furniture. website reference number: RTL_544

FOR RENT 2 bed, 2 bath, new built apartment, in a quiet scenic location In Alethriko, Larnaca 5 min. to Larnaka, 5 min. to the beach Fully furnished, A/C, communal pool, under covered parking, Long term rent, €350.00 per month For more info pls call 99639378 FULLY FURNISHED one bedroom flat near Larco hotel Larnaca. Price €370. Tel: 99202543 *****************************

PAPHOS KISSONERGA, ST KONONAS AREA, 3 bedroom apartment, with elevator, private car park, a/c, stove, humidifier, private roof garden with barbeque, beautiful sea and mountain views, unfurnished, €380, please call: 99553741 ***************************** LONG TERM RENT : Geroskipou, one bedroom partly furnished apartment (covered area 60 square metres) in immaculate condition with two big sized balconies, situated in a quiet residential area. Sea view and lift. Rent: €250 per month Tel: 99387019 ***************************** LOW COST, long term 3 bedroom bungalow, Polis area, Gialia village, on 3 acres of property, large variety of fruit trees, extremely private with panoramic mountain and sea views, unfurnished, swimming pool, a/c and fireplace, fence around the property €550 per month ono – available from 1st

FOR LONG TERM RENT: 2 bedroom modern apartment, recently renovated-fully furnished, Chloraka- Melanos, quiet neighbourhood, communal pool, 2 covered parking space, security burglar bars throughout, 2 balcony. Sea view, central to shops. Communal fees included. 380.00eur/ month. Call Maria 99 371 874 ***************************** LETYMPOU - Traditional Detached 2 bedroom Property set on a large plot with Spectacular Mountain Views, F/F to a very high standard, Wood burning Stove, outbuildings 500 Euros TALA - Modern 2 and 3 bedroom apartments U/F, P/F and F/F, some with communal pool, A/C, Separate Storage and own Parking 325 Euros TREMITHOUSA - Traditional Spacious 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, and Large Mature enclosed Garden, Open Fireplace, Beautiful Fitted Kitchen, A/C, Wonderful Family Home 400 Euros

URGENTLY WANTED –Bungalows 2/3 Bedrooms MORE PROPERTIES AVAILABLE FOR INFORMATION PLEASE CALL 99862922 ***************************** MR RENT PAPHOS, THE LEADING PROPERTY RENTAL AGENCY IN PAPHOS OFFICE: 26271858 (00357) IF YOU HAVE A PROPERTY TO RENT WE ARE THE RENTAL AGENCY TO CONTACT OFFERING FULL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & RENT COLLECTION SERVICE 1. PEYIA €550 modern detached 2 bedroom villa, situated on private road. Available unfurnished though includes central heating throughout, pressurised water & security alarm system. Modern fitted kitchen & bathrooms. Roof terrace with sea views & private pool. website reference number: RTL_447 2. EMBA €650 modern detached 3 bedroom villa on quiet private road. Gated entrance, off street parking. Enclosed garden with private pool. Spacious open plan living area with feature fireplace & modern gas fire. Additional gas radiator heaters throughout. Spacious well equipped kitchen with top brand appliances. Downstairs guest wc. Master bedroom with ensuite. Available furnished. Views to the sea & countryside.

Do you drive a van or truck few hours a day? Have no ad or company number or logo? Do you provide a service, or deliver goods, parts, flowers, anything that requires you to park outside other people’s homes and establishments? Don’t want cheap stickers that fade and peel, or don’t want to spend on expensive paint for car décor? Do you want your company car blank with no color, and no personality? Mag-vertising is just the thing for you.



4. PEYIA €750 modern detached 3 bedroom villa, situated on private road. Available unfurnished though includes central heating throughout, pressurised water & security alarm system. Modern fitted kitchen & bathrooms. Roof terrace with sea views & private pool. website reference number: RTL_572 5. LOWER CHLORAKA €750 spacious detached 3 bedroom villa offering stunning views of the sea. Ssituated in a quiet residential street opposite orange groves. Gated entrance, enclosed good sized mature garden with fruit trees & private pool. Spacious living area with real fireplace. Downstairs guest wc. Master bedroom with ensuite. Available fully furnished. website reference number: RTL_550 6. KATO PAPHOS €800 large 4 bedroom detached villa situated in the sought after residential area of Limnaria. Walking distance to the beach and the many amenities of Kato Paphos. Spacious living acco-

modation offering an enclosed garden with c/pool. Fully furnished with modern furniture & solar panels. website reference number: RTL_442

2. TALA 2 bed fully furnished apartment. Stunning sea views, large balcony, well kept gardens, communal pool, and quiet area. €340 pcm

7. MESOGI €1250 luxury detached 4 bedroom 5 bathroom villa. One bedroom & ensuite on ground floor. spacious kitchen with separate utility room. Available unfurnished though includes gas central heating plus real fireplace in living area. Enclosed garden & private pool offering stunning views. Gated entrance with undercover parking. Situated on a private road. website reference number: RTL_628

3. CHLORAKAS first floor 2 bed apartment, new kitchen and bathroom, very well furnished, two parking spaces, a/c, quiet area, easy access to town centre and a communal pool. €370 pcm 4. EMBA un-furnished 3 bed 2 bathroom villa, private gated parking, a/c, large kitchen with white goods, cul-de-sac. NO POOL. €445 pcm

Tel: 97790883 office: 26271858 visit our website for many more properties Email: info@

THIS IS JUST A SMALL SELCTION OF PROPERTIES THAT ARE AVAILABLE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE AND MANY MORE PLEASE CALL EITHER 96 545 174 OR E-MAIL ON LANDLORDS; WE NEED YOUR PROPERTIES NOW. PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY IF YOU HAVE A PROPERTY FOR RENT. ***************************** PAPHOS / PEYIA VILLA, villa for rent in Peyia, 4 bedroom, 4 bathrooms, large sitting-dining area, fully airconditioned and heated, unfurnished, panoramic views, large parking, low rent contact: 99490953, 26815534

***************************** LONG TERM RENTALS 1. GEROSKIPOU a large 2 bed apartment with large balcony facing the sea, covered parking, a/c, communal pool. €330 pcm

FOR RENT A selection of 1 to 5 bedroom houses & apartments F/F & U/F Universal, Peyia, Tomb of the Kings, Tsada, Timi, Chlorakas & Kato Paphos Landlord & Owners please call 99329357

8. CHLORAKA €2,200 substantial luxury 4 bedroom villa, spacious (350 sq metres), beautifully designed with unique detail. Conservatory with views of landscaped gardens. Large modern fitted kitchen, living room with working fireplace. Circular dining room with vaulted dome ceiling. Stunning private pool area. Available unfurnished. website reference numer: RTL_579



Italy, Turkey, Israel, Greece DEPT DATES: 9th June 20th June 1st July

12th July 23rd July 3rd August

14th August 25th August 5th September

16th September

We have very limited availability on this offer – book now to avoid disappointment!!




Price is for cruise only on an All Inclusive basis. Prices above include the early booking discounts and must be booked before the 14th March.

70 000 970

We can make any shape or size to suit you. Large or small, color or just plain black and white and to the point, we can help you help your business. Perfect for painters, plumbers, home builders and renovators, electricians, florists, garden care, or just about anyone who would like to advertise their specialty. For summer ideas, or winter, and especially in these hard times and economic hardships.

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Friday 19th Αpril, 3.00 p.m. & Saturday 20th April, 9.30 a.m. For entry forms, samples of examination papers or any other information, please contact the Admissions Office by 17th April from 7.30 a.m.—3.30 p.m.


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Monday, February 18, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL

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CYPRUS MAIL Monday, February 18, 2013

Sport Clinical South Africa seal Series victory

McCullum, Guptill see Black Caps home

THE father of model Reeva Steenkamp, who was shot dead at the home of Oscar Pistorius on Thursday, said “there is no hatred in our hearts” over her death - as the star’s father revealed he may have “acted on instinct”. Barry Steenkamp sympathised that the sporting hero must be going through a difficult time after his daughter Reeva was shot dead at the Blade Runner’s exclusive Pretoria home last week. He told the Mail on Sunday the family was struggling to come to terms with the death, but revealed: “There is no hatred in our hearts.” Steenkamp added: “He must be going through things that we don’t know about. “We ask the Lord every day to help us find a reason why this should happen to Reeva. She was the most beautiful, kind girl in the world.” Meanwhile, the athlete’s best friend claimed the Olympic and Paralympic hero called him minutes after the shooting telling him “there has been a terrible accident”, according to the Sunday People. Justin Divaris said: “It’s all very sad. Oscar called me at 3.55am saying that Reeva had been shot.” He added: “It was very traumatic. By the time we got there it was already a crime scene and we weren’t allowed in the house.” Pistorius’ father said he has “zero doubt” Miss Steenkamp’s death was a tragic accident and that his son may have acted “on instinct”. Henke Pistorius said he believes the model was killed after being mistaken for an intruder at his son’s house. His family is behind him “heart and soul” and will do “whatever needs to be done” to help him clear his name, Pistorius told The Sunday Telegraph. He said: “When you are a sportsman, you act even more on instinct. “It’s instinct - things happen and that’s what you do.”

Robin Peterson is man of the match

BRENDON McCullum produced a match-winning innings while a limping Martin Guptill returned after retiring hurt to guide New Zealand to a three-wicket victory over England in their first one-day international at Seddon Park yesterday. McCullum finished on 69 while Guptill, who retired hurt on three after he strained his left hamstring only to return when New Zealand were 218 for seven, was 27 not out as the hosts scored 259-7 in 48.5 overs, having bowled England out for 258. The 31-year-old McCullum had needed to provide the game-winning innings after he ran out Kane Williamson earlier when New Zealand appeared well placed for victory at 142-3 in the 34th over. The dismissal came with Williamson on 74 and McCullum starting to look settled as the batting power play approached. Williamson, guiding the ball around the ground with ease, was run out when McCullum called for a single, changed his mind and left his partner short of his ground at the nonstriker’s end. Williamson’s departure produced a tighter-thanexpected finish as New Zealand wickets fell regularly before McCullum seized the initiative and Guptill returned to flail away then hit the winning runs and give the hosts a 1-0 series lead.


‘No hatred’ says slain model’s father

By Nick Said SOUTH Africa showed why they are the number one test team in the world with a clinical performance on day four of the second test against Pakistan to clinch the series with a four-wicket victory yesterday. Excellent bowling in the morning session was backed up with steady batting under the hot sun as they chased down a victory target of 182. South Africa now lead the three-match series 2-0 with one match remaining in Centurion starting on February 22. Hashim Amla anchored their chase with an enterprising 58 from 96 balls that drained the belief from the Pakistan bowlers. The tourists picked up some late wickets to allow spinner Saeed Ajmal to record match figures of 10 for 147, but by then the game was lost. Starting their innings 30 minutes after lunch having bowled Pakistan out for 169 in their second innings, the home side lost the early wicket of Alviro Petersen lbw to Umar Gul for one. Graeme Smith (29) then became Ajmal’s first victim of the innings when he was also trapped in front going on the sweep, the second time in the test he has been out in that fashion. Jacques Kallis hit a brisk 21 before being dismissed lbw by Ajmal. Amla was magnificent as he steered the ball all round the ground, but was bowled as he had an uncharacteristic wild swing at an Ajmal delivery, bringing an end to his fine knock.

South Africa beat Pakistan by four wickets inside four days to take a 2-0 lead in the threematch series AB de Villiers (36) also played a reckless flashing cut that was caught by wicketkeeper Sarfraz Ahmed off Tanvir Ahmed to give the bowler his only wicket of the test. Faf du Plessis (15) was lbw to Ajmal with two runs needed, but Dean Elgar (11 not out) smashed the winning runs. Perhaps fittingly, he was at the crease at the time with man of the match Robin Peterson (1 not out), who had changed the course of the match with his 84 on Saturday and fine bowling on the fourth morning. The victory was set up by South Africa taking seven Pakistan wickets for the addition of 69 runs.

The tourists resumed on 100 for three, but it was not long before the hosts had their first breakthrough. Misbah-ul-Haq attempted a poorly executed sweep off Peterson and sent a top-edge flying to Graeme Smith at leg slip, the batsman departing for a patient 44. Asad Shafiq (19) was next to go, unlucky to see the ball bounce onto the stumps after it looped up following his back-foot defensive shot off Vernon Philander. Then came a collapse that rocked Pakistan as they lost three wickets in as many balls. Sarfraz Ahmed (five) left a Peterson delivery that turned

out of the leg-side rough and cannoned into his stumps. It was the last ball of the spinner’s over, with Philander taking up the attack from the other end and getting wickets with his first two balls. Ali had reached his 14th test half-century when he edged to wicketkeeper AB de Villiers for 65, and Gul lasted one delivery as he was brilliantly caught by a diving Petersen at third slip. Ajmal (four) was bowled around his legs by Peterson and Mohammad Irfan (two) was the last wicket down as he fended a Dale Steyn bouncer to Petersen in the slips. Philander ended with match figures of nine for 99.

NZ’s McCullum produced a match-winning innings

Lagat and Lomong speed to Millrose victories

Ross wins slam dunk title as Del Potro beats Benneteau Irving is top long-range gunner in Rotterdam final clash

BERNARD Lagat ran the fastest indoor two-mile race by an American and Lopez Lomong became the second fastest US miler as athletes set a host of quick times at the Millrose Games in New York on Saturday. The 38-year-old Kenyan-born Lagat clocked eight minutes, 9.49 seconds to reclaim the US best from London Olympic 10,000 metres silver medallist Galen Rupp, who ran 8:09.72 last year. Lomong, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan who is now a US citizen, claimed the mile in 3:51.21. Only Lagat, at 3:49.89, has run faster among Americans indoors.

TORONTO Raptors guard Terrence Ross won the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday with a one-handed, though-the-legs rim-rattler after leaping over a ballboy. The windmill slam earned the wild applause of the soldout crowd at the Toyota Center and lifted the 22-year-old rookie to the title over Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz. Ross garnered 58 per cent of the votes from the public in the two-dunk championship round to claim the title. In another skills test, second-year guard Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated San Antonio Spurs power forward Matt Bonner 23-20 to win the three-point shooting contest.

ARGENTINE Juan Martin Del Potro clinched his first title of the year as he overcame Julien Benneteau 7-6 6-3 in the final of the World Indoor Tournament in Rotterdam yesterday. Del Potro, beaten in last year’s final by Roger Federer, lost his serve in the first set, but Benneteau had no answer to his solid baseline performance which earned him the tiebreak 7-2. An early break in the second set meant Del Potro became only the second Argentine after Guillermo Vilas to triumph at the tournament. Benneteau had beaten Federer in the last eight.


Monday, February 18, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL


Reus hattrick helps Dortmund remain second A MARCO Reus hat-trick gave 10-man Borussia Dortmund a 3-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday that kept the Bundesliga champions in second spot, a point ahead of Bayer Leverkusen who defeated Augsburg 2-1. Midfielder Reus was the recipient of two defencesplitting passes early on and he sprinted clear both times to beat keeper Kevin Trapp as the hosts raced into a 2-0 lead by the 10th minute. Dortmund, without suspended striker Robert Lewandowski, had Julian Schieber sent off for a second caution in the 31st minute. They then had to soak up some pressure before delivering the decisive blow in the 65th minute. It was Ilkay Guendogan’s turn to slice open the Eintracht defence with a welltimed pass to Mario Goetze who turned and fed fellow Germany international Reus in the box to complete his treble and take his tally in the league this season to 11 goals. “I am just happy to have won this game because Frankfurt were really difficult to play against,” Reus told reporters. “Even with 10 men we were very well organised at the back and waited for the break.” Numerical balance was restored when Eintracht’s Takashi Inui received his marching orders in the 74th minute for a second yellow card. “The sending-off made things very difficult for us especially after having played our Champions League game in midweek,” said Dortmund coach Juergen Klopp, referring to a 2-2 draw at Shakhtar Donetsk. “But we managed it well. My players worked extremely hard and the goals we scored were well executed.” Dortmund, who bounced back after last week’s 4-1 defeat by Hamburg SV, have 42 points while Eintracht are fourth on 37. Runaway leaders Bayern Munich have 57 points after they won 2-0 at VfL Wolfsburg on Friday thanks to goals from Mario Mandzukic and Arjen Robben.

Only a last-minute save from Granada’s keeper Tono in a one-on-one situation denied Messi a hat-trick for Barcelona

Messi surpasses 300 goals in Barca comeback victory By Mark Elkington LIONEL Messi led Barcelona to a 2-1 comeback victory with a double strike at lowly Granada in La Liga on Saturday taking his tally for the club to 301 goals. The World Player of the Year pounced on a loose ball to level in the 50th minute before netting a superb free kick for the winner in the 73rd, the 37th goal of the campaign for La Liga’s top scorer. Only a last-minute save from keeper Tono in a oneon-one situation denied Messi a hat-trick. The victory moved Barca 15 points clear at the top of the table with second-placed Atletico Madrid playing at Real Valladolid on Sunday. Barca, who visit AC Milan in the last 16 of the Champions League on Wednesday, were on Saturday 19 points in front of third-placed Real Madrid, with the champions

World Player of the Year pounces to level in 50th minute, then nets free kick in 73rd set to host city rivals Rayo Vallecano yesterday. “Over 300 goals. It’s extraordinary what Messi does,” Barca assistant coach Jordi Roura told a news conference. “We had a lot of chances and didn’t take them but he got two goals that are very important.” Javier Saviola scored the only goal as Malaga warmed up for their midweek Champions League tie with a 1-0 home win over mis-firing Athletic Bilbao. The Qatari-owned club from the Costa del Sol, in their debut Champions League venture, visit Porto in a first-leg tie on Tuesday. Argentine Saviola’s seventh league goal of the season gave

the hosts an 18th-minute advantage. The safe hands of compatriot, goalkeeper Willy Caballero, then helped preserve the lead as fourthplaced Malaga moved on to 42 points. Getafe made light work of La Liga’s worst travellers Celta Vigo, romping to a 3-1 victory with all the goals coming in the first half. An early header from Kike Sola gave Osasuna a 1-0 home win over Real Zaragoza in a scrappy late game littered with yellow cards. Barca travelled to Granada without Xavi and David Villa and started with Andres Iniesta, Jordi Alba and Carles Puyol on the bench. The hosts have been lifted by the arrival of new coach

Roma’s Totti sinks leaders Juve with wonder goal

Dortmund’s Reus scored a hat-trick against Eintracht

AS Roma striker Francesco Totti scored a stunning long-range goal just before the hour mark to sink Serie A leaders Juventus 1-0 in a nail-biting clash at the Olympic Stadium on Saturday. The Roma captain ran onto a clearance from Miralem Pjanic before smashing the ball past Italy keeper Gianliugi Buffon to leave Juve on 55 points, ahead of secondplaced Napoli who were set to host visitors Sampdoria yesterday. The striker has now netted 224 Serie A goals, one less than the second all-time top scorer Gunnar Nordahl, and his strike capped a superb second-half display from Roma. Juve manager Antonio Conte was left

lamenting his tired team’s disappointing display amid a packed fixture list. “We’re not happy about playing on the Saturday and having three games in seven days,” he said in the wake of a 3-0 win at Celtic in the Champions League last 16, first leg on Tuesday and last Saturday’s 2-0 Serie A win over sixth-placed Fiorentina. “That tiredness from playing those three games against big teams is the only excuse I can give as tonight we didn’t play as a team, and when we don’t play as a team anyone can beat us.” Roma’s first victory this year took them to seventh on 37 points from 25 games and ends a run of six games without a win.

Lucas Alcaraz, winning their first two games under him without conceding a goal. Granada defeated Real 1-0 two weeks ago, when Cristiano Ronaldo headed an own goal, and downed Deportivo La Coruna 3-0 last time out. Striker Odion Ighalo put them in front from close range after 26 minutes and they held Barca at bay until just after the restart when Messi reacted quickly after Tono could only parry a Cesc Fabregas shot. The Argentine added a second goal when his free kick over the wall was too strong for Tono who got a hand to the ball. Barca then had to endure a shaky last few minutes with Victor Valdes pulling off two late saves.

Totti has now netted 224 Serie A goals

“These are the most important games because people write them off and they turn out to be the ones that win you La Liga,” said Spain midfielder Fabregas. Malaga took the game to Bilbao at the Rosaleda and loan signing from Chelsea, Lucas Piazon, set up the goal for Saviola when he dribbled to the byline and pulled the ball back for the striker to score. Piazon and Isco were a constant threat in midfield but Malaga were sloppy in defence at times and Caballero had to make a number of sharp saves to deny Bilbao. The shaven-headed Argentine launched a counter-attack at the end with a punched clearance and Joaquin fired just wide of the post after sprinting the length of the pitch. Last year’s Europa League and King’s Cup finalists Bilbao stayed sixth from bottom on 26 points.

CYPRUS MAIL Monday, February 18, 2013



Mata opens floodgates as Chelsea defeat Brentford

Smalling shocked by United FA Cup record

Lampard scores his 199th goal for Blues

CHRIS Smalling has admitted he was stunned to discover it is nine years since Manchester United last lifted the FA Cup. United have a proud record in the competition. They have won it 11 times, more than any other club, and it was famously Sir Alex Ferguson’s first trophy as United manager. Indeed, that replay win over Crystal Palace sparked a run of four triumphs in the competition within nine seasons. However, the successes dried up after the Red Devils defeated Championship outfit Millwall at the Millennium Stadium in 2004. They have lost two finals and two semi-finals since. And Ferguson has made it clear a change in fortune is required. “I was quite shocked at how long it has been since United won the FA Cup,” said Smalling. “It is a massive competition and one we all look forward to. “Before we played West Ham in the third round, the manager stressed how much we wanted to win this tournament. “There are quite a lot of lads who haven’t won it despite being here for quite a while.” With plenty of changes anticipated for the fifth-round tie against Reading at Old Trafford tonight - including the likelihood of a start for Smalling - from the team that drew with Real Madrid on Wednesday, the strength of Ferguson’s squad is now becoming evident. And, though the faces will change, there should be no lack of confidence given United are on a 15-match unbeaten run stretching back to a home loss to CFR Cluj in the Champions League two months ago. “There is a lot of confidence and the results are showing,” said Smalling.

Chelsea 4 Brentford 0 By Matt McGeehan FRANK Lampard and John Terry scored in front of owner Roman Abramovich as holders Chelsea overcame stubborn Brentford in an FA Cup replay at Stamford Bridge to set up a fifth-round clash with Middlesbrough. Juan Mata fired a clinical opening goal after 54 minutes and Oscar, who hit the outside of a post in the first half, tucked in his second goal in four days after 68 minutes. Mata was the provider for Lampard’s 199th Chelsea goal before Terry headed in an 81stminute fourth as last season’s Champions League winners stayed on course for a fifth FA Cup triumph in seven seasons. After a troubled spell of three wins in 10 games, interim boss Rafael Benitez has now steered the Blues to three successive victories. But there were reminders of Chelsea’s managerial past throughout; the 16th-minute ovation for Roberto Di Matteo and another former Blues boss present in Avram Grant. Benitez will likely be reminded of Di Matteo up to the clash with Middlesbrough on February 27 following the Italian’s 1997 Wembley goal against the Teessiders. Terry has been said to exert more influence than any of those occupying the place on the bench reserved for the manager, but Chelsea before

Chelsea’s Terry celebrates scoring his side’s winning goal of the game with team-mate Luiz during the FA Cup, Fourth Round replay at Stamford Bridge yesterday kick-off vehemently denied suggestions of a recent bustup between Benitez and the captain. Terry has been troubled by a knee injury since November and five times he has been an unused substitute under the Spaniard, including for Thursday’s 1-0 Europa League win at Sparta Prague. The 32-year-old made just his third start under the interim boss as one of six changes today, while Brentford made three alterations to the side

which beat Stevenage, but began with Harry Forrester, who scored in the original tie at Griffin Park, on the bench. The visitors had the first effort on goal as Adam Forshaw shot wide across Petr Cech before Bees captain Jonathan Douglas tried to spark an attack and was caught on the ankle by a late and high tackle by Gary Cahill. Victor Moses was lively for Chelsea and darted round on the right before pulling a ball back for Lampard, who mis-

kicked in a crowded area. Lampard, who could be months away from leaving the club, then sliced an effort wide. And a Mata cross from the right was just beyond the outstretched leg of Demba Ba, who was playing wearing a protective mask following the broken nose he sustained at Newcastle. It was not all Chelsea, though, and after a David Luiz cross skipped under Ba’s foot, Brentford’s counter-attack ended when Forshaw shot

narrowly wide from the edge of the area. Marcello Trotta had the ball in Chelsea’s net after 39 minutes, but referee Neil Swarbrick had already blown for a Luiz foul on Forshaw, whose subsequent free-kick hit the wall. Branislav Ivanovic then found an unmarked Lampard in the box, but again the midfielder’s usually-clinical finish deserted him. Fernando Torres spent the match sidelined as an unused substitute, but he was not entirely ignored. “We want Torres” came the chants from the visiting support as the off-form Spaniard warmed up in front of them, even knowing his only strike in his last 13 appearances came at Griffin Park seven minutes from time which forced the replay. Ba was unable to convert after Simon Moore saved Ivanovic’s header from Oscar’s cross as Chelsea resumed at pace and on the attack. Ba then challenged Harlee Dean to meet Cech’s long clearance and the ball fell for Mata, whose drilled a left-footed shot into the bottom right corner from 20 yards. Chelsea continued to dominate possession, before going 2-0 up after 68 minutes. Oscar, who scored the winner in Prague on Thursday, met an Ivanovic cross from the right with a back flick which deflected off a defender to go by Moore. Three minutes later it was 3-0, with Lampard finally finding the target. Mata made it, dashing down the left and cutting back for Lampard to sidefoot his volley in. Thereafter Oscar’s inswinging cross to the far post found Terry, who headed in from a narrow angle with Moore floundering. Luiz needlessly bodychecked substitute Jake Reeves as Brentford finished beaten and bruised, with Chelsea advancing to the next round.

Swans put up little fight in Red’s win NEW signing Philippe Coutinho marked his Liverpool debut with a goal as an understrength Swansea side with one eye on a Wembley final next week put up little fight at Anfield. The 20-year-old scored the important second moments after the break following Steven Gerrard’s first-half penalty. Jose Enrique, Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge, also from the spot, finished off the visitors who rarely looked interested in, or capable of, making a contest of it. Brendan Rodgers, facing the club he left in the summer for the third time this season, began the week talking up what an important seven days lay ahead. But after a home defeat to West Brom and one against Zenit St Petersburg in the Europa League this game took

Liverpool 5 Swansea 0 on even more significance. It was a match Liverpool effectively could not afford to do anything but win, although that only served to paper over the cracks which have been exposed recently. As emphatic as the scoreline was - incredibly securing a first win over a top-10 side this season - it only served to prove just how frustrating the Reds can be. Earlier in the week they created as many if not more chances against the Baggies but failed to put any away. The same problem befell them in Russia, with a similar 2-0 defeat the outcome, but in some ways Swansea probably provided the ideal oppo-

sition for the Reds to end a five-match win-less run. Physically unintimidating, with a bigger prize on offer in seven days’ time, they were also the perfect team for the slight Coutinho to make his first appearance since an £8.5million move from Inter Milan late last month. Swansea boss Michael Laudrup, with his thoughts on next weekend’s Capital One Cup final, did his predecessor a huge favour by naming a weakened side, selecting only four who beat QPR 4-1 last week and leaving out 15-goal striker Michu, captain Ashley Williams and Nathan Dyer. Had Liverpool not beaten a side which was arguably not as strong as the one which defeated the Reds 3-1 in the League Cup in October, serious questions would have been asked.

Results FA Cup Chelsea Brentford

4 0

Man City Leeds Utd

4 0

Huddersfield Wigan

1 4

Playing Today Man Utd v Reading, 10pm

Premier League Liverpool Swansea

Liverpool’s Gerrard scores his side’s first goal of the game against Swansea from the penalty spot

5 0

Monday, February 18, 2013 CYPRUS MAIL



Clinical South Africa seal Series victory 25

Mata opens floodgates as Chelsea dismiss Brentford 27

Citizens cruise into quarters FA Cup clash ends in defeat for outclassed Leeds Man City 4 Leeds 0 By Andy Hampson


The outgoing world number one showed that being second best was not an option as she outclassed Williams 7-6 2-6 6-3 to win in Doha yesterday

Azarenka bests Williams to triumph in Qatar Open By Pritha Sarkar OUTGOING world number one Victoria Azarenka showed that being second best was not an option for her as she outclassed Serena Williams 7-6 2-6 6-3 to win the Qatar Open on Sunday. Williams will replace Azarenka on top of the WTA rankings when the new list is released on Monday but the American’s hopes of capping off a memorable week with a 48th singles title were dashed by an opponent who extended her 2013 record to 12-0. Williams’s game sparkled as brightly as the diamond ring on her playing right hand during the second set but it was Australian Open champion Azarenka who was running rings around her in the third. The Belarussian leapt to a 3-0 lead and never relinquished that advantage, polishing off Williams with an unreturnable serve in just under two-and-a-half hours. In case anyone in the crowd had forgotten that she had entered the tournament as top dog in the world rankings, Azarenka celebrated winning her second successive Qatar title by holding both arms aloft and wagging her index fingers towards the night sky of Doha. “It’s amazing to have achieved what I have achieved,” the Belarussian said in a

courtside interview. “I just wanted to fight and give myself every opportunity to get back. I told myself ‘you have to keep it together, you have to do something otherwise Serena’s on a roll and she’s going to bring her A-game’. “I had to really step up my game and I’m glad that I could turn it around, stay tough and focused.” Williams had entered the match on a high after reclaiming the top ranking for the sixth time and beating rival Maria Sharapova in the semi-finals. Two days after becoming the oldest woman to claim the world number one accolade, it seemed the efforts of the week finally caught up with her 31-yearold limbs. The player who has a reputation of blowing away opponents was in danger of suffering the same fate herself in the third set. She hung in to save one match point on her serve at 5-2 down, thanks to a serve that was incorrectly called in, but Azarenka was not about to let her off the hook. The American saved another match point on Azarenka’s serve with a thumping backhand service return but it was the Belarussian who was soon thumping her chest and blowing kisses to the crowd.

ergio Aguero struck twice as Manchester City kept their season alive by breezing into the FA Cup quarter-finals at the expense of Leeds. The Championship side were no match for the Barclays Premier League champions, who responded to last week’s title setback with a dominant display at the Etihad Stadium. Yaya Toure began the procession early on before Aguero added a penalty and a fine finish either side of a close-range Carlos Tevez effort. It was just the fillip manager Roberto Mancini needed, with City 12 points behind Manchester United in the title race and amid fresh speculation over his position. Leeds offered little and their fans’ disillusionment with their manager Neil Warnock and their predicament, as they struggle to launch a playoff push, was evident. Mancini’s men gave them little room for manoeuvre. Angered by last week’s dismal and costly loss at Southampton, the Italian kept his word and made changes. The Italian made six in all, although the absences of goalkeeper Joe Hart and midfielder Gareth Barry had nothing to do with their high-profile errors at St Mary’s. Hart was rested in keeping with previous cup ties, allowing deputy Costel Pantilimon an opportunity, while Barry had a knock. Kolo Toure and Matija Nastasic returned at the heart of defence and Aleksandar Kolarov featured at left-back. England midfielder James Milner came in to face the hometown club that launched his career while Tevez was restored in attack alongside Aguero. Under-fire Warnock also made a goalkeeping change, replacing Paddy Kenny with Jamie Ashdown, and brought back former Liverpool man El-Hadji Diouf, Rodolph Austin and Aidan White. Tevez and Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero struck twice for a dominant City who gave Leeds little room for manoeuvre yesterday were lively up front and caused constant problems while Yaya Toure dictated midfield and Milner gave the team he still supports little respite. The only Leeds player to make his mark on the hosts early on was former City midfielder Michael Brown, who was constantly at the heels of his opponents and looking to irritate. City opened the scoring with just under five minutes gone. David Silva was involved in a neat move before Yaya Toure exchanged passes with Tevez on the edge of the box and then went through on goal and expertly took the ball round Ashdown. Brown caught up with Yaya Toure three minutes later, tangling with the City talisman near the halfway line, but referee Mark Clattenburg stepped in to avert a flashpoint. City then cut Leeds open with ease as Pablo Zabaleta released fellow Argentinian Aguero and another compatriot in Tevez fired narrowly wide. It seemed the Leeds defence could not cope with Aguero and Tom Lees gave him the opportunity to double the lead when he pulled him back in the area. Aguero finished emphatically from the spot and City, comfortable, began to stroke the ball around with even greater confidence. Leeds showed little bite and, when they did, it came some while later after Brown clipped Tevez. Kolarov’s free-kick was de-

flected into the side-netting and Javi Garcia got forward to glance a header across goal from a corner. Leeds belatedly tested Pantilimon when Ross McCormack forced the Romanian to palm away a free-kick in the last minute of the first half. Brown was removed at halftime by Warnock, with Leeds fans thereafter turning their sarcasm on their unpopular manager from a position of 3-0 down, as Aguero combined with Silva and raced into the box before clipping a ball across goal for Tevez to volley in from close range. There was little to entertain in most of the second half, although the Leeds supporters maintained their humour by cheering anything forwardthinking their side did as if they had scored. Jack Rodwell came off the City bench and headed onto the crossbar after Ashdown had parried a Yaya Toure shot. The fourth City goal came after 74 minutes as Silva split the Leeds defence with a superb pass and Aguero turned and waited for the optimum moment to curl past Ashdown. Another City substitute, Edin Dzeko, brought a good low save out of Ashdown as City cantered to victory.


English daily newspaper 18/02/2013


English daily newspaper 18/02/2013