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THE STORY OF RAIN NUTRI T I O N Discover an antioxidant powerhouse. RAIN NUTRI T I O N draws on fifty years of empirical research by Arnold S. Leonard, M.D., Ph.D., a thoracic and pediatric surgeon. For the last fifteen years, he has dedicated himself to finding a cure for cancer using genetic engineering. While researching his latest FDA-approved cancer therapy, he discovered that it became even more effective when combined with certain botanic oils and seed flours. As a scientist, he was skeptical, but research at his lab and at others confirmed that combinations of these oils and flours produced much higher antioxidant levels than the weighted average. In other words, the total antioxidant power was greater than the sum of its parts. These synergistic combinations of natural ingredients give Rain Nutrition products higher antioxidant levels than even the most potent “superfood,” helping us address today’s most urgent health concerns. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALT H. So many aspects of modern life impact our health, from pollution to stress to preservatives in our diet. Don’t wait until your health is compromised to take control of it. The importance of antioxidants cannot be overstated. In the material world, oxidation is seen as rust. In the same way, oxidative stress hurts our bodies, damaging cell membranes, degrading DNA, impairing metabolism, and leading to aging and chronic disease—including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Antioxidants allow us to fight back. Rain Nutrition’s potent antioxidant blends use the highest quality cold-pressed ingredients, a process that gently presses and separates the seeds into oils and flours without the use of heat or chemicals. These pure, extremely potent oils and flours offer a defense system strong enough to fight the effects of our modern world, helping the body to repair itself from the inside out. Our products take Dr. Leonard’s research out of the laboratory and put the power to eradicate the effects of Modern day living in your hands. LIVE A LIFE OF HEALTH—AND POSSIBIL I TY. Dr. Leonard’s research is the foundation of Rain Nutrition. As he continues work in his lab, we continue to harness his findings and build momentum with discovery. There’s no limit to what’s possible in the campaign to improve our health. Now you have a chance to join our momentum. Building on this history of empirical scientific research, Rain Nutrition’s products deliver measurable results—and lead to a foundation of personal freedom, both by protecting your health and by presenting the principles to build achievable financial success. Become part of a unique wellness company and discover the lifestyle you want. As a Rain Nutrition Distributor you become an entrepreneur, backed by a networking company with vision, knowledge, and the desire to make a difference. “Distributor” isn’t an empty title, either. When you share Rain Nutrition, you allow others to support their health and you support research that could make us all healthier. Rain Nutrition donates a percentage of all company profits to the Arnold S. Leonard Cancer Research Fund, which sponsors cancer research at the University of Minnesota. To learn more, visit Rain Nutrition products promote health, wellbeing, and individual success. Discover opportunity. Discover a way to give back. Discover Rain Nutrition. All content Copyright © 2009 Rain Nutrition, LLC. All rights reserved.

An antioxidant powerhouse  

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