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Mastery of Gantt chart in Project Management Templates



is Gantt chart? Why to use Gantt chart? When to create Gantt chart? How to use Gantt chart? Benefits of Gantt chart? Project Scheduling Tools

What is Gantt chart? It

is a most useful tool for project planning. Gantt chart is also known as an action plan. It is widely used by the project managers to manage the entire project or phase of the project. Gantt charts are very simple to construct and easy to understand.

Why to use Gantt chart? It

represents the activity of tasks, its progress and time assigned and left to complete it. All the activities are co-related to the tasks, milestone, resources and other essential entities. It also shows who is responsible for the specific task. It is very flexible and can change as per the requirements.

When to create Gantt chart? Gantt

chart can be created at anywhere between the project progress, generally it is created at the initiation phase of the project. Many project managers prepared Gantt chart separately for separate project management phase. Before creating Gantt chart you should have knowledge and understanding of overall project. Always keep project proposal and project brief with you to change in the chart if required.

How to use Gantt chart? ďƒ˜According

to your project management experience check the all tasks of project and assigned it to the right person to finish it. Mentioned the person name and tasks in chart. ďƒ˜Make the correct sequence of the tasks in chart. Make sure two tasks will not get overlap and tasks should be placed before the next task which is required to complete it first to start working on it. Identify the tasks which are required to work simultaneously.

How to use Gantt chart? ďƒ˜Assigned

the optimum time duration for the tasks. It is better to assign the some extra duration than required to prevent unexpected problems during the project progress. ďƒ˜Continue the above process until the all the tasks and entity assigned. ďƒ˜Construct Gantt chart. Divide one column into two. List all the tasks on the right side of the column and duration for the respective tasks on the left side of the column. Left side acts as a timeline and represents the horizontal bar according to the time required to completion of the project.

Benefits of Gantt chart? Monitoring

the status of the project To identify the issues in project management Tracking of budget and resources allocation for the project Gantt chart helps in keeping the project on track. To plan the expenditure and resources Utilization of every minute to achieve the certain objective and goal of the project Effective communication with stakeholders

Project Scheduling Tools Many project managers use excel based scheduling project templates to meet the standard of Gantt chart according to the complexity of project management. It has the better functionality like visual layout and graphical representation.

Make your job less stressful by creating excel Gantt chart with Microsoft excel.

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Mastery of gantt chart in project management templates  
Mastery of gantt chart in project management templates  

Gantt Chart is the indispensable part of project management. It is essential to manage the project timely within allocated resources and fun...