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PANDORA‘S ECHO Jacqueline Jules

Curious, Pandora lifted the forbidden lid expecting gold or silk, not the howling creatures that flew in her face like bats from a cave, carrying crime and destruction, poverty and disease— all the headlines that flap in our hearts, disturbing our sleep. ―What have I done?‖ Pandora sank to the stone floor sobbing, bare shoulders bleeding, safe world punctured . . . till cries from the ornate box forced her to rise and take one more look inside where she found a tiny creature, weeping, with wings raised. Still curious, Pandora lifted the furry child. Pressed his warm beating heart against her own. And in time, he taught her to fly in the dark, to hear the high-pitched echo of hope stubbornly bounce off rocky walls.

Riding Light Halloween Horror Full Issue  

Halloween Horror Issue, October 2014