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Earth day special -Plant trees buying Eco friendly friendship bracelets We human beings are the most extravagant user of all natural resources on earth. We use and then don’t feel important to look back and see what actually we have used and what has been wasted. We find it as our fundamental right, the born heir to all the nature that mother earth has provided us. But in continuous urge of consumption we are losing out the natural deposits necessary for our existence. It’s time for us all to unite and stand for the saving of it and make our generations safe. And so it’s great to hear every time when whole world celebrate one great event in a year called the earth day. So how are you planning to find the green nerve this earth day? Planting trees or recycling paper or saying no to polythenes or arranging the green city clean city campaigns or blogging and arranging a green dress code to symbolizing the earth day. How about wearing fashion jewelry and standing for the earth right this year? It’s no weird idea as ettika the fashion makers in jewelry is all set to give you earthy choices in fashion bracelets. Friendship bracelets made out of hemp could be a cool choice. The promise by ettika for this is for every hemp bracelet sold they are going to plant 10 trees. That clearly means that every such bracelet you buy from here you are indirectly planting 10 trees through ettika. Isn’t it a fantastic way of going green? Fashion jewelry sites like ettika gives you many other options as well. Braided hemp bracelets designed along with star, horse shoe, seashell, and wishbone charm in beautiful trendy colors are worth to buy or gift as friendship bracelets. Their saying bangles give you the best quoted sayings to gift and pass on the thoughts. So how about choosing one for your pals that says “today is blessing live for the moment” or single charm of tree of life making this earth day special. Leather bracelets or satin bracelets with expressive charms could be a more exquisite choice. Whatever you choose just keep it simple .Make it possible to let people know through this effort that you care for earth and want them to pay heed to. Gifting jewelry is always a joy especially when such noble thoughts are associated with it. Ettika has put forward a new way to celebrate this earth day now it’s your turn.

Earth day special -Plant trees buying Eco friendly friendship bracelets