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HS 268 C  Patient Care Skills — Open Lab

History / 185

.5 to 3 Units

HS 277 C  Cultural Awareness and the Health Care System

3 Units

Term hours: 48–54 lecture. This course is designed to examine how cultural differences impact health care and health care delivery. The influence of multi-ethnic cultures on health care concepts, intervention, and the delivery of health care will be discussed. The course will emphasize communication, beliefs and customs, cultural rituals, ethical and legal implications and staff relations in our multi-ethnic health care system. The content focuses on expanding sensitivity to cultural diversity in health care and includes medical, social, and legal issues. (CSU, AA GE, CSU GE, CUL DIV)

Health Science — Continuing Education

3 Units

HSCE 266 C  Princ. of Breast Ultrasound

3 Units

Same as RADT 264 C. Prerequisite: A.R.D.M.S. (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers) Registered Medical Sonographer and/or knowledge of basic ultrasound equipment and scanning techniques. Term hours: 48–54 lecture. This course is the physical principles of vascular ultrasound technology. The course will focus toward learning the hemodynamic principles of normal and pathological vascular ultrasound procedures. Concepts of color and pulsed wave Doppler sonography as they apply to vascular imaging will be discussed. Emphasis on vascular anatomy, physiology and pathology to include vascular scanning protocol. Basic ultrasound physics and instrumentation will be reviewed. A working knowledge of basic ultrasound equipment, scanning techniques, and familiarity with color Doppler sonography is recommended. This course will prepare the student for the Registered Vascular Technology (RVT) examination. (CSU) Same as RADT 266 C. Prerequisite: American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography license and/or knowledge of basic ultrasound equipment and scanning techniques. Term hours: 48–54 lecture. This course will provide instruction for learning the normal and pathological appearance of breasts using ultrasound to include images that relate to mammography and MRI. Included in this course is the physiology of benign and malignant breast tumors and diagnostic procedures. The content will follow the ARDMS guidelines toward the goal of preparing the student to pass the ultrasound registry breast exam. (CSU)


Division of Health Science

Division of Social Sciences

Division Dean — John Sciacca Faculty

Division Dean — Nina DeMarkey Faculty

Health Science Instructors

Carol Elsensohn Lewis Michael Flores David Halahmy Bryan Seiling

Counselors Kelly Carter Denise Vo Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing — Provider Number 00110, for the number of contact hours the class meets. Request list of approved classes from the Health Science Division.

Health Science — Continuing Education (HSCE) HSCE 161 C  Dying/Death and Grief/Mourning

HSCE 264 C  Vascular Sonography Technology

Counselors Velia Lawson Therese Mosqueda-Ponce Daniel Pelletier


Same as HS 161 C. Term hours: 48–54 lecture/discussion. This course is designed to assist individuals in such areas as personal death anxiety and working/living with the terminally ill person. Discussion includes special concerns such as how to handle grief, suicide, hospice, and other related topics. (CSU)

The courses taught by this department contribute to the General Education and Basic Skills Program Learning Outcomes. Please refer to General Education and Basic Skills Program Learning Outcomes.


Prerequisite: Current second year Health Science program student or re-entry students needing remedial assistance or health care professional seeking an environment to practice advanced health science skills. Advisory: BIOL 241 C, BIOL 220 C, BIOL 231 C and ENGL 100 C. Term hours: 24–162 laboratory depending on units attempted. This open-entry, open exit course with flexible hours and variable units allows self-paced individualized instruction and/or practice in advanced client care skills with Health Science faculty supervision. The course provides students with space and equipment needed to learn advanced client care skills. Health Science program students will complete a self-assessed learning plan prior to beginning their practice sessions. May be taken for credit 4 times. Open Entry/Open Exit. Pass/No Pass only. $15.00 Material Fee — Payable at Registration.

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