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Pass/No Pass Grading

Non-Degree Credit Courses (Basic Skills)

The Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading option was designed to encourage students to explore courses in areas where they feel they have an interest but no special competence. Some of these courses may be taken for a letter grade.

These courses are intended to help students gain the skills they need to perform in “college level” courses. Therefore, Non-degree credit courses are not applicable toward the Associate Degree. However they do apply toward the following categories: Athletic Eligibility, Social Security Benefits, Work Study and Financial Aid, Associated Student Body Office and Full-Time Status.

P/NP is not the same as auditing and students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution should not choose the Pass/No Pass grading option. Many transfer institutions will not accept Pass/No Pass graded courses to be applied toward major, minor and general education requirements. Check the catalog of the transfer institution and/or see a counselor for further information. The following policies govern Pass/No Pass grading at Cypress College: P — Pass will reflect performance equivalent to a C or better under the letter grade system. Pass (P) grades will award units completed.

Academic Policies


NP — No Pass will reflect performance not equivalent to a C or better under the letter grade system. NO Pass grades will enter into calculations for progress probation and progress dismissal. Students may enroll in up to six units in each semester on a Pass/No Pass basis. A maximum of 12 units of Pass/No Pass courses, excluding COUN 140 C and work experience, will be allowed at Cypress College. All units earned as Pass/No Pass shall be disregarded in determining a student’s GPA at Cypress College. The units earned on a Pass/No Pass basis shall be counted toward the AA or AS 60-unit requirement. If a course is transferable with a letter grade, it may also be transferable with a credit grade subject to the limitations imposed by the transfer institution. See the catalog of the transfer institution and/or a counselor for further information. After consulting with a counselor, a Request for Pass/No Pass form must be completed by the student and instructor. The student must submit the white copy of the request form to the Admissions and Records Office by the Friday of the fourth week for a full-semester class and 30% of short term, open entry and summer classes. If the form is not filed by the deadline, the instructor will be required to submit a grade other than Pass/No Pass. Students may not change grading systems after the submission deadline.

IB (International Baccalaureate) Examination Credit Please refer to External Exam Credit Area of this catalog.

International Transcript Evaluations Students who have attended colleges and universities outside of the United States and believe they have successfully completed courses applicable to the Associate Degree or Certificate requirements must have their transcripts evaluated by an approved international evaluation agency before credit can be determined. A list of approved agencies is available in the Counseling, Admissions and Records and International Student Offices. Students who desire credit for ENGL 100 C will need to have their transcripts evaluated, achieve a satisfactory score on the English Assessment test and meet with a counselor.

The following are Non-Degree Credit courses: CHEM 060 C Chemistry Review

ESL 064 C Advanced Oral Skills

CIS 050 C Intro — Comp and Software Concepts

ESL 066 C Advanced ESL Reading

COUN 040 C Academic Success and College Survival COUN 071 C Career Preparation and Life Management

ESL 080 C Low Intermediate ESL 1 ESL 081 C Low Intermediate ESL 2 ESL 082 C Intermediate ESL 1

COUN 072 C Learning Disabilities Assessment

ESL 083 C Intermediate ESL 2

DMS 060 C Introduction to Sonography

HS 030 C Calculations for Medications

ENGL 027 C Basic Study Skills

HS 070 C Health Care Communication

ENGL 057 C Reading and Writing I

MATH 010 C Basic Mathematics

ENGL 058 C Reading and Writing II

MATH 015 C Pre-Algebra

ENGL 060 C College Writing Preparation

MATH 020 C Elementary Algebra

ESL 044 C Beginning Oral Skills

MATH 025 C Elementary Algebra Review

ESL 051 C Intermediate Pronunciation

MATH 045 C Intermediate Algebra Review

ESL 052 C Intermediate ESL Grammar 1

NURS 091 C Strategies for Success in Nursing

ESL 053 C Intermediate Grammar 2

PHYS 021 C Problem Solving — Mechanics

ESL 054 C Intermediate Oral Skills

PHYS 022 C Problem Solving — Electricity

ESL 062 C Advanced ESL Grammar 1

PHYS 023 C Phys 221 C Problem Solving

ESL 063 C Advanced ESL Grammar 2

PHYS 024 C Phys 222 C Problem Solving

All other Cypress College courses are degree applicable.

Cypress College 2012-2013 Catalog  

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Cypress College 2012-2013 Catalog  

The 2012-2013 Cypress College Catalog provides detailed information about courses, degrees, transfer programs and certificates at Cypress Co...