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September 4, 2012


Shin splints can take you out of your game, so if you get shin splints, rest up and treat them so they dont come back again!

What causes shin splints? What are shin splints? How can you cure them? Shin splints can be caused by several different things. Which include; irritated and swollen muscles caused by overuse, a stress fracture which are tiny hairline breaks in the lower leg bones, or flat feet (when you step the arch of your foot collapses)


Shin splints are very common in athletes, which is also called tibial stress syndrome. When and athlete gets a shin splint, they will feel aching and throbbing in your shins. fitness-exercise/shin-splints

In most cases, shin splints heal themselves. The best treatment for shin splints is resting your body. Icing your shins will reduce pain and swelling. Painkillers will reduce your pain. Range of motion exercises can be used to stretch the muscle.