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1. Legal Status/Organisational Definition. 1. What is the Legal Status of your Organisation? (Please tick more than one box if necessary.) Limited Company Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) Limited Liability Partnership Registered Charity Constituted Group Other (e.g. Franchise etc.):

2. How would you define your Organisation? (Please tick more than one box if necessary.) Co-operative Model Development Trust Model Community Group Social Firm Social Enterprise Model Other (Please Define):

2. Current Organisational Remit, Product or Service. 1. What service(s) does your Organisation currently provide? (Please tick more than one box if necessary.) Give a brief description of your Organisation’s services. Training Digital Inclusion Awareness Raising Product Based Technical Support Community Safety

Physical regeneration Advocacy Social regeneration Basic Skills Health and Well Being

2. Who are your service users? (Please tick more than one box if necessary.) Youth People with Disabilities Homeless Ethnic minority groups

Unemployed Children Older People Other: 1

3. Do any of your current products or services have income generation potential? Yes Yes - but need assistance to develop the idea further No Unsure 4. Have you considered increasing the delivery of your current service/product to enable you to generate income? Yes Yes – but need further assistance to cost the expansion No Unsure how to go about this

Prompt – Does this fit within the Organisation’s core objectives?

5. Do you have any new ideas of products/services that could generate income? Yes Yes - but need assistance to develop the idea further No Unsure 6. If you have answered ‘Yes’ to question 3, 4 or 5, what are those products or services which could generate income? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Prompt – Is this idea based around ICT?

7. If you have answered ‘Yes’ to question 3, 4 or 5, have you, or any other Organisation, conducted any Market Research into this specific area of work? Yes No 8. If you have answered ‘Yes’ to question 7 what has been done?


9. Have you consulted any Business Support Agencies with regards to your income generation ideas? (Please tick more than one box if necessary.) Wales Co-operative Centre Business Eye Local Business Support Agency National Business Support Agency Other (please specify): No No, but would like to 10. Have you calculated the cost of providing your [income generation] service/product? Yes No 11. Who are your potential customers? (Please tick more than one box if necessary.) Local Individuals Individuals from a wider area Local Businesses Businesses from a wider area Local Community Groups Community groups from a wider area Housing Associations Councils (e.g. LA/Town Council) Local Health Boards Welsh Assembly Government Specific target group (please specify):

3. Resources (Staff, Physical & Financial) 1. To what percentage is you Organisation currently dependant on Grant aid; and to what extent will it be in five years time? 200 8


Prompt – Is it from multiple sources and where does it come from?

0 – 25% 26 – 50% 51 – 75% 76 – 100%


2. Do you own or rent/lease your own premises? Own Rent/Lease How long does your rental agreement last? (Please specify): 3. How many staff/ volunteers does your Organisation employ? Full Time Part Time Volunteers

4. Business Management. 1. Is there anything restricting you from developing your Income Generation idea? Political Quality Economic Risk Environmental Technological Innovation

Customer Satisfaction Competition Organisation Structure Human Resource Management Social None

2. Is the Organisation’s Management Board involved in developing Income Generation ideas? Yes No Not Yet 3. Does your Organisation have a current, up to date Business Plan? Yes - Completed Yes – in the process of being written No


5. ICT Capacity 1. Does your Organisation have any ICT Technical Support? Yes (Internal) Yes (External e.g. SLA, contract etc.) No 2. To what extent are your Staff and Organisation proficient at the following? (Please tick as necessary.) Experienced Adequate

Below Average

Notes (interested in exploring?)

Finance/Book Keeping (e.g. budget control, spreadsheets etc.) Organisation’s Web site(e.g. maintenance of content) Video/Digital Imaging (Photography, video etc.) Marketing (e.g. Posters, leaflets etc.) E-mail Office Admin (e.g. Letters etc) Social Networking Web 2.0 Technologies Research Database (e.g. staff, clients etc.) Training (e.g. Basic IT skills, elearning etc.) Purchasing services/product over the internet Selling product/services over the internet How well trained are your staff in using ICT? 3. Have you considered how ICT could improve your Staff’s/Organisation’s performance? Yes No No, but would interested in getting guidance on this 4. If you have answered ‘Yes’ to question 2, please explain how.


Social Enterprise Needs Analysis  
Social Enterprise Needs Analysis  

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