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Project Management Templates • Index • Types of Project Management templates and its benefits for managing project. • Initiation ( Types of templates used) • Planning ( Different templates used) • Execution ( Templates to carry proper execution) • Closure ( Templates that analyze and give results)

Types of Project Management Templates • Initiation Templates Used for Analysis or initiation •

SWOT Analysis

Requirement Spreadsheet

Project Checklist

Statement of Work

Requirements Document

Project Scope Template

Project Proposal Template

Business Case Template

Project Charter Template

Project Feasibility Study

PowerPoint Presentation

NDA Agreement

Types of Project Management Templates • SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning tool used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a new project or initiative. •

Strengths: attributes of you, your team, or your company that are helpful

Weaknesses: attributes that are harmful to achieving the objective

Opportunities: external conditions that are helpful to achieving the objective

Threats: external conditions which could do damage to the objective

SWOT Analysis

Project Scope Template •

Project Vision and Scope Document will help you to document the scope of your project. You will capture the business opportunity and future vision, along with the benefits provided by your project to the organization. Features

Professional cover page and well formatted document

Instructional text to help you complete each section

Logical flow to the document and sections; keeping your audiences attention

Opportunity, vision, and benefits to gain project buy-in

Project Scope Template

Project Charter Template •

After describing the project (opportunity, vision, scope, deliverables, etc.), our Project Charter Template contains several sections in which you can describe how your project will be organized. These sections include Team Structure, Roles & Responsibilities, Facilities, Resources, and more.


Clean, graphically appealing interface

Embedded Visio object for creating a project org. chart

Define the opportunity from a business perspective

Concise method for documenting the project scope, deliverables, and schedule

Analysis of project risks and mitigation strategies

Project Charter Template

Planning Project Schedule • Using this Project Schedule you will: • Create a WBS for your project • Assign tasks to team members • Track status and % complete of each task • Build a project schedule • Features • Instructions to help you complete the schedule • Formulas to calculate working days based on dates • Columns for tracking task assignments • Formatted to create a project WBS

Planning Project Schedule

Planning Risk Plan Template •

This Risk Plan template will help you quickly document how your team will identify, track, and manage project risks. By actively managing risks, you'll significantly increase the odds of your project being successful.


Easy to use, with sample content and instructions

Preformatted tables to track milestones and activities

Embedded Visio diagram for team org. chart

Planning Risk Plan Template

Execution Project Time Sheet •

Timesheet Excel worksheet will track hours worked against a project by task, providing task level and summary hour totals. The spreadsheet prints nicely with notes and signature sections.


Excel spreadsheet for submitting weekly time reports

Track and total time by task and/or category

Printable with section for notes and signatures

Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000 compatible versions

Execution Project Time Sheet

Execution Status Report Template •

Status Report Template is formatted to convey the most relevant information in a single, project summary


Clean, graphically appealing interface

Embedded fields for quickly entering names, dates, etc.

Concise, executive summary of the project on a single page

Execution Project Closure Report •

Project Closure Report will help you to document the final results of your project and bring closure to the initiative


Recap of initial project goals and objectives

Sections for tracking changes to the original project scope

Evaluation of the project results and lessons learned

Listing of any known remaining issues

Execution Project Closure Report


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