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Bridge Wine suggests What Wine Goes With What Food Often times you will come across discussions amongst wine enthusiasts on how one wine year was much better than the other was. Many times, they will compare wines as they do Hollywood movies, and argue how wine produced in 2007 was better than the 2008 production and so on. It is a fact that wine is a seasonal product, which means that each year will vary from the next and the taste will largely depend on the conditions of the vineyard where the grapes grew.

The interesting fact is that good and bad years are subjective and vary from one wine Blakeney Bridge Wine growing region to the next, one grape variety to the other, as well as one vineyard to the next. The conditions that make one year great may not be the best for a drinkable wine, and will require a few years of wine aging to prepare it for consumption. You also have to consider taste since the quality that makes one wine a vintage does not necessarily make it a wine you will enjoy to drink.

Appreciate acidity: Sometimes people tend to steer away from high acid wines, such as the Muscadet or Sauvignon Blanc. However, the best way to match it with food is to use cheesy or creamy sauces, deep fried fishes, while tart wines do very well with foods like vinaigrette on salad.

It is very easy for different regions, varietals, and wine vintages to overwhelm you, but having a perspective helps. Many voices in wine discussions make one feel as if they need to be an expert in order to enjoy it, and that somehow there is a wrong or correct approach to wine dining.

Bridge Wine suggests What Wine Goes With What Food