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Puente’s interdisciplinary approach combines writing, counseling, and mentoring in a two-semester program. ENGLISH — Puente students take two consecutive writing classes, English 060 C and English 100 C, to improve their written language skills, enhance their research methods, and develop critical thinking while exploring Latino issues in a supportive and stimulating environment. COUNSELING — Puente students take two consecutive counseling classes, Counseling 150 C and Counseling 160 C, to improve their study skills, explore career options, develop an academic educational plan, and identify lifetime goals. MENTORING — Puente students are matched with a Mentor from the business or professional community who shares her/his personal, academic, and career experiences to provide a window into “real life” work environments. Puente students also work with Peer Mentors, Puente Program graduates, who offer tutoring, guidance, support, and encouragement. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES — Puente students participate in a number of events on and off-campus, including dinners, a graduation banquet, and guest speakers; field trips to the theater, museums, and bookstores; tours of universities and botanical gardens, and student-organized beach bonfires. These special activities are designed to enrich students’ educational, cultural, and social opportunities. For more information on joining this award-winning program, please contact Mr. Obed Silva, Puente English Instructor at osilva@ or Dr. Therese Mosqueda-Ponce, Puente Counselor at (714) 484-7180.

Service Learning Service Learning is a teaching method that promotes student learning through active participation in meaningful and planned service experience in the community that is directly related to the course content. Through reflective activities, students enhance their understanding of course content, general knowledge, sense of civic responsibility, selfawareness and commitment to the community. •  Incorporate community service into your general education courses •  Apply course skills in a realistic environment •  Explore career options in a course setting •  Increase civic awareness of the community •  Experience a hands-on teaching method •  Strengthen the ethic of service

Special Programs

•  Transfer service learning hours to a four year institution For more information please contact: Kathryn Sonne, Service Learning Director Service Learning Office is located in the Transfer Center Located in the Student Center (714) 484-7452


Special Admit Program The Special Admit Program is intended for K–12 students who wish to enroll part time in advanced scholastic or vocational classes while concurrently enrolled at another school. To be eligible for the Special Admit Program during the Summer, Fall or Spring semesters, students must complete the Special Admit Form obtaining required recommendations and signature from the principal with parental or guardian permission and approval from a Cypress College counselor. In certain circumstances the signature of a division dean and the college president is required. Special Admit Students are required to meet all college admission requirements, attend assessment/orientation and meet course prerequisites. Special approval is required for full-time enrollment, persons under age 18 who are/are not enrolled in school, and home school students. Enrollment into specific courses where content is deemed not appropriate for minors by the department may also require special approval. Students on F-1 or F-2 visas are not eligible to enroll as Special Admit Students. Enrollment fees are waived for California resident Special Admit Students in grades 9–12 who are enrolled in .5–11 units. Per Education Code 76300 Special Admit Students registered in more than 11 units per semester are required to pay enrollment fees for all enrolled units. Special Admit Students who are in grades K–8 are required to pay the enrollment fees for all enrolled units. Students who do not pay the required fees may be dropped from courses for non-payment. All Special Admit Students are responsible for all other college fees including lab, health, parking, books, materials and other required fees. To change enrollment status at the college, Special Admit students graduating from high school prior to the next college semester must bring to the Admissions and Records Office their diploma or high school transcript indicating their graduation date. Courses taken by a Special Admit Student are recorded on the student’s permanent record as college credit in the same manner as regularly enrolled college students. Credit may be given at the high school and may meet a graduation requirement; however, students should first consult with the high school counselor. Special Admit Students must adhere to all college policies on admission, registration, course requirements, attendance, Student Code of Conduct, and all other applicable policies and procedures. Students wishing to enroll under the Special Admit Program can download the Special Admit Recommendation Form from the college website or obtain them from the Admissions and Records Office. The Special Admit Recommendation Form is valid for the current semester only. A new Special Admit Form must be submitted for enrollment in subsequent semesters. Students must also file the online College Application for Admission by accessing the college website and applying on CCCApply. All student records are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. No one (including parents and high school officials) can access confidential information without the student’s written consent.

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