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14 / Academic Policies

• Students may petition to have a substandard grade, grade points, and units excluded from the computation of the student’s grade point average in accord with college procedures. • An assignment of MW in accord with provisions related to military service shall not count toward the college computation or exclusion related to probation or dismissal. • An assignment of MW shall not count toward the maximum allowable number of repetitions to which the student would otherwise be entitled. • Students who have previously earned a grade of C or better in a course offered at the colleges within the District shall be allowed to repeat the course under certain conditions.

Academic Policies

• In accord with a determination that such repetition is required as a disability-related accommodation for a particular student, repetition in a special class for students with disabilities shall be allowed. • When course repetition occurs, the permanent academic record shall be annotated in such a manner that all work remains legible, insuring a true and complete academic history. (NOCCCD BP4225 — effective March 8, 2011)

Credit by Examination The basic purpose of Credit by Examination is to allow unit credit for prior or advanced knowledge of class material by the student. Currently enrolled students in good standing may request Credit by Examination (also known as “challenging” a course) in a subject matter field in which they are especially qualified through previous training or experience if credit or advanced placement has not previously been given in that field. Examinations will be sufficiently comprehensive to determine that the student has essentially the same knowledge and skills as a student who successfully completes the course. It is hoped that students will take advantage of this opportunity in order to enroll in more advanced courses in the subjects challenged. Credit by Examination is not intended to replace make-up examinations for courses not completed and/or courses taken in high school. The student should contact the Dean of the appropriate division prior to the ninth week of the semester to initiate the process with a Credit by Examination petition. Students may take the Examination if their petition is approved. Credit by Examination and Proficiency Examinations may be taken only by students enrolled in the College. Only one challenge is allowed for each course, and a maximum of 12 units will be granted via Credit by Examination. • Completed petitions will be received until the seventh week of each semester. Examinations will normally be administered during the 12th and 13th weeks only. Specific arrangements as to day and hour are to be made with the instructor. • Criteria for petition approval will be determined by the appropriate division. General guidelines will include evidence of previous learning experience, evidence to indicate probable success in the examination, and future enrollment plans. • Appeals upon denial of a student’s petition will be brought to the ­Petitions Committee at the student’s request. •  The Academic Divisions will determine which courses are eligible for challenge. Examination content and grade standards will also be determined by division faculty.


In instructor-administered examinations, results will be announced within two weeks after the examination week. Exams are graded on a Pass/No Pass basis. The student may choose whether or not to have passing results recorded on his or her permanent record. If the student chooses to have the results recorded, the Pass (P) grade and the unit value will appear with a notation indicating the credit was obtained by Credit by Examination. Some of the courses challenged by examination may be taken for a letter grade. These will not count toward the twelve residency units required by Cypress College to earn an associate degree. For courses which may be taken for a letter grade, students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution should not choose the Pass/No Pass grading option. Many transfer institutions will not accept Credit/No Credit or Pass/No Pass graded courses to be applied toward major, minor and general education requirements. Students should check the catalog of the transfer institution and see their counselor for further information. There is a current rate per unit fee for taking the challenge examination. The following courses may be challenged by examination: ATC 191 C Airline Reservations: APOLLO

Health Science Courses See Division Dean

AVIA 190 C Flight Training — Private Pilot

MATH 130 C Survey of Calculus

AVIA 191 C Flight Training — Instrument Rating

MATH 150AC Calculus and Analytic Geometry

AVIA 192 C Flight Training — Commercial Pilot AVIA 193 C Flight Training — Flight Instructor AVIA 196 C Ground Trainer Laboratory — Instrument Flight

MATH 150BC Calculus and Analytic Geometry MATH 250AC Intermediate Calculus MATH 250BC Intermediate Calculus Mortuary Science Courses See Department Program Director

AVIA 232 C Instrument Rating (for first credit only)

Nursing Courses See Department Program Director

Dental Assistant Courses See Dept. Program Director

PE 234 C Contemporary Personal Health

Dental Hygiene Courses See Dept. Program Director

Psychiatric Tech Courses See Department Program Director

Health Info Tech Courses See Dept. Program Director

Radiologic Tech Courses See Department Program Director

Examinations Class instruction includes frequent examinations throughout the semester so that students can judge their progress. The final examination is a requirement for each course and will be given on the last day of the class. All students must take these examinations at the scheduled time and place. Any exceptions to the above policy will be made only after consultation with the Division Dean.

Cypress College 2012-2013 Catalog  

The 2012-2013 Cypress College Catalog provides detailed information about courses, degrees, transfer programs and certificates at Cypress Co...

Cypress College 2012-2013 Catalog  

The 2012-2013 Cypress College Catalog provides detailed information about courses, degrees, transfer programs and certificates at Cypress Co...