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RADT 260 C  Fluoroscopy Permit Course

3 Units

Prerequisite: Current California Radiologic Technology Certification License. Pass/No Pass/Letter Grade Option. Term hours: 40–45 lecture and 24–27 laboratory. This course will provide the knowledge of skills, attitudes, and competencies to operate fluoroscopy equipment efficiently and safely. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to qualify for the California State Technologists Fluoroscopy Permit certification test. Students must be able to verify C.R.T. status at the first class meeting. (CSU)

RADT 262 C  Cross-Sectional Imaging

3 Units

Same as HSCE 264 C. Prerequisite: A.R.D.M.S. (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers) Registered Medical Sonographer and/or knowledge of basic ultrasound equipment and scanning techniques. Term hours: 48–54 lecture. This course is the physical principles of vascular ultrasound technology. The course will focus toward learning the hemodynamic principles of normal and pathological vascular ultrasound procedures. Concepts of color and pulsed wave Doppler sonography as they apply to vascular imaging will be discussed. Emphasis on vascular anatomy, physiology and pathology to include vascular scanning protocol. Basic ultrasound physics and instrumentation will be reviewed. A working knowledge of basic ultrasound equipment, scanning techniques, and familiarity with color Doppler sonography is recommended. This course will prepare the student for the Registered Vascular Technology (RVT) examination. (CSU)

RADT 266 C  Principles of Breast Ultrasound

3 Units

Same as HSCE 266 C. Prerequisite: American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography license and/or knowledge of basic ultrasound equipment and scanning techniques. Term hours: 48–54 lecture. This course will provide instruction for learning the normal and pathological appearance of breasts using ultrasound to include images that relate to mammography and MRI. Included in this course is the physiology of benign and malignant breast tumors and diagnostic procedures. The content will follow the ARDMS guidelines toward the goal of preparing the student to pass the ultrasound registry breast exam. (CSU)

RADT 299 C  Imaging Independent Study

Real Estate Division of Business and Computer Information Systems Division Dean — Dave Wassenaar Counselor Robert Grantham

1 Unit

Term hours: 16–18 lecture. This course correlates knowledge and practice of diagnostic imaging with cross-sectional anatomy of the skull, thorax, abdomen, and pelvis. Diagnostic imaging includes the ability to work with ultrasound, computerized tomography, and magnetic resonance. A knowledge of medical terminology and anatomy is recommended. Pass/No Pass/ Letter Grade Option. (CSU)

RADT 264 C  Vascular Sonography Technology


.5 to 2 Units

Prerequisite: Approved Independent Study Learning Contract. Term hours: Lecture/lab hours will vary according to credit given. This course is designed for capable students enrolled in the Radiologic Technology program or options of the program who wish to increase their knowledge and experience in applied areas. Students will participate in independent study on assigned areas under staff supervision. May be taken for credit 4 times. (CSU)

Real Estate (RE) RE 101 C  Real Estate Principles

3 Units

RE 201 C  Real Estate Practice

3 Units

Term hours: 48–54 lecture. This is a beginning course in real estate fundamentals and principles. The development of real estate in California and an introductory study of ownership, appraisal, law, practices, financing, land and location values, transfers, trends, regulations, and economic effects are stressed. Course fulfills educational prerequisites for California state licensure. (CSU) Term hours: 48–54 lecture. This course covers professional aspects of the real estate business. Topics include an overview of the real estate industry, ethics and licensing requirements; hands-on completion of contracts, forms, and disclosure documents; prospecting strategies for obtaining clients; listing properties and servicing those listings; marketing techniques; strategies for showing property; obtaining and handling offers; closing sales transactions; financing, escrow, title and taxation issues; and 1031 exchange requirements for investment property. (CSU)

Recreation Division of Physical Education and Athletics Division Dean — Diane Henry Faculty Larry Beidler Scott Pickler

Counselor Dana Bedard


Students should consult a counselor or for lower division major requirements for most California public universities. (See the Standard Definitions section of the catalog for a description of ASSIST.) Students transferring to an independent college/university should consult the catalog of the individual school and a counselor for lower division major requirements.

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