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Natural history One man’s love of our past leads to the creation of museum

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And there has to be more value in a home cooked rather than a ready meal says RICHARD GODWIN


People: Looking for stability after a life ranging from formula one racing to New Age therapies

07 Culture: Lifelong interest in natural history leads to creation of museum

17 21 Fashion: Meggings, should you be trying them out?

Food is about joy, it’s an art not a science

Whatson: Successful Loop Festival will return to Nicosia at beginning beg go of next e t ye year


hat is it with medical science? As much as one admires its highminded pursuit of the truth, it does come across as a bit of a jerk sometimes. According to a new study published in the British Medical Journal, the recipes published by Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and friends are less healthy than the average ready-meal - and the average ready-meal is bad enough. A group of scientists compared the nutritional content of 100 “randomly selected” recipes with 100 items from the chilled aisle. Contrary to popular wisdom, they claim, a microwaveable apology for chicken tikka masala purchased from a particularly grim branch of Tesco Metro is “better for you” than pork knuckles with caraway, garlic, apples and potatoes, lovingly braised by Nigella. In a sexy apron. Just as his cohorts were unreeling the hazard tape around the River Cottage, the leader of the study, Professor Martin White, went further, suggesting that food programmes should appear after the 9pm watershed. Given the childhood obesity epidemic, there have been calls to restrict advertisements for junk food. Why should this not also apply to, say, Nigelissima? “For consistency,” White noted, “the nutritional content of all food portrayed on television, including that in programmes with television chefs, should be considered.” Considered... and then put very low on the list of priorities. For nutritional content is more

Eminently edible: Nigella cooks food that is to be enjoyed, not worried over

than a question of fat and fibre. Surely the crucial point is that decent homemade recipes will not contain any of the stablisers or xantham gum you find in ready-meals? Besides, Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals burn plenty of calories in the preparation - and if you cook at a steadier pace, you have the therapeutic effect on your mental health, plus the educative benefits of an applied experiment. Actually, the study is a pretty high cholesterol example of how “science” in pursuit of an easy headline sends out completely the wrong message. The reason that obesity has overtaken malnutrition is not because people are trying to copy Lorraine Pascale. It is because they are eating crap. That is the main problem. Anything that con-

nects taste to effort and knowledge, rather than the instant gratification offered by our industrialised food processes, spreads a deeper long-term benefit. Our second great food ailment is neurosis - and again, Nigella is a glorious antidote. In fact, if you gauge an individual’s worth by the joy they spread, then she would have to count among the most valuable members of our society. Considering Jamie Oliver has always combined his instinctive feel for how British people eat with earnest attempts to improve public health, that would place him among the heroes of our age. Surely the scientists have bigger fish to fry? And then eat. With lashings of sauce.

Do men a favour, bin ‘how to get a man’ books By Rosamund Urwin Ladies: as an early Christmas present for you, I have read the latest how-tobag-a-man manual so you won’t be tempted to. The New Rules comes out in January, that being the top time to find yourself suddenly single. Really it’s just The Rules Regurgitated, with some references to Twitter and Facebook thrown in so the authors - Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider - seem “down with the kids”. The book begins with our self-appointed courting coaches thanking their “wonderful husbands”, just to whack you over the head with the point that His Nibs will be your prize should you live by the letter of this book. Sex and the City gets a first-page mention too, because all women want to be Carrie. Even the ones who hate stilettos. And Cosmopolitans. And think she’s a neurotic, selfish whine machine.

By Rule Two, we have hit the juicy stuff: the pimping of our hides. Apparently, I need highlights (brown hair being “blah”) and extensions (“Men prefer long, straight hair… it’s simply the most feminine!”) and to whiten my teeth. I should stock up on bronzer, push-up bras, a gym pass and some big gold hoop earrings too. Oh, and I shouldn’t rule out cosmetic surgery. Post-makeover, I’m ready for lurve. Except that I mustn’t talk so much, I have to laugh at his jokes (even the unfunny ones) and I’ll need an egg timer on standby, just in case he calls (if I go over the four-minute mark, he’ll kick me to the kerb). Essentially then, the advice is to be mean, flaky and stingy. Leave the guy hanging a bit. Rip him off. While spending precious hours morphing into a human Barbie doll. Fein and Schneider are also asking most wom-

en to undergo a personality revamp, as though the only way they could hope to find someone is by mild deceit and game-playing. Their view of men is equally unfair: seeing them as anti-Pavlov’s dogs, who run away scared if they hear your voice too often. When few men - and certainly not the ones you would want to be with - would send you to Dumpsville for being a little loquacious and opening your wallet occasionally. A dance between the sexes that might end with two people getting naked together or becoming that octogenarian couple holding hands in the street should be fun. It shouldn’t be some freakishly prescriptive, regressive game - a battle for hearts and rings. God (or perhaps a greedy publisher) knows why the Rules needed a second coming but it’s surely time to bin these books for good.

SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012

03 DIARY by Richard Dickenson

Father Christmas & the St.Barnabas Monastery A bout 50 years ago there were three elderly and spotlessly white-bearded Greek Orthodox priests living in the tumbledown little Monastery of St Barnabas in Salamis, just a few miles up the coast from the old city walls of Famagusta. They made a subsistence living by painting icons. I remember them with their easels set up in the body of the church and, working in the poor light with their limited vision, meticulously copying the fading old pieces of church artwork on the walls. They were always pleased to be disturbed and to talk with the occasional visitors. I took my infant daughter to see them one day and she remained convinced for years that these were really three Father Christmases. One day one of them had a nasty fall, having tripped over the long robes hardly suitable for the broken steps, decaying walls and crumbling masonry of the deteriorating buildings. I was MO in nearby Karaolos Camp and was able to visit and help a little. About a month or two later I received my reward in the form of a tiny icon of St George. It was a copy of one of the big ones on the church wall. Despite my prior and greater devotion to St David it has been on my study wall ever since. I never visited the place again until this past summer. Walking into the courtyard, which is now in the occupied areas, was a revelation. In sharp contrast to those earlier days I had the immense pleasure of fi nding the whole place much restored and altogether beautiful in its calm dignity. Nowadays it is much bet-

The church of St Barnabas and (right) the icon of St George

ter cared for than had been within the abilities of those old gentlemen. Much of the stonework has been repositioned and repointed. The garden still grows figs. The restful tranquility of the place has not diminished one bit. The church is still rather dark and no candles now burn there. Still, the peaceful atmosphere is there even though there are no longer any monks in residence. I was sad to learn that although those Father Christmas gents survived the invasion, by about 1976 with their advancing years and deteriorating health they moved to the south and left the monastery never to return. I gather that it is no longer a place of worship, except at a personal lev-

el. It is hard to know when a person is silently praying let alone to stop him. Instead, the monastery has become a small icon museum and icons have been moved there from other abandoned sites. Additionally some of the old monks’ cells have been converted into a small archaeological museum. I sat in the still serenity and thought back over things the monks had told me all those years ago. To them the great leader of their church was St Barnabas who was second in rank only to St Peter, both having been chosen in person by Christ himself. Barnabas was a Cypriot Levite Jew born, it is thought, early in the fi rst century AD. He was believed to have been martyred in or near Salamis

in about 67AD. At one point Barnabas chose Paul, previously the turnccoat known as Saul of Tarsus, as his assistant and Saul accompanied him to Cyprus and on other proselytising travels. Later, there was a difference of opinion and, after the two had parted, they said, Paul made many changes. With his writings he edited the story so that it appeared that he and not Barnabas was the senior. Paul, they felt, was an unsavoury character whose only evidence for his claim to being the thirteenth apostle was from spreading the word that Jesus had spoken to him and called him. There is little to support this conceit beyond the writings of Paul/Saul himself. At some length they explained to

CY gets cash release

Board members quit

Orphanides stores across the island were temporarily closed this week as the chain’s main creditors reportedly rejected the appointment of an administrator to oversee the company’s restructuring. The news came as the company, in the red for well over €200m, announced it was temporarily shutting down 11 stores across the island amid depleting stocks. Citing sources, the state broadcaster said both Popular Bank and Bank of Cyprus turned down the company’s proposal to appoint Andreas Andronikou, of UK auditing fi rm UHY Hacker Young, as administrator. The banks were however said to be open to a proposal put forth by the chain’s suppliers envisaging a joint buyout of the company and using future dividends to gradually recoup what they are owed by Orphanides.

million euro was this week approved by the House finance committee to be given to Cyprus Airways for a share capital increase, which the ailing airline said would help them get back on their feet. “Cyprus Airways would like to publicly express their gratitude over the House finance committee decision…to release €16,330,000, part of the second tranche of the government’s part of the share capital increase,” CY said in an announcement. The tranche is part of some €31.3 million the airline had requested – and has now received – to help make the airline viable. Last week the airline asked the state for an additional €73 million in order to better implement its new restructuring plan. Under the plan, 407 employees would be made redundant, leaving 623 staff who would have to agree to salary cuts.

board members of the Bank of Cyprus’ (BoC) have expressed their intention to step down, the banks said. The five are: Vasilis Rologis, Costas Severis, Anna Diogenous, Giorgos Georgiades and Christos Mouskis. Mouskis submitted his resignation on Tuesday, which will be put before a board meeting next Thursday, the BoC said in an announcement. All five intend to leave in the coming months but before the next AGM, as part of “their endeavour to contribute to the renewal and restructuring of the board and in response to a recommendation from the central bank of Cyprus”. The central bank has asked the BoC to ensure that no board member serves for more than nine years, as part of efforts to improve its corporate affairs and comply with regulations stating that that anyone staying on for more than nine years needs to justify it.


December 23, 2012 • SUNDAY MAIL



Semi-state borrowing million euro will be borrowed by the state from three semi-governmental organisations so it can pay wages and pensions in the public sector for December. According to government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou, cabinet approved the three loans to be granted by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC), the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CyTA) and the Cyprus Ports Authority. The EAC and CyTA will loan the state €100m each from their employees’ pension funds, while the Ports Authority will lend €50m so the government can meet its fi nancing obligations for December, after the fi nance ministry warned of a selective default in parliament earlier this week. The Ports Authority had originally offered a €38 million loan with an option for a further €12m which the government eventually took.



Orphanides closures

me that Paul had stolen the purpose of the church and diverted it into a money-making venture for his own avaricious purposes. Still, I knew nothing of all that in those days and was pretty sceptical. It was only years later that I learned how much truth might well lie behind those surprising insinuations. To this day Barnabas remains Patron Saint of Cyprus, his feast day celebrated on June 11. I noticed that the original icon of St George from which mine was copied is still in its place as my photograph shows. Barnabas comes over as a much nicer chap than his sometime associate. A comforting thought in such a foolishly troubled world.


Living on the edge

What have you done? Roberto Sciffo Photo: Christos Theodorides


t’s the time of year when John Lennon’s words come to mind: “So this is Christmas / And what have you done? / Another year over / And a new one just begun”. Lennon meant well, but those words strike an uncomfortable chord with some people – like Roberto Sciffo for instance, who admits that sometimes a little voice pipes up inside his head, casting doubt on his life choices. “Sometimes I do question what the heck I’m doing,” he tells me, sitting in the showroom of Global Green Guard Ltd in Nicosia, “because I’m not where everyone else is, or should be, at this point in time”. His parents, he’s aware, “would like a grandchild, or wedding bells or whatever it is”, and sometimes the little voice agrees with them: “In comparison to all your other friends,” it needles, “who have now been married and are on their first kid, or second kid or whatnot – where is your stability?” By the time you read this, Roberto will have turned 40 (he was just days away when we spoke) – an age when mid-life crisis starts to loom, and one clutches at stability like a drowning man at a life-preserver. Then again, stability is overrated – and Roberto,

THEO PANAYIDES meets a dreamer who has raced formula cars, is involved in New Age therapies and is looking for stability to answer John Lennon, has done quite a lot with his years so far. He’s raced cars as a Formula Ford mechanic in Quebec. He’s sailed across the Pacific on a three-man yacht, from San Diego to New Zealand – a journey that took eight months, including an enforced four-month layover in the Kingdom of Tonga. He’s a freediver, and can hold his breath for just under five minutes. He’s worked with Tim Ray, the son of a Hollywood director (Nicholas Ray, who made Rebel Without a Cause) and an Oscar-winning actress. Above all, he’s consistently explored new ideas, from the eco-friendly ion heaters and copper-based pool cleaners he’s currently selling to self-actualisation, probiotics, “heavy metals”, and healing techniques so out-there he prefers not to talk about them. Not that Roberto doesn’t like to talk. If anything he talks too unstop-

pably, his verbal tangents punctuated by a loud, high-pitched laugh. In 1969 his dad proposed to his mother, he recalls: “Took her out into the lake, so she wouldn’t have a choice!” – and he laughs loudly. “She accepted. Wisely!” – and he laughs again. His style is boyishly enthusiastic, his fair, ruddy face crowned by shoulder-length blond hair above a pair of green eyes and thick square glasses. He was born and grew up in Cyprus, but his ethnic background (as implied by his features) is more complicated: Mum is Swiss but born in Hungary and raised partly in Brazil, Dad is Italian but born and raised in Egypt. “He’s a bit like me, he’s quite an adventurer as well,” says his son fondly. Roberto himself was a shy boy, partly because he was born shortsighted but wasn’t issued with glasses till he was five, so his first impressions of the world were “foggy”. He was “somewhat lost as a child,” he recalls; “I used to be very introverted, I wouldn’t go out and make friends very easily”. School was a chore, and he may have been mildly dyslexic. His life seemed to lack direction; all that really stirred him were racecars and motorbikes. He seems to have been slightly in the shadow of

his older brother Raffaello, whom he describes as “quite magnificent. He was very jolly, got on with everybody, very intelligent, very good brain, remembered things”. Raffaello went off to study in the US and Roberto followed, mostly so they could be on the same continent. “We were very close, my brother and I. He passed away in 2003. We had a really good –” he pauses: “You know, with him I felt really safe.” He seems to have the kind of personality that craves a mentor, someone – or something – to attach to, yet he also loves adventure and living on the edge. That’s why he cherished motor-racing, because it hinges on teamwork (“I’m the type of person that likes to connect well with people”) yet is also a case of “being on my own and not being told what to do”. It’s the kind of personality that’s naturally drawn to extreme experience; he might’ve joined a cult, or become a monk, in another life – yet he’s also keenly aware of the kind of reaction his ideas might provoke, and much too nice to give offence. At times he seems almost embarrassed by the things he’s seen and experienced. “This is where it gets a bit… ‘woowoo’, shall we say,” he explains, and

SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012



Happiest people on earth: Tonga

Anastasiades on top According to state broadcaster CyBC is latest poll presidential contender and DISY leader Nicos Anastasiades currently tops the popularity table with 46 per cent of respondents backing him.

Large haul He seems to have the kind of personality that craves a mentor, someone – or something – to attach to, yet he also loves adventure and living on the edge laughs loudly. “For want of a better word.” What exactly are the “woo-woo” ideas he’s been involved with? The first was perhaps “network spinal analysis” at the wellness centre he started with his brother in Hertfordshire in the late 90s. Raffaello was a qualified chiropractor (Roberto, who helped out on the business side, graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts) – but network spinal analysis is a non-invasive technique where you’re “not actually moving a bone, but you’re looking for the deeper cause why the bone is out of place”. Any bad experience creates energy which is then absorbed by the meningeal sac (he explains) and gets stored in the body, usually along the spine, causing stress which can then be found and released. The underlying point, adds Roberto, is to see that “our body is not just a biological mass. It’s also got an energetic aspect to it.” That brings us to “subtle energy” – “what we’re all connected by, if we’re able to tap into it”. Take a body at the moment of death, for instance. One might say it’s still healthy, insofar as you could harvest its organs and put them in a living body, but (obviously) something is missing – “which is the vitality, the spirit, the energy or whatnot of that body. The subtle energy, let’s put it that way”. He means the soul, I point out. This is not a new idea – but why is he so convinced that such a thing exists? Because he’s used subtle energy in practical ways, replies Roberto, but prefers not to go into details; “I tapped into, let’s say, one little aspect”. Better not say more, he adds with a laugh. “When you give information that’s way too much over someone’s reality, then they’ll just write it off”. Translation: that part of his life is a little too “woo-woo” for the Sunday Mail. Then again, some might also snigger at the Paracelsus Clinic, a place in Switzerland which “has its own way of working: its belief is basically that most, if not all, diseases

December 23, 2012 • SUNDAY MAIL

originate from the state of the teeth”. That was where Roberto’s brother went for alternative treatment after being diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer – and the cancer was successfully reduced, claims Roberto, but his body was already too weak to survive. Some might even raise their eyebrows at Dr Mick MacKenzie, another of Roberto’s mentor figures (they worked together for a number of years), a kind of wellness consultant who leads month-long retreats for people who “basically want their life shook up to see more options, shall we say”. Some readers will reject such things as insufferably New Age-y – but that’s the point, that it all depends on the reader. “Everybody’s life is their own creation, in a sense,” he admits. “I’ll put the information, and my understanding of health and life and whatnot out there, but it’s not for me to convince them.” Roberto Sciffo isn’t out to convince anyone. It’s true he’s selling something – he had a stall flogging detox products at the recent Mind, Body & Spirit exhibition – but he’s not really a hustler; he’s an enthusiast, an adventurer, a bit of a gypsy. His ideas tend to be outside the mainstream, but not necessarily extreme. He believes in good nutrition, like drinking lots of water (30ml per kilogram of weight per day) and eating at least 60 per cent fresh (i.e. uncooked) food. He believes in detoxifying the body of “heavy metals”, the chemicals we unknowingly absorb every day in everything from water to perfume to car-exhaust fumes. But he doesn’t come across as a zealot – maybe just a bit of a drifter, and a bit insecure. “I’m quite sensitive as a person,” he says. “There’s no good or bad, it’s just who I am”. ‘What’s been his most life-changing experience?’ I ask – and am quite surprised by the answer. In 2001, he was backpacking through Europe; he met a couple of Swiss girls and they travelled together, ending up in Barcelona. They went out one night, did a bit of bar-hopping, and around 5am they were looking for one last place which they’d been assured was

still open. Suddenly a garbage truck drove by, and they decided to ask the garbage-man for directions. Roberto approached him as he was taking out garbage, asked his question – and the man “basically looked up, pointed, and then just kept on doing what he was doing. It stunned all three of us.” I’m puzzled: “Why?” “Because the whole essence of the person was someone who was absolutely happy, absolutely secure. There was no judgment – he didn’t say ‘oh, these are tourists’, or ‘look at the clothes they’re wearing’, or ‘look at what I’m wearing, this is not a great job’ and judging himself – there was nothing. It was like … clean. All three of us were speechless”. So you mean he was very serene? It was just his essence, his very being. It was just so clear. “‘Essence’ would be the best word.” It’s a strange story (maybe you had to have been there), but I think I get it. Maybe life is indeed a search for stability – but not the stability of a wife and kids, at least not for Roberto, though in fact he’s become more concerned with “building a base” in the past few years. I remember what he said about the people of Tonga, whom he got to know quite well during his four months (his Tongan name is ‘Lopeti’) – that they’re “the happiest people on Earth”, partly because they’ve never been conquered; their Pacific home is their own, and it fills them with confidence. Roberto strikes me as a man who’s spent 40 years trying to achieve that same confidence. Has he made it? Will he ever? Hard to say – but don’t forget that adventurers are also pioneers. Today’s flaky, “woo-woo” idea is tomorrow’s new way of doing things. At one point, as we speak, we’re interrupted by a friend called Gabriel who designs geodesic domes; cheaper than ordinary structures, says Roberto later, more stable, more energy-efficient. Yet they’re still a novelty, I point out; why isn’t everybody building geodesic domes? “Well, it’s new,” he shrugs helplessly – but later quotes Schopenhauer: “The truth is initially ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, and finally it is accepted as self-evident”. Far from being a misfit, Roberto Sciffo may be in the vanguard of a new revolution. You may say he’s a dreamer, but he’s not the only one. There’s that John Lennon again.

The drugs squad for arresting two men this week with a large stash of drugs after police gave simultaneous car chases, firing warning shots until the two suspects stopped their cars.

‘No default’ The finance ministry for announcing on Wednesday that it had secured the necessary cash to cover its current financing needs and there was no possibility of a default, a day after a high-ranking official warned that without loans from semi-government companies (SGOs), the state would run out of money in a matter of days.

‘Save our jobs’ It’s a bad Christmas for the hundreds of workers at Orphanides Supermarkets who took to the streets on Wednesday asking for their jobs to be saved as a cloud of uncertainty hung over the future of the debt-ridden company.

Homophobia in schools Those responsible for the homophobic bullying that has been branded a “real problem” in schools and which needs to be tackled by the Education Ministry, Ombudswoman Eliza Savvidou said in a recent report.

‘Not enough support’ Welfare is still failing to work alongside other state services to ensure that children’s rights are secured, Commissioner for Children’s Rights Leda Koursoumba said this week.

Unpaid teachers The 2,500 teachers belonging to State Education Institutes (KIE) islandwide who have not received wages since September. Some demonstrated in Nicosia this week although union representative Giorgos Constantinou said others had not turned up because they could not afford the petrol money.

Teasing stab The 75-year-old man who accused his sister-in-law of attempted murder after she allegedly stabbed him for being teased, Paphos police said.

Austerity protest Secondary school students were sent home early on Wednesday as their teachers walked out of classrooms for the day’s last period, protesting the austerity measures that impact their sector. They are being asked to teach one extra period a week.


Travelling with Hepburn, dining with Sinatra and gambling with Broccoli, Roger Moore’s life is as glamorous as 007’s. HERMIONE EYRE joins him for lunch

‘I will not drink a dirty martini’


ir Roger Moore arrives exuding cologne and good manners. “I can’t sit here,” he protests. “The lady should always have the better seat, looking out into the room.” He has dressed immaculately for our rendezvous - and he even shakes out my napkin and presents it to me. We’re in one of his favourite restaurants, One-O-One in Knightsbridge. His usual apéritif is a gin Martini: “Very dry, straight up. Vermouth placed in the glass and thrown away, Tanqueray gin, a twist of lemon, and then chilled in a freezer so it crackles with frost.” His eyebrows shoot upwards in delight. He leans closer, as if to confide an article of faith: “I will not drink a Martini dirty.” He’s still got it. My favourite Bond; “I was meant to be George, all the Moores are either Alfred or George. Actually, I was supposed to be Margarita - my parents were convinced!” At 85, he is married to his fourth wife, Christina ‘Kiki’ Tholstrup, and has just produced a book of 007 anecdotes and arcana, Bond on Bond, dictated from the verandah of his home in Monaco, or phoned in from his chalet in Switzerland. “I always find the best time to work is in the morning, before I’ve had a Bloody Mary at noon and forgotten everything.” His eyes dart about disarmingly. “Where’s our waiter? They’re very good at looking after you here. In Moscow the service is the worst in the world. They’re so used to the socialist regime, they don’t want to serve you. Little did they realise I was James Bond. I could have shot the bloody lot of them!” Soon I’m asking if he can remember his longest lunch. As he’s a legendary epicure who was friends with Sinatra and Gregory Peck, I figure it could have lasted several days. “In the South of France,” he remembers, “after a two-hour game of tennis, we all went off with a Danish chef who had a house in St Paul de Vence, who rustled something up, and we washed it down with, oh, between ten of us, at least a hundred bottles. There was dancing, and then it was time for din-

ner. The next day I felt great.” He has a strong constitution, then? Emphatically: “Yes.” Did he ever, at his zenith, become a little pleased with himself? Start referring to himself in the third person? “I’ve never been pleased with myself. Couldn’t be. I never watched my daily rushes. I only ever listened to them. If the voice sounds right, they will be fine. A very clever old-time Hollywood producer told me that if you watch yourself too much, you develop mannerisms. You see your jaw clenching and you think, ‘That’s effective,’ and you start doing it for the wrong reasons.” I close my eyes. It is a very beautiful voice, low and sweet like a RADAtrained honey bear. He’s telling me tales of gambling in the 1960s. “I met

Manners: Roger helps Hermione to sit down

‘A very clever old-time Hollywood producer told me that if you watch yourself too much, you develop mannerisms’

these two Americans over a game of chemin de fer on Curzon Street. They were quite heavy gamblers and they were called Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman… Having met them over a gambling table I was obviously going to be a potential for Bond. They were running a competition in the Daily Express to find James Bond, but I’d just started The Saint.” And so, during that long-running TV series, it fell to a certain other actor to become the first Bond. Moore was a gambler, but never a cheat. “I knew all the tricks, the sleights of hand. A friend of mine, a Swedish gambler, taught me all the things to look out for.” But he never put them into practice? “Never! I’d be far too frightened. They watch you all the time in a casino.” He corrects himself wryly. “Of course, it wasn’t that I was too frightened, I was too honest. My father was in the police, you know.” Moore grew up in Stockwell, the only child of George and Lily. His father, always a great supporter, once told him off for failing to appear on the Alan Partridge show in 1994. He thought his son was being unprofessional; of course, Steve Coogan had invented the whole scenario. Remembering his childhood, Moore likes his fish and chips “the common way, with tomato ketchup and vinegar. The best in the world is at Scott’s in Mayfair. It’s not on the menu, but they do it really well.” He’s on a mission against foie gras. “I like animals and I don’t think we should torture them before we eat them. Blowing up the liver of a duck or a goose is no way to treat an animal.” His PETA campaign recently closed down a large farm in China; next, Fortnum’s is in

his sights. “The French are horrified with me. If there’s such a word as a fatwah in French, I’m under it, from the farmers and the government, but I don’t care.” He arose as Sir Roger for the first time in 2003. “A great honour, but it comes for my work for UNICEF, which I’m more proud of than any success I’ve had in movies. But then, of course, if I hadn’t had any success in movies, no one would have been interested in hearing me talk about children’s charities.” Indeed, glamour makes the world go round. “Well, one of the most glamorous ladies recruited me to UNICEF, Audrey Hepburn. She asked me to go with her to Amsterdam. What could one say but yes?” Well, absolutely. We end our lunch with macaroons. “My big problem is...” he begins. A Soviet assassin behind the door? Grace Jones with a stiletto? “Dessert,” he says ruefully. “My wife says I mustn’t.” Lunchtime with this legend has been a dreamy, surreal experience. He leaves with one generous parting shot: “I think they’ve now got the best Bond ever in Daniel Craig. A very fine, classically trained actor, and doesn’t he look like a killer?” And with that, Roger Moore kisses me on both cheeks - once a killer, twice a lover.

SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012


ZOE CHRISTODOULIDES meets a natural history buff who has taken his passion one step further by creating a museum

The start of life T

ake a whizz through the streets of the capital and the signs off recession e ingrained seem to be everywhere. Countless mpty, closing shops have been left empty, e commondown sales have become bandoned place, and cafés seem abandoned ather dein time. But amid the rather w place pressing cityscape, a new has recently sprouted up that d old on aims to take young and ent day a journey far from present hardships. So very far away, in ilding is fact, that an entire building ts of weird now dedicated to all sorts s that tell and wonderful exhibits s roamed the tales of when dinosaurs earth. o one’s throw Located just a stone’s ollos Municiaway from the Strovolos u ndation is pality, the Tsirides Foundation thi packed with just aboutt anything nable, from and everything imaginable, dinosaur teeth to the most unusutract toural fossils. Aiming to attract th a thirst ists and locals alike with ies of days for discovering the glories e pride and gone by, the place is the r. joy of one local collector. “This is what I love to do,” prodes busying claims Angelos Tsirides luttered himself in an office cluttered with collectables thatt would p. That’s make anyone’s jaw drop. not to forget the half a dozen cats

Photographing a monkey in Kuala Lumpur

December 23, 2012• SUNDAY MAIL

Exhibits from the new museum

urled that are cu curled d the up around A space as Angelos t ll tales t l off th h other th tell the t 30 or so felines that he ove time. has adopted over sudde “Animals!” he suddenly exclaims. “If only everyone underdista relastood that they are our distant develope from tives, that we have developed ge back them. But anyway, let’s get collecting It all to my passion for collecting. ag when started from a very young age I was searching for something,” he says, voice trailing off as if lost in the past. Searching for what exactly? “Well I was asking ‘who is God’?” And one fi ne day, Angelos suddenly discovered his passion for natural history when he stumbled across a lonesome fossil. “At that point I stopped and thought about life that existed millions of years before humans and I felt as if I’d found some answers.” Magnetised by the evolution of life on earth, the natural history buff then spent years trotting the globe while purchasing all sorts of fascinating items to add to his collection. Professionally speaking, Angelos has spent years in charge of his Tsircon Company, engaged in the manufacture and trade of specialised materials used in the construction industry. But with his passion for natural history standing as more than just a sideline, almost of all his free time has been spent jetting away with his wife to faraway destinations to get hold of treasures. From the depths of China to the heights of South America, the travel bug was coupled with an insatiable desire to get his mitts on the most

Magnetised by the evolution of life on earth, the natural history buff then spent years trotting the globe while purchasing all sorts of fascinating items to add to his collection unusual museum pieces. And year by year, the pieces overflowed in boxes that piled up in the premises of his company until he fi nally managed to set up the Tsirides Foundation. Go along to the exhibition space that fi rst opened its doors a couple of months ago and you’ll come across a whopping 1,000 exhibits, including collections of antiquities, fossils and minerals. Then there’s the skeleton

Tsirides at the museum

of the Protoceratops dinosaur which Angelos describes as being as big as a large sheep, topped off by the large skull of the Triceratops Horridus dinosaur. As for those who are rather partial tto o e xami xa m ini mi ning ni ng ffossils, ossi os sils si ls th ther ere’ es examining there’s plenty to set your sights on including those of vertebrates, invertebrates and plants with the oldest in the collect collection being those of unicellularr orga organisms dating back threebillio years originating from four billion Australia t “But the most important fossil in the coll collection is probably the one that come comes from the Archaeopteryx f il and provides the missing family link between dinosaurs and birds,” enthuses Angelos. “This one dates back about 160 million years.” With the total collection worth more than €5 million, Angelos professes to being absolutely clear about his priorities in life. “Sure, it’s costing money but some people choose to build houses and palaces, and instead, I choose to do this.” Angelos then lets on that he has even bigger goals in mind, with the creation of the Cyprus Museum of World Natural History now in the pipeline, set to function according to international standards. While it may take a little while for the fi nal dream to be realised, there are already more specimens making their way to Cyprus. “One is a head of a tyrannosaurus rex and the other is the most beautiful fossil of a big fish eating a small fi sh,” he lets on. In the meantime, a Friends of the Foundation group has been set up, focusing on science, entertainment and knowledge. “Our aim is to be fun and appealing to anyone who loves this kind of thing, whether its hobbyists, paleontologists or professors. We really want to pass on and exchange knowledge with everyone.” Kids and adults can also enjoy special guided tours of the foundation to really get to grips with all that’s on show. “It’s so important to see how life started and where it has taken us,” says Angelos. “You know how it goes: you have to read the past and study the future in order to govern the present.”


RING THE CHANGES 2013 is a big year for Amsterdam. The city’s canal ring celebrates its 400th anniversary, along with a new hotel and the re-opening of the Rijksmuseum, says ADRIAN MOURBY


hen the new Andaz Hotel on Prinzengracht opened last month, the locals were there straight away to look around. The Andaz is a remarkable building, its atrium a vision of gigantic lampshades, black cabinets, red swivelling tulip chairs and bedroom walls on which giant ďŹ sh transmute into champagne glasses. It’s a hotel as one giant work of art. But the people of Amsterdam came in mainly because they wanted to

Cycle of history: bicycles line the canal ring of Amsterdam, a historic network of waterways that give the city its distinctive feel

see what had happened to their old public library. There are a number of curious and stylish hotels on Amsterdam’s Canal Ring, and all of them are conversions of one kind or another. The Ambassade is a sequence of eight terraced houses on the Herengracht, The Pulitzer is a whole block of old shops and houses facing the Prinsengracht on one side and the Keizersgracht on the other. Canal House Hotel, on Keizersgracht, is an ordinary merchant’s house at the front but with an 18th-century ballroom at the back, which wraps itself around the neighbouring houses. All these tall, thin, brick buildings stand on the Grachtengordel or Canal Ring, a semicircle of broad canals built outside the moat of the medieval city of Amsterdam in the 17th century. They enjoy Unesco World Heritage status and in 2013 celebrate 400 years since their completion.




“Amsterdam 2013â€? is set to be a big celebration next year. The citizens of this rich trading city will be celebrating 200 years of monarchy, 150 years of Heineken and the reopening after 10 years - far too long - of the mighty Rijksmuseum, which showcases the art of Vermeer, Rembrandt, Rubens, Frans Hals and their many contemporaries. But the greatest celebration by far will be for the quadro centennial of these three broad canals that for many visitors simply are Amsterdam. Not even Venice has such a symmetrical sweep as these three canals that line up in a curved embrace around the west and south of the city. Ironically, they were not built to make transport easier nor for any picturesque reason. The Grachtengordel was constructed out of simple necessity: if new land was going to be found for the expansion of Amsterdam, it ďŹ rst had to be drained. While

But the greatest celebration by far will be for the quadro centennial of these three broad canals that for many visitors simply are Amsterdam

The art of Amsterdam: the facade of the canalside Pulitzer Hotel

SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012


the canals were fi nished in 1613, building of the familiar tall brick houses wasn’t completed for another 100 years. A painting by Gerrit Adriaensz Berckheyde of the Herengracht, circa 1672, shows its “Golden Bend” with distinct gaps because not everyone had yet raised the money to complete their mansions. The Jordaan, the Bohemian area on the western bank of Prinsengracht, is so named because it remained countryside for more than a century. The homeowners on the eastern quayside claimed they looked out to a “Jardin” (garden) of meadows. Today these broad grachts are also lined by houseboats. They’re highly desirable properties that change hands for around €250,000. Although most boats are comfortable and connected to gas, electricity, water and mains sewage, locals still claim that 90 per cent of the asking price is just for location, the best in Amsterdam. One of the advantages of taking a tourist wine and cheese boat around the canals at dusk is that you can spy into these houseboats and marvel at the affluent lifestyle many boat people enjoy. But this is nothing to what you see in the houses themselves, which now cost upwards of €1.5million and are usually now divided into apartments. Fortunately the Dutch seem not too concerned about drawing curtains over their floor-toceiling windows. Imagine being able to see into Venetian palazzos as you putter down the Grand Canal. These glass-topped tourist boats

patrol the Canal Ring like floating conservatories. They have to operate in very shallow waters. Although the canals were eight feet deep when completed in 1613, popular wisdom claims that three feet of that is now mud and the next two feet occupied by bicycles, leaving a bare three feet of clearance for boats. The three canals have different personalities. Herengracht, the innermost, is still considered the most genteel. Its name derives from the “heren regeerders”, the patrician class who governed the city in the 16th and 17th centuries. Prinsengracht, the outermost, is reckoned to be the most fun, and hosts floating concerts in the summer (less sunnily, it was also the location of the house where Anne Frank hid with her family for nearly three years). The Keizersgracht, in the middle, seems to have cornered most of the history. Tsar Peter the Great got so drunk at number 317, the home of a friend, that he kept the mayor of Amsterdam waiting to enact the welcome ceremony. The painter Jacob de Wit (1695–1754) lived and worked at 365, Vivaldi conducted one of his own operas at a theatre which is now the Dylan Hotel at number 384, and Van Gogh visited his art-dealer uncle at 453. Connecting the three canals are The Nine Streets, short stretches of shops that seem to chop the canals into short sections. There will be much to celebrate in Amsterdam next year - but nowhere more so than on the Ring.

Inside the colourful Andaz

Sights of Spain: still the most popular for British travellers

Spain 'top choice' for UK tourists By Clare Carswell SCOTTISH tourists travelled the furthest on foreign holidays this year while Londoners took the longest time away, according to a report on UK travellers. Research from travel comparison site Skyscanner revealed popular destinations for Scottish travellers to be the US, Thailand and Australia. According to the Travel Trends report, Spain remained the top destination overall for UK tourists. Londoners take the longest holidays, with the average break lasting 12 days, followed by Mancunians with 11 days and Geordies with ten. People from Liverpool not only stay the closest to home – typically France, Portugal and Spain - but also book the shortest holidays, averaging

at five days. The research showed France is the world’s most popular destination, with 80 million tourists arriving annually. A busy summer in the UK with the London Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee could be responsible for Britain leap-frogging over the US into second place. The report highlights other trends across the country, with Mancunians shown to be the most organised as they search for fl ights 85 days in advance. The hottest new destination is reported as Burma, which has seen a 125 per cent increase in searches followed by Lithuania (122 per cent) and Slovakia (116 per cent). India is fast becoming a fi rm favourite, with fl ight

searches soaring up 66 per cent on last year, ahead of Australia and the UAE. China has also seen a 64 per cent increase in interest. The busiest day of the year is yet to come - with December 22 expected to be the most popular day to travel nationally- but not in Scotland, where July 1 is the favourite date to fly. Skyscanner's Sam Poullain said: "Another wet summer has seen millions of Brits jet off to sunnier climes and it's fascinating to see the regional differences, in the choice of holiday destinations. "Despite the double dip in the economy, there has still been a huge increase in longhaul fl ight searches including India, China and Burma; proving the British traveller is as adventurous as ever."

Emirates Skywards can redeem easyJet flights online Etihad World’s Leading Airline In a partnership to facilitate travel around Europe, Skywards, Emirates award-winning frequent flyer programme, and easyJet, Europe’s fourth largest airline, announced the launch of a redemption agreement of Skywards Miles for fl ights on easyJet; connecting Emirates 31-destination strong European network with all of easyJet destinations. Members can now use their Skywards Miles to fly with easyJet to over 30 countries across Europe and North Africa. Used in conjunction with an Emirates fl ight or for separate travel itineraries, Skywards members will have the choice to expand their travel options across Europe. The functionality will be available to Skywards members in every tier and the fl ights are bookable online. The agreement applies to redemption of Skywards Miles on easyJet fl ights only and will apply to all destinations across the easyJet network. Redemptions for fl ights can be made online through the Skywards website and will include applicable charges and taxes. Skywards members will be able to add on optional extras, such as additional baggage allowance, using either Skywards Miles or cash payment. For more information on the redemption partnership plus the terms and conditions that apply, visit the easyJet page on

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Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has brought home top honours at the World Travel Awards, taking the World’s Leading Airline title for the fourth year in a row. The awards were announced at a black-tie gala event at the Oberoi Gurgaon in New Delhi, India. Etihad Airways also received recognition for its Diamond First Class product, named the World’s Leading First Class. The World Travel Awards were established in 1993 to seek out and reward the very best travel organisations in the world, acknowledging the elite organisations in their re-

spective fields through a global industry vote. In 2012, nearly 650,000 votes were cast by travel professionals from 191 countries. The World Travel Awards have achieved top industry status and been named by the Wall Street Journal as the “Oscars of the Travel Industry”. James Hogan, Etihad Airways President and Chief Executive Officer, said: “I am delighted that Etihad Airways has again been named the World’s Leading Airline. Particularly in our region, the competition is strong, so this is a fantastic way to round out what has been an exceptional year for us."

10 FOOD & DRINK WINES with George Kassianos

Red is for Christmas


or many, the red wine we serve at the Christmas table is a special moment. Something special, kept for this special day. Any wine on the day should convey a sense of careful selection. And the classic roast turkey needs the best reds with ripe, rounded, fruity qualities. Try these…

If you are looking for something to complement the turkey try one of these

spice with polished infused spices nfused oak. Strong taste, with volume and mouth feel, vibrant nt acidity and an well mastered tannins annins mask masked by the ample fruit, a comp h, concomplex wine. The finish, cen h the centrated cherry with po potential to develop furth a) ther. €24 (Vinocultura)

2007 Methy, K&K Vasilikon Winery, ry, Pafos Kathikas, Cyprus, Abv 14% This is probably one of the best uit is Cabernet Sauvignons; the fruit wn. It sourced from the winery’s own. rs of is complex with various layers ose spice and flavours. On the nose you will find enticing aromas of is black cherry, blackberry, cassis ce and vanilla with evident spice bs. from the oak and hints of herbs. ti– On tasting it delivers a multi– m layered wine. Medium firm nd tannins provide structure and ed balance to this medium bodied Cabernet which will continue to evolve in the bottle. €15

2004 Miguel Torres 20 M Mas La Plana, Cabernett Sa Sauvignon, Cataluña, Pe Penedés, Spain Abv 13 13.5%

2009 Château Tour Saint Bonnet, Médoc, Cru Bourgaois Bordeaux, France, Abv 14% If you get a craving for an afk on fordable claret, pull the cork this one. Classic garnet-tinged crimson colour, the nose has fragrance of cedar wood, dried plum and blackcurrant. The palate is medium-bodied and lean – with not much fat on it; there are little pockets of fruit here and there interspersed with firm, but smooth tannins, balanced by some fresh acidity. There were some cedar and coffee characters with smooth, subtle vanilla spice. €18.50 (La Maison Du Vin)

2009 Dougos Rapsani Protected Designation of Origin, Macedonia, Greece, Abv 13.5% Christmas without a bottle of Xinomavro? No way. Restrained on the nose, the nose packed with bright fruit that suggests raspberries and ripe strawberries. Fine vegetal and floral with violet, dark chocolate and

This is a 100% Cababer om ernet Sauvignon from M ich Mas La Plana which ths is aged for 18 months in French oak. Bright, ht, d son deep blue crimson c d exotic colour, smoky and o ak ageon the nose, the oak ing does wonders to this gesting wine. Opulent fruit, suggesting ed berround, rich and fleshy red nt and ries and ripe blackcurrant cassis. There is a touch of undergrowth vegetal quality in the ate we background. On the palate ncenexperience fabulous concentration with the supple, fine ght. tannins which add weight. shThe core of black fruit pushdge es through with a good edge cidof liquorice and cherry acidity and then the spice and rgcoffee bean richness emergent. ing in the finish. Excellent. €53 (Othon Ghalanos)

2009 Casas Del Bosque Gran n Reserva, DO Casablanca, Chile, Abv 14% Bright purple in colour, our, d on the nose black pepper and

2010 Cordero Di Montezemolo, Barbera D’ Alba DOC, Monfaletto, Abv 13.5%

jams made from red fruits and blue-berries with lifted floral notes of lav-ender and violet predominate togeth-h er with a hint of smoke. In the mouth e lashings of boysenberry combine n with fresh balanced acidity and on the mid-palate, it feels juicy and welll p structured, with good volume crisp and a rich body leading to a long vi-brant fin nish. €16.50 (Arte Vino)

2010 Koli Kolios Wines, Shiraz Merlot Pafos Regional, Abv 15% A new wine from Kolios winery,, vi deep, vibrant ruby coloured. Pun-sp n gent spice and ripe dark fruit on nos coupled with subtle spice e the nose, comple complementing the blackcur-rant and raspberry aromas. Me-dium bodied and a good, long,, rich palate bursting with black k frui some mocha and choco-fruit, late and Christmas cake spices,, with easy tannin structure and d len length. €12

200 Château Beau-Rivage, 2009 Gra Grande Réserve, Bordeaux Sup Supérieur, France, Abv 13% Oak-dominated nose with h str strong roasted notes, sour cher-ries and preserved black berries s e in the b background, light volatile notes. M d More prominent roasted oak on tthe palate, mocha, behind d this som some dark fruit, astringent oak tannins, tann fairly creamy and has some substance. su €12 (Oinotria)

2009 Co Colomé Estate Malbec, Valle Calchaq Salta, Argentina, Abv Calchaqui, 14.5% The colour is deep, dark red T wit with a magenta hue. The Colomé is layered on the nose with blac blackberry, licorice, violet, bitt bitter chocolate and spices. The flavours are rich with layered fig paste, plums, cassis and blackberry fruit. Subtle Fre French oak flavours are well bal balanced and fully integrated thr through the mid-palate and wel well into the finish, which is lon long and round. €18.50 (The Oak Tree)

A ruby red wine in colour with hints of violet. A well-defined set of flavours, dominated by plum, blueberries, cherry and red currant. Yet the tannins feel a little strong and the nose, overall, is a little hot from the relatively high alcohol. A great wine. €19 (The Oak Tree)

2008 Marchesi Mazzei Tenuta Belgvardo, Maremma IGT Toscana, Abv 14% Made with Cabernet Sauvignon and a small percentage of Cabernet Franc grapes, this powerful and elegant wine is the most important Cru of the Estate. The tannins are very robust, a ton of fruit. Nose of blackcurrant, coffee beans. Slight bitterness on the palate. Was optimal on day two. €43 (Inon Pnevmata)

2009 Douloufakis Aspros Lagos Cabernet Sauvignon Protected Geographical Indication Crete, Greece Abv 14% The name of this Cretan wine means white hare, a Cab varietal. Rich aromas of dark cherry, caramel, toasted marshmallow and white pepper. This wine has an intensity of fruit flavour on the palate, beginning with black currant and dark plum and evolving into dark chocolate and cappuccino. Dried dark fruit and smoky oak nuances come through on the mid-palate, revealing additional layers of depth. The finish is rich with big, mouth-fi lling tannins and a firm core of high quality French oak. €18.15

2007 Gevrey-Chambertin, Joseph Drouhin Côte de Nuits Bourgogne, France, Abv 13% A wine with a beautiful bright ruby colour and with a pretty and expressive nose of Gevrey earth, raspberry, cassis, blackberry, dark cherry, licorice and hint of the wood and mild spice. The mushroom sauvages and dump earth-nuances merge into textured, round and supple medium weight flavours that are delicious, mouth coating and long as well as possessing a beguiling mouth feel. €47.90

Time to buy Bordeaux, sell Burgundy (and drink the rest) By Leslie Gevirtz Experts are advising collectors - and investors - to buy Bordeaux and sell Burgundies as yet another economic study finds that over the long run, wine tops equities when it comes to delivering high returns. When collectors speak of investing in wine, they are usually referring to First Growth Bordeaux, a group of five topranked chateaux; the very best Burgundies, usually Domaine de la Romanee-Conti (DRC); and then select wines from Italy, California and Australia. Prices for the First Growth Bordeaux are down almost 35

per cent from their highs a year ago. Liv-Ex, the fine wine index, reported that the last 10 vintages of First Growths were down an average of 33.9 per cent. In November, prices for the famed '05 vintage were approaching five-year lows. But Paul Hart of the Chicago-based auction house Hart Davis Hart sees prices for the top five Bordeaux - Haut-Brion, Margaux, Mouton Rothschild, Latour and Lafite-Rothschild turning around and beginning to rise. Meanwhile Burgundies, especially DRC, were on fire this past season. Hart reported that

his auction sold four bottles of the 1990 DRC for $53,775. Acker Merrall & Condit's John Kapon sold one lot consisting of eight cases of DRC for $353,231 at last Saturday's Hong Kong auction. Two weeks earlier on December 1 in New York, Sotheby's sold six bottles of 1995 DRC for $79,625. "The bottom line - buy Bordeaux and sell Burgundy," said Charles Curtis, the former head of wine for Christie's in New York and Asia, who is now leading his own wine consultancy. "The former is at the same price it was five years ago and the latter has never been higher."

"My sense is that the top (Burgundy) wines might be at or just past their peak for this cycle, but only experience will prove me out on this one," he said. "Bordeaux prices are looking increasingly attractive and seem for their part to be headed back up." Sotheby's Ritchie explained that while Bordeaux prices were certainly lower, "the general wine market is not... Burgundy is up, California is up and now it's gone back to having strong demand from the North American market." But what about those higher returns? A new study by a Dutch economist that examined auc-

tion sales over a 17-year period found the returns on holding wine "are higher than equity," or stocks. The working paper, Chateau Migraine or Chateau Riche? An Empirical Study on Wine as a Financial Asset appears on the American Association of Wine Economists website ( and examined auction sales between 1996 and 2012. "Burgundy wines, more scarce to due to lower production amounts, yield a higher return than wines from the equally famous Bordeaux regions," the study found.

SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012


with Maria Socratous

Irresistible nibbles Smoked Fish Bites Makes 27 100g full-fat cream cheese 100g skinned smoked mackerel or other smoked fish Finely grated zest of 1lemon 3 rye bread slices 1 tbsp chopped fresh chives  Put the cream cheese in food processor. Add the mackerel, lemon zest and some seasoning. Pulse briefly until well combined but still with some texture. Empty into a bowl.  Cut each slice of rye bread into 9 equal pieces. Use a knife to smear some of the fish cream on to each piece of bread. Garnish with freshly cracked pepper and chives and serve.

Mini Jacket Potatoes Makes 20 20 baby new potatoes 1 tbsp olive oil 100g soured cream Finely grated zest of 1 lemon 1 tbsp chopped fresh dill, plus extra to garnish 100g smoked salmon strips Lumpish caviar to garnish

Fill everyone with festive cheer with these ideas for finger food  Preheat the oven to 200C/gas 6. Put the potatoes in a roasting tin and toss through the olive oil with plenty of seasoning. Roast for 35-40 minutes until golden and tender. Set aside to cool to room temperature.  In a small bowl, stir together the soured cream, lemon zest, dill and some seasoning.  Cut a slit down the length of a potato, then pull the sides apart a little to open. Repeat with the remaining potatoes. Top with a dollop of the soured cream mixture and a curl of salmon, garnish with a few caviar eggs and a dill frond and serve.

Pecorino and Date Bites Makes 16 75g pecorino cheese 8 rashers rindless streaky bacon 16 Medjool* dates, pitted 16 short fresh thyme sprigs, plus extra to garnish 16 cocktail sticks  Preheat the oven to 200C/gas 6. Slice the pecorino cheese into 16 even-sized pieces. Cut each rasher of bacon in half lengthways.  Stuff each date with a piece of pecorino, then wrap with a length of bacon, tucking in a short sprig of thyme as you roll. Secure with a cocktail stick.  Roast for 12-15 minutes until the bacon is cooked through and crisp. Garnish with extra thyme and serve warm. *big juicy dry dates

Whyyoushouldeat Olive oil Living in Cyprus, we’re lucky enough to have an abundancee of juicy olives just about everyywhere. There are olive trees in back gardens, groves stretching across wide rural expanses, s, and lonesome scatterings along road sides. And when it comes to the delicious oil thatt they produce, locals like to slather it on salads and use it creatively in countless dishes. The good news is that its benefits are rather exceptional, al, with a great number of studiess pointing towards the wonderss

December 23, 2012• SUNDAY MAIL

of th the traditional Mediterranean diet. Always Alw opt for extra virgin olive oil oi and you’ll immediately be on o the right track. Excellent for fo heart heath, you’ll also be b reaping the benefits of vitamin E as well as vitamins v A and K topped off by iron, calcium, magnesium and poca tassium. Great for skin, bone ta and a cell health, olive oil is packed with antioxidants, p anti-infl ammatory and antia cancer benefits. ca If you fancy integrating olive

Mango Chicken Skewers with Basil Raita Makes 18 3 x 125g skinless chicken breasts, cut into 18 bite-sized pieces 3 tbsp mango chutney 1 tsp olive oil Finely grated zest and juice of 1 lemon 150g natural yoghurt 1 cucumber, grated Small handful basil leaves, finely sliced, plus extra small leaves to garnish 18 cocktail sticks

 Put the chicken pieces in a bowl with the mango chutney, oil, plenty of seasoning and half each of the lemon zest and juice.  Heat a griddle pan to high and cook the chicken for about 6-8 minutes, turning occasionally, until cooked through and lightly charred.  Meanwhile, make the raita. Put the yoghurt, cucumber, remaining lemon zest and juice and sliced basil leaves into a small serving bowl and stir together. Season well.  When the chicken is cooked, top each piece with a small basil leaf and secure in place with a cocktail stick. Serve with the raita.

COMPILED BY ZOE CHRISTODOULIDES oil into your diet in more ways than one but aren’t quite sure how, you might like to think of how you can use it to replace butter. Truth is, there are countless ways you can make your diet healthier. If you’re dishing out peas, drizzle some oil over them. The same goes for corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, pasta sauce and countless other nibbles that you’d normally devoir with a dollop of butter. And rather than using salad dressing over your greens, add some drops of oil coupled with a dash of lemon or vinegar to the mix. Keep in mind that it’s very important

to watch where you store your olive oil as heat, light and air can affect its quality. Be sure to really tighten the cap on the bottle as oxygen can cause rancidity. The fats and healthy phytonutrients in olive oil can slowly degrade over time, so it's probably best to use it within six months once opened. As for cooking or frying with olive oil, it’s of vital importance not to heat the oil over its smoke point. If it smokes or burns, not only does it give off an unpleasant taste and smell, but toxins are also released which are harmful to human health.

12 FOOD & DRINK RESTAURANT REVIEW OTHER PLACES TO TRY NICOSIA DISTRICT Akakiko Makarios Avenue, Tel: 77778022 Bonzai Holiday Inn Hotel, Tel: 22 712712 Chopsticks Galaxias Shopping Centre, Tel: 22 817070 Dragon Stasinou Street, Tel: 22 591711 India India Nikis street, Tel: 22 490440 Sushi La Pindaou Street, Tel: 22 375036 Sushi Yam Yam Kennedy Ave, Tel: 77776464 Wagamama Themistoklis Dervis and Menandrou Streets, Tel: 22 870140 Zen Fusion Spyros Kyprianou Avenue, Tel: 22 755060

LIMASSOL DISTRICT Akakiko Apollonia Beach Hotel, Tel: 25 323351 Chi Lounge Uptown Square, Tel: 250025555 King’s Garden Kolonakiou street, Tel: 25 311166 Pagoda Ambelakion Street, Tel: 25 312000 Roku Profiti Ilia, Tel: 70009777 Shanghai Far East Griva Digeni and Riga Feraiou Streets, Tel: 25 748777 Zen Room Amathounda Avenue, Tel: 25 812659

LARNACA DISTRICT Ganga Indian Restaurant Larnaca-Dhekeleia Road, Tel: 24 824949 Lai Chinatown Makarios Avenue, Tel: 24 629508 Masalas Dhekelia Road, Tel: 24 644950 Nippon Bistro Grigoris Afxentiou Street, Tel: 24 657555 Sushi la Athenon Avenue, Tel: 24 628882 Taipei Town Makarios Avenue, Tel; 24 621399

PAPHOS DISTRICT Asiachi Amathus Hotel, Tel 26 883300 Bombay Brasserie Poseidonos Avenue, Tel: 26 964083 Chloe’s Chinese Restaurant Poseidonos Avenue, Tel: 26 934676 Gold Sakura Poseidon Avenue, Tel: 26 947492 O’Shin Sushi Bar Elysium Hotel, Tel: 26 844444

by Alexander McCowan

A taste of the Orient Chopsticks, Nicosia


e are not overwhelmed by oriental cuisine in our capital and any opportunity to depart from the plethora of Italian and local tavernas serving up the usual very limited fare is to be valued. One aspect of every establishment that purports to serve the delights of Asia is that it must meet the requirements of the Cypriot diner, namely volume, not generally a feature of the originators, which mostly favours minimalism, presentation and essentially, fl avour. So it was with this in mind I entered the Ledra street outpost of the Pagoda group; Chopsticks. It was lunch-time on a dismal Tuesday, the place was empty so I chose a seat by the window, in the hope that my presence would encourage others to join me. The restaurant was offering a 20 per cent reduction on the price of lunches, which indicated a very sensitive approach to our fi nancial crisis but at 12:45pm on Tuesday it wasn’t having much effect on the passing public. Gergama, the charming Bulgarian waitress, approached with the menu and was anxious that I be aware of the very generous lunchtime offer which remains in place

There are five starters that surprisingly includes a quarter of crispy duck, normally a main course feature; the rest offers chicken satay, sesame prawn toast, spring rolls and prawn crackers; nothing of fire pots, hot sour or even bean curd, no steamers from 12 until 5pm. However, in the interest of the readership I eschewed the temptation and tackled the full but limited menu. There are five starters that surprisingly includes a quarter of crispy duck, normally a main course feature; the rest offers chicken satay, sesame prawn toast, spring rolls and prawn crackers; nothing of fi re pots, hot sour or even bean curd, no steamers. The main menu reveals the acuity of the management: it is directed at the passing coach trade to make the tourists from Swindon, Salford and Stoke-on-Trent feel at home. Their menu can be replicated throughout the minor towns of England where the hoi-poloi is raised on MSG, hence their strange behaviour. It’s all there: spare ribs, diced chicken, sweet and sour pork, beef in oyster sauce and curry dishes. A seafood section offers five different prawn dishes. I select the fried dumplings, bamboo shoots with Chinese mushrooms and chili chicken, in half portions, with a plate of fried rice. The dumplings were a good choice, crisp, hot and

satisfying but the accompanying soy was too salty. Yan-Kit specifies that the mushrooms, while slimy are full of exploding taste, mine were just slimy and the shoots stringy. There is an unfortunate tendency in most Cypriot versions of oriental food to overload on slices of onion, pepper and carrot; I am happy to report an absence of carrot. I liked the chili

VITAL STATISTICS SPECIALTY Chinese WHERE Ledra Street, Nicosia CONTACT 77777728 PRICE Very reasonable

sauce. The management hasn’t forgotten its Cypriot requirement; the half portions will feed a battalion. There are no sweets but they do sell Chinese beer which I found very interesting. Half way through, another customer arrived followed shortly by a couple. Ambience is non-existent but the place is very clean and tidy and a huge screen entertains us with the latest in writhing pop videos; the staff is attractive, eastern European, charming, and doing their best in difficult times. When our package holiday trade picks up they won’t want to miss Chopsticks.

SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012

games Xbox 360 320GB Halo 4 Limited Edition Console The Xbox 360 320GB Limited Edition Halo 4 console is a must have for Halo fans worldwide. Designed by the award winning publisher 343 Industries and Xbox 360, this bundle ships with an exclusive, customised designed console, two customised Halo 4 controllers, a standard edition copy of the game, a massive 320GB hard drive and exclusive content. Plus, this exclusive console comes with Wi-Fi built-in for easier connection to the world of entertainment on Xbox LIVE. Largest Hard Drive Available: The Limited Edittion o co console comes with a 320GB hard drive, the largest hard drive available for Xbox 360, allowing for more game add-ons, more downloads and more space to store all your entertainment. Xbox 360 Black Headset Chat with

discs Blur

Parklive This beautifully designed box set captures what may prove to be Blur’s last ever gig, set in Hyde Park on the night of the Olympic closing ceremony. Fortunately, the sound quality on these five discs is superior to that at the gig itself. This time around you can actually hear the band playing Tender, London Loves and Country House - and they sound brilliant. However, while the CDs of their Hyde Park gig win the nostalgia stakes, on a musical level it’s the one of their 100 Club gig earlier in the year that’s most satisfying. By Rick Pearson

Bee Gees Mythology The Brothers Gibb have been part of the musical landscape for as long as anyone without an old-age pension can remember. They deserve

NASA’s unveiled its new Z-1 spacesuit prototype, and boy does it look familiar. familia The new Z-1 sure lo looks a lot like good ol’ Buzz Lightyear. Maybe someone at NASA Story fan. is a closet Toy Sto NASA’s gone Anyway, NASA with a new design and functionalitity direction with the w ZZ-1, putting a huge port on the back of it, which December 23, 23 2012• SUNDAY MAIL MA

tainment to you. Instantly stream movies and TV from Netflix in crystal-clear HD, or download game add-ons like new levels, characters, maps and songs. Easily jump right into online multiplayer fun and play along with friends around the world. Plus, get your favourite music from, connect with friends on Facebook and post Tweets on Twitter. Xbox LIVE is your connection to more games, entertainment and fun. Kinect Ready The console features a dedicated, specialised port to connect seamlessly with the Kinect Sensor.

a four-CD box set called Mythology because, even if they were never the most charismatic of groups, they, individually and collectively, supplied many threads in the rich tapestry of pop music. Each brother gets a CD - and that includes ill-fated younger sibling Andy, who was never part of the group. Barry, with some justification, gets the first outing and, alongside perennials like Jive Talkin’, Stayin’ Alive and Heartbreaker, we get to be reminded of his melodic sureness of touch on To Love Somebody, More than a Woman and, particularly, Spirits (Having Flown). Robin shines on Massachusetts, I Started a Joke and New York Mining Disaster 1941. Maurice and Andy pale a little, but only in comparison with their super-talented brothers. By Pete Clark

allows the astronauts to jump in and out of it quickly, and be able to dock it directly to the side of a spaceship or station.

Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium Particularly well-suited to amateur astronomers who want to learn more about their hobby, the SkyScout works like a handheld night vision scope p for the heavens providing detailedd information on whatever part of the sky it’s pointed at.. Using GPS it can also locate and direct you to over 6,000 stars,

Escapism at its best If you’re after escapism then this is the game for you. Rich with brilliant graphics, the game comes via the Modern Toss animated cartoon series. Described as a ‘global cult cartoon phenomenon’ by its developers, the game centres around the efforts of iconic hero Sneezeman whose challenge it is to run, jump, float and bash his way around Planet Sneeze - simple right? Prizes come in the form of medicine pills that counteract another deadly attack of the sniffles. See how many you can collect! There’s a myriad of fantastic levels to battle through, from the jungle to skyscrapers to an eerie haunted world. Sneezeman on iTunes

Various artists Acid Jazz: The 25th Anniversary Box Set Founded as a lark in a Rotherhithe flat, the Acid Jazz label spawned Jamiroquai but its true worth was in its catholic taste and its understanding that dance music is the broadest of churches. At the time, it was annoyingly hipper than thou, but time heals wounds and this treasure trove of four deliciously lengthy CDs, one seven-inch single and a DVD (including an lengthy interview in near-darkness with label stalwarts Eddie Piller and Dean Rudland) restate the label’s case gloriously. Lonnie Liston Smith & the Cosmic Echoes are super-smooth on Expansions; Galliano flirtations with gospel like defrocked monks; Paul Weller and Primal Scream offer cameos and Mother Earth rediscover and reinvigorate the pastoral side of Traffic. Untrammelled joy. By John Aizlewood

planets, and other constellations.

Sound system coffin lets audiophiles rock out for eternity It almost looks like an over-the-top prank by the Onion, but this coffin - equipped with speakers and a wireless streaming sound system - is apparently real. Even its name, tthee Ca CataCombo Sound System, seems lik like something made up for an SNL ccommercial parody. But if you c can’t bear the idea of spending t afterlife without your favourite the p playlist, this is the coffin for you.

Make texting a bit more fun Love texting your friends, but find yourself frustrated by the limited visual style of the average text? Then look no further because TwistPic is your app! Yes you can now text anyone you like (even if they don’t have the app) and even better - it’s 100% free. The developers behind it have followed through with this natty little app full of brilliant templates. Not happy with those? Well you can also choose from your own images or images on the web - just watch out for copyright. Brilliant! Texting isn’t the most life enhancing activity at the best of times, but this clever app really does make it that little bit more fun. TwistPics on iTunes


NASA’s new spacesuit looks just like Buzz Lightyear

friends on Xbox LIVE, or team up and jump in with multiplayer game play. Custom Content Receive a token for downloadable Halo 4 content to enhance your gaming experience. Built-in Wi-Fi The Xbox 360 is the only console with 802.11n Wi-Fi built-in for a faster and easier connection to Xbox LIVE. Stream HD movies and TV or download games from Xbox LIVE in 1080p and 5.1 surround sound from anywhere in the house. Compatible with b/g/n networks. Xbox LIVE Xbox LIVE brings a world of enter-



14 FILM FILM REVIEW by Preston Wilder

Hard hobbit to break The first instalment in the new Hobbit trilogy is exactly the same generic quest movie as the old Lord of the Rings trilogy


et’s get the consumerguide aspect out of the way first. Anyone who loved Lord of the Rings will love The Hobbit (by the same director, Peter Jackson). Anyone who didn’t obviously won’t. Anyone who mildly enjoyed LOTR but wondered why it had to be so long – remember the endless pile-up of endings in Return of the King? – may well lose patience with the new film, for two reasons. First, because it’s based on a much shorter book (J.R.R. Tolkien’s Hobbit, written for kids, is 300 pages long) which it stretches out mercilessly, Unexpected Journey being the first instalment in a trilogy that’ll take us to Christmas 2014. Second, because – how to put this nicely? – it’s just more of the same. That’s the depressing part: that Jackson, a director who burst out of the gate with hyperactive energy in the late 80s, making horror fi lms of deranged inventiveness, has now – after the disappointment of King Kong and the outright failure of The Lovely Bones – crawled back to the cosy nooks and crannies of Middle-Earth.

For all its talk of new technology (the fi lm was shot at 48 frames per second, though most cinemas – including our local multiplex – don’t have the equipment to screen it that way), The Hobbit is a sizeable step backwards. This is the fi lm of a director licking his wounds. The less depressing part is that Jackson hasn’t forgotten how to play this game. The landscapes are majestic, the God’s-eye shots often stunning; early on, there’s a vista of myriad refugees trudging across a flooded wilderness that stirs the soul with its epic beauty. The refugees are dwarves – not Snow White’s comical midgets but stubby, stubborn warriors – and they’ve been cast out of their kingdom of Erebor by the dragon Smaug. That whole prologue (which wasn’t in the book), showing how the fortified mountain kingdom was devastated by the fire-breathing monster, is rousingly done even if Smaug remains mostly unseen (I assume they’re saving him for later instalments). You could stop watching after 20 minutes and come away satisfied. Unfortunately, you still have

The lines often thud, the supporting characters are ciphers

150 to go. The Hobbit’s name is Baggins, but the fi lm itself is baggy – a generic quest movie in which Bilbo (our hero), 13 dwarfs and the wizard Gandalf ride to Erebor to reclaim what was lost, running into trouble at every turn. It’s exactly like a videogame, with a through-line and a succession of obstacles – though it also feels like a book with lengthy footnotes, any stray mention of something (the forest wizard Radagast the Brown, say) seeming to spur a digression or flashback. There are orcs, trolls, stone giants, even a necromancer. There’s ‘Azog the Defiler’, a villain with the mug of an albino Leatherface. We learn intriguing snippets of Tolkien lore – for instance that “dwarf doors are invisible when closed”, or that Moon-runes can only be read under a Moon of the same shape and season as the one that shone when they were written. Did you know that dwarfs are meat-eaters, whereas elves are veggies? And of course there are battles at every opportunity, that being the reason why Jackson shot the thing at 48 fps in the first place – a process (apparently) that flattens out the visuals but allows battle scenes to go berserk without unsightly blurring. That said, Jackson’s battle scenes are longer on spectacle than detail; his trademark (both here and in LOTR) is the panoramic shot fi lled with running and jumping, his warriors scurrying like frantic insects. It’s dismay-

filmsummaries The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Seven Psychopaths

A hobbit named Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) is swept into a quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor from the fearsome dragon Smaug. Approached out of the blue by the wizard Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen), Bilbo finds himself joining a company of thirteen dwarves led by the legendary warrior Thorin Oakenshield. Their journey will take them into the Wild, through treacherous lands swarming with Goblins and Orcs, deadly Wargs and Giant Spiders, Shapeshifters and Sorcerers. Although their goal lies to the East and the wastelands of the Lonely Mountain first they must escape the goblin tunnels, where Bilbo meets the creature that will change his life forever … Gollum. Also starring Richard Armitage and Andy Serkis. Directed by Peter Jackson. In English, with occasional dialogue in made-up languages with Greek subtitles. In 3D. (Adventure fantasy, 169 mins.) Our rating: 

Irish screenwriter Marty Faranan (Colin Farrell) has come down with a bad case of writer’s block. He has the title for his next script, ‘Seven Psychopaths’, but is struggling to write it. Billy (Sam Rockwell) is Marty’s best friend, an unemployed actor and part-time dog-napper, who wants to help Marty by any means necessary. Hans (Christopher Walken) is Billy’s partner in crime; they snatch dogs, then return them and claim the reward – but they get in trouble when they dognap Bonny the shih tzu, whose owner Charlie (Woody Harrelson) is a psychopathic gangster. Now Marty’s going to get all the inspiration he needs for his subject matter – as long as he lives to tell the tale. Also starring Abbie Cornish and Tom Waits. Directed by Martin McDonagh. (Dark comedy, 110 mins.) Our rating:

Shadow Dancer Single mother Collette McVeigh (Andrea Riseborough) is a Republican living in 1993 Belfast with her mother and hardliner IRA brothers. When she’s arrested for her part in an aborted IRA bomb plot in London, an M15 officer called Mac (Clive Owen) offers her a choice: lose everything and go to prison for 25 years, or return to Belfast to spy on her own family. With her son’s life in her hands, Collette chooses to place her trust in Mac and return home. But when her brothers’ secret operation is ambushed, suspicions of an informant are raised and Collette finds herself and her family in grave danger. Also starring Gillian Anderson. Directed by James Marsh. (Drama, 101 mins.) Our rating: 

Hotel Transylvania Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania, Dracula’s lav-

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY  DIRECTED BY Peter Jackson STARRING Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Andy Serkis US/New Zealand 2012 169 mins ing how samey The Hobbit is; not only have we seen it all before, we keep seeing it again and again. The quest is banal, a journey of self-discovery where Bilbo will (eventually) find he has “more to offer” than anyone imagined, including himself; mention of “the Beast” raises thoughts of a spiritual angle, but there’s nothing overtly religious about this motley crew. The film is also lacking Elijah Wood’s unearthly Frodo (he appears briefly in a 60-years-later opening scene, a kind of prologue to the prologue), though Martin Freeman does well as the rather prissy Bilbo. And of course Gollum – tortured, schizophrenic Gollum – is great, but then we already know Gollum is great. We’ve been here and done this, though I guess completists will be thrilled to view the moment when he actually loses his “preciousssss”. “It is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk, that keep the darkness at bay,” says Gandalf at one point – but Jackson, like James Cameron and Steven Spielberg, isn’t interested in keeping it small. Film culture is increasingly big nowadays, partly because it’s increasingly migrated to TV: a 9-hour Hobbit is nothing compared to the 80-hour Lost or the 40-hour-and-counting Breaking Bad – and indeed Unexpected Journey has a TV rhythm, that steady, prosaic, rather long-winded rhythm. To be fair, Jackson’s style was always spectacular, making him a good fit for epic fantasy – or maybe it’s that Tolkien is a sure thing, a familiar destination (blending grandeur, bloodshed and folksy humour) which, once experienced, you keep coming back to again and again. It’s a hard hobbit to break.

ish five-stake resort, where monsters and their families can live it up, free to be the monsters they are without humans to bother them. It’s a special weekend and Dracula has invited some of his best friends – Frankenstein and his wife, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, the Werewolf family and many more – to celebrate his beloved daughter Mavis’ 118th birthday. For good old Drac, catering to all of these legendary monsters is no problem; but everything could change for the over-protective dad when one ordinary human guy stumbles on the hotel and takes a shine to Mavis. Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. In 3D. DUBBED INTO GREEK. (Cartoon comedy, 91 mins.) Our rating: 

Lawless It’s 1930, and America is in the grip of Prohibition. The Bondurant brothers, timid Jack (Shia LaBeouf), tough-as-nails Forrest (Tom Hardy), and psychotic Howard (Jason Clarke), are bootleggers, SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012


The seven deadly lads Seven Psychopaths is a dark ultra-violent comedy that’s creatively clever but slightly outstays its welcome SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS 


s it coincidence, or market research? Suddenly the multiplex is awash with laddish, unabashedly violent entertainments aimed at young men: fi rst Killing Me Softly (the best of the lot), then Lawless and now Seven Psychopaths, an ‘18’-rated comedy from the writer-director of In Bruges. At the moment, local cinemas are reserved for children under 12 – the inevitable pre-Christmas ’toons – and males in their early 20s. What happened to all the chickfl icks? Not that I’m complaining (though it’s been a while since my early 20s). Martin McDonagh, the mad Irishman and award-winning playwright behind Psychopaths, writes flavourful dialogue, and the actors are game; the cast alone makes this one worth watching, especially Christopher Walken who channels his spaced-out detachment into tenderness and gives his best performance in years. Walken’s been playing dads for the past decade, but here he’s a doting husband and it’s both funny and touching to see his grins and playful endearments and dancer’s jiggles – little zigs and zags from his own private world – when he gazes at his wife with love in his eyes. Walken’s partner in (petty) crime is Sam Rockwell; they kidnap dogs, then claim the reward. Rockwell’s best friend is Colin Farrell, a gifted but blocked screenwriter trying to write his next script. It’s called ‘Seven Psychopaths’ but so far he only has one psychopath “and he’s more

The violence throughout is extreme, but it’s used creatively: much of it is contained in films within the film

of a Buddhist”. He’d like the script to be “life-affi rming,” explains Colin; the fi rst half can wallow in the usual blood-soaked violence, but then he wants the characters to sit down and talk in the second half, “just human beings talking”. Sam, a believer in revenge plots and fi nal shoot-outs, is predictably shocked: “What, are we making French movies now?” he exclaims scathingly. McDonagh has a French-movie streak in him. In Bruges was deceptively complex and elegiac beneath its British-crime-thriller belligerence, moving up a gear in the third act into something surreal and dreamlike. Seven Psychopaths tries to pull the same trick, taking its characters into the desert and bringing out the

DIRECTED BY Martin McDonagh STARRING Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson UK 2012 110 mins

tasies. To be fair, that’s where it tries to go – but McDonagh, who wrote the script seven years ago, seems reluctant to explode that whole post-Tarantino smugness. It’s one thing to note (correctly) that you’re allowed to kill a woman in a crime peyote – handy tip: don’t mention thriller but you can’t kill an animal, an “elephant in the room” during a and it’s astute when Walken tells our peyote party – but the bid for halluhero, after reading his script, that cinatory strangeness doesn’t quite “Your women characters are awcome off. In fact the fi lm outstays its ful” – but the women characters in welcome, mostly because it’s too atMcDonagh’s movie (the one we’re tached to the crime-thriller convenwatching) really are awful, and they tions it’s supposedly subverting. don’t get any better. The fi nal act Sam, it turns out, is one of the should’ve either abandoned real life seven psychopaths. Tom Waits is an(like the fi nal act of Adaptation) or other, a serial killer with a swathe of embraced it, but in fact it does neibloody murders in his past. Woody ther. The fi lm doesn’t seem to have Harrelson is yet another, a gangster a take on its ‘meta’ aspects: they’re whose dog is dog-napped by our hejust there, adding incidental value – roes, kicking off the main plot. The but it doesn’t turn into a bloodbath, violence throughout is extreme, but and it doesn’t turn into a French it’s used creatively: much of it is conmovie. tained in fi lms within the fi lm – posStill, it’s a personal project. Mcsible ideas for Colin’s script – as if to Donagh, like his hero, is both Irish contrast ultra-violence with, for inand a writer (Catholic guilt makes an stance, a cancer ward where Death appearance, ditto Heaven and Hell). lurks more mundanely. There’s a Seven Psychopaths can be cherished clever bit when Colin asks his mates for its little moments: Rockwell’s dewhat they should do (the psychos construction of Mahatma Gandhi, are piling up by this time) and gets Waits cuddling a rabbit, Walken’s eca gung-ho reply involving shoot-outs centric reading of the line “A cravat”. and killings. Pause. “And what do But the fi lm also ends up pronouncyou do think we should do in real ing its own verdict, as it sprawls into life?” its rather disjointed second hour: That’s where the fi lm should’ve “You’re the one who thought psychos gone, using ‘real were so interesting. But they’re life’ as a lever to Ratings Key kind of tiresome after a while, don’t unlock violent fan- Unforgettable  you think?”. Kind of. Unmissable  Recommendable  Watchable  Regrettable  Abominable

making ‘moonshine’ whisky which they sell to friends and neighbours – including the local sheriff – in Franklin County, Virginia. Their livelihood is threatened by the arrival of Charlie Rakes (Guy Pearce), a ‘special deputy’ from Chicago who has come to Virginia to stop those who violate the law of the land. What that means is that those who pay a fee are allowed to continue bootlegging while those who don’t are shut down, often by force. The Bondurants refuse to give in to Rakes, and their stubbornness instigates a war. Also starring Jessica Chastain, Gary Oldman and Mia Wasikowska. Directed by John Hillcoat. (Crime drama, 116 mins.) Our rating: 

man), the Tooth Fairy (voice of Isla Fisher) and the Sandman, whose job is to protect children everywhere. Jack is an unwilling hero; he’d prefer to roam the world on his own, freezing ponds and causing snow days – but the world’s children are threatened by Pitch (voice of Jude Law), a.k.a. The Boogie Man, who wants to turn dreams into nightmares and banish belief in Santa, Bunny, and Tooth. Jack reluctantly agrees to help and, in the process, discovers the true hero within. Directed by Peter Ramsey. In 3D. (Cartoon adventure, 97 mins.) Our rating:

Rise of the Guardians

Bella (Kristen Stewart) is enjoying her new life and new powers after the birth of Renesmee, her daughter with vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). Soon, however, their family bliss is threatened again, by a new menace. The vam-

Jack Frost (voice of Chris Pine) is chosen to join an elite group of superheroes – the so-called ‘Guardians’, namely Santa Claus (voice of Alec Baldwin), the Easter Bunny (voice of Hugh JackDecember 23, 2012 • SUNDAY MAIL

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2

pire Irina (Maggie Grace) believes a child like Renesmee could challenge the power and existence of the Volturi. As Irina rallies the Volturi to destroy this potential threat, Bella and the Cullens – together with any allies they can assemble – prepare for a crucial battle to protect their family. Also starring Taylor Lautner and Billy Burke. Directed by Bill Condon. (Fantasy drama, 115 mins.) Our rating: 

Taken 2 Four years ago, retired CIA agent Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) stopped at nothing to save his 17-year-old daughter Kim (Maggie Grace), kidnapped in Paris by Albanian kidnappers to be sold into prostitution. Murad (Rade Serbedzija), the father of one of the kidnappers killed by Mills in that operation, has sworn revenge, and takes Mills and his wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) hostage during their family vacation in Istanbul.

Mills enlists his daughter to help them escape. Directed by Olivier Megaton. (Action-thriller, 92 mins.) Our rating: *

Skyfall A hard-drive listing all NATO operatives undercover in terrorist organisations is stolen, and used to make M (Judi Dench), the head of British Intelligence, look bad. Though not in peak condition after a near-death experience, secret agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) sets out to recover the drive, which leads him to mystery man Silva (Javier Bardem) – a psycho who’s nursing a grudge, and has a revenge scheme in mind. Also starring Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney. Directed by Sam Mendes. (Action-drama, 143 mins.) Our rating: ****


Films change on Friday. Check the Cyprus Mail for details of new films for Friday and Saturday.


Wreck-It Ralph

Life of Pi

Wreck-It Ralph


Wreck-It Ralph is a videogame villain who longs to be as beloved as his game’s perfect hero, Fix-It Felix. Problem is, nobody loves a villain. Ralph somehow needs to transform himself into a hero – so he sneaks into a first-person-shooter war game, planning to win a medal, but soon wrecks everything, accidentally unleashing a deadly enemy that threatens every game in the arcade. Ralph’s only hope? Vanellope von Schweetz, a young troublemaking “glitch” from a saccharine cart-racing game who might just be the one to teach Ralph what it means to be a Good Guy. Directed by Rich Moore. DUBBED INTO GREEK. In 3D. (Kids’ cartoon, 101 mins.) Our rating: 

On his 60th birthday, New York hedge-fund magnate Robert Miller (Richard Gere) is the very picture of a successful businessman. Behind the façade of success and wealth, however, Miller is desperately trying to complete the sale of his trading empire to a major bank before the enormity of his fraud is exposed. Struggling to conceal his duplicity from loyal wife Ellen (Susan Sarandon) and brilliant daughter and heirapparent Brooke (Brit Marlin g), Miller is also hiding an affair with French art-dealer Julie (Laetitia Casta). Just as he’s about to unload his troubled empire, an unexpected bloody error forces him to juggle family, business and crime – but a cop (Tim Roth) is on his case. Directed by Nicholas Jarecki. (Dramatic thriller, 107 mins.) Our rating: 

Life of Pi Growing up in Pondicherry, India during the 1970s, Piscine, known to all as Pi (played as a teenager by Suraj Sharma, as an adult by Irrfan Khan), has a rich life. His father owns a zoo, and Pi spends his days among tigers, zebras, hippos, and other creatures. But after Pi attempts to befriend a Bengal tiger, named Richard Parker, the young boy learns a harsh lesson from his father about the relationship between human and beast. As circumstances worsen for them, the family decides to move to Canada, hitching a ride on a Japanese cargo ship – but Pi soon finds himself in the company of a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan and Richard Parker after a shipwreck sets them adrift in the Pacific Ocean. Directed by Ang Lee. In 3D. (Drama, 127 mins.) Our rating: 

Zarafa A grandfather tells his grandchildren the story of Maki, a young boy who escapes from slave traders, befriends a giraffe (the title character), crosses the desert, meets a pirate, and a few other things on a trip that takes him from Africa to Paris. Directed by Remi Bezancon and Jean-Christophe Lie. DUBBED INTO GREEK. (Kids’ cartoon, 78 mins.) Our rating: N/A Zarafa


What’sonwhere NICOSIA Wreck-It Ralph (K) FROM TUESDAY: K-Cineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm, weekends also at 3.25pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm, weekends also at 11.15am, 1.20pm and 3.25pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Life of Pi (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 5.30, 7.50 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 3.10pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 4) at 5.30, 7.50 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 11.30am and 3.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Arbitrage (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 7.50 and 10.20pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 3) at 7.50 and 10.20pm. Tel: 77778383 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 7 and 10.15pm; K-Cineplex (Screen 2) at 5.05 and 8.15pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 1) at 7 and 10.15pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 2) at 5.05 and 8.15pm, weekends also at 11.30am. Tel: 7777-8383 Seven Psychopaths (18) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 10.20pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 5) at 10.20pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Hotel Transylvania (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 3D) at 5.10pm (till Monday), weekends also at 3.20pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 3D) at 5.10pm (till Monday), weekends also at 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3.20pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Lawless (15) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 7.50pm. Tel: 7777-8383 (K) All Audiences (12/15/18) No admittance to Under-12s/15s/ 18s (N/A) Not Available

Rise of the Guardians (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.30pm (till Monday), weekends also at 3.25pm; K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.05pm (from Tuesday); K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 3.25pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 3) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.30pm (till Monday), weekends also at 11.20am, 1.15pm and 3.10pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.05pm (from Tuesday); K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 5) (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm, weekends also at 11.20am, 1.20pm and 3.25pm. Tel: 7777-8383 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 5.35, 7.45 and 10.15pm, weekends also at 3.20pm; K-Cineplex, Mall of Cyprus (Screen 5) at 7.45pm. Tel: 7777-8383

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (12) Rio 2 at 7.45pm; Rio 3, till Monday at 10pm, from Tuesday at 10.10pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 7 and 10.15pm; K-Cineplex (Screen 2) at 5.05 and 8.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Seven Psychopaths (18) Rio 4, weekends at 8.20 and 10.10pm, Monday at 7.45 and 10pm, from Tuesday at 8.10 and 10.10pm. Tel: 25-871410 Shadow Dancer (12) Rio 6 at 10.10pm. Tel: 25-871410 Hotel Transylvania (K) Rio 3 (in Greek, in 3D), till Monday at 4.30 and 6pm (weekends at 6.15pm). Tel: 25871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 3D) at 5.10pm (till Monday), weekends also at 3.20pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Lawless (15) LIMASSOL Rio 5 at 10.05pm. Tel: 25-871410 Wreck-It Ralph (K) Rise of the Guardians (K) FROM TUESDAY: Rio 3 (in Greek) at 4.30 Rio 4 (in English, in 2D), till Monday at and 6.25pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex 3pm (weekends only), 4.50 and 6.35pm, (Screen 3) (in Greek) at 5.35pm, weekends from Tuesday at 4.30 and 6.20pm; Rio 3 also at 3.25pm. Tel: 7777-8383 (in Greek, in 3D), weekends at 2.50pm Life of Pi (K) only. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex (Screen 3) Rio 1 at 5.30, 8 and 10.15pm, weekends (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.30pm (till Monday), also at 3pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex weekends also at 3.25pm; K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 5.30, 7.50 and 10.15pm, (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.30pm weekends also at 3.10pm. Tel: 7777-8383 (from Tuesday); K-Cineplex (Screen 5) (in Arbitrage (12) English, in 2D) at 5.30pm, weekends also Rio 2 at 10.50pm; Rio 3, weekends at at 3.25pm. Tel: 7777-8383 8pm, Monday at 7.45pm, from Tuesday The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, at 8.10pm. Tel: 25-871410; K-Cineplex Part 2 (12) (Screen 3) at 7.50 and 10.20pm. Tel: 7777- Rio 5 at 5.30 and 7.45pm. Tel: 25-871410; 8383 K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 7.45 and Zarafa (K) 10.15pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Rio 2 at 3pm (weekends only), 4.30 and Taken 2 (12) 6pm. Tel: 25-871410 Rio 6 at 5.40 and 7.45pm. Tel: 25-871410

PAPHOS Wreck-It Ralph (K) FROM TUESDAY: Rio 7 (in Greek) at 5.30pm. Tel: 26-207000 LARNACA Life of Pi (K) Rio 3 at 5.30pm, weekends also at 3pm; Wreck-It Ralph (K) Rio 7 at 7.30pm; Rio 1 at 10.30pm. FROM TUESDAY: K-Cineplex (Screen 3) Tel: 26-207000 (in Greek) at 5.35pm, weekends also at 3.25pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Arbitrage (12) Rio 6 at 8.30 and 10.30pm. Tel: 26-207000 Life of Pi (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 4) at 5.30, 7.50 and Zarafa (K) 10.15pm, weekends also at 3.10pm. Rio 5 at 5 and 6.30pm, weekends and Tel: 7777-8383 Monday at 11am, 3, 4.45 and 6.30pm. Tel: 26-207000 Arbitrage (12) K-Cineplex (Screen 3) at 7.50 and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Jour10.20pm. Tel: 7777-8383 ney (12) Rio 1 at 7.30pm, weekends also at 11am The Hobbit: An Unexpected Jourand 4pm; Rio 6, weekdays only at 5.30pm; ney (12) Rio 7 at 9.45pm. Tel: 26-207000 K-Cineplex (Screen 1) at 7 and 10.15pm; K-Cineplex (Screen 2) at 5.05 and 8.15pm. Seven Psychopaths (18) Tel: 7777-8383 Rio 4 at 7.30 and 9.45pm. Tel: 26-207000 Seven Psychopaths (18) Hotel Transylvania (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 10.20pm. Rio 1 (in Greek, in 3D), weekdays only at Tel: 7777-8383 5.30pm; Rio 6 (in Greek, in 3D), till Monday at 11am, 2.40, 4.30 and 6.20pm. Hotel Transylvania (K) Tel: 26-207000 K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek, in 3D) at 5.10pm (till Monday), weekends also at Shadow Dancer 3.20pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Rio 5 at 8 and 10pm. Tel: 26-207000 Lawless (15) Rise of the Guardians (K) K-Cineplex (Screen 6) at 7.50pm. Rio 4 (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm, weekTel: 7777-8383 ends also at 11am and 3.30pm; Rio 7 (in Greek, in 3D), till Monday at 11am, 3.30 Rise of the Guardians (K) and 5.30pm. Tel: 26-207000 K-Cineplex (Screen 3) (in Greek, in 2D) at 5.30pm (till Monday), weekends also at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, 3.25pm; K-Cineplex (Screen 1) (in Greek, in Part 2 (12) 2D) at 5.05pm (from Tuesday); K-Cineplex Rio 3 at 7.45pm. Tel: 26-207000 (Screen 5) (in English, in 2D) at 5.30pm, Taken 2 (12) weekends also at 3.25pm. Tel: 7777-8383 Rio 3 at 10pm. Tel: 26-207000 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Skyfall (12) Part 2 (12) Rio 2 at 5 and 7.30pm, from Tuesday also K-Cineplex (Screen 5) at 5.35, 7.45 and at 10pm. Tel: 26-207000 10.15pm, weekends also at 3.20pm. Tel: 7777-8383 SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012

17 Nicosia Loop Festival With a host of local and foreign bands and artists performing in a big looping festival. January 5 and 6. Melina Merkouri Hall, Famagusta Gate, Athina Avenue, Nicosia. 7.30pm. email: Tel: 22797650/ 70007610

Get loopy at new festival Following on from the success of last year’s event a second Loop Festival will be held in Nicosia in early January says ZOE CHRISTODOULIDES

Sancho 003

Mo Kolours


he Christmas madness has officially descended upon the capital. Shops are packed, people in the supermarkets are pushing and shoving their way towards the tills, and night time establishments are fi lled with crowds bobbing away to upbeat tunes. What’s more, the past week has witnessed countless fun events and festivals organised around town, from festive markets to live music performances and warehouse parties. But as the upcoming Christmas holiday week descends upon us, organisers tend to shy away from hosting events as family occasions move to the fore while many take to the road for a welcome escape away from the daily routine. Louvana Records in Nicosia however is intent on giving music hungry crowds something to look forward to once the post Christmas blues set in with a quirky festival set to come to life during the first weekend of January. Often deemed one of the most depressing months of the

year, January tends to be a time where the outdoors become less appealing as the comfort of the couch takes over. The Louvana Nicosia Loop Festival however should see a great big swinging party come to life, much like last year’s event, which hosted artists from Cyprus and abroad who are working with live looping techniques to create music in a live context. Now the second occasion of its kind, the idea is that of promoting a good deal of experimentation. And in this light, Louvana has invited exceptional musicians from Greece, England

and Cyprus, carefully selected for their knowledge on both a technical and aesthetic level. With the bands and artists set to perform coming from varying musical backgrounds and each employing a different approach regarding the use of their instruments, it will all add to the diversity and fun of the occasion. As for the very idea of ‘looping’, the technique is one which gives the artist the ability to build a complex, multi-layered musical piece in real time. This is achieved by creating melodic and rhythmic phrases (with natural or electronic instru-

ments) that once structured can be repeated as recorded samples over which the artist continues to add new lines. More often than not, the final result can stand as a completed musical piece the musician presents to the audience how a song is built on the spot. Go along to the Melina Mercouri Hall on the weekend of January 5 and 6 and you’ll be inundated with great tunes. This year will include the amazing cellist Yiorgos Kaloudis set to present works from his two solo albums as well as tunes by double bassist and composer



Exhibitions Nicosia district

Cyprus-Germany: 800 Years of History and Culture An insight in the historical and cultural relations between Cyprus and Germany since the period of the Crusades. The exhibition presents archaeological remains, documents, old printings, paintings, historical items and church treasures. Until December 31. The Society of Cypriot Studies (Old Archbishopric Palace, Opposite Pancypriot Gymnasium), Nicosia. Tel: 22432578

December 23, 2012 • SUNDAY MAIL

Michalis Siganidis, who’ll be presenting a solo set using a tape and loops along with great guitar beats. Louvana is also particularly excited by the arrival of Sancho 003 who’ll be playing their beats from their Muzga album. While many will remember the band from their appearance last year, they have previously taken to the stage in countless foreign festivals. To add to all the fun, crowds can also enjoy Mo Kolours jetting in from London to do their thing. Not wanting to give too much away, organisers have announced that crowds can expect a beautiful mix of English electronica and hiphop, along with African rhythm fused with vocal and orchestral elements. All this will be topped off by the sounds of local talents introducing some new projects including Plain History, Acapella Solo Loop and M.Edo to be accentuated by the rhythms Giannis Koutis and his standalone project. Looks like it will soon be time to let your hair down and get a little loopy.

Group Exhibition Christmas bargains on paintings, sculpture, jewellery and much more. exhibition. Until December 23. Gallery Technis Dromena, 53 Arch. Kyprianou. Open daily: 12pm-8pm. Tel: 22-496398 Doros Heracleous Solo art exhibition. Until December 27. Gallery Gloria, 3 Zinonos Sozou Street, Nicosia. MondayFriday: 10.30pm-12.45pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10.30pm-12.45pm. Tel: 22-760286 Venezuela’s Dancing Devils Photographic exhibition. Until December 28. Cultural Centre ‘The Mills’, Kaimakli. RSVP tel: 22445332. E-mail: Terra Mediterranea – In Crisis Group contemporary art exhibition curated by Yiannis Toumazis scrutinising the current turbulence experienced globally, from both a political and a poetic stance. Until December 30. Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre 19, Palaias Ilektrikis. Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-3pm and 5pm-11pm. Sunday: 10am-4pm. Tel: 22-797400. cy. The project includes a second art exhibition curated by Re Aphrodite team. The exhibition deals with the unwritten feminine histories of Cyprus and their private and public structure. Until December 30. Ethological Museum – The House of Hagjigeorgakis Kornesios, 20, Patriarxou Grigoriou. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8.30am-3.30pm. Wednesday: 8.30am-5pm. Saturday: 9.30am-3.30pm. Tel: 22-305316 Cyprus – Germany: 800 Years of History and Culture An insight in the historical and cultural relations between Cyprus and Germany since the period of the Crusades. The exhibition presents archaeological remains, documents, old printings, paintings, historical items and church treasures. Until December 31. The Society of Cypriot Studies (Old Archbishopric Palace, Opposite Pancypriot Gymnasium). Tel: 22- 432578

Beyond Dress Code A comprehensive documentation of traditional Greek dress. Until December 31. Marfin Laiki Bank Cultural Centre, Byron Avenue Museum, 32 Byron Avenue. Monday-Friday: 10am-1pm & 4pm-8pm. Saturday: 10am-2pm. Tel: 22-718605 Do You Have New Plans? Group mixed-media art exhibition. Until January 7. Is Not Gallery, 11 Odysseus, Chrysaliniotissa. Monday-Saturday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-8pm. Tel: 22-343670 Pavlos Samios Solo painting exhibition. Until January 12. Apocalypse Gallery, 30 Chytron Street. Monday- Friday: 10.30am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10.30am1pm. Tel: 22-766655 12-12-12 Group fine art exhibition. Until January 12. Elefsis’, 7 Aischylou street, Laiki Yitonia, Old Nicosia. Opening hours: 10am-2am. Tel: 99-51679/99-870869 Unity – Unity Solo painting exhibition by Pavlos Samios. Until January 12. Apocalypse Gallery, 30 Chytron Street. Monday- Friday: 10.30am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10.30am-1pm. Tel: 22-766655 AnThrOPOS: Faces of Cyprus through the Ages An exhibition that explores the human form as it is represented in the art of Cyprus from the Neolithic period until today, focusing specifically on depictions of the human face. Until January 18. The Cyprus Museum 1 Special Exhibition Hall, Museum Street. Tel: 22865854. The of Art as a Functional Object Group art exhibition. Until January 18. Centre of Contemporary Art Diotopos, 11 DZ, Crete Street. Monday: 5pm-8pm.Tuesday-Friday: 11am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 11am-1pm. Tel: 22766117 White Christmas Group exhibition. Until January19. Argo Gallery, 64E D. Akrita Avenue. Monday-Friday: 10am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Saturday: 10am-1pm. Tel: 22754009.

Group Exhibition Fine art exhibition by four graduates of the Applied Arts School of Fine Arts of the University of Thessaloniki. Until January 19. Opus 39 Gallery, 21 Kimonos Street. Monday: 5pm-8pm. TuesdayFriday: 10.30am-12.30pm and 5pm-8pm. Tel: 22424983 Loizos M. Loizou Solo painting exhibition. Until January 21. Vladimiros Kafkarides Cultural Centre, 11-15 Vladimiros Kafkarides Street, Αglantzia. 10am-1pm & 6pm-8 .30pm. Tel: 22-312940/22-421609 Mag Dossier #01 A celebration of contemporary magazine publishing featuring magazines from across the world. Until January 26. Phytorio – Visual Artists Association Municipal Garden of Nicosia, 2 Nehrou. Tuesday-Friday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm. Saturday: 10am-1pm. Tel: 22-681088 Cyprus Icons and Mosaics Makarios III Foundation, Archbishopric, old Nicosia. Monday-Friday 9am-4.30pm and Saturday 9am-1pm. Tel: 22-430008 Old Maps and Engravings 16th-19th Century Permanent exhibition: Cyprus and other Greek lands, Europe and America. Viewing by appointment. Gallery Leventi, 6 Polykleitos St. Tel/Fax: 22348451/ 99-658694. Cyprus Yesterday and Today Permanent exhibition. Diachroniki Gallery Idalion, 32 Makarios Ave., Dhali. Open Monday-Saturday 11am-5pm. Tel: 22-525691

Larnaca district Ceramic Art Exhibition More than 60 works by Cypriot and Maltese ceramists. Until January 10. Larnaca Municipal Gallery. Monday-Friday: 9am-1pm & 3pm-6pm Helen Tumelty’s Mosaic Studio Permanent exhibition of mosaic pictures, tables and mirrors. Just off Zenon Kitieos St. Studio also offers mosaic classes in a small friendly environment throughout the year. Tel: 99-925315


18 WHAT’S ON Nightlife Nicosia district Christmas Eve with Eva Kyriakou Music from the 80s, 90s and todays with Eva Kyriakou live and Dj Chris Angelo on decks. December 24. Retro Club, 18 Omirou Street. 11pm. Tel: 96-888508

Jingle Ball 2012 Revel in the spirit of holiday nightlife with Pink Noisy mixing live the biggest dance floor hits of 2012, alongside Alex Iatrou. Warm Up sets from Jenia and Sneakky mixing the finest yuletide favourites. December 25. Club Nuovo, 11 Stasinou Street, Engomi. 12.30am. €20/25. Tickets available from: Octagono Kiosk, Dracumel Kiosk, Cafe PenintaPeninta, Eyes Shop, Armenias Kiosk. Tel: 96218587

Cabaret Dinner Show Soprano Katerina Mina and Maestro Yiannis Hadjiloizou in a Christmas Special. With music from opera, jazz, musicals, and more December 25. Academy 32, Constantinou Paleologou 32, Old Nicosia. 8.30pm. €32 including food, wine and dessert. www.

Helena Paparizou & Playmen Playmen, exceptional producers of dance music, join forces with the ultimate Greek pop star Helena Paparizou. December 26. Zoo Club, 15 Stasinou Avenue. 11pm. €20. Tel: 99-084174

Antonis Remos Popular Greek singer performs live. December 26 & 27. Blinkers Club, 5 Andrea Avraamidi, Engomi. Tel: 22-351550

Potopion to Ellinikon With live Greek music on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Potopion to Elinikon, 18 Theophani Theodotou St, Zina Palace building. 9pm until late. Tel: 22-722760

Brew Lounge and tea bar. Brew, 30b Hippocrates St, Nicosia. 11.30am-2am on weekdays, 11.30am-3am on weekends. Tel: 22-100133

Mystiagogia Relaxed bar playing both Greek and English rock, and a selection of chill out music. Mystiagogia, 42 Areos St, Old Nicosia. Open daily 8pm2am. Tel: 99-788486

Baroque Live music every Thursday night from the 70s, 80s and 90s, 9.30pm until late. Open on a daily basis as regular bar from 10am-2am.Baroque Lounge Bar, Cleopatra Hotel. Tel: 22-844000

The Petsteppers Trio playing live every Monday. Lotofagi Bar, 8 Athinas Avenue, Old Nicosia. 10pm. Tel: 22347573

Funky Jelly at Domus With DJ Yiotis and Theo playing uplifting lounge tunes. Domus lounge bar, 5 Korai St, Old Nicosia. 10pm until late. Tel: 22-433722

Arabesque Sundays With belly dancers and ethnic music. Mberdema Gold, 30 Nikiforou St, Famagusta Gate. 11.30pm until late. Tel: 22-345946

Club Red Live Greek music and various events. 15 Dionysiou St, Old Municipality Square, Nicosia. Thursdays-Sundays, 10pm onwards. Tel: 99-516799/ 22-767711

Larnaca district Casa de la Musica Club night with resident DJ Jon Fitz joined by internationally famous guest DJs from Ibiza TBA. Every Friday night. Club Deep, Finikoudes Promenade. 12 midnight-4.30am. €10 with a free drink included. Dress code: Style and sophistication. Tel: 97-843001

Times Bar ‘Manic Sundays’ with Manic Mike playing progressive/electro. 73 Athens Avenue, Finikoudes Promenade. Tel: 24-625966

DMC An uplifting atmosphere with a range of stimulating weekly events. Laiki Gitonia, 1 Watkins St, Finikoudes. Open daily from 9.30pm. Tel: 99-458138

Salsa Island Regular event every other Friday featuring DJ Escobar. Music includes Pure Salsa, with a twist of Pure Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, Son and Cha Cha Cha. Blitz Roof and Pool Bar Terrace, 4th Floor, Kition Hotel. 10pm until late. Tel: 96-717271

Horseshoe Pub 60s, 70s and 80s music from Monday-Sunday. Horseshoe Pub, Larnaca-Dhekelia road, opposite Palm Beach Hotel. Tel: 24-646111

Limassol district Helena Paparizou & Playmen Playmen, exceptional producers of dance music, join forces with the ultimate Greek pop star Helena Paparizou. December 27. Sesto Senso, 45 Promachon Eleftherias. 11pm. €20. Tel: 99050519

Woodman’s Pub Traditional English pub, serving an excellent range of foods including Sunday Roast. Big Screen TV’s, Karaoke every Friday evening and a quiz with a rolling jackpot every Monday. 73 Georgiou Avenue. Tel: 25-879082

Christmas Eve Party Kaela Santosh as Tina Turner plus stand up comic and DJ Lukas. December 24. Pentaras Hall, Coral Bay Road. 7.30pm. €30 including international buffet. Reservations essential - Tel: 99-832538. Tickets must be purchased in advance at Pentaras or by phone

New Years Eve Party Abba Dabba Do plus stand up comic and DJ Lukas. December 31.Pentaras Hall, Coral Bay Road. 7.30pm. €30 including international buffet. Reservations essential - Tel: 99-832538. Tickets must be purchased in advance at Pentaras or by phone

New Year Party at JJ’s New Year’s Eve party with Groovejet. December 31. JJ’s Bar (above Sophie’s Restaurant), Peyia Village. 7.30pm. Food and unlimited local drinks included in the €30 ticket price. Tickets available from JJ’s. Tel: 96-636646

Eat Drink and be Merry New Year’s Eve carvery with the finest international buffet (4 courses), after dinner countdown show and New Year’s Disco till late. December 31. Paliomonastiro Peyia.7pm. €30 per person. Tel: 96-818066

Come and enjoy a glass of wine, your favourite cocktail or dinner while you listen to violin pedagogue Professor Robert Hovanesyan and member of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra. Marlenka Cafe, 92-94 Phaneromenis Street, old Nicosia. Every Saturday and Sunday evening from 8.30pm. Tel: 70-001129

Live Jazz Event Jazz music with band ‘D Lirious’, food and drinks available. Every Friday night at Baroque Lounge Bar, Cleopatra Hotel. 9:30pm.For reservations contact 22-844000

Agapiou Escuela de Danza Parties


Latin parties every Sunday at Sitio Cafè, 20 Makarious Avenue, Nicosia.10pm

Milonga/Argentinean Tango

Scorpios Platinum

Blue Wine and Lounge Bar Serving over 140 selected wines from across the world. 96 Rigenis St, Classic Hotel, Old Nicosia. Open daily except Sunday. 12 noon until late at night. Tel: 22-664006

Marco Polo Playing live Latin music. Marco Polo Bar, Holiday Inn rooftop, 70 Regina St. 11pm until late. Monday- Thursday €10 with one drink. Friday and Saturday €20 including two drinks. Tel: 22-712712

With various theme nights from WednesdaySunday. Stasinou 3, Engomi. Wednesday and Thursday 11pm- 3am, and Friday and Saturday 11pm-4am. Tel: 99-545690

Skaraveos Restaurant, café and bar with Persian Cuisine. Wednesdays: electronic music, Thursdays: reggae and Fridays: progressive psychedelic and Saturdays: rock and funk. 11pm-2am. 4 Nikokreontos St. Tel: 99-935777

Amalfi Lounge Bar

Charismatic bar with outdoor summer area. 33 Nikiforou Foka St. Old Nicosia. 7pm-2am expect Mondays. Tel: 22-434193

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday live music with Yiota Louka, Christos Andreou, Konstantinos Koutras and Yiannos Hadjiloizou. Enjoy exotic cocktails, finger food and Cuban cigars daily from 5pm-2am. Hilton Park Hotel. Tel: 22377777

Avlaia Music Stage


Ithaki Bar

Hosting live bands on weekdays and regular Greek music weekends with George Arestis and Dimitris Makris. Avlaia, Corner of Emmanuel Roidis and Prodromou St. Tel: 22 675638

Chateau Status A café/bar and restaurant with various theme rooms catering to different tastes. Ledra Palace Road. Monday-Sunday 10am-2am. Tel: 77771167

A Christmas show with famous music from opera and musicals topped off by some jazz rhythms. December 25. Academy 32, Constantinou Paleologou 32, Old Nicosia. 8.30pm. €32 including food, wine and dessert. 8.30pm.

On Mondays rediscover your romantic side with Violin Duo playing classical music and popular melodies on the violin. Every Wednesday, local guitarist - Byron Athinodorou will be playing a mix of Spanish melodies, pop-rock hits and Greek classics on the guitar, alongside his own compositions. Every Friday Jazz – Blues night with a mix of upbeat and smooth jazz classics. Crowne Plaza. Tel: 25-851515

Cyprotel Cypria Bay Hotel

Cuba Tropical

The Sea Gypsies

Harleys Café Bar

Playing R&b, hip-hop, basement and old school music. Friday and Saturday, 11.30pm. 6 Evagorou Avenue. Tel: 99- 853333

Regular Milonga/Argentinean Tango every Thursday at Enallax,16-17 Athinas Avenue, Nicosia. 10pm

Cabaret Dinner Show

Local band playing live Cuban-Latin sounds every Sunday. Wet Beach Bar, Amathountos Avenue. 9pm-11.30pm. Tel: 25-320006

Music Nights Entechno and folk music at RED. Every Saturday. Red, Dionysus 15, old town hall square. Tel: 22767711.

teacher, the now opera soprano is based in London while often jetting off abroad to take part in festivals and concerts. Katerina stands as the winner of a number of international singing competitions including the First Concorso Vocale Internazionale di Musica Sacra and the Seventh Julian Gayarre International Singing Competition. As for Yiannis, he is well known both as a pianist and composer, while also standing as the proud conductor of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.

Crowne Plaza Lounge-Bar

Marlenka Café Music Weekends

With various live music shows each week, with a focus on English and Greek rock. Athinas St. old Nicosia. Wednesdays & Thursdays 11pm-2pm, Fridays-Saturdays 11.30-3pm. Reservations: 22-430121/99-617820

Orpheas Piano Bar With live jazz and piano on various nights. Orpheas Piano Bar, 24 Athinas St, old Nicosia. Free entrance. Tel: 22-439311/99-697259

Every Monday Jezebel & Lisa-Marie present a themed show 9.45pm for an hour at Cyprotel Cypria Bay Hotel. Free entry

Moonlight Bar Every Friday Jezebel sings golden oldies 9pm – midnight in the Moonlight Bar inside the Aloe Hotel on the harbour road in Kato Paphos. Free entry Live acoustic blues and country music every Friday from 10pm. The Old Fishing Shack Ale and Cider House, Margarita Gardens, Tefkrou Street, Kato Paphos. Tel: 99-805390/99-170667

Happy hour 10am-6pm. Every Tuesday, pub games night. Every Thursday, quiz night. Special theme nights once a fortnight. Near Esso station, Amathus Area. Tel: 25-328533

Latin Nights at Notos

Electronic music at Barfly

Paphiessa Hotel

Quality house, techno and minimal beats with guest DJ. Every other Friday. Barfly, 1 Elenis Paleologinas St. 10pm until late. www.myspace. com/pmdj

Mandaloun With Lebanese food and DJs every Friday and Saturday night playing a variety of ethnic, world and chill out music. Mandaloun, opposite Le Meridien Hotel. 7pm-2am. Tel: 25-636845


Latin music in a rooftop bar. Notos, Harbour area. Every Thursday and Saturday. 10 pm until late. Tel: 26-939616 Thursday: Dave Roberts sings hits, Paphiessa Hotel, Kato Paphos. Tel: 99-185952

Live music takes ante up a notch Piaf Lounge Bar, Larnaca As the winter season well and truly kicks in, the options for a good night out become restricted. With the roofs having slid across the open air clubs and the tourist bars of Ayia Napa in hibernation, many prefer to stay wrapped up at home on a weekend night rather than endure smoke-filled hours of tediousness in a loud, crowded club. However, there is another alternative from the common winter night out in Larnaca. Piaf Lounge Bar opened exactly two years ago and did not exactly light up the Larnaca scene in the beginning, yet this small establishment has upped the ante in recent months, with a new approach that is becoming a very popular choice among outgoers of all ages. Situated opposite Costa Coffee, adjacent to Sky Bar, Piaf is a vibrant little bar which is proving to be a good option for an enjoyable night out. The inside is lavished with dramatic furniture, old style couches, large mirrors and even a few pillars for good measure. The service is impressive with an attendant at your service on entry to take your jacket to the cloakroom if you wish. And an additional benefit of such a small place is that it never takes longer than a minute to refill your glass with a bar situated right in the middle. Piaf is attracting a large gathering of late, thanks in large part to its hosting of live performers. Local acts usually perform each Thursday and Friday night starting at 9.30pm and 10.30pm respectively where an awesome atmosphere is created by appreciators of real music. It must be noted that, due to the limited space of the bar, in order to find a decent spot on Fridays and Saturdays, it is strongly advised that you arrive fairly early.

Piaf Lounge Bar Where: Lordou Vironos & Gregori Afxentiou 15-17, Larnaca When: Thursday: 9pm-2am, Friday & Saturday: 11pm-3am Contact: 99 897282

Square Bistro Saturdays: David East entertains on the guitar. 8 pm. Square Bistro, Tala Square. Tel: 26930408/99-966139

Famagusta district Sirena Bay Bar

House, tribal house, oriental and mainstream hits. Enjoy your drink with finger food and nargile. Wednesdays- Saturdays, 9pm-2am. Graffiti bar, 236 Ayios Andreas St. Tel: 25-747552

Playing a diverse range of music, from chill out to upbeat electronic tunes. Sirena Bay, near Golden Coast Hotel, Paralimni. 7am-1am. Tel: 99-511701

Jazzy B

Guru Bar

With live jazz music on various nights each week. JazzyB, Corner of Anexartisias & Athinon str. €8. 10.30pm. Tel: 99-605502

Live music with DJ Dimi, bongos and dancers. Guru Bar, 11 Odysseos Elitis Street, Ayia Napa. Every Thursday, 10pm. Tel: 23-721838

Half Note

Vanilla Bar

Blue velvet play classic soul, funk and RnB every Saturday night. Half note Music Bar, cnr Saripolis and Socratous st. Tel: 25-377050

Playing funky house tunes. Vanilla Bar, 41 Makarios III Avenue, Ayia Napa. Monday-Sunday 9am-2am. Tel: 23-721126

Molly Malones

Cliff Bar

Irish pub playing live jazz, Latin and blues music on Thursday and Sunday nights. 80 Amathountas Ave. Tel: 25-821082

by Andreas Vou

Paphos district

Wine, music and song Tis officially the season to be jolly and it looks as though Academy 32 in Nicosia is going all out this Christmas with a full on show to get you singing along to all your classic favourites. Intent on getting crowds off the couch on the night of the 25th, an evening is being planned characterised by famous music from operas and musicals, punctuated by some infectious jazz rhythms. With soprano Katerina Mina and Yiannis Hadjiloizou stepping into the limelight as the stars of the show, you’ll be able to tuck into dinner, dessert and a good dose of delicious wine as the music takes you on a spectacular faraway journey. Katerina should delight the audience, touted as one of the finest sopranos of her generation. Originally a pianist and music


Open air bar/café playing chill out music and offering a great selection of cocktails. Grecian Park Hotel, Konnos Bay, Cavo Creco, Protaras. 12noon-2am daily. Tel: 23-832000

SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012

19 What’sonlistings Cyprus Artists Pieces from the Larnaca municipality’s permanent collection on display. Larnaca Municipal Gallery. Monday-Friday: 9am-4pm, Saturday: 10am-1pm. Tel: 24-657745

Limassol district Constantinos Stefanou Solo painting exhibition. Until January 5. Morfi Gallery, 84 Agkyras Street. Monday-Saturday: 10am-1pm. Tuesday-Friday: 5pm-8pm. Tel: 25378733. Da Vinci Machines – An exhibition of Genius Exhibition displaying more than 60 interactive machines from Da Vinci original drawings, 15 high quality reproduction artworks, giant art panels and rare copies of Leonardo codices. Opens January 3, until February 28. Evagoras Lanitis Centre, Vasilissis Street, (Medieval Castle Area). Tel: 25-342123 Blackdove Art Studio Permanent exhibition of artwork in oils, acrylic, print and mixed media, including painted driftwood, by Mary-Lynne Stadler. commissions welcome and art tuition on offer in a number of media. Tel: 99-048369. Anoyira Mosaic Artwork Discover the magic of mosaics and Anoyira. Friday-Sunday 10am-4pm, other times by appointment. Tel: 99-108710 Katie Sabry Studio Permanent exhibition of paintings in oils, watercolours and pastels. Mosaics Workshop, 9 Georgiou Malekidi St, nr Rialto Theatre. Tel: 99-571139 Art by Susanne Gallery with contemporary artwork. Shop 2, Marina Beach, Amathus Avenue. Daily 10am-4pm. Percentage of profits go to children with Cystic Fibrosis. Tel: 99-247668 Theomaria Art Gallery Permanent exhibition of Vera Parlalidou’s ceramics. 7 Vassilisis Karlotta St. Monday-Friday 8am-1pm. Tel: 25-745777 Michael Owen Galleries Permanent exhibition of oil and watercolour paintings. Lania. Tel. 25-432404. Olivera Papathoma Permanent exhibition in City Art Gallery. 255A Saint Andreas St. Monday-Friday 9am-1pm, 4pm7pm. Sat. 9am-2pm Sea King Permanent exhibition of old aviation photos. Sea King restaurant, near Akrotiri base. Tel: 25-954500

Paphos district Judith Constantinou Permanent exhibition of watercolours. The Studio, Stephanie Village, Tala. Tel: 26-652760 Stewart B Johnson Open house viewings of Scottish artist’s works by appointment. G. Xenopoulou st. Tel: 26-930525 Gallery at Home with Theresa French Watercolours, prints and cards. 2 Modestou Panteli, 2 Nicolas Cliff, Yeroskipou. Tel: 99-316485 Stone Sculptures Permanent exhibition by Andreas Constantinou. Polis Chrysochous, near central square. Call artist for viewing. Tel: 26-321227/99-585543 Michael Gorman Figurative paintings and prints. 20 Theodorou Kolokotroni, Peyia. Open daily. Tel: 99-952376 Harry and Sheila Hawkins Art by Harry Hawkins and books by Sheila Hawkins. Ayias Zonis St., Neo Chorio. Open daily. Tel: 26-321123 Herbs and Wild Flowers Arts and crafts inspired by the flora of Cyprus. Medicinal herbal teas and oils available. Information Centre for the Akamas National Park at the School of Pano Arodes. Tel: 99-616748 David Lester Working Studio in Peyia, with permanent exhibition of oil paintings and other works by the author of ‘Wishful Thinking’. Tel: 26-621130

Famagusta district Blue Spice Restaurant Permanent exhibition of Carolina Alotus’ works. Blue Spice, 29 Aphroditis St (between Perneras and Protaras rd), Ayia Napa. Tel: 23-832088. www. Where are the Rights of the Children of Karpasia? Permanent photographic exhibition. Famagusta Cultural Centre, 35 Evagorou St, Dherynia. Closed Sundays. Monday-Friday 7.30am-4.30pm and Saturday 9.30am-4.30pm. Tel: 23-740860

Music Nicosia district Thanos Mikroutsikos – Rita Antonopoulou Famous Greek composer Thanos Mikroutsikos meets Rita Antonopoulou and present a piano-voice programme with surprises. December 27. Enallax, 16-17 Athinas Avenue. 9pm. €20. Tel: 22-430121 Nicosia Loop Festival Music festival with local and foreign bands and artists with live looping and similar techniques to create music in a live context. January 5 & 6. Melina Merkouri Hall, Famagusta Gate, Athina Avenue, Nicosia. 7.30pm. email: Tel: 22-797650/70-007610

Larnaca district Thanos Mikroutsikos – Rita Antonopoulou Famous Greek composer Thanos Mikroutsikos meets Rita Antonopoulou and present a pianovoice programme with surprises. December 29. ShowRoom Café, 21 Makariou Avenue. 10pm. €20. Tel: 24-102762

compiled by Ledha Socratous and Zoe Christodoulides

Nightstalker Legendary Greek, heavy rockers perform live. January 3. Savino Live, 1 Watkins Street. 8.30pm. €10 presale /13 at the door. Tel: 24-620861

Limassol district Thanos Mikroutsikos – Rita Antonopoulou Famous Greek composer Thanos Mikroutsikos meets Rita Antonopoulou and present a pianovoice programme with surprises. December 28. Rialto Theatre. 8.30pm. €18/12. Tel: 77-777745 Fusion Music Classical and operatic songs and tunes from musical shows and even pop anthems, starring pianist Andrew Oliver and British soprano Tina Chester. January 4: Vouni Takis Family Tavern. Concert 7pm, dinner 9pm. €20 inc. dinner. Reservations Tel: 25943631 January 6: Pelendri Symposio Tavern, Limassol. Concert 12 noon, lunch 2pm. €27 inc. lunch and first drink. Reservations - Tel: 99404348 Les Troyens – The Met: Live in HD Live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera of New York in high-definition. January 5. Rialto Theatre. 7pm. €20/15. With Greek and English Subtitles Tel: 77-777745. Online ticket: www.rialto.

Theatre & Dance Nicosia district Gourouniasmata Silver Spotlight presents the new musical for children by Katerina Christofidou and Aigli Spyridaki. December 22-23 at 11am. Melina Merkouri Hall, Famagusta Gate, old Nicosia. €10. In Greek. Tel: 97-876760 Noah’s Family A theatrical play for children written by Xenia Kalogeropoulou and Thomas Moschopoulos. Until December 23. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou. Every Sunday at 10.30am. In Greek. Tel: 22-864300 Shakespeare in an Hour Pirasmos Productions presents the theatrical comedy. Until December 23. Pantheon Art Cinema, 29 Diagorou Street. Thursday through Sunday at 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 70-001910 The Magic Flute The Children’s Stage of Satiriko Theatre presents play adapted and directed by Thanasis Theologis. Until December 23. Vladimiros Kafkarides Cultural Centre, 11-15 Vladimiros Kafkarides Street, Αglantzia. Every Sunday at 10.30am. €10. In Greek. Tel: 22-312940/22-421609 11:16 Anemona Theatre presents a mystery by C. G. Wilson. Until December 23. Anemona Theatre, 7 Archagelou Street, Latsia. Every Friday and Saturday at 8.30pm and Sunday at 8pm. In Greek. €10. Tel: 22-573031 65 Minutes A performance by the Theatro Dentro within the framework of the 4th X-Dream Festival. December 27-30 and January 3-5. 9pm. (Additional performance on January 5 at 10.30pm). ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation, 64 Ayion Omoloyiton Avenue. In Greek. Tel: 99-384606 Misery Stephen King’s psychological thriller staged by Satiriko Theatre. Every Friday and Saturday. Until December 29. Vladimiros Kafkarides Cultural Centre, 11-15 Vladimiros Kafkarides Street, Αglantzia. 8.30pm. Tel: 22312940- 22421609. email: satiriko@ Just Broken Up Act Theatre presents play by Vassilis Myrianthopoulos & Vangelis Hatzinikolaou. Cyprus Dialect Adaptation by Christiana Artemiou. Until January 6. Latsia Municipal Theatre, 57 Yiannos Kranidiotis Avenue. On specific days at 8.30pm and 6pm on Sundays. €20. Tel: 77777181 Spring Awakening THOC presents work by Frank Wedekind, directed by Dimitris Lignadis. Until January 26. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou. Every Wednesday through Sunday at 8.30pm. In Greek. Tel: 77-772717/22-864300 The Elephant Man Theatro Ena presents a play by Bernard Pomerance, translated and directed by Andreas Christodoulides. Until January 27. Theatro Ena, 4 Athinas Avenue. Every Friday through Sunday at 8.30pm. In Greek. €15/12. Tel: 22-348203 Social Security THOC presents a play by Andrew Bergman. Until January 27. THOC New Theatre Building, 9 Gregori Afxentiou. Friday through Sunday. Friday & Sunday at 8.30pm, Saturday at 6pm and 8.30pm. Tel: 77-772717/22-

Larnaca district All I Want For Christmas..... A play staged by Antidote Theatre, written and performed by Catherine Beger. December 29. Larnaca Youth Foundation, near Ayios Lazaros Church. 5pm. In English. €7/5. Tel: 96-216435

Other Events Nicosia district Christmas Bazaar Handicrafts, jewellery, leather goods, books, vintage clothes, movie projections, music, food, storytelling with two actors and much more. December 23. To Practoreio 19 Nikitara Street, Agioi Omologites. 12pm-8pm. Free. Tel: 99-849598.

December 23, 2012 • SUNDAY MAIL


Call for works of motion graphics It’s all systems go in the world of graphics as the International Motion Festival (IMF) calls out to all hopefuls who wish to get their creativity acknowledged in the upcoming March 2013 event. Open for all to apply, organisers are keen to get hold of works from a range of varying talents, whether you’re an emerging or more established artist, student or professional. While the IMF is organised by the Arts Department of the European university of Cyprus, it sprang to life last year as the first festival of its kind both on the island and the broader Mediterranean and Middle East region. Bringing together the likes of film-makers, video artists, computer animators and many more professionals, it aims to familiarise the public with what has traditionally remained an ‘invisible art’. Although motion graphics has been around for decades as a discipline, suffice to say that it has only recently taken leaps forward and been acknowledged as an art form in its own right. All about opening the doorway for the presentation of the most contemporary and creative work in the field of motion graphics, Sonic Arts 6.0 Cyprus A celebration of the launch of the Sonic Arts 6.0 Cyprus’ album featuring compositions by Cypriot sonic artists. December 28. Pantheon Cultural Association – Tritos, 40 Evagorou. 9pm. Free. Email: Open Call for Motion Work: Second International Motion Festival A call to artists to submit their works for the March 2013 IMF. Deadline for submission: December 31. For more information visit the festival’s webpage at: Cyprus, Pictures of Cinema Photo exhibition by Panicos Chrysanthou taken during the course of his activities at the Nicosia Film Club and film shootings. Parallel to the exhibition there will be a series of screenings with Cypriot and European films. Until December 28. Peace Cultural Center of Nicosia Municipality, end of Ledra Street. Tel: 99-434923 Point Centre for Contemporary Art Within the framework of the opening ceremony of the new contemporary art centre. Until February 15. Point Centre for Contemporary Art Megaron Hadjisavva, 2 Evagorou Street. Tel: 22-662053. Email: 7 films: Harun Farocki A selection of screenings by legendary German filmmaker, critic and teacher followed by discussion and talk with the artist Bidoun Library A mobile library consisting of books, magazines and other printed matter about the Middle East Kyriakos Michaelides Tailor Museum A sightseeing attraction for visitors in the area as well as a space where the young and new generations may become aware of the richness of the traditional tailor’s craft dating back to the sixties. Old Nicosia, Phaneromeni area. Tel: 99-796333 Singing Group Singing for fun. All kinds of music in harmony small Nicosia group Tuesdays 5.30pm-7pm, all welcome. Call Olivia 99-497318 Rooftop Theatre Group Regular play script-writing workshop. In the room next to Kala Kathoumena coffee shop in old Nicosia (Phaneromeni Square). 6pm. In English. Tel: 22- 661354 Kindermusik with Vaso Come and see how music and movement can stimulate your young child’s developing mind and body. Tel: 96-693462. For full details please visit: Childrens African DrumagiQ Includes: Drums and rhythm tuition with educational approach, psychological expertise, culture, customs, games, dance and innovative creative techniques. Every Friday. Kisa Centre, old Nicosia. 5-6pm for children under 12, 6-7pm for children 12-15. Tel: 22-878181 TANGO-y-TU presents Eight week foundation course every Wednesday. Athena’s School of Dance, 13 Prince Charles St, Ayios Dometios - opposite Asty Hotel. 7.309pm €16 per class €55 prepaid for 4 weeks + free CD. Improvers/Intermediate Class. 9pm10.30pm - €16 per class or €55 for 4 prepaid. Tel: 99-377102 - email: Tango Argentine Classes Tango classes and bi-communal Milonga. Regular classes every Sunday. Ledra Palace, 12 Markos Drakos Street. Classes: for beginners and advanced on Sundays. 9pm. Tel: 99-651706. www.

organisers are holding out hope that it will become a pioneering event as the years go by, promoting innovative and cutting edge work. This March, the occasion will see industry professionals rub shoulders with artists, scholars, students and the general public in a three-day occasion designed to provoke and inspire. The festival will include screenings of selected motion work, keynote lectures from scholars in the field, as well as workshops relating to motion graphics and broadcasting software and tools. All those of you wishing to take part must get their thinking caps on immediately as the last date for submissions has been set for December 31. Take note that there is no participation fee, while more information on entry categories can be found on the festival webpage. Open Call for Motion Work: Second International Motion Festival A call to artists to submit their works for the March 2013 IMF. Deadline for submission: December 31. For more information visit the festival’s webpage at:

Contemporary Dance, Yoga, Pilates and Latin Contemporary dance: Tuesday 5pm for beginners’ ages 20-30 years. Yoga: Wednesday 6pm and Saturday 10.30am. Pilates: Saturday 11.30am. Latin: Fridays: 8pm. Equus gym (behind Laiki Bank with the horn). €60 for any two classes a week or €40 for one. Tel: 99-618556 Adult Tap Classes Weekly adult tap lessons every Wednesday, 6.30pm. Engomi. Payment is with a voucher of 12 lessons for €90, allowing flexibility in attendance. First trial lesson free. Tel: 99-522821 Belly Dancing Belly dancing at Fanous Lebanese Restaurant. Every Saturday. 7C Solonos Street, old Nicosia. Tel: 22-666663. Fly-in-Dance With weekly classes in belly dance, latin and club dance, hip hop, body ballet and yoga (power and astanga). Fly-in-Dance, Archimidus, Engomi. Tel: 99-896490 Tai Chi Tai Chi classes every Monday. Bubishi Dojo, Aglandjia. 7pm-9pm. Tel: 96-515355 Yoga at the Life Centre Hatha yoga, advanced yoga, pregnancy yoga, baby yoga and massage for all levels offered throughout the day. Private sessions available. First class free. The Life Centre, 4 Persefonis St, Flat 301, Acropolis. Tel: 22-377630, 99-413707. email:, Yoga and Pilates Studio Yoga and Pilates sessions, mornings and evenings with a fully-qualified instructor. Private classes also available. Tel: 22-448130/99-373776 Hatha Yoga Classical Hatha Yoga. Asanas, breathing, relaxation. Small groups and individual private lessons. Also private meditation instruction. 4 Kikeronas St, Strovolos. Tel: 99-435687 or visit Reiki - Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Japanese system of natural healing instruction, attunement & certification. Reiki Master with over 20 years teaching & practical experience. Tel: 97801472 or email to com Yoga for Health and Beauty Sivananda, Hatha and Dynamic Yoga offered. Daily Yoga sessions, mornings and evenings with a qualified teacher. 128 Kyriakou Matsi St, Agios Dometios. Tel: 99-375471. email: Ashtanga Yoga Traditional Ashtanga Yoga primary series for all levels with a qualified instructor. Small group classes and individual tuition. Archangelos. Tel: 99-290202 Learn Aromatherapy Massage Each week we will massage a different part of the body and learn the properties of one key essential oil. Weekly evening class on Thursdays. Central Nicosia. 7.30pm. Tel: 99-877694 The Terra Centre Offering Hatha Yoga, Beginners Power Yoga. First class free. Discounts for couples and students. Reiki classes for adults and kids. Energy healing sessions, hypnosis and regression sessions, counselling, workshops and more. Near the European University. Tel: 99-538163 Serenity House Offering classes in yoga, tai chi and anger management, self awareness seminars traditional Thai and classic massage, and more. Serenity House, 2 Einstein St, Ay. Omologites. Tel: 99434353, Rebecca (Yoga) 99-487927 or splishys@

Healing Rooms Free 20 minutes healing sessions for the wellbeing of spirit, mind and body in a loving atmosphere. Confidential. Every second and fourth Thursday of the month. 8-9.30pm. 225 Strovolos Avenue, near Metro roundabout. Tel: 99-771084 Inter-faith prayers and meditation Every Friday. Baha’i Centre, 11 Parthenonos, Kaimakli. Tel: 22-624283 HIV Discussion Group Discussing issues around HIV for sufferers and friends. Every Thursday. UNESCO Amphitheatre, Intercollege, Makedonitissas Ave. 7pm. Free Nicosia Horrible Hash House Harriers Exercise, eat, drink and be merry with Nicosia Hash House Harriers. Meetings every Tuesday 7.30pm for a walk, jog or run around Nicosia. For directions to the run or more info, Tel: 99-308436 or visit Toastmasters Crusaders Club Improve your public speaking skills. Meetings every three Fridays. Tel: 99-851102. Nicosia Writers’ Workshop If you enjoy creative writing and want to meet people with similar skills, then the Nicosia Writers’ Workshop is the place to be, so bring your ideas and we’ll open a new world together. 48 Rik Avenue, Angantzia. Every Sunday from 11am1pm. Free membership to new candidates. Ring Machela on 99-867315 Writing Workshops Unleash your creative side with Rhay Christou. Rhay’s Studio, Old Nicosia. Tel: 99 522333 Italian for Beginners Lessons offered by the Dante Alighieri Society and the Italian Embassy. Monday and Wednesday 6.30pm-8pm.Tel: 22-358168/99-339644 Children’s Theatre Workshop Dionysus Theatre brings kids closer to theatre. Three different age groups, ranging from 6-18+. Classes are in Greek. Dionysus Theatre, 29 Diagorou St. Tel: 22-818999/99-621845 or visit www. Play in a Day Fun theatre workshops geared towards adults. Every Thursday 6-8pm. (lessons for youths between 14 and 17 also take place on Wednesday 5pm-7pm). 15 per session or 50 per month. Taught in Greek and English. For registration Tel: 99130916/99-552654. Arts & Moods Creative workshops for children of all ages. 15 Averoff Street, Strovolos. Tel: 22313142. email: Art lessons with Vasilis Mitas Saturday Group Starts:2pm-4pm. Wednesday Group Starts: 5pm-7pm. Diachroniki Gallery, 84 Arsinoes. Tel 22-680145. diachroniki@cytanet. Brocante Antique and vintage furniture market. Every Sunday 9am-7pm. In front of the old municipal market in old Nicosia and outside the Akanthos workshop space. Tel: 22-100984. St Paul’s Thrift Shop Thrift Shop for clothes and bric-a-brac is open every Saturday morning from 10am- midday in St Paul’s Cathedral car park. Lots of bargains on offer at very reasonable prices. Tel : 22-445221 St Paul’s Babies and Toddlers Non-religious, non-political and multi-national organisation that caters for newborn to pre-school kids with activities including outdoor and indoor play equipment and toys. St Paul’s Church Hall, Byron Avenue. No membership required.

Cans for Kids Quiz Nights First Friday of every month. 8.30pm. Esogba, behind the Junior School. €5. Drinks and home cooked food available. Tel: 99-666011. Cyprus Go Association Meetings every Saturday to learn the game and improve skills. Oktana Café, 2 Aristidou St. 5pm. Tel: 99-476253., cyprus. Porcelain Painting Paint your own dinner set or special gift for your loved ones. Beginners classes morning and afternoon. Strovolos. Tel: 99-620992 Saint Andrews Bridge Club Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 4pm, Saturday 7pm-10pm; 15 Heroes Avenue. Tel: 22-781063 or 96-510121 Tarot Card Game Lessons Not lessons in the divination art but rather the strategy and memory game. Every Wednesday evening. Brasserie Au Bon Plaisir, 15 Alasias Street. 8pm. Tel 96-755111 The World of Wine Beginners and advanced specialised courses for enthusiasts who wish to become more confident in understanding and enjoying fine wines and spirits. Tailor-made courses, wine classes and tasting can also be organised on request. Spectus shops, Nicosia and Limassol. Tel: 22-511521/25341525 Coffee Morning A warm welcome for all women. Interesting talks and a chance to get together socially. Second Thursday of the month. (except July and August). 9.30am St.Paul’s Church Hall, Byron Avenue. In English. Tel: 22-329293/99-924363 Walking Tours of Nicosia Mondays: Palouriotissa and Kaimakli: the past restored guided bus and walking tour. Thursdays: walking tour of Nicosia.. Free. Tel: 22-674264 The Love Bus Guided tours through the north of Cyprus focussing on the Kyrenia area. Leaving from Eleftheria Square and locations around Nicosia. €25. Tel: 99761761/97-761761 Bird Watching in Cyprus Birdlife Cyprus regularly arranges bird watching trips around the island. Tel: 22-455072, 99-059541. Horse Races Every Wednesday and Sunday at the Nicosia Race Club. Tel: 22-782727. Subject to change check website.

Larnaca district Open Call for Motion Work: Second International Motion Festival A call to artists to submit their works for the March 2013 IMF. Deadline for submission: December 31. For more information visit the festival’s webpage at: Hooves and Grooves Monthly family fun days with horse ride and drum orchestra. Farm visits, horse/pony rides & drumming. Drapia Horse Farm, Kalavasos. 4pm-6pm: Horse journeys/pony rides. 6pm-7.30pm: Sunset drum orchestra. €22/12. Bookings for horse journey: 97-836005. To reserve your drum: 99-238660 Transformative Tarot Course Fun & educational, meet other like-minded people. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 7.30-9.30pm. contact: for more details Angel Workshops Call Susan Rudd Master Teacher of the Diana Cooper School of Angels for full details. 97648218, email, www. Yogalife Hatha yoga, meditative breathing, stress management, singing bowls meditation, private and group sessions. Call for introductory lesson. ALSO Yoga for young people (6-12yrs and 13-18yrs). Yoga Life, Nik Milona and Gr Afxentiou St, opposite American Academy. Tel: 24-623123 or www. The Living Tao Centre Weekly classes in Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Tao Ying Yoga, Hatha Yoga and meditation. Living Tao Centre, 2 Dimokinou St. Mondays-Fridays. Tel: afternoon classes- 99 658217, morning classes- 99-304202. Kara – Mind & Body Centre Unique opportunity to gain a certificate in Tarot Reading, starting this September. An 18-week course will cover symbology, colourology, numerology and much more. KARA - Mind & Body Centre, Oroklini. Tel: 99-029952. tarotcyprus.yolasite. com/about-us.php Fisu Meditation Learn Fisu Meditation. Free introductory talks on why meditate and what meditation is all about. Book by appointment, 24-532479/99-665330 Reflexology, Reiki and Ear Candle Treatments Relax, revitalise and improve your health and well being. Call for an appointment 97-648218 Larnaca Hash House Harriers Every Monday, 5pm. For more information call Fred-the-web on 24-647175 Kition Hash House Harriers Run/jog/walk from a pub/taverna round the town and back. Wednesday evenings, 7.30pm. All welcome. Join us and have some fun. Tel: 24-647283 Antidote Theatre Workshops Drama workshops for children aged 5- can attend weekly workshops to learn about theatre through games and play, and participate in productions staged at the end of each year. Theatre Antidote also offers its students the Trinity Guildhall drama examinations in June, a useful qualification for university applications. Antidote Theatre, Apothikes st.Lazarus. Tel: 24-822677. www.


Limassol district Open Call for Motion Work: Second International Motion Festival A call to artists to submit their works for the March 2013 IMF. Deadline for submission: December 31. For more information visit the festival’s webpage at: First International Christmas Fair Includes a wide range of events and concerts for families and children. December 14-Janaury 1. Christmas Fair, Sea Road, Between McDonalds and Pascucci Café, Yermasoyia. All day event. Tel: 97-745594 Figure Drawing Classes Classes are €20 each and includes model and materials. Atelier K, 8 Georgiou Malekidi (Behind Rialto Theatre) old town of Limassol. Contact Raymond at or tel 96543901 International Christian Fellowship East Please join us, Sundays 10.30am, Angel’s English Nursery School, 37 Ampelakion, Germasogia. Sunday school available, small groups meet midweek. Tel: 99-815033. International Women’s Association of Limassol Our aim is to extend the hand of friendship to all women regardless of race, culture or creed. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at St Barnabas Church Hall at 7.30 for 8pm, when we have a speaker, a raffle and social time. During the month we have social, cultural and recreational activities. Tel: 99-768943/99-457617

Day out in Lania Visit the museum, church, olive mill, wine press and the artists’ galleries. Lania. Glennis208@ Island Blend Barber shop group sing a wide repertoire of songs at events and raise money for Friends for Life. Every Thursday at UKCA, 4pm-6pm. Tel: 25-397456 Tango Milonga Tango social dancing parties for all. Los Amigos Club. 7 Themidos Street, Limassol old town. Every Friday, Curium Palace Hotel. Free. 10pm-1am. Tel: 25-822842/ Tango Argentine Classes Regular Tango with Julia Gorina and guest maestros. This month with Jonatan Foehlich from Buenos Aires. Hallmark Dance Studio, Mefanos str.10 (from Germasogia roundabout going into the city – at the second traffic lights turn left – the school is immediately on the left next to the hairdressing studio Effectis by Nicolas). Tuesdays & Thursdays: 7.30pm-8.30pm – beginners and 8.30pm-10pm – advanced: Tel: 99-406032 or info@tangocyprus. net Line Dancing Tuesdays 9.30am–10am absolute beginners and 10am-12 noon improvers-intermediate at Sunquest Hotel. Tel: 99-434131 Adult Dance A series of improvised movement based workshops. Dance House Lemesos. Every Wednesday: 7pm-8.30pm. €35/25. Tel: 77-777798/99-662927 Morris Dancing The Cyprus Morris meet on Mondays 10am-12noon in Kivides and the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month 7pm-9pm. Tel: 97-722576 Irish Dancing Come along and join in the fun getting fit, and learning or brushing up on Irish dancing skills for a ceili. Sessions in Limassol on Tuesday evenings from 7.30-9.00pm. For further details contact or Tel: 97-715131 The World of Wine Beginners and advanced specialised courses for enthusiasts who wish to become more confident in understanding and enjoying fine wines and spirits. Spectus shops, Nicosia and Limassol. Tel: 22-511521/25-341525 Food for Friends Vegetarian social group, with monthly lunch-time outings to tavernas and short presentations on related subjects. Monthly lunch on last Saturday of month. Tel: 25-634487/25-634487 Rising Star Youth Theatre of Limassol Theatre workshop for aspiring actors and actresses from the age of 6 years and up. Call 99-608826 for information. Children’s Theatre Workshop Organised by the Versus theatre group. Theatro Ena, Limassol Municipal Market, old town. Classes for ages: 5-9, 10-13, 17-17. Saturdays 9am-3pm. Tel: 99-428691. Magic Craft Supplies For the latest on Magic Craft Supplies & Penny’s Parties, please visit 25-634487/99-304237 Theatre Workshops Open to students between six and 16. Every Saturday. ETHAL Theatre. Basement, 76 Franklin Roosevelt Ave. Tel: 25-877827 Premiere Group Theatre group producing annual musicals. The group conducts monthly social events that include camping, picnics and sports evenings. Tel: 25-775922. Writers’ Workshop Unleash the writer within. Classes with writing coaching also available. Classes in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca. Tel: 99-522333. email: rchristou@ C3A Limassol Join us and share educational, creative and leisure activities in friendly, sociable groups. Attend Open meetings, listen to informative talks, enjoy social activities. Contact: c3a.limassol@gmail. com. Toastmasters International Limassol Improve speaking, listening and thinking skills while giving the opportunity to develop leadership ability and gain self-confidence. Atlantica Mirame Beach Hotel. For reservation and details call SAA Bob Buckerfield 25-470582/99-754042 or visit Help Me Grow Lecture on child development by the Health Ministry. Every Wednesday. Lecture hall, New Limassol Hospital. 6pm. In Greek. Free Yoga Hatha Yoga classes all levels, beginners welcome. Monday to Friday, 8.30am-9.30am and 6pm-7pm. First class free. Therapolis, Potamos Germasogeia. Tel: 25-328585. Satyananda Yoga Centre Yoga and meditation classes mornings, afternoons and evenings, Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes, counselling and self-development groups. Tel: 25-364690 Reflexology, Reiki and Ear Candle Treatments Relax, revitalise and improve your health and well being. Call for an appointment 97-648218

In just over an hour… Paradoxes galore will be giving audiences something to talk about this week as Theatro Dentro take to the stage while the strangest of circumstances unfold in their theatrical world. With performances at the ARTos Foundation taking place in Nicosia during the holiday period, it’s all about ‘65 Minutes’ witnessed around a table within the confines of a park. The new production is set to give audiences an allegorical view of the double nature of just about every emotion that one faces on a daily basis as both sadness and joy are embraced. Exploring the very nature of life, the actors on stage will be playing out roles that showcase the most extreme emotions and situations that humans have to deal with. Working with Angels Six classes over 12 weeks, each will cover different topics including guardian angels, angel messages, Archangel Michael plus much more. Soap Shack. 6.30pm-9.30pm. Tel: 97-648218 Baha’is of Limassol Weekly discussion circle. Tel: 25-340021 Happy Valley Hash House Harriers Weekly runs on Thursdays around the southwest of the island, times vary, see Tel: 99-434794 Amathus Hash House Harriers Run, jog or walk every Sunday afternoon. For more info Tel: 99-905746. Limassol Walks Get to know the historical centre of Limassol. Mondays at 10am. Walks begin at the CTO Information Office, 115A Spyros Araouzos St. Free. Tel: 25-362756 Limassol Crusaders Rugby Club Training on grass for Cyprus League matches, or just to get fit, Tuesdays 6.30-8.30pm and Thursdays 7-9pm, AEK Katholiki Stadium, Tagmatarchou Pouliou St. Seniors and Juniors. Tel: 96-323962. Table Tennis Monday and Friday at 10 am at UKCA, 37 Termopilis Street. Contact Antonio 99-334706 Limassol Bridge Club Mondays and Fridays, 3.30pm at Limassol Sporting Club. Tel 99-645338 Car Boot Sale Every Saturday and Sunday at Moni Station. Tel: 25-323525/25-365102 Linopetra Corner Car boot sale on Saturdays, 8am-2pm. Tel: 99612832 Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes Social and benevolent organisation. Aphrodite Bitter Lake Lodge meet at the UKCA Club. Wednesdays, 6pm. Tel: 99-425527. The Troodos Pride of Cyprus Lodge meets at the UKCA Club. Every other Sunday, 10am. Tel: 99-345384 Riding for the Disabled Horse riding for disabled riders from The Red Cross and Theotokos Foundation every Thursday morning 8.30am-11.30am. Happy Valley, Episkopi. Volunteers greatly needed to assist with rides. Tel: 25-773058. Email: RAFA Aphrodite Branch Social Meeting First Wednesday of every month. Sergeants Mess. Akrotiri. No food provided. 7.30pm. Tel: 25-932196 RAF Akrotiri Voluntary Band The band plays a large repertoire of classical music at military dinners, Episkopi Fete and charity fund raisers. Meetings every Monday: 7.30pm. Padre’s Centre at RAF Akrotiri. Tel: 99-925524 The Royal Military Police Association The Cyprus branch seeks new members. First Friday of every month. The RMP Corporals Mess, WSBA Episkopi. 2pm. Tel: 26-642120/99-453867 Cyprus Donkey Sanctuary Visitor centre with shop, refreshments, hillside walk and picnic area. Friends of the Cyprus Donkey, Vouni. Daily 10am-4pm. Tel: 25-945488 Ocean Bar Restaurant Every Thursday: Bingo Night, 8pm. Tel: 96-381509. Every Friday: Multi Media Quiz with many prizes to be won, 8.30pm. Tel: 99-032876. Ocean Bar Restaurant, 10 Christina Court, Onicilliou St, Ayios Tychonas

From the most magical to the most miserable of life’s circumstances, their critical eye looks for deeper meanings beyond the obvious while an exploration of the essence of existence itself unfolds on the stage. It’s worth noting that the material in the play is based on a series of stories by Demetris Fyriou who recently published his first book entitled The Paradox Story of White and Black. 65 Minutes A performance by the Theatro Dentro within the framework of the 4th X-Dream Festival December 27-30 and January 3-5. 9pm. (Additional performance on January 5 at 10.30pm). In Greek. Tel: 99-384606

Paphos district Open Call for Motion Work: Second International Motion Festival A call to artists to submit their works for the March 2013 IMF. Deadline for submission: December 31. For more information visit the festival’s webpage at: Art Sale An art sale of local artists work during the months of December & January 2013. All art work greatly reduced. The Terebinth Tree Bistro, Mesa Chorio. Tel: 26-654626 Crafty Herbies Arts and Crafts for children aged 3-12 at the Herb Garden in Pano Akourdaleia. 10.30am-12.30 midday every other Wednesday. €6 per child (with discounts for siblings). Join us in the garden planting, painting and making. Tel: 99-993412/99-006012 for more information or bookings (essential) Guided Meditation Weekly Gatherings for the purpose of stilling the mind, balancing & healing the soul and uplifting the emotions. Every Wednesday morning 10am - 11am & Wednesday evening 7pm - 8pm held in Stroumbi. For full details or Tel 97-801472 Spiritualist Meetings. Monthly ‘Modern Spiritualists in Cyprus’ meetings are held on the last Sunday of the month in Stroumbi. 7pm start. For full details www.yvebrooks. org or Tel 97-801472 Morning Cooking Workshops Tuesday Morning Cooking Workshops at Kasparis Restaurant on the Tombs of the Kings Road (opp. Helios Bay Hotel) with Zoe and Elena (Orexi Catering). Cypriot, Italian, Lebanese and Greek cuisine. Be an active participant or watch closely while we prepare everything from scratch using fresh ingredients that have been either grown or caught by the cooks! €30 per person including coffee, snacks, lunch and a glass of wine. From 9am-2pm. Tel: 99-887293 or email : Paphos Flower Club Courses in flower arranging. Anglican Church Hall, Kato Paphos. Beginners 2pm, intermediate classes 12.30pm. Beginners. Tel: 99-475564/99-533704. Intermediate: 99-744635 Orphean Singers Three times a year this well established singing group delights audiences with an entertaining concert. Meetings every Friday at Kamaras club, 9.30am-12pm. Tel: 26-913249 Paphos Light Music Society A new group starting up in Paphos for the appreciation of light opera, Gilbert and Sullivan etc. Non-singers also welcome. Meetings every fourth Monday at 3.00pm in Paphos area. Tel: 26723002/ 99-370883

Celebrating local musicians The Pantheon Cultural Association in Nicosia is calling upon all music loving crowds to unite in celebration of home grown music as Sonic Arts is soon to become the talk of the town. In a party to celebrate the release of the ‘Sonic Arts 6.0 Cyprus’, the album features compositions by local musicians intent on stirring the waters. Curated by composer and sound artist Antonis Antoniou, the event will include live performances given by the artists in question,

topped of by sound installations, video art projections and plenty more to tantalise the senses. Sonic Arts 6.0 Cyprus A celebration of the launch of the Sonic Arts 6.0 Cyprus’ album featuring compositions by Cypriot sonic artists. December 28. 9pm. Free. Email:


Baby Antidote Brings the young tots up to 3yrs in touch with theatre, by combining storytelling, fairytales and play. Through interactive performances inspired by favourite children’s books, the heroes come to life as the little ones embody them in their own unique way. Apothikes st. Lazarus. Every Monday and Friday, 9.30-11.30am. Entrance is €4 per family, and includes refreshments and snacks. Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffalos Social and benevolent organisation supporting charitable groups. The James Mercury Lodge meets at Dhekelia Barracks. Every Tuesday, 7.30pm. Next to ‘George’s Taxi’ on the South Road. Tel: 24-635812 RAFA Larnaca Bay Branch Social gathering taking place on second Tuesday of each month. Beachcomber Restaurant, Makenzie Beach . 7pm. Tel: 24-363752. www.rafacyprus. Writing Group Creative writing group meets bi-weekly in Larnaca, Episkopi and possibly Paralimni. Every participant will have work published online and in a print anthology. New and established writers welcome. €15 per meeting. Tel: 99-046237. www. Writers’ Workshop Unleash the writer within. Classes for all ages with writing coaching also available. Classes in Larnaca. Tel: 99-522333. Larnaca Writers’ Group Established, friendly and informal group; who love to write. Meetings are a mixture of writing news, workshop exercises and ongoing projects. Welcomes new members and are looking for writers of poetry and prose, at all levels of experience. Every alternate Saturday Oroklini village. 11am. Tel: 99-321927. Larnaca Reading Group If you enjoy reading and debating the pros and cons of a book, you are welcome to join, the group endeavours to read a diverse selection of books. Larnaca Reading Group (LRG) meets the first Monday of each month in the Reading Lounge, upstairs in the Academic & General Bookshop, address: 41 Hermes Street. Tel: 99-597094/99-925315 Cash Bingo Eyes down every Wednesday, 8.30pm, and Sunday, 8.30pm, Makedonas restaurant, Dhekelia road. Food and drinks available at venues. Tel: 99108391 Line Dancing Every Friday, 8pm. Makedonas restauraunt, Dhekelia road. Tel: 99-108391 Tango Argentine Classes Regular Tango with Julia Gorina and guest maestros. With Jonatan Foehlich from Buenos Aires this September. Hallmark Dance Studio, Mefanos str.10 (from Germasogia roundabout going into the city – at the second traffic lights turn left – the school is immediately on the left next to the hairdressing studio Effectis by Nicolas). Tuesdays & Thursdays: 7.30pm-8.30pm – beginners and 8.30pm-10pm – advanced: Tel: 99-406032 or TANGO-y-TU presents Eight week foundation course every Friday. Deborah’s School of Russian Ballet, 192 Faneromenis Avenue. 7.30-9pm - €15 per class or €50 for 4 prepaid. Improvers/Intermediate Class every Monday. 8-10pm - €15 per class or €50 for 4 prepaid. Free tango practica at Cafe da Vinci, St Lazarus Square. - Tues nights 8.30pm. Tel: 99-377102. Royal Engineers’ Association Meets on second Tuesday of the month at venues around the Island. For details of next meeting contact Bob Beer (Chair) on 97-633728 Larnaca Chicago Bridge Club Thursdays, 9.30am-1pm. Tel: Pete on 24-424899 Larnaca Walking Tours Wednesdays: Larnaca Past and Present, 10am from CTO office in Vassileos Pavlou Square. Fridays: Skala and its Craftsmen, 10am from Larnaca Fort. Tel: 24-654322 Leon Friendly Darts League Meetings carried out at selected pubs: Tuesdays, 8.30pm. Tel: Bob Johnson on 24-427275 Mazotos Camel Park Adventures for the family. Camel rides, swimming, play areas and more. Tel: 24-991243/99-416968.


Paphos Town Centre Walking Tour Get acquainted with the newest part of the city and learn how the town evolved from the late Byzantine and Mediaeval times. Every Thursday, 10am. CTO Information Office, 3 Gladstonos St. Tel. 26-932841 The Corona Society Go along and meet new friends at monthly meetings held every second Wednesday of the month, 2.30pm – 4pm. Coffee mornings held every last Tuesday of the month, 10.30am – 12.00pm. Annabelle Hotel. All proceeds go to local charities. Tel: 99- 177479 Scottish Country Dancing With the St Andrew’s Society, Paphos, at the Latin Parish Hall every Tuesday evening from September to May 6-8pm. Beginners welcome 5.30pm. Tel: 99-298512 Adult Tap Dance Tuesdays 6.30pm–7.15pm and Wednesdays 9.00am- 9.45am. Also stretch and tone intensive class, Mondays 9.00am–10.00am. With professional instructors. Shogun Karate/Dance studio, 133 Nicolaou Elina, Emba. Tel: 99-892478 Jazzercise Dance fitness routines choreographed to the latest music. Mesogi Community Centre. Wednesday and Friday 9am-10am and Monday and Thursday 6.15pm-7.15pm. Classes also held at Shogun Karate Club, Emba. Tuesday and Friday: 9am-10am, in Peyia School, Tuesday and Thursday: 6.15pm-7.15pm. €8 per class or €47 per month. Tel: 99-990348 Salsacise Get fit and fabulous while having fun. The class combines basic salsa moves in an aerobic workout. Burn calories and lose weight. Beginners welcome. Every Wednesdays 6-7 pm in B.M.S.Studio, Peyia (above Spirou). Every Tuesdays 11-12 am at Crowns Resorts Spa and every Fridays 4-5 pm at Crowns Resorts Spa. Tel: 99981294 Hand-made bijoux displays Beautiful hand-made jewellery for the perfect gift at affordable prices starting from €10-35, including elegant packaging. Every Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 10am - 12pm. Please call Niki on 99-858734 Timi Village Car Boot Market Every Sunday 7am-1pm all through the year. Tel: 99-611637 Evans Plus Evans Comedy Magic Show, at the New Kikkos Bar Coral Bay - Alternate Tuesdays. 9.30pm. Tel 99-173801 Singles Nights at Ollie’s Bar Every second and fourth Saturday of the month. Ollie’s Bar, Trimithousa. 8pm. Tel: 99-769899 Quiz Nights Play for weekly prizes and a jackpot. Every Friday. Kings Hotel, Tomb of the Kings Road. 8.30pm. €2. Tel: 26-939075 Quiz night Quiz at the New Olympus Hotel. Every second Thursday of the month. 7.30pm. To register your team call: 26-932020 New Friendly Bridge Chicago bridge every Tuesday with all bridge partnerships welcome. Fantasia Club. 6.45pm. Tel: 26-937551 Table Tennis Club Night Coaching for all levels by Gordon Allen. Every Wednesday night. New venue, 7pm. Tel: 99841471, 26-652763 Badminton Club Atromitos Badminton Club for children and adults meets four times a week, days and evenings, to suit all levels, coaching available or play just for fun. Tel: 99-971150/ Emba Badminton club Emba Badminton club meets on Saturday mornings, and Tuesday and Friday afternoons. All levels of play are catered for. Tel: 99-276192. www. Paphos Tigers RFC Mini Rugby: Tuesdays, 4.30pm-5.30pm. Kinyras Centre, Cypria Maris Sports Ground. Tel: 99934315/26-652959. Paphos Cycling Club Newly founded to help promote cycling in Paphos as a great form of exercise, meeting and making new friends and a perfect way to see areas of beauty in Cyprus you would never normally see. We are an informal club and we welcome new members from all walks of life and abilities. We meet every Sunday at Hectors Barin Coral Bay at 9am. Tel: 99-320213. Paphos Adonis Lions Club Meetings every second and fourth Monday of the month at Paphos Gardens Hotel Resort. New members welcome as well as visiting members of other Lions Clubs. Tel: 26-622810/97-635883 Alzheimer Self-Help Group Offers dementia sufferers and their carers the opportunity to meet others with this condition, share feelings and exchange experiences. Every first Wednesday of the month. Crazy Spoon Centre Coral Bay Road, opposite Paphian Sun Hotel, Kissonerga. 10am. Tel: 26-621530/ 26-622234 Cancer Patients’ Support Group Association’s Day Centre - 84 Ellados Avenue, Paphos, near Carrefour’s on Polis Road. Tel: 26952478. Coffee morning on the second Tuesday of the month, 10.30am. Craft group meet every Thursday, 10am-12pm. New members always welcome. Quiz nights and meal on Thursdays and meal, 7 for 7.30pm. Tel: 26-654007 or visit Cancer Patients’ Support Group – Paphos Information Help Line Trained volunteers who will listen and assist anyone needing information, emotional support, befriending or referral to an appropriate professional. Available from 9am-1pm Monday to Friday. Tel: 97-760989

Paphos Bereavement Support Group If you’ve suffered a loss or death, either recently or in the past, you are welcome to share your feelings with others in a safe and confidential environment. Group meets on the first Monday of each month, 2pm-4pm. Association’s Day Centre, 9 Dimitriou Mavrogenous, (the road alongside Constantinides Bakery opposite CYTA). Tel: 26-952478 Gamblers Anonymous Support group for gambling addicts, partners and families. Meetings every Tuesday. Ayia Kyriaki Anglican Church Hall, Kato Paphos. 7.30pm. Tel: 26-622289 Self-Improvement and Fulfilment Dr. Eva Bratslavsky clinical psychologist and psychotherapist weekly discussion group meetings on self-confidence, self-esteem, relationship enhancement, assertiveness. 3pm. Tel: 99-495467 Hemi-Sync sound technology of The Monroe Institute Metamusic CDs for quantum learning, deep relaxation, meditation, workshops. Contact Linda Leblanc, accredited Outreach Trainer of The Monroe Institute. Tel: 26-621272/ psygnos@spidernet. Krhem Workshops Learn to use this powerful yet gentle, loving energy healing system evolved from Ancient Egypt. Three day course in a warm, friendly environment. Krhem is not a level of Reiki and it is not necessary to have trained in Reiki first. Reiki workshops also available. Also: EFT Level 1 workshops: Learn a most effective self help and self development technique. EFT will enhance health and wellbeing for you, friends and family. A one day workshop taught in a fun, friendly environment. You will become more confident and gain a brighter, happier outlook on life. Tel: 26-934319/99-479426. lfirth@ Reiki Training Philip Westwood, Reiki Master/Teacher is now taking bookings for Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 training courses. Tel: 99-407526 or Pilates Classes Small group classes morning and evening. Kissonerga, Yeroskipou and Skoulli, Polis. Tel: 99-172504. Pilates Mat based exercises for all levels, to tone and stretch the whole body. Tuesdays: 7.45-9pm in Central Paphos old town. €10. Tel: 99-266783 or Seeing Anew: The Artist’s Eye Ongoing workshop in visual art, breaking through inhibitions, developing confidence and fostering creative process. Studio 7, Kallepia. €80. Tel: 99048367 Yoga Pure traditional yoga. Caroline has over thirty years experience, and is trained in the Iyengar method of hatha yoga. In her fully equipped studio she instructs both small groups and individual students. Tel: 99-834470 Polis Charity Bookshop, Crafts and More Now open six days a week. Monday- Saturday, 10am- 1pm. Large stock of books, videos, talking books, jigsaws and greeting cards. Proceeds donated to local charities. Goods in first rate condition always needed. Arch. Makarios Avenue, Polis Chrysochous. Tel: 99-867511 Art Courses Pencil drawing, watercolour, pastels and acrylic. Ring Caroline Ludwig 26967008. Mums ‘n’ Toddlers Group Mums, Tots & Babies - Join us for a fun filled morning of Music & Movement, Story time, Arts & Crafts, Free Play, snack & coffee time etc. Spacious garden at our new location in Chloraka. Five groups per week offered. Also ongoing sale of nearly new clothing (1Euro per item) raising funds for local charities. Tel: 99-867662. First Time Mums’ Club Come and join us for a cup of tea. Bring baby with you and meet other mums and get tips, ideas and advice on caring for your little infant. Weekly meetings where topics include breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleeping tips for baby and mom, milestones, what works and lots more. Thurs 1012. Cholorakas. Tel: 96-429659 Apollo Branch of the Royal Air Forces Association Meeting on the third Thursday of every month. UKCA Clubhouse, Tombs of the Kings Road. 7pm. Tel: 26-991615 New PAWS charity shop Yeroskipou next door to Pet Stop. Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 9am-5pm. Saturday 9am-4pm. Tel: 97695857 Basic Dog Training and Grooming Fridays. 3pm. Kallepia. Tel: 26-643079/99-105557

Famagusta district Tempo Dance and Theatre School Running two classes a week. Pernera Area, Protaras. Monday 7-30pm-8.30pm for advanced dancers. Wednesday 6.45-7.45pm for beginners. €40 per month. Tel: 99-416821. Tours around Ayia Napa Ayia Napa and the Sea: a different dimension. Mondays in English and German; Fridays in English and Swedish, 10am from CTO office. Tel: 23721796 Folk Art Workshop Art workshop for children. Cultural Centre of Famagusta, Evagorou 35, Dherynia. Tel: 23-721140 Bingo and Games Every Tuesday night. Quiz, bingo and games every Thursday night. Party night every Saturday. Woody’s Inn, Protaras. Tel: 23-831690 Charity Boot Sale Every Tuesday morning. Woody’s Inn, Protaras. 10am-12pm. Tel: 23-831690 Open Air Market Every Wednesday. St Thekla Beach restaurant, Ayia Thekla, 500m from the church. 9am-4pm. Tel: 23-743778

SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012

FASHION 21 Thermal leggings from Uniqlo

Don’t mock the meggings U Under shorts meggings are a not-so-obvious look favoured by several celebrities

nless you venture into Central St Martins or a rehearsal at the English National Ballet, you won’t often see a man wearing leggings as part of his d daily ensemble. They are, admittedly, occ casionally seen on red-faced young profess sionals wheezing home on bikes, but most o of us prefer to wear them in the confi nes o of a gym or secretly layered under trousers iin winter where they are wholly justified as ““thermals”. But male leggings, or “meggings” as tthey’ve been branded, are America’s latest ffashion export after being thrown into the s spotlight by sartorially adventurous celebrities such as Lenny Kravitz and Justin Bieber. BOY London’s version sold out on

BOY London’s version sold out on Asos in every size between XS and XXL suggesting that the megging may well be replacing the ever-shrinking skinny jean A Asos in every size between XS and XXL s suggesting that the megging may well be rreplacing the ever-shrinking skinny jean. Yet, while many men will probably be a llittle bewildered by these new form-fitting a arrivals, the megging has made appeara ances since 2007 in menswear shows by M Marni, Alexander McQueen, Martin Marg giela (a sequined black pair) and Calvin K Klein Collection, where they functioned as a more casual alternative to the trouser. More recently for autumn 2012, G Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisc ci fused monochromatic military tailoring w with modern sportswear, sending models d down a catwalk wearing leggings with s structured shorts and kilts, tough leather b boots and boxy jackets that gave outfits a h harder military edge and proved more succ cessful with the fashion scene. But is it only the young, confident, athl letic man who can pull off the look I wond dered as I ventured out into conservative K Kensington in two Givenchy inspired out-

30 great things under 30 Fashion designer Carly Cushnie, actress Kate McKinnon and videogame creator Kim Swift may not be household names yet, but they are destined to do great things and will be tomorrow’s young stars, Forbes magazine said this week. Along with Olympic Gold medalist gymnast Gabby Douglas, rapper Wiz Khalifa and researcher Josh Sommer, they have been chosen by the magazine for its 30 Under 30 list of top achievers under 30 years old in their fields. “This is a celebration

of youthful ambition and success. These are really amazing people and they are doing amazing things. It makes you very hopeful about the world,” Michael Noer, the executive editor of Forbes, said in an interview. Many on the list, including singers Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber, as well as actresses Ashley and May Kate Olsen and fashion designer Alexander Wang, the newly appointed creative director at the French fashion house Balenciaga, are already well known.

December 23, 2012 • SUNDAY MAIL

fits - which, i n c i d e n t a l l y, are vastly removed from what I usually wear – my skinny legs exposed, not knowing what the reaction might be. In minus degrees Celsius, my thermal leggings didn’t provide much comfort or warmth at all. My fi rst outfit was worn without shorts (Russell Brand and Noel Fielding’s adaptation of this trend) and I felt vulnerable knowing that the tight-fitting burgundy Lycra probably didn’t leave much to the imagination. Worn in this way the megging is pretty impractical and wasn’t exactly the liberating experience I’d heard it was. However, the meggings did look better under shorts and gave an extra edge, not to mention a warming layer, to an already punky outfit. As with the fi rst pair, they turned a few heads and raised an eyebrow or two, but this time people were looking interested rather than amused. I’m still unsure whether I’d own a pair, but at least I know men’s e-commerce sites are stocking them if I am ever converted.

Gird your loins, lads: the hottest new style item for you this season is a pair of men’s leggings. ANISH PATEL slips into something more revealing The layered look: meggings with a sporty twist on the Givenchy catwalk


Hungover? Then you need morning-after make-up Festive partying stolen your glow? Here’s how to outshine your mates and work colleagues says EMMA MCCARTHY Take it easy 7am. The morning after the night before. Best not to think too hard. Instead, fumble around for your Korres Party Survival Kit ( for gentle, step-by-step recharging that even the sorest heads can cope with. It contains everything from shower gel to brightening eye cream - and even lemon-flavoured chewing gum.

Mask the truth Substitute your cleans-z er for a slathering of Liz tEarle’s Brightening Treat). ment Mask ( tBrimming with stimulatg ing camphor oil and toning y witch hazel, the real beauty s of this mask is that it works or in just 30 seconds. Or, for s, truly desperate measures, ’s you need Chantecaille’s Biodynamic Lifting Mask (, which will smooth, hydrate and calm redness while you have a 15-minute nap.

Seeing spots One solid month of drinking can only equal one thing - breakouts. Eve

Lom understands and has given us Dynaspot. Containing tea tree, salicylic acid and zinc oxide, this topical treate ment will make you feel like less of a teenager than an old-school Witch Stick.

Freshen up When you’re feeling a bitt g on the stale side, achieving a fresh-faced look is some-thing of a tall order. Conceall n a green-tinged complexion a by smoothing on a layer of La Prairie Cellular Treatmentt Liquid Soft Glow (harrods. com) - an air light, silky soft formula designed to brighten, highlight and blur any imperfections - and follow with Natio’s Clever Stick (, a mineral foundation that’s quick to apply and lets your skin breathe. A light dusting of Clarins’ new translucent Mineral Loose Powder ( will help stop

the boo booze from seeping out of your pores w without making you look like you’ve you trowelled on a load of slap.

Bushy-tailed BushyAvoid eyeshadow or liner: Av aft after a late-night, earlymo morning combo, your ey are dark enough. Ineyes st stead, stick with a good ol old-fashioned conceale er - Stila’s Brighten & C Correct concealer (stila is among the b best - and appear far more wide-eyed than you feel, with the help of Origins Brightening Mascara (origins.

for fear of looking like you haven’t removed last night’s make-up. Instead opt for a juicy, raspberry hue - both MAC’s Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix ( and Clinique’s Chubby Stick in Plushest Punch ( will also quench the thirst of dehydrated lips.

Keep calm and carry on Feeling a little queasy midshift? A generous spritz of Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Mist ( is the closest you’ll come to dunking your head in a vat of cold water (while preserving your makeup and getting a dose of added multivitamins), while a dab of Aveda’s peppermint and blue chamomile-scented Blue Oil Balancing Concentrate ( on your temples and pulse points will help to keep things in perspective.

Rehydrate It’s simple logic: no one could possibly be hungover if they’ve bothered to put on lipstick. But steer well clear of matte fi nishes

Estee Lauder sees luxury, men key to re-igniting fragrance sales By Phil Wahba Estee Lauder is counting on a new fragrance from luxury Italian fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna to help it tap into the industry’s most promising markets - the very high-end and men. Sales at Estee Lauder’s fragrance business - about one-eighth of overall revenue - are still below pre-recession levels and were flat in the quarter ended September 30 excluding the impact of currency. That compares with growth of seven per cent and six per cent for skin care products and makeup, its two biggest divisions, over the same period. So the company is looking to win market share in the so-called

“prestige” market for fragrances - such as those made by French luxury group LVMH and L’Oreal - that are sold at department and specialty stores instead of drug stores and discount chains. “Having a strong foothold in the most stable category is for us essential,” Veronique GabaiPinksy, a global brand president at Estee Lauder who oversees designer fragrances, said. Designer fragrances account for two-thirds of industry sales and sell more reliably than those tied to celebrities. And the very high end fragrances make up only about seven per cent of industry sales, but Gabai-Pinsky called them “a pocket of high growth.”

The Zegna fragrance Essenze retails for $195 for a 4.2 fluidounce bottle and follows an agreement last year with designer Tory Burch for a fragrance being introduced in 2013. Estee Lauder’s new women’s fragrance, for Italy’s Marni, will be introduced in the spring of 2013. It is also a coup for Lauder, which replaces market leader L’Oreal as Zegna’s fragrance partner with this deal. Estee Lauder, which only makes “prestige” fragrances, produces some of the best selling fragrances and its partners include Coach Inc, Michael Kors Holdings Ltd and Tom Ford. With Zegna, which caters to

males only, Estee Lauder is making a forceful play for men in the pure luxury fragrance market, where growth is outpacing women’s. “There is definitely a lot more opportunity on the men’s side,” NPD Group analyst Karen Grant said. The popularity of Zegna as a premium Western fashion brand among China’s rising middle class can also help stoke interest in fragrances in a market where shoppers are still far more interested in makeup and skin products. For Zegna, this fragrance could be followed by others. “I see a good expansion of the line,” said CEO Gildo Zegna.

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To stay fit during holidays bend, don’t break routine say experts


ticking to a fitness routine is not always easy, but holiday feasting, drinking and family can make it even harder. ‘Tis the season, experts say, to bend your fitness routine so it does not break. “Consider the holidays a time to maintain fitness, not a time to set new goals or be ambitious,” said fitness expert Shirley Archer, author of Fitness 9 to 5 and Weight Training for Dummies. The average American gains 0.45kg each year during the holiday season, Archer said, but it’s a fate you can avoid by being active when time allows. “Research tells us that you can get an effective strength training routine in as little as 15 minutes,” she said. “This is not ideal to build strength over time, but is sufficient to keep what you have during the holidays.” A bare-bones cardio workout can be accomplished by fitting short, 10minute bouts of activity into your holiday plans. Danielle Hopkins, group fitness manager and instructor at an Equinox fitness centre in New York City, tells her concerned clients to try to sweat at least 20 minutes a day.

Maintenance: Shirley Archer

December 23, 2012 • SUNDAY MAIL


Food of the dragons has little use for modern herbalists Name: Chinese Peony (Paeonia officinalis) Otherwise known as: Bar-cher Habitat: A herbaceous perennial of the Paeoniaceae family growing up to 60cm in shrubberies and meadows in Tibet and China. It has deep green, ovate to lanceolate leaves on stout, fleshy stems that terminate in spectacular cream, pink or port-wine coloured flowers that sometimes have a double form. The fruit is a capsule with shiny black seeds. All parts of the plant are poisonous.

Giving in to a feast once a year will not affect your annual programme DORENE INTERNICOLA is told “I stress the importance of keeping to your routine. The main thing is putting it on your calendar,” said Hopkins, who said drinking too much makes it harder to make it to the gym. “Always make room. It’s pretty easy to do. If you’re travelling, bring your running shoes, or a jump rope, or look for a gym.” And rest assured that one night of over-indulgence won’t derail a year of work. “Everyone’s diet has a bit of wiggle room,” she said. “I think it’s good to imbibe a little, but be strategic about what you’ll allow. Have a little bit.” Constantly avoiding holiday temptation is tiring and in the end unsustainable, according to Gregory Chertok, a sports psychologist with the American College of Sports Medicine. When navigating holiday stresses, from family to poor food choices, Chertok, who is based in New Jersey, said a simple change in attitude can yield powerful results. “Embrace challenge rather than avoid temptation,” he said. “Avoidance over time can be pretty exhausting. Just like our physical muscles, our mental muscles can get exhausted. Will power requires replenishment.” He said


What does it do: The plant derives its name from Paeon, the physician to the Greek gods, and was considered to be of divine origin. In medieval England it was much vaunted as a cure for epilepsy, chorea, hysteria, asthma, gout, kidney infections, any number of nervous disorders, and as

studies show when people try too feverishly to control themselves, their will power wanes. “There are ways to keep your will power at a strong level, such as staying away from overly restrictive diets, planning the occasional indulgence and eating small frequent meals,” he added. Surrounding oneself with people of similar health and wellness inclinations can also facilitate positive choices. “We’re influenced very powerfully by others’ behaviour,” Chertok said. He encourages his clients to allow for the occasional slip-up. Being self-forgiving and self-compassionate leads to greater success. “People who set strict goals will self-chastise, self-criticise,” he said. “That doesn’t allow for high performance or self esteem. As human beings, we take care of ourselves when we feel worthy of self care.” Trainer Tracy Anderson, whose fitness DVDs include Metamorphosis and Mini-Trampoline Workout stresses consistency. “The most important thing is to become a consistent exerciser, where you go and have 30 minutes to one hour daily of focused work,” she said. “That is the number one best thing we can be doing.” But her advice for people fretting about the holiday season is to feed your soul. “One time a year is not toxic; in fact, it is the opposite,” she said from her New York home. “It feeds your soul so much that it helps your stress. I say eliminate the word diet from your vocabulary for three days before and after a holiday.” Archer echoes the sentiment and suggests enjoying the pleasures of the seasons. “All too soon, your routine will return and you can hit your fitness programme with renewed commitment and enthusiasm,” she added.

an abortifacient. Culpeper recommends it as a ‘…sure and certain treatment for the falling down sickness (epilepsy) by hanging the root around the necks of the afflicted children’. There are many superstitions attached to Peonies, not the least being that the Japanese believed that the flowers were the ‘food of the dragons’, and to guard against attacks, necklaces were made from the seeds; the warrior classes ate the flowers as a vegetable. In 14th century Europe, the seeds were used as a culinary spice that was supposed to increase sexual potency and were infused in mead to be consumed before sleeping to ward off nightmares. Peony is rarely used by herbalists today, but homeopaths still make tinctures from the flowers to give relief from haemorrhoids. Chinese medicine still values the plant as a treatment for mental disorders, hypotension, eczema and depression. Next dangerous plant……. Knotweed.


A magical world of rabbits, hedgehogs, flying horses and the Moomins The Moomins

Rock ’n’ roll in the classics thrown in

For younger children


By Charlotte Ross

e have Bob Dylan to thank. If the nasal Minnesotan had never recorded a note, it is nately for fans of Hot Legs, the pilot fairly unlikely that had attended an emergency course subsequent rock lyricists would have the day before and crash-landed hts higher than LitLit Kind of sums up my life, raised their sights safely. “Kind Awopbopalooboptle Richard’s “Awopbopaloobopreally,” winks Rod. “An awful alopbaboom”. Likewise, if he lot of the way, it’s bee been a own to write had never sat down long, luxury aircraft ride. occasionally the Chronicles, an account of his But just occasionally, goo life as shifting and strange as plane fl ies into a goose. And ishers would his songs, publishers somehow, every time it does, mmissioned Neil never have commissioned I get lucky and live to tell the Young or Pete Townshend or tale.” o pen their stories. re Rod Stewart to 2) Try to retain nce the However, since some sense of probout S books by and about portion. Stewart ck p babyboomer rock - or the publegends are all lishing entity ght know as identical in weight known “Ro Stewand size, short of “Rod ar to playing Jenga art”, g with them the give his “ most useful “editor” G thing might be Giles S to mulch their Smith hi due wisdom into a his see “how-to” guide seems fully awa of for anyone hop-aware eir pl ing to follow their his place in sch example. the scheme of h an 1) Begin with things, which cdote that is why his h illustrative anecdote he whole book o encapsulates the offers ntertainmost tto the career. In the entertainutobinon-fa ing Rod: The Autobinon-fan. The most memom ography, Rod Stewart his with rable moaccomplishes this characteristic charm, ment arrives when he describing the night and Ronnie that he tried to make y from a Woo a quick getaway Wood visit henburg a sc concert in Gothenburg sculptor ng goose who speonly for a passing n the cial to get caught in cialises in Do ya think I’m ivate jet cast engine of his private casting the sexy? Rod Stewart pha just as he was about to phalluses of in typically ass of rock stars. enjoy a “cold glass flirtatious mood rtu“Wo white wine”. Fortu“Woody

Whatever myriad delights my daughter unwraps this Christmas, it will be the books she treasures most. Knowing this is comforting; not only are they are an affordable treat but, with very little children, the right stories really do keep on giving. I hope she will still be curled up in March with her supply of December books. Here are some volumes she loves, and a few she might discover on Christmas morning. Pip and Posy, The Snowy Day, Axel Scheffler Julia Donaldson tends to get most of the credit for the Gruffalo. This seems unfair because I’m sure it is Axel Scheffler’s deceptively naïve illustration that truly wins most children’s hearts. In 2012, Scheffler expanded his simple but beautifully wrought series of Pip and Posy books, most recently with The Snowy Day. It tells the tale of an argument between the two over whether they are building a snowmouse (like Posy) or a snowrabbit (Pip). A tearful snowfight ensues, followed by a joyful playdough entente. Sweet, bright and true to a toddler’s life. A Little Bit Of Winter, Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell More snow figures in this re-issue of a clever animal fable. In an attempt to save his grumpy hedgehog friend a little bit of winter for when he awakes from hibernation, a rather dim rabbit wraps a giant snowball in leaves and stuffs it into his warren to await spring. Endearingly drawn and sharply observed. Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day Published by the Victoria & Albert museum, this wonderf ul


book tells what happens to budding milliner Clara when she visits the V&A in search of help to mend her grandmother’s hat. It’s both a good London tale and a lovely way to pay homage to one of the UK’s great institutions. Rosie’s Magic Horse, by Russell Hoban and Quentin Blake This collaboration between a late, great storyteller (Hoban died last December) and a living legend of children’s illustration is inspired. The story is of a flying horse, Stickerino, conjured up by Rosie from a box of ice lolly sticks, which gallops through the sky above cities and deserts and into an altercation with some pirates. There is a happy ending involving a casket of gold that allows Rosie’s family to pay the bills in hard times. It’s a sentiment that many families will appreciate this Christmas. The Moomins and the Great Flood, by Tove Jansson Because children’s books are for adults too, parents should treat themselves to the luminous drawings and evocative prose of Tove Jansson’s fi rst Moomin book. The story of young Moomintroll searching for his lost father is dark and thrilling yet full of beauty. A magical way to bridge the gap between the childish and de ee ep p. the deep.

Snow business: Pip and Posy fight it out

RICHARD GODWIN trawls through the music volumes of the last year and finds there is a winning formula and I took a look at the rather challengingly splendid specimens on the table before us, considered for a moment the slightly more modest scale of our own endowments, and said, ‘Hmmm. Nah, I don’t think so.’” 3) Reverently describe the fi rst encounter with Elvis. Peter Ames Carlin does this with suitable reverence in Bruce, which gets that Springsteenian tone of triumphal longing just right. “What Bruce remembers most vividly is the way the man looked. The way his every step, gesture, smile and sneer set him apart from everything you were supposed to think, feel, or know about modern America,” he writes. Ames is also exemplary in his veneration for the “higher powers of rock ’n’ roll” and his use of song fragments as chapter titles (eg “It Was Me and You, Baby, I Remember the Night You Promised”). Fans will enjoy. 4) Include as many anecdotes of excess and egotism as you possibly can - unless it concerns Jimmy Page’s taste for teenage groupies, quickly brushed over in Brad Tolinski’s Light and Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page. Townshend strikes a rare note of amusement in Pete Townshend: Who I Am - a lengthy disavowal of his youthful desire to die before he gets old. When the guitarist describes his feelings on discovering, in 1967, that The Who had lost the title of loudest band on earth to an outfit called Vanilla Fudge, he sounds genuinely disgusted. 5) Try to be as insightful as possible about the songwriting process. Townshend actually scores pretty well on this score, conjuring the recording studio for the recording of I Can See For Miles. Neil Young,

Junk food meets Greek myth and old For older children By Melanie McDonagh There’s not much point in reviewing some books. If children are Tom Gates obses obsessives, they’ll read Liz Pi Pinchon’s latest, Tom Gates Genius Ideas (mostly) regardless reg of what you think of a schoolboy diary with not much text and lots of o doodles. Ditto Dav Pilkey Pilkey’s Captain Underpant pants and the Terrifyin Return of Tippy ing

Tinkletrousers: it’s funny, subversive, and with a large ratio of comic strip to text. Just go with it. Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series is a work of genius: a combination of American teenspeak and junk food with the entire cast of Graeco-Roman mythology. The latest, The Mark of Athena, features the young American demigods plus Hercules, Bacchus and Arachne, and a sortie to the gates of Hades. Business as usual, then. Michelle Paver’s new

series, Gods and Warriors, is something else. Set in Bronze Age Greece it has her hallmarks; an apparently effortless familiarity with the long-dead past and engaging friendship between man and beast, or in this case, dolphin. This being the bicentenary of the Grimm Bros Fairy Tales, there are some lovely editions about. It’s a toss-up between the longer selection, which includes Fetching Down the Moon, illustrated by Michael Foreman and translated by Brian Alder-

son or the shorter version translated by Anthea Bell (of Asterix fame) and fi nely illustrated by Lizbeth Zwerger. I would mention Philip Pullman’s translation but it has no pictures. And what, as Alice says, is the point of books without pictures? Don’t judge a book by its cover, though: remember that with RJ Palacio’s Wonder, which has a horrid one. It’s about an Elephant Boy with a hideous face who has to fit into a new school. It sounds like a diversity manifesto but

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raw (with a few for good measure)



ARIES You need to find a way to balance your own self-interest with the interests of those you work and do business with. If you can meet them halfway and work together on things of March 21 - April 20 mutual importance there is no limit to what you can achieve over the next few weeks.

TAURUS Mars, planet of action and ambition, moves this week to focus on your career and your social standing, giving you the chance to move up in the world. Your ambitions will know no bounds and nor should they because for the next five April 21 - May 21 weeks or so anything is possible.

GEMINI Your finances will look worse than they are this week so there is no need to make sudden changes. Cutbacks may be needed but this is not the moment to start them as you’re May 22 - June 21 not thinking straight. In time you will know what to do and it won’t be as drastic as you first feared.

CANCER This week’s Full Moon falls in your sign so your emotions are liable to be all over the place - much the same as usual really only more so. Somehow you’ve got to get the balance right and get rid of negative feelings without going over the June 22 - July 22 top and antagonising others.

LEO People you deal with on a one-to-one basis will become rather bossy now that Mars, planet of ego, is moving into your opposite sign. You will have to tread carefully but you July 23 - Aug 23 will also have to let them know that you will not be pushed around. Don’t leave it until later.


Full details: Jessie J

Aug 24 - Sep 23

You tend to stick with what you know and trust and most of the time it works well. Now the cosmic setup urges you to swap some of your old-fashioned ideas for more modern versions. You don’t have to betray your principles, but you do have to move with the times.


Sept 24 -Oct 23 in the stolid, if periodically engaging Waging Heavy Peace fares less well. “Have you ever wondered what goes into writing a song? I wish I could tell you… Songs are like rabbits and they like to come out of their holes when you’re not looking, so if you stand there waiting they will just burrow down. The more we talk about this, the worse it will get. So that is why we are changing the subject.” 6) In all cases, aim to reach the last worthwhile album that the

subject recorded around halfway through the 732-page account, so that even an ardent fan fi nds himself fl icking through the remaining pages, wondering what can possibly fi ll them. 7) Remember: no detail is ever too trivial. 8) If all else fails, look to the new generation. In Jessie J: Nice to Meet You, the author of Price Tag and Do It Like a Dude offers a breezy tour through her school play CV, her entry into the Brit School and the stroke

she had at 18 - which only strengthened her resolve. “I remained positive... and apart from my right side being achey when I am tired and a trapped nerve I have had under my arm ever since, I’m fi ne. *Smiles*.” By page 100, she has resorted to listing her awards: Breakthrough of the Year from Harper’s Bazaar, Best Role Model in Pop from Capital FM, UK Artist of the Year from the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards... A crass move, perhaps, but it saves a lot of time. ;-)

favourites battle it out with bold dragons it’s a shrewd take on the dynamics of US school life and a moving account of, well, being different. Rebecca Stead’s Liar and Spy is about a boy whose life sucks too: he has to move home when his dad loses his job. He encounters an eccentric boy in the new place, who runs a spy club, and is spying on Mr X, on the upstairs floor. It’s about what happens when fantasy and reality become blurred and it’s oddly compelling. I loved Chris Bradford’s Young Samurai series:

odd, because martial arts, the author’s speciality, aren’t my bag. But his account of Jack Fletcher, an English boy cast up on the Japanese coast during the upheavals of the 17th century, who turns samurai, is addictive. The Ring of Sky is the last; I’m bereft. If I have a weakness, it’s for dragons and Dragon Legends by David Passes, illustrated by Wayne Anderson, is a succession of good dragon stories, from Gilgamesh to St George. Lovely. Frances Hardinge’s A Face Like Glass is al-

December 23, 2012 • SUNDAY MAIL

most bewildering in its abundance of invention; it’s about a girl who lives in a subterranean world where people learn facial expressions like a foreign language. Weird, and wonderful. There are cracking new editions of old favourites; if you haven’t read Rosemary Sutcliff ’s Eagle of the Ninth trilogy there’s a fi ne boxed set from OUP. Joan Aiken’s The Wolves of Willoughby Chase is as delightful now as when it was fi rst written, half a century ago.

With energetic Mars entering the most dynamic area of your chart the next few weeks will be highly productive. But they will be more productive still if you make the effort to bring certain existing projects to an end. They are the ones you are destined to never complete.

SCORPIO Sometimes you are a law unto yourself. You certainly get away with things more often than you should. However, the Full Moon warns that if you cut corners or disobey rules you Oct 24 - Nov 22 will be made to regret it. Just this once you’re advised to play it safe and retain your credibility.


Nov 23 - Dec 21

This is a good time for business and financial issues but the planets indicate that you should not rely too much on your hunches this week. You may trust your inner voice but it would still be wise to check facts and figures for yourself before laying your money down.


Dec 22 - Jan 20

The approaching Full Moon in your opposite sign of Cancer means that it is time to take stock of what certain partnerships and relationships mean to you - and if they don’t mean enough it may be time to bring them to an end. It could, of course, lead to some emotional scenes but that has to be preferable to remaining indefinitely in a relationship that lacks empathy or is holding you back.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19

Mars, planet of energy and ambition, enters your birth sign this week and no matter how active an Aquarian you may be most of the time you’ll be twice as active over the next five weeks or so. Personally and professionally this is a winning phase. Make something of it.

PISCES Fetching Down the Moon

As this week’s Full Moon falls in one of the more positive areas of your chart it won’t affect you as much as some people. In fact, if you keep your feelings in check and think Feb 20 - March 20 logically you’ll be in a position to take advantage of the situation. Their loss could be your gain.


The essence of Narciso Rodriguez The Sandwich Shop: you have to have it

TThe new eponymous fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez is inspired by the dual nature of woman - that is, dynamic and ethereal, simple and complicated. The new fragrance celebrates the modern woman, embraces her passions, and reflects the energy and spirit. The personal choice of the designer, musk dominates the heart of the essence, which p is complemented and enhanced by the bright nnotes of rose petals, iris and amber trail trail. From their combination results in a flor oral musk fragrance. In co collaboration with Narciso Rodriguez, designe designer Ross Lovegrove has created a bottl bottle that gives new definition to the ele elegance that will mark the future. A de delicately carved glass surrounds the co core, creating reflected onto a slide. Th The basic shape alludes to a woman’s silh silhouette, creating an excellent art ob object.

Oral B makes a toothpaste as good as its tooth brushes Oral B has created a revolutionary toothpaste called Oral B Pro Expert.t. Oral-B Pro-Expert is the first and only toothmic paste to combine two dynamic de components: stannous fluoride hate. and sodium hexametaphosphate. ps protect The unique composition helps at against the eight elements that dentists check most: cavities, ty, gums, plaque, tooth sensitivity, enamel and stone teeth, surface stains and fresh breath. arIt is now available in supermarkets and pharmacies all over Cyprus.

Sexy, smooth and full of sparkle The new Full Blooded collection by Swatch is characterised by its boldness. The collection has four models in black and white which all offer a sense of luxury in the form of shiny stones and gold and silver detail on the rims and displays. Translucent plastic frames and aluminum bracelet, mean the Full Blooded collection is the epitome of modern affordable luxury!

Th The essence series includes eau de pa parfum (50ml), eau de parfum (100ml), aro aromatic body lotion, scented shower ge gel and perfumed deodorant

A new eatery in town is intent on giving locals and their taste buds a tantalising new experience. The charming Sandwich Shop, situated near the hub of down town Nicosia, specialises in a wide variety of delicious treats from loaded bagels and wraps to melt-in-your-mouth burgers, ciabattas and baguettes. Also dishing out lighter meals that can be enjoyed on the go, there are plenty of salads to choose from and homemade soups to be devoured for a real pick me up. Using only the best and freshest ingredients, everything on the menu is also great value for money. If you’re planning an event or need some nibbles to share with your colleagues, a range of platters are also available. The Sandwich Shop 25 Themistokli Dervi, Nicosia. Open Monday- Friday 7.30am-7pm. Saturday 9am-7pm. Delivery hours Monday-Friday 7.30am-4pm and Saturday 9am-3pm. Tel: 22-662662. Email: www.

SOCIETY A sweet afternoon











A sweet afternoon was held recently at Uqbar in Nicosia to celebrate the Jiverti locally made honey. Hot drinks were served with sweet treats made using the honey. Jiverti is made in Cyprus by a family that has been involved in bee keeping for five generations. The family operate the largest bee unit in Cyprus with 2,000 bees in addition to a modern production and packing plant. Jiverti was the name given to the hives found on the island until the 1950s. Demetris Papakostas said his family had decided to use this old word as the name for the honey. Jiverti has won international awards: Gold at the Apimedica & Apiquality 2010; bronze at a world honey competitio competition organised by the Internation International Federation of Beekeeping association associations. 1. Dimitris D Papakostas, Rodoula Pap Papakosta, Lenia Papakostas and Zach Zacharias Papakostas 2. Rodoula Ro Papakosta 3. N Nicoletta Charalmbous, Maria Leon Leondiou, Andria Charalambous and And Andreas Zachariades 4. Marios M Kogkorozis 5. George Ge Theodorou, Fani Constantinou, Taso Tasoula Yiasoumis, Mary Kyprianou and Poly Polys Poliviou 6. Tasos Ta Nikiforidis and Alexia Kyriacous 7. Dimitris D Papakostas 8. Za Zacharias Papacostas and Rodoula Pap Papacosta

SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012

PUZZLES 27 6 3


2 7

8 4 2





3 1 3 7 2 9 1 3 9 8 5




6 4 2 4 3

6 2

7 3 5

6 2

3 5 8 7 3 5 2 8 4 9 7 6 2 3 4 1 2 9 1 7 2 5 2 9 1 5 4 7 2 5 3 3 1 9 4 5 3 9 8 2 6 6 2 5 1 7 2 6 5 5 1 6 2 8 4 1 2 8


1 3 8


9 1 8


4 7 2 3 1 6 8 2 3 4 7 6 3 6 5 9 2 4 9 6 5 2


The rules for Samurai Sudoku are the same as usual: fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9. There’s no maths involved, you solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic


No. 25
















Place a letter from A to I in each empty cell so that each row, each column and each 3X3 box contains all the letters A to I.

1 8 5 7 2 3 9 4 6

4 1 3 5 7 2 6 9 8

3 9 6 8 4 5 7 2 1

6 7 9 1 4 8 3 5 2

2 4 7 1 9 6 8 3 5

3 8 6 9 1 7 2 4 5

5 1 4 2 3 8 6 9 7

7 9 5 6 2 4 8 3 1

9 6 3 5 1 7 2 8 4

2 4 1 8 3 5 7 6 9

7 2 8 9 6 4 1 5 3

1 6 8 2 5 3 9 7 4 6 5 2 8 3 1 4 7 9 5 6 2

5 2 4 7 6 9 1 8 3 4 7 9 6 5 2 3 8 1 4 7 9

9 3 7 4 8 1 5 2 6 8 1 3 4 7 9 6 5 2 3 1 8

3 6 5 9 2 8 7 1 4

2 4 8 1 6 7 3 9 5

7 9 1 5 3 4 2 8 6

1 8 2 5 4 9 6 3 7 2 9 1 5 4 8 7 1 2 9 6 3

3 7 6 2 8 1 4 5 9 7 8 6 1 2 3 6 8 9 5 7 4

4 9 5 3 7 6 8 1 2 3 4 5 9 6 7 5 4 3 8 1 2

7 3 4 1 9 5 2 8 6

8 5 9 6 2 7 1 4 3

6 2 1 8 3 4 9 7 5

9 6 8 7 1 3 5 2 4

5 1 3 4 6 2 7 9 8

2 4 7 9 5 8 3 6 1

Koudus No. 24 A B C D E F G H D F H B G G



7 5 1 8 2 6 4 3 9

4 8 9 1 3 7 2 5 6

8 7 4 3 9 1 6 2 5

3 9 5 2 6 8 7 4 1





2 1 6 4 7 5 3 9 8










B A D E 6 3 2 9 5 4 1 8 7




H A G B E D F C Books of Koudus available from

Puzzle by

Whatzit?: Undercover agent

8 5 2 3 9 6 4 1 7



Puzzle by

DOUBLE CROSSWORD no 2270 Cryptic clues

Across 1 Room for party rhetoric (10) 7 Calm sea (7) 8 After work I’m round the bend with a drug (5) 10 After the sound of laughter, somehow (6) 12 One having a fling? (6) 13 Message from hotel expected (5) 14 Some scowled wearing a hood (4) 16 Florence’s banker (4) 17 Lady ’e sang about (5) 19 Some sixteen ought to be adequate (6) 20 Take stock of another (6) 23 Letter from Greek apparently (5) 24 Storm on stage (7) 25 Informed of the latest news by mail (4,6)

Down 1 Happy but not starting to be courageous (5) 2 Strike counter (6) 3 Hard music? (4) 4 Author axing part of insect’s body! (6) 5 There’s no end of fish under the bar in the carriage (7) 6 Where one might be found in trouble without a paddle (2,3,5) 9 Highly strung performer? (10) 11 No sound from the stable (5) 12 Put off freed revolutionary (5) 15 Exclamation of delight on seeing small Scottish ring inside (7) 17 Appalled at hag’s dilemma (6) 18 Doctor getting up during court case will resign (6) 21 Stamp on dishonest trade (5) 22 German man to turn to (4)





6 7






13 14


16 17






Quick clues




1 Tragic (10) 7 Six-sided figure (7) 8 Working party (5) 10 Roman dictator (6) 12 Uproar (6) 13 Supple (5) 14 Cougar (4) 16 Bend (4) 17 Drink noisily (5) 19 Part of a shoe (6) 20 Fielder (3-3) 23 Fraction (5) 24 Supplant (7) 25 Colony (10)

1 Camp-kettle (5) 2 Aligns (anag.) (6) 3 Ballad (4) 4 Slightly indecent (6) 5 Odd (7) 6 Part of a frontier (10) 9 Rid of poison (10) 11 Lifer (anag.) (5) 12 Gas unit (5) 15 Letter (7) 17 Sleigh (6) 18 Sty (6) 21 Female gland (5) 22 Nudge (4)

Answers to the crossword will appear in Tuesday’s newspaper December 23, 2012• SUNDAY MAIL




Answers to Double Crossword 2269 CRYPTIC: Across – 1 Cordial; 7 In need; 8 Reliant; 10 Baron; 11 Yachting 13 Cox; 14 Cove; 15 Trek; 16 Ear; 18 Contempt; 20 Alvin; 22 Enhance; 23 Scorer; 24 Sadness. Down – 1 Carry the can; 2 Relic; 3 Inactive; 4 Litany; 5 Snob; 6 Bedrock; 9 Inexactness; 12 Wretched; 14 Crevice; 17 Covers; 19 Manse; 21 Nark. QUICK: Across – 1 Visible; 7 Sucker; 8 Noxious; 10 Basin; 11 Inhaling; 13 Sin; 14 Vamp; 15 Brat; 16 Toe; 18 Golf-club; 20 Odium; 22 Belfast; 23 Blithe; 24 Redhead. Down – 1 Vindication; 2 Sixth; 3 Blowlamp; 4 Essene; 5 Scab; 6 Persist; 9 Uninhibited; 12 Profiled; 14 Vehicle; 17 Jobber; 19 Leave; 21 Moth.

28 A MINUTE WITH... Where do you live?

a natural comedian with good expressions and a real man’s man.

Just off Dhekelia Road, opposite the sea. I live with my devoted wife Mary, our shitzu Suky and cat Misha. We found Misha when she was a kitten after she’d been knocked down by a car so she only walks on three legs, bless her.

If the world is ending in 24 hours what would you do? I’d get a packet of cigarettes, a metrio Cyprus coffee, sit back and wait for it.

Best childhood memory?

What is your greatest fear?

In 1952, when I was 10 years old, I travelled by boat from Cyprus to London with my Aunt who I’d been living with for the past two years after my Mother had gone to England. We arrived at Victoria station and my Mum was waiting for me. That fi rst sighting of her, after not seeing her for two years, was the best feeling. I’d really missed her.

Snakes. I’ve faced them many times living in Cyprus. The supernatural also frightens me – demons, devils, that kind of thing.

Nicos Christophis Restaurateur & owner of Masalas Indian restaurant in Larnaca

Most frequented restaurant and absolute favourite dish? If we go for fi sh we go to Zygi to two to three places that we like. Of course, I’m at my own restaurant every day and here my favourite dish has to be Beef Madras, pilau rice and a plain naan. For me food has to be fl avourned and ful, well cooked, well seasoned cleanly presented.

What did you have for breakfast? kfast? A bacon sandwich: white ready sliced bread, a scraping of salted etchup. butter, bacon and Heinz ketchup. Sometimes HP. I also like to have jam and butter on toast with some cheddar cheese.

Would you class yourself as a day or night person? What’s your idea of the perfect night/day out?

A man's man: Dean Martin.

Night person – I had to be as I was a drummer for many h years and even toured with er Theodorakis, the composer ed of Zorba the Greek. We toured viet all over Europe and the Soviet


Union in 1968. Perfect night would be with great company to have a good meal and a laugh.

What music are you listening to in the car at the moment? Allstars Jazz. My favourite song is That’s Amore by Dean Martin.

Tell me a joke… An old guy goes to the Doctor. He says “Doctor, I want a prescription for Viagra 5mg!” The Doc says, “5mg? You mean 500mg by the looks of you! What are you gonna do with that?” The man replies, “I just don’t want to pee in my shoes when I go for a wee!”

Best book ever read? I love cookery books – Delia Smith, Jamie Oliver – and I also like the internet to look at recipes.

What is always in your fridge? Eggs, tomatoes, cucumber and salad things. It’s boring but it’s true. I’ve outgrown all the juicy stuff.

Favourite film of all time? Westerns, I could watch them all day long and never tire. My favourite is Rio Bravo with John Wayne and Dean Martin.

Favorite holiday destination (or best holiday ever taken) and why? I’ve been to India but it was too chaotic for me, although surprisingly I had a phenomenal Chinese meal there while listening to a great jazz quartet. For me, I love Europe for holidays – Italy, Spain, France, Germany. Europe has great culture, history and I feel at home.

Dream house: rural retreat or urban dwelling? Where would it be, what would it be like and why? My wife and I built our dream home and we’re lucky enough to live in it right now. We designed it from scratch and oversaw the entire operation down to every little detail. We have amazing gardens, a perfect sea view and our sanctuary away from it all. Perfect.

If you could pick anyone at all (alive or dead) to go out for the evening with, who would it be? Why? Dean Martin. I’ve been in love with him since I was 10 years old. His voice, his acting, his jokes – he was

Snakes: quite an issue to deal with in Cyprus


Answer: ........................... .................


............................................................ ........................................................... Name: ................................................ ............................................................

24.12.2012 : 1 Night €230 (Single €165) 2 Nights €400 (Single €300) 31.12.2012 :1 Night €300 (Single €200) 2 Nights €470 (Single €335) The above prices and corresponding periods include the following: 2 persons in double sea view room Daily Rich Buffet Breakfast Christmas or New Year Dinner (Gala) For the Two Nights Package Christmas or New Years Lunch is also included. Free use of Health Centre (use of Indoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and gym) Supervised Kid’s Club & Playgrounds available. Additional Charges: Third person sharing room 20% discount .For the one night package: Children up to 12 years sharing room with parents during Christmas season €37 and for New Year is €60.00. For the two night package: Children up to 12 years sharing room with parents during Christmas season €55 and for New Year is €78.00. Extra night €100.00 per room including breakfast .The above prices include all For more information please call now taxes and services.

Address: ............................................. ............................................................ Telephone: ......................................... Email: ................................................ Answers must reach us by December 31st.The winner will be announced on January 6th. Send replies to: PO Box 21144, Fax: 22 676385. Email: (answers by email must be accompanied by full address and contact numbers) (Winners will be notified by telephone)

To win, answer the following question: Question: In what town is the hotel?

Tel: (+35725834332 Email:

SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012

T V FRIDAY 28/12 December 23, 2012• SUNDAY MAIL

CYBC 1 06.45 08.15 11.00 11.30

Proti Enimerosi Kali Sas Mera Kaftes Piperies (rpt) Istories Tou Horkou (rpt)

CYBC 2 07.00 08.00 16.30 17.00

Local comedy series, which happens to be the longest-running show on TV.


Apo Mera Se Mera Current affairs programme.

15.30 16.00 18.00 18.15

Entehnos Mazi Sto CyBC News Kaftes Piperies

18.00 18.50 19.00 19.10

Paizoume Kypriaka Local game show, asking questions having to do with Cypriot dialect.


Moiraia Fengaria Local drama series inspired by Maro Kranidioti’s book ‘Otan i Moira Apofasizei’.

20.00 21.15

20.10 21.00

News Tete A Tete

Local Sketch (rpt) Christmas Songs New Kaftes Piperies (rpt) Patates Antinahtes (rpt)


More Repeats

Jamie Oliver shares his secrets for achieving a stress-free family Christmas.

07.50 08.40

Biz/Emeis News In English News In Turkish UEFA Euro 50 Classic Matches (rpt)

10.20 11.15 12.10 13.00 13.20 14.00


14.50 15.45 17.40

NRG Zone FILM: Gracie!

Top Gear Middle East Special Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May follow the path of the Three Wise Men across the Middle East, driving open-top sports cars through southern Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

Local satirical show, using comedy sketches and embarrassing TV clips to skewer local politicians.


05.30 06.20 06.50 07.00

Story of singer and comedienne from Rochdale, Gracie Fields and her relationship with Italian-born Hollywood director Monty Banks and its staggering repercussions. Biopic, starring Jane Horrocks and Tom Hollander. 2009.

Tasos Tryfonos interviews Greek celebrities from the world of showbiz.

22.45 23.00 23.30 23.45 00.45

NRG Zone Kids’ TV FIFA World Cup 2014 Magazine Jamie’s Family Christmas

Two episodes. A chance to relive some of the greatest moments the tournament has produced in it’s 50 years.

Live cookery show.


ANTENNA Erotas (rpt) Proini Enimerosi Me Agapi Deliyianneio Parthenagogeio (rpt) Englimata (rpt) Lyke, Lyke Eisai Edo (rpt) Panselinos (rpt) Galileo (rpt) Niose Me (rpt) News Mera Mesimeri Konstantinou Kai Elenis (rpt) To Kafe Tis Haras (rpt) Oneiropagida (rpt) Aiyia Fuxia (rpt) Local smash-hit comedy series, with village setting. Interrupted by News at 18.00.

19.30 20.15 21.30

Niose Me News Dancing With The Stars

MEGA 06.15

15.00 16.00

Emeis Ki Emeis (rpt) Koinonia Ora Mega Nea Mera Proino Mou Enimerosi Tora Kelmmena Oneira (rpt) Eheis Meson Yia Sena

18.00 18.10

News Master Chef

07.00 08.00 10.00 12.45 14.00

Local talk-show.

Greek reality competition show where amatuer chefs compete against each other in weekly challenges.


Greek comedy series.

20.20 21.15 22.10 23.10

03.20 04.40

News Sports News Ola Bahalo Fetos Synora Agapis (rpt) I Agapi Irthe Apo Makria (rpt) News Deal (rpt)

News Klemmena Oneira Porta Kleidomeni FILM: Radio A high-school football coach takes a learning-disabled man under his wing - but the teacher’s kind actions cause outrage in the community. Drama, with Cuba Gooding Jr and Ed Harris. 2003.

Celebrities and pro dancers train and compete in a ballroom dancing competition.

00.10 00.15 00.30 01.40 02.30

Eftyhismenoi Mazi (rpt)

00.00 00.50 01.30 03.30 04.20

News I Apli Methodos Ton Trion (rpt) Yia Sena (rpt) Enimerosi Tora (rpt) Proino Mou (rpt)

SIGMA 06.10 07.00 08.20 10.20 11.10 12.00 14.20 15.20 18.00 18.05 18.30 19.30 20.20 21.20 22.20

The Del Monte Heirs (rpt) Protoselido Eleni Vasiliki (rpt) 7 Ouranoi kai Synnefa Alites (rpt) Mesimeri Kai Kati Aspra Balonia (rpt) Magazino News Ti Tha Fame Simera Mama The Del Monte Heirs 7 Ouranoi kai Synnefa Alites News Oikogeniakes Istories FILM: Miracle In Manhattan The kindly Mrs Merkle helps a departmentstore manager save the business and find love. Sequel to family drama Mrs Miracle, with Doris Roberts, Eric Johnson and Jewel Staite. 2010.

00.00 00.05

06.45 07.20 07.50 09.00 09.30 10.55 11.50 12.30 13.00 15.30 17.15 17.50 19.40

Dekati Entoli (rpt) Alithinoi Erotes (rpt) Mila Mou (rpt) Otan Megaloso (rpt) Eleni (rpt)


Star News Fotis - Maria Live Best Of Mesimeriani Meleti Best Of Exelixeis Sti Showbiz Mila Best Of Nistikoi Praktores (rpt) Kids’ TV Star News Mesimeriani Meleti Kids’ TV Exelixeis Stin Showbiz Fotis Maria Live Mila Discussions about various issues based on woman’s life.

21.15 22.00


06.40 08.35 09.25 10.00 11.00 11.30 12.30 13.25 15.00 15.50 16.40 17.30 18.15

LTV Sports News Star News Repeats

Kids’ TV S’Agapo (rpt) Akti Oneiron Ston Asterismos Tis Imeras Kouzina Me Apopsi Remington Steele Milagros Kids’ TV Top Models S’Agapo Sabrina, To Koritsi Tis Agapis Akti Oneiron Pacific Blue With News at 18.30.

19.15 19.50 20.05 21.00

News Sports Time Rubi FILM: View From The Top A small-town girl dreams of a high-flying career with a airline, but her plans get in the way of true love. Romantic comedy, starring Gwyneth Paltrow. 2003.


FILM: Control A sociopath on death row is given a chance to live if he agrees to take part in a chemical behavioral modification program. Thriller, starring Ray Liotta. 2004.

FILM: Fists Of Fury A kung-fu fighter avenges his relatives, slain by their gangster boss. Martial arts film, starring Bruce Lee. 1971.

00.30 01.30 02.00


Exelixeis Stin Showbiz FILM: The Dukes Of Hazzard Cousins Bo and Luke Duke, with a little help from their cousin Daisy and Uncle Jesse, egg on the authorities of Hazzard County, Boss Hogg and Sheriff Coltrane. Comedy, starring Seann William Scott. 2005.

News CSI: Crime Scene Investigation An elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts work their cases in Las Vegas.

01.00 01.40 02.30 03.00 03.30



FILM: By The Sword A former fencing champion starts working as a caretaker at an academy and must face up to his past mistakes. Drama, with F Murray Abrahamring. 1991.

The Help (Novacinema2, 11.20)

01:20 Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps 01:50 Tribal Wives 02:45 The Weakest Link 03:30 EastEnders 04:00 Doctors 04:30 Money 05:20 Tribal Wives 06:15 The Weakest Link 07:00 Teletubbies 07:25 Balamory 07:45 Forget Me Not Farm 08:00 Show Me Show Me 08:25 Tikkabilla 08:55 Teletubbies 09:20 Tweenies 09:40 Comedy Countdown - 10 10:10 Comedy Countdown - 9 10:40 The Weakest Link: Touch of Class 11:30 EastEnders 12:00 Doctors 12:30 Jam And Jerusalem: Xmas 2007 13:10 Tribal Wives 14:00 Mastermind 14:30 Keeping Up Appearances 15:00 The Weakest Link 15:45 EastEnders 16:15 Doctors 16:45 Jam And Jerusalem: Xmas 2007 17:25 Tribal Wives 18:15 The Weakest Link 19:00 Big Cat Diary 19:30 Doctors 20:00 Doctor Who: The Next Doctor 21:00 Comedy Countdown - 8 21:30 Comedy Countdown - 7 22:00 BBC Proms 2010: Last Night Of The Proms 23:25 Sport Relief 2012 - Sport Relief Spoofs 23:55 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 24:40 Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow

07:00 How It’s Made ; 07:25 Wheeler Dealers 08:15 American Chopper 09:10 Dirty Jobs 10:05 Deadliest Catch 10:55 Superhu-

man Showdown 11:50 How We Invented The World 15:25 Overhaulin’ 16:20 Mythbusters 17:15 Dirty Jobs 18:10 Deadliest Catch 19:05 Ultimate Survival 20:00 How It’s Made ; 21:00 Bear’s Mission Everest 22:00 Curiosity 00:00 True Csi - True Csi 02:50 Curiosity 04:50 Bear’s Mission Everest 05:45 How Do They Do It? 06:10 Overhaulin’

09:30 Motorsports: Gta Road To Dubai 09:45 Ski Jumping: World Cup Russia 11:15 Winter Sports: Ski Pass 11:30 Alpine Skiing: World Cup Austria 12:30 All Sports: Watts 13:30 All Sports: Eurosport Top 10 14:00 Alpine Skiing: World Cup Austria 15:30 Ski Jumping: World Cup Russia 16:00 Ski Jumping: World Cup Switzerland 18:00 All Sports: Watts 19:00 Football: Euro Legends 21:00 All Sports: Watts 22:00 Strongest Man: Champions League Martinique 23:00 Tractor Pulling: European Championship Denmark 00:00 Equestrian: Horse Racing Time 00:15 Motorsports: Gta Road To Dubai 00:30 Tennis: Mats Point 01:00 Tennis: Us Open New York

05:40 Desperate Housewives 06:25 Castle 07:10 Modern Family 07:35

New Girl 08:00 Body Of Proof 08:50 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 09:40 Desperate Housewives 10:25 Castle 11:10 Modern Family 11:35 New Girl 12:00 Happy Endings 12:25 Don’t Trust The B...In Apartment 12:50 Glee 13:40 Body Of Proof 14:30 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 15:20 Desperate Housewives 16:05 Castle 16:50 Modern Family 17:15 New Girl 17:40 Body Of Proof 18:30 Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas 19:20 Desperate Housewives 20:10 Castle 21:00 Happy Endings 21:25 Don’t Trust The B...In Apartment 21:50 Glee 22:40 Modern Family 23:05 New Girl 23:30 Happy Endings 23:55 Don’t Trust The B...In Apartment 00:20 Glee 01:10 Castle 02:00 Desperate Housewives 02:45 Modern Family 03:10 New Girl 03:35 Rita Rocks 04:00 Body Of Proof 04:50 Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas

07:00 Pawn Stars 07:30 Storage Wars 08:00 American Pickers 09:00 American Restoration 09:30 Storage Wars 10:00 Pawn Stars 10:30 Storage Wars 11:00 Ancient Aliens 12:00 Lancaster At War 13:00 Ax Men 14:00 American Pickers 15:00 American Restoration 15:30 Storage Wars 16:00 Lancaster At War 17:00 Ax Men 18:00 American Pickers 19:00 American Restoration 19:30 Storage Wars 20:00 Pawn

Stars 20:30 Storage Wars 21:00 Ancient Aliens 22:00 High Hitler 23:00 Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us 01:00 Ancient Aliens 02:00 Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us 04:00 American Pickers 05:00 American Restoration 05:30 Storage Wars 06:00 Ancient Aliens

07:30 Reservation Road 09:30 Neverending Story Ii: The Next Chapter 11:15 School For Scoundrels 13:15 Election 15:00 Videofashion 15:40 Einstein And Eddington 17:15 Philadelphia 19:30 Hollywood Buzz 20:00 LTV Sports News 21:00 Akeelah And The Bee 23:00 Life As We Know It 01:00 Hustler TV 02:30 Somewhere 04:15 White Countess 06:30 LTV Sports News

07:00 Chowder 07:25 The Marvel-

ous Misadventures Of Flapjack 07:50 The Tom & Jerry Show 08:15 Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! 08:40 Loonatics Unleashed 09:05 Superman: The Animated Series 09:30 The Looney Tunes Show 10:00 Tak & The Power Of Juju 10:30 Fanboy & Chum Chum 11:00 The X’s 11:30 Ni Hao, Kai-Lan 12:00 Dora The Explorer 12:30 Spongebob Squarepants 13:30 The Mighty B! 14:00 Hey Arnold! 14:30 Icarly 15:30 Justice League Unlimited 16:00 Legion Of Super Heroes 16:30 Young Justice 17:00 2011 World’s Strongest Man 17:30 Planet Speed 18:00 Barclays Premier League World 18:30 NBA Action 19:00 La Liga World 19:30 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 21:30 A’ Division Cyprus Soccer Championship 2012-13 23:30 Barclays Premier League Preview 00:30 ATP World Tour Uncovered 01:00 Barclays Premier League Review 02:00 La Liga Review 2012-13 03:00 Makeover: Hunt Dog Edition 03:30 NBA 2012-13 06:00 Winter X-Games 13

07:15 Two And A Half Men 08:00 Eastbound & Down 08:35 The Closer 09:20 Harry’s Law 10:05 Chuck 10:50 2 Broke Girls 11:15 Bones 12:45 Underbelly 13:35 Two And A Half Men 14:25 The Closer 15:15 Harry’s Law 16:05

The Big Bang Theory 16:30 According To Jim 17:15 The Mentalist 18:00 C.S.I. New York 18:55 Underbelly 19:45 Gossip Girl 20:30 Entourage 21:00 Ncis: Los Angeles 22:30 Southland 23:20 Shameless 00:15 The Fifth Patient 01:45 Nine 03:45 The Big Bang Theory 04:10 According To Jim 04:55 The Mentalist 05:40 C.S.I. New York 06:25 Underbelly

07:30 Action Zone (E) 08:00 Ladyhawke 10:15 Adventures In Babysitting 12:00 Secret Garden, The 14:00 Lethal Weapon 4 16:15 Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed 18:00 Skellig 20:00 Distinguished Gentleman, The 22:00 Everybody Wants To Be Italian 00:05 Daring! Tv 03:15 Crackie 04:45 Social Network, The 06:45 Without A Paddle: Nature’s Calling

05:10 The Siege 07:05 Tt3d: Closer To The Edge 08:50 Salvation Boulevard 10:30 Cine News 11:10 Prom 12:55 Bright Star 15:00 «Love Stories» Monte Carlo 16:55 Larissa Empisteftiko 18:35 Mad On Novacinema 19:15 Chalet Girl 21:00 Ncis X 22:00 Desperately Seeking Santa 23:35 R.T.T. 01:10 Cine News 01:40 Seeking Justice 03:25 Sanctum

05:25 Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost 07:00 Scusa Ma Ti Chiamo Amore 08:50 Cine News 09:40 Mr. Popper’s Penguins 11:20 The Help 13:50 The Back-Up Plan 15:40 The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn 17:40 Spotlight On 18:15 Twins 20:05 Shanghai 22:00 Largo Winch 2: The Burma Conspiracy 00:05 Wings Of The Dove 01:50 Battle: Los Angeles 03:45 Cine News 04:40 Casino Jack

21:00 S.W.A.T. 01:10 Cine News 01:30 Adult Zone 03:20 Reindeer Games

18:50 Emma 21:00 Good Will Hunting 23:10 Never Been Kissed 01:00 The Hours 03:00 The Beaver

07:00 Somebody Up There Likes Me 08:50 White Heat 10:40 Logan’s Run 12:35 Never So Few 14:35 Tom Thumb 16:05 Home From The Hill 18:30 American in Paris, An 20:20 Blackboard Jungle 22:00 Skyjacked 23:40 Cannery Row 01:40 Coma 03:35 Meet Me In St: Louis 05:25 Fury

By Preston Wilder young children, but still a welcome change from the usual slick cartoons and smart-aleck tweens. “At my school there were two camps, the [Harry Potter and the] Chamber of Secrets camp and the Skellig camp,” recalls a British fan at the Internet Movie Database; “I was in the latter”. I don’t know, flying on a broomstick seems so much more sensible. Made in 2009.

Skellig: The Owl Man (LTV3, 18.00) How do you feel about flying? It’s supposed to be everyone’s big dream - soaring through the air, free as a bird, blah blah blah - but it looks a bit risky to me; a person could break a leg or something. Our juvenile hero gets to fly in this British kids’ movie, based on a prize-winning book, but only after he meets Skellig (Tim Roth), a weird and cantankerous “owl man” who lives in the garage of his new house. “Who are you?” asks the wonder-struck kid. “Something like a bird,” replies Skellig. “Something like an angel?” asks Kid - and Skellig nods, later showing angel-like skills in curing Kid’s sister who was born with a heart condition. Made for TV, and a wee bit distressing for very

Good Will Hunting (Novacinema4, 21.00)

Skellig: The Owl Man

Best put-down ever comes from a friend whose parents watched this Oscar-winning drama some years ago: “I don’t know why they call it Good Will Hunting,” mused his dad after it was over, “it’s not that good”.

My friend’s dad was right - but there’s no point telling that to the Academy, not when they found a film which combined (a) a story about disability, (b) a story about psychotherapy, (c) a chance for Robin Williams to do his patented loveable-maverick schtick (he won an Oscar) and (d) the emergence of a hot young team in Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. They wrote the script and Damon also plays Will Hunting, a troubled, autistic maths genius who works as a lowly janitor at MIT rather than use his exceptional gifts; can ‘unconventional’ shrink Williams manage to connect with this mixed-up young man, helping him find closure and a happy ending? Two Oscars and a box-office gross of over $100 million says ‘You bet!’. Made in 1997.

SundayMail Happy Feet Two Dancing penguins, drama and a happy ending

Eat Pray Love Newly single woman seeking her lost spark

Christmas Day, LTV3, 6pm

Thursday, LV3, 7.35pm

D E C E M B E R 2 3 2 9

The Three Musketeers Gloriously insane version of the Alexandre Dumas classic Sunday, NovaCinema1, 10pm

Complete guide to what’s on the small screen this week, including our selections and satellite choices


CYBC 1 08.00 09.30 10.00 11.10 11.40 12.05

14.00 14.45 15.30 16.00 17.30 18.00 18.15 19.00 20.00 21.15


Oliver I Yiorti Tou Spithkiou Mas Simera Ta Kalanta Tou Ellinismou Kaftes Piperies (rpt) Istories Tou Horkou (rpt) FILM: The Five Pennies

07.00 08.00 16.00

Story of 1920s jazz musician Loring ‘Red’ Nichols, whose successful career was rocked by his daughter developing polio. Biopic, starring Danny Kaye, while Louis Armstrong appears as himself. 1959.


Anthropous Kai Ktini Soseis Kirie O Parayios Entehnos FILM: A Dog Named Christmas Giro Giro Oloi News Kaftes Piperies Paizoume Kypriaka News Vimata Stin Ammo

18.50 19.00 19.10 20.10 21.00


News In English News In Turkish Girismata NRG Zone FILM: Last Holiday


07.50 08.40 10.20 11.15 12.10 13.00 13.20 14.00 14.50 15.45 16.40




Erotas (rpt) Proini Enimerosi Me Agapi Deliyianneio Parthenagogeio (rpt) Englimata (rpt) Lyke, Lyke Eisai Edo (rpt) Pansellinos (rpt) Galileo (rpt) Niose Me (rpt) News Anaskopisi Konstantinou Kai Elenis (rpt) To Kafe Tis Haras (rpt) Oneiropagida (rpt) Vals Me 12 Theous (rpt) Ekeino To Kalokairi (rpt)

06.15 07.00 08.00 10.00

With News at 18.00.


Ayia Fuxia Local comedy series.

19.30 20.15 21.15 22.10

Niose Me News Vals Me 12 Theous FILM: The Hangover

Emeis Ki Emeis (rpt) Koinonia Ora Mega Nea Mera Proino Mou Greek morning talkshow.

12.45 14.00 15.00

Enimerosi Tora Klemmena Oneira (rpt) Eheis Meson

00.05 00.10

SIGMA 09.00 11.10 13.00 16.00 16.00 17.15


Yia Sena

18.00 18.20 19.20

News Yia Sena Eftyhismenoi Mazi (rpt) News Klemmena Oneira

Local talk-show.

20.15 21.15

Greek drama series.


Zoi Laheio New local comedy series.

00.00 02.00 04.30

Musical Programme - Haris Alexiou News Yia Sena (rpt) Proino Mou (rpt)

18.00 18.05 19.30 20.20 21.15 22.20

News FILM: A Song For The Season A music teacher prepares for the Christmas season, planning a tuneful extravaganza. Festive romance, with Naomi Judd. 1999.

Music programme.

01.30 03.00 03.20 04.40

News Ti Tha Fame Simera Mama 7 Ouranoi kai Synnefa Alites News Aspra Balonia (rpt) FILM: Jingle All The Way A father decides to dream the impossible dream, to get that year’s hot toy for his son just before Christmas. Comedy, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. 1996.

00.00 00.05

News Anados - Mazonakis

Kids’ TV CS Ai Vasilis (rpt) Eleni (rpt) Ti Tha Fame Simera Mama Mr Bean FILM: Home Alone 2: Lost In New York One year after Kevin is left home alone fending off a pair of burglars, he accidentally finds himself in New York, and the same criminals are not far behind. Comedy sequel, starring Macaulay Culkin. 1992.

Current affairs show.

Comedy starring Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis. 2009. See Pick Of The Day.

FILM: One Magic Christmas A mother who has lost her enthusiasm for the festive season receives a visit from an angel intent on cheering her up. Intelligent sentimental drama, starring Mary Steenburgen. 1985.


05.30 06.20 06.50 07.00


A woman told she has only weeks to live resolves to make the most of the time left - and her passion for life proves infectious. Comedy, with Queen Latifah. 2006.

Greek FILM: To Pio Lambro Asteri News Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker Repeats

FILM: I’ll Be Home For Christmas A college student experiences difficulty in getting home for Christmas after being hazed by his friends. Seasonal comedy, starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas. 1998.

Comedy. 1967.

23.30 23.45

NRG Zone Kids’ TV FILM: Hansel And Gretel Musical adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale about two children lost in a forest who are captured by an evil witch. Starring David Warner and Cloris Leachman. 1987.

Third season of local period drama, based on true events.



Studio Peiraios To Kafeneio (rpt) News Deal (rpt)


Late Programmes

PLUS TV 09.30 10.00 10.50 12.30 13.00 15.30 18.00

Exelixeis Sti Showbiz Nistikoi Praktores Kids’ TV Star News Mesimeriani Meleti Kids’ TV FILM: The National Tree A father and his teenage son embark on a life-changing journey across America to deliver a tree to the White House. Drama, starring Andrew McCarthy. 2009.



Late Programmes

Ston Asterismos Tis Imeras Kouzina Me Apopsi S’ Agapo (rpt) Akti Oneiron (rpt) Milagros Kids’ TV Top Models S’Agapo Sabrina, To Koritsi Tis Agapis FILM: Finding John Christmas A nurse becomes convinced that a mystery man, hailed in the newspapers as a hero, is actually her long-lost brother. Drama, starring Peter Falk. 2003. With News at 18.30.

19.15 19.50 20.05 21.00

News Sports Time Rubi FILM: Do You Wanna Dance? After being tried for auto theft, a dancer is sentenced 500 hours of community service teaching the elderly to dance. Romantic comedy, starring Robert Krantz 1999.


FILM: Swindle An undercover cop faces a dilemma when a bungled heist forces him to choose between saving hostages and arresting the robbers. Thriller, starring Tom Sizemore. 2002.

FILM: 3 Holiday Tails A retired couple try to reunite their neighbour with her lost love. Romantic comedy sequel, with Julie Gonzalo. 2011.


11.00 11.30 12.15 12.50 13.45 14.40 15.40 16.30

FILM: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Harry ignores warnings not to return to Hogwarts, only to find the school plagued by a series of mysterious attacks and a strange voice haunting him. Fantasy adventure, starring Daniel Radcliffe. 2002.



FILM: A Dennis The Menace Christmas A mischievous boy tries to show his neighbour the holiday spirit while hoping Santa Claus grants his wish for a bicycle. Family comedy, with Maxwell Perry Cotton. 2007




FILM: Out Cold Comedy, starring Jason London. 2001.

Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga’Hoole (LTV3, 18.00)

01:15 Carols from King’s 2006 02:30 The Weakest Link 03:15 Single Father 04:05 My Family 04:35 Born And Bred 05:30 The Green Green Grass: Xmas Special 2007 06:15 The Weakest Link 07:00 Buzz & Tell 07:05 Charlie And Lola - Christmas Special 07:30 Show Me Show Me 07:55 Teletubbies 08:20 Charlie And Lola - Christmas Special 08:40 Tweenies 09:00 Robbie The Reindeer: Legend of the Lost Tribe 09:30 The Weakest Link: Pantomime Special 10:20 Last Of The Summer Wine: Xmas 2008 10:50 My Family: Xmas 2004 11:45 Doctors 12:15 The Diamond Queen 13:05 Lead Balloon 13:45 The Weakest Link: Pantomime Special 14:35 Last Of The Summer Wine: Xmas 2008 15:05 My Family: Xmas 2004 16:00 Doctors 16:30 The Diamond Queen 17:20 The Green Green Grass: Xmas Special 2007 18:00 Lead Balloon 18:40 After You’ve Gone: Xmas Special 2008 19:20 EastEnders 19:50 Doctors 20:20 Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking 22:00 The Nativity 23:55 Carols from King’s 2010

07:00 How It’s Made ; 07:25

Wheeler Dealers 08:15 American Chopper 09:10 Dirty Jobs 10:05 Deadliest Catch 10:55 Superhuman Showdown 11:50 Penn & Teller Tell A Lie 15:25 Overhaulin’ 16:20 Mythbusters 17:15 Dirty Jobs 18:10 Deadliest Catch 19:05 Ultimate Survival 20:00 How It’s Made ; 21:00 Deception With Keith Barry 22:00 The Real Hustle 00:00 Masters Of Survival 02:50 The Real Hustle 04:50 Deception With Keith Barry 05:45 How Do They Do It? 06:10 Overhaulin’

09:30 Tennis: Australian Open, Melbourne 10:30 Tennis: Mats Point 11:00 All Sports: Eurosport Top 10 12:30 All Sports: Watts 14:00 Football: Uefa Champions League Classics 16:00 Biathlon: World Cup Austria 18:00 All Sports: Watts 18:45 Football: Eurogoals 19:00 Football: Euro Legends 21:00 All Sports: Eurosport Top 10 23:00 All Sports: Watts 00:00 All Sports: Eurosport Top 10 00:30 All Sports: Watts 02:15 Football: Eurogoals

05:40 Off The Map 06:25 Castle 07:10 Modern Family 07:35

New Girl 08:00 The Gates 08:50 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 09:40 Off The Map 10:25 Castle 11:10 Modern Family 11:35 New Girl 12:00 Jane By Design 12:50 Revenge 13:40 Body Of Proof 14:30 Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas 15:20 Desperate Housewives 16:05 Castle 16:50 Modern Family 17:15 Raising Hope 17:40 Modern Family 18:05 Last Man Standing 18:30 New Girl 18:55 Happy Endings 19:20 Raising Hope 19:45 Modern Family 20:10 Glee 21:00 Jane By Design 21:50 Revenge 22:40 Modern Family 23:05 New Girl 23:30 Raising Hope 23:55 Modern Family 00:20 Last Man Standing 00:45 New Girl 01:10 Happy Endings 01:35 Raising Hope 02:00 Modern Family 02:25 Glee 03:15 New Girl 03:40 04:05 Body Of Proof 04:50 Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas

07:00 Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us 19:00 American Restoration 19:30 Storage Wars 20:00 Pawn Stars 20:30 Storage Wars 21:00 Ancient Aliens 22:00 Pawn Stars 22:30 Pawn Stars 23:00 American Restoration 00:00 Pawn Stars 00:30 Storage Wars 01:00 Ancient

Aliens 02:00 Pawn Stars 02:30 Pawn Stars 03:00 American Restoration 04:00 American Pickers 05:00 American Restoration 05:30 Storage Wars 06:00 Ancient Aliens

07:30 Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood 09:30 Free Willy 11:30 Fair Game 13:30 Bodyguard 16:00 All Roads Lead Home 17:55 Family Man 20:00 LTV Sports News 21:00 Christmas With The Kranks 23:00 Everybody’s Fine 00:45 Any Given Sunday 03:25 Special 04:50 500 Days Of Summer 06:30 LTV Sports News

07:00 Chowder 07:25 The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack 07:50 The Tom & Jerry Show 08:15 Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! 08:40

Loonatics Unleashed 09:05 Superman: The Animated Series 09:30 The Looney Tunes Show 10:00 Tak & The Power Of Juju 10:30 Fanboy & Chum Chum 11:00 The X’s 11:30 Ni Hao, Kai-Lan 12:00 Dora The Explorer 12:30 Spongebob Squarepants 13:30 The Mighty B! 14:00 Hey Arnold! 14:30 Icarly 15:30 Justice League Unlimited 16:00 Legion Of Super Heroes 16:30 Young Justice 17:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 19:00 NBA 2012-13 21:00 Barclays Premier League Review 22:00 2011 World’s Strongest Man 22:30 Liga Bbva 2012-13 00:30 Makeover: Hunt Dog Edition 01:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 03:00 Barclays Premier League Review 04:00 Planet Speed 04:30 ATP World Tour Uncovered 05:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13

07:15 Entourage 07:50 Ncis: Los Angeles 09:30 The Big Bang Theory 10:00 According To Jim 10:45 The Mentalist 11:30 C.S.I. New York 12:15 Gossip Girl 13:00 Underbelly 13:50 Ncis: Los Angeles 15:20 Friends 16:10 2 Broke Girls 16:35 According To Jim 17:20 Pan Am 18:55 Underbelly 19:45

Chuck 20:30 2 Broke Girls 21:00 Bones 22:30 Southland 23:20 Shameless 03:05 Hung 03:35 2 Broke Girls 04:00 According To Jim 04:50 Pan Am 06:25 Underbelly

07:30 Eye Of The Dolphin 09:30 Miracle 12:00 City Of Angels 14:00 Invisible Sign, An 16:00 Going The Distance 18:00 Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’hoole 20:00 Life As We Know It 22:00 U.S. Marshals 00:15 All The King’s Men 02:30 Hall Pass 04:30 Sin Nombre 06:10 Dragonslayer

06:10 The Double 07:55 Cine News 08:40 Habemus Papam 10:25 Mad On Novacinema 11:00 Last Night 12:35 Tower Heist 14:25 Films And Stars 15:00 «Love Stories» Emma 17:05 Cine News 17:20 Rio 19:05 Friends With Benefits 21:00 Castles Made Of Sun 22:10 To Tango Ton Christougennon 00:00 $5 A Day 01:45 Seeking Justice 03:30 The Bone Collector

06:10 Cine News 07:10 Fierce

By Preston Wilder

Christmas With the Kranks (LTV, 21.00) This year, proclaims the trailer with sadistic glee, “one man will discover that no matter how hard you try, or how far you go, you can’t skip Christmas!”. It actually sounds more like ‘escape’ Christmas, which would make even more sense - but skipping Christmas is what Mr. and Mrs. Krank (Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis) plan to do, much to the dismay of their smalltown neighbours. They’ve always been famous for their Yuletide decorations, but this year their daughter’s off on some Peace Corps assignment, emptynest syndrome is hitting them hard - so Mr. and Mrs. K. decide to spend all that Christmas cash on a Carib-

bean cruise instead. “Isn’t that against the law?” asks a shocked child, while angry neighbour Dan Aykroyd makes it clear the community won’t tolerate such blatant non-conformity. The stage is set for a sharp subversion of Christmas tyranny - but instead we get harmless slapstick as the daughter decides to come home after all, and the Kranks rush around trying to get everything ready at the last minute. Based (incredibly) on a novel by John Grisham. Made in 2004.

The Hangover (Antenna, 22.10) There’s a time and place to watch The Hangover and a time and place to watch other films - and Christmas Eve, when the onslaught of saccharine goodwill-to-

all-men threatens to become intolerable, is clearly a time and place to watch The Hangover. A bachelor party in Las Vegas goes wrong, insofar as the revellers wake up next day with no memory of what happened; all they have are clues, none of them very reassuring. One of them (Ed Helms) is missing a tooth, another (Bradley Cooper) seems to have been in hospital; there’s a baby in a closet, a Chinese man in their car and a tiger (!) in their hotel suite. Worst of all, they seem to have lost the groom - and he’s getting married in a few hours! What follows is a men-behavingbadly comedy that’s undoubtedly juvenile but often funny; on a night when comedy means Christmas With the Kranks ... well, there’s no contest. Made in 2009.

The Hangover

Creatures 08:45 Micki & Maude 12:40 Cine News 13:30 Gattaca 17:25 Cine News 17:55 The Illusioninist 22:00 The Lincoln Lawyer 00:05 Analyze That 01:45 Wings Of The Dove 03:30 Cine News 04:30 The Haunting

19:20 The Resident 21:00 Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes 23:00 Ncis 23:50 Point Blank 01:25 Cine News 02:00 Adult Zone 03:30 Rounders

21:00 Duplex 22:35 Rumor Has It... 00:20 The English Patient 03:05 Never Been Kissed 04:55 Miral

07:00 These Wilder Years 08:30 Hill, The 10:35 Julie 12:10 Singin’ In The Rain 13:50 North By Northwest 16:05 Wonderful World Of The Brothers Grimm, The 18:15 Champ, The 20:20 Time Machine, The 22:00 Gone With the Wind 01:35 Get Carter 03:30 Hearts Of The West 05:10 Welcome To Hard Times

T V SATURDAY 29/12 SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012

CYBC 1 08.00

FILM: The Bells Of St. Mary’s A priest and a nun who rarely see eye to eye, learn to work together to rescue a struggling inner-city school. Musical drama, starring Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman. 1945.


Paizoume Kypriaka (rpt)

CYBC 2 07.00 08.00

14.00 14.30

Edoxe Ti Vouli Kai To Dimo News Me Kali Parea Vivian Kanari hosts new show featuring a mix of news, information and live music.


Vimmata Stin Ammo (rpt) Two episodes of local period drama, based on true events.

18.00 18.15 18.45

News Taxidevontas Me To Trito (rpt) Ego Ki Esi


18.30 18.50 19.00 19.10 21.00



00.15 02.10

07.50 08.20 09.10 10.20 11.10 12.00 12.45 14.20 16.00

Proini Enimerosi Tango Yia Treis (rpt) Cheek To Cheek (rpt) Oi Men kai Oi Den (rpt) Vodka Portokali (rpt) Deixe Mou To Filo Sou (rpt) 40 Kimata (rpt) Ta Koritsia Tou Baba (rpt) Galileo (rpt) Yia Tin Agapi Sou (rpt) 20 Chronia Foivos (rpt) FILM: 10 Things I Hate About You A teenager is prevented from dating until her man-hating sister gets a boyfriend - but a quirky loner might be just the man for the job. Comedy, with Heath Ledger. 1999.


Niose Me (rpt) With News at 18.00.

FILM: Here Come The Girls Ageing chorus boy Bob Hope is overjoyed at being promoted to leading man, unaware he’s being used as bait to catch a crazed murderer. Period musical comedy, with Rosemary Clooney. 1953.


06.20 06.50 07.20

News In English New In Turkish NRG Zone Weekend FILM: The School Of Rock Comedy, starring Jack Black and Joan Cusack. 2003. See Pick Of The Day.

Local Sketch News Savvato Ki Apovrado

News Tete A Tete (rpt) Edoxe Ti Vouli Kai To Dimo (rpt) More Repeats

Candid Camera Unsuspecting people react to bizarre events.

Variety show, with wellknown guests pretending to have a good time for the benefit of You At Home.

23.30 23.45 00.15

FILM: One Magic Christmas A mother who has lost her enthusiasm for the festive season receives a visit from an angel intent on cheering her up. Drama, starring Mary Steenburgen. 1985.

Local comedy series.

19.30 20.00 21.15

NRG Zone Kids’ TV Fireman Sam, The Legend of Frosty the Showman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, etc. Shown till 12.30, then repeated till mid-afternoon.

Local game show, asking questions having to do with Cypriot dialect.



News In English & News In Turkish Me Kali Parea (rpt) Euronews

19.30 20.20 21.30 22.20

Vals Me 12 Theous News Me To Dexi (rpt) FILM: Whiteout US Marshals must investigate an Antarctic murder before the harsh winter sets in. Action-thriller, starring Kate Beckinsale. 2009.

00.15 00.20 00.30 01.40 02.40

MEGA 06.00 07.40 09.40 10.30 11.20 12.10 13.10

I Dipsa Yia Sena (rpt) Kid’s TV Mia Stigmi Dio Zoes Boukia Kai Syhorio (rpt) Klemmena Oneira (rpt) Chuck A computer geek finds himself in charge of the government’s most sensitive data.

14.00 15.50 17.00 18.00 18.20 20.15 21.20 22.20 00.00 00.20 01.00 01.40

Mousiko Kouti Live (rpt) Anonymous (rpt) Master Chef (rpt) News Epta Thanasimes Petheres (rpt) News Anonymous FILM: TBA News Kleise Ta Matia (rpt) Mila Mou Vromika (rpt) FILM: Anaconda: Trail Of Blood A genetically created Anaconda, cut in half, regenerates itself into two aggressive giant snakes, due to the Blood Orchid. Horror sequel, starring Crystal Allen. 2009.



SIGMA 06.30 07.30 10.00 14.00 15.40

Zoi Podilato (rpt) Kids’ TV Mes Stin Kala Hara Aspra Balonia (rpt) 7 Ouranoi kai Synnefa Alites (rpt)

17.10 18.00 18.10

Mr Bean News The Cooking Factory

PLUS TV 07.50 12.05 13.00 13.40

Second season. ‘The Goodbye Gossip Girl’. The blogger decides to liven things up at the Constance Billard and St. Jude’s graduation by sending out a damaging e-mail in the middle of the ceremony. Last in series.

With News at 18.00.

Greek cookery show.


Pame Paketo (rpt) Popular talk-show that deals with human interest stories.

20.15 21.20

23.10 23.50 23.55


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (rpt) News The 4400 (rpt)

15.15 16.30 17.30 19.00

00.40 04.00

Mes Stin Kali Hara (rpt) Magazino (rpt) 21.00 22.30

News Sports News Vradi Me Ton Petro Kotsopoulo Blackout Repeats

Fotis - Maria Live Best Of Mesimeriani Meleti Best Of Mila (rpt) FILM: Hairspray Pleasantly plump teenager Tracy Turnblad teaches 1962 Baltimore a thing or two about integration after landing a spot on a local TV dance show. Musical remake, starring Nikki Blonsky. 2007.

FBI agents investigate the sudden reappearance of 4,400 people who mysteriously vanished 50 years ago.

23.15 23.45 00.40

07.00 11.30 13.45 15.25 15.40 16.10 16.15

O Ippotis Lakouvas Exelixeis Stin Showbiz Kostakis Ki Yioi LTV Sports News Repeats

Kids’ TV Telemarketing Greek FILM: Agapisa Enan Aliti Mila Mou Prasina Kouzina Me Apopsi (rpt) News FILM: The Hottie & The Nottie A man tracks down his childhood sweetheart, only to find she has sworn to remain single until her unattractive best friend has found love. Comedy, starring Paris Hilton. 2008. With News at 17.30.

One Tree Hill (rpt) Second season. ‘The Leavers’ Dance’. Lucas finally gets the evidence he has been searching for. A journalist arrives to talk to Peyton, who is having problems with a webcam voyeur. Last in series.

News FILM: The Christmas Shoes A little boy determined to do whatever he can to care for his dying mother inspires an amazing transformation in the life of a coldhearted lawyer. Festive family drama, starring Rob Lowe. 2002.

Kids’ TV LTV Sports News (rpt) Star News Gossip Girl (rpt)


18.00 18.55 19.05 19.55 20.05 21.00

Remington Steele News Acapulco HEAT News Rubi FILM: The Santa Trap A youngster is horrified by her family’s move to the desert, believing it will ruin Christmas - but her scheme to put things right only causes more chaos. Family comedy, starring Shelley Long. 2002.


FILM: Broken Arrow A pilot holds the US government to ransom by stealing a nuclear warhead and threatens to detonate it. Action thriller, starring John Travolta. 1996.


FILM: In Hell Action adventure, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. 2003.

Real Steel (Novacinema4, 21.00)

01:25 The Weakest Link 02:10 Comedy Countdown - 8 02:40 Comedy Countdown - 7 03:10 Doctors 03:35 Money 04:30 The Royle Family: Joe’s Crackers 05:30 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 06:15 The Weakest Link 07:00 Charlie And Lola 07:10 Nina and the Neurons 07:25 Teletubbies 07:50 Balamory 08:10 Buzz & Tell 08:15 Charlie And Lola 08:25 Nina and the Neurons 08:40 Teletubbies 09:05 Balamory 09:25 Buzz & Tell 09:30 Charlie And Lola 09:40 Comedy Countdown - 7 10:10 Comedy Countdown - 8 10:40 Casualty 11:30 EastEnders 13:30 The Diamond Queen 14:20 As Time Goes By 14:50 Swingin’ Christmas 16:20 The Nativity 18:15 The Diamond Queen 19:05 The Weakest Link: Puppet Special 20:05 Doctor Who 21:00 Comedy Countdown - 6 21:30 Comedy Countdown - 5 22:00 Little Britain Christmas Special 2006 22:30 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 23:20 Gavin & Stacey: Christmas Special 2008 24:20 Lee Evans: Big Live at the O2

07:00 How It’s Made ; 07:25 Rides 08:15 Ultimate Survival 10:55 River Monsters 14:30 Extreme Engineering 15:25 Man Made Marvels Asia 16:20 Mega Builders 17:15

How It’s Made ; 17:45 How It’s Made ; 18:10 James May’s Man Lab 19:05 Mythbusters 20:00 How It’s Made ; 21:00 Auction Hunters 22:00 Auction Kings 23:00 Mud Lovin’ Rednecks 00:00 Michael Jackson And The Doctor 01:00 Wikileaks - Wikileaks 01:55 Auction Kings 02:50 Mud Lovin’ Rednecks 03:50 Michael Jackson And The Doctor 04:50 How It’s Made ; 05:15 Auction Hunters 06:05 Mega Builders

09:30 Alpine Skiing: World Cup Austria 10:00 Ski Jumping: World Cup Russia 10:30 Ski Jumping: World Cup Switzerland 12:15 Alpine Skiing: World Cup Austria 12:45 Alpine Skiing: World Cup Italy 14:00 Cross Country Skiing: World Cup Tour De Ski Germany 14:30 Ski Jumping: World Cup Switzerland 15:30 Cross Country Skiing: World Cup Tour De Ski Germany 16:00 Alpine Skiing: World Cup Austria 17:00 Ski Jumping: World Cup Four Hills Tournament Germany 18:00 Cross Country Skiing: World Cup Tour De Ski Germany 18:30 Winter Sports: Ski Pass 18:45 Alpine Skiing: World Cup Austria 19:45 Biathlon 21:00 Ski Jumping: World Cup Four Hills Tournament Germany 22:00 Fight Sport: Total Ko 02:00 Ski Jump-

ing: World Cup Four Hills Tournament Germany

05:40 Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist 06:30 Desperate Housewives 10:20 Modern Family 11:10 New Girl 12:00 Happy Endings 12:25 Don’t Trust The B...In Apartment 12:50 Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas 14:30 Body Of Proof 18:30 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 20:10 Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas 21:00 Jane By Design 21:50 Revenge 22:40 Raising Hope 23:05 Melissa & Joey 23:30 Glee 00:20 Castle 04:25 Modern Family

07:00 Ancient Aliens 10:00 UFO Hunters 12:00 Ancient Aliens 15:00 UFO Hunters 17:00 Ancient Aliens 19:00 Storage Wars 20:00 Pawn Stars 21:00 American Pickers 22:00 Storage Wars 23:00 Pawn Stars 00:00 American Pickers 01:00 Storage Wars 02:00 Pawn Stars 03:00 American Pickers 04:00 Ancient Aliens 05:00 UFO Hunters

07:30 Private Benjamin 09:30 Skellig 11:20 Hollywood Buzz 12:00

Special Relationship 14:00 Kisses 15:30 Red (2010) 17:30 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 20:00 LTV Sports News 21:00 My Best Friend’s Wedding 23:00 Too Big To Fail 00:40 Hustler TV 02:30 Sunset Limited 04:15 Love In The Time Of Cholera 06:30 LTV Sports News

07:00 The Looney Tunes Show 07:25 Loonatics Unleashed 07:50 Wonder Pets 08:20 Dora The Explorer 08:50 Ni Hao, Kai-Lan 09:20 Spongebob Squarepants 09:45 Tak & The Power Of Juju 10:10 Fanboy & Chum Chum 10:35 The X’s 11:00 The Mighty B! 11:30 My Life As A Teenage Robot

12:00 Hey Arnold! 12:30 Icarly 13:30 Max Adventures 14:05 Barclays Premier League Preview 14:45 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 19:00 NBA 2012-13 21:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 01:00 Planet Speed 01:30 ESPN Films 03:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13

07:15 Gossip Girl 08:00 Entourage 08:35 The Big Bang Theory 09:00 According To Jim 09:55 Two And A Half Men 10:45 Bones 11:30 The Mentalist 12:25 Necessary Roughness 13:30 The Closer 14:15 Ncis: Los Angeles 15:00 Friends 01:00 Last Of Sheila, The 03:00 Underbelly

08:20 Risky Business 10:00 You’re A Big Boy Now 11:45 Twilight Saga: New Moon 14:00 Step Up 3 15:50 Ocean’s Eleven (1960) 18:00 Hotel For Dogs 20:00 Akeelah And The Bee 22:00 Life As We Know It 00:05 Daring! Tv 03:50 Somewhere 05:40 Change Of Plans

07:25 Inspector Gadget 08:50 Cine News 09:20 True Grit 1969 11:30 Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes 13:20 Gran Torino 15:20 Phone Booth 16:45 A Perfect World 19:10 Analyze This 21:00 The Company Men 23:00 The Pelican Brief 01:30 Adult Zone 03:20 The Resident

05:15 Take Me Home Tonight 06:55 Le Divorce 10:35 Cine News 13:10 Abduction 15:00 Ncis X 16:40 Cine News 17:05 Last Night 18:45 Men Of Honor 22:00 Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked 23:40 The Three Musketeers 01:30 Cine News 02:00 Sniper Reloaded 03:30 The Mechanic

06:20 Another Earth 07:55 Cine News 08:25 From Prada To Nada 10:15 Treasure Buddies 11:55 Who Is Clark Rockefeller? 15:40 Made In Dagenham 19:15 Don Juan De Marco 21:00 Real Steel 23:15 Sleepless In Seattle 01:10 Rumor Has It... 02:50 Love And Other Drugs 04:45 9 To 5

08:30 Cine News 09:15 Ap’ Ta Kokala Vgalmena 10:45 Home Alone 12:30 Cine News 13:30 Shall We Dance? 15:20 Mad On Novacinema 18:00 The Lincoln Lawyer 20:05 Gattaca 22:00 Alfie 23:55 Cold Mountain 02:35 The Haunting 04:25 Fierce Creatures 05:10 Cine News 05:40 Page Eight

07:00 Blackboard Jungle 08:40 Home From The Hill 11:05 Viva Las Vegas 12:30 Boys’ Night Out 14:20 Skyjacked 16:00 Meet Me In St: Louis 17:50 Show Boat 19:35 Ice Station Zebra 22:00 Sunshine Boys, The 23:50 Fame 02:00 Fixer, The 04:10 Pick A Star 05:25 Night at the Opera, A

By Preston Wilder

Don Juan DeMarco (Novacinema4, 19.15) “If you can’t get laid after watching this movie, you just can’t get laid!” famously proclaimed the host of an American TV show - which is crude, but true: Johnny Depp’s elegant softness and purring Lothario accent are well-nigh irresistible (this was before he became Capt. Jack Sparrow), guaranteed to put any self-respecting female viewer in a dreamy receptive mood. Depp is a young man who claims to be Don Juan, the world’s greatest lover; Marlon Brando is a psychiatrist who has 10 days to decide if the kid should be committed. Brando knows the young man is insane (he has to be), yet he’s so ... convincing, and the effect he

has on those around him, including Brando himself, is so invigorating. Faye Dunaway is Marlon’s wife, pleasantly surprised by his sudden randiness - and the film is slight but it oozes charm, not to mention Bryan Adams on the soundtrack. I said not to mention Bryan Adams on the soundtrack! Made in 1994.

The School of Rock (CyBC2, 21.00) Bryan Adams? Don’t make me laugh. The wimpy crooner doesn’t even feature on the rock’n roll family tree drawn by Jack Black in this joyous comedy - and he’s drawing it to educate a class of prepubescents at a very exclusive prep school where he’s somehow wangled a job as a substitute teacher. Jack is a loser

The School of Rock

and wannabe rock star - but he loves rock music, and decides to turn the classically-minded kids (who don’t know Tom Waits from Tom Jones) into a contest-winning rock band. The message may be dubious (“No more reading. Time for rock!”) but this is a film to get the whole world playing air-guitar - a feelgood comedy with a glorious generosity of spirit and no real villains, even Joan Cusack allowed her dignity as the uptight headmistress. Above all there’s Mr. Black, whose exuberant immaturity (“Sell my guitars? I’m an artist! Would you tell Picasso to sell his guitars?”) has never been funnier; he’s not quite an ‘inspirational teacher’, more like a ramshackle creature whose only aim is to have fun. Just like rock’n roll, really. Made in 2003.

T V SUNDAY 23/12 SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012

CYBC 1 07.30 10.30 12.30 13.00 13.30 14.00 14.30 16.30



Church Service Savvato Ki Apovrado (rpt) I Ypaithros (rpt) Kypros Ena Taxidi Eimaste Edo News Me Kali Parea Life In Style

07.00 08.00

Presenter Christina Demetriou, leads us into the world of styling and good life, with a wide variety of topics.


Popular local satirical show, using comedy sketches and embarrassing TV clips to skewer local politicians.

18.45 19.20 20.00 21.30

Ego Ki Esi Local Sketch TBA News FILM: Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End Captain Barbossa, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann must sail off the edge of the map, navigate treachery and betrayal, and make their final alliances for one last decisive battle. Fantasy Adventure, starring Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush. 2007.

23.40 00.00

FILM: Cinderfella Cinderfella’s fairy godfather helps him escape from his wicked stepmother and stepbrothers. comedy film version of the classic Cinderella story, starring Jerry Lewis and Ed Wynn. 1960.

Aminesthai Peri Patris News Patates Antinahtes (rpt)

NRG Zone Kid’s TV Thomas and the Tank Engine, The First Snow of Winter, Jungle Junction, Little Einsteins, Tabaluga and Leo: A Christmas Adventure, etc. Shown till 12.30, then repeated till mid-afternoon.

Local military and defence show.

18.00 18.15


18.30 19.30 19.40 21.00

I Kypro Konta Sas News In English News In Turkish Tete A Tete (rpt)

10.20 12.00

Lifting (rpt) Proini Enimerosi Tango Yia Treis (rpt) Cheek To Cheek (rpt) Oi Men kai oi Den Vodka Portokali (rpt) Deixe Mou To Filo Sou (rpt) Santa Yiolanta (rpt) (rpt) Greek comedy series, about a beautician that blogs.

12.45 14.20 15.10

20.15 21.00



Vals Me 12 Theous (rpt) News Dancing With The Stars Celebrities and pro dancers train and compete in a ballroom dancing competition.

00.45 00.50 01.00

News Sports News Replay Greek sports show.

02.40 04.00 04.40

Doureios Ippos (rpt) News Fab 5 (rpt) A team of gay men dispense advice on fashion and culture to straight counterparts who have trouble impressing the ladies.

News Repeats

07.00 09.40 10.30 11.20 12.10 13.10

Church Service Kids’ TV Mia Stigmi Dio Zoes Boukia Kai Sihorio (rpt) Klemmena Oneira (rpt) Chuck A computer geek finds himself in charge of the government’s most sensitive data.


FILM: A Perfect Day A best-selling writer is happy to distance himself from his family and friends, until a mysterious stranger makes an ominous prediction. Drama, with Rob Lowe and Christopher Lloyd. 2006.

Yia Tin Agapi Sou (rpt) Tha Vreis To Daskalo Sou (rpt) Ekeino To Kalokairi (rpt) Niose Me (rpt) With News at 18.00.


A woman grieving the death of her deaf son leaves her husband to teach at a school for children with impaired sight and hearing. Period drama, starring Jenny Agutter and Barry Newman. 1981.


07.50 08.20 09.10


Tasos Tryfonos interviews Greek celebraties from the world of showbiz.


05.20 06.10 06.40 07.10


15.40 17.20 18.00 18.20 20.15 21.00 22.10 00.20 01.00 01.40 02.20 03.20 04.00 04.30 05.00 05.40

Anonymous (rpt) Master Chef (rpt) News Epta Thanasimes Petheres (rpt) News Anonymous Mousiko Kouti - Live Kleise Ta Matia (rpt) Mila Mou Vromika (rpt) Big Bang Eheis Meson (rpt) Mia Stigmi, Dio Zoes (rpt) Patir, Yios Kai Pnevma (rpt) Richter Music (rpt) O Ios Tou Petera I Dipsa (rpt)

SIGMA 07.30 08.50 10.00 14.00

Oi Takkoi (rpt) Zoi Podilato (rpt) Mes Tin Kali Hara (rpt) Barbie in Christmas Carol (rpt)

PLUS TV 07.50 12.05 13.00 13.40

US drama about a group of privileged New York teenagers who rely on an exclusive blogger called Gossip Girl to keep them up-to-date on what’s going on.

Animation, most likely dubbed in Greek.

15.00 16.20

Aspra Balonia (rprt) 7 Ouranoi Kai Sinnefa Alites (rpt)


Efialtis Stin Kouzina

Local drama series.


With News at 18.00.


Pame Paketo (rpt) Greek popular talkshow that deals with human interest stories such as reuniting people.

20.20 21.30

News FILM: The Town That Christmas Forgot A family gets stranded in a remote town at Christmas, and ends up helping the locals with their festive pageant. Family drama, starring Lauren Holly and Rick Roberts. 2010.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (rpt) An elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts work their cases in Las Vegas.

00.10 00.20 01.00 03.20

Kids’ TV LTV Sports News (rpt) Star News Gossip Girl (rpt)

15.20 16.15 17.30 18.40

Fotis - Maria Live Best Of Mesimeriani Meleti Best Of La Bomba Sportshow (rpt) Mila (rpt) FILM: Superman A fledgling superhero escapes the destruction of his planet and crash-lands on Earth, where he crusades for justice. Comicstrip adventure, with Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder. 1978.


CAPITAL 07.00 11.15 13.30 14.45 15.00 15.30 16.05

A fashion-conscious teen, who would rather spend Christmas with her boyfriend than her parents, gives Santa a makeover. Comedy, starring George Hamilton. 2004. With News at 17.30.


A flower girl must choose between a bricklayer and a pizza baker, friends who quarrel over her. Comedy, starring Marcello Mastroianni. 1970.

News The 4400 (rpt) Mes Tin Kali Hara (rpt) Magazino (rpt) 01.30 02.30

News Repeats

Acapulco HEAT News Rubi FILM: Judicial Consent The story of what happens after a master thief achieves his last big score, when the FBI agent who promised he’d capture him is about to do just that. Comedy drama, starring Pierce Brosnan. 2004.

FILM: 300

LTV Sports News FILM: Jealousy Italian Style

Remington Steele With News at 18.30.

19.05 19.55 20.05 21.00

Action adventure, starring Gerard Butler. 2007. See Pick Of The Day.

23.30 23.50

Kids’ TV Telemarketing Greek FILM: I Proti Agapi Kipotehnia Kouzina Me Apopsi Star Storys FILM: A Very Cool Christmas


FILM: Criminal Law A smooth-talking lawyer successfully defends his client on a murder charge but then uncovers evidence of his guilt. Thriller, starring Gary Oldman. 1988.


FILM: Beyond Borders Romantic drama, with Clive Owen. 2003.

Life As We Know It (LTV, 21.00)

01:05 Tribal Wives 02:00 Dad’s Army 02:30 My Family 03:00 The Weakest Link: Pantomime Special 03:50 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 04:35 Tribal Wives 05:30 Dad’s Army 06:00 The Impressions Show With Culshaw & Stephenson 06:30 My Family 07:00 Charlie And Lola 07:10 Nina and the Neurons 07:25 Show Me Show Me 07:50 Teletubbies 08:15 Nina and the Neurons 08:30 Show Me Show Me 08:55 Balamory 09:15 The Weakest Link 10:00 Strictly Come Dancing 12:00 Tribal Wives 12:55 Hustle 13:45 My Family 14:15 Rock & Chips: Special: Xmas 2010 15:15 The Weakest Link 16:00 Doctors 18:30 The Green Green Grass: Xmas Special 2007 19:10 Born And Bred 20:00 The Royle Family: Joe’s Crackers 21:00 Rock & Chips: Special: Xmas 2010 22:00 Single Father 22:50 Silent Witness 23:40 Waking The Dead 24:30 Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow

07:00 How It’s Made ; 07:25 How Do They Do It? 08:15 Motor City Motors 09:10 Myth-

busters 10:05 Destroyed In Seconds 10:55 Extreme Engineering 11:50 American Loggers 12:40 Dirty Jobs 13:35 Auction Kings 14:30 Auction Hunters 15:25 Dealers 16:20 Flying Wild Alaska 17:15 James May’s Man Lab 18:10 Ultimate Survival 19:05 Dual Survival 20:00 How It’s Made ; 21:00 Around The World In 80 Ways 22:00 Curiosity 23:00 Ultimate Cops 00:00 River Monsters 01:00 I Shouldn’t Be Alive 01:55 Around The World In 80 Ways 02:50 Curiosity 03:50 Ultimate Cops 04:50 How It’s Made; 05:15 Ultimate Survival 06:05 Dual Survival

09:30 Snooker: Uk Championship Canada 10:45 Tennis: Us Open New York 13:00 Snooker: Uk Championship Canada 14:00 Football: Uefa Champions

League Classics 16:00 Olympic Games: Summer Olympic Games London 17:00 Olympic Games: Together To London 18:30 All Sports: Watts 19:00 Equestrian Sports: Olympia International Horse Show London 22:45 Snooker: International Masters Shanghai 00:00 Equestrian: Horse Racing Time 00:15 Snooker: International Championship China 01:15 Snooker: Uk Championship Canada

05:40 Off The Map 06:30 New Girl 07:45 Modern Family 08:10 Scandal 08:55 Castle 09:40 Grey’s Anatomy 10:25 Private Practice 11:10 Jane By Design 12:00 Revenge 12:50 Raising Hope 13:15 Melissa & Joey 13:40 Glee 14:30 Castle 18:30 Masterchef 20:10 Happy Endings 20:35 Don’t Trust The B...In Apartment 21:00 Scandal 21:50 Castle 22:40 Grey’s Anatomy 23:30 Private Practice 00:15 Modern Family 01:55 Masterchef 03:35 New Girl

07:00 American Pickers 08:00 American Restoration 08:30 Storage Wars 09:00 American

Pickers 10:00 American Restoration 10:30 Storage Wars 11:00 American Pickers 12:00 American Restoration 12:30 Storage Wars 13:00 American Pickers 14:00 American Restoration 14:30 Storage Wars 15:00 American Pickers 16:00 American Restoration 16:30 Storage Wars 17:00 Storage Wars 17:30 Storage Wars 18:00 Pawn Stars 18:30 Cajun Pawn Stars 19:00 Ancient Aliens 21:00 Soviet Storm: WWII In The East 22:00 Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us 00:00 Soviet Storm: WWII In The East 01:00 Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us 03:00 Soviet Storm: WWII In The East 04:00 Ancient Aliens 06:00 Soviet Storm: WWII In The East

07:50 Wonder Pets 08:20 Dora The Explorer 08:50 Ni Hao, Kai-Lan 09:20 Spongebob Squarepants 09:45 Tak & The Power Of Juju 10:10 Fanboy & Chum Chum 10:35 The X’s 11:00 The Mighty B! 11:30 My Life As A Teenage Robot 12:00 Hey Arnold! 12:30 Icarly 13:30 Max Adventures 14:00 Best Premier League Games 14:30 Liga Bbva 2012-13 16:30 Planet Speed 17:00 Pre-Game 18:00 A’ Division Cyprus Soccer Championship 2012-13 20:00 Barclays Premier League 201213 21:45 NBA Action 22:30 Liga Bbva 2012-13 02:30 ATP World Tour Uncovered 03:00 Copa Del Rey 2012-13 05:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13

07:30 Bullitt 09:30 A Little Princess 11:30 Men In Black (1997) 13:15 All The King’s Men 15:30 Hollywood Buzz 16:00 An Invisible Sign 18:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 20:00 LTV Sports News 21:00 Life As We Know It 23:05 Lottery Ticket 00:45 Hustler TV 03:20 Burn Up 06:30 LTV Sports News

07:15 According To Jim 07:40 2 Broke Girls 08:35 Eastbound & Down 09:05 According To Jim 10:00 Chuck 10:45 Supernatural 11:30 C.S.I. New York 12:30 Pan Am 13:15 Harry’s Law 14:15 Ncis: Los Angeles 15:00 According To Jim 02:40 Hung 03:10 True Blood

07:00 The Looney Tunes Show 07:25 Loonatics Unleashed

07:00 Before Sunset 08:30 New York Stories 10:35 Mumford 12:30 Finn On The Fly 14:15

Oscar 16:05 Takers 18:00 Free Willy 20:00 St. Trinian’s Ii: The Legend Of Fritton’s Gold 22:00 One Million Years Bc 00:05 Daring! Tv 04:00 Life Less Ordinary, A 05:45 Nick Of Time

World 12:20 S.W.A.T. 14:20 Paul 16:10 Cine News 16:55 Thor 21:00 Page Eight 22:50 Phone Booth 00:20 Cine News 01:30 Adult Zone 03:30 Quarantine 2: Terminal

05:10 Lower Learning 06:45 The Debt 08:40 Cars 2 10:25 Cine News 11:10 Made In Dagenham 13:05 Scusa Ma Ti Chiamo Amore 15:00 How I Met Your Mother Vii 15:35 C.S.I. Willows In The Wind 16:25 Person Of Interest I Legacy 17:15 Salvation Boulevard 19:00 The Stone Angel 21:00 Person Of Interest I 22:00 The Three Musketeers 23:55 A Dangerous Method 01:35 Cine News 02:05 Sagan 04:05 Jude

05:00 Kourastika Na Skotono Tous Agapitikous Sou 06:50 Prom 08:35 Cine News 09:10 The Client List 10:45 Lily Sometimes 12:35 Cine News 13:05 Oranges And Sunshine 14:55 La Chance De Ma Vie 16:30 Cold Mountain 19:10 From Prada To Nada 21:00 The Cake Eaters 22:35 Who Is Clark Rockefeller? 00:10 Bloodworth 01:50 Good Will Hunting 04:00 The Hours

06:40 My Father The Hero 08:10 Cine News 08:45 Take Shelter 10:45 For A Few Dollars More 13:00 Cine News 13:40 Twins 18:05 The Back-Up Plan 19:55 Restoration 22:00 Ever After: A Cinderella Story 00:10 The Mechanic 01:50 Shanghai 03:40 Cine News

06:50 Cine News 07:50 True Grit -1969 10:00 A Perfect

07:00 Bonnie Scotland 08:20 Light In The Piazza 10:00 Go West 11:20 Please Don’t Eat The Daisies 13:10 Ziegfeld Follies 14:55 Invitation to the Dance 16:25 Main Attraction, The 17:50 Billy Rose’s Jumbo 19:50 Hill, The 22:00 Heart of Darkness 23:45 North By Northwest 02:00 Formula, The 03:55 Lady L 05:40 Father’s Little Dividend

By Preston Wilder

300 (Plus TV, 21.00) Some might say it’s irresponsible to be glorifying warriors and war in the style of this martial fantasy, but to them I say only: “SPARTAAAAAA!!!!”. Gerard Butler is King Leonidas, setting off to meet the invading Persians at Thermopylae with 300 of his warriors (actually 299, with Leo himself rounding out the number). It’s a suicide mission - but the men don’t care, because they are Spartans! “No room for softness, no room for weakness! Only the hard and strong may call themselves Spartans. Only the hard! Only the strong!”. Leonidas is hard, and grows harder still when he gazes at his Queen (Lena Headey), she of the fiery temper and firm breasts - though he also likes to josh with

his men on the battlefield, and exchange lingering ambiguously gay looks before setting off to slaughter some Persians. Basically a case of a warrior caste - or master race - ranged against the dark-skinned, the effeminate and freaks of all descriptions. Campy fun with music-video visuals, or an ugly film with a fascist worldview? Your call, gentle reader. Made in 2006.

The Three Musketeers (Novacinema1, 22.00) The first airship was invented in 1784, 200 years too late for The Three Musketeers which is set “at the dawn of the 17th century”. That factoid has always been irrelevant, since The Three Musketeers doesn’t have any

The Three Musketeers

airships - but this gloriously insane new version does, even climaxing in a battle between two airships, the smaller one crewed by D’Artagnan and the titular trio, the larger one captained by the evil Comte de Rochefort. Fidelity to the Alexandre Dumas classic is non-existent (Pirates of the Caribbean is more like it) - which is bothersome at first, but it’s also exhilarating to know that anything can happen. Milady (Milla Jovovich) is now an action heroine abseiling down castle walls, Athos emerges from a Venetian canal with a pair of crossbows strapped to his back, Richelieu is a James Bond villain (“Rochefort ... (pause) Do not fail me again”) and King Louis is a cool dude who becomes D’Artagnan’s best buddy. Madness! Made in 2011.

T V THURSDAY 27/12 SUNDAY MAIL• December 23, 2012

CYBC 1 06.45 08.15

Proti Enimerosi Kali Sas Mera Local variety show, with entertainment options, cookery tips and more.

11.00 11.30

Kaftes Piperies (rpt) Istories Tou Horkou (rpt) Local comedy series, which happens to be the longest-running show on TV.


Apo Mera Se Mera



Current affairs show. Local cultrual show.


07.00 08.00

News Kaftes Piperies

16.30 17.00

18.00 18.50 19.00 19.10 20.10 21.00

Paizoume Kypriaka

News Patates 8


Local satirical show, using comedy sketches and embarrassing TV clips to skewer local politicians.


23.00 23.30 00.45

Biz/Emeis News In English News In Turkish UEFA Euro 50 Classic Matches (rpt) NRG Zone FILM: A Class Apart


10.20 11.15 12.10 13.00 13.20 14.00 14.50 15.45 16.40 17.40


Englimata (rpt) Lyke, Lyke Eisai Edo (rpt) Panselinos (rpt) Galileo (rpt) Niose Me (rpt) News Mera Mesimeri Konstantinou Kai Elenis (rpt) To Kafe Tis Haras (rpt) Oneiropagida (rpt) Ergazomeni Gynaika Vals Me 12 Theous (rpt)

MEGA 06.30

15.00 16.00

Emeis Ki Emeis (rpt) Koinonia Ora Mega Nea Mera Proino Mou Enimerosi Tora Kelmmena Oneira (rpt) Eheis Meson Yia Sena

18.00 18.20

News Master Chef

07.00 08.00 10.00 12.45 14.00

Local talk-show.

Greek reality competition show where amatuer chefs compete against each other in weekly challenges.

With News at 18.00.

18.30 19.30 20.15 21.15 22.10

Aiyia Fuxia (rpt) Niose Me News Vals Me 12 Theous FILM: Mickey Blue Eyes A strait-laced Englishman falls for a New York mobster’s daughter, but is reluctantly drawn into the family business. Romantic comedy, starring Hugh Grant. 1999.

FILM: The Italian Job A crook inherits a supposedly foolproof plan to steal £4million in bullion and puts together a motley gang to carry out the robbery - only to fall foul of the Mafia en route to Turin. British comedy crime caper, starring Michael Caine. 1969.

Swinging Christmas Michael Parkinson presents a programme of festive music by John Wilson and his orchestra, joined by guests Seth MacFarlane, AnnaJane Casey and Curtis Stigers.

Euromaxx Jamie’s Family Christmas

A working class single mother appeals to send her son to the best state school in her area. Made-for-TV drama, starring Jessie Wallace. 2007.

Local game show, asking questions having to do with Cypriot dialect.

20.00 21.15

07.50 08.40

NRG Zone Kids’ TV

Jamie Oliver shares his secrets for achieving a stress-free family Christmas.

Live cookery show.



Shown till 12.30, then repeated till midafternoon.

Mazi Sto CyBC Local talk-show.

18.00 18.15


00.10 00.15 00.30 01.40 02.30

News Sports News Ola Bahalo Fetos Synora Agapis Repeats

19.20 20.20 21.15

06.10 07.00 08.20 10.00 11.10 12.00 14.20 15.20 18.00 18.05 18.30

22.10 23.10

19.30 20.20 21.15 22.20

00.00 00.50

News I Apli Methodos Ton Trion Yia Sena (rpt) Enimerosi Tora (rpt) Proino Mou (rpt)

7 Ouranoi kai Synnefa Alites News Aspra Balonia (rpt) Pame Paketo Talk-show that deals with human interest stories such as reuniting people, fulfilling dreams and connecting individuals who want to correct past mistakes in their lives.

Porta Kleidomeni FILM: Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo A low-rent gigolo tries to raise the money for legal fees when his friend and former manager gets into trouble in Amsterdam. Comedy sequel, starring Rob Schneider and Eddie Griffin. 2005.

The Del Monte Heirs (rpt) Protoselido Eleni Vasiliki (rpt) 7 Ouranoi kai Synnefa Alites (rpt) Mesimeri Kai Kati Aspra Balonia (rpt) Magazino News Ti Tha Fame Simera Mama The Del Monte Heirs Latin American telenovela.

Greek drama series.

01.30 03.30 04.30

Local Sketch (rpt) News More repeats

Eftyhismenoi Mazi (rpt) News Klemmena Oneira


00.00 00.05

06.45 07.20 07.50 09.00 09.30 10.55

Dekati Entali (rpt) Alithinoi Erotes (rpt) Mila Mou (rpt) Otan Megaloso (rpt) Eleni (rpt)

Star News Fotis - Maria Live Best Of Mesimeriani Meleti Best Of Exelixeis Sti Showbiz Mila (rpt) Nistikoi Praktores (rpt) Cookery show, with helpful tips on eating well and nutrition.

11.50 12.30 13.00 15.30 17.15 17.50 19.40 21.15 22.00

Kids’ TV Star News Mesimeriani Meleti Kids’ TV Exelixeis Stin Showbiz Fotis Maria Live Mila Exelixeis Stin Showbiz FILM: The Time Machine A 19th-century scientist travelling through time to change the course of history encounters a terrifying future. Sci-fi adventure, starring Guy Pearce. 2002.

News CSI: Crime Scene Investigation An elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts work their cases in Las Vegas.

01.00 02.00 03.00 04.40 05.30



06.45 08.40 09.25 10.00 11.00 11.30 12.30 13.20 14.55 15.50 16.40 17.30 18.15

LTV Sports News Star News Repeats

Kids’ TV S’Agapo (rpt) Akti Oneiron Ston Asterismos Tis Imeras Kouzina Me Apopsi Remington Steele (rpt) Milagros Kids’ TV Top Models S’Agapo Sabrina, To Koritsi Tis Agapis Akti Oneiron Pacific Blue With News at 18.30.

19.15 19.50 20.05 21.00

News Sports Time Rubi FILM: Comeback Season An unfaithful husband befriends an American football player he meets in a police cell, who helps him save his marriage. Romantic drama, starring Ray Liotta. 2006.


FILM: Thief A robber attempts to settle down and lead a normal life with his girlfriend, but has trouble sticking to the straight and narrow. Drama, with James Caan. 1981.

FILM: Return Of The Street Fighter Gangsters send martial artists to kill the Street Fighter after he fulfills his mission to silence a squealer. Martial arts film, starring Sonny Chiba. 1974.

01.00 01.50 02.50



FILM: The Human Stain Drama, starring Anthony Hopkins. 2003.

Water for Elephants (Novacinema1, 15.00) No Reservations 01:05 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 01:50 Waking The Dead 02:40 03:30 EastEnders Casualty 04:00 Doctors 04:30 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 05:15 Little Britain Christmas Special 2006 05:45 My Family: The Heart of Christmas 06:15 The Weakest Link 07:00 Teletubbies 07:25 Balamory 07:45 Forget Me Not Farm 08:00 Show Me Show Me 08:25 Nina and the Neurons 08:40 Teletubbies 09:05 Forget Me Not Farm 09:20 Tweenies 09:40 The Weakest Link: Puppet Special 10:40 My Family: The Heart of Christmas 11:10 EastEnders 11:40 Doctors 12:10 Casualty 13:00 Hamlet 16:05 EastEnders 16:35 Doctors 17:05 Casualty 17:55 My Family: The Heart of Christmas 18:25 The Weakest Link 19:10 EastEnders 19:40 Doctors 20:10 Hustle 21:00 Comedy Countdown - 10 21:30 Comedy Countdown - 9 22:00 The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher 23:30 Waking The Dead 24:20 Blackadder The Third 24:50 Gavin & Stacey

07:00 How It’s Made ; 07:25 Wheeler Dealers 08:15 American Chopper 09:10 Dirty Jobs 10:05 Deadliest Catch 10:55 Superhuman Showdown 11:50 Dynamo:

15:25 Magician Impossible Overhaulin’ 16:20 Mythbusters 17:15 Dirty Jobs 18:10 Deadliest Catch 19:05 Ultimate Survival 20:00 How It’s Made ; 21:00 Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 22:00 River Monsters 23:00 Hillbilly Handfishin’ 00:00 Hell Roads 01:00 World’s Toughest Drive 02:50 River Monsters 03:50 Hillbilly Handfishin’ 04:50 Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 05:45 How Do They Do It? 06:10 Overhaulin’

09:30 Biathlon: World Cup Slovenia 10:30 Ski Jumping: World Cup Finland 12:30 All Sports: Watts 13:30 All Sports: Eurosport Top 10 14:00 Football: Uefa Champions League Classics 16:00 Ski Jumping: World Cup Russia 18:00 All Sports: Watts 19:00 Football: Euro Legends 21:00 All Sports: Watts 22:00 Fight Sport: Superkombat 00:00 Poker: Eu-

ropean Poker Tour 01:00 Tennis: French Open Paris

05:40 Desperate Housewives 06:25 Castle 07:10 Modern Family 07:35 New Girl 08:00 Body Of Proof 08:50 Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas 09:40 Desperate Housewives 10:25 Castle 11:10 Modern Family 11:35 New Girl 12:00 Scandal 12:50 Castle 13:40 Body Of Proof 14:30 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 15:20 Desperate Housewives 16:05 Castle 16:50 Modern Family 17:15 New Girl 17:40 Body Of Proof 18:30 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 19:20 Desperate Housewives 20:10 Castle 21:00 Scandal 21:50 Castle 22:40 Modern Family 23:05 New Girl 23:30 Scandal 00:20 Castle 02:00 Desperate Housewives 02:45 Modern Family 03:10 New Girl 03:35 Rita Rocks 04:00 Body Of Proof 04:50 Anthony Bourdain:

tler TV 03:00 Wild Things 04:55 Crackie 06:30 LTV Sports News

07:00 Pawn Stars 07:30 Storage Wars 08:00 American Pickers 09:00 American Restoration 09:30 Storage Wars 10:00 Pawn Stars 10:30 Storage Wars 11:00 Ancient Aliens 12:00 Mega Movers 13:00 Storage Wars 14:00 American Pickers 15:00 American Restoration 15:30 Storage Wars 16:00 Mega Movers 17:00 Storage Wars 18:00 American Pickers 19:00 American Restoration 19:30 Storage Wars 20:00 Pawn Stars 20:30 Storage Wars 21:00 Ancient Aliens 22:00 Lancaster At War 23:00 Ax Men 00:00 Pawn Stars 00:30 Storage Wars 01:00 Ancient Aliens 02:00 Lancaster At War 03:00 Ax Men 04:00 American Pickers 05:00 American Restoration 05:30 Storage Wars 06:00 Ancient Aliens

07:30 Scooby-Doo 09:00 Hollywood Buzz 09:30 Arthur 3: The War Of The Two Worlds 11:30 Poseidon 13:15 Ant Bully 14:45 Stand By Me 16:30 Fifth Patient 18:00 Social Network 20:00 LTV Sports News 21:00 Overnight Delivery 22:30 Hollywood Buzz 23:00 Goya’s Ghosts 00:55 Hus-

07:00 Chowder 07:25 The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack 07:50 The Tom & Jerry Show 08:15 Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! 08:40 Loonatics Unleashed 09:05 Superman: The Animated Series 09:30 The Looney Tunes Show 10:00 Tak & The Power Of Juju 10:30 Fanboy & Chum Chum 11:00 The X’s 11:30 Ni Hao, KaiLan 12:00 Dora The Explorer 12:30 Spongebob Squarepants 13:30 The Mighty B! 14:00 Hey Arnold! 14:30 Icarly 15:30 Justice League Unlimited 16:00 Legion Of Super Heroes 16:30 Young Justice 17:00 A’ Division Cyprus Soccer Championship 2012-13 19:00 Barclays Premier League Review 20:00 2011 World’s Strongest Man 20:30 La Liga World 21:00 Barclays Premier League World 22:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 00:00 Planet Speed 00:30 ATP World Tour Uncovered 01:00 Liga Bbva 2012-13 03:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 05:00 Liga Bbva 2012-13

07:15 According To Jim 08:00 2 Broke Girls 08:25 Necessary Roughness 10:15 Gossip Girl 11:05 Ncis: Los Angeles 12:45

Underbelly 13:35 According To Jim 14:25 Necessary Roughness 16:15 2 Broke Girls 16:40 Chuck 17:25 Bones 18:55 Underbelly 19:45 Two And A Half Men 20:30 Eastbound & Down 21:00 The Closer 22:00 Harry’s Law 22:45 Southland 23:30 Shameless 00:30 Education, An 02:15 Nick Of Time 03:45 2 Broke Girls 04:10 Chuck 04:55 Bones 06:25 Underbelly

08:00 Amelia 10:00 Thief Who Came To Dinner, The 12:00 Youth In Revolt 13:45 Lethal Weapon 3 15:45 Piece Of The Action, A 18:00 Neverending Story Ii: The Next Chapter, The 19:35 Eat Pray Love 22:00 Primal Fear 00:10 Daring! Tv 03:20 Vincere 05:30 Last Days Of Disco, The

06:45 Dead Poet’s Society 08:55 Made In Dagenham 10:50 Cine News 11:45 Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The Word 13:20 The Last Flight 15:00 «Love Stories» Water For Elephants 17:00 Melinda And Melinda 18:40 Les Emotifs Anonymes 20:05 Cars 2 22:00 12 Dates Of Christmas 23:35 Christmas Magic 01:05 Cine News 01:35 The Grey 03:40 Dream House

06:05 For A Few Dollars More 08:15 Cine News 09:15 Anonymous 11:25 Serendipity 13:00 Cine News 13:50 The King Of Comedy 15:40 Kate And Leopold 17:40 Hollywood 1on1 18:15 League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen 20:10 To Tangko Ton Christougennon 22:00 The Negotiator 00:25 Manuale D’am3re 02:35 Restoration 04:35 Cine News

19:00 The Man Who Wasn’t There 21:00 Thor 23:00 Magic City 00:00 C.S.I. 01:00 Adult Zone

18:35 The Tree Of Life 21:00 The Romantics 22:45 No Strings Attached 00:40 The Cake Eaters

07:00 Boys Town 08:30 Anchors Aweigh 10:45 Life Of Her Own, A 12:30 Les Girls 14:20 Young Bess 16:10 Logan’s Run 18:05 Sea Of Grass, The 20:05 White Heat 22:00 Sitting Target 23:30 Last Run, The 01:05 Victor/Victoria 03:15 Never So Few 05:15 For Me And My Gal

By Preston Wilder

Eat Pray Love (LTV3, 19.35) Eat Pray Love the book is a cultural phenomenon. We know this because it’s now used as shorthand, as in Bad Teacher where goody-goody Miss Squirrel and her boyfriend both name it as their favourite book (“What’s your favourite part?” “Love, of course.” “Me too!”). Eat Pray Love the film hasn’t made that kind of impact, and in fact was something of a flop - though I don’t know why, since its silliness is inherent in the material (the book must’ve been just as silly). It is quite silly, with newly-single Julia Roberts deciding to take a year off, going off to travel (without working) and find her “spark”; her first stop is Italy - where she meets folks called Luca Spaghetti and learns that Ital-

Eat Pray Love

ians talk with their hands, kissing their fingers when a meal is especially delicious - then India (a place of mad traffic and arranged marriages), then Bali (an old shaman and an affair with a hunky Brazilian). Eat, pray, love, in that order - and even those who accept the lame ethnic stereotypes may wonder why they should care about Julia Roberts and her First World problems, though Jules herself is nice enough. Made in 2010.

Overnight Delivery (LTV, 21.00) “He’s just sent his girlfriend the wrong package,” chuckles Mr. Trailer Man in the trailer for this late-90s comedy, “and he’s got 24 hours to get it back! Now they’re on a cross-country demolition mission that

takes them too far, too fast!”. Sounds like a pleasant little time-waster - but what makes it Pick of the Day-worthy is that ‘they’ (i.e. our heroes) are played by 22-year-old Reese Witherspoon in a brunette wig and 29-year-old Paul Rudd, in the days when he was known (if at all) as the brother in Clueless. Paul thinks his girlfriend (Christine Taylor, a.k.a. Mrs. Ben Stiller) is cheating on him, so he sends her a vindictive package containing a nude photo of himself with trash-talking stripper Reese - but then finds out he was wrong, so he and Reese somehow have to intercept the package before it reaches its destination. ‘I’m confused,’ say younger readers. ‘Why didn’t he just email the photo?’. I have only three words to say to that: made in 1998.


CYBC 1 05.30 08.00 09.30 10.00 10.35 12.05

Church Service Mia Zoi Tin Ehoume Candid Camera O Kafenes Ton Genaikon Christmas Programme With Diastasis FIlM: White Christmas Entertainers Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye try to boost the popularity of an old friend’s winter resort. Musical. 1954.

14.00 14.45 15.30 16.00

I Klironomia Tou Aeimnistou Theiou Oi Galines Tou Nikola Entehnos FILM: A Holiday Engagement

CYBC 2 07.00 08.00 16.50

20.00 21.15 22.00 23.15 23.30 23.45 00.15

Giro Giro Oloi News Kaftes Piperies Paizoume Kypriaka News Patates Special Greek FILM: I Kori Mou I Sosialistria Candid Camera News Wintry Dreams and Christmas Melodies Repeats

NRG Zone Kids’ TV Candid Camera



FILM: High School Musical Two teenagers from completely different backgrounds discover a shared love of performing, and try to land roles in the school play. Musical, starring Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. 2006.

18.50 18.55 19.10

12.10 13.00 13.50

News In English News In Turkish Kipourema NRG Zone FILM: The Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian


The Pevensie siblings return to Narnia, where they are enlisted to once again help ward off an evil king and restore the rightful heir to the land’s throne, Prince Caspian. Fantasy adventure, starring Ben Barnes 2008.



FILM: Stealing Christmas A fugitive made welcome by a small community faces a crisis of conscience when he sets out to rob the local bank. Crime comedy, starring Tony Danza. 2003.


Triti Efiveia


FILM: The Polar Express Animation, with the voice of Tom Hanks. 2004.

20.15 21.20

News FILM: Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Fantasy sequel, starring Daniel Radcliffe. 2009. See Pick Of The Day.

News In English & News In Turkish

MEGA 05.30 07.00 08.00

00.00 01.30

Church Service Emeis Ki Emeis (rpt) FILM: Hook A grown-up Peter Pan returns to Neverland to rescue his children from Captain Hook. Steven Spielberg’s fantasy adventure, starring Robin Williams. 1991.

10.20 13.20

15.00 18.00 18.20

20.15 21.15 22.10 23.10 00.00 00.10 02.00 05.00

08.45 09.45 12.00 13.00 16.20

Eftyhismenoi Mazi (rpt) News Klemmena Oneira Zoi Laheio Music Programme News Music Programme Yia Sena (rpt) Proino Mou (rpt)

Concert Late Programmes

Oi Takkoi (rpt) Kids’ TV Tifla Pathi (rpt) Eleni FILM: The Sound Of Music A woman leaves an Austrian convent to become a governess to the children of a Naval officer widower. Musical, starring Julie Andrews. 1965. With News at 18.00.

19.00 20.20 21.15


14.20 17.20 18.05


Eleni (rpt)

06.45 10.50 11.20

Entertainment magazine.


O Falfatas FILM: Get Smart A newly promoted field agent, partnered with veteran Agent 99, blends inexperience, enthusiasm and ineptitude as he battles against KAOS. Comedy, starring Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway. 2008.


14.15 15.15

FILM: You’ve Got Mail Two rivals in the bookshop business meet and fall in love online, unaware they already know and dislike each other in the real world. Romantic comedy, with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. 1998.


Prime Live

02.00 02.50 03.50

LTV Sports News Star News Repeats

Kids’ TV Kouzina Me Apopsi Greek FILM: Adiki Katara Kid’s TV Greek FILM: Se Iketevo Agapi Mou FILM: A Different Kind Of Christmas A lawyer’s dreams of an illustrious career are wrecked by her elderly father’s delusion that he’s Santa Claus. Family drama, starring Shelley Long. 1996. With News at 18.30.

FILM: 3 Holiday Tails

Greek comedy.



Repeats Classic Cartoons Star News O Theios Mou O Ninja No 1 Kids’ TV Fotis - Maria Live

A retired couple try to reunite their neighbour with her lost love - aided by their dog and her three puppies. Romantic comedy sequel, with Julie Gonzalo. 2011.

FILM: Gift Of The Magi A couple in financial difficulties both give away their most prized possessions to buy Christmas presents for each other. Drama, starring Marla Sokoloff. 2010.


06.00 06.45 12.30 13.00

FILM: A Holiday For Love A businessman returns to his home town at Christmas to organise redundancies at a factory, but falls for a member of the workforce. Drama, with Tim Matheson. 1996.



Mr Bean News FILM: Home Alone 3 Crooks get more than they bargained for when trying to retrieve a microchip that’s fallen into the hands of a resourceful eightyear-old. Comedy sequel, starring Alex D Linz. 1997.

Yia Sena News Master Chef New season of Greek reality series. Amateur cooks compete to win the coveted MasterChef title.



Proino Mou FILM: Call Me Claus A cynical female TV producer meets Father Christmas and learns he intends to melt her icy heart and make her his replacement. Family drama, with Whoopi Goldberg. 2001.

With News at 18.00.

Kati Psinetai (rpt) Greek game show, revolving around amateur chefs, who each stage a dinner party to find who will be crowned the winning host.

Ekeines Kai Ego Me To Dexi (rpt) FILM: Santa Baby 2 Santa Claus asks his daughter to take over running the family business, but she is happily leading her own life. Fantasy comedy sequel, starring Jenny McCarthy. 2009.

Gardening show.

20.00 21.00

FILM: A Christmas Carol Miserly Ebenezer Scrooge hates the Christmas season, but is warned to change his attitude by a series of ghosts. Dickens’ classic tale, with Patrick Stewart. 1999.

Unsuspecting people react to bizarre events.

A single woman hires an actor to pose as her fiance when she visits her demanding mother for Thanksgiving. Comedy, with Bonnie Somerville. 2011.

17.30 18.00 18.15 19.00


19.15 19.50 20.05 21.00

News Sports Time Rubi FILM: All I Want For Christmas Two youngsters call on Santa Claus to help reunite their divorced parents before their mother marries her new boyfriend. Drama, with Leslie Nielsen. 1991.


FILM: Blast A former Navy SEAL and an FBI agent must foil a group of terrorist hijackers aboard an oil rig. Action comedy, starring Eddie Griffin and Vinnie Jones. 2004.


FILM: Derailed A secret agent must stop terrorists from stealing a deadly virus from a high-speed train that his family are on board. Adventure, with Jean-Claude Van Damme. 2002.

Music programme.

The Tourist (LTV, 21.00)

01:10 The Weakest Link 01:55 EastEnders 02:20 Doctors 02:50 Last Of The Summer Wine 03:20 The Nativity 05:15 My Family: Xmas 2004 06:15 The Weakest Link 07:00 Spot’s Magical Christmas 07:30 Show Me Show Me 07:55 Teletubbies 08:20 Balam-

ory Xmas: The Snowflake Fairy 08:40 Tweenies 09:00 The Tale of Jack Frost 09:30 The Weakest Link: All Singing All Dancing Special 10:20 After You’ve Gone: Xmas Special 2008 11:00 EastEnders 11:30 Doctors 12:00 Rock & Chips: Special: Xmas 2010 13:00 My Family: Xmas Special 2005 14:00 The Nativity 15:55 EastEnders 16:25 Doctors 16:55 After You’ve Gone: Xmas Special 2008 17:35 Going For Gold - The ‘48 Games 19:05 EastEnders 19:30 Doctors 20:00 Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol 21:00 My Family: The Heart of Christmas 21:30 Little Britain Christmas Special 2006 22:00 Swingin’ Christmas 23:30 The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: Concert

07:00 How It’s Made ; 07:25 Wheeler Dealers 08:15 American Chopper 09:10 Dirty Jobs 10:05 Deadliest Catch 10:55 Superhuman Showdown 11:50 Dynamo:

15:25 Magician Impossible Overhaulin’ 16:20 Mythbusters 17:15 Dirty Jobs 18:10 Deadliest Catch 19:05 Ultimate Survival 20:00 How It’s Made ; 21:00 Mythbusters 22:00 Mighty Planes 23:00 Dangerous Flights 00:00 Lou Ferrante’s Mob Rules 01:00 The Kennedy Detail 02:50 Mighty Planes 03:50 Dangerous Flights 04:50 Mythbusters 05:45 How Do They Do It? 06:10 Overhaulin’

09:30 Tennis: French Open Paris – 10:30 Biathlon: World Cup Austria 12:30 All Sports: Watts 14:00 Football: Uefa Champions League Classics 16:00 Biathlon: World Cup Slovenia 18:00 All Sports: Watts 19:00 Football: Euro Legends 21:00 All Sports: Watts 22:00 Football: European Championship Ukraine 00:00

09:40 Desperate Housewives 10:25 Castle 11:10 Modern Family 11:35 New Girl 12:00 Raising Hope 12:25 Melissa & Joey 12:50 Glee 13:40 Body Of Proof 14:30

Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas 15:20 Desperate Housewives 16:05 Castle 16:50 Modern Family 17:15 Raising Hope 17:40 Modern Family 18:05 Last Man Standing 18:30 New Girl 18:55 Happy Endings 19:20 Raising Hope 19:45 Modern Family 20:10 Glee 21:00 Raising Hope 21:25 Melissa & Joey 21:50 Glee 22:40 Modern Family 23:05 New Girl 23:30 Raising Hope 23:55 Melissa & Joey 00:20 Glee 01:10 Castle 02:00 Desperate Housewives 02:45 Modern Family 03:10 New Girl 04:00 Body Of Proof 04:50 Jamie’s Best Ever


Wars 02:30 Storage Wars 03:00 American Pickers 05:00 American Restoration 05:30 Storage Wars 06:00 Ancient Aliens

Best Premier League Games 07:30 Imagine That 09:30 Leg-

end Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’hoole 11:15 Jack Frost 13:00 Elf 14:40 Fred Claus 16:35 Miss Congeniality 18:30 12 Men Of Christmas 20:00 LTV Sports News 21:00 The Tourist 23:00 Henry’s Crime 01:00 Remember Me 03:00 48 Hrs 04:45 Guitar 06:30 LTV Sports News

Motorsports: Gta Road To Dubai 00:15 Football: Uefa Champions League Classics 01:15 Football:

African Cup Of Nations Equatorial Guinea

05:40 Off The Map 06:25 Castle 07:10 Modern Family 07:35 New Girl 08:00 Body Of Proof 08:50

Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas

07:00 Storage Wars 16:00 American Pickers 17:00 American Restoration 17:30 Pawn Stars 18:00 American Pickers 19:00 American Restoration 19:30 Storage Wars 20:00 Pawn Stars 20:30 Storage Wars 21:00 Ancient Aliens 22:00 Storage Wars 22:30 Storage Wars 23:00 American Pickers 00:00 Pawn Stars 00:30 Storage Wars 01:00 Ancient Aliens 02:00 Storage

12:00 Dora The Explorer 12:30 Spongebob Squarepants 13:00 Wonder Pets 13:30 The Mighty B! 14:00 Hey Arnold! 14:30 Icarly 15:30 Justice League Unlimited 16:00 Legion Of Super Heroes 16:30 Young Justice 17:00 NBA Action 17:30 Barclays Premier League World 18:00 Barclays Premier League Review 19:00 Winter X-Games 13 20:00 Silk Way Rally 2012 21:00 La Liga Review 2012-13 22:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 00:00

07:00 Chowder 07:25 The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack 07:50 The Tom & Jerry Show 08:15 Shaggy & ScoobyDoo Get A Clue! 08:40 Loonatics Unleashed 09:05 Superman: The Animated Series 09:30 The Looney Tunes Show 10:00 Tak & The Power Of Juju 10:30 Fanboy & Chum Chum 11:00 The X’s 11:30 Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

00:30 Planet Speed 01:00 2011

Figure Skating Championships 03:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 05:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13

07:15 Chuck 08:00 2 Broke Girls 08:30 Bones 10:00 According To Jim 10:45 2 Broke Girls 11:20 Pan Am 13:00 Underbelly 13:50 Chuck 14:35 Bones 16:05 Eastbound & Down 16:35 Two And A Half Men 17:25 The Closer 18:10 Harry’s Law 18:55 Underbelly 19:45 According To Jim 20:30 The Big Bang Theory 21:00 The Mentalist 21:45 C.S.I. New York 22:30 Southland 03:00 Hung 03:35 Eastbound & Down 04:10 Two And A Half Men 04:55 The Closer 05:40 Harry’s Law 06:25


08:00 Step Up 3 10:00 Mystery, Alaska 12:00 Letters To Juliet 14:00 Lethal Weapon 16:00 Double Jeopardy 18:00 Happy Feet Two 20:00 Wedding Singer, The 22:00 Fast Freddie, The Widow & Me 23:30 Education, An 01:15 Due Date 03:00 Christmas With The Kranks 05:00 Fair Game

05:30 Cine News 05:50 Analyze This 07:35 Super 8 09:30 Anger Management 11:20 Sea Of Love 15:10 Air Force One 17:20 Below The Beltway 19:05 The Company Men 21:00 Captain America: The First Avenger 23:10 How I Met Your Mother 00:30 Apollo 18 02:00 Adult Zone 03:55 The

Eagle 05:30 Dirty Girl 07:00 No Reservations 08:45 The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader 10:40 Films And Stars 11:15 The Romantics 12:55 Largo Winch 2: The Burma Conspiracy 15:00 «Love Stories» Sleepless In Seattle 16:50 Cine News 17:10 Source Code 18:50 Hollywood 1on1 19:25 Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure 21:00 C.S.I. Xii 22:00 Adventures Of Tintin, The: The Secret Of The Unicorn 23:55 Hemingway & Gellhorn 02:30 Cine News 03:00 Fast Five

06:25 The Talented Mr. Ripley 08:45 Cine News 09:45 Sweet Home Alabama 11:35 Mrs. Doubtfire 13:45 Morning Glory 15:40 Christmas Magic 17:15 Stars In Style 20:05 Penelope 01:45 London Boulevard 03:30 Cine News

06:45 8 Mile 08:35 Don Juan De Marco 10:15 Cine News 10:30 Marley & Me: The Puppy Years 12:00 Sleepless In Seattle 13:45 First Daughter 15:35 Glee: The Concert Movie 17:05 The Smurfs 18:55 Patch Adams 21:00 Something Borrowed 23:00 Water For Elephants

07:00 Boom Town 08:55 Tribute to a Bad Man 10:30 Julie 12:05 Trouble With Girls, The 13:45 Outriders, The 15:15 Honky Tonk 17:00 Oklahoma Kid, The 18:20 Little Women 20:20 Wizard Of Oz, The 22:00 Ben-Hur 01:30 Reckless 03:15 Northwest Passage 05:25 Flamingo Road

By Preston Wilder who believes in “Sven-think”, a pair of krill named Will and Bill who seek adventure in the midst of awful puns (“goodbye, krill world!”) and gay-marriage jokes, a climate-change Message and a scene where the entire tribe dance to Queen and David Bowie’s ‘Under Pressure’. Finally, some dancing penguins! Made in 2011.

Happy Feet Two (LTV3, 18.00) Merry Christmas! Here’s some dancing penguins for your children - though any parent who recalls how the first Happy Feet turned into an apocalyptic thriller will know that this franchise (made by George Miller, the Aussie maverick behind Mad Max) is a lot more demented than the average Disney. The sequel is equally insane, reaching a high-point when Bryan the elephant seal reneges on his promise to Mumble the penguin - and Mumble’s young son Erik is so indignant that he actually launches into opera in his childish falsetto (“Where is the hon-ooooour / When a solemn promise / Is just a pretty lie?”). That’s the most bizarre bit - but you also get a flying penguin named Sven

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Antenna, 21.20)

Happy Feet Two

How did we survive all those Christmases without Harry Potter? The boy wizard is all over the schedules, as you might expect (Chamber of Secrets screened on Plus TV yesterday) - and it doesn’t even matter which one they show, though of course Potter-heads have

their favourites. This one might be called the ‘HalfBaked Prince’, being mostly build-up in anticipation of the big showdown - and it’s 153 minutes of atmosphere, jokes and character banter, which is fine by me (I’ve always liked the juvenile wizards’ heartaches and hormonal crushes more than the actual plot). Ron fancies Hermione, who secretly fancies him back; Harry fancies Ron’s sister Ginny (she has “nice skin”); meanwhile, in a slightly different register, Voldemort fancies Draco Malfoy while Dumbledore fancies Harry, entrusting his ward with a perilous mission. “You must be wondering why I’ve brought you here,” says the old wizard. “Actually sir,” replies Harry, “after all these years I just sort of go with it”. Clever boy. Made in 2009.

T V BOXING DAY December 23, 2012• SUNDAY MAIL

CYBC 1 08.00 09.10 10.00 11.00 11.30

Musical Favourites Christougenna Sto Xoklisi Kalantismoi Kaftes Piperies (rpt) Istories Tou Horkou (rpt)

CYBC 2 07.00 08.00 16.40

FILM: Breakfast At Tiffany’s Romantic comedy drama, starring Audrey Hepburn. 1961. See Pick Of The Day.

14.00 15.00

Mia Alithini Istoria FILM: All I Want For Christmas Two youngsters call on Santa Claus to help reunite their divorced parents before their mother marries her new boyfriend. Drama, with Leslie Nielsen. 1991.

16.30 17.15 17.30 18.00 18.15 19.00 20.00 21.15

O Xenos Candid Camera Hadi Boitheias News Kaftes Piperies Paizoume Kypriaka News Vimata Stin Ammo Third season of local period drama, based on true events.


18.00 18.25 18.50 19.10 20.10 21.00


12.10 13.00 14.00 14.50

Ekeines Kai Ego Me To Dexi (rpt) Konstantinou kai Elenis (rpt) FILM: Snowglobe A cynical woman meets the man of her dreams when she is whisked away to a magical world. Romantic fantasy, starring Christina Milian. 2007.



Vals Me 12 Theous (rpt) With News at 18.00.

18.30 20.15 21.15 22.10

Kati Psinetai (rpt)

Triti Efiveia (rpt) News Vals Me 12 Theous FILM: Holiday In Handcuffs A woman kidnaps a man at gunpoint and forces him to pose as her boyfriend at her family’s get-together. Romantic comedy, starring Melissa Joan Hart. 2007.

Repeats 00.10

MEGA 06.00 06.30 07.00

I Dipsa (rpt) Emeis Ki Emeis (rpt) Koinonia Ora Mega A revamped version of its predecessor (Koinonia Ora 8). Current affairs show that examines the issues affecting everyday people in Greece and abroad.

08.00 10.00 13.10 14.00 16.00 18.00 18.20

Nea Mera Proino Mou Klemmena Oneira (rpt) Anonymous (rpt) Yia Sena News Master Chef New season of Greek reality series. Amateur cooks compete to win the coveted MasterChef title..

FILM: Snow Wonder A sudden snowstorm sweeps across America on Christmas Eve, affecting the lives of five diverse characters. Drama, starring Poppy Montgomery. 2005.

Greek game show, revolving around amateur chefs, who each stage a dinner party to find who will be crowned the winning host.


FILM: Mrs. Santa Claus Santa’s long-suffering wife gets stranded in 19th-century New York, where she strives to solve everybody’s problems. Musical, with Angela Lansbury. 1996.

FILM: Hot Rod A small-town loser who dreams of being a daredevil motorcyclist hatches a plan to raise money for his stepfather’s operation with a record-breaking stunt. Comedy, starring Andy Samberg. 2007.



News in English News in Turkish Girismata NRG Zone FILM: Surviving Christmas A lonely, obnoxious young millionaire pays a family to spend Christmas with him. Comedy, starring Ben Affleck, James Gandolfini, Christina Applegate. 2004.

Official Film Of The Olympic Games News Repeats

Candid Camera Unsuspecting people react to bizarre events.

No further details supplied.

23.30 23.45

NRG Zone Kids’ TV FILM: The Cat In The Hat Two bored youngsters get into all manner of mischief after a manic moggy with mischief in mind turns up at their house. Comedy fantasy, starring Mike Myers. 2003.

Local comedy series, which happens to be the longest-running show on TV.



19.20 20.15 21.15 22.10 23.10 00.00 00.50 01.30 03.30 04.30

Eftyhismenoi Mazi (rpt) News Klemmena Oneira Enoha Mystika Mad Secret Concert News I Apli Methodos Ton Trion Yia Sena (rpt) Enimerosi Tora (rpt) Proino Mou (rpt)

SIGMA 10.00 11.10

Mono Yiati S’ Agapisa FILM: A Golden Christmas

06.45 12.30 13.00

Two people seeking a fresh start take a dislike to each other, not realising they used to be childhood sweethearts. Romantic comedy, with Andrea Roth. 2009.

13.00 16.00

Eleni FILM: Mr St Nick Santa decides to hand his red suit over to his son - who is less than enthusiastic about the responsibility. Festive comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer. 2002.

18.00 18.05 18.30 19.30 20.20 21.15 22.20 23.30

News Ti Tha Fame Simera Mama The Del Monte Heirs 7 Ouranoi kai Synnefa Alites News Aspra Balonia 60 Lepta FILM: The Santa Incident An elite team of police Santa Claus is marooned in a small town and must prepare for Christmas without the resources of his North Pole workshop. Comedy, starring Greg Germann. 2010.

01.00 01.10


Eleni (rpt)

Classic Cartoons Star News FILM: A Dennis The Menace Christmas The troublesome youngster causes chaos when he attempts to spread some Christmas joy. Family comedy, with Maxwell Perry Cotton. 2007.

14.25 17.15 17.40 19.10

Kids’ TV Exelixeis Sti Showbiz Mila FILM: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory A penniless boy wins a once-in-a-lifetime tour of a magical sweet factory. Tim Burton’s children’s fantasy, starring Johnny Depp. 2005.


FILM: Wheels On Meals Martial arts comedy, starring Jackie Chan. 1984. See Pick Of The Day.



11.05 11.35 13.45 15.15

LTV Sports News Star News Repeats

Kouzina Me Apopsi Greek FILM: I Valitsa Tou Papa Kids’ TV FILM: Seems Like Old Times A lawyer’s peaceful life is shattered by the return of her wild ex-husband. Comedy, starring Goldie Hawn. 1980.


FILM: Fools Rush In An American architect and a Mexican photographer hastily marry when she falls pregnant after a onenight stand. Romantic comedy, with Matthew Perry. 1997. With News at 18.30.

19.15 19.50 20.05 21.00

News Sports Time Rubi FILM: Comfort And Joy A materialistic advertising executive is thrown into a parallel universe after a car accident, and discovers how her life could have been. Drama, with Nancy McKeon. 2003


FILM: The Ice Harvest A lawyer robs his criminal employers on Christmas Eve and leaves town. Comedy thriller, starring John Cusack. 2001

FILM: Illusion Infinity Drama, starring Dee Wallace. 2004.

02.00 02.50 03.50


FILM: Music And Lyrics A washed up singer is given a couple days to compose a chart-topping hit for an aspiring teen sensation. Romantic comedy, starring Hugh Grant 2007.

News FILM: The Secret Of The Nutcracker Children’s fantasy adventure, starring Janelle Jorde. 2008.

Late Programmes



FILM: At Close Range Fact-based drama, starring Sean Penn. 1986.

Johnny English Reborn (Novacinema1, 22.00)

02:55 The Weakest Link 03:40 My Family: The Heart of Christmas 04:10 Single Father 05:00 EastEnders 05:30 Doctors 06:00 Little Britain Christmas Special 2006 06:30 My Family: The Heart of Christmas 07:00 Robbie The Reindeer: Legend of the Lost Tribe 07:30 The Tale of Jack Frost 08:00 Charlie And Lola - Christmas Special 08:25 Buzz & Tell 08:30 Spot’s Magical Christmas 09:00 Teletubbies 09:25 Buzz & Tell 09:30 The Weakest Link: Theatreland Special 10:20 My Family: The Heart of Christmas 10:50 EastEnders 11:20 Doctors 11:50 Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol 12:50 Going For Gold - The ‘48 Games 14:20 Swingin’ Christmas 15:50 EastEnders 16:20 Doctors 16:50 Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol 17:50 My Family: The Heart of Christmas 18:20 The Weakest Link: Theatreland Special 19:10 EastEnders 19:40 Doctors 20:10 Casualty 21:00 My Family: The Heart of Christmas 21:30 Little Britain Christmas Special 2006 22:00 Hamlet

07:00 How It’s Made ; 07:25 Wheeler Dealers 08:15 American Chopper 09:10 Dirty Jobs 10:05 Deadliest Catch 10:55 Superhu-

man Showdown 11:50 Bear Grylls’ Bare Necessities 12:40 Bear Grylls: Day In The Life Of An Englishman 13:35 Fine Dining With Bear Grylls 14:30 Bear’s Mission Everest 15:25 Overhaulin’ 16:20 Mythbusters 17:15 Dirty Jobs 18:10 Deadliest Catch 19:05 Ultimate Survival 20:00 How It’s Made ; 21:00 Dual Survival 22:00 Curiosity 04:50 Dual Survival 05:45 How Do They Do It? 06:10 Overhaulin’

09:30 Tennis: Us Open New York 10:30 Biathlon: World Cup Slovenia 12:30 All Sports: Watts 13:30 All Sports: Eurosport Top 10 14:00 Football: Uefa Champions League Classics 16:00 Ski Jumping: World Cup Finland 18:00 All Sports: Watts 19:00 Football: Euro Legends 21:00 All Sports: Watts 22:30 Olympic Games: Together To London – 00:00 Olympic Games: Summer Olympic Games London 01:00 Tennis: Australian Open, Melbourne

05:40 Desperate Housewives 06:25 Castle 07:10 Modern Family 07:35 New Girl 08:00 Body Of Proof 08:50 Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas 09:40 Desperate Housewives 10:25 Castle 11:10

Modern Family 11:35 New Girl 12:00 Grey’s Anatomy 12:50 Private Practice 13:40 Body Of Proof 14:30 Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas 15:20 Desperate Housewives 16:05 Castle 16:50 Modern Family 17:15 New Girl 17:40 Body Of Proof 18:30 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations 19:20 Desperate Housewives 20:10 Castle 21:00 Grey’s Anatomy 21:50 Private Practice 22:40 Modern Family 23:05 New Girl 23:30 Grey’s Anatomy 00:20 Private Practice 01:10 Castle 02:00 Desperate Housewives 02:45 Modern Family 03:10 New Girl 03:35 Rita Rocks 04:00 Body Of Proof 04:50 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

07:00 Pawn Stars 07:30 Storage Wars 08:00 American Pickers 09:00 American Restoration 09:30 Storage Wars 10:00 Pawn Stars 10:30 Storage Wars 11:00 Ancient Aliens 12:00 Storage Wars 12:30 Storage Wars 13:00 American Pickers 15:00 American Restoration 15:30 Storage Wars 17:00 American Pickers 19:00 American Restoration 19:30 Storage Wars 20:00 Pawn Stars 20:30 Storage Wars 21:00 Ancient Aliens 22:00 Swamp People 23:00 Storage Wars 23:30 Storage Wars 00:00 Pawn Stars 00:30 Storage Wars 01:00 Ancient Aliens 02:00 Swamp

People 03:00 Storage Wars 04:00 American Pickers 05:00 American Restoration 05:30 Storage Wars 06:00 Ancient Aliens

07:30 Alaska 09:30 Happy Feet Two 11:15 Flipped 12:50 A Cinderella Story 14:30 Practical Magic 16:20 Something’s Gotta Give 18:30 Year Without A Santa Claus 20:00 LTV Sports News 21:00 Eat Pray Love 23:30 Ghost Writer 01:45 Carlos 04:45 Another 48 Hrs 06:30 LTV Sports News

07:00 Chowder 07:25 The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack 07:50 The Tom & Jerry Show 08:15 Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue! 08:40 Loonatics Unleashed 09:05 Superman: The Animated Series 09:30 The Looney Tunes Show 10:00 Tak & The Power Of Juju 10:30 Fanboy & Chum Chum 11:00 The X’s 11:30 Ni Hao, KaiLan 12:00 Dora The Explorer 12:30 Spongebob Squarepants 13:30 The Mighty B! 14:00 Hey Arnold!

14:30 Icarly 15:30 Justice League Unlimited 16:00 Legion Of Super Heroes 16:30 Young Justice 17:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 21:00 Best Premier League Games 21:45 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 23:45 La Liga World 0:15 La Liga Review 2012-13 1:15 Liga Bbva 2012-13 03:00 Barclays Premier League 2012-13 05:00 Liga Bbva 2012-13

07:15 According To Jim 08:00 The Big Bang Theory 08:30 The Mentalist 09:15 C.S.I. New York 10:00 Eastbound & Down 10:30 Two And A Half Men 11:20 The Closer 12:10 Harry’s Law 12:55 Underbelly 13:45 According To Jim 14:30 The Mentalist 15:15 C.S.I. New York 16:00 Entourage 16:30 Gossip Girl 17:15 Ncis: Los Angeles 18:55 Underbelly 19:45 According To Jim 20:30 2 Broke Girls 21:00 Necessary Roughness 22:50 Southland 23:35 Shameless 03:10 Hung 03:40 Entourage 04:10 Gossip Girl 04:55 Ncis: Los Angeles 06:25 Underbelly

07:00 What’s Up, Doc? 08:45 12 Men Of Christmas 10:15 Kings Of Mykonos, The 12:00 Man Of The Year 14:00 Lethal Weapon 2 16:00 Nine 18:00 Arthur 3: The War Of The Two Worlds 20:00 Tourist, The

22:00 Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen 00:30 Guitar, The 02:15 Bachelor, The 04:00 Harry Brown 05:45 Duma

05:10 Fright Night 06:55 Cine News 07:40 Hitch 09:40 Open Season 3 11:00 Hollywood 1on1 11:30 From Time To Time 13:10 The Smurfs 15:00 «Love Stories» Twilight Saga, The: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 17:00 Cine News 17:25 Conviction 19:25 Cine News 19:55 Albert Nobbs 22:00 Johnny English Reborn 23:50 Transformers 3 Transformers: Dark Of The Moon 02:25 Cine News 02:55 Sacrifice 04:35 Hara Kiri: Death Of A Samurai

06:25 The Tempest 08:20 Nicostratos: Le Pelican 09:55 Cine News 10:20 Just Friends 12:00 Desperately Seeking Santa 13:35 Home Alone 15:20 Cowboys & Aliens 17:20 Films & Stars 17:55 Loufa Kai Parallagi: Sirines Sti Steria 19:55 There’s Something About Mary 22:00 Colombiana 23:55 Limitless 01:45 I Don’t Know How She Does It 03:20 Cine News 04:20 Extraordinary Measures

05:50 Con Air 07:45 Cine News

By Preston Wilder

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (CyBC1, 12.00) Is there anything more depressing than Boxing Day? The stale mince pies, the piles of wrapping paper, the general air of anti-climax! Yes - but TV can help beat those post-Christmas blues, at least if you choose wisely and go for unusual Picks like, say, a 51-yearold romantic comedy. This one has now become accepted as a classic - which is odd because it’s not very good, bowdlerising Truman Capote’s novella, marred by embarrassing detail like the buck-toothed Japanese neighbour played by Mickey Rooney, toning down our heroine lest she look like a prostitute (which she is, of course) and generally falling short of

classic status. Luckily that heroine, Holly Golightly, is played by Audrey Hepburn at her most charming and she sings ‘Moon River’ with wonderful yearning in her eyes, plus the whole idea of a Manhattan gamine obsessed with Tiffany’s (the famous jewellery shop) has a powerful appeal for many (female) viewers, so there you go. The result could’ve been better, but it’s still enchanting - or at least more enchanting than a cold turkey sandwich. Made in 1961.

Wheels on Meals (Plus TV, 21.00) Brighten up your Boxing Day with Sammo and Jackie! Another unusual Pick - shown before, of course, but there’s nothing like some cheesy 80s action com-

edy to take the edge off Boxing Day, and the Hong Kong movies made by Jackie Chan (with his partner in crime Sammo Hung) are spectacularly cheesy. This one’s set in Barcelona, where Jackie owns a mobile restaurant (hence the title) and Sammo’s a private detective. They rescue a young female pickpocket from the clutches of a gang and it all takes off from there, Chan’s goofball persona and dazzling martialarts skills mixed in with slapstick, chases, pantomime gangsters and a general air of amiable knockabout. Not exactly Shakespeare, I admit - but when Jackie jumps out of a window, uses an awning to break his fall, does a quick somersault then floats gracefully down to earth, it’s poetry in motion. Made in 1984.

Wheels on Meals

08:10 Gulliver’s Travels 09:40 Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story 11:15 Hanna 13:10 Cine News 14:00 Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost 15:35 Housebroken 17:10 The Hit List 18:50 Midnight Run 21:00 Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 23:20 Person Of Interest 00:10 Stolen Lives 01:45 Adult Zone 03:25 Animal Kingdom

05:20 Cine News 06:20 Bridesmaids 08:25 Absence Of Malice 10:25 Monte Carlo 12:15 Cine News 13:10 Winnie The Pooh 14:20 Sundays At Tiffany’s 15:55 My Future Boyfriend 17:15 The Dilemma 19:10 Love And Other Impossible Pursuits 21:00 Moneyball 23:20 The Change-Up 01:20 The Sweetest Thing 02:45 Cine News 03:15 Courageous

07:00 Stratton Story, The 08:45 Trouble With Girls, The 10:25 Wife vs: Secretary 11:55 Northwest Passage 14:00 Unsinkable Molly Brown, The 16:05 Anchors Aweigh 18:20 3 Godfathers 20:05 Clash Of The Titans 22:00 Casablanca 23:45 Brainstorm 01:30 3 Godfathers 03:15 Life Of Her Own, A 05:00 Now, Voyager

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Living Dec 23 2012

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