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Cygnus Review heal your body, feed your soul, free your mind, love your planet Aleph Paulo  Coelho The Storm Before the Calm Neale  Donald  Walsch Transition to the Golden Age in 2032 Diana  Cooper War of the Worldviews Deepak  Chopra     &  Leonard  Mlodinow Angels of Atlantis Stewart  Pearce Constant Craving Doreen  Virtue 101 Power Crystals Judy  Hall 5HDOLW\7UDQVXUÀQJ  Vadim  Zeland


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Spending  most  of  our  time  inside  buildings  under  artificial  light,  as   so  many  of  us  do,  it  is  easy  to  feel  cut  off  from  the  magic  of  life,   and  the  subtle  radiance  and  guidance  of  our  higher  selves.  Yet  this   consoling,  enlightening  sense  of  connection  is  always  there  for  us,   as  even  a  brief  time  spent  in  the  fresh  air,  with  all  our  senses  open  to   nature’s  wonders,  never  fails  to  prove.  For  our  Mother  Nature  sings   a  perpetual  song  –  of  love  and  renewal,  peace  and  protection  –  that   we  can  hear  and  be  restored  by...  if  only  we  listen.   The  texts  and  photographic  images  in  The Song of Life  have  been   created  to  give  you  a  daily  reminder  of  the  healing  messages  of   Nature,  so  that  you  can  feel  more  deeply  connected  with  Life,  your   higher  self,  and  the  divine  throughout  2012,  and  know  that  –  what-­ ever  happens  –  you  are  safe  and  in  exactly  the  place  where  you  are   meant  to  be.  Daily  reflection  on  these  texts  will  –  we  hope  –  help   your  soul  to  flower  and  to  turn  her  face  towards  the  sun  of  your  own   divine  Spirit.  In  this  way,  we  can  become  fully  human  on  this  Earth,   as  Nature  has  always  intended  for  us.   Thanks  to  your  lovely  feedback,  we’ve  kept  to  the  same  ‘landscape’   format  as  2011:  the  re-­design  proved  very  popular,  giving  more  room   for  you  to  write  in  your  own  events,  notes  and  appointments. 32pp,  210mm  x  148mm,  illus.  in  colour,  2011,  exclusive  to  Cygnus &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHVFRS\Â…RUPRUHFRSLHVÂ…HDFK

Paulo Coelho When day finally dawns, I get up, change my clothes and go into the lounge carriage. Everyone else is there too, including Hilal. ‘I’ve got a photo on my mobile phone I’d like to show you,’ says Hilal. ‘And I brought my violin with me, too, if anyone wants to listen to some music.’ ‘Look, just let us eat our breakfast in peace. I’ll look at your photo later.’ We eat our breakfast in silence. Outside, the landscape repeats itself over and over – small towns, forests, small towns, forests. ‘And what about the photo?’ By now, I’ll agree to anything if I can just return to my compartment and save sleep, but I don’t want to annoy  my companions who are, after all, paying for this trip. I ask Hilal to go with me to the other end of the carriage. We open the first door and find ourselves in a small area with two exterior doors and a third leading to the next carriage. Hilal shows me the photo on her mobile phone, possibly taken just after dawn. It’s a photo of a long cloud in the sky. ‘Do you see?’ Yes, I can see a cloud. ‘We’re being accompanied on this journey.’ We’re being accompanied by a cloud that will long since have disappeared for ever. I continue to acquiesce, in the hope that the conversation will soon be over. ‘Yes, you’re right. But let’s talk about it later. Now go back to your own compartment.’ ‘I can’t. You only gave me permission to come here once a day.’ ‘Listen, I’m a guest on this journey too. I’d love to have your company all the time, because you’re always so full of energy and never take ‘No’ for an answer, but you see...’ Those eyes. Green and without a trace of make-up. ‘... you see...’ Perhaps I’m just exhausted. After more than twenty-four hours without sleep, we lose almost all our defences. That’s the state I’m in now. The vestibule area, bare of any furniture, made only of glass and steel, is beginning to grow fuzzy. The noise is starting to diminish, my concentration is going, and I’m not entirely sure who or where I am. I know that I’m asking her to cooperate, to go back where she came from, but the words coming out of my mouth bear no relation to what I’m seeing. Falling into the Aleph I’m looking at the light, at a sacred place, and a wave washes over me, filling me with peace and love, two things that rarely come together. I can see myself, but, at the same time, I can see elephants in Africa waving their trunks, camels in the desert, people chatting in a bar in Buenos Aires, a dog


In Hilal’s Eyes – Mirrors of Our Souls crossing the street, the brush being wielded by a woman finishing a painting of a rose, snow melting on a mountain in Switzerland, monks singing exotic hymns, a pilgrim arriving at the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, a shepherd with his sheep, soldiers who have just woken up and are preparing for war, the fish in the ocean, the cities and forests of the world – and everything is simultaneously very clear and very large, very small and very quiet.

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Even more VDYLQJVZKHQ\RXEX\H[WUDFRSLHV ALEPH Paulo Coelho In  his  most  personal  book  to   date,  Paulo  Coelho  returns   with  a  remarkable  journey  of   self-­discovery.  Like  the  main   character  in  his  much-­beloved   The  Alchemist  [050225],  Paulo   finds  himself  facing  a  grave   crisis  of  faith.  As  he  seeks  a   path  of  spiritual  renewal  and   growth,  he  decides  to  begin   again:  to  travel,  to  experiment,   to  reconnect  with  people  and   the  landscapes  around  him.   Setting  off  to  Africa,  and  then  to  Europe   and  Asia  via  the  Trans-­Siberian  Railway,  he   initiates  a  journey  to  revitalize  his  energy  and   passion.  Even  so,  he  never  expects  to  meet   Hilal  –  the  woman  Paulo  loved  500  years   before  –  whose  betrayal  prevents  him  from   finding  real  happiness  in  this  life.  Together   they  take  a  mystical  voyage  through  time  and   space,  travelling  a  path  that  teaches  love,  for-­ giveness,  and  the  courage  to  overcome  life’s   inevitable  challenges.  Beautiful  and  inspiring,   Aleph  invites  us  to  consider  the  meaning  of   our  own  personal  journeys:  Are  we  where  we   want  to  be,  doing  what  we  want  to  do? 320pp,  141mm  x  222mm,  hardback,  2011,  RRP  £14.99


I am in the Aleph, the point at which everything is in the same place at the same time. I’m at a window looking out at the world and its secret places, poetry lost in time and words left hanging in space. Those eyes are telling me about things that we do not even know exist, but which are there, ready to be discovered and known only by souls, not by bodies. Sentences that are perfectly understood, even when left unspoken. Feelings that simultaneously exalt and suffocate. I am standing before doors that open for a fraction of a second and then close again,but that give me a glimpse of what is hidden behind them – the treasures and traps, the roads never taken and the journeys never imagined. ‘Why are you looking at me like that? Why are your eyes showing me all this?’ I’m not the one saying this, but the girl or

woman standing before me. Our eyes have become the mirrors of our souls, mirrors not only of our souls perhaps, but of all the souls of all the people on this planet who are at this moment walking, loving, being born and dying, suffering or dreaming. ‘It’s not me... it’s just...’ I cannot finish the sentence, because the doors continue to open and reveal their secrets. I see lies and truths, strange dances performed before what appears to be the image of a goddess, sailors battling the fierce sea, a couple sitting on a beach looking at the same sea, which looks calm and welcoming. The doors continue to open, the doors of Hilal’s eyes, and I begin to see myself, as if we had known each other for a long, long time... ‘What are you doing?’ she asks. ‘The Aleph...’ To meet again The tears of that girl or woman standing before me seem to want to leave by those same doors. Someone once said that tears are the blood of the soul, and that is what I’m beginning to see now, because I have entered a tunnel, I’m going back into the past, and she is waiting for me there too, her hands pressed together as if saying the most sacred prayer God ever gave to mankind. Yes, she is there before me, kneeling on the ground and smiling, telling me that love can save everything, but I look at my clothes, at my hands, in one of which I am holding a quill pen ... ‘Stop!’ I shout. Hilal closes her eyes. I am once more in a train travelling to Siberia and beyond, to the Pacific Ocean. I feel even wearier than I did before, and although I understand exactly what has happened, I am incapable of explaining it. She embraces me. I embrace her and gently stroke her hair. ‘I knew it,’ she says. ‘I knew I had met you before. I knew it the first time I saw your photograph. It’s as if we had to meet again at some point in this life. I talked to my friends about it, but they thought I was crazy, that thousands of people must say the same thing about thousands of other people every day. I thought they must be right, but life... life brought you to me. You came to find me, didn’t you?’ I am gradually recovering from what I have just experienced. I know what she’s talking about, because, centuries before, I went through one of the doors I have just seen in her eyes. She was there, along with other people. Cautiously, I ask her what she saw. ‘Everything. I don’t think I will ever be able to explain this, but the moment I closed my eyes, I was in a safe, comfortable place, as if I were in my own house.’ No, she doesn’t know what she’s saying. She doesn’t know yet. But I do. I pick up her bags and lead her back into the lounge. From Aleph, Š2011 by Paulo Coelho, published by HarperCollins

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SEEKING THE TRUTH DEEP TRUTH Gregg Braden Who  are  we?  Where  have  we  come  from,  and   what’s  the  future  for  humanity?  It  seems  that  a   new  world  is  emerging  before  our  eyes,  while   an  unsustainable  world  of  the  past  struggles  to   continue.  Which  world  do  you  choose?  In  Deep Truth,  visionary  scientist  Gregg  Braden  investi-­ save gates  the  common  roots  of  the  major  issues  that    are  dividing  humanity  which,  he  says,  all  stem   from  false  assumptions  of  an  outdated  science,   that  have  brought  us  to  demise.  Deep Truth   reveals  compelling  evidence  that  evolution   alone  does  not  explain  our  existence  and  that  we’ve  been  on  Earth  much   longer  than  acknowledged  by  conventional  history.  Gregg  also  shows   that  we’re  ‘wired’  for  peace,  not  war,  and  that  we’re  at  a  pivotal  point  in   our  existence.  These  discoveries  give  us  the  reasons  to  think  differently   about  ourselves.  With  that  difference,  the  solutions  become  obvious,  and   the  choices  become  clear!  Gregg  Braden  brings  together  elements  of  all   his  previous  work  into  one  cohesive  vision  for  the  future  of  mankind. 288pp,  137mm  x  220mm,  illus  in  b&w,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £10.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ…



You  may  be  familiar  with  The Priory of Sion  from   Dan  Brown’s  The  Da  Vinci  Code:  he  touched   upon  the  order,  the  bloodline  of  Christ,  and  the   possibility  that  Jesus  and  Mary  Magdalene  were   married  and  bore  children,  whose  descendants   are  known  today.  Sion  is  both  an  organization   and  an  ideal,  explains  Robert  Howells,  protecting   a  body  of  secret,  esoteric  knowledge  which  has   been  passed  down  through  the  ages.  It  is  thought   that,  at  certain  times,  information  is  released  to   focus  attention,  to  guide  and  direct  humanity,  to  raise  our  conscious-­ ness.  What  is  Sion’s  history?  Who  are  its  members?  What  other  secrets   do  they  hold?  In  The Priory of Sion  you  will  learn  of  the  order’s  origins   and  its  links  across  tombs,  temples,  alchemy,  Gnosticism,  initiation,  art,   symbolism  and  esoteric  wisdom  –  much  of  which  has  been  guarded,   until  now.  Truly  fascinating,  this  is  the  first  book  to  examine  the  priests   of  Rennes-­le-­Chateau  written  from  both  historical  research  and  direct   communication  with  the  Priory  of  Sion  itself. 320pp,  153mm  x  234mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £12.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFH…


SHAPESHIFTING INTO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS Llyn Roberts Why  Shapeshift  into  Higher  Consciousness?   Because,  explains  shamanic  healer  Llyn   Roberts,  we  are  one  with  a  vast,  intelligent   universe  that  has  boundless  energy  to  create;Íž   and  because  in  doing  so,  we  have  everything   to  gain.  We  owe  it  to  ourselves  to  wake  up,   live  from  higher  values  and  create  a  world   worth  living  in.  Llyn  has  years  of  experience   with  indigenous  healers,  shamans,  and  Elders   from  cultures  that  know  how  to  shapeshift  real-­ ities.  Now  she  translates  their  ancient  techniques  into  simple  modern   practices  that  you  can  use  to  transform  personal  imbalances,  open  to   your  life  purpose,  deepen  your  relationship  with  spirit  and  nature,  and   realise  oneness  with  the  higher  power  of  life.  Llyn  presents  a  potent   combination  of  healing,  spirituality,  activism,  ecology  and  shamanism   by  which  you  can  effect  positive  personal  and  global  change. 254pp,  140mm  x  216mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £12.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ…

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REALITY TRANSURFING If  you  want  to  take  your   understanding  of  the  Law  of   Attraction  to  the  next  level,   Reality Transurfing  is  for  you.   Russian  quantum  physicist   Vadim  Zeland  was  not  enjoying   his  life.  Then  one  night  he  had   a  powerful  dream,  in  which   a  wise  man  set  him  a  riddle:   ‘Everyone  can  acquire  the  freedom  to  choose  anything  they  want.  Here   is  your  riddle:  how  do  you  get  this  freedom?  If  you  solve  the  riddle,  your   apples  will  fall  into  the  sky.’  Naturally  enough,  Zeland  thought  the  idea   of  apples  falling  into  the  sky  sounded  quite  silly  at  the  time,  but  when  he   woke  up  he  had  the  strong  feeling  that  some  very  important  informa-­ tion  had  somehow  been  put  into  his  mind,  and  that  his  task  would  be  to   find  a  way  to  express  it  in  words.  Thus  Transurfing  was  born:  a  method   for  literally  choosing  your  destiny,  in  much  the  same  way  as  you  would   choose  an  item  in  a  shop! 1: The Space of Variations  –  learn  how  to  navigate  this  metaphysical   information  structure  that  stores  scenarios  of  all  possible  events;Íž  the   space  from  which  our  dreams,  clairvoyance,  intuitive  knowledge  and  in-­ sight  come.  Under  certain  energy  conditions,  what  you  have  conceived   or  created  will  be  realized.  [190304,  £6.99] 2: A Rustle of Morning Stars  –  learn  more  about  how  the  Law  of   Attraction  really  works:  there  are  two  sorts  of  intention:  internal  and   external,  and  it  is  only  when  these  two  are  in  alignment  that  manifesta-­ tion  occurs.  [190305,  £6.99] 3: Forward to the Past  –  Transurfing  is  a  method  of  allowing  rather  than   making  our  desires  materialize  –  you  need  to  allow  good  health,  and   allow  the  world  to  come  and  meet  you  with  open  arms.  [190306,  £6.99] Now  the  phenomenon  continues...

5($/,7<75$1685),1* RULING REALITY Vadim Zeland


In  daily  life  things  happen  despite  your  wishes.   Thankfully,  the  solution  is  simpler  than  you  might   think:  the  world  is  a  dual  mirror,  on  the  one  side   of  which  is  material  reality,  and  on  the  other  the   metaphysical  space  of  variants.  You  have  been   captured  by  the  mirror  illusion  that  the  reflec-­ tion  is  true  reality,  and  it  seems  as  if  the  world   around  you  exists  on  its  own,  outside  your  con-­ trol.  Ruling Reality  explains  that  it  is  possible  to   control  your  reality,  and  clarifies  what  stands  in  the  way  of  you  doing  just   that.  You  are  capable  of  getting  rid  of  the  reflection  illusion  and  waking   up  from  mirror  dreaming. NEW

120pp,  140mm  x  216mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £9.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

5($/,7<75$1685),1*$33/(6 FALL TO THE SKY Vadim Zeland Despite  its  title  this  book  is  not  in  the  domain  of   fantasies!  When  you  progress  in  this  next  stage   of  Transurfing,  everyday  life  will  be  shown  in   a  new,  unfamiliar  disguise,  thus  becoming  far   more  incredible  than  any  mystic  things.  You  will,   says  Vadim  Zeland,  be  convinced  that  reality   is  not  quite  what  you  normally  think  it  is.  In  the   previous  book,  Ruling  Reality  you  learned  that   human  beings  are  able  to  control  reality,  if  they   can  get  rid  of  the  illusion  of  the  dual  mirror.  In  this  book  you  will  learn   how  to  do  just  that.  Then,  having  received  a  key  to  controlling  reality,   you  will  discover  the  world  where  the  impossible  comes  true.  Although  a   lot  of  things  will  seem  unusual,  remember:  they  are  not  a  figment  of  the   imagination  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  everything  is  real. 122pp,  140mm  x  216mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £9.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;



Neale Donald Walsch The major disruptions in life as we know it will not be ending soon. Not before and not immediately after December 2012. Yet â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and I say this again, because it is important â&#x20AC;&#x201C; things are not what they seem. What is happening is not The End of History, but The Beginning of a New Era; not The Death of Modern Society, but The Birthing of a New Civilization. Therefore, living in fear and apprehension, nervous caution and skittish timidity, warily searching for a safe place, hoarding food and hunkering save down, preparing for a caveman  survival mentality to overcome every human being on the earth as all the structures, conveniences, and technologies of our world simultaneously collapse, is not the answer. The answer is to get into the game, not get out of the game by running from the playing field. And the game is not The Survival Game, the game is The Creation Game. The answer is to join in the co-creation of magnificent days to come. I have something specific to suggest that we can all do, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s so easy weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll wonder what took us so long to just jump in and do it. My suggestion is that we all engage in a conversation with humanity â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the part of humanity that we can personally touch. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s it? Have a conversation? Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the Big Solution to Everything? Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s it. And yes, that can be the Big Solution to Everything. Not directly, of course. But indirectly. Doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seem like much of a solution to me. It can be, I promise you. And Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll talk a bit more about the power of all this later. Right now let me just say that you can start your end of this â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;conversation with humanityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; by simply telling everyone you know that if we do not play our part, some of those things could happen. And so today, just as many years ago, it is exactly as American President Franklin Roosevelt said: We have nothing to fear but fear itself.


The One Thing We Know For Sure What itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all about â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and what itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not How to proceed without fear will become clearer to all of us when we realize that what is taking place now all over our planet is not what it seems. It has nothing to do at its basis with politics, so the upheavals in governance are misplaced and will do little or nothing to change things. It has nothing to do at its basis with economics, so the protests about economic disparities are misdirected and will do little or nothing to change things. It has nothing to do at its basis with military might, so the use of military power to quell dissent or resolve an issue will do little or nothing to change things. BOOK CIRCLE CHOICE: Even more VDYLQJVZKHQ\RXEX\H[WUDFRSLHV THE STORM BEFORE THE CALM Neale Donald Walsch For  every  person  who  is  con-­ cerned  about  our  future,  here   is  a  genuine  reason  not  to  be   afraid  of  our  Tomorrows,  says   Neale  Donald  Walsch,  as  he  of-­ fers  us  a  striking  explanation  for   the  upheaval  we  are  seeing  all   over  our  planet  right  now,  and   proposes  a  plan  by  which  we   can  impact  positively  both  our   personal  and  collective  future.   How?  By  having  a  simple  conversation,  a   dialogue  with  humanity  built  around  asking   and  answering  seven  questions,  and  then   by  making  a  decision  to  adopt  a  daring  new   way  of  life.  Neale  invites  you  to  communi-­ cate  directly  with  him,  so  we  can  co-­write  a   New  Cultural  Story  for  humanity  and  move   forward  together  to  change  our  lives  and   our  planet*.  Compelling  and  perfectly  timed,   this  first  book  in  the  new  Conversations  with   Humanity  series  aims  to  find  answers  to   every  question  that  is  worth  asking  about   December  2012  and  beyond. 288pp,  253mm  x  228mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £10.99

&RGH&\JQXV3ULFHVFRS\Â&#x2026; RUPRUHFRSLHVÂ&#x2026;HDFK *Find  out  more

What is needed here is not a revolution on the ground, it is a revolution in the mind. It may look as if it has to do with all of those things, and it has to do with none of those things. Yet if we do not know what it does have to do with, and if weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re unwilling to look at what it might have to do with, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re lost. If we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what the problem is, how can we get the problem solved?

The irony here is that we want to solve it! Not a single person I know wants this to go on forever. (Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s true that there are some folks out there who are actually welcoming these events â&#x20AC;&#x201C; joyously proclaiming that these occurrences herald the coming of Armageddon, the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgment, when they imagine that only they will be â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;savedâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x201C; but most human beings are yearning to see better times, not the end times.) Indeed, what I observe everywhere I go is that the human race is losing patience with itself. We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want the kind of world weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve created. Like a dissatisfied artist standing back from the canvas, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve decided that weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not pleased with the picture weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve painted. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve also become very clear (finally) that we canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t paint a better picture by using the same brush strokes in the same places with the same colours we used before. Somethingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s got to change. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to tear up the canvas and start over. It is this awareness that is producing the Overhaul of Humanity. The solution to the problem Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s go to the dictionary and look up that word. Overhaul: a comprehensive examination and repair of something. Ah, yes... the repair of something. Not the destruction of something, the repair of something. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what this time on our planet is all about. A lot of people are running around declaring that this is the end of everything. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the beginning. This is about repair, not destruction, of our world and our way of life. In order for those repairs to be made, we have to be clear about what is needed. What is needed here is not a revolution on the ground, it is a revolution in the mind. It is our thinking we must change. In the past we kept trying to change conditions on the ground, and even when we did manage to do so (every so often we found a Band-aid that helped), the same old (age-old) problems eventually re-emerged â&#x20AC;&#x201C; because nothing had been altered in our mindset. All of that is changing. Large numbers of people are â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;gettingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; this now. And so, we are going to weather this storm, you and I. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to give our children, and theirs, a wonderful world in which to live. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re about to turn a page in human history. Will you turn that page with me now? From The Storm Before the Calm, Š2011 by Neale Donald Walsch, published by Hay House

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WAR OF THE WORLDVIEWS Deepak Chopra /HRQDUG0ORGLQRZ What  happens  when  the  adversaries  sci-­ ence  and  spirituality  meet?  Well,  War of the Worldviews  shows  that  they  can  kick  up  a   mightily  impressive  discussion!  How  did  the   universe  emerge?  What  is  the  connection   between  mind  and  brain?  Is  God  an  illusion?   These,  and  many  more  subjects,  are  de-­ bated  by  Dr  Deepak  Chopra  and  Professor   Leonard  Mlodinow,  cutting-­edge  thinkers   in  the  fields  of  spirituality  and  science  respectively.  From  the  nature  of   time,  to  the  mechanics  of  consciousness,  they  lock  horns  and  challenge   us  to  consider  revolutionary  theories  about  the  cosmos  and  our  place  in   it.  They  enter  fascinating  new  territory,  where  knowledge  and  mystery   meet  head  on.  The  results  are  startling,  as  it  emerges  that  science  could   just  prove  to  be  the  strongest  ally  spirituality  has  ever  found! 320pp,  154mm  x  232mm,  illus  in  b/w,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £12.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

Note: this title is available to UK customers only. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Which  worldview  is  right?  Does  science  describe  the  universe,  or  do   ancient  teachings  like  meditation  unravel  mysteries  that  are  beyond   WKHZRUOGYLHZRIVFLHQFH"7RÂżQGRXWZHH[SORUHWKHFODVKRIZRUOG-­ views  on  three  levels:  the  cosmos,  or  physical  universe;Íž  life;Íž  and  the   human  brain.  Finally,  we  also  explore  the  ultimate  mystery,  God.   â&#x20AC;&#x153;In  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Cosmosâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  we  argue  about  where  the  universe  came  from,  its   nature,  and  where  it  is  going.  In  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  we  debate  evolution,  genetics,   and  the  origin  of  life.  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Mind  and  Brainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  addresses  neuroscience  and   raises  all  the  issues  of  mind  and  body.  And  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  refers  not  only  to  a   presiding  deity  but  also  to  the  broader  concept  of  a  divine  presence   in  our  universe. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Each  of  us  believes  deeply  in  the  worldview  he  represents.  We   KDYHZULWWHQÂżHUFHO\EXWUHVSHFWIXOO\WRGHÂżQHWKHWUXWKDVZHVHHLW No  one  can  ignore  the  question  of  how  to  perceive  the  world.  The   best  we  can  do  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  writers  and  readers  alike  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  is  to  leap  into  the  fray.   What  else  could  be  more  important?â&#x20AC;? Deepak  Chopra  &  Leonard  Mlodinow

SEEKING SILENCE IN A NOISY WORLD Adam Ford The  pleasure  of  silence  is  available  to  eve-­ ryone  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  it  can  be  solace  in  times  of  stress,   helping  to  regenerate  our  spirits;Íž  it  can   also  be  a  source  of  great  creative  energy.   Seeking Silence in a Noisy World  explores   simple  ways  to  find,  enjoy  and  savour  mo-­ ments  of  mindful  solitude  in  our  daily  lives.   Some,  says  Adam  Ford,  will  be  just  a  few   minutes  brought  into  your  dayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  routine.  Oth-­ ers  can  be  a  whole  weekend  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  how  about  an   impulsive  visit  to  the  seaside,  or  an  organized  retreat?  A  dedicated   silence-­seeker,  Adam  wisely  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;interrogates  the  quiet  spacesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  and   pauses  in  life,  including  drawing  upon  the  spiritual  use  of  solitude   in  religious  traditions  from  Native  American  initiation  ceremonies  to   Christian  hermitages.  He  examines  the  creative  power  of  silence  as   a  source  of  inner  strength  and  self-­knowledge.  Through  personal  an-­ ecdote  and  practical  daily  meditations,  Seeking Silence in a Noisy World  shows  how  we  can  all  find  plenty  of  soothing  peace  to  nourish   our  spirits  in  a  noisy  world. 144pp,  134mm  x  204mm,  illus  in  b/w,  hardback,  2011,  RRP  £7.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

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-2851(<6)257+(63,5,7 Iyer Pico


Do  you  have  a  favourite  place  you  go  to  for   peace,  solitude,  or  an  infusion  of  spiritual   energy?  Throughout  human  history,  certain   special  places  have  moved  us  at  this   profound  level  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  with  a  kind  of  inner  beauty   that  puts  us  in  direct  touch  with  the  spirit.   -RXUQH\VIRUWKH6SLULW  is  a  breathtak-­ ing  celebration  of  just  such  places.  Be  it  a   temple,  a  church,  a  wayside  shrine  or  a  landscape  feature  that  is   saturated  in  the  ambience  of  ancient  sacred  traditions:  they  all  add   meaning  to  our  lives,  awakening  a  sense  of  awe,  beauty  or  tranquil-­ lity.  Accompanying  the  awe-­inspiring  photographs  are  evocative   descriptions  of  each  place.  A  feast  for  the  eyes  and  spirit,  this  is  a   beautiful  give  for  yourself  or  a  loved  one. 240pp,  215mm  x  248mm,  illus  in  colour,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £14.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

THE BEST OF WHITE EAGLE White Eagle The Best of White Eagle  is  a  collection  of  the   most  significant,  memorable,  and  inspirational   of  the  White  Eagle  works.  Longer  extracts  from   White  Eagleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  talks,  spoken  through  his  channel,   Grace  Cooke,  are  combined  with  less  familiar   gems  to  capture  the  essence  of  White  Eagleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   philosophy,  providing  wisdom,  encourage-­ ment  and  a  blueprint  for  living.  For  those  who   know  and  love  White  Eagle,  this  book  gives  an   opportunity  to  have  his  collected  teachings  in   one  easily  accessible  and  portable  book.  For  newcomers,  The Best of White Eagle  presents  a  perfect  overview  of  his  teaching  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  a  path  of   deep  comfort  and  inspiration,  and  a  guide  to  spiritual  unfoldment.  Dip   in  for  a  short  piece  to  carry  with  you  for  the  day,  or  linger  upon  a  longer   passage,  allowing  it  to  flow  into  your  heart.  All  of  White  Eagleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  observa-­ tions  are  built  of  serenity,  love  and  joy,  to  encourage,  heal  and  reassure. 160pp,  134mm  x  196mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £6.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

â&#x20AC;&#x153;And  how,  you  ask,  are  we  to  walk  the  spiritual  path?   We  answer:  say  little;Íž  love  much;Íž  give  all;Íž  judge  no  one;Íž   aspire  to  all  that  is  pure  and  good  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  and  keep  on  keeping  on.â&#x20AC;?   White Eagle

DISSOLVING THE EGO, REALIZING THE SELF David Hawkins This  collection  of  David  Hawkinsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  teachings  on   the  nature  of  ego,  mind  and  consciousness  is   the  ideal  pocket  companion  for  spiritual  seekers,   to  inspire  contemplation  and  reflection  wherever   you  are.  The  quotes  and  passages  have  been   selected  from  his  core  writings  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  including  Power   vs  Force  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  and  are  presented  such  that  you  may   begin  reading  wherever  you  feel  most  inspired,   or  simply  turn  to  a  page  at  random.  Explore  the   true  nature  of  the  ego  and  mind,  and  be  guided   out  of  its  perceptual  distortions  into  the  Light  of  Consciousness.  Dr   Hawkins  offers  a  beacon  of  truth  to  illuminate  illusions  of  duality  and  to   help  you  find  your  spiritual  direction,  thus  transcending  the  small  self  to   reach  higher  levels  of  consciousness  and  move  towards  enlightenment. 240pp,  105mm  x  150mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £6.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;


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DIANA COOPER When  I  wrote  2012  and   Beyond  [190902],  I  was   filled  with  enormous   excitement  at  the  great   spiritual  opportunities   ahead.  There  are  amaz-­ ing  and  extraordinary   energies  coming  in  at   this  time  to  propel  us   through  the  twenty-­year   transition  period  into  the   new  Golden  Age.  After  that  book  was  published   I  was  inundated  with  requests  from  people  for   more  information  about  the  years  from  2012  to   2032,  especially  about  their  own  countries.  So   I  tuned  into  the  forecasts  for  the  whole  world   again.  I  was  over-­awed  to  discover  that  many   places  where  the  forecasts  are  challenging   have  been  specially  prepared  with  special  ener-­ gies  to  help  the  people  grow  spiritually.   For  example,  South  Dakota,  US,  is  right  over   the  cosmic  portal  of  Hollow  Earth  and  will  be   affected  by  earth  changes.  However,  in  2012   when  the  portal  opens,  Seraphim  with  their   extraordinary  high  frequency  will  touch  and   physically  affect  the  heart  chakras  of  those   living  in  this  area.   And  so  The  Transition  was  born  in  which  I   offer  worldwide  climate,  spiritual,  economic  and   political  forecasts.   The  world  has  never  before  experienced  a   shift  like  the  current  one  that  will  turn  us  inside   out.  Economies  will  change  dramatically  during   the  transition,  until  money  no  longer  has  rel-­ evance.  Dinosaur  businesses  out  of  tune  with   the  new  paradigm  will  collapse  and  be  replaced   by  smaller  ventures  working  for  the  good  of  the   animals,  people  and  the  planet.  By  2020,  the   governments  everywhere  will  curb  the  power   of  the  banks  and  many  big  corporations  will   be  struggling  for  their  viability.  They  will  fight   back  stealthily  and  secretly  by  trying  to  create   global  governments,  but  eventually  the  rising   consciousness  will  sweep  them  away. As  money  has  less  viability,  creativity,  music,   art  and  sport  will  be  honoured  again.  People   will  start  to  take  responsibility  for  their  own   health  and  healing  using  natural  methods.   Sharing,  caring  and  community  will  take  us  into   the  fifth  dimension. One  of  the  most  encouraging  things  to  hap-­ pen  in  the  next  twenty  years  is  the  opening  up   of  the  religions  to  higher  spirituality.  All  dogma   is  based  on  fear  and  this  will  change  into  love.   The  awakening  of  the  portal  in  Mesopotamia   will  return  self-­worth  to  the  Arabs  and  help   to  dissolve  the  dogma  of  Islam,  enabling  its   followers  to  embrace  their  religious  beliefs  in  a   spiritual  way.  Christians  will  no  longer  talk  about   the  fear  of  God  but  will  enjoy  the  love  of  God.   Jews  will  learn  humility  and  will  seek  peaceful   solutions.  Many  Masters,  such  as  Catherine  of   Sienna,  Mary  Magdalene  and  Saint  Theresa  of   Avila  are  stepping  forward  to  help  all  religions   become  spiritual.  


The Transition to 2032: the New Golden Age These  are  some  of  the  influences  that  will  touch   us  in  2012:   1.   The  twelve  fifth-­dimensional  planetary   chakras  are  opening  and  connecting  to  the   wisdom  of  their  stars. 2.   Thirty-­three  cosmic  portals  are  opening  and   flooding  their  areas  in  the  Christ  light. 3.   Many  other  sacred  sites  and  portals  are   starting  to  open. 4.   The  wisdom  of  the  seventh-­dimensional   chakra  of  Hollow  Earth,  where  the  entire   knowledge  of  our  world  is  stored,  is  becom-­ ing  available  to  us. 5.   The  wisdom  of  the  crystal  skull  of   Thoth  will  start  to  be  accessed. 6.   There  is  a  cosmic  moment  at   11:11am  local  time  on  21st  December   2012,  when  pure  Source  energy  is   available  to  those  who  are  tuned  in.


Diana Cooper Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  always  excitement  when  we   hear  that  Diana  Cooper  has  been  writ-­ ing  a  new  book,  so  weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re  very  pleased   to  announce  the  arrival  of  Transition to the Golden Age in 2032,  a  sequel  to   2012  and  Beyond.  Diana  was  asked  by   many  people  what  spiritual  opportuni-­ ties  would  arise  for  them  in  the  period  after   2012,  so  she  tuned  in  to  bring  through  a   global  energy  forecast.  She  shows  how  to   tap  into  the  new  energies  of  the  universe  to   gain  deeper  understanding  of  the  changes   taking  place,  and  includes  a  time  frame  for   this  massive  transition,  as  the  Earth  moves   fully  into  the  fifth  dimensional  frequency   in  2032.  From  what  to  expect,  to  how  to   prepare  both  spiritually  and  practically,  this   guidance  for  the  next  twenty  years  will  help   you  to  attune  yourself  to  the  spiritual  forces   that  are  coming.  Diana  gives  general  global   observations  as  well  as  specific  notes  for   places  all  around  the  world. 160pp,  140mm  x  218mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £8.99


Spiritual influences between 2012 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2032 1.  The  Great  Pyramid  in  Hollow  Earth  will  start   aligning  with  the  centre  of  each  of  the  stars   to  bring  the  universe  into  alignment  by  2032. 2.   Those  who  were  incarnated  in  Lemuria  will   wake  up  and  start  to  activate  the  Lemurian   crystals  to  heal  the  planet. 3.   2012  marks  the  start  of  the  ascension  of  all   the  universes.  We  will  all  be  carried  by  this   great  current  of  energy  into  2032. Time frame 2012  End  of  260,000-­year  cosmic  era. 2012 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2023  Eleven-­year  in-­breath.  Everything   that  has  been  hidden  away  or  lost  is  coming  to   the  surface  and  examined.  The  more  cleansing   we  undertake  the  less  there  will  be  for  nature   to  purify.

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2017 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2022  Main  cleansing  of  the  planet.  Dur-­ ing  this  period,  nature  will  use  the  elements  to   finally  purify  any  area  where  there  are  still  lower   energies. 2023 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2032  Nine-­year  pause  to  prepare  for   2032. 2032  A  new  fifth-­dimensional  blueprint  is   put  into  place  for  our  planet  and  our  entire   universe.  Everything  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  trees,  flowers,  animals,   fish,  humans  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  will  speed  up  in  frequency.   Currently  the  nature  kingdom  is  ascending   more  quickly  than  humans  and  this  is  creating   challenging  vibrations  for  some. Europe Europe  is  in  the   charge  of  Archan-­ gel  Raphael,  the   emerald-­green   angel  of  healing.   This  continent  is   constantly  changing,   so  there  are  many   different  energies   here.  Spiritually,  liv-­ ing  in  Europe  shakes   people  up  and  opens   their  chakras,  and   this  is  enabling  more   people  to  connect   with  their  guides  and  angels.  It  is  a  very  inter-­ esting  continent  to  live  in  for  spiritual  growth. There  are  three  cosmic  portals  opening  in   Europe,  which  will  bring  in  the  Christ  light  and   spread  it  across  the  continent.  The  first  is  in   York/Yorkshire  Dales,  spreading  a  pure  and   gentle  light. The  second  is  in  Andorra,  and  this  will   particularly  impact  Spain  with  its  high-­frequency   energy. The  third  one  is  in  the  sea  off  the  coast  of   Marseilles.  Linking  with  the  retreat  of  Mary   Magdalene,  the  waves  of  divine  feminine   wisdom  from  here  will  powerfully  influence  the   world. There  are  also  many  other  portals  and  sacred   sites  fully  opening  throughout  Europe,  which   will  significantly  raise  the  frequency  of  the   people. We can make a huge difference Much  doom  and  gloom  is  forecast  for  the  fu-­ ture  and  we  can  surely  create  such  scenarios.   However,  in  The  Transition  I  explain  how  we   can  work  with  the  elements  and  their  elemen-­ tals  to  create  a  calm  shift  into  the  new  Golden   Age.  It  is  up  to  us. Diana About Diana Cooper: The  Transition  to  the  Golden   Age  in  2032  is  Diana  Cooperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  twentieth  spiritual   book  and  she  has  also  written  several  childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   books.  Through  her  guides  and  angels  she  enables   people  to  access  their  spiritual  gifts  and  connects   them  to  their  own  angelic  guidance.  She  is  the   founder  of  the  Diana  Cooper  School.

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+($/,1*&5<67$/6 6721(6 32:(5&5<67$/6-XG\+DOO In  her  beautifully  illustrated  new  book,  101 Power Crystals,  crystal  expert  Judy  Hall   describes  crystals  with  a  wide  spectrum   of  uses,  to  help  you  discover  the  selection   that  will  resonate  with  your  unique  energy   field,  and  to  bring  new  insight,  alterna-­ tives  and  possibilities  in  your  healing  and   personal  transformation.  She  includes  high   vibration  crystals  that  experienced  crystal   practitioners  will  want  to  explore  as  well  as   those  with  earthier  vibrations  that  are  suit-­ ed  to  beginners  or  those  developing  their   sensitivities.  There  are  crystals  and  stones   for  love,  health,  protection,  abundance,   and  many  other  powers,  also  featuring  rare  and  recently  discovered   types  such  as  Aurora  Quartz  and  Preseli  Bluestone.  Each  entry  cov-­ ers  the  history,  mythology,  and  symbolism  of  the  crystal  in  addition   to  its  healing  properties,  chakra  and  physiological  correspondences,   with  an  exquisite  full-­page  photograph. 224pp,  152mm  x  278mm,  illus  in  colour,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £12.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The  photos  in  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;101  Power  Crystalsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  are  so  beautiful  that   ,ÂżQGP\VHOIPHGLWDWLQJXSRQWKHPVRFOHDUWKDW,FDQVHQVH some  of  the  power  of  the  crystal  itself.â&#x20AC;? Sarah

6$&5('6721(6 &5<67$/6 3KLOLS3HUPXWW /\Q3DOPHU Do  you  find  yourself  drawn  to  certain  rocks,   pebbles  and  crystals  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  from  the  huge   blocks  at  ancient  sites  like  Stonehenge,  to   that  outwardly  ordinary  pebble  that  calls   to  you  to  pick  it  up  from  beach  and  hold   it?  Do  you  see  images  and  faces  in  them   sometimes,  and  would  you  like  to  learn   how  to  interpret  their  messages?  Sacred Stones and Crystals  takes  you  on  a  journey  of  discovery  to  connect   with  them,  tuning  in  to  them  to  appreciate  how  stones  can  focus,   store,  transmit  and  transmute  their  innate  energy.  Learn  of  sacred   sites,  of  gathering  stones  without  harming  their  environment,  of  rock   art  (painting  your  own,  too)  and  of  working  with  your  companion   stones,  including  making  your  own  medicine  bag  collection.  Whilst   touching  on  familiar  crystal  healing,  the  beauty  of  Sacred Stones and Crystals  is  in  its  consideration  beyond  the  bright  and  sparkling,   in  simple  exercises  of  meditation,  creativity  and  bonding. 160pp,  190mm  x  235mm,  illus  in  colour,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £14.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;




There  are  signs  everywhere,  pointing  the  way  to   a  better  life,  if  you  know  how  to  read  them;Íž  and   when  you  recognise  the  signs,  you  can  glimpse   the  plan  the  universe  has  mapped  out  for  you,  say   Trish  and  Rob  MacGregor.  In  The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity,  youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll  see  why  they  believe   there  isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  really  any  such  thing  as  coincidence.   They  teach  you  to  see  synchronicity  as  a  lan-­ guage  of  personal  transformation  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  once  learned,   its  secrets  reveal  how  you  can  live  a  life  of  meaning  and  wonder.  They   describe  synchronistic  affirmations,  warnings,  connections  and  predic-­ tions,  and  the  divination  tools  by  which  they  have  been  received.  Learn   to  attune  your  awareness,  to  connect  with  your  unconscious  mind  to   interpret  the  meaning  of  the  signs  you  encounter,  using  such  tools  as   the  tarot,  I-­Ching  and  astrology  to  understand  your  past,  inform  your   present  and  guide  your  future.  Synchronicity  may  just  be  the  key  to   making  magic  in  your  life! 272pp,  135mm  x  215mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £9.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

THE ASTROLOGY OF 2012 Marcus Mason In  The Astrology of 2012,  Marcus  Mason   explores  how  the  astrological  implications  of  2012   apply  to  you,  based  on  your  personal  sun  sign.   You  may  know  that  21st  December  2012  marks   the  end  of  a  25,626  year  time  cycle  caused  by  the   Earth  gradually  changing  her  orientation  in  space,   the  significance  of  which  was  recognised  most   notably  in  the  Mayan  calendar.  As  we  near  the   end  of  this  cycle  and  the  beginning  of  the  next,   approaching  astrology  from  the  perspective  of  the   soulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  evolution  can,  says  Marcus,  help  you  understand  the  inner,  spirit-­ ual  purpose  behind  the  events  and  experiences  of  your  life.  By  exploring   the  sequence  of  astrological  changes  as  they  unfold,  he  shows  you  that   we  are  all  being  offered  the  exciting  opportunity  to  change  our  percep-­ tions,  by  uniting  the  intelligence  of  the  mind  with  that  of  the  heart.  We   can  learn  to  truly  connect  with  each  other  and  live  in  harmony,  honouring   our  Mother  Earth  and  creating  a  new,  positive  vision  for  our  future. 280pp,  135mm  x  215mm,  illus,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £9.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;


THE ANSWER IS YOU Michael Bernard Beckwith We  search  everywhere  for  answers  and   to  find  fulfilment,  when  the  one  place  that   we  should  be  looking,  explains  Michael   Bernard  Beckwith,  is  on  the  inside.  Not   only  is  the  answer  inside  you,  the  answer   is  You!  And  because  the  answers  to  your   questions  are  woven  into  the  very  fabric   of  your  own  inner  being,  there  can  be  no   other  answer  but  You!  Like  no  other  book   before,  The Answer is You  guides  you  in   finding  what  is  already  within.  Reflective   exercises  will  reveal  areas  of  your  life  that  are  flourishing  and  those  in   which  inner  work  remains  to  be  done,  helping  you  to  live  to  your  high-­ est  potential.  Beckwithâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  unwavering  conviction  about  creating  a  world   that  works  for  everyone  is  contagious,  encouraging  and  convincing.   108pp,  124mm  x  190mm,  hardback,  2009,  RRP  £13.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHVFRS\Â&#x2026;FRSLHVÂ&#x2026;HDFK



Stewart Pearce Fable upon fable, and mystery upon mystery surrounds the ancient civilization of Atlantis, so much so that many writers have questioned its legendary status. Things that should not have been forgotten were lost â&#x20AC;&#x201C; history became legend, legend became myth, and yet a time has come when the Angels will once more help to shape the fortunes of the race of men. My intention is to connect you with that part of your psyche that resonates deeply with the notion of Atlantis, and the archetypal depth of human nature; to illuminate the significance of how the sacred wisdom of Atlantis drenched the human species with the knowledge of drawing spirit into embodiment. How through a profound reverence for the divine in nature, a powerful bond was created between the celestial and the profane realms of the Universe. Of how the experience of the physical domain on Atlantis, allowed the inhabitants to live to a superlative degree. Super-coherence The people of Atlantis experienced a way of being alive that vibrated in concord with a completely different biochemistry from our contemporary molecular status. Their â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;super-coherenceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; was created and nourished by an octave of spiritual intelligence far surpassing anything we currently attain, except perhaps for a few notable exceptions, and it is information about this coherence that I am particularly interested in sharing. Today, there are a few notable human beings, not unlike the Atlantean Atla Priesthood, who through lifetimes of karmic cleansing, have reached a point of rare loving. Who, through years of spiritual quest have sought a point of optimum â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;beingnessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, who through disciplined service to the Divine have achieved degrees of enlightenment that vibrate refined states of love within physical embodiment. These beings are the Bodhisattva -â&#x20AC;&#x2122;the living saintsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x201C; currently seen in His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the recently departed Sathya Sai Baba, Ammachi the hugging mother, and Mother Meera, to name just a few. With their light in my consciousness, with instruction from my Angelic guides, a great desire has opened within my heart and soul to write about the Angels of Atlantis, so as to assist with your transformation during this current period of vast planetary and personal change â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the dawning of Aquarius. As we swim abreast this surge, as we gasp air for another life affirming breath, as we view safe hope of land, we may see a radically new landscape before us â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we may see a paradise where such inner transformation occurs that we are raised to a wholly new level of consciousness, just as we were before in Atlantis.


Angels of Atlantis Twelve mighty forces Before us lies a vision of ourselves as luminous creative beings, engaged in the evolutionary impulse of the cosmos, and through each passage or step becoming consciously self-realized divine beings. In this state we may embody an impulse of love so great, that our physical presence will be transfigured, and we will become like orbs of light, transfixed by our energy field. Twelve mighty forces â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Angels of Atlantis â&#x20AC;&#x201C; offer a view of the spiritual maxims and archetypal keys that led the Atlantean people to create heaven on earth. For these

ANGELS OF ATLANTIS Stewart Pearce Mystery  surrounds  the  ancient   civilization  of  Atlantis,  and  much   has  been  forgotten  or  turned   to  myth.  Now,  says  Stewart   Pearce,  a  time  has  come  when   the  twelve  Angels of Atlantis   will  once  again  help  to  shape   human  fortune.  They  will  enable   you  to  become  aligned  with  their   power  and  wisdom,  to  connect   with  that  part  of  your  psyche  that   resonates  deeply  with  the  notion  of  Atlantis,   and  the  archetypal  depth  of  human  nature.   The  twelve  angels  are  depicted  through  intri-­ cate  illustrations  that  accompany  their  written   message  and  each  angel  is  mirrored  by  a   priest-­scientist,  which  contributes  to  its  divine   energy.  A  series  of  exercises  awakens  the   archetypal  guidance  of  each  incredible  force,   creating  a  spiritual  environment  in  which  joy   and  well-­being  are  sustainable.  Providing   faith  seekers  with  a  deep  connection  to  the   ancient  realm  of  Atlantis,  these  inspirations   offer  powerful  counsel  and  healing. 160pp,  135mm  215mm,  illus  in  colour,  softback,   2011,  RRP  £8.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

archetypes are keys to unlocking the mystery of our consciousness. To remove the power of human consciousness from thousands of years of being held within a karmic closet, existing within bands of force that have affected the very matrix from which human intention once sprang. My meeting with these illustrious Angelic beings, chronicled in the epilogue The Alchemy of Voice [200505], evoked teachings that utterly changed the course of my life, and the lives of those with whom I have subsequently worked. For the Angels truly remind us of where the Love Gold lies deep in the very flames of the passion that celebrates the hearth of love â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Heart. For make no mistake, if we open our heartâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s secret chamber and unpack its love filled treasure chest, full of the most precious jewels of joy, compassion, empathy, patience, grace, gratitude, freedom, hope and passion, we may truly inherit the joy that is our divine birth-right.

Just as it was in Atlantis, if we embrace the notion of Love through continuous moments of our consciousness, that is with a degree of conviction that gestures Love is All There Is, we blast open the furnace of our spiritual conviction, and the intelligence and compassion of an ancient way of loving sears through our living. Therefore, a trajectory to heaven is forged. When the vibration of our soulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s note moves us to ecstasy â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the unique signature note that is the sonic talisman to this sacred impulse sounded into creation by our heart â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we produce a key harmony in human form that stops the symphonic movement of the Cosmos in a second of bated breath. This could be a moment of such exquisite proportion that we would literally hear the voice of the Angels chanting to us, reminding us that our inheritance is to manifest the gifts of grace and truth here on Earth. For thousands of years the Atlantean peoples practised cosmic ideals such as these. By chanting and speaking love, peace and abundance into their lives, and because that was all that mattered, they found a way of being full of joy. Sound and its colour filled resonance, like sparkling light from millions of crystals, connected them to the great jewel of being known as Faith. Through the acceptance of faith, time and time again, the greatest prize above all was revealed â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a sublime connection with the Divine. For this level of spiritual attainment was ordained by the intelligence of the Divine Cosmic Matrix, countenanced by its Angels, governed by the Atla Priesthood, and lived efficaciously by its people. Today, with the sheer living of this possibility, the Angels inspire us to create intentions for the whole of life, that broaden our vistas of consciousness; that we proclaim bold acts of deep-hearted love through our sacred voice sound fields, and that we use healing modalities such as Voice Alchemy as a transmutational force. These bring pranic upliftment, add vital well-being to the empowerment of our spiritual intelligence. For, literally within the core of sound lies the blueprint of creation: of the Cosmos, of the Planet, of your life, and of all sentient life. Once we are aligned with the interconnectivity of lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s matrix, the condition of we Homo Sapiens (meaning â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;intelligenceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;) may evolve to the next level of our incarnation, which may be known as Homo noeticus (meaning â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;wisdomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;). With this knowledge we will connect intuition with cognition, we will suffuse our heads with our hearts, the rational with the irrational, the conscious with the unconscious, the physical with the spiritual, in preparation for our ultimate state of being Homo Luminous, and therefore living as Human Angels. From Angels of Atlantis, Š 2011 by Stewart Pearce, published by Findhorn.

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Would  you  like  to  understand  your  food  crav-­ ings  and  manage  your  emotional  eating  habits?   Constant Craving  could  help  you  reduce  or   eliminate  them,  as  Doreen  Virtue  guides  you  in   learning  how  to  interpret  and  resolve  your  crav-­ ings  for  rogues  such  as  chocolate,  crisps,  burg-­ ers,  bread,  cheese,  ice  cream  and  many  other   foods.  She  shows  you  that  you  neednâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  kill  your   appetite  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  instead,  you  can  heal  your  appetite,   because  each  food  you  crave  corresponds  to   a  specific  mood  or  emotional  concern,  such  as   stress,  a  desire  for  love,  fun,  financial  security,   and  forgiveness  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  all  of  which  can  be  addressed  without  turning  to   â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;comfortâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  foods.  A  comprehensive  chart  explains  the  probable  meaning   beyond  your  cravings  for  a  variety  of  foods.  With  loads  of  fascinating   information,  up-­to-­date  scientific  studies  on  appetite,  several  quizzes,   and  even  a  glossary  of  amino  acids,  Constant Craving  is  a  valuable   resource  youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll  refer  to  again  and  again.

Scientific  research  has  proved  that  the   heart  is  the  control  centre  of  the  bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   systems  and  overall  health.  Pioneers   of  this  research  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  based  at  the  pres-­ tigious  Institute  of  Heartmath  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  have   developed  an  effective  programme   to  harness  the  power  of  the  heart.   These  life-­altering  techniques  will   show  you  how  to  deepen  the  qualities   of  the  heart  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  wisdom,  compassion,   strength  and  joy  and  increase  the   intuitive,  creative,  heart-­centred  aspects  of  your  personality.  And   by  channelling  the  heartâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  intelligence  you  will  be  able  to  achieve   enormous  physical,  emotional  and  mental  benefits,  such  as  reducing   stress,  lowering  blood  pressure,  reaching  peak  mental  and  intui-­ tive  performance,  enhancing  your  creativity  and  becoming  happier.   Cutting-­edge  science  is  combined  with  the  warmth  and  humour  of   anecdotal  stories  and  examples,  exercises  and  worksheets  laying   out  a  clear  roadmap  to  your  full  potential.  The  concepts  are  easy  to   understand  and  apply,  yet  powerful  enough  to  make  a  real  difference   in  short  a  period.

256pp,  135mm  x  215mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £9.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

HOW I SAID BAH! TO CANCER Stephanie Butland


How I Said Bah! to Cancer  is  Stephanie  Butlandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   account  of  how  she  rallied  against  cancer  through   thinking  strategies,  a  proactive  approach  to   treatment,  and  a  determination  to  keep  the  rest   of  her  life  going  and  retain  a  sense  of  humour.   She  shares  everything  she  learnt  along  the  way,   from  the  nature  of  cancer  cells  and  chemotherapy   drugs,  to  how  she  was  able  to  help  her  friends  and   family  to  help  her.  From  diagnosis,  through  what  to   say  when  difficult  conversations  crop  up,  to  practi-­ cal  matters  like  preparing  for  treatment,  Stephanie  opens  up,  sharing  her   whole  experience,  so  that  yours  may  be  less  frightening  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  a  dance,  per-­ haps,  rather  than  a  battle.  Plenty  of  tips,  visualizations  and  meditations   help  you  to  take  positive  action,  or  just  to  cope  a  little  easier.  Truthful,   personal,  funny,  and  above  all  helpful,  you  could  find  How I Said Bah! to Cancer  to  be  the  ideal  straight-­talking  best  friend  to  help  you  along  your   cancer  journey  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  or  support  a  loved  one  on  theirs. 272pp,  217mm  x  237mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £10.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

304pp,  153mm  x  234mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £12.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

EMWAVE 2 The  emWave  2  is  an  easy-­to-­use  portable  train-­ ing  device  that  employs  colourful  LED  displays,   audio  feedback  and  a  powerful  stress  relief   technique  to  help  you  bring  your  heart  rhythms   into  the  ordered  and  harmonious  state  indicative   of  high  coherence.  With  four  challenge  levels   including  a  challenging  Advanced  User  mode,   the  emWave2  provides  the  perfect  way  to  reduce   stress,  balance  emotions  and  increase  perfor-­ mance.  Sessions  can  be  stored  for  later  review   on  your  computer,  or  you  can  run  a  session  while  at  your  computer   and  watch  your  coherence  through  real-­time  charts.  Sessions  on  your   computer  can  also  be  made  entertaining  with  the  coherence  building   tools  included  in  the  software.  The  package  includes  free  online  training   and  lifetime  customer  support  from


THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF COLOUR CARDS Inna Segal The Secret Language of Colour is  your  key  to   unlocking  the  healing  power  of  colour.  Featur-­ ing  45  stunning  cards,  each  infused  with  a   unique  healing  vibration,  and  an  accompanying   84-­page  guidebook,  Inna  Segal  will  assist  you   in  bringing  more  joy,  harmony,  and  wellness  to   your  life.  Offering  various  creative  ways  to  use   the  cards  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  including  simply  asking  a  question   and  picking  a  card,  placing  a  colour  card  on  an  area  of  the  body  that   needs  that  colourâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  particular  healing  attention,  and  colour  visualiza-­ tion  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  you  can  interpret  and  create  useful  healing  practices.  Explore  the   full  rainbow  spectrum  and  more  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  from  plum  to  overcome  challenges,   burgundy  to  awaken  passion,  and  emerald  to  create  a  calm,  mind,   body,  and  spirit.  These  vibrant  and  potent  cards  are  a  tool  anyone  can   use  daily  to  receive  inspired  and  intuitive  messages  of  guidance  and  to   restore  your  body  to  its  natural  state  of  balance  and  harmony. Boxed  set,  128mm  x  170mm,  45  full  colour  cards  +  84pp  guidebook,  2011,  RRP  £12.99


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Package  Contents:  emWave2  handheld  device;Íž  USB  connector;Íž  ear  sensor;Íž   CD  with  software  application;Íž  quick  start  guide.   &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026; SULFHLQFOXGHV8.S S

ALL OF ME Kim Noble Kim  Noble  is  an  artist  whose  work  has  been   exhibited  around  the  world.  A  bubbly  and   vivacious  mother,  to  meet  her  you  probably   wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  think  anything  was  wrong.  However,   in  1995  she  was  diagnosed  with  Dissocia-­ tive  Identity  Disorder  (DID),  for  as  a  child  her   personality  splintered  and  fractured  (possibly   as  a  creative  way  to  cope  with  unbearable   pain).  Now  her  body  plays  host  to  more  than   twenty  different  personalities,  or  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;altersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;:  women   and  men,  adults  and  children,  of  many  quirks   and  characters.  Some  alters  age  with  her  body;Íž  others  are  stuck  in   time.  All of Me  takes  you  into  her  extraordinary  world,  where  the  very   nature  of  reality  is  different.  Kim  tells  of  her  battles  to  understand  her   own  mind;Íž  of  her  struggle  to  win  back  her  child;Íž  and  of  her  courage   and  commitment  in  trying  to  make  sense  of  her  life.  It  is  by  turns   shocking,  inspiring,  sometimes  funny,  and  deeply  moving. 384pp,  135mm  x  216mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £12.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;


%5,1*,1*-2<7+528*+&5($7,9,7<$1',0$*,1$7,21 THE ART OF PAPERCUTTING Deborah Schneebeli-­Morrell Do  you  remember  the  fun  of  using  paper  and   scissors  in  Infants  class  to  cut  out  snowflakes   and  rows  of  people?  Are  you  looking  for  a   new,  inexpensive  hobby  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  a  way  to  explore   your  creativity  in  easily  manageable  projects,   making  intricate  and  attractive  things  from  your   very  first  attempt?  The  projects  in  The Art of Papercutting  provide  gorgeous  foundation  de-­ signs,  mostly  inspired  by  nature  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  animals,  birds   and  flowers.  Full  and  clear  patterns  and  instruc-­ tions  guide  you  in  making  a  collection  of  greet-­ ings  cards,  party  decorations,  gifts  and  items  for   the  home.  Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll  soon  learn  how  to  adapt  the   projects  to  your  own  taste  and  materials,  and   itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  a  thrifty  and  eco-­friendly  way  of  recycling   discarded  bits  of  paper  and  card.  The  designs   are  beautiful  and  stylish,  with  many  projects  suitable  for  the  whole  family   to  enjoy  making  together.  Why  not  treat  yourself,  or  someone  else,  to   this  treasure  trove  of  ideas? 128pp,  210mm  276mm.  illus  in  colour,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £12.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

KNITTED FAIRIES Fiona McDonald With  imagination  and  flair,  Fiona  McDonald  shows   you  how  to  knit  ten  beautiful  fairies,  all  with  their   own  unique  character  and  style.  They  include  an   enigmatic  moon  fairy,  a  cool  ice  fairy,  a  cheerful   rainbow  dream  fairy  and  even  Oberon  and  Titania,   the  king  and  queen  of  the  fairies.  Using  a  basic   body  pattern,  each  fairy  is  then  dressed  in  his  or   her  own  costume,  complete  with  wands,  wings  and   delicate  embellishments  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  ideal  for  using  up  scraps   and  oddments  from  your  craft  basket.  The  dolls  make  wonderful  gifts  for   friends  and  family  of  all  ages  (from  three  years  upwards),  and  by  knitting   love  into  every  stitch  and  adding  a  touch  of  your  own  spirit  of  creative   adventure,  you  can  adapt  them  to  match  your  friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  or  relativeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  per-­ sonality  or  lifestyle.  With  excellent  instructions  given  in  UK  terminology   and  plenty  of  close-­up  photographs,  this  lovely  book  is  a  crafterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  dream. 95pp,  194mm  x  240mm,  illus  in  colour,  hardback,  2011,  RRP  £8.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;


ANGELS AT BEDTIME Karen Wallace When  youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re  little  thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  nothing  better  to   help  you  drift  off  into  a  blissful  nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  sleep   than  to  be  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;tucked  inâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  warm  and  cosy  and   then  share  a  bedtime  story.  This  delicious   collection  of  tales  and  adventures  introduces   the  angelsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;  loving  energy  and  their  powers  of   guidance  and  protection.  Discover  a  world  of   amazing  characters:  circus  stars,  princes  and   princesses,  a  mysterious  cowboy,  a  magical   flying  horse,  a  kind  monkey  and  lots  more.   Each  tale  cleverly  introduces  the  value  of  a   loving  and  generous  quality,  such  as  compas-­ sion,  honesty,  self-­esteem  and  gratitude  and  is   accompanied  by  simple  affirmations  that  draw   out  its  positive  messages.  The  stories  are  also   a  gentle  introduction  to  meditation  and  visuali-­ save zation,  as  they  call  you  to  relax  and  imagine    together.  With  bright  and  colourful  pictures,   too,  Angels at Bedtime  is  sure  to  become  a  family  favourite.  Age  6+ 144pp,  190mm  x  240mm,  illus  in  colour,  hardback,  2011,  RRP  £14.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;


ANGEL WITH GREETINGS CARD This  Angel with Greetings Card  provides  a  lovely,  inexpensive  way  to   remind  a  friend  that  they  are  loved,  and  that  the  help  of  angels  is  always   there  for  them.  Hand-­made  in  Wales,  the  front  of  the  card  bears  the  mes-­ sage:  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;May  you  always  have  an  angel  by  your  sideâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.  The  picture  on  each   card  is  individually  hand-­painted  on  silk,  so  the  designs  vary,  but  all  have   a  lovely,  simple  quality  that  you  will  find  very  attractive.  The  card  comes   with  an  envelope  and  a  hand-­made  angel  ornament  with  a  gold-­dusted   finish.  The  angel  can  be  hung  on  a  Christmas  tree,  or  anywhere  in  your   home  as  a  tangible  reminder  that  angels  are,  indeed,  by  your  side.   Handmade  card,  72mm  x  95mm  with  envelope  and  ornament,  RRP  £3.95 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;


CYGNUS CHRISTMAS &$5'6-DQHW%D[WHU A  pack  of  ten  attractive  cards   with  the  message  Seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s   Greetings  on  the  front,  blank   inside  for  your  own  mes-­ sages.  The  owl  and  snowdrop   are  two  of  our  favourite  Janet   Baxter  photographs. 10  cards,  5  each  of  2  designs,  125mm  x  170mm,  RRP  £7.99 &RGH%&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026; SPECIAL OFFER FOR CYGNUS SUPPORTING MEMBERS: Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll send a IUHHSDFNRIFDUGVZKHQ\RXVSHQGÂ&#x2026;RUPRUHZKLOHVWRFNVODVWDVD thank you for being, or becoming a Cygnus Supporting Member. See p.2

RIVERBOAT CD Steve Orchard Welcome  to  the  wonderful  world  of  Steve   Orchard  and  his  acoustic  guitar.  Riverboat  is  a   musical  journey  along  the  meandering  water-­ ways  of  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Olde  Englandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.  Meditative  and  relax-­ ing,  this  gentle  music  will  relax  and  soothe,   letting  you  drift  off  to  a  place  of  peace  and   daydreams,  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;away  from  the  madding  crowdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.   Songbirds  and  the  sounds  of  the  river  flow  with   Steveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  delicate  and  evocative  melodies,  accompanied  at  times  by  a  flute   and  ethereal  whispering  chords.  Feel  the  freshness  of  morning  on  the   riverbank,  feed  the  dabbling  ducks  and  camp  on  the  riverside.  Dodge  a   summer  storm  then  discover  the  excitement  of  the  fair.  Finally,  tie  up  the   boat  and  drift  into  a  deep  slumber  with  Steveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  river  lullaby.  This  is  the   Riverboat  of  Steveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  imagination  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  perhaps  youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d  like  to  discover  it  too? 10  tracks,  total  running  time  51  mins,  2011,  RRP  £13.99 Code: D210832 Cygnus Price ÂŁ10.00

Next issue â&#x20AC;&#x201C; UK mailings will arrive from 16th Nov to 30th Nov

MEANINGFUL AND SPIRITUAL GIFT IDEAS 0,1'%2'< 63,5,7%22.2)'$<6 2012 DIARY This  popular,  beautifully  illustrated  holistic  diary   offers  physical,  mental  and  spiritual  advice:  a  re-­ source  for  enriching  your  daily  life.  Each  month   starts  off  with  positive  intentions,  suggested   practices  and  projects  to  encourage  personal   and  spiritual  development.  Each  week  features   a  colourful  illustration,  an  inspiring  quotation  on   which  to  reflect  and  an  exercise  to  further  your   self-­awareness.  Available  in  desk  or  pocket  format. SPIRAL BOUND DESK DIARY &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026; POCKET FORMAT  &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026; KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED GREETINGS &$5'6$QQ1DSLHU -DQHW%D[WHU Inspired  by  our  2011  calendar,  with  the   restorative  and  healing  combination  of  Janet   Baxterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  pictures  and  Ann  Napierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  words  of   reassurance.  Each  card  has  its  corresponding   text  printed  on  the  inside  left,  with  the  right   hand  side  blank  for  your  own  greeting.  So  now   you  can  spread  these  messages  of  healing,   comfort,  inspiration,  strength  and  love  far  and  wide. Pack  of  12  cards,  1  each  of  12  designs,  with  envelopes,  122mm  x  165mm,   illus.  in  colour,  2011,  RRP  £9.99                    &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;



This  has  contributed,  perhaps  more  than  any   other  modern  book,  to  the  current  upsurge  of   spiritual  awareness.  It  is  filled  with  vital  truths   and  reads  like  a  gripping  adventure  tale.  As  the   suspense  unfolds,  nine  insights  are  revealed  that   convey  an  exciting  new  image  of  human  life,  and   a  positive  vision  of  how  we  will  save  this  planet,   its  creatures,  and  its  beauty. 282pp,  125mm  x  197mm,  softback,  1994,  RRP  £9.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;


234pp,  126mm  x  198mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £8.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026; save 

THE DIRECT PATH Andrew Harvey Andrew  Harvey  demonstrates,  with  his  life   and  his  words,  that  there  is  indeed  a  Direct Path  to  the  Divine,  which  all  of  us  can  follow   without  any  intermediary.  He  describes   eighteen  sacred  practices  for  transformed   spiritual  living,  and  gives  intensely  practical   information  on  how  to  embody  and  integrate   mystical  consciousness  with  all  aspects  of   your  life.



Quite  literally  â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;a  book  of  two  halvesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;:  an   upside  A-­Z,  full  of  the  happy  aspects  of  life,   then  flip  over  to  see  how  we  can  overcome   negativity  to  lead  more  positive  lives.  With   humorous  illustrations  and  a  definite  sense  of   glee,  this  little  book  of  wisdom  is  also  the  per-­ fect  gift  to  help  cheer  a  friend  or  loved  one.

298pp,  124mm  x  197,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £8.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

112pp,  172mm  x  172mm,  hardback,  2011,  RRP  £9.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;


WHY NOT SEND A CYGNUS GIFT VOUCHER? &\JQXV*LIW9RXFKHUVDUHDYDLODEOHIURPMXVWÂ&#x2026;LQFOXGLQJD beautiful card. Perfect to give to someone who is already a member, or as a welcoming present to a new member.

ONE DAY David Nicholls


198pp,  124mm  x  196mm,  softback,  2011,  RRP  £8.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

7+(3523+(7 7+($572)3($&( Kahlil Gibran

448pp,  130mm  x  196mm,  softback,  2010,  RRP  £7.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;

First  published  in  1923,  The Prophet  tells  the   story  of  Almustafa  the  Prophet.  His  teach-­ ings  reveal  the  highest  truth  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  that  though  our   bodies  be  dust  and  our  minds  illusion,  within   us  resides  a  potential  that  is  nothing  less  than   divine.  This  beautifully  illustrated  edition  also   includes  The  Garden  of  the  Prophet,  with   selections  from  Gibranâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  other  works.  

<28&$1%($0$=,1*8UVXOD-DPHV Take  control  of  your  goals,  make  the  decisions   you  want,  and  allow  positive  changes  to  hap-­ pen.  Hypnotherapist  Ursula  James  takes  you   through  all  you  need  to  know  and  do  to  discover   what  you  really  want  in  life,  to  unleash  your   inner  strengths  and  make  your  dreams  a  reality.   Enjoyable  and  transformational,  the  course   includes  a  free  self-­hypnosis  CD. 240pp,  149mm  x  209mm,  softback,  2007,  RRP  £9.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;


A  masterpiece  of  spiritual  wisdom,  The Book of Mirdad  is  a  timeless  allegorical   story  about  a  mysterious  stranger,  Mirdad,   who  visits  the  mountain  monastery  of   the  Ark.  He  becomes  teacher  to  the  nine   chosen  Companions,  and  through  dialogue   with  them,  we  are  given  teachings  which   show  us  how  to  transform  our  conscious-­ ness  and  uncover  the  God  within,  by   dissolving  our  sense  of  duality.

15th  July,  1988:  Emma  and  Dexter  meet  for   price! the  first  time  on  the  night  of  their  graduation.   Tomorrow  they  go  separate  ways,  but  where  will   they  be  on  this  one  day  next  year?  And  every   year  that  follows?  Both  brilliantly  funny  and  sad   at  times,  poignant,  and  with  wonderfully  astute   perception  of  character,  One Day  has  captured   the  imagination  of  readers  worldwide.



Osho  is  one  of  the  best-­known  spiritual    teachers  of  our  time  and  the  influence  of  his   teachings  continues  to  grow,  reaching  seekers   worldwide.  This  collection  of  spiritual  wis-­ dom  offers  a  way  for  everyone  to  access  the   enlightening  message  of  the  Buddha,  as  Osho   offers  his  unique  take,  with  a  wit  that  makes  it  a   wonderful  read.  


272pp,  152mm  x  234mm,  softback,  illus  in  colour,  2011,  RRP  £14.99 &RGH&\JQXV3ULFHÂ&#x2026;


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THE INCREDIBLE CHI MACHINE (Beware of imitations) The original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the only one to have been the subject of extensive clinical trials and medical research. New to this country and already changing the approach to health! The Quantum Magnetic Analyser – a device for analysing and determining a person’s physical health status and problem areas without blood tests, giving 85% accuracy in one and a half minutes! (Therapists) The iMRS 2000 Mat uses the square wave which has been shown by NASA to be the most effective for joint/muscle pain, circulatory, respiratory and digestive problems. The Quantum Laser operates at cell level rejuvenating cells, relieving pain, stress and inflammation as well as working on emotional and cosmetic problems.

Tricia Dickens CMH, CHyp, Tel. 02392 793720

NIRVANA LIGHT We specialise in ‘love and relationship’ We choose only the best psychics to help give you direction and guidance. All readers have been tested to an exceptional standard.

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Combine Stimulating Exercise with Release of Tension How just 5-10 minutes on a Surge of Chi Exerciser can Dynamically Release Tension and Energise You The Surge of Chi Exerciser’s amazing ability to both stimulate and balance the body’s healing and energy systems, while releasing tension and stress, has been confirmed by Practitioner Trials with over 200 UK healthcare professionals. With a robust DC motor for a smooth ride and long life, broad speed range, padded leg cradles and other refinements, the Surge of Chi is available with Direct-from-Factory pricing and a 20% discount.

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THE ISBOURNE CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR & OPEN DAY Featuring special guest Dr David Hamilton, author of Why Kindness is Good You Saturday 3rd December, 10am–5pm At The Isbourne Holistic Centre 4 Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham, GL50 1TH David Hamilton ‘Christmas Kindness’ talk and workshop Holistic craft stalls, inspiring workshops, seasonal refreshments Music, dance and celebration!

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BRIGHT EYES PSYCHIC Natural healer, clairvoyant, gifted medium, works with guides, tarot and crystals. Gives no false information. Receives many thank you’s over the world. Distant animal healer.

07970 712749 / 07926 600737 I return all calls. Not an agency.

"The Essential Language of Love" with Melissa More Come and receive the Angelic Star Tetrahedron. This frequency shift offers you limitless openings and possibilities. Experience heart activation and discover your unique gift.

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THE HEALING CODES 1 DAY WORKSHOPS (approved by Dr Alex Lloyd)

October – Sanctuary of Healing, Langho(Blackburn) 29th, November – Crediton [Devon] 12th, Birmingham 19th & 20th Manchester 26th, Warrington 27th. “full of information, just brilliant”

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HEALING WEEKENDS WITH HOLISTIC TREATMENTS 17th Century Thurst House Farm in the beautiful Pennines of W. Yorkshire

Nov.18th – 20th Healing Retreat Weekend with a talk on Fri 18th on Numerology with Molly Entwhistle. Dec. 3rd & 4th Advanced Masters Past lives Workshop.

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The time is now Day 1: Blessings and a Gift Presented by Christopher Sell and Carrie Harris with Sananda and Archangel Zadkiel

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Dr Rupert Sheldrake explores Consciousness through biology and recent experimental evidence. Dr Seyed Azmayesh renowned Sufi Master, will speak about extended mind from a spiritual angle. Friday 25th November 7:00-9:30pm Imperial College, London Admission £5 email.

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LONDON ACCOMMODATION WANTED. Professional and respectful male seeks quiet and comfortable accommodation in London or surrounding areas. House/flat sitting also offered while you’re away. Tel: Neil 07754 016779 or email:

What if you could get rid of Back, Neck, Knees, or Hips, Pain, Whiplash, Migraines, Dizziness, Trapped Nerves, Difference in Leg Length, Frozen Shoulders, etc… A strategic and non-chiropractic massage is applied to the short musculature of the neck

In only one application, safely and permanently Marie-Agnès Casalini: 07828 954304 / 01342 303279

"See more testimonials" London (Oxford Circus), West Sussex, Scotland, Manchester, Birmingham, Marlborough, Totnes, Suffolk

RECONNECTIVE HEALING® THE RECONNECTION® Reconnective frequencies: •Connect us to the natural energy gridlines •Enable spiritual & evolutionary advancement •Increase vibratory levels for healing & development •Enhance and renew the functions of the body

Each healing experience is unique UK Reconnective Healing Practitioners trained by Eric Pearl

Chris Long,Twickenham 07729 835300 Lilian Bason, Skelmersdale, 01695 728842 Stuart Brown, Matlock 01629 580272 Muriel Howells, Shetland Isles 01595 694583 Jean Clack, Cardigan 01239 682683 May Johnstone, Stirling & Distance, 01786 834701 David Tanner, Ashbourne 07714 098757 Derek Hassack, Ware, Herts 01920 412 602 Emily Davies, Leeds 0113 256 0034 Dawn Taylor, Glastonbury 07971 826944 Ruth Simpson, Bedale 01677 450248 Barbara Collins, Macclesfield 01260 220960 Jane Duggleby, Bristol 01935 864007 Denise Davis, Luton, Beds, 01582 416605 Emily Larkin, Islington, 02083 486660 Rahmat Mohammed, London, 0207 9281168 Jill Dunsford, Exeter 01392 877554 Christina Cherry, Cambs/Beds 07913 405007 Luca Occelli Stockwell 07802 308289 Miranda Wilson, Covent Garden, 07941 339612 Clare Palgrave, Woking 01483 762697 Stuart & Julia Mallinson, Keighley 01535 634629 Daniela Horder, Horley 01293 771870 Birgit Horrolt, Ely, Cambs 01353 968079 Maria Wilton, Liskeard 01579 343111 Jean Whitbread, Leicester, 01949 81755 Philip Wade, Ripon 01423 329153 Mayke Hogestijin, E.Sussex 01323 871150 Ian Clayton,Tintagel 07854 062667 Pushpa Hillman, Bromley 01689 861668 Audrey Scully, Sheffield 01142 691145 Sheila Smith, Uckfield 0777 8388230 Kathy Price, Aberystwyth 07968 803776 Helen Ashton,Truro, 01726 884154 Alison Walker Uttoxeter 08081 088311 Helen Reid Alderley Edge 07775 611791 Frances Beasley, Banff 01261 861259 Peter Roovers, Essex, 07960 977230 Leonard Mutch, Sheffield 01142 888160 Maria Schweitzer, Durham 01915 814400 Ruth Webb-Krill, Ashford 07817 397374 Charlotte Voaden, Carms 01994 453 316 Karina Kasler, Stroud 01453 836566 Julia Williams, London NW6, 02084 517696 Louise Lewis, Totnes 01312 083380 Margaret Doherty, Glasgow 07776 25566 Lucia Franziska. Glastonbury 01458 898 415 Catherine Wallace, Scarborough & York 07960 036608

NORTH LONDON ROOM TO LET FROM JANUARY Spacious light first floor double room for one person. Quiet Edwardian maisonette N13. Sharing kitchen-diner, bathroom. Transport nearby. James 0208 886 9364.

RETREATS, B&B & HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION MAGICAL PEMBROKESHIRE Two idyllic s/c cottages, sleeps 2&5. Four poster. C.H. wood burners. Fully equipped. Spiritual, Reiki, Seichem Healings available during your stay in these tranquil surroundings. Tel Pam 01994 419439 visit email WELSH BORDERS. Delightful holiday cottage in peaceful location with garden. Sleeps 4. Woodburning stove. Broadband. Pets welcome. Ideal base for walkers and lovers of wildlife. See online availability or tel 01547 330003 VEGIVENTURES HOLIDAYS, tours and short breaks in Britain, Turkey, Peru, Ecuador, India and the Caribbean. Great vegetarian/vegan food, small friendly groups, environment oriented. Tel: +44 (0)1760 755888, email visit GAUNTS HOUSE, DORSET offers an annual programme of residential courses, retreats and events. Established workshop and day conference venue. Presently inviting applications for community and Wwoofing. Tel. 01202 841522 or visit: COMFORTABLE B&B, HAMMERSMITH, LONDON. Central, quiet, close to river, pubs, restaurants, all attractions. Ideal base holidays, courses, exhibitions, business. Double/twin/triple £26pppn. Single £39. Tel: Anne/Sohel Armanios 020 7385 4904 visit LOVELY, SELF-CONTAINED, ONE FLOOR COTTAGE, nr Bath, Longleat & Stourhead. Sleeps 4. 48ft lounge, flat screen tv, indoor swimming pool, fishing, glorious countryside. £100 per day. Tel. 01749 813890 email: Y BWTHYN BACH Cosy, one room, self-catering, barn conversion with wood stove, in a beautiful garden, with immediate access to wild North Pembrokeshire countryside and 1 mile from the coast. Perfect for walking, meditation, writing etc. Tel 01348 811282 or visit BEAUTIFUL LOG CABIN IN PEACEFUL SETTING. Ideal base for reflection, meditation & within walking distance of the Pembrokeshire coast. Reconnection Healing and The Reconnection available. Telephone Charlotte on 07976 269684 or 01994 453316. ANCIENT SACRED TOURS. TTA bonded. Egypt - Caitlin Matthews lead meditations, chants, ceremonies. 150 pages manual. Private Access Philae, Karnak, Sakkara, Great Pyramid, Sphinx. Only 16 places. Ann 02380 695841 SCOTLAND: TRANQUIL, COUNTRYSIDE B&B near Fife coast for personal retreat or holiday break. Small group retreats or workshops welcome. Tel. Sue 01333 423880 BEAUTIFUL LIVING HARMONY CENTRE SLOVENIA: Spiritual Retreats, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, or Residential Centre Hire. Connect with the energies of the land to Harmonise, Energise and Transform. Tel 020 8958 1740, PYRENEES (PAU) GETAWAY, SW FRANCE near Lourdes - cosy, stylish converted barn (2 bed/bath) for your healing break, retreat or holiday: beautiful, peaceful, affordable with healing, yoga, meditation if wished. Jacqueline 0033559064733.

For box ads, call Carol on 0845 456 1571, for lineage ads, call Sian on 01558 825 503




ANAM CARA RETREAT CENTRE, Scottish Highlands, Inverness. Residential workshops and retreats in Buddhism, Shamanism,Bushcraft, Sweatlodge Ceremonies, Soul Quest, Ancient Crafts, Healing Arts and working retreats. To request a programme, tel. 01463 711702 email: visit:

SPIRIT OF THE INCA. Train to be a shamanic practitioner. Learn ancient wisdom teachings from the Inca tradition, and powerful healing techniques to shift the matrix of the energy field. Training to become a healer, a coach, an inspiration to others and a catalyst for change in the world. email:

DOWSING COURSES WITH BSD: Foundation courses for beginners and a range of advanced courses on environmental healing and earth energies. NEW PROGRAMME OUT NOW! The British Society of Dowsers: at the heart of Dowsing since 1933. Tel 01684 576969

THE UNICORN CENTRE FOR SPIRITUAL LEARNING, Somerset. Angels, Unicorns, Ascension, 2012, Lemurian Planetary Healing, Reiki, Teacher Training, Healing Practitioner. Spiritual and Unicorn Correspondence Courses. Tel: 01460 53699 Visit

STOP THE MIND......I WANT TO GET OFF!! Energy workshops and Inner Peace Days with Sally Chaffer held regularly in Yorkshire. Experience ways to stop the mind chatter. Empowering blend of healing and meditation - reconnect with the NOW! 07884 332644 ANGELS, ASCENSION, GOLDEN ATLANTIS & Transformational Teacher Training workshops with Diana Cooper School - courses in Scotland with Elizabeth Ann. Also spiritual coaching and angel readings etc. Tel: 01592 743417 visit DIANA COOPER SCHOOL teacher training courses and workshops 2012 and Beyond, Golden Atlantis, Angels, Ascension and Transform Your Life in Warwickshire with Master Teachers Jillian and Peter Stott, 01926 851898; FENG SHUI CONSULTATIONS - better health, more money, happier relationships. Healthy Home Surveys includes EMF's and Geopathic Stress, all UK and Europe. More information 01277 203180 mob: 07885 945008 LEMURIAN CRYSTAL ATTUNEMENTS & EGYPTIAN HEALING COURSE WEEKENDS in Buckinghamshire. Certificated including comprehensive manual. Change your life with these two amazing courses. Tel: 0190820400 or E-mail or PSYCH-K® BASIC WORKSHOP. Imagine being the master of your own destiny. Overcome your subconscious limiting beliefs and start manifesting your life’s desires and goals in this weekend workshop. December Cardiff 3/4 Brighton 10/11 Contact Cazzie Dare. 07769581902 STEP ABOARD ON A HISTORIC LIGHTSHIP in Gloucester Docks and experience our various luxurious treatments and certified sound and Reiki courses. Find yourself surrounded by the water energies whilst playing all sorts of instruments. Call: 01452 527566 or USUI & KARUNA REIKI COURSES in Lancashire, Cumbria, Devon & Surrey. Kathryn G. Eckley 07952995340 SPIRIT RELEASE – INTRODUCTORY TRAINING COURSE (London), November and February 2012, leads to professional training as a Spirit Release Therapist. Contact Spirit Release Forum at or ring Frida 01684560725 STAR CONNECTING COURSE – BRIXHAM DEVON guided by the Master Hilarion and the Lord Melchisedek, through Amuna Ra. 22/23 October: Awakening to Your Soul Origins. 10/11 December: Conscious Channelling. 28/29 January: Ascension Practices and Star Portals. £125 per weekend. Details: tel. 07532 195256


WILD – WOUNDED – BORDERLAND – Self & Landscape. 18th – 20th Nov. Mid Wales. Deep Ecology weekend led by Ecotherapist Jane Cooke. Open your senses - inhabit the borderland. Tel 07771950899 KARUNA REIKI® The next step for Reiki Masters (all lineages) seekers of Universal Truth and Compassion. 3 day classes set in beautiful Peak District. Contact Janet Roome (UK Karuna Reiki Rep) Tel. 01629 733227 email: visit WORTHING, WEST SUSSEX. Small, friendly workshops and meditation groups. Bach Flower Remedies Sat/Sun 19th/20th November. Angels Sat 10th December or Fri 16th December. 1st Monday evening each month, channelled angel meditation group. Lesley Ann Raphael, MAR, BFRP, 01903 212349 CORE ENERGY MANAGEMENT - tools for energy management especially in theraputic situation with Chrissy Holmes, healer for 30 years Friday evening 11 - Sunday 13 November. Couse, accommodation, vegetarian meals. £175. Claridge House, Surrey. RH7 6QH. 01342 832150 THE HEALING DRUM - American Hoop Drums as sound healing tools with Steven Ash drum tutor college of Sound Healing Friday evening 18 - Sunday 20 November Course, accommodation, vegetarian meals. £175. Claridge House, Surrey. RH7 6QH. 01342 832150 WINTER SOLSTICE - explored through painting, stories, movement, meditation, ritual with Deborah Kelly Arts Psychotherapist, Shiatsu practioner Friday evening 9 - Sunday 11 September. Workshop, accommodation, vegetarian meals. £175. Claridge House, Surrey. RH7 6QH. 01342 832150 CHRISTMAS BREAK - Enjoy a quiet Christmas in Quaker house away from normal pressures. Relaxing walks, games, share music, poetry, writings. Saturday 24 - Wednesday 28 December. Full Board, vegetarian meals. £450.Claridge House, Surrey. RH7 6QH. 01342 832150 TOUCH FOR HEALTH COURSES (NORTHAMPTONSHIRE) commencing February 2012. TFH forms the basis of Kinesiology & leads to an international qualification. Details on or call 01604 871225 DREAM OR TWO combines a programme of inspirational workshops with the therapeutic benefits of yacht sailing. Based near Portsmouth, overlooking the Solent. 18/19 November: Keys of Awareness with Rachael Wilmot, Tao I Ching with Tom Leworthy Tel 02392 553303 11/11/11 MEDITATION, CELEBRATION, CONSCIOUS CREATION Morning: following Diana Cooper’s channelled guidelines. Afternoon: in heightened awareness, draw or make collage of your desired ideal. Devon. Jacqueline Kareh Tel: 07850 008133

IMPORTANT NOTE. We cannot check the authenticity of all the adverts that appear in our Noticeboard, and their inclusion does not imply endorsement by, or reflect the views or opinions of the editor of the Cygnus Review. Readers should make their own thorough checks of any advert to which they respond.



APRICOT SEEDS, which contain high levels of B17, direct from the Himalayas. £20 for 1kg bag, £12 for 1lb bag plus p&p. Apricot Seed Oil, £5 per 100ml bottle. Please call 0800 374 976

EXCELLENT TAROT READINGS: Helpful, Insightful, Confidential, One-to-One Tarot Readings for Love, Work & Money Decisions. Call Day or Night: 0906 570 6483 calls cost £1.53/min PO Box 19 TN37 6YE

GEOPATHIC STRESS - CAUSING ILL-HEALTH? Professional British Society of Dowsers registered, Mike & Maureen Rawles, investigate and rectify your house’s Earth Energy. Signs include: Poor sleep, Reclusive, Irrational Anger, Depression, Headaches, Regular ill-health, Tiredness. Tel: 01460 281450 MAGNOTHERAPY FOR PEOPLE. Non-evasive, drug free. Bioflow proven to work on animals, maintaining health and healing. Stylish and practical magnetic units to suit all lifestyles. Glenda Procter 01797 226100 CRYSTALS FOR SALE, beautiful natural crystals, minerals & gemstones for healing, meditation, development. Also available crystal healing, Reiki and psychic protection contact or distant. Tel: Eric 01773 716411

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES WHO ELSE WANTS TO WORK FROM HOME creating a freer life and pension-style income from helping others? Simply watch FREE online info video or call me: Pamela G Glynn: 01803 867390 HIGHEST RATED SUPPLEMENTS IN THE WORLD! Business partners needed. Improve your health, increase your wealth and enjoy helping others. Be part of a team that makes a difference. Tel 01179425044 email. NEAL’S YARD REMEDIES ORGANIC SKINCARE urgently require consultants/therapists. No experience needed 25% discount, no targets, £95 start-up, free training, free website & online shop. Contact Heidi 07918147446, A GLOBAL SELF CARE EVOLUTION IS TAKING PLACE, enhancing treatments of medical practitioners and therapists worldwide. To be amongst the forerunners of this profound, exciting breakthrough, only enthusiasm and an interest in good health is required. Country irrelevant. email: NORTH AMERICAN MAIL ORDER IMPORTER-DISTRIBUTOR looking to carry new holistic product line. Will supply experienced customer service representing your standards to new and existing customers. Territorial rights negotiable. 01172 301764

HEALING, COACHING & READINGS (PRINCESS) DIANA READINGS. Live Internet TV Channeller, Psychic, Medium and Healer Anne Stewart offers unique heart-centred insights and guidance from this amazing source to individual clients via telephone or Skype. Call 01925 479257 or e-mail BE GUIDED BY THE STARS! Annabel Burton brings 20 years experience for kind and positive guidance. Affordable audio readings and telephone consultations. Discover more at or call Annabel 0845 1667346 KARMIC ASTROLOGY: fascinating, comprehensive interpretation of your birth chart. Find direction, understand your life purpose, identify your soul lessons. Unique Christmas gift. tel: 01522 589148 email:

EVER FELT YOUR ISSUE ISN’T ACTUALLY YOURS? Nikki Wyatt, The Karma Coach, helps release ancestral issues. Karmic Flower and Crystal Essences. Learn your soul gifts with a FREE soul flower reading available at: ERIN, GIFTED PSYCHIC & MEDIUM. Telephone readings: messages, guidance & healing available immediately, day or evening with experienced reader visit Tel. 01239 615299 or 07786 906576 ENERGETIC MEDICINE for acute and chronic conditions – including degenerative diseases, nervous system disorders and emotional healing 30+ years experience of healing, teaching and counselling. Silvia Martin TSBMS, MAMP (Mexico) Tel: 07939 128025 JESSICA - CLAIRVOYANT/MEDIUM. Professional, Experienced Readings for relationships, career, direction etc. also natural medium communicate with loved ones who have passed over. Telephone readings: £22 per 30 mins/£30 per 45 mins. Positive and in-depth guidance. Tel: 0117 3737 405 or 07800 929257 CHANNELLED READINGS AND MEDIUMSHIP: Phone sessions densely packed with clear, accurate, waffle-free information, pointers to your growth and development, healing messages from family, pets, loved ones. Corinne Jeffrey 01258 644993/ +44 1285 644993 METATRONIC HEALING® connects with energetic frequencies of Archangel Metatron Combining energy healing, spiritual surgery and vibrational colour essences to release old patterns. FFI please contact Louise at Tel 01296 696285. Bucks COMPANION ANIMAL LOSS LISTENING LINE (CALLL) Christine cares and truly understands the pain of pet loss. She is fully trained in pet bereavement. Calll 0115 840 2737 visit email: ASTROLOGICAL CHILD PROFILE Beautifully presented in a luxury silver hardback cover, this 45 plus page detailed report is a wonderful gift. It will help all parents to understand their children better and make more suitable choices for them as they develop. Tel: 01540 661828 CLAIRVOYANT, PAUL offers spiritually guided consultations in Brighton & Eastbourne and also by telephone. My work always helps those ready for change. Please telephone Brighton 01273 602929 for further details. PAST LIFE REGRESSION AND FUTURE LIFE PROGRESSION via Skype by caring, qualified hypnotherapist. For further details please email Karen on PSYCHIC, PAST LIFE, SPIRIT GUIDE detailed readings £ 20.00 plus FREE sample readings (SAE/email) distant REIKI healing incl animals by email post mp3 by Sarah 0161-969-2081 SPIRIT HEALING:INTUITIVE HEALING on a deep soul level, private readings also available by email: blog: KRYSTA-ANNA. Mature, compassionate, psychic personally giving all readings, 9.45am to 8.45pm. Helping you understand and deal with your situation. 30mins £29, 45mins £39 Tel. 01273 78 2049 (local call rate cost) payment by card. INTUITIVE HEALING AND SPIRITUAL COUNSELLING. Why carry your burdens when you can release them to the Universe? Phone Moira now on 0778140223 to book a consultation.

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Cygnus Review, 2011 Issue 8  

The November issue of Cygnus Review - Meaningful Gift Ideas

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