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Cynique Evoulé Runway Series is the new stage for designers to showcase their talent to some

of the country’s most influential people. From magazine editors to clothing manufacturers, politicians to celebrities, retailers to everyday trendsetters, Cynique E’ is poised to be the Hauté new company on the National and International fashion scene.


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Runway Series Felicia Mosley Created an opulent fashion company in 2012 whose mandate is to promote art and culture through fashion and design. As its primary initiative, the organization has set out to produce Cynique Evolué Runway Series, a showcase event which will take place throughout the year in several cities leading up to the “The Big Four Fashion Weeks”. Within two years the company has gone from a vision to a reality by debuting February 10, 2013 and again September, 2014 in New York alongside Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Lincoln Center. After New York Fashion Week, Felicia has accomplished several successful runway shows including St. Louis, Houston, Atlanta, Miami and San Francisco and just finished Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015. Cynique E’s primary goal is to create an opportunity for designers from coast to coast, who have garnered attention from the general population of consumers and the media, to relay their aesthetic and their ideas through an inspired collection of garments and accessories. Since fashion has no borders, Cynique Evolué also sets out to serve as opportunity for emerging designers to bridge the gap from aspiring to professional, and gain nationwide distributions for their products. ABOUT Us

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