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A Land Where You Can Feel the Kindness


The project is partly financed by the European Union within the framework of the Community Initiative Programme INTERREG IIIA Slovenia – Austria 2000–2006

“Dežela pod Peco – Petzenland” is a place you will not find on any map. But it is very real and it extends in all four directions from the Peca / Petzen, the mighty summit of the Karavanke Mountains. It can be found in numerous jewels of the unspoilt mountain nature, in each work of our forefathers and in each of the many culinary specialities. It is reflected in the amazing originality of the plentiful folk tales, in the kind-hearted hospitality of the rough locals, and most of all, in your experiencing of it all. The beauty of the times we are living in is in allowing the experiencing of diversity, courage, difference and innovation. In the “Dežela pod Peco – Petzenland” region we combine them in dynamic

rhythms of

searching, reaching, and surpassing of known and unknown boundaries or simply in carefree long

distance relaxation. Dream books say that people who dream of open doors will have good fortune. This is where the open

doors and boundaries of

the “Dežela pod Peco – Petzenland” region will lead you.

window int Although users of the mobile Planet will be using roaming services in Austria or Slovenia, they will be experiencing a fixed star the

“Dežela pod Peco – Petzenland”.

o the world The “Petzenland – Dežela pod Peco” region is both Austrian and Slovenian. It is rest and activity. It is your player. It is your audience. It is a voice. It is silence. It is an idea. It is a story. It is a film. It is a window into the world. In short, it is not just one thing, but much more:

It is an original

land with

rare, small gems and small nooks of wilderness in the middle of civilization – as if it were at the world’s end, but is in reality on the crossroads of Europe. Various road capillaries going mostly through narrow valleys with overhanging slopes, interlaced with green pastures and forests, will lead you to places where you will participate in services and activities comparable to the large, overcrowded tourist metropolises, but with more

privacy and peace.

Holidays here are a particularly unforgettable experience – holidays that are far away from the masses and the everyday rush, in close contact with nature and the people, their culture, life’s wisdom, customs and practices.

It is a land

of natural specialties which are pointed out in natural parks and numerous thematic paths related to natural science, forests, botany and other themes. There are also energy points which show the inseparable connection

the underground world as with nature. It is a land of

it reveals its richness not only in abandoned mining pits, but also in caves and abysses. The

geological topicalities stir the imagination together with diverse rocky images of mightiness and the natural bridges between them. Further proof of nature’s playfulness are the numerous picturesque springs, rivers, waterfalls, rapids and mineral water springs.

It is a land where modernity

mingles with tradition without shame. It boasts precious emblems from prehistoric times, left behind by good old prehistoric men. Its strategic position on the windy Carinthian-Styrian and the Austrian-Slovenian area has always dictated a lively cultural and artistic flow that is reflected

original artistic achievements. Skill in in the

processing of wood and metals has not just been preserved here – it has reached mastery with the help of various shows. The locals have also managed to rip from oblivion’s grasp many folk tales, songs and interesting folklore

particularities that are

mostly performed together with the guests.

Traditional, homemade and natural are the characteristics that best describe the culinary art of this place. They are the reason you can still order a number of dishes here, that have elsewhere already disappeared from the menus because their preparation requires a lot of skill and time.

In addition to the above, the land is also a vibrant land

of sports and recreation. It offers active experiences everywhere and during all seasons.

e x p l o r a t iv e The land is interspersed with prepared alpine,

biking and hiking trails as well as trails for horseback riding for both recreational visitors and those who like a challenge. The forests here, more than anywhere else, boast a complex network of forest roads and paths offering hikers and modern two-wheeled

wanderings nomads almost unlimited possibilities of combining tours between the mountains, to the mountains, around or even through them. Roads and paths become irrelevant on all these explorative wanderings. The journey itself is the most important goal. Where you are going is not as important as how you get there.


The mountains here are marked by the whiteness of their glowing rocks and the softness of their slopes. Their peaks offer a relaxed view across the tidy valleys and the extensive dark green forests. With the unique “altitude� spirit that the changed people possess, a spirit that makes all the problems disappear and makes everything seem simple, you will feel that you have had a surreal experience, upon returning to your everyday routine in the valley.

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have the time to read anyway,

refreshing summer activities or

are all you will need. The rest

relaxation on and by the numerous

is here, waiting. There are also

natural and artificial lakes that truly

many possibilities for fly fishing

feel like oases of freshness in the

or just regular relaxing fishing

summer heat. A towel, bathing suit,

with a hook. Furthermore, you

sunglasses and a copy of the latest

may admire the green and the

iences burbling nature – the booming of the rapids, waterfalls and pools, or meditate by the dreamy flow of the Drava / Drau River. Or you could take a safe and peaceful ride on a raft suitable for all generations.

Snow more often than not covers the “Dežela pod Peco – Petzenland” region already in November and only retreats in late spring. Ski centres offer several well prepared and easily accessible ski slopes, with modernised lift facilities and systems for artificial snow, suitable for experienced skiers as well as beginners, the less skilled and families with children. Our “non-skiing” offer is based on particularities, adapted to the desires of all who view winter holidays as a time of relaxation, adventure and plays

snow and ice.


plays on snow

This was a short journey through the land. Dear guests, when you travel these places with good will and a kind heart, you will constantly be accompanied by that special Carinthian feeling which cannot be put into words. It has to be felt through contact with these places, the greenery surrounding them, through talks with people and through your own hidden feelings. We invite you to experience the “Dežela pod Peco – Petzenland” in this most genuine manner.

w w w . p e t z e n l a n d . s i

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Publisher: RRA Koroška d.o.o. > Editor: Primož Vodovnik > Texts: Žare Tomšič > Photographs: Tomo Jeseničnik, Nace Zavrl, Polona Moličnik plus archives of the RRA Koroška and Verein Regionalentwicklung Südkärnten > Design: Jasna Kalčič > Print: Dikplast > Publishing year: 2007

National Body of the Community Initiative Programme INTERREG IIIA Slovenia – Austria 2000–2006 is: The Republic of Slovenia The Government Office for Local SelfGovernment and Regional Policy

The content of the document is the responsibility of the RRA Koroška, d.o.o., the Regional Development Agency for Koroška, and in no way reflects the view of the European Union.

The cross-border tourist destination “Dežela pod Peco – Petzenland” encompasses the area of the Koroška region in Slovenia and South Carinthia in Austria. The natural and administrative border runs across the Peca/Petzen mountain. In the future, this mountain will no longer have the function of separation, but rather of acting as the main connection between the two regions. We are not burdened with administrative borders and instead wish to include in the joint offer the most attractive and marketable tourist products from both regions in order to reach the set goals. The beauty of the times we are living in is in allowing the experiencing of diversity, courage, difference and innovation. In the “Dežela pod Peco – Petzenland” region we combine them in dynamic rhythms of searching, reaching, and surpassing of known and unknown boundaries or simply in carefree long distance relaxation.

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