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Por Cyntia Soares

Sky was a cat

at least she used to be

She used to be cute and shy

but something happened...

and since then she has never been the same ...

she's been behaving like a real bitch! literally!


hey! i remember her!

she tried to say hi:

Woof Woof

But that was the answer:

katni p looks says:

but s like a ca mells t like a dog.

Katnip says: looks like a cat but smells like a dog.

The other day, while hanging out with her bro's... bro's

...she found some catnip on the way

she remembered... of her, and how she used to feel before, as a real cat.

But she knew why she had acted that way

And sometimes she I liked the still thinks:

old times... when she didn't even know me , at least, didn't hate me.

Sky was a cat  

By Cyntia Soares - Brazil

Sky was a cat  

By Cyntia Soares - Brazil