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The Key to 1B The Official Newsletter of Division 1B of the New Jersey District of Key Club International Volume 1, Issue 3 | July 2013 Absegami | ACIT | Atlantic Christian | Cedar Creek | Egg Harbor Twp | Pleasantville

Summer Service Ideas

A Message From Your LTG HOW DO YOU FEEL DIVISION 1B?! I hope you feel good, because school is out and summer is here! I’m sure you all have had a relaxing start to your summer, whether it was at Relay for Life or the KC Olympics held by Egg Harbor Twp Key Club. Just because school’s out, it doesn’t mean that service to our homes, schools, and community has to end. Summer is one of the best seasons for service projects as well as setting up your club for a great start in the fall. In this issue you will find tons of service project ideas (feel free to tweak them however you feel fit) that can be done over the summer as well as some tips to start gaining members. Yours in Caring and Service, Cynthia Thurairajah

Food Banks When it comes down to it, food banks are pretty stereotypical volunteer opportunities for kids, but rarely do people take advantage of working with them over the summer. There are two ways to work with food banks either collect cans to donate to the bank or directly work with them. I suggest that if you chose to work with the bank send officers the first time and get to know the staff. Try and set up a weekly/ biweekly project with them. With projects like this over the summer, club members can start gaining hours now, as well as build a name for Key Club

Beach Cleanup Living on the Jersey Shore, this is a simple and fun project for Key Club to take part in. Find a beach near you or check on the Jersey Cares website for beaches that are having clean ups. Usually they are early in the day, which allows members to hang out at the beach after helping the community

Cards for Soldiers Making cards for soldiers is a simple project that can be done at a library with younger kids or even at an officer’s house with a few members. All you need is some paper, colored pencils, markers and creativity. If you search “Cards for Soldiers” online, you will get tons of sites with names and an address that the cards can be sent to.

Create a Garden Work with a local school, church, library, nursing home, ect. to create a vegetable or flower garden that everyone in the community can enjoy. Buy seeds and involve kids in the elementary and middle schools to help. This not only is a service project but will also help bring new members in the future!

Hold a Car Wash Everyone’s car gets messy at some point. Hold a carwash in a local parking lot (try contacting places that you know have already held carwashes) and raise money for the Eliminate Project. Make signs, have some members publicize while others wash cars. It’s a lot of fun and an easy way to spread awareness/raise money for Eliminate.

Volunteering at the Nursing Home Your local nursing home will always be looking for volunteers to help brighten up the lives of the people living there. It can be as simple as reading a book, talking to someone or helping with an event. Being a volunteer at a nursing home is a good fit for members who are outgoing and willing to talk to new people. You could be asked to yell numbers at Bingo or making the beds, but you will be brightening someone’s day.

“Senior� Prom High school seniors love going to prom, so why not include senior citizens? Hold a prom at a nursing home where members can decorate, put music on and just have a great time with amazing members of the community.

Contact a local business about selling Children’s Miracle Network balloons, Eliminate Hands or even making a banner with painted handprints outside the store. Have members man a table and explain what the cause is for and charge a dollar to write their names on a balloon or hand (Email me for pdf versions of them). Get creative like Egg Harbor Twp and charge people 25 cents to dip their hands in paint and leave their handprint on a blank banner. If you have the money for it, rent a dunk tank and charge for 1-5 balls to throw and dunk a member!


CMRFs are still due the 10th of each month

K-Family Picnic is Sunday, July 14th from 10am-4pm. Admission is $10 and there will be service, food, and tons of fun! The picnic takes place in Tom’s River, NJ.

Division 1B’s first DCM/OTC will be held on Saturday, July 13th from 4-4:30. Only one officer from each club is required to attend but more are welcome. All officers from ACIT, Absegami, and Cedar Creek are required to come at 3pm to be trained. The training will be at the Atlantic County Library in Egg Harbor Twp.

Continue to hold service projects throughout the year and recruit members!

Be on the lookout for my next edition which will be a recap of International Convention.

If you have a service idea or your club held a great project remember to submit it to me and be featured in my newsletter!

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The Key To 1B | Volume 1, Issue 3  

This issue has tons of service projects that your club can take part in over the summer.