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GENERAL GUIDELINES: The following guidelines are to be followed by every individual who makes use of computing resources at Cypress College: The use of computing resources and any resources accessed by them is for the instructional purposes of Cypress College. Individual computing centers reserve the right to restrict activities such as personal email or games when instructional needs require the computing resources. No tampering with the computing resources. This includes but is not limited to: connecting or disconnecting computer equipment, unautho­ rized loading of software on a computer, or otherwise altering the set-up of any computer or network of computers in any way.

No use of computing resources for financial or political gain. This includes but is not limited to: sending “chain letters” or other unauthorized and illegal correspondence, advertising, marketing or selling of products, and campaigning for any political cause or individual. No violation of other individuals’ privacy or rights. This includes but is not limited to: accessing another person’s account or any data stored and used by that person, sharing another person’s private correspondence with others, destroying or modifying data that belongs to someone else, or sending offensive messages of any kind. Observe all regulations and rules of the individual computing centers. This includes but is not limited to: observing hours of operation, maintaining a reasonable level of quiet in order for others to work, and following all that center’s policies regarding food and beverage use, time limits, printing and downloading, and any other terms of use. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in disciplinary action on the part of Cypress College and any of its designated representatives (including individual computing centers). Such action may include: restriction or suspension of computing privileges at any or all individual campus computing centers, suspension of other campus privileges, including registration and enrollment, and notification of law enforcement officials.

Continuous Enrollment See Catalog Rights.

Corrections to Student Information

Course Double Counting

Students can double count courses but not units of credit to meet major and general education requirements for graduation.

Course Numbering

Courses completed at Cypress College will transfer to other community colleges. Courses numbered 001 C–099 C are remedial, occupational and/or technical and designed in content and organization for students who do not intend to transfer for the Bachelor’s degree. Courses numbered from 100 C–299 C (including Honors courses) have been certified by Cypress College as being of baccalaureate level for the current school year and as such are transferable to any campus of the California State University system. The transfer institution, however, will determine the extent to which a course satisfies the requirements of a particular degree program. Credit not otherwise applied shall be acceptable as general electives to the extent that the particular degree objective permits. Students who plan to transfer to any campus of the University of California or other university or college should check with a counselor for transferable courses since some universities do not accept all courses numbered 100 C–299 C.

Course Progression

Students are expected to take courses on an accepted progressive basis. Students will not receive credit for classes which are considered lower in degree of advancement than those already taken.

Course Repeat Adjustment

In the case of a legally repeated course in which a student initially received a “D” or “F” grade at Cypress College, the original grade will be excluded from the grade point average upon request by the student. Exclusion of a substandard grade is not automatic if the course is repeated and a better grade is received. If the student opts to repeat the course a second time, the last grade received will be the only grade included in the student’s grade point average. A remaining substandard grade for the same course will not be excluded from the student’s grade point average except by an approved Academic Renewal. The exception to Academic Renewal is if the student has used the remaining substandard grade for the completion of an associate degree, certificate or transfer certification. A course repeat adjustment card can be obtained in the Admissions and Records Office, and must be submitted by the student. If approved, the student’s Cypress College permanent record shall be annotated in such a manner that all course work remains legible; however, Cypress College does not annotate or otherwise alter the permanent records of any other institution.

Admissions and Records requires documentation, such as a marriage license, court order or naturalization papers, for verifying a legal name change. Documentation to prove residency or correct a date of birth or social security number must also be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office.

Course Repetition

Mailing and email addresses and phone numbers can be updated through myGateway.

• The college shall exclude the first two substandard grades a student has earned in a course offered at a college within the District in computing the overall GPA if the student repeats the course two times.

• Students may repeat no more than two times the same course in which substandard grades or W’s were assigned at Cypress and Fullerton Colleges. Substandard grades are considered to be D, F, NC, or NP.

Academic Policies

No illegal use of computing resources. This includes but is not limited to: loading virus programs onto or from any computer system, using the Internet or other telecommunications-based resources to transfer illegal materials or unauthorized versions of copyrighted material, using the Internet to harass, terrorize, blackmail, defraud, or otherwise abuse another person, or using any computing resource in such a manner that it constitutes the breaking of a District or campus policy, or a local, state or federal law.

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Cypress College 2012-2013 Catalog  

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