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Blame me. Countless times upon countless times people, often who sometimes didn’t even know what they were talking about would tell me I was wrong about something, just about anything. A lifetime of doubting and questioning myself; what I knew, what I thought, my motivations, perspective, view of reality, designs, everything. All because I loved reality and did not want to base anything on presumed falsehoods; because I wanted to be considerate of someone else’s view, that someone else might be right, and I might be wrong about something; because I wanted to be polite in conversation. Only to later find out, so many times, that I had been right about something in the first place all along, and hated myself for having believed nonsense in trying to do the right thing. It has happened so many times and I am so sick of it. I am done doubting myself about anything. But what is far worse, yet comes from the same mentality, are those who use despicable psychological tactics to kick someone when they are down, to attack someone for having been attacked; who betray the trust of someone who has already been cheated; all so they can feel morally or socially superior over someone else, and make themselves appear to be strong and tough and responsible at someone else’s expense; and it’s so easy... Despicable people who disguise their malice with “Tough Love”, who so love to turn the word “Victim” into a derogatory term and insult; a title of lowness, to make someone appear to be weak, selfish, pathetic, spoiled, irresponsible, and a cry-baby. It is just a replacement, a substitute, for people who wouldn’t dare kick a puppy in public for fun, and who wouldn’t dare make a small child cry just for sadistic joy. It is all so common anymore... You don’t know how to deal with someone who is suffering, and you don’t know what to do, you get some knee-jerk reaction that you don’t understand, and instead of dealing with your own lack of understanding and lack of compassion, you turn around and attack that person who is already suffering. You blame; you find some way to blame them for their own problems, make them the cause of whatever has gone wrong, and make them out to be stupid. - And it is so easy, it feels so good, so right; to make yourself their superior; to become the father figure or mother figure berating the spoiled child. You lie and say YOU never complain; you never ask for anything, just so you can say you never ask for anything, or lie because you have. Problem solved. You are so superior, wise, and responsible; you put them in their place, and all you did was repeat something you heard once. Monkey hear, monkey say. People who do this are the true spoiled brats, the real bullies, the betrayers of trust and of friends and family. People who do this should be deserted by all who they care for, or beaten with a stinging rod, and some should be sent straight to hell, never even seeing judgment day. It is one thing to hate an enemy, it is another to treat a friend or loved one like an enemy. It is the lowest form of betrayal and hate that there is. ~Cynicentropy~

Blame me  

About the wrongness of knocking people down and blaming them for anything that hapens to them.